what even is this meme and why is it all over my dash

Hey, do me a favour, stranger, I wanna follow yall people!

And once again I have set off to the quest to follow even more blogs because I am a dork and my dash is a mess so why not make it even messier?

Reblog if you post at least 2-3 of the following:

  •  mythbusters
  •  fall out boy
  •  markiplier
  •  marble hornets
  •  memes
  •  puns
  •  nerdy/geeky jokes
  •  funny text posts
  •  cheesy and/or nerdy pick-up lines
  •  cool science stuff
  •  cool history stuff
  •  creepypasta (As long as it is not over 75% of what you post) 
  •  horse stuff / riding stuff
  •  animals and/or cute baby animals
  •  hetalia (again, not over 75% of all posts)
  •  book stuff (esp. Murder mystery, fantasy, sci-fi)
  •  Doctor who (not over 75% of all posts)
  •  Harry Potter (not over 50% of all posts)
  •  general geekiness
  •  Marvel
  •  Skull poop L (if you get the reference and post a lot about it, I’ll definitely follow)
  •  power/folk/heavy/viking metal
  •  interior decor and diy ideas

And/or if you

  •  are a kind of dorky, kind of nerdy person who would just really like to have a biscuit right now
  •  are kinda crazy but like tastefully crazy
  •  have a weird sense of humour
  •  don’t kinkshame everything and everyone
  •  are not a total ass
  •  have common sense
  •  support equality/are Equalitarian-feminist (aka. Everyone is just as important)
  •  I dunno you just kinda want to chill and nerd away and like having followers
  •  are a dork
  •  struggle with everyday life
  •  post deep-ass quotes and thoughts about things
  •  are an OK dude/dudette/person/thing
  •  are positive for the most part but kinda insecure
  •  really really like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
  • support LGBTQIA+


Mutuals and followers may share to show your cool followers how uncool and dorky I am but how I wanna follow new peeps.
If reblogging this would not fit your blog, feel free to leave an ask or message me and I’ll definitely check out your totally cool blog!!