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Shinsou Hitoshi // BNHA Self-Indulgent Halloween Edition

I’m high on sleep-deprivation and Red Bull right now… I should be catching up on programming homework but….. *shrugs into another universe*

I’m just way too excited for Halloween. I’ve been excited for it since June.

This started out as a traditional sketch. I’m such a pansy when it comes to color, so I usually paint it really quickly in Photoshop first to see if I like it. I ended up playing with layered effects instead.

The shirt + choker are inspired by one of my favorite outfits worn by Jimin from BTS.

Did I mention that I’m way too excited for Halloween??? Fan art of characters in Halloween costumes is my absolute fave.

When I was a kid I knew this girl who would always joke about breaking her arm to get out of homework. Bear in mind we were like 12.

And then, cut to a few months later, the next time I see her, and she has a smug expression and her writing arm in a giant cast.

Honestly, sometimes I lie awake worrying about what someone who tosses herself down the stairs to get out of math homework as a 12 year old might be capable of as an adult.

Voltron AU where everything is the same except the Blade of Marmora episode is basically the RING OF FIRE!!! scene from Finding Nemo

Kolivan: Brother Antok, proceed.
Antok: Keith! Newcomer of red and white! You have been called forth to the space between spaces to join us in the fraternal bonds of bladehood!
Keith: … huh?
Thace: We want you in our club, kid.

this intimidates me like…. what does this even MEAN??? is this implying that their homework is trying to fuck them and theyre wishing it wouldnt????????

As much as I’d like to help people with advice, astrological advice is something I feel slightly uncomfortable with to be quite honest. Unless I have the placement myself, I feel like I can’t help to the best of my abilities.

When someone asks me how to help them with a certain placement, I think there’s a misunderstanding. Yes, I’m an astrologer and I have astrological knowledge on astrological placements. However, that doesn’t mean that I have experienced, felt, or dealt with the placement. It implies that I don’t know how to deal with this placement. For this reason, I truly feel like I can’t empathize with the person, let alone help the person at all. All I could do is give an opinionated piece of advice that is sympathetic at best… and that’s just something I don’t consider to be truly helpful. That opinionated, subjective piece of advice will give some kind of direction at best, but that direction can be heavily improved if empathizing was present.

So when a person asks me to help with a certain placement I don’t have, I can’t help but think is this: The only person who really knows how to help themselves is the person who asked the question in the first place. Perhaps they don’t feel that they know, but somewhere, deep in themselves, they know. The person can only truly help themselves in the end, and all the people around this person can only provide a sense of direction that hopefully points to the right answer. With the placements we have, we have the potential through self-awareness to handle our astrological energies positively. Self-awareness can help set the direction we’re going in our struggles.

Maybe a universal answer would be to acquire self-awareness at this point. With self-awareness, there is control, but sometimes, even control and self-awareness can hold us back. This idea can be seen by the characteristics we hide in the 8th House. We’re too aware of it to where we are limited. Self-awareness can not only set the direction we’re going, but also freeze us.

school sentence starters.

“ did you study for that test last night? ”
“ i didn’t study, i’m so doomed. ”
“ can i borrow a pencil? ”
“ are you coming over tonight, to study? ”
“ i think i’m gonna skip this class. ”
“ are you gonna skip class with me or not? ”
“ i have detention after school. ”
“ i think they’re gonna expell me. ”
“ can you believe the teacher failed me? ”
“ i’m not leaving early, i don’t feel good. ”
“ why didn’t you sit with me at lunch today? ”
“ why are you ignoring me today? ”
“ you’ve been ignoring me all day, it seems.. ”
“ i hate sharing a locker with you sometimes. ”
“ why are you cleaning out your locker? ”
“ can i copy your homework? ”
“ did you even do your homework? ”
“ what are your grades anyway? ”
“ have you been skipping without me? ”
“ give me your lunch money. ”
“ i don’t have any lunch money. ”
“ can i borrow your book tonight to study? ”
“ are you going to practice today? ”
“ i hate gym so much. ”
“ this class is so boring. ”
“ think you could tudor me after school? ”
“ i could tudor you if you want. ”
“ can you stop raising your hand every five seconds? ”
“ some of us are here to actually learn. ”
“ i don’t wanna go to school today. ”
“ did you see the new kid today? ”
“ so, your the new kid, huh? ”
“ where you from, new kid? ”
“ i have way too much homework. ”
“ you haven’t been to school in days. ”
“ why are you always absent? ”
“ you’re going to get us into so much trouble. ”
“ i forgot my locker combination. ”
“ why did you get called to the principles office? ”
“ maybe you should consider home school. ”
“ this school’s lunch meat is so nasty. ”
“ stop texting me in class. ”
“ you never take anything serious, specially school. ”
“ have you ever passed a grade? ”
“ i made the honor roll! ”
“ i could really use the extra credit. ”
“ you’re a teacher’s pet. ”
“ did you go to try outs yet? ”
“ i need it for science. ”
“ are you going to the prep ralley? ”
“ gonna watch me play tonight at our first game? ”
“ i thought we were friends. ”
“ are you going to help me or not? ”
“ do you wanna do this project with me? ”
“ do you have a extra pencil? ”
“ do you wanna be my partner for this project? ”
“ looks like we’re partner’s for this assignment. ”
“ you spelled your own name wrong. ”
“ is that a good star? how’d you get one and i didn’t? ”
“ i really have to finish this essay, please. ”
“ you want me to ride the bus home with you after school? ”
“ my mom picks me up, do you need a ride? ”
“ do you need a ride home after school today? ”
“ are you going to walk home with me today? ”
“ i can’t believe we met each other in detention. ”
“ you were totally making out with someone in the halls. ”
“ these halls are way too crowded. ”
“ why are you always so late? ”
“ you’re late to class, again. ”

Eternal gratitude to Reeder for “Julia” (I heard it for the first time a long time before it was in the podcast, and I’ve only grown to love it more the more I listen to it), but I like to think that the song exists in canon. This isn’t something I’ve put a lot of thought into - I was just listening to the song and I thought it would be nice if it existed for these characters, too. There are a few ways this might be true.

Maybe eventually, as Magnus spends more time with his family, he tells them more about Julia. How much she would have loved all of them - how much all of them would have loved her. All of the little things she did that made him laugh, or made him fall for her again every day. She’s never there, but somehow she’s always there because Magnus is always talking about her. He tells all of their stories so many times that his whole family knows them by heart. And one day, for Candlenights or maybe even just because, Barry tells Magnus he has something for him and sits down at the piano. It’s not long before Magnus is crying, but he doesn’t notice because his attention is elsewhere. That’s her. That’s Julia, there in that song. He must have done a good job introducing her to his family, because they know her so well.

Learning to play can be difficult, but the piano is an accommodating instrument for beginners. All of the keys are laid out in front of you right from the start, all cards on the table, straightforward. In a way, that matches Magnus. It’s a stumbling start, and Barry demonstrates impressive patience as Magnus tries to master the new skill. Magnus is very good about practicing, though, and while he might not ever perform on a stage, he’s always been good with his hands. It’s nice to have something new to do with them while his thoughts are elsewhere. As time passes and his skill grows, he thinks about how much Julia would have liked to listen to him play, and the idea sticks in his head. When he’s ready, he asks Barry and Lup to listen to the song, and they note it down as he plays. It’s common to hear the music of that song streaming through the window and whispered in the streets of Raven’s Roost, in some small way filling an absence that’s been there for a long time. When Magnus isn’t there to play anymore, Lup or Barry sometimes still do; the title of the song, which only had one name before, is changed to two. 

Julia could play. Julia could play and fill the whole room with music and laughter and joy. Before - and especially after - the revolution, she would visit the tavern and play loud, excited music while everyone there sang along or danced. Everything, everyone, was more alive when Julia played. When it was just the two of them, during quiet afternoons at the shop when the work was done, Julia played a different kind of music - soft and sweet, another part of her that Magnus had the honor of seeing more than anyone else. Somehow even with the town gone, the sheet music in the little oak chest survives, and he takes it with him when he leaves. Years later, that same sheet music held delicately in his hands, he explains to Lup who wrote it. Magnus doesn’t even have to ask; Lup squeezes his hand, sits down with him at the piano, and goes over the basics. Until Magnus can play the song for himself, she plays it for him; he sits in a rocker that smells like lavender and if he closes his eyes, he can pretend that it’s years ago and another lifetime and Julia is just across the room.

(Whatever the truth is, one day there is a piano and a set of sheet music in a little house on a little island. The house is filled with music even when no one plays.)

Full Circle (Strangers)

Summary: (College!AU) In which your relationship with Steve comes full circle when you go from being strangers to friends to lovers and back to strangers again.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,205

A/N: This mini-series is dedicated to @viollettes. Without her, I never would’ve remembered this idea existed.

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

You scan the bookshelf, finding comfort in the feeling of running your fingers along the binding of each book. After a long day of classes, this is exactly what you need to unwind. A calm atmosphere. An evening devoid of homework assignments. An opportunity to be away from the cluttered mess that school’s turning your life into.

You’re so intent on losing yourself in the quaint bookstore that you forget to be more aware of your surroundings. That’s why you don’t see the man who’s leaning against one of the shelves with a book in hand and whose attention is entirely captivated by the summary on the back. It’s possible that, had the circumstances been different and had your head not been in the clouds, you never would’ve seen him. A glance perhaps, but nothing more.

Alas, the world has different plans. Instead of parting ways without a word, you look up a second too late and find that a collision is inevitable. He’s the earth and you’re a meteor hurtling towards him with an inability to change course in order to bypass him.

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Top Secrets of Straight-A Students by Bullet Journals

1.) They get to class early. Getting to class early gives you time to be prepared and ready to study. Review your notes from the day before, lay out all your supplies (notebook, water bottle, pens, etc). You can also ask the teacher any questions you had about the material.

2.) They get ahead. The second they get an assignment, no matter when it is due, they do it. This is so so helpful. Do NOT procrastinate. You just end up being exhausted and tired. It’s not worth it. You might as well finish once you get it. Life will be so easy, believe me.

3.) They have an organized schedule. They figure out a schedule that works for them. They make sure to include time for extracurriculars, breaks, meal times, etc. Try to map out EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of your day. 

4.) They prepare. They lay out their clothes for the next day, they finish their homework early, they even plan out what they will have for their meals for the next few weeks and what exercises theyt will be doing.

5.) They enjoy learning and want to learn. They aren’t just there because they have to be. They have a strong desire to learn. When you want to learn (even if you fake it) you usually do better on exams and papers.

6.) Everything is organized. Their desk has nothing on it but their Mac, their pens are neatly on the shelf in small cups, they make their beds the second they get out of bed. They have a filing system, so the second they get papers back they put them in the files. When everything of yours has a home it’s a lot easier to study and be productive.

7.) They treat school like their job. They may have other part-time jobs, but they know that school is their main focus, and it should therefore be treated as a job. Not wanting to be fired from your job corresponds with not wanting to fail your classes. They therefore work as hard as they can and try to “impress” the boss.

8.) They give it everything they have. They are dedicated, have goals, and know what they want. They don’t want to “just get through high school/college.” They want to learn, they want to become successful, and most are even aiming for goals such as valedictorian. They won’t accept B’s or C’s. (Please note that while it is very good to have high standards, getting a lower grade once in awhile isn’t that big of a deal!!!)

9.) They keep themselves happy and healthy. They take well deserved breaks (only when everything is done), they have “off” days, they get enough SLEEP and WATER, and they keep themselves fit doing yoga, running, cardio, etc.

10) They don’t mind helping other people. They don’t turn a blind eye to people who need help. Instead they use it as a teaching experience, and help the student through the problem or whatever they need help with. Teaching people is super helpful. I sometimes write on my whiteboard and pretend that I am teaching an imaginary (I’m such a loser but it helps;).

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Add your own tips below!

Marichat May Day 10 - ‘What if?’

“What if I was Adrien Agreste,” had been resting on the tip of Chat’s tongue for a while. When he finally voiced the question, Marinette’s answer was not one he’d been expecting.

Rated T || 786 Words

Cross posted on Ao3 || FF

I’d Probably Jump You

“Hey Princess, what if I told you I was Adrien Agreste?” Chat had been wondering for a while what would happen if he told Marinette who he really was. Would she finally talk to him as Adrien? Would she ask Chat to stop coming over? He was hoping it was the former.

“Honestly, I’d probably jump you.” She said it so simply with a little shoulder shrug that Chat couldn’t fully comprehend what she meant. She hadn’t even stopped working on her homework.

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dating isaac lahey would include:

  • the two of you being best friends ever since you were little
  • being the iconic trope of best friends to lovers
  • you asking him to be your boyfriend after a couple weeks of soft, shy kisses without an official label
  • “do you maybe wanna, maybe be my boyfriend, maybe?”
  • being there for him when his dad turned to abuse after the death of his mother and camden
  • him coming to you after a rough night with said parent, especially if it was the freezer
  • you hugging the life out of him when he arrives and softly kissing his oncoming bruises
  • “you don’t deserve this, isaac”
  • “no, i don’t deserve you”
  • always being in each other’s company as isaac’s one hell of an introvert and he’s obviously your Fave™ so what’s the point in hanging out with anybody else?
  • kisses
  • nose kisses
  • forehead kisses
  • back of the hand kisses
  • neck kisses
  • shoulder kisses
  • all the kisses all the time everywhere because the two of you are sO infatuated with each other that you literally cannot leave each other alone
  • kissing you being isaac’s favourite pass time
  • accompanying him on his work shifts at the graveyard when he worked there
  • having to sit on his lap in the digger, his chin on your shoulder and his arms controlling the machinery from around your waist, as the seat was only big enough for one person at a time
  • “y/n, please stop - uh” cue the awkward cough, and his fingers digging into your hips to prevent the continuation of your unaware, tormenting actions, “stop moving”
  • you stealing his shirts
  • him letting you steal his shirts because he thinks you look good in them
  • very good
  • movie nights and duvet days
  • you forcing him to have disney movies marathons with you
  • and him enduring them because he found that he actually just loves watching you sing along or mouth the entire script along with the characters throughout all of them in your adorable excitement
  • “can we watch tangled?!”
  • “babe, we’ve watched tangled like eighty times”
  • “please? I’ll be your best friend?”
  • “y/n, you’re already my girlfriend, you egg”
  • but he can never resist your puppy dog eyes and that’s usually the story of how the two of you always end up watching tangled again
  • piggyback rides to anywhere and everywhere
  • showering together to “save water, yes definitely, to save water, of course”
  • you being the first person he tells after he’s bitter because he doesn’t like keeping things from you
  • being mesmerised by the golden rings around his pupils when he flashes his eyes at you for proof
  • “holy shit”
  • “holy shit indeed, y/n”
  • him being so much more protective over you as you slowly become more and more involved with the supernatural
  • “stay behind me”
  • “if things go south, you get out, okay? get out as fast as you can”
  • “i can’t have you getting hurt; you’re all i have left and it’d kill me if something happened to you”
  • being the power couple of the pack
  • you loving the new, confident persona he obtained after the bite, but letting him know that you loved him before he was a werewolf, when he was incredibly shy and quiet too
  • derek telling him to find an anchor: someone who tethers him to his human side, someone who can bring him back when he goes too far, someone he cares deeply for, someone he loves, and his first thought being you - without a shadow of a doubt
  • your parents absolutely adoring him
  • regardless of how many times your mum has caught the two of you making out
  • jealous!isaac
  • it being no lie that you’re hot as hell and isaac hating how other people, of both gender, notice it too
  • you sometimes talking to someone, unaware of their obvious flirting, and catching a glimpse of the golden hues flashing in your boyfriend’s eyes as said person walks away and he glares at their back in their departure
  • “oh my god, you’re such a drama queen”
  • study dates which usually always end up with the two of you making out and your chemistry notes knocked off the bed, onto the ground, and long forgotten
  • the cause?
  • sexual frustratioN
  • the solution?
  • sex
  • sex sex sex (yeah) 
  • (marina and the diamonds style)
  • forget the homework or the studying or school. what even is school anyway?
  • the girls (mainly allison and kira) always gushing about your relationship to you and about how isaac looks at you like you’re an actual goddess when you’re not paying attention
  • you being the first person he goes to when derek kicks him out of the loft
  • you letting him in without hesitation and insisting that he sleep with you in your bed
  • but not after spewing expletives down the phone to the sour wolf for being an asshole to your puppy
  • your instagram feed being mostly filled with selfies of you and him
  • “damn, we’re hot”
  • “hell yeah we are”
  • you constantly teasing him about his strange obsession with scarves
  • “isaac, baby, it’s the middle of summer; stop being weird”
  • mouthing things across the room to each other whilst in class
  • ‘you look really hot rn’
  • ‘yeah, well, you always look hot’
  • ‘i know’
  • him promising to take you to paris someday
  • shamelessly sending each other ugly faces on snapchat 
  • you being the only one able to calm and help him during his panic attacks, or after his nightmares
  • “you’re okay, you’re okay. i’m here, i’m with you, alright? i’m not going anywhere”
  • cuddling
  • so much cuddling
  • you often turning lydia or allison’s offer to go shopping down because “I can’t rn, i’m spending my day cuddling with isaac”
  • being each other’s firsts in mostly every sense of the word
  • first kiss
  • first date
  • first time
  • first love
  • both of you knowing that your relationship is and will always be more than just a high school romance
  • “hey, lahey, you wanna know something crazy?”
  • “hm?”
  • “i think i’m in love with you”
  • :——-)

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masterlist // request

anonymous asked:

Can I request a sequel to your MC reset theory where MC gets a lil' drunk on the first or second day of the reset and just calls their fave and blurts out everything? Bonus points for "You're my favourite, I wanted to stay with you" Thank you so much!

OHMYYOFSJNJ thank you so much for requesting this, i really appreciate knowing someone actually liked that!! you’re so welcome, and again thank thank thANK THANK THANKKK YOUUU!! side note i c ried,, a lil writing thi,,s,


  • when you called him he picked up so fast
  • you sound so happy
  • after a couple minutes he realizes that ur deadass drunk
  • then all of a sudden ur voice goes real sad and soft
  • “is ur eye alright nowww? i was so worried you know?”
  • you’re slurring but somehow he can understand you
  • my eye???
  • what about my eye?????
  • and you go on about his dreams about being a vet
  • what???
  • didn’t we just meet yesterday
  • how do u know all this
  • “of course i know these things!! but this dumb ability doesn’t let you rememberrr”
  • he’s really confused
  • you talk more about some gibberish he can’t comprehend
  • something about a cat named lisa or something
  • and again about his eye
  • eventually you fall asleep on him
  • and he’s so??
  • his heart kinda hurts a little
  • ?? what is this
  • he plays games all night to forget
  • but then ever since that happened he never brought it up again
  • he thought about it a lot
  • but will literally never say anything about it
  • the air between you two stays awkward and it probably makes him turn away from you a little
  • :’(


  • he thinks u sound cute drunk
  • he’d make fun of u for a while
  • until u literally just start crying
  • “??? mc?”
  • you start babbling nonsense and he assumes u must be one of those emotional talkative drunks
  • issa rlly cute
  • but then u start talking about how he saved you from a dangerous white haired man in the apartment
  • ??? what kind of imagination does this girl have
  • he plays along asking u what happened next
  • at this point u kinda forgot u were talking to him
  • but you continue
  • going on and on about a hacker
  • and how you spent the night at his house
  • zen is puzzled
  • hey hey hey this is getting a bit..
  • eventually all he hears from the other side of the line is your soft breathing
  • he wonders if you fell asleep
  • “sweet dreams, mc.”
  • he’s about to hang up but then hears you mumble something that sounded like his name
  • “don’t go..”
  • after this zen found it kinda hard to approach you
  • he wanted to know what you meant
  • he spends his nights frequently waking up from dreams he can’t recall
  • yet he acts like nothing happened in the chatroom
  • but when he can’t help the growing feelings along with the feeling it wasn’t the first time this had happened
  • he starts to remember what his dreams were about


  • she was at home
  • working like always even when she isn’t at the office
  • then she gets a phone call from you
  • she hesitates a bit
  • i mean she just met you today so
  • “hello? this is kang jaehee”
  • “aah.. jaeheee..”
  • you sounded relieved to hear her voice
  • “uh.. mc? are you.. feeling okay?”
  • you were pretty sure you were drunk
  • but right now all you wanted was to hear her voice
  • “i wish we could go back to the way we used to be”
  • you sounded really sad
  • jaehee didn’t really know how to react
  • so she just listens
  • “hey..”
  • your voice is all hoarse and cracking
  • “do you think if i hadn’t chosen you then i wouldn’t have to be so sad now?”
  • “but then..”
  • “i wanted to stay with you in the end”
  • she didn’t need to see your face
  • to know that you were in tears
  • jaehee doesn’t know why but she ends up hanging up
  • without a word
  • she continues to work
  • with a heavy heart
  • i don’t even know what she looks like
  • and for the first time
  • she fell asleep at her desk with her work left unfinished
  • and dreams of a blurry face with a smile warm like the sun


  • he was a bit surprised to see a phone call come in from you
  • considering how it was only the second day since you had joined
  • he certainly wasn’t expecting this
  • although he strangely could listen to your voice all day
  • you called him often at night
  • though he can tell pretty quickly that you’re hammered
  • he advises you to take it easy and rest
  • he doesn’t really pay attention to what you ramble about
  • but decides to humor you one night
  • if he was getting any closer to you
  • and opening up his heart now
  • this definitely would have closed it back up
  • “i keep forgetting how you were before i came here”
  • he didn’t understand a single word you were saying
  • it sounded
  • unreal
  • “i loved you”
  • “i loved you so much”
  • he would probably close off any feelings he was starting to have
  • or already had
  • he just
  • can’t comprehend it
  • his heart
  • his mind
  • cannot understand such feelings
  • such thoughts
  • are too much for him
  • the distance between you two would only grow overtime
  • jumin would probably be as confused with himself as he originally was when he was just learning to love
  • he needs time
  • before he can talk about it again with you


  • woo yall just love to see me suffer
  • seven would already be one of the only people to call you pretty frequently after only the first couple days
  • so one night you call him
  • you were tired from drinking a bit too much earlier while reflecting
  • and just laid in bed still drunk
  • “hey! what’s up?”
  • his voice alone was enough to make you tear up
  • “i can’t sleep”
  • “so i thought hearing your voice would help”
  • he chuckles and your stomach twists
  • because you could tell he was trying to not take it seriously
  • “are you trying to say i tire you out? i’m hurt, mc”
  • you know he’s just trying to cover what you said
  • but you were just so tired
  • “keep talking”
  • and talk he did
  • until you fell soundly asleep
  • seven is silent on the other line
  • contently listening to your soft breathing
  • “sa..saeyoung..”
  • he freezes
  • and his finger presses to end the call
  • just who were you
  • who
  • “..are you?”
  • he becomes frantic
  • and hacks into notes you kept on your phone
  • his insecurities come spilling out faster than before
  • how did you know so much about him
  • how could you pick out every flaw and fear he had
  • so perfectly
  • so effortlessly
  • his facade crumbles
  • and he has so many questions
  • “just who… am i?”

Dear Argyle,

I hope you never need to find this note. I just need to know someone will understand when I’m gone, if I’m gone. It all started freshman year. 

A silver-haired girl was sitting alone in the middle of the quad, absently chewing a blade of grass. She looked high as a kite, and I was concerned. I had not yet learned what curiosity could lead to, so I walked closer, forgetting every whispered warning I had heard. I wasn’t even carrying anything iron.

“Freshie! Get over here!” It was Flower, the TA from my literature class, and she looked absolutely panicked.

“What’s wrong with–”

“Shut up,” she muttered. Her hand moved briefly in front of her face. Within seconds, her mood ring was back on her finger, but whatever she saw had horrified her, and she pulled me back into the building without saying another word. I caught sight of a form approximating a man in my peripheral vision, standing too close to the girl.

“What the hell was that?” I asked Flower as soon as we got inside. 

“Try not to worry about it, Ada,” she said. “I think he saw you taking an interest, but you might still be okay. They leave the scientists alone. You might not have attracted too much attention.”

“What are you talking about? What’s going on? I’ll ask her if you don’t tell me,” I said, like an idiot. I wasn’t nearly as scared as I should have been.

Flower closed her eyes. “I guess it’s better than letting you make it even worse… Bambi and I used to be best friends. A bunch of us, back in the day, used to be happy to be swept up in the revels. We were so naive back then.”

“Wait, so it’s all real?”

“Of course it’s all real,” Flower said, rolling her eyes. “We didn’t believe any of the darker stories at the time, of course. We thought they were just meant to spook us into staying in our dorms and doing our homework.”

“What were the revels even like?”

“Even if I had the words, I don’t quite have the memories, except for faded hints of what we did. We should have realized what a problem that was after the first time, but what we could remember was so intoxicating… We all danced, we all sang, but it was always Bambi they wanted to hear from the most. She had a knack for playing with poetry, turning Renaissance sonnets into mesmerizing songs. It sometimes seemed like the Gentry were only letting her leave so she could come back knowing more poetry, carrying more beauty to share with them. She was never quite careful enough- she loved knowing that her songs had the power to entrance these beings beyond her understanding. After a while, the rest started wondering if we should stop going, if it was really worth it, but Bambi wouldn’t be convinced. She thought we were just jealous, and maybe we were.”

She stopped for a minute. “One night, things got blurrier than usual. Her idiot of a boyfriend was there, I remember that. The kind of hometown moron who wasn’t going to pay attention to the rules. She brought him anyway. Bambi was careful not to say anything about it, but one of the Gentry had been hovering too close to her, and she might have wanted to make some kind of statement by waving a boyfriend in front of him, to say she was unavailable or just to provoke his jealousy or something. I don’t know for sure, but they sure as hell don’t work like humans, I don’t know why she tried it.” Flower sighed. 

“She disappeared that night. Her boyfriend somehow emerged unscathed, and the rest of us wondered if he had traded her name away for his own safety.”

“But she’s here–”

“I’m not finished. People started seeing a doe running around campus. They gave her a wide berth, since she wore an amethyst necklace inscribed with a Latin phrase from one of the poems she adapted. We knew for sure when her boyfriend died in a hunting accident, but no one said anything.”

“It could be a coincidence–” 

“Shut up. It wasn’t. A few months later, Bambi appeared. She wasn’t a changeling, but she was different, emptier. She gets like this sometimes. We all try not to notice when she starts zoning out and eating leaves, or when she disappears. It’s better that way. She’s been doing alright, but we still keep our distance. She has never taken the necklace off, and it says not to touch her. That’s why I had to stop you from getting too close. I don’t know what would have happened if you had.”

I wore an iron ring after that, and made sure to wear gloves when we handled anything containing silver in the lab. I didn’t want to see… 

People kept whispering about Bambi, kept giving her a wide berth. I’m sure you’ve heard about her. She graduated that year, and instantly became a professor of songwriting at EU. Whenever I went home, I would find articles about the mysterious winner of so many music awards, speculating about why she never left town. In the one picture the world has of her, her necklace is turned around to hide the writing on the gems, her eyes are downcast, and her silver hair looks otherworldly. It always stuns me that the general population hasn’t guessed that there is magic surrounding her. 

I’m supposed to be out of here by the end of the month, but I need an art credit to graduate. The only class available was Bambi’s. I should have waited another semester, but I got paranoid that the school was trying to trap me here. I made the wrong move.

I have been writing the most beautiful songs, dreaming dreams that I can’t remember, dreams that leave me feeling wild and exhilarated and fearful when I wake up. Yesterday, in class, Bambi looked at us, her once soft eyes unfeeling and vacant, and announced that attending and singing at an upcoming performance in an undetermined location was the only way to pass the class. Hopefully, it works out fine. After all, Flower and the rest of her friends made it out okay… but I’m not sure. I think I was seen.

If I don’t come back, please just tell my mom I ran away to be a singer. It’s close enough to the truth.

Your friend,

Ada Lovelace

This story was inspired by @charminglyantiquated‘s @elsewhereuniversity! Feel free to share!

- Grace Babcock © 2017

Secret Admirer

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2,317

Request: by anon! ‘Hello, may I request a oneshot where your boyfriend Bucky finds out somebody has been sending you love letters and gifts and confronts them? Angsty, jealous!Bucky, fluff, and all the good stuff c:’

A/N: Anon, I hope you like this one! I quite like how it turned out! thank you for the request and feedback is as always greatly appreciated! <3

“Bucky!” you squealed in excitement and jumped up to hug him. He smiled brightly at your reaction and hugged back, walking the both of you into your apartment.

“I can’t believe you’re here” you mumbled into his neck, trying to hold him closer as you snuggled into him. He chuckled, lifting you up and you wrapped your legs around his torso. He easily walked around with you and sat down on the couch. Pulling back, you took his face in your hands and pressed a kiss to his lips.

“Ugh I missed you so much” you kept pecking his lips and he smiled against yours, bringing his metal hand to the back of your head to hold you steady as he deepened the kiss. You followed his lead without hesitation. Bucky’s hands roamed your waist and he pulled your shirt over your head. The split second you had to part made you realize you had completely forgotten what you had been doing before Bucky had shown up at your apartment door.

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