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BTS Reaction to another member walking in on you two "getting intimate"

Seokjin - Once Taehyung walked into the room, Jin’s face would instantly grow red and he’d trip over his own words as he tried to make the situation a little less awkward. After Taehyung left, he wouldn’t be in the mood anymore and would set off what you two were doing for another time.

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Yoongi - He’d simply stare into the eyes of Jungkook and say “You have three seconds to get the fuck out.“

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Hoseok - He’d quickly stand up, not even bothering to cover himself, and push Yoongi out of the room with a flushed face, then have his walk of shame back to you, where you couldn’t help but laugh at his embarrassment.

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Namjoon - “Care to join?” He’d tease as he raised his eyebrows at Jimin, whose cheeks immediately went pink at your boyfriend’s words. In all seriousness, Namjoon would shove his dongsaeng out of the room and kick his ass later on for walking in on you two.

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Jimin - This shy boy would try and lie to his hyung as he covered up your body with a sheet. “I was just…helping Y/N…out of their clothes,” He’d mumble as his eyes wandered away from Seokjin’s gaze.

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Taehyung - He’d instantly panic and rush over to the door, pushing Hoseok out of the room, then he’d lock the door quickly and approach you, preparing to remind you how you are his and only his.

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Jungkook - When Namjoon walked into the room, he’d pull the covers over you both and tell you to pretend to be asleep until his hyung left. “Maybe he won’t see us while we’re under here.”

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Can I kindly request a story for Gladiolus and his S/O watching their newborn son sleeping? You know, like patents usually do. "Are you sure he's breathing? Yes, now stop you're going to wake him! I'm going to check on him!*baby cries*Dammit you!""

So it isn’t exactly per request but I really, really hope you like it all the same! It was really fun to write, even if it is a bit short. 

-Mod Vella

You rolled over, tossing an arm over your face and furrowing your brow. You could’ve sworn you heard the baby crying, in fact it’s what had roused you from your slumber, but the house was dead silent. Dead silent… You sat up quickly, suddenly wide awake. Your hand instinctively went to the space in the bed next to you only to find it empty.

“Gladio?” You called out quietly to the empty room. When you received no answer you swung your legs out of bed, shivering at the cool air, and hauled yourself to your feet. For someone who’d supposedly had a hard day he sure wasn’t acting like it. You frowned at yourself. That was a selfish sentiment.

It didn’t take you long to find where he’d gone. As soon as you opened the door to your bedroom you caught sight of his hulking figure leaning in the doorway of your son’s room. The moonlight from his window filtered through the curtains and washed his face in a soft, lilac glow. His features were soft, a tired smile tugging at the corner of his lips. He didn’t turn your way but acknowledged your presence instead with a gesture to come join him.

“Worrying again?” You questioned, your voice a whisper so as not to wake the slumbering infant just a few feet away. Gladiolus pulled you against him by your waist and kissed the top of your head.

“I can’t help it. He’s just so…”


“Yeah.” He smiled down at you, “I keep having these nightmares…Waking up and he’s gone or fell out of his crib or he’s stopped breathing…” You tiptoed and kissed his cheek and he sighed, “I know it seems stupid but it scares me.”

“Mm tell me about it.” You rested your body against his, “You’re not the only one that’s a bit paranoid.”

“It’s supposed to get easier with the second.” He commented after a few moments of silence. It caught you off guard enough to actually have you let out a quick, sharp laugh. Instantly you regretted it, slamming your hands over your mouth.

That’s really all it took. Jax woke with a small gurgle, a whine and then a full out shriek as he started crying. You gave your husband a rather apologetic look as he rolled his eyes at you, grinning all the same, and entered the room, scooping up the small, screaming bundle in his arms and beginning the process of attempting to placate the small thing. You came to his side after a few moments. You had to admit, you were jealous. It took you at least ten to fifteen minutes to get Jax to begin calming down but Gladio? He just had to talk to the little one and he was already settling back down. Within minutes he had him back to sleep.

“You’re amazing, you know that?” You whispered, looking up at him. Gladiolus grinned, gently placing Jax back in the crib.

“So are you.” He kissed your temple, gazing back down at infant. “I’m going to stay here for awhile, you go back to sleep.”

“He’ll be fine, honey.” You chided, tugging at his arm.

“I know I just…” He trailed off, his eyes filled with such adoration as he looked down at Jax, “I just want to make sure.”

A small smile graced your features and you let out a small sigh, “Alright, love. But don’t be too long.” You kissed his cheek and turned to head back to the warmth of your bed. As tired as they made you, these late nights are what made it all worth it.

Daily Motivational Astrid #1

“I believe in you. You can do this! And no matter what, I’m proud of you. Love, Astrid.”

“I don’t know what you’re going to face today, whether it be an important test, a job interview, or even just getting out of bed. But I believe in you. You can do it. Believe in yourself. And no matter what happens, I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you for trying your best. I’m proud of you for getting out of bed. I’m proud of you for going to school and not skipping out. I’m so, SO proud of you! And in case nobody has told you lately, you are loved. I love you and want you to do your best! So get out there and kick some flank at whatever you’re doing today!

Love, Ask-Astrid Mod”

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Hey Aunt Tanya. I just dumped my boyfriend because he was cheating on me with his friend that he claimed was a lesbian. I want to get even. What would you do if you were in my situation?

Kill him. Actually kill him.
But if you don’t want to get arrested then you should forget all about him and live your own life because you don’t need him anyway and you can achieve your own happiness. Then make sure to passive aggressively rub your success in his face.

Xoxo Aunt Tanya

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Firstly, thanks for all you do. You've given me so many happy Stucky memories! I wrote a fic recently, and it's been getting some love, so I'd love to rec it here. It's called Sugar Sweet (/works/9683708/chapters/21863813). Heads up that it's a Sugar Daddy AU (so warning for age difference) but it's a WIP so right now it's mostly just Bucky being a punk.


Sugar Sweet by ColorCoated (WIP)

“What’s your name?” It wasn’t even a line. He was just pretty and Bucky wanted a name to go with that face. With that strong jawline. With those deep blue eyes.

A little smirk, “Steve.”

Awww, Steve. He looked like a Steve.

Bucky pursed his lips in a way he hoped was attractive, “You should buy me a drink.”

College Student Bucky finds himself immediately attracted to Steve. He knows that Steve’s a bit older than him, and that Steve himself is put off by the age difference… But that doesn’t stop Bucky from wanting to climb him like a tree.

AKA a Sugar Daddy AU that no one was asking for.

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All CCers fall into the category of obsessed Klainers. So any obsessed Klaine reference in STFF is also a reference to crisscolfers. Chris literally repeats what he's said as himself avbout CCers "the show is not a documentary". Also "try not to make faces because I'll become an internet meme", and who knows what else. 2)Chris reflects on fandom from his own POV. He doesn't "misunderstand" fans. He speaks of how he EXPERIENCED FANS in relation to his own self. Non-obsessed fans agree with him.

All CCers fall into the category of obsessed Klainers.

What kind of alternative fact is this? How do you even make this leap? If you wanna cough up some receipts by all means, but until then take your logical fallacy out of here.  You’ve got two conclusions and no premise. All A are B, so all B are C? Get out. 

Have you spoken to all cc shippers? Have you spoken to all klaine fans?  Go ahead and take a all encompassing survey and then get back to me.  Also while you’re out look up confirmation bias.

Chris reflects on fans and fandom from his own biased viewpoint.  He has shown he has almost no understanding of the complexities of fandom culture, not just his own fans, but capital F Fandom.  Find me a quote where he demonstrates that he himself is fan of something in the way in the way “fan” has long been used.  Not just liking the Golden Girls, but actually participating in the community the way we do. Because that’s what I’m taking about.  The complex, changing miasma of fandom and fan culture. That’s what I don’t think he understands.

Chris has never spoken specifically, unambiguously about crisscolfer shippers. But the people who want him to have will takes things he’s said about fans and apply to their own viewpoints.  So, whatever.  Have fun.

Also, have you read the book? If you have we can talk about it. If you haven’t, what’s the point?


Requested by anonymous and stilesxxstilinskii (part 1 is right here [x] make sure you read that first)

You were miserable. You couldn’t lie and say you didn’t cry a little after you and Archie’s fight. You wanted him back so badly but you felt like you couldn’t face him. Perhaps it was a good thing he eventually showed up on your doorstep again.

When someone knocked you hadn’t even bothered to look through the peephole before you answered so you were a bit surprised when you saw Archie.

“What are you doing here?”.

“I needed to talk to you?”.

You sighed and looked away from him. We’re you miserable? Yes. Did you miss him? Also yes. But were you still mad? Absolutely.

“Let me just ask you one question Archie? Do you really love me? Or am I just second best compared to Grundy?”.

“No” Archie assured grabbing your hand “I mean yes I do love but but no you are not second best to Grundy [Y/N]. You mean more to me than anyone else… can I come in?”.

You thought for a long moment but eventually you nodded and allowed him to enter your house.
“I missed you so much Archie”.

“Me too. I’m so sorry I hurt you [Y/N]”.


  • Altair: Tiz, could I use your body for a moment? I have to go number 1!
  • Tiz: Come on, Altair! Last time I gave you permission to use my body, you gave yourself a wedgie and then immediately switched back.
  • Altair: This time, I am serious.
  • Tiz: Oh, really?
  • Altair: Is this not the face of a man who seriously needs to go number 2?
  • Tiz: You just said it was number 1!
  • Altair: Now it’s number 3.
  • Tiz: What the hell is a number 3?
  • Altair: I don’t know, but I have to do one.
  • Tiz: It isn’t even a thing!
  • Altair: Give me your body!
  • Edea: Look, guys, Tiz is arguing with his imaginary boyfriend again!
  • Magnolia: I have one of those, too! I call him Yew!
  • Yew: … What?
HC: too young

  • the age gap has always been an issue for people around you but never for the two of you
  • until an old friend of his pointed out that you could be easily his child and just couldn’t drop the joke, even after asking him repeatedly to do so
  • that was when you felt insecure about you being quite a bit younger than him
  • and Shiro not even seeing the harm in his friends joke, even laughing along
  • but what he was seeing was the change in you after he met that friend
  • you began to dress more feminine and mature, watched how you worded your sentences, kept your posture straight, etc.
  • to sum it up, you were not acting yourself; not like the person he fell in love with
  • he didn’t say anything until you stopped [insert your favorite hobby/passion] and threw everything away that had to do with it
  • his hand jumped to your wrist to stop you
  • “what are you doing?” cue you spilling the beans and Shiro…
  • laughing straight in your face
  • you getting angry at him and thinking that he’s laughing at you for feeling insecure
  • “ya know, from all the things you did in our relationship, pretending to be someone else was the only childish thing you did”
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Ep 12 almost kiss be like
  • Viktor: I don't wanna kiss the silver medal
  • Yuri: Ok then
  • Viktor: But I could kiss something else
  • Yuri: Sure
  • Viktor: Something that would please me even more
  • Yuri: Well, ok
  • Viktor: Do you know what that could be? *leans forward and wiggles his eyebrows*
  • Yuri: You could kiss Yurio's medal
  • Viktor: I mean something else
  • Yuri: ...
  • Yuri: I don't get it
  • Viktor: *practically lays on Yuri*
  • Viktor: Something that is attached to your body
  • Yuri: ...
  • Viktor: Something on your face
  • Yuri: ...
  • Yuri: Sorry I still don't know what you mean
  • Viktor: COME ON

I’ll forgive you.

Time will pass and it’ll get easier
to think of your lips and your face
and the way you said my name
The thoughts won’t be laced with anger
or even sadness anymore

I’ll forgive you
the light will go out
and I’ll keep going.

But you had my heart in your hands and God
I could feel it in my ribs,
how much love for you
was radiating from my fucking chest

But your touch was ice cold
and you didn’t know what to do
with a heart that was so warm

So you dropped it without picking
at the flames
You let my heart break into pieces
so that you’d be saved from the pain.

But I’ll forgive you
there’ll even be times
where I’ll forget

But please don’t think I’ll ever lose
the feeling
of your ice cold fingers
on my broken pieces.

—  I was such a fool for you

So I was sitting down at my kitchen table eating pasta when I had this thought.

Tikki’s favorite re-energizing food is cookies

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Plagg is a cheese freak

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(This is my new favorite gif)

But then I realized…

Adrien also really likes baked goods (when he gets them, that is…)

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But that made me think… is their favorite food the same as their other half’s kwami?

Is Marinette’s favorite food

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I hope she does…

The big four sitting at lunch together.

Alya: Hey Marinette, what’s your favorite type of food?

Nino: I could have told you that one.

Adrien: Really? What is it?

Marinette: *honestly unaware of favorite type of food and a little offended that Nino thinks he knows the answer* I honestly don’t know what it is, so please enlighten us, Nino.

Nino: *with a big smile on his face* Cheese.

Adrien: *slightly taken aback at this new development*

MArinette: *Thinking back on her life and slowly realizing he was right.*

Alya: Dude, how do you even know that?

Nino: First of all, she has cheesecake for her birthday cake every year. Second, last year she hosted a big study party with a bunch of kids from our class and she made a pasta dish. While she was cooking Kim asked if she had enough pasta and sauce with her cheese and Marinette just dumped an entire container of parmesan cheese into the pot and said, “Not quite.” So yeah, cheese is her favorite food.

Marinette: *glances down at plate which is literally that exact same recipe with just as much cheese as Nino described from the party*

Alya: I’m a little shocked, but I am mostly impressed.

Plagg in Adrien’s shirt pocket: Marry her.


Jin’s birthday countdown D-DAY: #HappyJinDay

to someone who faces everything with his optimism.
to someone who is very confident in himself, yet very humble in his success.
to someone who always tries to show his best sides to us, yet never hesitates to be himself.
to someone who showers us with affection, and teaches us to love ourselves.
to someone who makes time for us and makes us laugh, even during the busiest schedules and the most tiring times.
to someone who encourages us to do what we love, to not stopping even when no one acknowledges your struggle.
to someone who once said, “your hard work is yours to recognize,” to someone who is not afraid to say “i want to stop”.
to someone who, despite not getting enough parts, always reminds us that meeting us through broadcasts and performances is enough to make him really happy.
to someone who puts bangtan before himself, who would do all he can to make sure that his members are well, who would rather be a friend figure to his younger members despite being the oldest.
to someone who has brought so many smiles to us, to someone who is so truly amazing and beautiful no word would ever be enough to describe him.
to someone who keeps doing his utmost best to improve.

to kim seokjin.

happy birthday ♡

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The Signs’ Typical Weirdnesses

ARIES: doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion even if what they do is socially unacceptable

TAURUS: brutally honest, will tell you anything right to your face, even if it’s hurtful

GEMINI: emotional but extremely insensitive

CANCER: oddly sensitive, can start crying without any apparent reason

LEO: likes to expose their feelings way too much, even if they have to make it more dramatic than it actually is

VIRGO: exceptionally addicted to cleaning, afraid of bacteria

LIBRA: weirdly passive 

SCORPIO: a weird look, eyes that often scare people off

SAGITTARIUS: lives every day like it’s their last one, doesn’t think about the future 

CAPRICORN: mood swings, can go from a gloomy silence to hyperactivity from one moment to another 

AQUARIUS: inappropriately dictatorial, doesn’t accept others’ opinions 

Pisces: consider themselves as such good people that they don’t even realise when they’re being assholes

Declarations of Love: Crooked Kingdom style
  • Matthias: You aren't a flower, you're every blossom in the wood blooming at once. You are a tidal wave. You're a stampede. You are overwhelming.
  • Kaz: I would come for you. And even if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together-knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting
  • Jesper: I like your stupid face.

today while waiting for the bus i saw a gay person write a shout out post on their mobile device. the sick part? they didn’t even mention straight people. not once. not once! still reeling from the shock i turn around, and lo and behold, what do i see? the guy next to me wearing an ‘i love boobs and fast cars’ t-shirt is curled up on the ground, tears streaming down his face. shaking and sobbing uncontrollably. i tried to comfort him, but not even a good heterosexual meme about hating and cheating on your partner could cheer him up

needless to say, it seems like heterophobia is still alive and well :/

jack: you’re in love with lardo and you have been since sophomore year
shitty: that’s disgusting. and wrong. i don’t even get– why would– i’ve never been in love with anyone, anywhere. it’s none of your- you have- the nerve, the audacity, lardo used to be my boss, technically. and she is terrible, face-wise. and how- how- do I know, frankly, that you’re not in love with her?? maybe you are. maybe you’re trying to throw me off? hmm check and mate.

Straight White Boy Problem #988

bro…chance the rapper is my NEW favorite rapper *dabs* I can’t believe my mom won’t let me vape in my house anymore! she SUCKS! *blows a vape cloud into your face* she wont even let me get a tattoo but dude check out this new song I found on youtube *pulls up a video of a 4 minute edm song with a screencap of a hot girl* yeah this song just bangs bruh *mom starts yelling at me because she wsnts me to turn the volume down* MOM I HAVE FRIENDS OVER YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO WHILE I HAVE FRIENDS OVER *mom is still yelling at me* I’m sorry man…you should probably leave…my mom is CRAZY

several things happened at once. the car was too hot and the windows were fogging and you were singing along to the music. in my hands were cheddar chips you’d bought me because they’re my favorite and in the back was a bottle of wine. you glanced over at me and grinned and i realized: this is what home felt like. somewhere alongside the highway going seventy-five and screaming the lyrics to bohemian rhapsody and stuffing our faces. this is what it felt like to belong to a space, even if the whole frame of your car rattles and there’s a stain on the ceiling and i get road rage for you. it just fit for a second. like even though my brain is still screaming about what i need to get done and there’s a lot to do when morning comes, for a moment: it was all okay. it was okay and tomorrow would come. just you and me and the yellowing light of the setting sun. and it was okay. okay. just us.