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what's your favourite hairstyle for the rest of shinee, and also your second favourite taemin hairstyle after the bowl?

for jinks….nothing has ever beaten and nothing will ever beat the pink look…

and this is my fav pic of it too like ahhhgfohgohgfho my guy…..,.,.,..,….the pink hair brought out alll of the prettiest softest features in his face and make his lips look even more pretty and pink than they normally are. pink hair has truly been the pique of all shinee hair colors but i’m reserving the only pink look to jinks bc wow my guy…..that’s all i gotta say.

so my all time favorite shinee era is love like oxygen…like..legitimately my all time favorite. it’s my favorite korean shinee song, the styling for it is absolutely adorable, and it makes me super fuckin nostalgic even tho i wasn’t around during the era. and when i say it’s my favorite, i mean for all ofthe shines. but i didn’t wanna cheat u out on a good response so i’m just letting it be my favorite jjongie look bc just…look…

look at the swift flow of his long natural hair………i love this so much………..i’m not gonna explain further bc i’ve already established that it’s my ultimate favorite and if i continue talking about it i will start fuckin crying

now keybaby can work literally any hairstyle (as can all the shines obv) but i think at this moment my personal favorite was what came from the later days of the acorn hairstyle (gif courtesy of ruthie @herewegobebe)

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bc ok!!! ok look my guy….,,….the acorn haircut could have been Terrible it could have Ruined even the prettiest kinda person. that awkward level of forehead exposure is such a mess. but look at what he did with it!!!!! look at that cute little part in the hair!!! he didn’t push it up and out of his face or anything he just made a gentle part on the side it’s sooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute i could look at this forever i really really could

for choi my favorite fluctuates alllllll the time. nothing particularly sticks out to me bc i legitimately love all of the hairstyles this boy pulls out there they’re all so well suited to his style. right now it’s this tho, when he cut his hair a few weeks back!!!!

this look is sooooooo close to my heart. it makes him look so new and young and it’s suuuuuuch a cute choi look. i love when he has his hair all nicely parted to make him look mature and professional, but nothing gets my heart smilin like a style like this. the thinly trimmed sides of his head make him look like someone who’d totally hug a stranger if they asked him for a hug. i love it sooooo much it’s the cutiest choi look in the universe it makes me so complete my guy.

my second fav taem look is the purple hair!!!!! always the purple hair!!!!!!!!!!! when i said the bowl the back of my mind cried a bit bc i looooove purple haired taem just as much. i mean

have u ever seen a more beautiful sight in your entire life?????? false u have not there is nothing more beautiful than this moment. purple haired taebabe changed my fuckening life with soft gentle locks of the prettiest softest flow in the universe i would DIE for this i would i would i would

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