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long distance reddie au

ok ok so to set the scene, eddie is in college w the rest of the losers club in nyc. richie is in california. ALSO I WAS GOING TO WRITE THIS AS A FIC BUT i figured headcanons would work too!! Also this is incredibly long,,, again. Im sorry rip.

- One day in lecture, Eddie sits down to this girl with short red hair and freckles. Like practically everyone else, she is on her laptop scrolling down some website and not paying any attention to the professor. Eddie can’t help but notice the website she is on and he kinda just stares at her screen for a bit. Obviously, the girl feels someone’s eyes on her so she turns and sees Eddie staring. 

- Eddie immediately gets embarrassed and apologizes. She smiles and tells him it’s fine. Then she also asks if he has a Tumblr. Eddie is like ?? A Tumblr??

- The girl gets like personally offended by his question. After lecture is over and Eddie is about to leave, the girl grabs his wrist and yanks Eddie up from his seat. Eddie is honestly really confused and he asks what she’s doing. She replies, “We’re going back to my dorm to set you up a Tumblr!”

- Then from that day forward, Eddie has been obsessed with Tumblr. Also, he made some pretty cool friends like Beverly Marsh. But anyways, back to his Tumblr. He runs a pastel aesthetic type blog with some Studyblr posts (He’s stressed and wants his lecture notes to look nice oKAY??) 

- One day, while scrolling down his dash, he sees a blog with the URL of ‘trashmouth.’ Eddie is extremely confused because he doesn’t follow any blogs like that one and he doesn’t know why it’s in his recommended section.

- He decides to click on it because he is curious. Much to Eddie’s surprise, it’s all shitposts and memes. Okay, so maybe he wasn’t surprised, the URL was trashmouth for crying out loud.

- Eddie accidentally hits the follow button when he’s clicking off of the blog. Literally, in like 0.02 seconds he gets a message from trashmouth and a follow back.

- Literally. the entire message is ‘SO DO YOU LIKE MEMES?’

- Eddie is basically like, “Shit, we’re mutuals now. I can’t just unfollow.” 

- Eddie responds back to the blog and is like ‘Uh yeah.’  

- Eddie is honestly so intrigued by this trashmouth guy?? He was stalking his blog and Eddie found out his name is Richie, he lives in California and is actually pretty good looking (YeS HE WAS STALKING RICHIE’S SELFIE TAG.)

- Ever since that message, Richie and Eddie become friends. They’re constantly tagging each other in funny posts, study tips, and literally always messaging on either Tumblr or iMessage.

- One day, Richie suggests they video chat. Eddie is kinda nervous but he agrees to anyways. Is he is secretly catching feelings for this trashmouth?? The answer is yES.

- The first thing Richie says in the video chat is, “Wow Eds, you’re really cute.”

- Eddie gets really rosy and Richie laughs at him. Eddie literally can’t help it though, he always gets flustered when someone compliments him, especially if it’s someone he LIKES.

- Then like maybe two months later, the two have gotten much closer where they’re practically video chatting every day. 

- Then one day on video chat, Richie is just like: ‘I really wish we could date.’’ and then he immediately covers up his mouth like he just exposed Victoria for her secret.  Eddie gets a little embarrassed as well but he decides he likes seeing a flustered Richie. He decides to go, “Richie will you be my boyfriend?”

- Richie’s eyes practically pop out of his face. He obviously says yes.

- During the midterm season, the two are always facetiming and helping each other study and quizzing each other!!

- Eddie always gushes about his boyfriend to Bev during lecture. She loves hearing about them.

- buT THEN ONE DAY,,, Eddie and Richie get into a fight? Like it’s a really stupid petty fight but they both take it pretty seriously?? They end up not talking for a few weeks

- Richie is secretly losing his mind because he really misses Eddie. Like seriously really really really misses Eddie.

- That’s when he gets a message from some girl named Beverly?? Who claims to be Eddie’s friend?? And she haS  A PLAN??

- Okay so basically Bev’s mastermind plan is to fly Richie out to NYC and have Richie and Eddie make up in person.

- Richie thinks Bev is insane. But also he lowkey really wants to see Eddie so he agrees to it.

- Like three days later, Eddie is really concerned because he still hasn’t gotten any messages from Richie. He’s sitting in his dorm and he’s on mobile literally just about to message Richie when he hears a knock on his door

- “Hey, Eds.”

- Eddie literally just about passes the fuck out. Like there he is!!! Richie fucking Tozier!!! In the flesh!!! Not a computer screen!!!

- Richie doesn’t even get a chance to say another word because Eddie jumps onto him and kisses him like full on.

- In the end, they’ve made up, met, and literally love each other so much. Eddie has to thank fate and his great friend Beverly Marsh for introducing him to Tumblr and to the user trashmouth.


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BTS REACTS TO: Their s/o wearing an ugly picture of them on a t-shirt

Anon Asked: Can you do a BTS Reaction to their s/o wearing an ugly selfie of them on a t-shirt in public? I ALWAYS wanted to do this with my boyfriend but he’s too photogenic uGH

Okay, I’ve totally done this before. Showed up at a friend’s birthday party wearing an ugly snapchat pic they sent me on a sweatshirt lol.

- Admin Dayna


Jin is handsome. He knew it, his fans knew it, and obviously, so do you. But with great beauty, comes great responsibility, and it seems like your boyfriend abuses his good-looks. Jin oozes narcissism. At times it was funny, charming in fact, but there’s only so much of it one could take. Sometimes consequences need to be dealt out to the arrogant. With just enough persistence and creativity, you’ve came up with the perfect plan. You awaited his arrival at the airport, your hoodie zipped up hiding your brilliance. Jin and the boys’ plane had landed and now they were only a few feet away from you. When you were absolutely positive Jin was looking right at you - and you could tell he had by the way he suddenly picked up his pace to a brisk jog your direction - you unzipped your hoodie, revealed your t-shirt with a rather… unattractive picture of him that his Army has turned into a meme printed on the front. You lifted your arms up high, allowing Jin, the boys, and the lucky bystanders to bask in its glory. As Namjoon, Yoongi, Hobi, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook all erupted into laughter, Jin struggled to reprimand you between fits of giggles.

“Wha - jagiyaahh~! How could you betray me?!”

“What have I done to deserve this?!”

“Do you think this was right?! I demand respect!”

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Some people date and become #RelationshipGoals, but between you and Yoongi, it was #CivilWar. Battle of the Brats: Petty vs. Savage. Yoongi loved to pick at you. As level-headed and wise as the boy seems to be, there were times where you questioned his maturity. As of lately, he’s been on a roll. Mocking the way you laughed, cheeky jabs and slick comments, talking back to you with just as extra dash of sass - it appears that Yoongi has forgotten he isn’t the only petty one in this relationship. Today he had a day off and promised to go out with you just to get some ice cream together. What he doesn’t know is that you’ve prepared a couple days ahead a little something to get back at him for all his latest antics. He rang the doorbell and called out your name from outside. You nonchalantly open the door and greet him, smoothing out the t-shirt you wore with an embarrassing selca of him printed right in the middle. He froze, staring at your shirt with mild disbelief,

“So wait… you’re wearing that out?”

“Yeah. What you don’t like it?”

“I mean well… can you not wear it out?”

“Can you never wear it?”

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Hobi is a great boyfriend, you weren’t complaining. He treated you well, and showered you with compliments, love and affection. The one thing that you just couldn’t stand about your boyfriend was how much he loved to show the boys all the ugly selfies you sent him through snapchat. The whole purpose of you sending it to him was for it to be seen by only him! If you wanted the boys to see, you would’ve damn well done it yourself! It’s not like you showed all your friends ugly selfies of him he sent you! But at the rate Hoseok was going, it was about time you had your fun too. The second J-Hope sent you an ugly snapchat selfie, you screenshot the sucker, and ordered a customized t-shirt with the selca on it with big black letters on top that said, “My Hope”. You wasted no time when it finally had been delivered. You ripped the package open, slipped the t-shirt on, and took a selfie in it - and made sure you looked damn cute, too. Within the next 5 minutes, Hobi had spammed your SNS and Text Messages with Laughing and Crying Emojis.

“[y/n]~! What is this?!”

“I look so awful in that! Did you wear it out?!”

“You’re awful, jagi!”

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This is revenge. Absolutely justified, of course. You let Namjoon scroll through your playlist on your Spotify, and - not surprisingly - the kid slipped up and forgot gravity existed. He dropped your phone, and the screen shattered. You watched your cell fly through the air, land on the concrete sidewalk, and skid a few feet more in slow motion. And your boyfriend just watched it with horror on his face. As much as he apologized for it between nervous laughter, you still haven’t found it in your heart to forgive him. Why? Well, because this was his third time breaking your phone’s screen. On that day you told him to remember these words: “Karma is a bitch”. Today, he can call you Karma. Jin was making the boys one of your favorite dishes, and knowing this, Namjoon invited you over to the dorms to eat some. This was the perfect moment. You knocked on the door three times, and shuffled on your feet impatient for him to open the door and see you. It was Jungkook who had welcomed you, staring down at the t-shirt and instantly drawing attention to you with how loudly he laughed. The boys hurried over confused, Namjoon taking the lead. It took a few seconds for him to finally process that it was him on your shirt, and to that he couldn’t help but laugh himself

“Why, [y/n]?! Why?!”

“Remember when you broke my phone, asshole?”

“Ugh… why are you so petty?”

“I already bought you a new one!”

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ChimChim was so fluffy it hurts. His smiling eyes were cute, his laugh was cute, the way he combed his hair back with his fingers was cute, even when he got flustered and fell weak to nervous giggles was cute! You simply couldn’t help how much you wanted to show off how precious your boyfriend was. It was only natural for one to do so, right? You saw somewhere on twitter a picture of a couple wearing each other’s selfies on a shirt and took inspiration from it. It was a great idea, but you wanted something a little more… personalized. Something that’ll express to the world how much you really loved your Jiminie. Searching deep within the depths of selcas and pictures of your boyfriend in your camera roll, you finally found the perfect one. Even when Jimin made ugly faces, he was cute! You got the shirt customized, printed, and shipped within a matter of 3 days flat, and was quick to put it on and hurry to the boy’s dorms to show off the shirt. Jimin opened the door, already excited to see you through the peep hole. Once he got a glimpse of your shirt, his cheeks grew hot, and as expected, your ChimChim began to laugh out of absolute embarrassment.

“You had to pick that picture?”

“Did you come here just to bully me, Jagi?”

“I shouldn’t even let you in!”

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Truth be told, the relationship between you and TaeTae was quite simply shits and giggles. Of course there came serious moments, but it was silly, goofy, childish ones that always stuck out the most. Before Tae had gone off on tour, as the tradition goes, the two of you came up with ways and items to keep each other close despite the distance. Your boyfriend had gotten a blown up print of a snapchat pic you sent him using a silly filter and making a just as silly face. He told you he planned on carrying that poster with him whereever he went, and framing it when he got back to the Seoul Dorms. Hearing that, you decided to make use of the handful of crazy selcas Tae had sent you himself. You printed out the best one on a t-shirt, and took a picture of yourself wearing it. Seeing the picture put a big boxy grin on his face.

“Ahh! Jagiyaah~! That’s better than my poster!”

“I want the t-shirt too!”

“Absolutely not! You wear an ugly picture of me on your shirt and pictures of you wearing it will spread on the fansites so fa -”

“No, no, [y/n], I want to wear a t-shirt with myself on it.”

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The problem with Jungkook is he talks too much. The two of you facetime late nights while he’s abroad during tour. You tell each other how much you love and miss one another, and end the call bittersweet. Sometimes, he makes silly recommendations on how to get by the day with him away. It’s expected that not all of his recommendations are too great, but every once in a while, he proves himself more genius than he gives himself credit for. One night you had told him, “Jungkookie, I miss your ugly face.” and he’d say in response, “if you print it on a shirt, every time you walk past a mirror you’ll see it.” Brilliant right? Guess he hadn’t taken into consideration the depths of how truly iconic the idea was. The next day, you had went out and done exactly that, sporting his face on your shirt for days. He called you one night during facetime as you were wearing it. To say the least, he was quite shook.

“… what’s on your shirt?”

“It’s you!”

“Okay but… but why?”

“It was your idea…?”

“I wasn’t being serious!”

“Did you wear it out? No - actually, don’t wear it out.”


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cave me in

college au 

pairing: jinyoung | reader 

genre: fluff + slight angst

word count: 4.658

requested by anon 

description: you should’ve known that asking your best friend turned ex-boyfriend for a favor would never turn out the way you expected. 

The moment you come to a stop outside the clandestine coffee shop that sits a few meters away from the Engineering Research Building, you know you have screwed up. 

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                 taken from ian somerhalder’s portrayal of him on the show, not the book.

  • “Hello, brother.”
  • “Stop being cute.”
  • “Nostalgia is a bitch.”
  • “I’m stronger than you think.”
  • “I’m gonna go rip his head off now.”
  • “Our life is one, big proverbial coin toss.”
  • “I could rip your heart out and not think twice about it.”
  • “Sorry to spoil your seven minutes in heaven. We have a problem.”
  • “For someone who doesn’t wanna be like me, you sure are good at it.”
  • “Take it from the guy who supposedly got it all and is sitting with bubkis. Stop moping about who are not and start being the guy you are.”
  • “Very Emerson, the way you reveal your soul. So many… adjectives.”
  • “Is that where you’ve been all morning, out buying bossypants?”
  • “I’m not some drunk sorority chick. You can’t roofy me.”
  • “Does it get tiring, being so righteous?”
  • “You just don’t wanna die, do you?”
  • “Why are you so mean to me?”
  • “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”
  • “Hashtag, you’re welcome.”
  • “The only one I can count on is… me.”
  • “Today has been a no-good, very-bad day.”
  • “This would be so much more fun if we were naked.”
  • “I guess I’ll have to cuddle up next to the fire with all my rage.”
  • “You brood too much… My actions, they belong to me. I own them.”
  • “I do believe in killing the messenger. Know why? It sends a message.”
  • “Can we not do the whole road trip bonding thing? The cliche of it all makes me itch.”
  • “I look at you and I see myself. A less dashing, less intelligent version.”
  • “Your search for life’s purpose is as obvious as it is tragic.”
  • “I’m trusting you. Don’t make me regret it.”
  • “Alright, brother. Time to go.”
  • “I’d be extra nice to me right now.”
  • “You are officially the most terrifying person I know.”
  • “Didn’t you find it weird that you made a friend so fast? Have you met you?”
  • “I gotta admit, even for me, it’s a little kinky.”
  • “You have no sense of humor.”
  • “So all’s forgiven?”
  • “I don’t do good. It’s not in me.”
  • “Stop being ashamed of who you are.”
  • “I’m better at being the bad guy anyway.”
  • “Take it from me: strange is bad, dead is worse.”
  • “I promise you. I will never leave you again.”
  • “You want a partner in crime? Forget _____. I’m so much more fun.”
  • “You know what they say: the way to a psycho killer’s heart is through his stomach.”
  • “Get your ass out the door before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you out myself.”
  • “There’s no such thing as a bad idea. Only poorly executed awesome ones.”
  • “Hindsight is almost a bigger bitch than you.”
  • “I’ve been dead before. I got over it.”
  • “Life sucks. Get a helmet.”
  • “You need to stop doing that.”
  • “Humanity’s not all it’s cracked up to be.”
  • “I’m staying clear of all women at the moment.”
  • “I want to throw you back in my bed and never let you leave.”
  • “You went on a murderous rampage. It happens.”
  • “First of all, don’t nickname. That’s my thing.”
  • “And here I thought my future was bleak.”
  • “I have moves you’ve never even seen before.”
  • “You do realize you are dating a reformed serial killer, right?”
  • “You know this whole pretending to hate me is getting a little silly.”
  • “Guilt. Don’t know it, but I’ve heard it can be a royal bitch.”
  • “One thing you’re not going to do, you’re not going to mess with me.”
  • “You’re lucky you’re adorable because your eternal optimism is super annoying.”
  • “If you’re gonna be maudlin, I’m gonna kill you myself. Just to put me out of your misery.”
  • “Sometimes really terrible things happen to amazing people.”
  • “You better start talking or I will kill you in your sleep.”
  • “That’s it? We’re gonna kill bad guys together and you’re not even going to talk to me?”
  • “Is that what you people think of me? That I just instantly resort to violence?”
  • “You are literally the best person I’ve ever known.“
  • “You came here to kill me?”
  • “Eh. I’ve seen worse.”
  • “I think I like you.”
  • “I’m a good guy now, remember?”
  • “I’m lost… metaphorically, existentially.”
  • “I like a woman who knows what she wants.”
  • “Just stop talking. Just kiss me. Be my distraction.”
  • “You once told me that calling me Satan was an insult to Satan.”
  • “So I’m thinking of a person. He’s reasonably good looking, charming accent, and he would be the most amazing wingman if he just got rid of his martyr complex.“
  • “Whatever desire you have to save me, I kinda need that right now.”
  • “Listen, how I got this amazing body has nothing to do with science.”
  • “Clarity over cleverness. That’s what I always say.”
  • “You’re choosing that woman over me?”
“About Damn Time” // G.D Imagine


A/N: I know in the last imagine post I said I was back, yeah well life happens and I forgot to update. Here’s a request that was requested weeks ago. 

Feedback is always nice xx 

REQUESTED BY @maria-diver12

Can I have an imagine where the reader has toured with Ethan and Grayson for a while and all the fans know her as part of the crew. But in recent videos and and photos fans spot Grayson staring at y/n and becoming really close and they all start talking about it which makes Grayson talk about the crush he’s developed on y/n and then telling her.

HOPE YOU LIKE IT! XX Sorry it’s up so late ): 

The screams of thousands of fans filled your ears as you stood in front of tje large crowd. You held your camera up to your eye as the boys stood next to the silver ball and DJ Khalid. 

The job as their photographer was was fairly easy due to how photogenic they both were. The hard part was when you found a good shot of them but they decide to move before you even take the picture. It’s a guessing game with these two. Are they going to move before you take the picture or will you actually get the shot? You never know the outcome but you have a lot of funny pictures you sometimes send them as memes. That of course sometimes annoys them but you love it. 

You’ve known the boys for ages now, probably around seven years. The three of you met in Jersey when you had just first moved in into the neighborhood. The two boys and Cameron walked over to the house to greet you when you were about to leave to walk your dog. Grayson started sneezing non-stop as he stood near the dog. When you asked him if he was okay he just awkwardly laughed and said yes. His sister then went on to explain to you that he was highly allergic to dogs which is the reason as to why they can only have pet birds in the house. 

The four of you hit it off from the start but you would always have a stronger bond with the boys considering how close in age you were to the two of them. You three would do everything together and when they started embarking on social media you were there to support them every step of the way. They would ask you to help them film or to take a picture of them. That was when you spark in photography started. When the boys asked you to be their official photographer you of course said yes. 

Now here the three of you where in NYC Times Square at the relaunch of TRL. Both the boys were host of the show and you were doing what you love most; photography. 

You snapped pictures of the happy smiles both the boys had as the ball officially dropped. Ethan and Grayson counted down loudly with the timer and the moment it hit zero they started clapping along with the crowd. You took pictures of every moment and loved how happy they looked on camera and off. Their happiness radiated off of them and that made you happy. 

The boys finished their surprise appearance and the three of you were escorted back into the building. The building halls were quiet as everyone was outside or in the opposite side of where you were. You could still hear the screaming fans and the DJ playing music. The boys were walking in-front of you while talking to their manager. You trailed behind them inspecting the large building that you would be going back and forth in for a while. 

“Hey Y/N, can you take a picture of us in this hanging chair thing?” Ethan asked while pointing at the wall with three round clear plastic chairs that were hanging up in the air. 

“Yeah, of course.” You smiled while walking over and standing in front of them. The boys dashed to sit in the chair. Ethan beat Grayson, who pouted knowing he would have to sit on the floor. 

“Gray can you please put your hands over his legs. You look awkward when your arms under them,” you laughed softly at the boys position. 

“Like this?” Gray asked as he did as told. 

“Yes, perfect,” you mumbled while closing an eye and looking out through your camera lens. Snapping three pictures of the boys in different poses you lowered the camera and inspected the pictures. 

“Can I see?” Grayson asked causing you to look up. You face felt really hot as you noticed how close he was too you. 

Nodding your head you gave him your camera and took a step back from him. Ethan stared at the two of you for a second wondering why you got to flustered over Grayson standing close to you. It wasn’t the first time he’s seen that happen. Shrugging it off Ethan walked over to the three of you and looked down at the picture Grayson was inspecting. 

“These are so good Y/N. I’m so happy we got you to be our photographer before someone else came in and took you away from us,” Ethan complimented you making you smile. 

“Aww thanks E,” you giggled feeling happy that the boys appreciated your work. 

“Yeah these are really good,” Grayson smiled while handing the camera back to you. 

“Thanks Gray,” you smiled while taking the camera from his hands. Your fingers grazed gently against his making your entire body fill with goosebumps and your face to heat up into a crimson shade. 

You turned around and started walking out towards the exit door not wanting for either of the boys to notice your blushing face. As you did so the boys walked a few feet behind you whispering to one another. 

“Do you like her?” Grayson asked his twin brother with a sense of urgency. 

“Yeah, she’s a really good friend.” Ethan responded not getting as to why Grayson was suddenly asking him this. 

“No as in do you like her as more than a friend?” Grayson asked with a raised eyebrow as his face grew a pink from how irritated he was growing with his brother. 

“What no! I wouldn’t do that to you bro. You’ve liked her since we were ten. I mean yeah at some point I had a thing for her but not anymore.” Ethan shrugged. Grayson took a quick glance at you hoping that you couldn’t hear them whispering behind your back. 

You were too busy trying to close your camera bag to listen in on the two boys whispering to one another behind you. In all honestly you have learned to not listen in to their conversations since you two were 10 after the boobs incident. 

“Hey Y/N, are you going back to Jersey with us?” Grayson asked as the two boys walked closer to you. 

“Yeah, I have my cousin’s wedding to attend remember? I’m one of her many bridesmaids and you two promised to go with me.” You answered while looking back at the boys with a raised eyebrow hoping that they didn’t back out. 

“Oh yeah, don’t worry we will still be gracing the wedding with our amazing presence,” Ethan smiled making you laugh. 

“Oh I’m sure they will,” you smiled. 

The conversation was cut short as the loud screams of the fans filled your ears. Turning around you looked out the glass doors and saw fans circling the entire sidewalk. Thankfully they were being held back by metal barricades and security were standing on every corner possible. Despite going on tour with the boys and always being surrounded by a group of fans when you were with them. You weren’t used to the large crowds. One time as you walked by a girl tried to rip your camera off your shoulder. That resulted in your have a large bruise going across your chest and shoulder. 

Grayson came over and had to rip the girl off of your bag because she was so keen on getting the pictures on the camera. Since that day the boys grew more protective on you when you walked out in large crowds. The boys would either make you stand in the middle of them or they would take you to the car and come back to meet the fans who waited for them. 

“Here let me,” Grayson mumbled while walking in front of you and holding the door open for you to walk through. Thanking him you walked outside and let the cool New York air fan you body. 

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Don’t Leave, Stay

the one where Y/N thinks the only thing Harry wears is Gucci, Harry proves he can actually cook, and Nick is growing more creative in his match-making. . 5.7k

A/N: I enjoyed writing this. It’s a bit based off of some of my TFLN series, which you can check out here if interested. The simple interactions speak the most to me, as I believe they do for everyone. I hope you enjoy. Thank you so much, anon, for sending this in! You’re right, it was cool. xx.

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Best Friend [p.p.]

Originally posted by marvel-is-ruining-my-life

Summary: Peter is practically in love with you, but there’s one problem: your best friend doesn’t like him.


You scrambled about your room, trying to locate your other shoe as you looked at the clock.

7:40 a.m.

You groaned out loud as you heard the familiar sound of a car horn honking and proceeded to step into the living room, gasping in delight when you saw your shoe under the couch. You quickly lunged for it, pulling it onto your sock-clad foot as you left your apartment, making sure to lock the door.

You slid your shoe on just as the door next to you opened, causing you to stumble and fall against the person who had just emerged.

“Woah, (Y/N), are you okay?” You heard a familiar voice ask as hand flew to your shoulders to steady you.

You mentally sighed as you looked up, locking eyes with none other than Peter Parker. “Yeah Peter, I’m fine, thanks!”

You both stood in the hallway, looking at one another as shy smiles and blushes grew on your faces. The peaceful silence was broken by your phone, which rang loudly in the quiet building.

Peter leaned against the wall as you smiled at him in an apologetic way. He watched you as you spoke, noticing the adorable way you’d tilt your head to the side and listen to whatever you were being told, letting out the occasional ‘yeah’ to let the other person know that you were listening.

After a few minutes, you hung up, stuffing your phone into your back pocket. “Sorry Peter. I really should be going. I don’t want to be late.”

A blinding smile and a quick wave later, you were gone, leaving Peter breathless and with a pounding heart.

“Chill!” You screamed at your best friend, raising your voice in order to be heard over the incessant honking of the car horn.

Your best friend simply smirked, turning on the car as you hopped in. “I wouldn’t have had to do this if you weren’t running late, wouldn’t I?”

“I got a bit caught up,” you mumbled, feeling your face heat up.

“Sure. I bet you probably just overslept.”

You rolled your eyes as your best friend chuckled. “Whatever. Just drive, Eugene.”

Flash’s smirk faltered as he pressed down on the accelerator, zooming through the streets of Queens as he made his way to school.

You sat in your usual spot at lunch, Liz sitting on your left as Flash sat on your right.

You had been looking at dumb memes with Flash, throwing your head back and laughing whenever you got to a really good one.

Your laughter was interrupted to a harsh nudge from Liz, drawing your attention to the small smirk on her face. “Guess who’s staring at you yet again (Y/N/N)?”

Flash groaned, leaning in towards the both of you. “Are you talking about Penis Parker and his creepy staring again?”

You lightly smacked Flash’s chest. “Be nice.”

Flash rolled his eyes, slinging his arm around your waist and tickling your sides as you squirmed around, trying to escape.

“Uh-oh, guess who’s jealous?” Liz chimed, causing you and Flash to separate.

You scoffed lightly. “First of all, he has no reason to be jealous. No offense Flash, I love you but ew.”

“Are you kidding me?” Flash spoke. “You’re practically my sister. That’s disgusting.”

“Second of all,” you continued. “He was staring at you, Liz. Not me. You’re the ridiculously gorgeous one.”

Flash nodded his head in agreement.

“Whatever you say (Y/N),” Liz chuckled. “But mark my words. Peter Parker is smitten with you.”

Flash made a face of disgust before leaning his cheek on his hand. “If Parker likes you, he’ll have to ask me for my blessing.”

You felt your face flush as Liz spoke once more. “Then let’s hope you get wasted enough at my party to give it.”

The news of Liz’s weekend party spread like wildfire.

Everyone had been invited, even the freshmen, and the person who was most excited for the event was Ned Leeds.

Ned was buzzing with excitement as he and Peter trudged up the walkway to Liz’s front door. Peter, however, was a complete contrast to his adorable best friend. He walked with a slight frown on his face, not wanting to see you having the time of your life with Flash.

The duo twirled around quickly when they heard a voice shouting their names.

“Ned! Peter! Wait up you guys!” You cried out slightly, rushing up the walkway to catch up to them. You shot them a wide grin, causing Ned to smile back and also causing Peter’s heart to speed up.

“Hey (Y/N),” Ned greeted, pulling you into a quick hug.

“Hey Neddy,” you said. “Great hat by the way!”

Ned blushed slightly as he bowed his head, giving you the opportunity to snatch his hat and place it upon your own head.

“(Y/N)!” Ned groaned, causing you to throw your head back and laugh.

Peter was almost certain that he’d go into cardiac arrest at any moment.

Peter could feel himself staring at you. Staring at the way your (H/C) hair framed your face perfectly, at the way your eyes crinkled when you laughed, at the way you smiled at him as you spoke…

Oh wait, you were speaking to him.

“…so I’ll go look for Flash now! See you around guys,” you said as you bounded up to the door, letting yourself in.

Ned smacked the back of Peter’s head. “Dude! She was trying to have a conversation with you.”

“W-what?” Peter asked.

“Yeah. She was talking to you but when you made it clear you obviously didn’t want to speak to her; she left,” Ned clarified before groaning. “And she took my hat!”

Peter ran a hand through his hair. “She was trying to talk to me?”

Ned walked up to the door. “She asked if we wanted to hang out with her at the party. I said yes, you said nothing. She left to go look for Flash instead.”

Peter gasped. “Ned, no way, really? You should’ve slapped me or something!”

Ned snickered. “Yeah. She looked kind of upset.”

Peter groaned before bursting into the house, looking around the room for you. He couldn’t see you anywhere and sighed in defeat, leaning against the wall as he mentally scolded himself for not listening to you.

“Liz I swear to god he hates me!” You exclaimed. “I told you that he was actually staring at you!”

After your embarrassing display with Ned and Peter, you had dashed upstairs to Liz’s room. You frowned as you kept replaying the moment inside your head. You had asked if you could stay with them and Ned had agreed enthusiastically. Peter on the other hand, had looked at you strangely, just staring at you blankly before shaking his head slightly. You had quickly left afterwards, biting your lip in embarrassment. Of course Peter doesn’t like you. Why would he?

“Stop stressing (Y/N/N),” Flash’s voice rang as he walked into the room. “So what if he actually likes Liz? You’re too good for him anyways.”

“Yeah,” you muttered in agreement. “Who cares if he has big, sparkling brown eyes? O-or the cutest chocolate curls ever? Or the fact that he’s literally the sweetest person ever? I mean it’s not like-”

“Wow,” Liz interrupted your little speech.

“You really like Penis Parker, don’t you?” Flash asked, face scrunching up slightly in disgust.

You chewed slightly on your bottom lip. “Y-yeah. I guess I do.”

Flash ran his hand over his face before gesturing to the door. “I’m gonna go get a drink…or ten. I’m gonna need them if I have to listen to you rant about Parker.”

You followed Flash downstairs and into the kitchen, where he proceeded to take a half-empty bottle of some alcoholic drink and dump it into a cup. He raised the cup and took a sip, making a sound of disgust as he dumped the drink down the sink.

“Ugh! I don’t know why I always try it if I know I’m not gonna like it,” Flash muttered as you giggled.

“Let’s just look for some snacks Eugene,” you replied, hopping up onto the counter as he scowled at you.

You pointed to the cabinet and Flash went over to it, picking out a bag of your favorite chips and walking over to you.

The two of you stayed in the kitchen for a while, chatting with whomever stumbled in and eating your chips in silence the rest of the time.

“So were you serious about your crush?” Flash asked as he leaned against the counter and lowered his voice.

You looked around slightly before leaning in, speaking in an equally hushed voice. “I mean, I know you don’t like him Flash, but he’s not a bad guy.”

Flash frowned slightly. “It’s just, I don’t know. I don’t like that thought of you two together.”

“Jealous, Flash?” You smirked, quirking an eyebrow as you observed your best friend.

“Yes,” Flash replied, wincing as your eyes widened in shock. “But not in the way you think!”

“Then?” You asked, prompting him to keep speaking.

“It’s just, what if you spend too much time together?” Flash asked. “You’re my best friend (Y/N) and I don’t want to get left behind.”

You froze for a moment. Flash had never been this vulnerable before and honestly, you thought it was a bit heartbreaking.

“Flash,” you started, pulling him in front of you and placing your hand on his shoulders. “Listen to me, okay? You are way too important to me to be replaced by anyone else. Yeah, you may be a dick sometimes and yeah, maybe your ego is way too overinflated, but that does not change the fact that you have always been there for me. And you probably always will. I love you, okay Flash? And no matter what the future brings, I hope that we always stay besides each other.”

Flash nodded solemnly as you leaned in and pressed a kiss to his forehead. “Now let’s go get this party started.”

Flash smirked and he rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah. I love you too.”

You motioned for him to go on without you. “Go ahead Flash. I’ll get us some nice drinks and catch up with you.”

Flash snorted and left, flipping you off playfully as he exited the kitchen.

Flash’s exit was quickly interrupted when he slammed into a solid body. Quickly apologizing, Flash proceeded to sneer at the person when he met their eyes.

Parker,” he spat, straightening up.

Peter avoided his eyes, choosing to glance down at the floor before allowing his eyes to flicker over to where you were sitting.

Flash’s eyes widened slightly at the strangely heartbroken look in Peter’s eyes and proceeded to grab him by the collar, pushing him up against the wall.

“Now you’re going to listen to me okay Parker?” Flash spoke lowly, mentally yelling at himself for what he was about to do.

Peter gulped and nodded, fighting the urge to push Flash off of him and web him to the wall.

“I have a lovesick best friend in the kitchen,” Flash hissed. “And I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but you better go in there and confess or I swear to god that I will break you. Understood?”

Peter nodded, eyes wide. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard and assumed it was some sort of hallucination caused by the adrenaline pumping in his veins.

“Good,” Flash continued. “Now go and don’t mess it up. I won’t give you another chance at this.”

With one last shove and a glare, Flash stalked off, leaving Peter to stare at you dreamily before breathing in deeply and walking into the kitchen.

He froze almost immediately. There you were, sitting on top of the counter as you scrolled through your phone, absentmindedly swinging you legs and causing them to lightly tap the cabinets beneath you.

Peter walked over slowly and stopped once he was in front of you. Awkwardly, he cleared his throat, grabbing your attention as you finally noticed him standing in front of you.

“P-peter!” You stuttered, hopping down from the counter and rushing to make yourself seem more presentable.

Unfortunately, your ankle faltered when you hit the ground and you were sent stumbling into Peter.

Your cheeks heated up in embarrassment and you mentally screamed when you felt Peter’s arms around your waist. You regained your balance and stood up straight, your hands landing on Peter’s arms.

Your blush only worsened when you felt his muscles flex involuntarily and you realized that Peter wasn’t as scrawny as he seemed.

Was Peter Parker always this fit?

“Hey (Y/N),” Peter finally spoke, drawing your attention to him.

“Hey Pete,” you whispered, trying to avoid his eyes. “What’s up?”

“Well I saw Flash leave you here and decided it was the perfect time to talk to you about earlier.”

You flinched slightly at the memory of his small rejection. “Yeah, about that, it’s no big deal Peter. Really. I’m sorry I ever suggested hanging out in the first place.”

Peter’s eyes widened at your words. “No! I’m sorry for not replying earlier. I wanted to hang out with you but I just assumed that you and Flash were…dating.”

You giggled, resting your head on his chest slightly. “Never! Flash is like the older brother I’m glad I never had.”

Peter sighed. “Well that’s good. That’s great!”

You furrowed your brows. “What do you mean?”

Peter took a deep breath, calming himself down before he leaned down, connecting his lips to yours.

You stood there, shocked. Peter began to panic and immediately loosened his grasp on your waist, backing away when you didn’t kiss back.

Your lips chased his, however, and you wound your arms around his neck, pulling him down to you as he let out a surprised squeak.

You gasped slightly when Peter nipped your bottom lip, allowing him to deepen the kiss as he pressed you up against the counter before lifting you up and setting you down on it.

Even though the kiss had become more intense, you could still feel the softness behind it. The shyness and awkwardness was still there as your lips moved against one another. It was shy and hesitant and so utterly Peter that you couldn’t help but feel your heart swell with emotion.

You were kissing Peter Parker.

And he was pretty damn good at it.


“What the…”

You both sprung apart and turned towards the door, seeing a shocked Ned and and a grinning Liz.

“You guys were kissing!” Ned spoke, pointing at the two of you.

“W-what? No we werent,” Peter denied as you tried to smooth down your outfit.

“Your hair is messed up, your lips are swollen, and your hand are all over her,” Liz spoke smugly, a victorious smile on her face.

Your face heated up as you took in Peter’s apeearance. His hair was indeed all messed up, his curls going every direction. His lips were red and swollen, and you felt your cheeks heat up even more when he caught your gaze and his lips went up into a smirk.

“We weren’t kissing, Liz!” You exclaimed, trying to hide your embarrassment.

“Mmmhmm,” Liz hummed. “Just please don’t make a mess in my kitchen, yeah?”

She winked at the both of you before pulling Ned away, chatting about his missing hat.“

“So,” Peter spoke, drawing your attention back to him. “I kinda, really, really like you (Y/N).”

Peter had his head down, a bright blush adorning his cheek. You giggled loudly, causing his head to snap up as he looked at you in confusion.

“Oh Peter. I really like you too you dork,” you proclaimed, bringing a grin to his face.

“Well that’s great! If not, then this would have been really awkward,” he muttered.

You rolled your eyes as you leaned in again. “You’re really cute Peter Parker.”

Your lips met once more, this time in a kiss that was soft and sweet and a lot more slow than your previous one. Just as Peter’s hands landed on your thigh, you were interrupted by another voice.

“C'mon Penis Parker! In the middle of the kitchen? Really?”

“Get out of here Flash!”

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Why did we not think of this?!

I might be late to the party, but today at work I was thinking about some Anti shit and when I relized something we might’ve missed, I had to stop everything I was doing and sit down. How were we so blind?!

Soooo, you guys remember this right?

“Suppressed, Ignored, Unpredictable”

I have a theory on those words, that I haven’t seen yet. (if someone did talk about this theory then shame on me for missing it >8V )

This was Anti’s comment on my Anti-inspired artwork which featured Jack holding his head suffering to break out of Anti’s control. And the fact that it’s Jack on the picture, is actually an important detail.

I don’t think Anti was talking about us ignoring him over the other egos (not giving him as much attention as he’d like) in the last few weeks before he appeared, nor that he wanted to suppress that by killing them all or anything like the theories I saw going around while it was all happening. (they all were awesome though! at that time i agreed on so many of them and y’all are awesome! :D). Because, again, as people pointed out, we didn’t ignore him, we gave and still give him attention EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We give him way more attention than anyone. Even now, he’s gone for almost a week and he’s 80% of my dash still. He doesn’t have a single reason to be angry at us -well….that was before the meme train took off, now he has a reason and all rights to kill us all XD- so it doesn’t make sense.

Focus on the little detail I told you about- Jack on the picture.

Anti replied to a post that had Jack on it. He’s angry at Jack. Take a look on the words again. “Suppressed” -Jack always came back after an Anti video (? there’s a space for a debate for another day) explaining what happened and that he’s not dead. He Suppressed Anti’s actions and everything went back to normal. And we believed him, Jack has our trust and loyalty. We believe what he says, we still do, even if we were told not to.“Ignored”- Jack started to ignore Anti, saying that he doesn’t wanna do Anti stuff often without a reason. He didn’t want him to be on the channel all the time. Which of course, would make one angry, being put in the corner, not being allowed to do anything. Anti is angry at Jack for keeping him away and in the shadow of his own person. And “Unpredictable”? August 3rd, what an odd date, huh? No one expected he’d come at that date, it’s not a special day. There was “no reason” for another Anti appearance…unless he wanted us to remember that he’s still there.

Anti has been suppressed, ignored, and with his next appreance he’ll show us that he is indeed, unpredictable.

“I’m always there. Always watching”

Mirror For The Sun - Part 2: Cedar Point

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 1  -  Part 3

Summary: Series: Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other. 

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 2057

Author’s Note: I LOVED Cedar Point as a kid, but hubby pointed out to me while I was writing this on the road that not everyone knows what it is… I think I’ve explained it in the fic, but if not, google it and be jealous. It’s mind-blowing. Ok I added this gif after because it totally looks like a roller coaster harness…

Originally posted by pxggycxrters

“Okay! Okay! I recognize this!” Y/N shouts slapping my arm absentmindedly as she leans forward between the front seats. “Go left up here.”

I had been pleasantly sleeping before this rude awakening. I groggily force myself more upright and swat her hand away “Stop hitting me.”

She stops, but doesn’t answer me in any other way. She doesn’t lean back to include me or tell me where we were, or even turn her head in the slightest to acknowledge me. Shit. I’ve really pissed her off. I thread my hand into my hair, pushing it off my face and catch Steve’s warning glare in the mirror. I can practically hear his mom-voice ‘You don’t have to snap at her Buck, she’s just excited.’

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Low and behold, I am FINALLY doing a follow forever something I said would do after I hit 2k. I may be a little late but it’s here and I am here to dedicate a post to all my fave mutuals and people who I have been following for awhile. 

If I missed anyone, I’m so sorry this was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through in my life and I’ve had depression so! thats saying a lot

Bold = my fave mutuals whom I love seeing on my dash and have made Tumblr less hellish.

Italics = mutuals who I silently admire from far away because I’m shy sometimes smh. 

My ultimate faves:

@thirlwallsjade BRUnAAAA!!! you already know your my number one bitch, the most beautiful and smartest and funniest girl i’ve ever met like i don’t know how you always be doing that but you doing it, and everything you say or do is iconic in my eyes just know this, so whenever you feel like you not doing good, i am ALWAYS thinking you doing your greatest, i love you so much and i’m like headass half asleep right now tryna express all my feelings to youhgsihg but!! bitch you should know i always got your back like there is truly nothing i wouldn’t do for you i got your back whenever bitch just lemme know and i’ll pull up on sight for you, like i said before sis, i would fight my FEARS for you.

@harryedwards rachel my love!!1 i cant express enough how much i love you like truly you are the greatest person, everything i could ever ask for in a friend, like honestly thank you so much for making me laugh everyday even when i don’t feel like it, like bitch just talkin to you put me in a good mood bc i KNOW you gon make me smile like i love you bitch, every wholesome loving meme is me to you (even when you say sum dumb shit), aslo youre fucking samrt as hell whenever you be going off to something about me im just sitting there staring a my phone like some damn fool bc i love u and i would really move mountains for you.

@httplaurmani MY WIFEEE!!! bithic we been known each other for like 4-5 months but i LOVE you bitch i would really kill a man for you and we stay talkin shit to each other but its all love bc you probably the only one who call out all my white men faves bc you just tryna show me the light. i love youbtihc thakkns for marrying me and helping me run a drug cartel

@wlwjauregui lizzie u already know i love you bitch like you always make me feel good about myself and u always checkin in on me and i really do love you and i hope life gives you everything you need in life bc you deserve that and more bc youre a literal angel i love u sis.

@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy umm i hate u bitch but u make me laugh everytime we talk and we always talk shit about harry so thanks for listening to me whine about my mans i love you bitch, and the next time you photoshop me bald ima cut you the fuck up

@allwedos i would really go to war for liberty like idk why but i feel so protective over you bitch like i would really lose an arm and a leg to make sure youre happy bc you the softest person i’ve met besides myself and i just want you to have the WORLD because you deserve everything good.

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BLOG RECS!! {content creators}

nobody asked for this BUT JESUS I AM SO ANGRYDUGYUFR their blogs are so nice!!

(there will be stars next to the SO SO SOOO UNDERRATED ones)

this is going to be under the cut but PLEASE CLICK/TAP “KEEP READING” these blogs are actualllly amazing and i have the most underrated blogs that I’ve come across!

it’s organized so u can look for writers, editors, and any other content creators!!

i put a lil over 30 because chances are you probably already follow a portion of them, and also if one of the blogs isnt your style there are other “options” to follow if you know what i mean

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{Reaction} EXO's child walking in on them talking about sex

(Reaction) EXO is babysitting their kids and they over hear their dad talking about sex with their mom (reader) to the fellow members {pretty please.}

Note: Ahh this was very fun! I hope you enjoy~ Fighting! Admin Mami x

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by sehunniez

Chanyeol spoke proudly to Kyungsoo in the kitchen about your previous night. His eyes glinted with mischief as he lead against the counter while Kyungsoo moved around the kitchen, cooking up some dinner for Chanyeol,  your daughter and himself. But what the pair weren’t aware of, was the small girl stood in the doorway, listening to the tail end of the conversation.

Chanyeol: “Hopefully she’ll be pregnant again, I’ve wanted another one since {child’s name} was born-”

{Child}: “So that’s what you were giggling about this morning! Mummy is going to have another baby? Isn’t that when you share a toothbrush and then a baby goes in your tummy? I’m never sharing mine, ever!”

Chanyeol: “Uh yeah… That’s how it works, sweetheart.” *nervously fidgeting as Kyungsoo smirks to his expense, Chanyeol heard Kyungsoo mutter a small “karma” as the noodles began to boil.*

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Kyungsoo usually doesn’t talk about this kind of thing with his friends, but on the rare occasion that the topic was brought up, he decided to talk through it with one of his trusty friends, Kai. The two of them talked of their own experiences, until they heard a voice coming in the room.

Kai: “Sounds like you had fun last night”

{Child}: “Yes they did, they were bouncing on the bed or something. I could hear it from my bedroom.”

Kyungsoo: *Scarred for life and will probably never talk about sex again unless he knows no children are around to hear about it.*

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by yixingofficial

Like Chanyeol, his night had been one that he was hoping for another child. He talked about it proudly with Minseok as the child stepped inside, he started to blush as his child started to question him on the topic.

{Child}: “So you were making a baby? How do you make a baby?”

Baekhyun: “Well… you need some… ingredients.”

{Child}: “Ingredients? Like vitamin D?”

Baekhyun: “Yeah, pretty much.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by damnitsehun

Sehun grinned as he talked to his band members about yours and his previous night, he grinned accentuating how amazing it was when he saw his child walk inside and stopped immediately, but apparently he hadn’t been quick enough to shut up, because the child sat down and looked at him with those innocent, wondering eyes.

Sehun: “It was just so good.”

{Child}: “Daddy what’s good?”

Your child would be the biggest meme, just like their father oml

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Yixing explained to Baekhyun about your night alone. Your child had been staying with Baekhyun for the night as this had been planned since you were both hoping for another child. But Yixing obviously hadn’t been as quiet as he thought he had been, though it was a good thing the child had an imaginative mind.

{Child}: “Daddy I can’t believe you wrestled Mummy! I hope you have her a plaster if you hurt her.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by jikain

Jongdae cringed as he heard his daughter enter the room as he slipped that you may or may not be having a baby to one of his friends and that he’d really made sure he gave you his all. Literally.

Jongdae: “It’s not something you have to worry about baby-”

“But how does the baby get in there? I thought they were brought by Leprechauns.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Yours and Minseok’s child is a little older, and is old enough to realise that your significant other is talking about his sex life with his friends when they enter the room, looking appalled.

“Dad! I can’t believe you - you’re so old! I- My friends better not hear about this! I never want to hear about this again!”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by zitao-vevo

Tao doesn’t have much awareness, so when he starts talking to Kris about your sex life, he doesn’t even consider that your young child might come into the room at any given moment. But of course, karma isn’t far behind, and it strikes in one of the worst possible times.

{Child}: “Daddy what’s a dildo?”

Tao: “How about I let Uncle Kris explain that to you while I go and get some tea.” *Dashes out the room.”

Kris: “Oi!”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Junmyeon stopped talking as your child came and sat in the room with her notepad and pens. She was drawing something, and Junmyeon exchanged relieved glances with Yixing as he thought you may have overheard what you were saying. The child looked up, they may not have heard the conversation, but they did hear something the night before.

{Child}: “Daddy, why does Mummy call you Daddy too?”

Suho: “I-… Well-… oh honey that’s a lovely picture, what is it?” *Nervous as Yixing is giggling in the background*

Lu Han

Originally posted by harlysquad

Luhan chuckled, explaining that he and you may have been a little too loud a couple of nights ago while getting frisky in the bedroom to Sehun. He thought he had got away with it, your child hadn’t mentioned anything about it. But of course, that silence was never going to last.

{Child}: “I know why Mummy and Daddy were making strange noises, it’s because they were sad because it’s Friday the thirteenth and that’s unlucky”

Luhan: “There’s nothing unlucky about Friday the thirteenth,baby, it’s just a silly superstition”

{Child}: “Really? Because I heard Mummy being sick in the toilet this morning, isn’t that unlucky?”

Luhan: *Makes a mental note to buy a pregnancy test*

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by kaibility

Jongin talked with Chanyeol about the night you had spent together loudly in the living room, his eyes glinting as he mentioned that you may finally be pregnant again. But as Chanyeol was in the middle of congratulating him, a small voice entered the room, making Kai’s cheeks flush with embarrassment.

{Child}: “Why are there things that women can do that men can’t? Like, Mummy is probably going to have a baby since I just heard you talking, but why can’t men have babies?”

Kai: “Well…. I- uh”

{Child}: “Because I’d rather be able to grow a mustache or a beard than have a baby. Besides, you can remove a mustache, you can’t remove a baby”

Kai: “Trust me honey, it’s tempting.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by holymotherlandkorea

Yifan had to explain to his child that you and him were “playing games” in the bed last night, like twister and bouncy castles, just so they didn’t know the truth behind those bed squeaking noises and the sounds of both of you in unimaginable pleasure. He fiddles with his hands, hoping his child believed his story.

{Child}: “So that’s what you were doing last night. I knew you were doing something in bed. But why wasn’t I invited? I like playing games too.”

Kris: “It’s a special game honey… I also need to make a mental note to sound proof these rooms.”

Gaming Buddies ¦ Jungkook x Reader (Part 1)

Online gaming with your internet friends was all fun and games until your group of online friends finally ask you; ‘hey, should we meet up?’

paring; jungkook x reader, namjin, yoonmin, taeseok

fandom; bts

genre; humor

Part 1 ¦ Part 2

You’ve been interested in gaming since you were little. Your dad was a gamer at heart, and loved showing you his achievements.

Through out the years, you played games such as Call of Duty, GTA, Skyrim etc. You’ve met a lot of gamer friends over these games, however, they all started to fade away one by one.

Until, Overwatch came out. Overwatch was the new hype and it brought a lot of gamers together from around the world because of the multi-cultural diversity. Overwatch became the game you played most, and one of those reasons was because of a certain match you were in.



Welcome to Hollywood.

Select your hero.

You didn’t even have to think before choosing your main hero, Widowmaker. She was a sniper, that you were surprising good at. You were almost as good as your best friend McCreamy. You were also quite happy that you had your favourite map, until you hear…

“WHAT THE FUCK? THAT IS MY MAIN!” You hear a shout through your Turtle Beach headset. You take your headset away from ear in fear that your eardrums would break. You bring it back towards your ear when you hear your Battlenet username being screamed;


You are quick to reply to his ranting self in teamchat.


Satisfied, you sit back in your (Y/F/C) gaming chair. You smile to yourself, clicking on your sitting emote to look like a badass.


Suddenly, you thought to yourself why the fuck was he so rude.  


You are quick to reply to Windowmaker.

'just pick another character’

'i am amazing at her’

'you are just  jealous’

Click. Someone else had turned their microphone on.

“Kookie, please. Just pick another character.” CookingMaMa said. It was a masculine voice which sounded quite soft, and beautiful. You look over to see the Mercy icon next to his name.

“HEY, AT LEAST YOU WERE ABLE TO CHOOSE YOUR MAIN” Windowmaker shouts in despair. He still hasn’t picked his character.


Click, followed by 3 more.

“Just pick another one, you don’t want to get banned. Plus we really need a tank.” The deep voice of AgustD replies, he had picked Bastion.

FINE.” Windowmaker growls. You hear him when he hesitantly clicks on the character Reinhardt.

'finally’  You type, wanting to seem cheeky.

You hear a laugh. “I like this person.” GucciBoi chimes in, he had quite a deep and husky voice. His laugh was cute sounding and you couldn’t help but feel yourself smiling instantly because of it. You look to see he had picked Mei. You were 100% sure, he was a troll player. Which was great for you as you loved those types of players on your team.

'and i like you 😉’ you type as soon as doors open. All of your character models rush out as Widowmaker your character model tries to take the high ground on the right hand side of the map. It was a great advantage being on the balcony. You quickly saw your opportunity to get some quick picks.

Bang is the next thing you hear when aimed for the Solider 76.


You moved your mouse to hover over your next pick, the Zenyatta.


You laughed at the easy picks you were getting. However, you couldn’t stay there long as your team starts to push forward. You walk and grapple across the map to get to a high point next to objective A.

Sitting there was only a lone Bastion. The player hadn’t seen your character model yet.

Bang. Bang.


“Kookie, I think she’s a better Widow than you” A cute voice chimes in, it was quite a high voice but still smooth sounding. It followed with such a cute cackle as well. His username was BusanBoi95. He had picked Genji.

You giggle yourself when all you hear next is insults.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP JIMINIE, YOU ARE A SHIT GENJI MAIN” 'Kookie’ the Reinhardt shouts again.

“Hey, respect your elders.” You hear next, it was from AgustD. He had such a husky, and sexy voice that you couldn’t help but like instantly.


A “Hey” came from both of them. From both of their tones, they sounded embarrassed.

Objective A was complete, however, you still had to push the cart towards the end of the map. You see that AgustD set up in turret form on the cart with CookingMaMa damage boosting him on Mercy. BusanBoi95 was hopping around as Genji and GucciBoi was using his 'So Excited’ emote.

'cookie get to the front of the cart’


'Goodbye Lucio’ You think to yourself, trying to make your way towards the elevator on the map.

“Cookie? It’s with a K”

“Just do as he says, he has a point” BusanBoi95 states, dashing towards the Soldier 76. He ends up killing him in a 1v1.

On top of the roof, you could see everything. Luckily, nobody has spotted you yet.

Bang. Bang.

You start to shoot at the low health Reinhardt.


Next the Bastion.


You swiftly type;

'how do you know im not a girl?’

You start to cackle bringing your hand to your mouth when you hear the replies to your question. You make your way to the second capture point. You see an opportunity to get to the top of the bar roof with the other elevator. You start to look for people. This forces you to place your elbow on your desk to hold your face to look closer at the screen.

“Excuse me, how can you be a girl?” Windowmaker questions, he was still on the cart with probably the best Bastion you’ve seen. Genji reflected and dashed to kill the opposing Bastion who was in the middle of ulting.


“Yo.” You say whilst laughing, you turn your microphone off with another click.

“VOICE CHANGER, I SWEAR” Kookie exclaims. Sneakily, a tracer places a pulse bomb on him which caused the Bastion next to him to die as well.

“You fuck! You should of moved” AgustD growls, looking at his screen that said re-spawning in 30 seconds.

'believe what you want’

You abruptly stop to quickly type. As you see a Lucio growing closer towards you. Unfortunately, he boops you off the roof that you were on towards the massacre that causes both you and GucciBoi to die.


You all see the yellow light. You were back.

“Thank god, Jin-hyung” BusanBoi95 cries, dashing his way towards the healers of the opposing team, hoping to kill them off.


“Getting that 5 man res” GucciBoi carries on, you could hear him squealing as he freezes and Ni Hao’s the Bastion.





“Easiest game of my life boys” You interrupt Windowmaker, leaning back on your chair and grabbing (Y/F/D).

“Shut the fuck up, you did nothing” He replies, growling down his microphone. You giggle at him, closing your eyes for a minute. You open them to see;

**FRIEND REQUESTS RECEIVED FROM: GucciBoi, AgustD, BusanBoi95 , CookingMaMa.


Blank Canvas

The grass is cold underneath me, and I can only imagine how much worse its going to become. There’s birds up above, high in the trees and looking down on Justin and I as we lay in the garden.

“Okay,” he mutters. It’s the first time either of us has spoken in a while so it causes me to jump in surprise. “Take off your shirt and lie on your stomach, please,” he grins.

“How romantic,” I say as my T-shirt is travelling over my stomach, my chest, my neck and finally, is released from my body completely. The harsh wind breathes heavily onto my skin and I can already see the goosebumps forming; creating mountains all over my body.

Laying down on my stomach, the cold only worsens but I don’t complain. My nipples are being attacked by the grass which is almost wet due to how frosty the early January air is, I have to hold back a gasp when it feels knives against me.

“Thank you for doing this,” Justin says as he rummages through his bag. “I’ve dreamed of doing this ever since I met you.”


“Mhm.” He’s not looking at me, but at the multiple paint brushes - all of them ranging from small to large - while, I’m assuming, trying to choose which would be best to put to use. “It’s like putting art upon art.”

I don’t say anything; I’m secretly touched deeply by his words that I’m sure any words that leave my lips won’t be comprehendible, or of any relevance. Because of this, I merely wait for his next move.

“I’m not too sure what I’m gonna do yet, I’ll just see how it goes.”

“I’m sure whatever it is, it’s beautiful. I love your art.’

Looking at Justin, I could no longer see the full proportions of his face. Although, I could see a slight hint of pink creeping up his neck and I’m sure he was trying to hold back a big grin. I’m already aware Justin’s artwork means a lot to him, but seeing him getting so flustered over a compliment it receives makes it beautifully obvious. I smirk before turning back around.

“Okay, here we go,” he says and I feel him straddle my legs. I tangle my arms together and rest my head in the centre of them. It’s peaceful and I let myself appreciate the soft wind and the chirping birds.

I close my eyes when I feel the tip of Justin’s paintbrush grazing my shoulder blades. The sensation sends shivers down my spine and causes the hairs on my neck to stand to attention; as though a group of people have had their names called in unison and they all rise together. Following this, a feeling that resembles one of drops of water being released onto my back, and then it gliding through the dips and curves, sets through my skin. My eyes become heavy.

“Is that okay?” Justin whispers and it causes me to stir. I nod and hum in response. “Let me know if it gets uncomfortable or anything.”

“It’s relaxing,” I sigh and reposition my head in my arms. The movements the paintbrush is making seems a lot more confident now, meaning it’s pressing harder onto my skin, letting me feel every bristle that swipes across my skin.

I’m unaware how long it takes for Justin to complete the art he’s creating on back because I drift off ever so slightly; allowing the tingles and the cool of the paint to help me drift off into a light slumber. In fact, they’re helping me with so much triumph that I notice when they come to halt. The sudden feeling of nothing makes me stir.

“Well, hello there, Sleeping Beauty,” I hear Justin say, and a throaty chuckle follows directly behind. “Nice nap?”

“It was lovely, actually,” I grin but I know he can’t see it. I lean onto my elbows and rub my eyes with the palms of my hand; a burning sensation buzzes through them for a few seconds before I open them once more. “Are you done?”

He sighs. “I think so. I’m not sure how I feel about it right now, but I guess, yeah, it’s done.”

Justin climbs off of me and proceeds to help me stand by holding his hand out for me to take. I let my own slide into it with appreciation and I’m pulled to my feet in a matter of seconds; the grass is cold against the bottom of my feet.

I’m very aware of the fact that my chest is open to Justin’s eyes. I notice they burn bright as, for only a few seconds, they admire and relish in the sight, but out of, what I’m sure is politeness, Justin quickly averts his eyes to my face and gives me a warm smile.

“Let’s go inside, you must be freezing,” Justin says while resting his hand against my bare back, it does nothing but make shivers run over my body because they’re as cold as icicles. I try not to flinch away from his touch.

Walking through the back door and into the kitchen, I speed up once into the warmth of the house, partly because the cold was becoming too much to bare but also because I’m eager to see the final result of Justin’s idea.

“You wanna go upstairs and look at it?” Justin asks but by the time he’s finished his sentence, I’m already jogging towards the stairs. I can hear his laugh fading out as I move further up the stairs and closer to the bedroom. My anticipation is mixing with a dash of nervousness now.

My bedroom has closet with a mirror doing the job of the door of it, so as I walk in I’m instantly able to see my reflection, my next move is to turn around. I hesitate, but manage to do it eventually.

What I can see over my shoulder causes me to let out the tiniest puff of air. There’s a mix of reds, yellows, oranges and blues, all swirling together to create something breathtaking. It takes my eyes  a few seconds to adjust to the patterns Justin has created, but they’ve seen the art and now, they don’t want to look away.

“What do you think?” Justin’s voice echoes through the room, at least, it sounds like it does; I’m unsure. “Do you like it?”

“I love it, Justin,” I breathe out, still looking at it as though it’s going to begin dancing for me, or something of the sort.

“I started by drawing little patterns across your shoulder blades; you can see them there,” he drew an invisible line that felt like a feather across my back because of his little pressure he put upon it, “but then I decided I wanted to draw a sunset, which you can see there,” and again, his pointer finger flutter across my lower back. “But then, I decided to paint this little otter; I don’t know why,” he muttered.

Even though there was multiple little pieces of art, they all seemed to blend and compliment each other; the blues - while contrasting prominently with the reds - somehow seemed to shift knowingly from a bright evening sky to a winding pattern that was almost snake-like, as though it knew the one job it must complete. The baby otter with its dark brown fur lay floating in a swirl of glittering blue water.

“You’re so talented. I love them,” I whisper, continuing to stare in awe. I almost don’t notice Justin coming up in front of me, so I jump when I feel his hands on my bare waist.
“You make my art even more beautiful. I want to use you as a blank canvas all the time.” His hands are warm, warmer than my own, and they create little patches of heat on my skin and attempts to fill the entire surface of my body.

Before I could even comprehend what was happening, Justin had laid me down onto the bed sitting quietly in the centre of the room, and began to leave hot kisses down my neck. We spent a long period of time there; sweating, panting, moaning and grunting like wild animals. We would stop every now and then to catch our breath and even when we’d insist on that being the last time we collapsed and fell apart, our hands would somehow find each other’s bodies once more and we’d fall back into a rhythm that became so familiar.

Justin loves to create art, his reasoning being that it acts as an escape and it fills him with a sense of being that almost nothing else can replicate, at least that’s what he told me when I asked. That night, Justin created two pieces of art - one being intentional, the other being totally unpredicted. As I writhed beneath him, throwing my legs around his torso while his hands gripped my hips, I failed to remember the paint covering my back.

As we rose from the bed, hours later with dishevelled hair and sweat-coated bodies, the bedsheets on which we laid became, just like I had, a blank canvas for yet another piece of artwork. The colours merged mercilessly, the blues and reds had blended into a deep purple and the reds and yellows; orange. Instead of the otter, there was a large smear of faded brown that looked out of place with all the bright colours.

Justin seemed satisfied with the outcome and I caught him staring at it for just a few moments longer than I had. I could see the familiar satisfaction in his eyes while a small smile matched the redness of his cheeks.

Warmth. (Chapter 1)

Summary: long distance reddie fic based on my headcanons posted here.

a/n: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE WONDERFUL FEEDBACK! i decided to actually write the fic! so without further ado, here’s chapter 1~

Eddie Kaspbrak could honestly say that college sucked.

He’d been there and done that all in about three months of freshman year. The party scene was definitely not for him. Eddie would much rather prefer actually learning. And you know, passing his classes so he wouldn’t have to be in college any longer than he should be.

It was a shocker, to say the least when Eddie’s mom even allowed him to go to school. Sure, his mom wanted the best for him, but she would much rather have Eddie stay at home with her. And part of Eddie resented his mom for that. She was always so… overbearing. It was annoying, but finally, he was free.

Free from Derry, Maine.

Now that he was in New York, he could finally learn the ways to become a successful business operator, and he wasn’t about to screw it up.

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William Nylander - Part 3

Tumblr won’t let me add a picture and I’m kinda pissed…. JK fixed it 

I wake in the morning feeling like train wreck. When I stumble into the bathroom I’m surprised to see that I can see out of both of my eyes, though one is completely black and purple. The swelling has seemed to go down quite a bit from when I went to bed and I breathe a sigh of relief. Not that I have anyone to look good for, but I don’t exactly want to be scared to look in the mirror every day.

               Letting the hot water from my shower wash off the remaining dried blood and I’ll admit, a few tears from last night. Nathan had been all over me like a mother hen, insisting that he stay the night in case something happened and when I in turn asked him what he thought could possibly happen he couldn’t think of a scenario. So Rian has shooed both him and Jake off before they could even walk inside the front door. She had been able to convince me to stay at my parent’s house with her, saying that she wanted to keep an eye on me but I really knew it was because she didn’t like staying in the house on her own. Our parents weren’t due to come home from their anniversary cruise until next week Monday and it was only Wednesday.

               I dress myself, careful when I pull my shirt on to not rip my stitches and make my way downstairs. Rian is already up and about to go out the door to head to school.

               “I was going to wake you, but thought better,” she says and eyes my face. “Balance the black on your other eye and you could make a good living as a hooker.” She smirks at me.

               I throw her a filthy look. “Don’t you have to be somewhere?” I huff back at her, making my way into the kitchen.

               “Yes, actually. But I wanted to see your face when I tell you this,” she says following after me and I frown at her.

               “Tell me what?” I ask slowly.

               “That you’re an internet meme now,” she looks overly happy and I tense.

               “What?” I ask, my voice much louder than I intended.

               “Someone at the game took a picture of the jumbrotron and you giving a thumbs up with a mangled face. Now people are posting those pictures with the clinche caption of how tough hockey fans are and all that,” she rolls her eyes and I relax.

               “Oh, then that’s not so bad,” I say and dig through the cupboards for something to eat.

               “You also might want to check your phone,” Rian adds, a devilish grin on her face when I turn to look at her. “See you later,” she says and skips out the door.

               I stare after her a moment and then make a mad dash to my coat hanging in the hallway where my phone is still resting. Swiping the screen on my stomach drops, there’s over five hundred notifications from all my social media apps and text messages.

               “How can people possibly know who I am? I got hit in the face with a puck!” I yell out loud into the empty house. Groaning, I start going through the follow requests and mentions, getting annoyed after thirty seconds and just changing my settings to that anyone can follow me instead. That takes away over three hundred of the notifications.

               Scrolling through the messages I ignore most of them from people I haven’t talked to in months. Both Jake and Nathan texted me this morning asking how I feel and I respond to them and them only. None of my friends that don’t watch hockey haven’t said a single thing to me so I know that it’s not as big a deal as Rian made it sound like.

               I mute my phone and get set on my bowl of cereal and think about what I’m going to do today. Working as an editor for a publishing company, I’m able to work from home most days and today will be no different. Cleaning up after myself I get my car keys and head back to my apartment downtown. I keep my hat down low on my head when I sneak into my favorite coffee shop and no one gives me a second glance. I hurry across the street to my apartment and breathe a sigh of relief when I get into the elevator.

               Kota is waiting for me at the door, meowing like she’s been starved to death. I fill her bowl that wasn’t even empty while she preys on my foot, thinking she’s the almighty queen of the apartment. I force myself to walk into my home office, the stack of manuscripts on my desk is intimidating and I grimace as I sit down and pull on my glasses carefully. Before the headache can even have a chance to start, I reach into the desk drawer and down a few pain meds. Always good to be prepared.

               Four hours later a ding on my phone nearly makes me fall out of my seat. I place the highlighter and pen on to the desk beside the thriller manuscript I had been pouring over all morning, yellow and red marks all over the sheet glare up at me. Picking up my phone I see a message from Rian.

               Half day today. Ready for pizza?

               I glance at the clock and cringe at the time.

               Give me fifteen minutes

               Another manuscript get the better of you?


               See you in a few


               I scramble from my chair, Kota startles and sprints across the room sending toys and papers alike scattering across the floor. Giggling, I make my way into my room and strip down from my comfy clothes and into something that makes me look a little less homeless. I catch a glance of myself in the mirror and groan.

Having forgotten the black eye and angry red stitches, I reach for another ball cap and pull the bill down as far as I can. It doesn’t help much but I don’t dare to even try and put makeup over it. Maybe we can get a table in the back corner.

               I meet Rian in the parking lot and to my dismay the place looks packed.

               “Why are there so many people here? Don’t they have jobs?” I grumble and Rian laughs.

               “You have a job and you’re here,” she smirks at me, her eyes traveling to my bruised cheek. “Not gonna lie, you look pretty badass in your whole ensemble.” She gestures with her hands to the rest of my outfit and I realize that I put on all black, even my coat. “I’m loving the whole dark energy thing.”

               I roll my eyes at her and push her through the front door. While there are a lot of cars in the parking lot, there are still several empty tables and I’m grateful when the hostess leads us to one in a secluded corner. I pick up the menu although I don’t know why, I get the same thing every time I’m here. Rian does the same thing and we laugh at each other.

               “Remember when dad used to take us here when mom would go out of town. Literally every night she was gone this was our dinner,” she smiles down at her menu, tracing the restaurants logo that sits in the top right corner.  

               “Yeah, I do,” I smile as the memories as well. “Carson and Logan annoying us to death with their spit ball wars.”

               “I miss them, I hate that their camp is two weeks long. When I went it was only a week,” she pouts and I have to laugh.

               “I thought the same thing when you went, they will be back soon. And then you’ll be calling me begging to come over so you can get away from the twelve year old devils,” I say and she nods.

               “True, but I still miss them. The house feels so empty without them and mom and dad gone. I might go insane before Monday,” she replies, tracing her finger along the condensation on her glass of lemonade.

               “See, when I was home alone like you, I loved it. No one to annoy me or take my things without asking.” Rian scowls at me for that one. “It was nice, but I loved it even more when you all came home,” I add and wink at her, she softens her scowl.

               “I guess that’s the difference between you and I. You’re Miss. Independent and I’m the exact opposite. I don’t think I could live alone like you do, work at home like you do… I wouldn’t be able to function.”

               “I have Kota,” I argue and she gives me a look. “Hey! She’s a person too, just because she can’t talk doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings.”

               “Oh my God, my sister is already a crazy cat lady,” Rian says, rubbing her face with her hands and I roll my eyes. Her eyes dart to the side of me and widen slightly.

               “What are you looking at?” I ask her, preparing to turn around when she shakes her head.

               “Nothing, thought for a moment I left my straightener on at home,” she says, busying herself with her lemonade.

               I eye her blonde locks, perfect spiral curls going every direction. “Funny your straightener would be on when you wouldn’t have used it.” I quirk an eyebrow at her as her cheeks flush. Lucky for her, the waitress arrives again to take our order.

               After the waitress leaves I forget about the straightener and excuse myself to the bathroom. I keep my head low as I pass by the booths and tables, both when I head towards the bathroom and when I’m returning. I glance up to make sure I’m in the right line of booths when I notice that Rian traded seats with me.

               “What are you doing?” I ask her, pausing at the side of the table and eyeing her.

               “I wanted to watch the T.V,” she says nonchalantly, sipping her beverage though she never looks at me.

               I sit down slowly, still eyeing her. “You don’t like UFC fighting…” I say and she blushes again.

               “Well then maybe I thought you would enjoy the view sitting there,” she whispers, a smirk playing on her lips as she glances down from the T.V for only a second.

               “What are you talking about?” I ask and lift my eyes to gaze around, I don’t see a single T.V and the decorations are just that, decorations. It isn’t until I lower my eyes to the large table beside us do I realize what she meant. Oh God. I pull the hat down even lower and drop my eyes back to my empty plate. “Rian, switch back with me,” I plead in a whisper.

               “Nope,” Rian responds, not bothering to look down from the T.V again. “I’m good here.”

               “Rian, I swear to God if you don’t switch with me right now-“

               “What? What are you going to do?”

               I hesitate. “Cry.”

               Rian snorts a laugh. “No you won’t, I haven’t seen you cry since we watched Marley and Me six years ago.”

               I pout and dare to peek up at the table to my left. Big mistake. My eyes meet those blue ones again and I shiver. A smile flashes across his face before he looks back at one of his teammates.

               “So, what did you see?” Rian asks, trying and failing to keep the smile off her face and I aim a nice kick to the shins under the table. She jerks in her seat, hitting the table with her arm and causing the whole thing to tremble. Another mistake. I can feel the eyes of the table beside us.

               “God, I hate when you do that!” She snaps, rubbing her leg with her hand and glaring at me.

               I give her my biggest smile and flutter my eyelashes. “Do what?” I ask.

               Rian throws another look my way before our waitress returns with our pizza. All fighting is set aside as we devour the pizza with our eyes, still too warm to eat.

               We each have four slices a piece and I lean back in my seat when I finally gulp down my last bite. I let out a satisfied sigh and wish nothing more than to take a nap right there.

               I open my eyes to say something to Rian but my attention is caught once again to the other table. Will is immersed in the plate before him, shoveling food into his mouth like he hasn’t eaten in a week. A faint smile pulls at my lips I continue to watch him, he doesn’t seem to notice until an arm nudges his side and when I look over at who the arm belongs to, I meet the eyes of another player, Morgan Rielly. He nods at me before I can look away and when Will looks in my direction I flush crimson and stare at my glass. Mortified.

               “I think I’m going to go the bathroom,” Rian says, oblivious to what just happened and I give her panicked look.

               “What? No, don’t leave me here alone!” I whisper quickly and she looks at me like I’m crazy.

               “You’ll be fine,” she says and slides out of her booth.

               “Rian, no!” I say, willing her to sit back down. She gives me one last confused look and walks past me towards the other side of the restaurant where the bathrooms are. “I have no sister!” I whisper and I think I see a faint hint of a smile before she’s out of my view.

               Turning back in my seat so I’m once again facing my empty plate, I try very hard to regulate my breathing. I can hear the faint conversation of the boys at the next table and I reach for my phone. My only distraction. I scroll for a moment until I feel the gaze to my left again. Pressing my lips together I tense, I can just barely see him to the side, my eyes still focused on the screen though I’m not reading a single thing. I see him stand slowly and say something to Morgan.

               Oh no. Please no. Will takes a step towards me and I stop breathing. I keep my eyes down even when he reaches the side of my table, his gaze hot on my face and I know I’m the color of the cherry red booth I’m sitting on.

               “Mind if I sit for a moment?” Will asks and I open my mouth to answer but nothing comes out. I can’t even look at him. Instead I slowly nod my head and put my phone down on the table.

               He moves into the booth and my eyes go his hands folded in front of him on the table.

               “How’s the head?” He asks and finally I’m able to look up.

               “It’s okay,” I answer, searching his face for the other question that he seems to be holding back on.

               “Good, it doesn’t look too bad,” he says, his eyes trailing up and down the side of my face.

               “Too bad?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

               “I didn’t mean it like that!” He says hurriedly. “I mean that I figured your eye would be pretty much swollen shut is all.” Will smiles at me and I just stare back.

               “What are you doing here?” I ask him after a moment and he frowns. “Didn’t think pizza was exactly the meal a hockey player has the night before a game.”

               Will’s eyes dart back and forth between mine, fumbling for an answer. “Because you said you would be here.” He says finally and I’m floored by his honesty.

               “What?” I stammer.

               “You asked your sister last night if you could come here today,” he says slowly and I remember the elevator ride.

               “So… you wanted to check up on me?” I ask, raising an eyebrow and he blushes. I hate how adorable it looks.

               “Maybe.” Is all he says and we sit in silence for another few seconds.

               “And that was it?” I ask again, pulling my glass closer to me and trailing my fingers along the lip slowly, concentrating on the shapes instead of his face.

               He watches for another few seconds, not looking up at me when he answers. “Maybe not.”

               “So, what else could there possibly be?”

               He hesitates again and fidgets slightly in his seat. I make him nervous. “I kinda wanted to make it up to you, somehow,” he finally says and I halt my finger on my glass, my eyes flashing to his.

               “What?” I ask dumbly.

               “What can I do to make it up to you?” He asks and his blue eyes overwhelm my own and I have no idea what to say.

               “Tell you what,” he says after a beat. “I’ll give you my number, and when you think of something. You let me know.” Without waiting for a response, he reaches across the table and grabs my phone. When he sees that he needs a passcode to unlock it, he reaches back across for my hand. He gently slides my hand across the table, pressing my thumb to the home button and I let him. Will opens my contacts and adds his own in before sliding it back across the table to me.

               “Hopefully you let me know sooner rather than later,” he whispers, slowly sliding out of the booth just as my sister reappears in the corner of my eye. Will smiles at her and nods before flashing his eyes back to me, winking before he turns and returns to his own table where several of his teammates are staring.

               I blink several times and finally let out the breath I didn’t realize I had been holding. Rian sits back down across from me, pressing her lips together.

               “So, what did I miss?” She asks after a moment and I laugh.

               “Not much.”

"How Do I Stop Being Kin!?”: A Helpful Guide (Long Post)

so… yup. tumblr ate some of my archive, including one of my most important posts: a list of steps on how to distance yourself from the kin community. as there’s no way (that i know of) to get that post back… here’s this! 

how to use the guide: all complaints/problems that kin frequently send when they don’t want to be kin anymore? those are in large bold. each complaint has a list of steps on how to solve it; the steps (my responses) are just in the normal font. don’t see what you need? send an ask saying you want to see it in a part 2! 

“I don’t want to be kin with (x) anymore!” 

okay! this one centers mostly around keeping lists. and as i said to the most recent anon, the first step toward stopping is wanting to stop. 

1. get two separate sheets of paper (or start digital documents you can print later). on one, write “(Your Name) List”. on the other, write “(Kintype Name) List.” 

2. fill the YN List first. write down every one of your own traits that you can name. they can relate to appearance, gender, hobbies/interests, mental health, neurodiversity, hopes and aspirations, etc. these do not all have to be good things. try to have a 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 balance of good, bad, and neutral traits. (an example of a bad trait/habit is “nail biting”, because that’s harmful. not “brown hair”. if you don’t like your hair color put “brown hair” down as a neutral trait. it’s not bad, you just want a different color.) 

3. fill the KN (kintype name) list next. do not use “i”, “we”, “myself”, in this list becase it’s not about you. 

  • if it’s a fictional character, write down facts relating to the character’s creation. who’s the author/designer/creator? what year was the source released? what type of media is the source – a fantasy book, a video game, a movie? emphasize that the character is fictional, not real (add ‘in this universe’ if you believe in the multiverse theory) and cannot be reincarnated. 

• if it’s an animal, write down all of its behaviors: does it eat meat? what sounds does it make? is it dangerous or not? now, if you believe in reincarnation, it’s way more plausible that animals can be reincarnated and their next lives can be as humans. emphasize that even if you were the animal in a past life, you are a human now – it is not healthy to think you literally still are the animal and/or to behave like it. 

•  if it’s a part of nature, like a star or a tree, write down all the facts about it that you know and emphasize that it is not sentient, it doesn’t have a soul, and it cannot make choices or be reincarnated. 

keep the lists with you (as a physical copy/paper). 

4. tell yourself that it’s okay to like the character, animal, or thing, it’s okay to feel that it represents part of who you are. it’s okay to feel comforted by it when you’ve had a shitty day or you’re in a bad mood. feeling these things does not automatically make you kin. write these down on a small piece of paper and keep the paper with you. 

5. even though it is okay to like the character/animal/thing, slowly start avoiding content that includes it. if you are trying to stop being fictionkin, do not watch the source. stay away from fanfic, pictures, etc, that make you have strong emotions about it. 

6. if you ever are feeling guilty about something your kintype did (and this applies mostly to villain kin), you are projecting. whether you’re feeling guilty about your own mistakes without realizing, or you want the chance to fix something/apologize, you are projecting. if you are acting out what you really, really want the villain to do – ie, you relate to them strongly but they’re not repentant and you want them to be… rp. start a roleplay blog, write a redemption au. look back at your lists again. 

• if it’s not a villain, but you’re feeling guilty about something bad your kintype did, still do a bit of rp and keep looking back at those lists! 

7. whenever you have “kinfeels” or “kin memories”, look at your YN and KN lists. read them to remind yourself that you are not the same person as the character, not the same being as the animal, and not something inanimate. 

8. try new things and (now i’m not saying this to be a bitch) go outside. i mean it. vitamin d is good for you. you don’t have to exercise, but if you are able to, go for it. visit the library, the park, a coffee shop, the mall, anywhere. test out new hobbies, like 

• writing fiction (could be about the character/animal/thing, if this is how you maintain a connection with it while not identifying as it) 

 • traditional drawing  

 • digital drawing 

 • sewing, knitting, or crochet 

• writing movie critiques/analyses 

• jewelry making 

• making non-kin-related selfcare 

• sports 

“I want to get out of the community, but I’m not ready to let go of my kintypes!” 

so you’re not ready? okay. this is still your first step. you will fuck yourself over badly if you push yourself to 100% stop being kin before you can function without it. this is true in situations like abusive households or trauma: if you pretend that you’re someone else who’s never had to deal with those things, you are using escapism to let off stress and unwind. 

1. change your blog theme. i know it sounds dumb and unrelated. however, having a visual change will make you more inclined to change other things – and it will start to tell other people in the community that you are able to change. 

2. update your about, kin page, and byf. take things like “don’t follow if you don’t see me as (kintype)”, “no doubles”, and kin-related discourse out of those pages. anything that typically appears in kin cringe comps? take it out. (look through my blog for example of typical cringe comp material.) 

• don’t say “literally me”, “100% me”, “ID” about the kintypes you list. 

• instead of having separate sections for “primary”, “secondary”, “tertiary”, things like that… just say “kintypes” once and list them/insert their pictures. 

• do NOT link to others’ blogs saying “this person is my (canonmate name)!” or “i found my (important canonmate)! 

• whatever your stance on ace discourse… take that out of your pages. i have no idea why, but the kin community is fucking overrun with people thinking that aces/aros aren’t lgbtq+. removing this discourse from your blog will remove you from another common kin community behavior. (it’s totally okay to post ace/aro positivity, but don’t involve yourself in heavy discourse and don’t put “Aces/aros are/aren’t lgbtq!” on your about/kinpage/byf.) 

3. if you list kin friends or kin blogs on one of your pages, consider taking out the links and just describing the friends/blogs. this will distance your blog from the network of kin on here. 

4. instead of requesting “kintype selfcare/positivity” from those kin resource blogs: 

• reblog aesthetics that remind you of the kintypes, but is not labeled as “(kintype) aesthetic”. 

• make some aesthetics yourself based on the kintypes. if you’re tagging, then just use general tags (ie, “kin”, “otherkin”, or “fictionkin”), not specifically the character’s name or the type of animal you identify with. 

• write positive affirmations for yourself, such as “i got enough sleep so this will be a better day!” or “i didn’t lie in bed all day so i feel motivated!” or “i ate something healthy instead of junk food!” 

• if you’re writing affirmations specifically about a kintype, don’t refer to the kintype using “i” or “we”. instead, write “(character) tries their best to fix wrongdoings, so i will too!” or “(character) makes an effort to overcome anxiety, so i’m going to try harder too!” or “(animal) isn’t inherently bad/gross; it’s trying to survive like me!” 

• basically, when writing positivity/affirmations, pick a trait that the kintype has that you want to have too. don’t just say “i have this trait because i am (kintype)!” 

• sorry not sorry, but the overwhelming majority of the positivity on those blogs is useless. it might make you feel better for a couple minutes, but it’s superficial. even if the person running the blog genuinely wants people to feel better, they are still operating under the obligation to give positivity. 

it is not as genuine as it should be. the person doesn’t know who you are, and they might not know a lot about the kintype. the positivity from those blogs is generic, ie, “even if you’ve done some bad things, you’re not a bad person!” You need specifics, which only you can come up with – because only you know yourself. when something is vague or general, we think deep down that it’s not true. (btw, that’s the same psychology behind the “sounds fake but okay” meme.)

5. if your mutuals get into kin drama, or if you see kin drama on your dash, stay out of it. it does not matter right now if these people are your best friends in the world, because once the drama dies down, your url is still all over those posts. even if the people who started the drama delete the posts, other people have everything saved. the things you said in anger or anxiety or whatever are still on tumblr. and tumblr has an extremely difficult time recognizing that what someone said three months ago doesn’t define what they say now. 

6. unfollow people who have ‘typical cringe comp material’ on their pages and/or people who frequently are involved in drama. 

• if they have “ask to unfollow” on their pages, unfollow anyway. if they harass you about it, block them (and maybe report for… violating community guidelines. or harassment). DON’T PUT THIS ON YOUR PAGES. EVER. FOLLOWING YOU IS NOT A CHORE. MAKING PEOPLE ASK PERMISSION TO UNFOLLOW YOU CAN CAUSE THEM HUGE AMOUNTS OF ANXIETY. IT’S SHITTY AND ENTITLED. DON’T DO IT. 

7. if you’re going to send hate to antis, i can’t stop you, but for fuck’s sake, do that on anon. (”what!?” you say as you read this post. “but don’t antis think anon hate is cowardly!?”) you just don’t want to be known as someone active enough in the community to send off-anon shit. 

8. if i have or another anti/cringe blog has screenshotted your post/page, ask for it to be removed. no promises that other blogs will remove your stuff, but here on kce and over at @only-on-tomblr, we will. having your content up on popular cringe blogs can definitely get you recognized among the community, and you don’t want that. 

“I don’t want to rely so hard on being kin – I want kin to be a casual thing!” 

1. first off, follow the “i want to get out of the community” list. you don’t have to stop identifying as kin, you just need to distance yourself from that network of over the top, hardcore kin people. 

2. recognize that kin is your coping mechanism. it is okay to use escapism (that’s what kin is tbh) to cope. it is okay to step away from reality, unwind, then go back to reality after a few hours of doing kin stuff/rp. 

3. recognize that any coping mechanism is going to be harmful when you take it too far. when it goes too far, it becomes an obsession. (because i am sure someone’s going to say this, i’m not dragging special interests. those are not the same as coping mechanisms gone wrong and this post does not relate to special interests.

4. guess what? you don’t need just one coping mechanism. and because you’re not completely dropping the kintypes, you need to focus your kin-related energy into a creative outlet. what i mean by that is… write about them. draw pictures of them. do commissions, even for people who have the same kintype. not to mention, if you write about/draw them a lot, you are getting so much better at those skills. 

5. optional: it would also help to make lists of your traits and the kintypes’ traits, like in the first section of this post. 

6. as with the other sections, do not refer to the kintypes as “myself”/”i”. 

that’s about it 

Other things you can do 

• write a brief analysis of an episode, movie, chapter, etc in which the character/kintype appears. what does the person/being do and why? how do their actions result in the episode/chapter/game/movie ending? how do other characters react to it? and how is this different from what you would do, right now, if you were in the same situation? (obviously no one has to see it, so doesn’t matter if it sucks) 

• interact with people who have the same kintype so you can become more comfortable with “doubles” and thus be less intense about being kin 

• when you’re watching/reading/playing/listening to new media (’source’), and you begin to have “kinfeels” for someone, step back. put the book down. pause the show or podcast. remind yourself that this is fiction. even if the multiverse does exist, your kintype cannot cross between universes and ‘be’ you. you are most likely projecting onto the character or you are inspired to create a similar character/oc. 

• aaand…. here it comes… oh god. oh no. limit your time on tumblr. do not spend all day on this forsaken hellsite.  

Things to absolutely NOT do 

post anything like “why did the author put me/kintype in a relationship with a girl!? i’m gay!” all that does is imply that you think you have some kind of ownership over someone else’s character. it makes you look like you want everything to go your way – and not everything can. i am not saying that to be a jerk. 

• ask people to unfollow you. as i said before (now, i don’t have anxiety so this isn’t from firsthand experience), do you have any idea how much anxiety that causes people? and how shitty a thing it is to do? 

• harass someone over being a double 

• tell them to unfollow/stop interacting because they are a double 

• compare being kin to being trans or nonbinary. for fuck’s sake. there’s no such thing as a “kingender”.

                     - even if your kintype was female in ‘your source’, but wasn’t                                  female in canon… that does not mean you are trans and it does                            not mean the kintype is trans.    

                    - even if you are trans yourself, it has absolutely nothing to do with                        you identifying as kin. they are not related. you are a trans person                        who also happens to be kin.    

                   - things like “canidgender: a gender that feels tough and ready to                           defend, a gender that makes you feel alert, a gender that….” are not                     real. gender is not an emotion. besides, these descriptions have                            nothing to do with gender. 

  • say that you have dysphoria about your kintype. again, if you have dysphoria, it’s because you are transgender/nonbinary. you do not have “species dysphoria” about your astral ears. just because it’s listed on google with a definition does not mean it’s legit. 

• use ‘kin pronouns’ like glitch/glitchs/glitchself. ne/nes/neself. star/stars/starself. it/its. the very concept of kin pronouns suggests that gender is automatically tied to kin. it’s not. and you are not an object. 

• send people hate or get into discourse about headcanons involving your kintype 

• tag art as “me” or “kin” or “id”. even if the artist says it’s okay, avoiding this is another way to distance yourself from a harmful community. if you need/want to keep a tagging system, just tag it with the character’s name or the type of animal. 

• tell someone that they are “your (important canonmate). 

• especially do not tell someone that your characters dated and that you must begin a romantic relationship because of that! 

• insist that someone just has to remember something that you remember! here’s an appropriate exchange on this. 

              you: “do you remember when our kintypes had that huge fight, then                     made up and dated for a few months? we drifted apart and stopped                    dating.” 

              them: “no… i recall something different.” 

               you: “oh. well, that’s okay!” 

comments i just know i’m going to get (they’re useless. don’t post them and don’t send them to me) 

you’re policing our identities! 

•you can’t dictate how we cope! 

• you can’t take away our fun! 

• how would you know how this stuff works? you’re not kin! 

• ableist! 

• go do something productive! 

• i don’t care. i’m doing these things anyway! 


Get Out (3)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jimin

Summary: Every time you look at Yoongi, he would always catch your eye and grimace with disgust flashing in his eyes. Never in your entire life have you felt so victimized, and once you get partnered up with him for your art history project, you’re determined to reveal the reason behind this irrational disliking.

Genre: romance, angst, light smut, classmate!yoongi, fwb!jimin

Parts: one | two | three | four | five

Warnings: masturbation

Word Count: 8.2k

It’s cold.

The two of you dive into a convenient store nearby after your trip to the museum. Surprisingly, you had spent about two hours non-stop talking about the history of each iconic painting you walked by. Yoongi didn’t know you were such an art nerd, and by the end of the trip, he told himself that he should really pay attention in class because he had no clue what you were saying.

You went over to a shelf to grab a triangular kimbap while Yoongi heads to the instant noodles section. He grabs a bowl of ramen and walk to the cash register, asking them to prepare it for him. You place your item onto the counter for it to be scanned as Yoongi slaps down a few bills.

“We can split the price,” you insist.

Keep reading

About Last Night

They shouldn’t have slept together. But they did. Now for the aftermath.

Also on AO3/FF.NET 

unbeta’d. All mistakes my own…


A prompt from @distant-rose: best friends secretly pining plus locked in a closet by other frustrated, impatient and exasperated friends. A baby ficlet dedicated to @nickillian

Emma Swan: expert at running away from shit. That’s what her obituary would say.

And by shit it would mean anything remotely resembling a situation where her emotions would be exposed and she would get hurt. Which was why she was currently hiding in Mary Margaret Nolan’s den.

“I’m failing to see the problem,” the brunette mused over a steaming cup of tea.

“Ms - I slept with Killian.”

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Scarf Boy

Pairing: Isaac x Reader (Platonic, Best Friends)

Warnings: slight swearing, nothing else just really cute fluff and friendship goals

Summary: Y/N’s best friend, Isaac, returns from Paris, to live with her and her family. The only issue is that she’s a Stilinski, and Stiles takes any moment that he can to show his distaste for Isaac. (Isaac and Y/N have a pizza and Netflix night)

A/N: Thx for requesting this!!! Reminder that my requests are always open :) and I write them asap, so feel free to request whatever with whatever character (even platonic imagines!) Ok, hope you guys like this one :)


I scroll through my Instagram feed on my phone, bored out of my mind, waiting for Isaac to finally get here. I double tap a meme, smiling lightly and sending it to the Pack’s group chat.

“Hey, Y/N,” my dad calls, commanding my attention. I look up at him, clad in his sheriff uniform. “I’m not going to be home for dinner, so I left you and Stiles 20 dollars on the kitchen counter.” I grin, nodding my head.

“Stay safe,” I say, right before he’s about to shut the door.

“Always,” he replies while popping his head out from behind the door frame, blowing me a kiss that I return. “No parties,” he jokes.

“Don’t worry, we’ll only have like 100 people over,” I respond sarcastically. He laughs, closing the door, his car engine sounding and the vehicle soon driving off.

I sigh, going back to my phone and opening twitter to see the newest internet drama.

After a while, I hear the doorbell ring, a smile forcing its way onto my lips. I push off of the couch, throwing the blanket aside and running across the wooden floor. I immediately regret all decisions in life as I slide not-too-graciously across the living room because of my socks.

I shuffle around, trying to gain my balance, but fail miserably. I end up colliding with a wall, muttering incoherent profanities, and making a mental note to never run in socks ever again. “Y/N, do you always have to be so damn clumsy?” I groan.

I can hear the faint chuckle outside, coming from Isaac as he probably heard the whole situation because of his amplified hearing. “Lahey, don’t you dare laugh at me,” I warn, another chuckle ringing from outside.

I stand up, brushing off my sweatpants, and closing the distance between me and the front door. As soon as I can, I swing the door open, pulling my best friend into a hug.

The embrace obviously takes him by surprise as he stiffens when my arms encircle his waist, but soon he relaxes, his arms wrapping around my back.

We pull apart, his smile matching my own. “I missed you so much!” I squeal, taking in how his physical appearance had changed. He had let his facial hair grow out a bit, stubble all around his jaw. His curly locks were also longer, and messier, probably from traveling for so long.

“I missed you too, Clumsy,” he returns, messing with my hair and making me push his shoulder back half-heartedly.

“Stop that,” I mumble, trying to fix the now unruly strands. I back into the living room, opening the door wider for Isaac to come in, lugging his suitcase close behind.

He closes the door, taking in his surroundings. “Hasn’t changed one bit,” he laughs.

“I guess us Stilinskis aren’t too great with home decor,” I joke, realizing that the furniture has literally not changed since I was born. “So how was the flight?” I query.

“Long,” Isaac huffs, plopping onto the couch. “Do you know how long it takes to get here from Paris? Plus, I was sat between a crying baby and a mid-forties guy who has literally the loudest snore in the world,” he recalls. “And there was this kid, oh my god, he would not stop staring at me. I don’t even know why.”

“Even the children can’t get enough of your dashing good looks,” I tease, making him squint his eyes at me.

“Ha ha,” Isaac says while scrunching up his nose. “So, what’ve you been up to since I’ve been gone?”

“Nothing really,” I reply truthfully. My life wasn’t quite as interesting as his or even my brother’s. I wasn’t allowed in on all the missions and such because everyone thought it was ‘too dangerous’ for me, which always made me laugh because my brother was allowed. For goodness sakes, he thought a baseball bat was going to protect him from the supernatural.

“How’s the Pack?” Issac asks, blatant curiosity taking over his features. I shrug, sitting down on the couch next to him and pulling my blanket back over my body.

“Happy that you’re back,” I say while smiling. I mean, except for my brother, but I couldn’t tell him that part.

His brows furrow, probably hearing that tiny extra heart beat when I said those words. “Even Stiles?” He questions.


“I heard my name being called,” my brother shouts, descending the stairs to the living room. Stiles’s eyes narrow once they spot my best friend. “Oh god, please, tell me that’s not scarf boy.”

“Hello to you too, Stiles,” Isaac says, brushing his harsh glare aside.

“Lahey,” Stiles grumbles, walking towards the couch that both of us were sitting on. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“I thought Y/N already told you that I’m bac-”

“No, I know that part, which I’m really not too pleased about for your information, but why are you here?” He asks, his hands gesturing around to the house.

“Dad said he could stay with us,” I jump in, Isaac and I sharing a smile with each other.

“Oh, no he didn’t,” Stiles mutters. “No scarf boy will be living under my roof.”

“First off, this isn’t your roof, it’s dad’s. Second, Isaac isn’t wearing a scarf, so there won’t be a scarf boy living here,” I correct.

“Once a scarf boy, always a scarf boy,” Stiles mumbles, letting out an exasperated sigh before walking out of the room, down the hallway.

“I still can’t believe he despises me so much,” Isaac says with disbelief. “I mean, we’ve known each other our whole lives. Like I’ve been friends with you since second grade. How does he still have this undying hatred for me?”

“I have no idea,” I answer, playing with the two strings at the front of my grey sweats. “But, on a happier note, I bet you’re hungry.”

Isaac rubs his stomach, a growl coming from it at my statement. “Starving.”

“Well, while you unpack, I’ll order pizza and start up a show for us to binge-watch on Netflix,” I proclaim. “For old time’s sake.” I bend forward, grabbing my phone from the coffee table and dialing Domino’s phone number by heart. To say the least, Isaac and I ate pizza a little too much.

“Music to my ears,” he responds. “It would be an atrocity to not jump right back into our cycle of weekly cheesy goodness.”

“I’m so happy to have the one person who truly understands me back,” I say, half jokingly and half seriously. I quickly recite our usual order to the Domino’s employee, along with what Stiles normally got, thanking them, then hanging up.

Isaac just grins at me, standing up from the couch and dragging his luggage behind him. “Guest room, I’m assuming,” he says.

“Yep, hope you remember how to get there.”

“Y/N, this was the home I grew up in,” he states. “I was here more than at my own, because- well you know.” A saddening expression crawls onto his face, bad memories surely fighting their way back into his head.

“Hey,” I whisper, latching onto his arm, his blue eyes finding mine. “My dad even said once that you’re like a son of his. This is your home.”

The grim look on his face disappears, a charming smile and bright eyes taking its place. “Well, I do love you like a sister.”

“Love you too, bro,” I reply, my heart warming at the thought. It was true; he was like another brother to me. Stiles and him even bickered like siblings and the unwavering love in my heart for him, was just like the love I held for my family.

“Hey!” Stiles screams, ruining the heartfelt moment between me and Isaac. “You never tell me that! And I’m your real brother!”

I laugh before yelling down the hallway back to Stiles. “I love you too! By the way, I’m buying pizza with money dad left for us!”

“Sounds good,” he calls back.

I slap Isaac on the butt playfully, urging him to hurry up the stairs. “Go unpack already.”

“Y/N I don’t think siblings are allowed to touch one another like that,” he laughs.

“Well, luckily you’re not actually.”

“Thankfully,” he jokes. “Because then I’d be related to Stiles.”

Stiles walks into the room, his mouth agape, and sporting an offended expression on his face. “Excuse me, Lahey. You’d be honored to be related to me.”

“You’re funny,” Isaac mutters, running up the steps to go get settled into his new life.

“That kid has some nerve moving into my house and being disrespectful towards me,” Stiles rants, grimacing at Isaac’s retreating form with his arms crossed across his torso.

I slap his arm, him reacting by taking a few steps away from me. “Be nice,” I threaten. “He’s family.”

“Well, I’m family too,” Stiles retorts, stomping away from me and into the kitchen.

An amused smirk forms on my lips, wondering how my older brother still acted like an actual 5 year old. I situate myself back on the couch, remote in hand, scrolling through all the tv shows Isaac and I had been forcing one another to not watch until we were together again. It was almost impossible to wait months for it, but somehow both of us pulled through.

I ended up choosing American Horror Story, because we’d been wanting to watch that one for the longest. It’s just we never got around to it, even when Isaac was still in Beacon Hills.

Knuckles sound against the door and I mentally scream, having to get up from my already comfortable position on the couch. I jog to the kitchen, grabbing the 20 dollar bill and opening the door. I greet the scrawny teenager with jet black hair, giving him the money and telling him to keep the change.

“Thanks pretty lady,” he flirts, a cringe-worthy pucker of his lips making my eyes widen.

I snatch the three cans of soda and pizza boxes away from him. “Okaythanksbye,” I rush out, slamming the door on him and trying my best not to throw up.

“Well, that guy was really smooth,” Isaac teases. He’s now in a different set of clothes, a pair of grey sweatpants matching my own and a plain black tee. His curly hair also looked a bit more put together compared to his previous hair that was sticking up in odd places.

“If smooth also means repulsive, then yes, that was very smooth.” Isaac grins, taking the boxes out of my hands and bringing them to the kitchen, the impatience to eat, clear in his action.

I open the cardboard boxes, trying to refrain from moaning at the most amazing smell the world has to offer. Isaac digs right in, not even caring that it was hot. “Fuck,” he groans. “I definitely missed pizza.”

“Didn’t they have pizza in Paris?” I query, grabbing my own slice and taking a bite, the cheese forcing me to reanalyze my life goals. ‘Perhaps, I should work at a pizza place,’ a voice inside me suggested.

“Oh, but nothing beats good ole American 'Za,” Isaac determines, already done with his first slice.

“I highly doubt that,” I state, pushing back the hairs that were falling in my face.

“Believe what you want to, but that doesn’t mean it’s right,” he counters, devouring another slice.

“Let’s take this party in front of the tv,” I nudge, balancing the box in one hand and my slice in the other. Isaac takes our drinks, following my lead.

I put the box down and fall back, sinking into the comfort of the couch. I lean into Isaac, my head laying on his shoulder. This was a normal occurrence that some people felt was weird, but was completely non-romantic to us. We were just cozy like this; there wasn’t another reason for it.

“Good choice,” Isaac compliments, clicking on the first episode, the creepy theme song starting. I snuggle deeper into him, his body heat warming me up. He claps his hands together, brushing off the crumbs, then wrapping his arm around me, moving his legs to rest on the coffee table.

Stiles groans in the background. “Get a room.” I roll my eyes at his nonsense, because he and everyone else knew that neither Isaac nor I felt that way for each other. That spark a person was supposed to feel for someone they like, just wasn’t there, and neither of us cared.

“I’m happy you’re back for good,” I whisper looking up at those blue eyes, a color I only had positive feelings towards.

“Me too.”