what even is your name

If Karl Heinz send a little girl at the mansion saying it's their little sister


ㅇ Another sibling?
ㅇ And a girl?
ㅇ A five year old little girl?
ㅇ No…
ㅇ Another annoying creature
ㅇ Shuu looks at his new little sibling
ㅇ She looks so tiny
ㅇ And fragile
ㅇ Can she even understand any words they’re saying?
ㅇ “What’s your name?”
ㅇ Instead of answering him, the little girl just look at him with her round, innocent eyes
ㅇ And she giggled at his big brother who is lazily laying on the sofa
ㅇ How troublesome
ㅇ He carefully grabbed the little girl’s arm and hug her small body
ㅇ “Be quiet. Now, sleep.”


ㅇ Seeing the smiling little girl in front of him, all he can do now is to accept this
ㅇ Don’t move a lot
ㅇ Don’t go inside my laboratory without my permission
ㅇ You should read a lot of books everyday
ㅇ Don’t you ever disobey me
ㅇ Be a good girl while you’re staying at the mansion
ㅇ Reiji keeps on saying all this rules to this little girl
ㅇ But she just looked at him curiously
ㅇ Poor girl can’t even follow what Reiji are saying to her
ㅇ She suddenly walks towards him
ㅇ And she holds his fingers using her tiny hands
ㅇ Reiji sighs
ㅇ He needs to look at this little girl
ㅇ So he can make sure that this little girl will learn how to act properly


ㅇ This small vampire in front of him?
ㅇ Their sister?
ㅇ Their younger sister?
ㅇ And she will be living with them in this mansion?
ㅇ And we need to take care of her?
ㅇ What a pain
ㅇ The little girl looks at him
ㅇ Without any warning, she ran towards him
ㅇ And she raised her arms in the air indicating she wanted to be picked up
ㅇ “Heh…” he laughs
ㅇ Ayato picked up the little girl
ㅇ He thinks it’s not so bad to have a small vampire living with them
ㅇ “Okay, chibi. Listen to what I am going to say. In this mansion, you need to call me ‘Your Highness’ for you to survive here. Understand?”
ㅇ The little girl just gave him a big hug as an answer


ㅇ Why do we even need to have a sister?
ㅇ Do we really need to have a little sister?
ㅇ But she’s so small
ㅇ Did she even understand her situation right now?
ㅇ Kanato stares at the little girl who is sitting in front of him
ㅇ He stares
ㅇ And stares
ㅇ And stares….
ㅇ The little girl, however, thought they’re playing a staring game
ㅇ So she stares back at Kanato
ㅇ But she can’t maintain her stares
ㅇ So she blinks her eyes several times
ㅇ “You’re not cute. You’re ugly.”
ㅇ “Right, Teddy?”
ㅇ Instead of crying, the little girl laughs
ㅇ Her new big brother is talking to his teddy bear
ㅇ She thinks it’s cute
ㅇ “Teddy thinks you’re weird.”


ㅇ At first, he’s thrilled
ㅇ They will be having a new sibling
ㅇ And it’s a girl!
ㅇ But his high expectations didn’t last
ㅇ Seeing the little girl in front of him
ㅇ A five year old little girl
ㅇ Who is standing in front of him while hugging her porcelain doll
ㅇ He just sighs in disappointment
ㅇHe thought the “girl” that their father is talking about is an adult
ㅇ Not a tiny, little girl
ㅇ “Welcome to our mansion, dolly.”
ㅇ The little girl frowns
ㅇ She thought he’s talking to her doll and he’s ignoring her
ㅇ Noticing the frown on her sister’s face, he smiles and hugs her
ㅇ “Don’t be like that, sweetie. Show me your adorable smile. Hmm~?”
ㅇ Because of this, the little girl’s mood improved from 0 to 100 real quick
ㅇ She hugs him back while smiling from ear to ear


ㅇ Wait……
ㅇ Another sibling…..?
ㅇ How many children does his father really have?!
ㅇ He’s glaring at the little girl who keeps on following him since she arrived at the mansion
ㅇ “Stop following me, you little brat!”
ㅇ “Do you understand me, huh?!”
ㅇ Instead of answering him, the little girl walks closer to Subaru
ㅇ And she gave him a tiny bear hug
ㅇ On his right leg (because she is too small)
ㅇ He has this urge to swing his leg to get the annoying little girl off him
ㅇ But he can’t do it
ㅇ He don’t want to do it
ㅇ So he simply let the little girl to do what she wants
ㅇ “So soft~” she said while squishing her cheeks on Subaru’s pant
ㅇ Oh boy….
ㅇ He became a big, red, ripe tomato in an instant

She Gets It From Her Mama

Characters: Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle), Reader (You), Dinah Lance (Black Canary), Other Young Justice Members.

Requested by: Anonymous.

Synopsis: Being Black Canary’s daughter and Jaime thinking you hate him but when he is injured it is revealed you really like him.

Warnings: Blood.

A/N: I don’t even know what I was going for here.
Y/N = Your Name.
Hope you like it!

Tags: @lastbeliever

Jaime groaned as he stood from Y/N slamming him down to the ground. His body ached from the impact.
“Well done, Y/N.” Black Canary praised her daughter with a large smile.
“Favouritism, much?” Cassie scoffed.
“She took down her opponent. Was I meant to tell her she did horribly?” Black Canary glared at Cassie before returning her attention back to her daughter, “Work on your kicks. The balance is off, you aren’t putting the full force you can into them. Twist your hips in your roundhouses and there will be more power.” She looked to Jaime. “Try harder. Y/N keeps tackling you to the ground. At least take her down once.”
“She gets it from her mama.” Jaime hissed through gritted teeth and Black Canary hummed satisfactorily.
“Dude, she kicked your butt again.” Bart laughed as Jaime hobbled over to him.
“Ha. Ha. Ha. Hilarious.” Jaime rolled his eyes at the speedster.
“Still got the hots for her, huh?”
“What!” Jaime exclaimed loudly, turning heads.
“Something you would like to say Mister Reyes?” Black Canary crossed her arms over her chest and raised her eyebrows at him.
“N-no.” Jaime shook his head and looked to the ground, more embarrassed than when he got his ass handed to him.
Black Canary resumed her lecture and Jaime sighed heavily.
Bart elbowed Jaime in the side. “Do you?” He grinned.
“Hots? For Y/N? No.” Jaime wouldn’t call it hots. He didn’t actually know what to call it at all. Just a physical attraction to Y/N, or something more?
Jaime looked over to where Y/N stood. Her usual, reserved self. She was only ever here when needed, not forming any emotional attachments to anyone. No one here really knew anything about her, which wasn’t useful for teamwork.
“So, you’re telling me that you’ve never thought about her in that way? Because it looked like you enjoyed being pinned underneath her like that.” Bart wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.
Jaime rolled his eyes again, a habit whenever Bart acted this way.
“Rest up.” Black Canary called out as she walked to the boom tube with Y/N trailing behind her.


“What a rare sight?” Robin said, puzzled.
“What?” Jaime looked up from what he was doing and was certainly surprised. Y/N was here. Her mother wasn’t. She was splayed over a sofa with a book, her eyebrows furrowed in concentration.
“You should speak to her.”
“Do you know any other words?” Robin whispered. “You like her. It’s obvious. Now is your chance.”
“Uh, I don’t know, amigo?”
Robin adjusted his shades. “Do it.” He gave Jaime a shove which threw him off balance and had Jaime tripping over his feet to fall in front of Y/N.
Jaime looked at her nervously. “H-hi.” His face flushed red and he could’ve sworn hers did too, but she moved the book so it covered most of her face. “Sorry.”
“Are you okay?” She asked, avoiding eye contact.
“Um, yes. Yes, I’m fine.”
“Good.” Her eyes flicked briefly between him and the pages.
Jaime looked at Robin who nodded encouragingly.
“I was wondering-”
“I’m reading.” Y/N interrupted.
“I’m very into it, at the moment.”
Jaime didn’t know how to respond so he mumbled a sorry and slipped away to Robin and shrugged.


“She hates me.” Jaime complained to Bart and Robin.
“She doesn’t hate you.” Bart tried to assure him. “She’s just-”
“Something.” Robin finished. “At least the book provided some more information on her. She likes to read.”
“There’s the good news.” Jaime rubbed the back of his neck.
“Hey,” Robin patted him on the back, “she’s not a lost cause. I know it.”
“Thanks for the support, Robin, but-” their conversation was interrupted by the alarm sounding and the three hurried off to find out what the trouble was.


Jaime screamed as he was launched into a brick wall. A red and white blur whizzed passed him, followed by a yellow and red one. An explosion in the distance and screaming. He could hear Green Arrow shouting from where he was and Black Canary’s canary cry. Or was that just the ringing in his ears?
The scarab instinctively shot at the attacker which knocked him down, motionless on the floor, sending his weapon he was about to run at Jaime with far out of arms reach as well.
“For once,” Jaime breathed heavily, “I’m greatful I can’t control your every move because at least you keep me alive.” The scarab chirped. “Don’t get cocky.” Jaime laughed but hissed at the sharp, shooting pain in his side. Jaime managed to stand, but held one hand over his wound where the blood was showing no sign of stopping.
“That’s the last alien.” Bart stopped directly in front of Jaime, making him jump, which irritated his side more. “Home time! "And- Crap!” Bart stopped himself from speaking when he noticed Jaime’s suit now turning red. “Home time.” He repeated again, this time more serious as he picked up Jaime, too exhausted to object and zoomed off while Jaime blacked out on the speedster’s back.


Jaime dazed in and out of consciousness. The final time he came to, he was alarmed to see Y/N above him giving him CPR, she was just leaning for mouth to mouth before she noticed Jaime’s wide eyes, staring at her. Her face turned red and she awkwardly stepped away. “I-I’ll- they are probably on their way. They would’ve gotten the alarm your heart stopped. I’ll -I’ll leave.”
“Wait.” Jaime gasped out and reached for Y/N’s wrist. “You saved-”
“Others saved you. I just saved you right now.”
“Still,” he managed a smile, “you just saved me. You like me.” Jaime felt himself getting his breath and energy back. He sat up in the bed, groaning at the pain in his side.
“Careful.” Y/N stepped towards him and helped him sit up.
“Gracias.” Jaime’s heart was pounding at how close Y/N was to him. If he leant forward a few inches, he could kiss you. “You like me.”
“W-why is that surprise?” Y/N stuttered as her eyes dashed around looking for anywhere to hold her attention instead of Jaime’s eyes.
“I thought you hated me.”
“No.” Y/N simply said.
“Wait, ‘No’?”
“No.” Y/N repeated.
“You don’t hate me.” Y/N nodded slightly. Jaime felt hope builing up inside of him. “Then what do you feel towards me?”
Y/N became more red than a tomato. “I-” She started but was interrupted by Black Canary and Green Lantern bursting into the room.
“Oh. Good job, sweetie. He’s fine now.” Black Canary congratulated her daughter on her quick thinking for CPR.


Jaime painfully limped into centre of Mount Justice, immediately flooded by his teammates with 'welcome back’ and 'how are you’. But Jaime wasn’t interested. He hurriedly talked to them while looking around to spot Y/N. It wasn’t a high chance he would. Y/N was hardly ever here, but a smile spread across his face when he saw the silhouette he was searching for.
Y/N smiled at him from across the room.
Jaime pushed his teammates out of the way and approached Y/N. He ignored the murmurs of everyone when they realised where he was headed.
“Hi.” Jaime grinned.
“You never answered my question.”
“I, um-”
“Would you like to answer it over dinner, or something, I don’t know what you like, maybe you like bowling-” Jaime’s ramble was disrupted by Y/N pressing a finger to his lips.
“Dinner sounds great.”

The Brown Bottle

Pairings: Alpha!Werewolf!Sam x Omega!Werewolf!Reader - A/B/O

Word Count: 3400+

Summary: Sam is rough around the edges, you do your best to avoid him until one night you discover he’s your true mate and instincts take over. This is really just a lot of smut and a little plot to ease things along. 

My twist on a/b/o dynamics.

Beta:  @just-another-busy-fangirl

Warnings: NSFW gif, knotting, mating, breeding, dominance, claiming, fingering, unprotected sex, biting, dirty talk, rough sex, some dom/sub overtones.

Your name: submit What is this?

You stop in your tracks, clutching an open hand over your abdomen.

“Shit,” you mumble under your breath as an afterthought. Shit doesn’t quite do this kind of pain justice. This cycle’s heat has brought what your mother, Millie (owner and proprietor of The Brown Bottle), refers to as The Real Motherfuckers. The kind of cramps that stop a woman unexpectedly while on her way to work well after sundown. The two generic suppressants you popped an hour earlier aren’t working as well as you hoped and you find yourself wishing you’d taken a third.

These are indeed The Real Motherfuckers.

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books read in 2017 (3/??) | Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman

The light of my eyes, I said, light of my eyes, light of the world, that’s what you are, light of my life.

anonymous asked:

Would you be able to make a Yandere Jumin? Or even more Yandere Yoosung?

I’ll definitely make more Yandere Yoosung! lool

And Yandere Jumin? Hmmm

Maybe I can draw some Yandere Jumin~

Former Employment

Summary: Professor Stilinski is definitely not expecting to see his favorite porn star among the students of his Human Sexuality class.

Notes: Inspired by this ask. I don’t do power imbalance, so nothing happens until Derek is out of Stiles’ class. Also, while there are mentions of porn, there is no actual smut in this. Sorry. (On AO3)

@nogitsunelichen and @cobrilee – this is probably not what you had in mind, but I wrote it!

When Stiles pushes open the doors to the lecture hall, it’s completely empty. He blinks down at his watch in surprise, and realizes he made the walk across campus faster than he realized. There’s always an adjustment period at the beginning of every semester, where he figures out where his classrooms are and how long it’ll take to get there.

Well, he might as well utilize this time, then. He sits at the desk at the front of the room, and gets back to writing his proposal for a class on the influence of society on gender.

He gradually hears students come in as he works, but he keeps focused, because he knows he has at least another ten minutes before class starts.

But when he hears a student ask, “Hey, are you the professor?” he has to look up, and he begins to wish he’d done it a lot sooner.

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Of Nosebleeds and Soulmates

Soulmate AU where your clock starts counting from the moment you’re born and stops counting the moment you meet your soulmate.  

As Castiel looks down at his favourite sweater, now partially soaked in his blood, he can’t believe he waited  22 years, 29 days, 18 hours, 56 minutes and 37 seconds for this.

Based on this post by @silentpeaches that I’m sure everyone and their grandma has seen by now.


“Cas.” Anna looks at him sweetly as she takes a seat opposite him. “Can you get me chicken nuggets?”

“You literally just ordered your food,” Cas says, nodding his head at the tray she’d set down between them.

“I know, but I got stuff from the Chinese place and the McDonald’s queue is too long,” she replies, giving him her best puppy dog eyes. “Pretty please with a cherry on top?”

Cas rolls his eyes, pushing away from the table. “Fine.”

“You’re the bestest little bro in the world!” Anna grins, handing over some money.  

“Bestest isn’t even a word,” Cas mutters as he dodges people left and right.

Castiel hasn’t been standing in line for more than a few minutes when the man in front of him - gesturing wildly to the redhead next to him - hits him in the face. Hard.

Cas’ head snaps back and he hears an “oh fuck!” but he doesn’t know if it’s him who says it or someone else.

“Shit, shit, I am so sorry,” the man says, bringing his arms up but then dropping them to his sides like he doesn’t know what to do with them. “Fuck, you’re bleeding.”

Castiel can feel blood trickling down his neck and can taste it on his tongue and it’s the most unpleasant thing in the world right now. He wrinkles his nose in disgust but that just sends a wave a pain through it and he winces.

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All the Time in the World

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Pietro Maximoff x Reader

All the Time in the World

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Hello lovelies! May I request a Pietro Maximoff x reader soul mate au (because I’m both Pietro and soul mate au trash) where the reader is an Avenger? And Idk like super fluffy? Thanks love!

Note: I missed my speedy babe!! Okay, here goes.

Pietro didn’t have a soulmate mark. Everyone on planet earth was born with one, but he couldn’t find it. As he grew older, he expected it to appear, but it didn’t. Not even after the experiments. Not even after the one night stands with the Sokovian girls. Not even after he joined the right side of the battle.

Maybe that was what made him so reckless, so eager to lay his life down for his sister, for his new friends, for a man he barely knew and the child in his arms. What did he care if he died? He didn’t. The white-haired speedster had no reason to live because he had no one to love.

When the world went black, he wasn’t surprised. He knew it would end like this. Because he was reckless. But he didn’t expect it to be so cold. So dark. He wasn’t sure where he existed now. Maybe he was a ghost. Maybe it he tried hard enough, he could appear to Wanda…tell her goodbye.

The darkness didn’t last long.

“Pietro?” A voice. He knew that voice. But from where? “Come on, buddy. You’re almost there.” It was the archer. Clint. Where was he?

“Pietro!” Another voice. Wanda. Her voice was accompanied by the steady beats of a heart monitor. His heart monitor. A heart monitor meant a heartbeat, and a heartbeat meant-

It was so bright. The moment he opened his eyes, he had to squint to see, to make out the colored shapes that surrounded him.

“There he is.” Stark. “Took you long enough, speedy. Gave your sister quite the scare there.”

“You idiot!” Wanda hugged him fiercely, not caring if she hurt his newly-healed body. “You stupid, stupid boy!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Pietro chuckled, holding his sister in his arms. “I’m alive, aren’t I?”

“Barely.” Bruce was looking over his papers. “You got lucky. Very lucky. If it weren’t for the CRADLE…you might not be here at all.”

“I hate you.” Wanda mumbled into his shoulder. He only held her tighter.

“I missed you too.” He whispered. And he meant it.

It was a day of celebration. The Avengers threw a party to celebrate their fallen’s return. And the entire time, Pietro kept looking at a stranger across the room. He couldn’t explain why, but there was something about them that was impossible to describe.

“Are you even listening to me?” Wanda waved a hand in front of her brother’s face, immediately snapping him back to reality.

“Sorry.” He muttered.

“When did you get a tattoo?” Wanda asked.

“What tattoo?” Pietro asked. Wanda pulled up the sleeve of the suit jacket her brother was wearing. Sure enough, it was there. Clear as day.

(Y/N) (L/N).

Pietro’s breath caught in his throat, his words stuck. His heart raced faster than usual. He knew what this was. It was a soulmate tattoo.

“That’s her name.” Wanda whispered, subtly motioning across the room just as you walked out onto the balcony to get some air. “She’s your-”

He was gone when she blinked, and in his path, there was a rush of wind.

Your hair blew in front of your face as the door behind you shut. And suddenly, you weren’t alone anymore. It was him. The one that had come back to life, the reason your new team was even celebrating. What was his name again? No one had told you. To Wanda, he was ‘my brother’, and the rest of them had only ever referred to him as ‘Speedy’ or as Clint had so eloquently worded it, ‘that asshole’.

“Hi there.” He greeted somewhat shyly. What was happening to his prowess? He had always been good with women, even before he had become a superhuman. But now, not so much. He swallowed thickly and dared to meet your eyes. “I’m Pietro. Maximoff. I…died, and-”

Your eyes snapped up to his the moment he introduced himself. Your jaw drifted open and your heart pounded. You felt like your stomach had twisted itself into a knot.

“W-what did you say your name was?”

“Pietro Maximoff.” His voice was a whisper, and his delicious accent was like music to your ears. Slowly, you pulled back the sleeve of your black dress. His name was written there in his quick messy handwriting. Gently, he raised his hand to touch your forearm, calloused fingers brushing against your soft skin.

Once he had stared at the tattoo for a long moment, he showed you his. You took his wrist and pulled it to your face, pressing a gentle kiss to the first letter of your name. Pietro sighed, exhaling a shaky breath. You rushed into his arms, clinging to his torso and hugging him tight. He chuckled and wrapped his strong arms around you.

“I-I could have lost you before I even knew you…” you shook as you held him, tears streaming down your cheeks. It made him hold you tighter.

“I’m here.” He whispered. “I’m here and I’ll never leave you again. I promise.”

It was a promise he intended to keep.

When you returned to the party, hand in hand, Pietro introduced you to his sister, who you had already met, and a few of the others.

“You’ve been together all of what, three minutes and you already have matching tattoos?” Clint teased. “Slow down, kids. You’ve got all the time in the world.”

“Uncle Clint,” You hugged him.


“What, Speedy? You didn’t see that coming?” he chuckled.

“No, I guess I didn’t.” Pietro smirked and then wrapped an arm around your waist.

“Congratulations.” Clint smiled and ruffled the speedster’s silver hair beneath his hand. “I’m happy for you. For both of you.”

“Thank you.” You smiled. After you spread the good news to the others, Pietro dragged you out to the dance floor. He was quite the dancer. He spun you around and pulled you close. His scruff rubbed against the skin of your cheek as he leaned in to whisper in your ear.

“I love you, (Y/N) (L/N).”

“And I love you, Pietro Maximoff.”

Guys, a lot of alien languages are probably unpronounceable because they may have more muscles in their voice box so they have a different phonetic​ alphabet.

So with certain names, a human might be like ‘dude i cant even make a nickname out of your name, what does it mean’ and the alien is like 'asteriod’ and the human is like 'okay space rocks’ the human looks it up and then gives the alien the human equivalent that is easiest for them . 'from now on, i shall call you *drumroll please* … craig.’

Then you hear a giant semi-bipedal arachnid with a wolf snout and sixteen eyes awnser to the name Craig.

But the opposite may be true because some species may not have enough mucles in their voice box to make our names so jele, a small alien who resembles a dumbo octopus is like 'i cant say your name miss, just what on jepen does it mean’ and the human is like 'rocks’ and jel is like 'okay now you are neje’

So most intergalactic identity cards have several names under aliases.

Party Like A Stark

Originally posted by maybelline

Peter Parker x  Stark Reader

Part (1/6)

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

Summary: Today is your 19th birthday, and you also happen to be Tony Stark’s loved daughter.  What’s a better way to celebrate this special day than a party?!  All the Avengers and family friends will be there, even your secret crush Spider-Man.  You’ve always wanted to meet the famous spiderling, but little did you know you already know him.  Your party will definitely be one to remember.

Warnings: none! just lots of fluff and hugs


AN: So this will be my mini Peter fic that will lead up to smut!! I wanted to just do a Peter smut but i had this brilliant idea that needed more than one post!! I would like to point out that both Peter and reader are 18+, so it’s not weird.  Also, Pietro is alive and healthy bc I refuse to accept that this precious muffin is dead.  Also Clint and Nat are together bc I refuse to believe they weren’t made for each other. So hope you enjoy the first part of my mini fic!!

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Byun Baekhyun// Psych - Part 3

Originally posted by grinding-on-baek

Summary: After a month of being broke at college, you finally find a place to stay, but the only con is that there is nine other people you have to share a house with - one in particular who makes it his mission to irritate you at every turn - but they’re hiding something from you. Something big. (1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7)
Scenario: Werewolf!AU, college!AU, series
Word Count: 6,728

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