what even was going on at this photocall

Let’s talk STYLE ! (Scarlett’s latest looks)

1. GITS Premiere NY - a new direction for Scarlett but unfortunately the hair is a bit too David Beckham for me, also the neckline doesn’t look great, cudos for the bronzed slinky cat look though Scarlett, I’m sure it was killer in person!

Planned Parenthood 100 years - there is a lot going on here, throw off all the accessories and dye this maybe midnight blue (and maybe in silk or something?) and I’d like it a whole lot better (yeah, that would make it more of an evening event dress), she can maybe keep the belt actually, I don’t hate it.

RN Photocall - I like this! This simple Audrey Hepburn-esk black ensemble highlights Scarlett’s short (and tiny obvs) waist and elongates her legs. Her hair looks smart and fresh, as does her face, the red lip a good punctuation to this look. I’m going to pretend she has plain shoes/boots on.

TONY’s - So pretty! Love the soft hair and face, but I do get a waft of Barbie and what with the 80′s style to the suit Princess Di too!! Scarlett likes her jackets and she’s so into the belts rn, I can see why, but maybe it’s a bit conservative - I’m actually not sure the long skirt with the slit is doing a whole lot for her? In fact, ditch the skirt (poofy sleeves and tassles too) and extend the jacket to decent miniskirt length, pare with nude sandals and I’d be a whole more sold on it!

RN Premiere NY - Scarlett goes slinky again, but she doesn’t look as confident as before. I’m not getting the hair and makeup, she either goes bouffant or slick and this slick is too flat, Scar we don’t mind natural hair on the red carpet - shiny with a little bit of product just to set your short hair back a bit and off your face, would do just fine! Also while we can see it’s stunning up close, under-eye-liner doesn’t work from a distance, makes you look a bit sad and tired (something is up with those flicks, they should be shorter or more upwards).


Scarlett is going to be doing a few RN premieres so what I hope she includes; I like the lace panel in the PP100 dress, I like to see her legs, sandals. I like her hair short and brushed forwards slightly &/ side parted as per the Tony’s but maybe slightly less volumous. A pop of colour wouldn’t go a miss. Eyes over lips when it comes to makeup, and I like a flick but under-eye-liner is a no no. If she were do ‘slick’ again I think silk, midnight blue, belt it if you want babe, spaghetti staps, v-neck (think the vest side of the turquoise jump suit), a long skirt and high slit might work well with that - with a thick gold necklace and decadent swirly gold strappy sandals with killer stiletto heels. Alternatively, legs, graphic print, shaping, cut out neck detail.. with ‘damp’ look hair and a warm tone smokey eye could be gorgeous!

Opinions/ comments welcome, please add to the post

anonymous asked:

Oh boy. So Jens back to filming with the ass hole. Well, let the fun begin. In other news, josh was up filming until 4 freaking a.m. and stopped to take pictures with fans, and he still looks better and like he's gotten more sleep than he ever does in a certain country across the pond. Yeah, and people say that relationship isn't pr. ~newbiejoshiferanon

Hey Miss Newbie! LOL! I was just talking about that. Okay, here we have Espana:

He just looks exhausted all the time, almost like he was traveling a lot and not getting any rest.

And even when he was doing a photocall, sure he looks good, but like he rolled out of bed and is still exhausted:

And yet here we have Josh up at all hours working and he looks so fresh! So ready to keep going! 

Look at that adorable half-smile. I feel like he’s taken at least 50 fan pics the last couple of days. What a sweetheart. 

As for Jen, sure she has to deal with the Hoult (god I dislike him for how he handled that question, Ugh!) but now she has her top Guard Dog on the job! Pippi! And damn she looks ready to take anything on.