what even are homestuck

i was being dumb earlier so this happened

The signs + obscure colors
  • Aries: burgundy
  • Taurus: bronze
  • Gemini: dijon mustard
  • Cancer: gray. just gray.
  • Leo: olive
  • Virgo: jade
  • Libra: teal
  • Scorpio: cerulean
  • Sagittarius: indigo
  • Capricorn: dark magenta
  • Aquarius: violet
  • Pisces: fuchsia
this is why hiveswap excites me

When hussie actually fuckin gives it to us, all the big gamers will do lets plays and people will watch and want to go play and you cant fully understand the game and the references in it without reading homestuck first so those people will go and read homestuck. It will become popular again. there will be a whole new generation of fans. theyll go lurk on youtube and find all the broadway karkat songs and we’ll have hundreds of newbies screaming the lyrics to karkalicious at cons. theyll go make their own cosplays and maybe now we can have more than 50 homestuck cosplayers at con meetups. theyll all go through the bucket joke phase. theyll start saying gog and jegus. theyll all swoon and drool over karkat and have fights about whether gamzee and eridan were bad characters or not. theyll all go look for faygo and tab in their local stores. we’ll have a whole new generation of homestucks doing what we used to do and im so excited for the wave of nostalgia for the 2012 homestucks who went through the first wave of it

but what excites me the most is that there will be even more new homestuck artists, fansongs, cosplayers, inside jokes, and more. there will be MORE. ntm theres gonna be new stuff relating to hiveswap too, so twice the new content from fans!! idk this stuff just really excites me because i came in late, april 2015. i missed the time when homestuck was popular. now ill finally get to experience it and it makes me so happy

hiveswap will be the homestuck fandoms resurrection i can feel it. itll be alive and well again :D

welcome 2 moviefone

honestly I’m thinking about this post again and this just happens with like every goddamn movie the two of them see, together or otherwise. dirk comes out of literally every movie he watches (except the sbahjs, which are just relics of the old universe tbh) with a laundry list of complaints a mile long and jake just comes out of every movie he watches with a rambled list of things he loved and a bet that the sequel’s going to be even better than the first one!

and there’s something just weirdly contagious about jake’s enthusiasm. while dirk will never change his mind that the movies are bad (dirk thinks like literally every movie ever made [again, except sbahj films] is bad, it’s a problem) but he does kind of stop complaining and just scuff his foot into the dirt and smile a little. yeah jake, he says, trying not to let jake see him grinning. that part where the evil dude literally turned into the ghostbusters logo was pretty rad. yeah jake, it was pretty neat that the nice guy was actually the evil dude all along. yeah, jake. something about jake’s eternal enthrallment and happiness about even the worst movies humanly imaginable (but also, the best movies humanly imaginable) just makes dirk tingle from head to toes to be a part of.