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Hard To Fall In Love ~ Finn Wolfhard x Sarcastic!Reader

Warning: Swearing

Finn Wolfhard was stood outside of his Vancouver townhouse waiting for his best friend of fifteen years to arrive. She was supposed to be here five minutes ago, and he wanted to spend some time with her before the rest of The Losers arrived for the bank holiday weekend. He took his iPhone out of the back pocket of his black, skinny jeans and unlocked it. Biting his bottom lip, he dialled Y/N’s number and listened to it ring. When she picked up, he grinned. 

“Wolfhard!” Finn could hear the grin in her voice, “If you’re wondering where I am, I’m getting us food because I am starved and I’d feel bad about bringing lunch and not getting you anything.”
“Thanks, Y/N. Always lookin’ after me, aren’t you?“ 
"Of course I am. Who else is gonna do it? You don’t exactly have a girlfriend to buy you pizza and fries now do you? Not with that face, anyway.” Finn laughed at his best friend’s remark.
“Is that right, Y/N? I don’t see you’re boyfriend anywhere either! Probably because you can’t have a conversation with anyone without coating your words with sarcasm.”
“When you’re right, Frogface, you’re right.”
“Obviously. So when are you getting here? Jack texted me a few minutes ago saying that he and Jae are ten minutes down the road.”
“I’ll be there in five, pumpkin.” The nickname was sass-coated and sprinkled with irony, but Finn smiled at it nevertheless.

Just as Y/N had said, her Mother’s Jeep rolled onto the driveway five minutes later, tires crunching on the gravel. As soon as the car stopped moving, Y/N jumped out with her Hype backpack and two large pizzas. She was wearing jeans, a stripey yellow jumper, and a pair of her iconic Dr Martens. Today’s pair were black with yellow laces. 

“Bye Mum,” Finn heard her say, “I’ll text you when to pick me up on Monday.”
“Hey, Mum!” Finn called out with a wave. 

He had always called his best friends Mother, Mum since she practically was, and vice versa. They were all one big family. Y/N’s Mother waved and smiled before backing the Jeep out and setting off back towards home. Y/N came over and kissed Finn on the forehead, something she always did. It meant nothing but ‘Hello’. Or so they both thought.
“Afternoon, Frogface,” She said with a smirk, “How’re you?”
“Good. How’s my favourite girl?”
“Absolutely spiffing.” Finn laughed at her fake English accent and led her back into the house. 

They went straight to the kitchen where Y/N set the food and her backpack down. Just as she did so, they both heard another car pull onto the drive. Wordlessly, the two friends went out to greet Jaeden Lieberher and Jack Dylan Grazer. Everybody else arrived shortly after.

You felt as though you were finally at home. Not just because Finn’s house was basically yours too, but because of the people around you. Sophia, Wyatt, Chosen, Jaeden, Jack, Jeremy and of course, Finn. Currently, everyone was sat in Finn’s living room eating the pizza you had bought, catching up on everything that had gone on while you were all apart. It was nice to be with everyone again, especially Sophia. 

“So,” You nudged her and smiled, “Have you spoken to Jae yet?”
“Lower your voice,” Sophia whispered, “And no, I have not.”
“And why is that?” You couldn’t stop smiling, especially when Sophia started to blush.
“Because I need more time to figure out what I’m going to say.”
“How about, ‘Hey Jaeden, I’ve been in love with you since we were filming IT and ever since our kissing scene, that’s all I’ve wanted to do. Also, I think you are really fucking hot’? How’s that?”
Sophia playfully elbowed you, the both of you starting to giggle. Of course, Jack had to be the one to catch on. He picked up another slice of pizza and raised his eyebrows at the both of you.
“What are you two bitches gossiping about?” He said, “And why is Sophia blushing?”
You noticed that Jaeden was eyeing Sophia and smirked. “Oh, nothing. Just talking about Sophia’s eye candy.”
“Y/N?!” Sophia shouted, grinning despite her anger, “Fucking shut up?”
Jaeden cleared his throat and looked down at his feet. Soph and I both caught on and gave each other 'the look’.
“Oooooh!” Jack leant forward in his seat earnestly, “Tell us all about him. Leave out nothing!”
Sophia’s back straightened and she started to talk. “He’s quite tall, blonde-ish hair, the cutest fucking nose ever I can’t even get over it, green eyes and-”
“Sophia,” I warned, “You might want to shut up now. Chosen is starting to catch on.”
“I think I know who it is.” Chosen stood up and whispered a name into Sophia’s ear
“Chosen Jacobs,” She said, “Keep your mouth shut.”
“HEY?!” Wyatt protested, “How come Chosen gets to know and we don’t?”
“Because Chosen guessed, Olaf,” You said
“IS IT JAEDEN?!” Finn shouted, “IT’S JAE ISN’T IT!?”

You stood up and smacked Finn’s arm. “Hey, Mr Loud Mouth, how about you bring it down a fucking peg or two? How about that?”
Finn just smirked that shit-eating grin. “It is him, isn’t it?”

Jaeden Lieberher got up and stormed out of the room. Sophia flinched and followed him. Everyone else in the room didn’t move a muscle.

“Nice one, dipshit,” You said to Finn
“Well, at least they can talk about it now. I was sick of watching Jaeden pine. It was fucking painful.”
“Beep beep, Wolfhard.” Jack and Jeremy said in unison

Sophia and Jaeden were gone for twenty minutes. During that time you finished the pizza and tried to talk about anything but what was going on outside. Finn was showing Chosen and Jeremy pictures from your childhood. You were doing a Q & A on a live stream with Jack and Wyatt. Suddenly, Jaeden and Sophia walked back into the room. Jack cut the stream off immediately. Everyone looked up nervously.

They both just smiled and took each other’s hands. That was all the confirmation you needed. The room just erupted in cheers and claps. You were all so happy for them. 

“Oh, and by the way,” Sophia smirked, “I decided to take control of the karma myself. Since you gave it away, Finn…”
Jaeden finished the sentence. “We thought it would be enlightening for everybody to know that you’re in love with a certain Trashmouth.” It didn’t take a genius to know that the Trashmouth was you. Your nickname was quite literally, 'Trashmouth Y/L/N’.

You could hear the drumming of your heartbeat in your ears as Finn stood up, expressionless.

“As if you actually just fucking said that, Jaeden.” Finn honestly sounded hurt, and that broke your heart. Apparently, it did Jaeden as well.
“Finn,” He started, “Are you honestly upset-”

Finn stormed out of the room just as Jaeden had done. His stomping footsteps up the stairs vibrated through the whole house. You jumped when you heard the slam of Finn’s bedroom door. It was safe to say that everybody in the room was quite utterly dumbfounded.

“What the fuck?” Wyatt whispered
Chosen pulled you into a hug as you let a single tear sail down your cheek. You didn’t even know why you were crying.
“I’ve never seen him get mad like that,” You muttered to Chosen
“I know, Y/N, I know. He’s just upset because he wanted to wait for the right moment to tell you. Maybe you should be the one to go up and talk to him.”
“Okay,” You squeaked

Jaeden and Sophia were sat on the sofa talking in hushed voices. You put your hand on Jaeden’s shoulder as you walked past.

“He’ll forgive you.” You reassured him

You knocked on Finn’s bedroom door and went inside. He was sat on the end of his bed with his head in his hands. He didn’t even look up when you perched yourself on the bed beside him. Without even thinking, you ran your hand through his curls. That’s when he sat up. He wasn’t crying, but you knew he was on the verge.

“Finn,” You said softly, “Are you alright?”
He traced one of his fingers along the side of your face. When he got to the end, he let his hand fall back into his lap. “You wanna know what I’m sick of, doll?” He only called you doll when he really wanted to, but you loved it.
“I’m sick of keeping a secret. Secrets are like poison. I am in love with you, Y/N Y/L/N. Every sarcastic, gorgeous inch of you.”
“You are?”
“I am.”
“You know what else you are? Fucking blind, Frogface. I’ve been feeling this way since IT.”
“Well, why didn’t you fucking say?”
“Because I didn’t want to ruin everything.”

Finn leant in and kissed you as if he was sick of the words. You couldn’t quite believe your luck. It was hard to fall in love these days. Most people were scared to let themselves fall the way you and Finn had. 

“Well shit,” You heard a voice say, “Guess they made up then.”

You and Finn both looked up to see Jeremy and Wyatt at the door. You gave them the death stare and they walked away, both saying 'finally’. You just leant back into Finn and kissed him again, forgetting about everything but him for a while.


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A fan of yours- tom holland

You had just arrived in London where you were staying with your auntie for the holidays. It was early morning and you had just arrived at the fairly large house that was owned by your auntie Sophia. “hi y/n, how are you? You’ve gotten so tall!” She exclaimed as you carried your suitcase through the door. “Auntie soph, I’m great! How about you?” You were really happy to see your auntie after she left for 4 months, she was a great laugh! She was only 28 and didn’t treat you like a child. She had long wavy blonde hair and hazelnut eyes, she was beautiful to say the least. She continued to fill you in on what had happen and then showed you to your room. After getting settled in aunt soph asked you to go to the shops. She even gave you directions on how to get there. You must have messed up somewhere cause you ended up outside some weird building with a lot of girls surrounding it, you wanted to avoid them so you went round the back. As you were walking round, a door opened and a boy came running out laughing… “Oh sh- please don’t scream…” You looked at him strangely, “why would I…?” You questioned, he looked you up and down. “Are you not a fan?” You started laughing “a fan!?!” He looked at you blankly, he was being serious. “No, I’m not a fan of…Whatever is going on here, now could you tell me where the shops are?” The boy laughed “sure my meet and greet doesn’t start for another 2 hours anyway.” You felt bad not knowing this boy “meet and greet? You must be pretty famous” he laughed “obviously not that famous,” he pointed out. You both laughed. He took you to the nearest shop and you got what you needed,. You decided you would stop and go into the big building with him to meet his friends. “Guys this is… Um, what’s your name?” He was blushing “y/n” you must have forgotten to tell him earlier, whoops “this is y/n” he introduced you. “Hey y/n, always nice to meet a supporter,” one of the boys said. You and the boy from before laughed at the same time. The guys were confused. “She isn’t a supporter, she doesn’t even know who we are…” They all blushed, “oh I’m sorry, habit I guess… I’m Harry, that’s Harrison , Jacob and of course you know Tom …” So that was his name, Tom ! “It’s nice to meet you all!” Jacob spoke up “I take it you don’t know why we’re famous…” You apologetically shook your head. Tom laughed “well I’m Actually the new Spider-Man, Jacob is my Co-star who plays Ned and Harry and Harrison are basically just family” Your eyes went wide, you felt quite foolish. “When you put like that, we sound unimportant ” Harry laughed “no, I see what he means, plus you guys are really cute, no wonder there are so many girls out there” you shot them a wink, they all blushed, some looked down at there feet… “I like her already!” Harrison laughed. You said bye to them all and started to walk home, Tom had caught up with you. “Y/n! Wait!” You stopped and turned around “yeah?!?” He walked up to you “here’s my number, I would like to hear more from you…” He smirked “ok mr.famous” you giggled. He gave you the number and you returned back to auntie soph’s “what took you so long…?” She questioned “sorry I got a little lost…” You sighed trying to contain your smile. You ran upstairs and texted tom immediately.

You: hey, you know if I didn’t get lost today, we wouldn’t have met…

Tom: maybe your were following your heart instead of your head ;)

You: calm down mr. Famous I think I might faint!

Tom: hey,  you may not be a fan of me but I’m definitely a fan of you…
Hello, I know that was pretty bad but I tried 😂 and also this is my first imagine so please try not to be harsh xox

SPIDERLING 200 Imagine #5!

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Part of my 200 followers celebration!

A/N: Hey, me from the future! ;) Sorry this took so long, Sophie, I’ve been uber stressed lately, but this definitely helped. It was super fun to write and I really hope you enjoy!! I know that you mentioned you wanted Ned to make an appearance, but I just wasn’t sure if I could include him without it feeling forced :/ Sorry, chica :’(( If you aren’t happy with this one and want me to make another one, I completely understand and would be more than willing to! Please don’t be afraid to let me know!! Sorry, again :(

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Tear You Apart: Chapter 6

Listen to When We Were on Fire while reading.

“Drifting apart, getting harder to hold you. Days getting dark and the nights are growing cold. Are we burning out?… Take me back to where it was before when we were on fire.

by: @joshhutchersn & @jenniferandjoshua

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