what even is your face and how does it function

So hey, I heard today was Autism Awareness Day. FUCK YOU AUTISM SPEAKS.

I’m 26 years old, and, ha ha, I’m one of the adults with High Functioning Autism you never hear about because we’re simply not interesting. I actually got my diagnosis when I was 20, so I never even got to be that autistic kid you pitied or picked on, depending on how much of an asshole you are.

Basic throwdown on what my Autism does to me, since there’s a lot of confusion, and hey, everyone on the spectrum manifests differently. First off, I will forget your name. It’s going to happen, I have no memory for names, at all. Even peoples faces all look the same to me, so I rely on different cues to remember who you are (My inner names for people are something along the line of “Guy at Deli Counter who actually slices meat right”). Another interesting bit is my mind is always going, so I tend to say things I find interesting…completely out of context. Yeah, not having an innate sense of social grace is pretty terrible.

So I just want to shoot a shoutout to my spectrum bros and sis…es? It does get the fuck better, I promise you that. No, you never quite get over the feeling that you’re an alien in this world, or that embarrassment when you realize something that should be obvious isn’t. One of the greatest strengths of people on the spectrum is our learning ability, so just approach socializing as something to learn. Most importantly, don’t let anyone, even yourself, you’re worth less because of autism. You are a shining star of potential, and you have just as much right as anyone to chase your dreams, so go and get them! 

Autism doesn’t define me, it’s just one part of a complex…person who kinda leans toward female (If anyone finds my gender, just let me know, okay?). I’m not ashamed to be autistic, because there’s nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, it just gives me a different perspective on a crazy, mixed up world. See ya out there.

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i dont know if you've done it, but can you do a jealous carmilla fic? have a nice day!

(Sorry it’s so late and if anyone else sent me a prompt heads up that I’m working through them!)

Carmilla finishes her third whiskey and drops the glass back onto the bar. She doesn’t even have to turn around to know Laura is enjoying herself. She can hear her laughing all the way across the room, surrounded by her coworkers having the time of her life. 

The bartender refills her glass without asking. It’s that kind of night.

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