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Dimples (Mark, Ethan, Tyler and FemReader) fluffy drabble

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(A/n): lmao I was gunna’ write this and then I remembered this request

Request: Idk if requests are open but i ADORE you’re writing???? And i was wondering if maybe (if you want!) You could make a mark, tyler, and ethan with reader again? Idc what situation, thank you so much!!!

Warnings: Swearing mixed with bullshit and fluff


“No, no see? Ethan doesn’t have any.” you declared.

You lightly poked at the blue boy’s cheeks making him smile even wider.

“What is the percentage of humans that do have dimples?” Mark asked.

The four of you were sat outside under the inkwell sky. Soft yellow light that was produced from the porch lamps and sizzling fire were the only sources of light around. The L.A air was thick with a gentle heat from around the firepit, but had a crisp bite when you were out of range.

“I don’t know, like twenty?” you answered.

“Mark doesn’t have any.” Ethan pointed out.

You shifted your stare to look upon the dark haired man in the lawn chair beside yours. Squinting your eyes, you looked at him intently.

Mark didn’t move.

“Penis.” you demanded bluntly.

Mark couldn’t help but childishly break down laughing, along with Ethan.

You viewed his cheeks briefly before looking at Ethan “You’re right.”

Tyler smiled at you and chuckled a bit. You looked down at your crossed legs.

“None of you have any. Wow.” you commented, peering back up.

“What about you?” Ethan questioned, shifting calmly to look at you. A smile broke his face.

“Nahh.” you replied nonchalantly.

“No, you do. I’ve seen them.” Tyler defended, smiling a bit wider.

“Pfft, no.”

Your eyes caught sight of Mark wiggling and whining like a kid “Whaat? You have dimples and Tyler is the only one that gets to see them?”

“No, because even he hasn’t seen them because they don’t exist.” you challenged.

All Mark did was get up and strut to stand in front of you.

You looked away from him briskly, turning to face Tyler.

The bright night stars reflected off his irises and he beamed at you. To him, you mouthed the word ‘help’.

“(Y/nnnn), can I see your face please? I only want to spit on it.” Mark asked sweetly.

You shook your head wildly and squirmed a bit in you lawn chair “That’s rape.”

“May I please see your face?” The brunette asked with a bit more force.

“The Lord will slaughter your grandchildren for your crimes.”

“Pleeeaseeee??” he whined again, reaching a large hand down to you. Behind him you could hear both Tyler and Ethan already giggling.

“I REQUIRE AN ADULT!” You laughed, still not looking at him. You wiggled a bit more, eyeing behind Mark in caution “Be careful, Mark, there’s a fire there!”

“Shut up and look at me!” Mark laughed on his own.

His hand found your jaw and he pulled it to make you view him directly.

You were laughing profoundly now and so was everyone else.

“You liar, you do have dimples!”


(A/n): Well, if this isn’t cute, then I don’t know what is

Everyone at the 2016 MAMA’s: Why is it so dark in here?? I can’t even see them preform?? What is going on??

Me: Well, Na Jaemin, the sun, the lights, and everything bright in this world is not here, so you may just have to listen a little harder. It’s just like watching watching them in 140p with the brightness turned down. You’ll be fine.

If Newt Discovered Pokemon


modern au

-First, you would be a muggle while dating Newt omg

-He would show you all the magic stuff



- you would casually mention pokemon while talking about childhood stuff

-he kept asking questions until you gave him your old DS

-Going out with friends then coming back and seeing him in a blanket fort with his only light source being the DS

-”Newt…what are you doing?”



-You don’t even mention Pokemon go

-he finds out about it anyway

-he cries from sleep deprivation because of how cute the pokemon are and how he can’t have them

-”Newt why are you crying?..”



-You finally give in and sometimes watch the show with him.

-Sometimes, you do have to take away the DS to get his priorities straight

-it is not a fun time for anyone when this happens.

Advice to beginner artists

Here’s an advice I saw my dear friend Jon Dunham gave to a struggling artist. I thought I absolutely must share:

If you go out to find someone lost in the dark at night, you don’t go out immediately, but take a flashlight so that you may see, or else you may become lost and unable to find what you are looking for.
In the same way when you start a painting, you give some thought to planning pre-emptively, paying attention to pre-defining your light sources, forms, and perspective.

When you are searching for someone with a flashlight at night, you don’t give up after just an hour and go home even if you haven’t found them. You keep going, unsure whether you will or not.
Similarly, when painting, you should not expect to see significant results after a short period of time and effort, you need to finish what you start to get the most out of it.

When you are looking for someone, you don’t aimlessly cover the same square block over and over again, you spread out your search and go the distance.
If you don’t do finished pieces, you are never learning how to do finished pieces, you are only practising the same steps over and over, figuratively walking in circles.

When you find the person you are looking for, you would not be affectless, you would feel relieved for you know that they are safe and that you no longer need to worry.
When you finally finish the painting you are working on, you would not be affectless, you feel confident and proud in your work (no matter how briefly),  for you know that you have made steps and have a definable, tangible depiction of your skill.

a poet
and their words

oh, what a suffering death
and an abundant life
this furtive multitude
of polar opposites
for it is known
that while a poem penned
can be their greatest joy
it could also be
their source of strife

appearing even
at the best of times
with the most radiant
illuminating light
yet at other times
they remain trapped
held captive in the dark
as useless as a lantern
hidden out of sight

these words
Oh, these words
are the poets every wound
exposed to all
yet, the very breeze
that brings them healing
it is their deepest bleeding gash
but better still
can be the scab coagulating

for truthfully
my dearest friend
and lover
of the written word
it is the very poison
that festers within them
as well as the only cure
they need to drink
it is their sweetest truth
humbly revealed
and the bitter lies exposed
on which they chew
and think

these words
Oh, these words
for these words you see
and come to read
are to the poets’
their most prized
and fruitful blessing
of a talent freely gifted
yet, they are
the heaviest weight
that they must carry
this most brilliant burden
of a curse
never lifted


Photo of Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen in Becoming Jane (2007)

Imagine having a late night video call with Johnny. The sky is dark, you could already see the moonlight shinning through your curtains. Your lamp and laptop were your only light sources. Laying on your side and placing your head on your pillow, he follows your lead. He looked handsome even if he was wearing his pajamas: black shorts and a branded t-shirt. You two begin to talk about your day, what you did, what you ate and everything else in between. You can feel the tiredness overtake you. You yawn as Johnny talks about what Jaehyun did earlier today, but you tried to fight it as much as you could. You could hear Johnny say something, mumble really before you succumb to your sleepiness.
You wake up and you notice your video call is still on. Johnny is sleeping. He still looks handsome regardless. You see that he sent you something on the chat.
“You know you’re cute when you sleep? Just one of the things I love about you.”
You smiled. You knew you loved this boy too much.

The Phoenix Lights

On March 13, 1997, thousands of people across the city of Phoenix and nearby areas reported strange, glowing lights that slowly moved across the night sky in the shape of a V. As there has never been a clear explanation of what exactly took place that evening, many UFO enthusiasts believe that this event is one of the best documented examples of a UFO sighting. (source)

Imagine Dean singing you to sleep after he sees you having a nightmare

wordcount: 673

Request by: anon

pairing: dean x reader

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to get done, I blame it on school work (even though its cause I procrastinate so much oops!). Also at the time of uploading this I’m like 20 followers away from 1000 followers (thanks guys so much), if anyone has any suggestions for what I should do when I hit the big 1000 send me a message <3

You burst through the doors of the dimly lit, abandoned cabin. The only source of light peaked through cracks in between the boarded up windows.

You clutched your knife closer to your chest as you carefully stepped through hallways being cautious not to make a sound.

You neared the eerie door at the end of the corridor. Slowly, you leaned your hand against the wood applying slight pressure to push it open. A creaking noise came from the door loudly filling the once deadly silent house. You cursed knowing that whatever was in the house with you definitely heard you.

Not a second later you felt a sharp pain in your head as something from behind you grabbed your hair and began dragging you away.

You screamed thrashing around, trying to grab onto anything but it all seemed to be moving slightly out of your reach. You knew you were going to die, that there was no way out. You were never afraid of death, but it’s completely different when it’s actually happening to you. Tears rolled down your face, staining your cheeks.

Eventually, you got flung forward into a chair and came face to face with your killer.

Shock overtook your body as you looked up to see your boyfriend, Dean Winchester.

“Dean?” you asked with a hoarse whisper.

You looked up into your boyfriend’s eyes and he looked directly in yours. Fear flowed through your body as his eyes turned completely black and he started walking towards you.

You tried to jump out of the chair but it was no use. It was like an invisible field kept you pinned to the chair.

When you looked back up, Dean had an axe in his hand, dragging along the floor behind him as he took steps to get closer to you.

You began to cry harder than you had ever cried before as you screamed for your boyfriend to come back to you.


Dean had just returned to the bunker from a hunt when he heard your screams. He shot his head up to his brother, fear covered his face. Almost instantly, he dropped the bags he was carrying and ran towards where the sound was coming from. His and Y/N’s bedroom.

Once Dean bust through your door, his fear calmed when he saw you was fine but it instead was replaced with concern as he saw you tossing and turning within the covers of your bed.

“Dean, no please,” he heard you murmur in your sleep. He walked over to the bed before getting in the covers with you and shaking your shoulders slightly to wake you up.

Gradually, you opened your eyes, still shaken from the vivid nightmare you had to see your boyfriend Dean next to you. On instinct you scooted away from him and you saw a look of hurt run through his face before it was once again masked with concern.

“Y/N. It’s me, you had a nightmare, it’s okay now,” Dean held his arms out and you climbed into them being comforted by his words. His hand stroked through your hair.

Silent sobs escaped your mouth as you cried into Dean’s chest.

“Hey, shhh Y/N, everythings okay. You need to get some sleep.” He whispered giving you a slight kiss to your forehead

You closed your eyes and not a second later Dean’s soft voice filled the room.

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

You hummed happily into his chest as you fell into a deep sleep without any nightmares knowing you was protected by Dean.

Hey Jude, don’t be afraid
You were made to go out and get her
The minute you let her under your skin
Then you begin to make it better…

Dean trailed off, falling asleep next to you knowing that for one of the first times in his miserable hunter life, he was happy.

And then there is the question of time. What for instance is an instant? Hours, minutes, seconds, even, these are comprehensible, since they can be measured on a clock, but what is meant when people speak of a moment, a while—a tick—a jiffy? They are only words, of course, yet they hang above soundless depths. Does time flow or is it a succession of stillnesses—instants—moving so swiftly they seem to us to join in an unbreaking wave? Or is there only one great stillness, stretching everywhere, in all directions, through which we move like swimmers breasting an infinite, listless sea? […] There are lights now in the sky that set out from their sources a billion years ago. But are there lights? No, only light, flowing endlessly, moving, every instant.
Everything blurs around its edges, everything seeps into everything else. Nothing is separate.
—  John Banville, from The Infinities (Vintage, 2011)

“We’re gonna die. You know that, right?” Ghoul’s voice was low, quiet. He wrung his hands together and stared at nothing.

Poison clenched his hands against the wheel until his knuckles turned white. He kept his eyes on the road and didn’t glance at Ghoul for even a second. “Yeah.”

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The title of the book Sanji is reading is <Norland, the King of Liars>. The thick book beside him is <the Encyclopedia of the Devil’s Fruit>.

Goda’s foreshadowing ability strikes again…!

That aside, it makes my heart ache to think that one probable reason why Sanji was so into reading books when he was a child was because he had no one to ‘play’ with… and he made food for mice also because he had no one else to cook for… *crying my eyes out*

Going back to chapter 227 where Sanji first revealed that he was from North Blue and that he had heard of Norland before… I understand Sanji’s smile here as he talks about Norland from a new light now that we know more about his past. That fairy tale must’ve been a true source of comfort in his terribly painful and lonely childhood, judging by the way he smiles reminiscently at the mention of it and doesn’t even shy away from telling everyone that he’s from North Blue. 

And what about Sanji’s wish to eat the Suke Suke No Mi? I’ve written about this theory here, and now I’m quite certain that the original reason why he wanted that fruit was because he wanted to hide from his abusive family. His reason for wanting it might’ve changed… uh, to a more perverted thing as he grew up, but I don’t think peeping on naked women was his most earnest desire when he was a kid at least.  

just a small thing from the bad bad omegaverse au 

Rhys’ entire body hurt, his muscles trembling from being drawn taunt like bowstrings for hours on end. He lay back against the hospital bed, shaking, his fingers slowly unclenching from where they had been gripping into the sheets underneath him. He could barely register what was going on around him, only vaguely aware of fuzzy lights and sounds and smells. Ache still throbbed in his lower back and legs even as he laid limp and listless on the bed. Distantly, he could hear the soft cry of a child slowly calm. He blinked his eyes, trying to fight the exhaustion that was pulling at him. Slowly, his vision swam back into place as he sniffed wetly at the air, picking up a very slight, very new scent. He tried to locate the source of the smell with his eyes, but froze, letting out a whimper at what he saw.

Jack was standing, imposing and dark like a stain on a photograph, his arms curled around a small bundle of yellow blankets in his arms. The man’s steely eyes contrasted sharply against the warm smile spreading across his face, brilliant alpha canines poking out over his lower lip.  

Rhys watched in horror as the alpha bent down, brushing his nose against the little bundle of blankets, the deep, scenting inhales audible to the omega’s ringing ears. A small, strangled little whine left the man’s lips but his body barely twitched, weighted in exhaustion and his own bitter helplessness.

Rhys sobbed weakly, warm tears spilling over his cheeks as he watched Jack peel away the blankets and press a small kiss to the baby’s forehead—his eyes flitting to lock, dark and triumphant, with the omega’s as he did so.

“Oh Rhys, don’t cry,” Jack soothed, his shadow falling over the Rhys’ shaking body as he sat at the omega’s flank.

“Don’t you want to hold our baby?”


From the first episode of Mushishi season 2. A brewer finds a yeast-like mushi in flower nectar, which allows him to brew magical sake with the properties of Kouki, Mushishi’s spiritual life fluid.It’s an especially clear example of the congruence between the mushi ecology and the conventional one. The yeast mushi is even depicted more or less like a real yeast. The mushi is, like a real yeast, just taking photosynthetically-produced sugars and converting them into a magical, psychoactive substance, which in turn is an energy source that attracts other creatures.

It just feels different because kouki is mystical and symbolic, and we’re just too close to actual primary productivity to frame it in that way. The show’s out-of-time image of the kouki River of Light allows us to visualize what is more or less the flow of energy powering all of our thoughts and actions–something real ecology can only do with arrows and diagrams (which are great, but not quite as evocative). 

A Simple Beginning Ritual

So I’ve seen this pop up a couple of times in the tags and on Ask a Kemetic so I thought I’d chuck in my own 2 cents. Now this is KO influenced a bit, but hey, there are rituals in “kemetic” beginners books that read like the zombie of Gerald Gardner wrote em so who says influence is all bad? So here we go, super beginners and casual, no worries the Noof has got you.

What You’ll Need

- a flat surface. A bed is flat enough just not like an exercise ball or something. Floor is ok just maybe give it a good clean first or put down a cloth (yes a nice clean towel works)

-A light source. Candle, LED candle, even a flashlight if that’s what you’ve got

-Some good smelling stuff. Incense,oil warmer, those meltly wax cubes, or have your light source do double duty and have it be scented like a scented candle. A spritz of perfume even is ok.

- Water. If you can get nice purified kind that’s aces, but if tap is what you got go with that.

- Offerings. This can be bread, some of your pizza, gems, just something you want to give to  (the) Netjer that is from your heart. You can even make a votive offering by drawing the thing you want to offer, from bread to an iphone, if you can draw it or print it out and it’s from your heart then it’s a go. 

- An icon of the specific Netjer you are trying to say hi too. You can draw this, write out their name in hieroglyphs. If you just want to do a “Hey all ya’ll “ you can just use the sign for God/Netjer 

(From “conceptions of god in ancient egypt by Erik Hornung) you can use this lil fellow too:

We aren’t going to worry about stuff like Natron quite yet, so just go wash up as best you can and put on some clean clothes. If you are bleeding from a wound, clean that and redress it with fresh dressings. Menstrual taboo stuff I live up to each person. If you feel up to it ok go ahead, if you wanna wait it out ok. Unless you join an organized temple like KO it’s between you and your gods. 

So you’re all cleaned up and have set up your stuff so it looks nice to you, so have a seat if you want.You could do this all standing, or even laying down if you are bed bound, just don’t get so comfy you fall asleep. Take a second to count your breaths, center yourself. This can be hard, you might be nervous, or giddy or any other number of things.Just try and be as calm as you can get in that moment. Take your time. 

Turn on/light your light source and say 

“ Hail to you Netjer! Shining ones! Lover’s of Ma’at and haters of isfet!

I (your name goes here) call out to you, pure of heart and true of voice!

Please come and guide me so I may have a good life, doing ma’at, loving you and pass into the west.”

You can add on to this if you want. 

Pick up your water and hold it up a bit, presenting it to your icon and say;

“ I offer this water to you so you may be cooled and your love flow into me”

Put that down and pick up your good smelling thing/spritz it/waft it round and say:

“Oh Netjer! May this scent please and harold your coming into my life! May you give me life and breath!”

Take up your offerings and say 

“May this offering of -blank- please and sustain you as you sustain me”

You can use this time to make personal prayers, read from a book, meditate, do some divination it’s up to you. When you feel that you’re done, turn off/snuff out your light source, thank Netjer for being with you and generally clean up.

Trouble Shooting:

1: I want to work with a specific god.

In that case, do a little bit of research first, find out what they like in terms of offerings, for example Amun loves Myrrh, so you might want to offer some of that as a chunk or incense. You generally can’t go wrong with bread and water though. Then in the spoken portions where it says “Netjer” just insert the specific deity’s name.  

2: I didn’t feel anything! It was boring!

That happens. It is perfectly normal and ok. Not every ritual is going to be a magical mystery tour of spiritual elation. Sometimes you are going to be bored and feel silly sitting there talking to a picture. It’s part of this path just as much as visions and ka embraces. You can repeat this ritual again the next day if you want to, you can wait and look for signs, dreams, divination’s or go try another ritual by someone else or make up your own. Sometimes the netjer are busy and so you might get the proverbial “answering machine”. Don’t get to down on yourself. It happens. Keep at it. You can also shoot me an ask or message.

3: That was too casual and just what? Nothing like the ancients! Iphone votive offerings?! LED candles? Non-canon prayers!? What is this crap!?

Sorry there friend. This is what I did pre-KO and it got me a good response, Netjer hasn’t struck me dead yet so it seems to be ok. If you don’t like it, you’re free to not do it, go find one you like or make up your own one. *shrug emoji*

anonymous asked:

this might seem like a stupid question but in regards to the concert faq, what's the difference between a glow stick and a light stick?

a glowstick is basically a small temporary / short term (like… last for a few hours, if even that) source of luminescent light, while a lightstick is a larger source of light that is normally battery controlled and released specifically with a group in mind either for general fandom or for the purpose of a concert.

glowsticks can be found virtually anywhere: craft shops, hardware stores, dollar stores, walmart, target, grocery stores, online, etc. lightsticks are harder to find because they’re official merchandise and normally either: limited edition, sell out fast or they’re expensive. with shinee: sm has never released and official lightstick for them, but they’ve had a unique lightstick for all of their tours, both past and ongoing. you can usually find either mint condition or used lightsticks on sites like ebay, but it’s harder to find them for cheap because sm only sells them directly at concerts. as the faq was updated: glowsticks won’t be allow at the north american concert dates which may pose an issue when it comes to oceans if sm doesn’t allow merchandise to be sold at the concerts. 

Blogger as Biography Project

So I’m working on this project for class about biography as it sheds some light into struggles like war, education, and gender struggles. And I was thinking that it would be a really cool thing to use blog posts and even blog poetry as sources of autobiography. I’ve already been looking at Malala’s few diary posts back in 2009 (super inspiring girl btw) and know that there must be other lesser known blogs like that out there.

So I guess what I’m asking is if anyone has or knows about a blog that has made personal posts about their lives as it intersects with war, both in a physical sense and a war against women and education. I would love to read through them and, with the bloggers permission, use them as sources for this project!

Please send any blogs that fit this broad description my way, and if you can reblog this so the word spreads I would appreciate it!