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How would UT Sans, UF Sans, UT BurgerPants and UT Grillby react to hearing their crush's weird and slightly scary but at the same time funny laugh for the first time and the reason for their laughter is that cursed cash me owsi how baw dah meme. And then their crush just covers their mouth like "Nooo! I hate my laugh why did I do that"

Okay so I literally did not know what this meme was. I had to consult @letshaveskeletonsoffun for help. So if I don’t get this right, know that I at least tried.

UT!Sans: He snorts out a laugh at his own at your reaction. Seriously babe? Of all the memes in the world it just had to be this one? I mean sure whatever floats your meme boat. He’ll keep sending you ridiculous memes now. Just to see which ones can get you to do the laugh again. It’s honestly the cutest thing ever.

UF!Sans: After he’s done howling from laughter at your reaction, he’ll tease you endlessly. And he’ll keep saying the stupid ‘’cash me owsi how baw dah’’ every time you get annoyed at him. It’s impossible to stay angry at him. Because first of all his accent is so hilarious. And when he gets your laughter started he’ll keep teasing you until you just cannot stay mad at him.

UT!Burgerpants: He starts laughing himself and it turns into an ugly laugh too. so he’ll cover his mouth, mortified. And this will cause you to laugh. And basically you’re both taking turns laughing at each other’s laughs and how ridiculous you both are right now. After this you both can laugh as ugly as you want. You’ve heard each other at your worst.

UTGrillby: He’s not really into memes. So he’ll just be staring from you to your phone and then back again. Like, really? This is funny to you? He honestly doesn’t really get it. Sure he’ll laugh at some memes but he consider his humor to be very mature. (It is absolutely not) He finds your laugh adorable, though. And he’ll reassure you that it was not ugly.