what even is a future

Well, I’m off to Taiwan ‘til next month. Not sure how much I can be online, but there you have it.

I’m super excited to meet @liyuanne for the first time, she’s pretty much the only highlight of this trip haha (if you all don’t hear from me anymore then she most likely kidnapped and sold me to the black market)

Again, thank you @trueapex19 for introducing us, I freaking appreciate you so much for bringing her into my life because she has given me so much trivia about poop- more than I ever needed to know

I’m also very nervous…as I’m not sure if I’ll find what I’m looking for out there for my future. But even if I end up failing again, at least I’d have tried, and will just have to try another way.

Last but not least, I’m very happy to know that when I come home, should my feelings stay the same as it does now, there’s going to be someone I’d really like to call mine. She makes me so happy…when I believed that I couldn’t ever love or be loved again

If there’s a sign for me that I need to pull my life together to see another tomorrow…

it’s her.

Until then… please stay determined, everyone. Always remember to be kind, and keep moving forward.

I’ll see you again soon


time to dance // panic! at the disco

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Hey guys! With this time-travel event coming to a close, I’ve spent a bit of time cataloging this blog. A lot of you have been asking me to organise events by tag – so for your ease and mine, here they are!
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Man, oh, man, you’re my best friend
I scream it to the nothingness
There ain’t nothing that I need

I’ll follow you into the park,
Through the jungle, through the dark
Boy, I’ve never loved one like you

A little something for the South Asian wlw who are often forgotten.

To Tamil, Telugu, Malayali, Bengali, Kannadigas, Tulu, Maldivian, Bhutanese, Chhetri, Magar, Tharu, Tamang, Indo-Carribean, multiracial and other desi wlw. Desi wlw who are black.

To those who can’t relate to white wlw’s experiences, who have never been able to see their situations portrayed anywhere. To those who feel like there’ll never be any hope for them, due to factors like the homophobia and misogyny in south Asian communities or institutions like arranged marriage. Who feel like they cannot talk about their struggles in fear of having them reflect on their culture.

To the desi wlw who don’t have any role models to look up to, who are clueless about what to do or whether or not they will even have a future for themselves. To those who are scared about being shunned from their communities and families. To those who aren’t even allowed to love men and are expected to marry a stranger, making loving a woman seem impossible.

It can be immensely isolating when you don’t see yourself anywhere or when you’re never given the opportunity to be heard. But make no mistake, our stories are diverse and are worth telling. We have each other, we have other wlwoc/wlw who can relate to us and we can get through this together.

on this episode of “shitty things you shouldn’t have to do but should anyways because the world sucks” please please make a code with your close friends that indicates distress or that you’re in danger or need to be picked up immediately because you never know when you might need it and if you’re in a bad situation a lot of ppl will monitor what you’re saying on messages or through phone calls very closely

there’s a whole world out there you haven’t seen yet; cute coffee shops you havent been at and aesthetic buildings you have never even heard about. dogs to pet along the way while you’re exploring your favorite foreign city. you still have to go through days of stargazing with the love of your life and waking up next to them.
- the struggles you’re going through are not worth throwing all these things away. stay alive to see what the future brings you. stay alive. even if it is just for the fact that you cant imagine never smelling flowers again. whatever happens, its not time yet to become one with the sky.

Another drawing of the trash boy from Long Exposure. He was too tall for my sketch book. Character belongs to @smokeplanet.

Shirt reads “My mom said I could be anything, so I became an asshole.”

I know we all have sweet and even angsty ideas about what Shiro and Keith’s reunion in future would be like but… what if

Keith’s not going to take anymore of Shiro’s disappearing crap…

Bonus: (Mata-don)


See this kid here? This is RICKY FUCKING ULLMAN. He was the ORIGINAL DISNEY CHANNEL BAE. Let me educate y'all on this motherfucker right here okay he was Phil in Phil of the future an ICONIC Disney channel show about a family from the future who travels through time and gets stuck in our time aka 2004 and they had fucking BROWNIES IN A CAN and PENNY ROCKETS and FOUR TOES AND THEY WERE FUCKING RAD. This iconic star of my time also starred as Roscoe in the LEGENDARY DCOM pixel perfect where he played a genius geek child who created ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TO BE THE LEAD SINGER OF HIS BAND BC THE OTHER LEAD SINGER COULDNT DANCE. ICONIC. (Then the other chick tried to live up to the AIs performance and cartwheeled off the stage and fell into a coma and the AI took over her body for a while it was lowkey dark as shit)
Ricky Ullman was the ORIGINAL Peyton Meyer and Ross Lynch and even predates the biggest heart throb in the history of Disney channel early zAC EFRON. MY GUY RICKY WAS THE OG Y'ALL. Let me tell you when I was seven years old and I first saw his fine ass in that time machine my world was shook. THE ENTIRE WORLD WAS SHOOK AT THE FIRST GLIMPSE OF THIS ICON OF OUR TIME. Every kid was in love with him and we were all lowkey hoping Phil would make us part of his future.
I don’t know why at 2:30 am at night I felt the need to educate the masses on the ICONIC Ricky Ullman but i did. It’s a thing. A tribute to an ICON. A LEGEND.

“You’re not gay/trans/gendefluid, you’re too young! It’s just a phase.”

First of all, mind your own fucking business.

Second of all, how the fuck do you know? How do you know their experience better than they do? How do you know the inner truth of their mind better than them? You don’t, shut up.

Third of all, even if it is a phase, so what? Maybe in the future their identity will be different. Maybe it’ll turn out they’re not what they thought they were. What does it change? Why does it matter? The way they’ll feel in the future doesn’t change what they feel now. It doesn’t make their current identity less valid. That’s literally not how chronology works.

Fourth of all, fuck you.