what even is photoshop


this is, as they say, my magnum opus (pls reblog i’ve spent 3 hours on this)
art by ngozi
. original clip (x)

bogatyris replied to your post “What happened to Fael’s brother? Sorry I don’t think I’ve followed…”

can someone give fael a hug now? it’s a matter of life or death ;_;

Don’t worry, Dorian has it covered

Original– I saw it and was inspired XD

Petra would be the one telling him to put the corn dogs back XD

seriously you guys someone take Photoshop away from me I cannot be trusted with this power XD

I’ve sunk so deep into the depths of this fandom I don’t think I even want out anymore oh gosh what have I done with my life

im so bad at color theory and im fucked up bc rainbow rowell described baz grimm-pitch’s original skin color as “red gold” and then, bc of how being dead works, his skin would probably just be a grayer version of that color, but like…i cannot figure out what grayish red-gold looks like. is he…taupe? is he a grumpy taupe teen vampire