what else would i be doing during a livestream i mean really

‘i can’t help but want’ epilogue

i wrote a short little piece for @legendarydesvender for her birthday. i’d just released this fic when we started talking, and i still remember fondly that she doodled a little spock!keith for me during the livestream that we met in. happy birthday sven!! you’re lovely and wonderful and make me laugh every single day  💖💖💖

keith/lance (2112 words) 

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(English Subs + Text) Soraru and Mafumafu’s new Cooking Videos

”I tried making Sticky Ramen for my friend”
I’ve subbed Soraru’s latest video on his official channel where he tries to cook a meal for Mafumafu! :O If the English subs don’t pop up immediately, click the gear icon and enable them~

Below the “read more” is the full transcript for Mafumafu’s video!
Watch Mafumafu’s video here.
I can’t subtitle it because his channel doesn’t have community contributions enabled, sorry! ;_; But feel free to share the link to this post if you see people wanting to know what’s happening in the video!
This goes line by line and might be a bit hard to understand without the video side by side, so feel free to ask if you have any questions~ I hope you enjoy both videos! :)
(Please do not use these translations to upload a subbed version of either video to Youtube or anywhere else)

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mrsklemzak  asked:

More tidbits pls? Gonna put your blog on notify. :D

haha sure! i mean, i’m just recalling snippets of things she said while she was sketching but

  • coach’s first name is richard and that is indeed why bitty’s middle name is richard
  • jack is loosely based off of sidney crosby in that ngozi wanted to see what it would be like if she ruined his life (sort of, see previous post)
  • bad bob is supposed to be wayne gretzky, basically
  • pretty much everyone on the team comes from some sort of privilege because let’s face it hockey is an expensive sport. even the bittles are distinctly not-poor because coach is a football coach in the south and that is a thing
  • ransom’s parents are super educated; i think at least his mother is a scientist
  • lardo is a first generation american; chowder is not. his parents met at samwell
  • shitty’s parents met at andover and immediately fell in love; shitty’s childhood was a push-pull of her, very liberal, wanting to make sure he grew up aware of his privilege and him, rich legacy, wanting shitty to uphold that legacy
  • zimmermann is spelled with two ‘n’s to make him distinct from george zimmerman
  • bitty was originally supposed to be a prep school kid from connecticut (laughing so hard because i am in fact from connecticut)
  • bitty grew less intense and jack grew more intense during the conception phase
  • there was a fascinating discussion about jack and kent’s names and nicknames: they each sort of have three tiers from casual to intimate (zimmermann - jack - zimms and kent - parse - kenny, i believe). when they usually talk they are in the middle at jack & parse. when they are pissed at each other it’s zimmermann & kent. when they are having more intimate conversation it’s zimms & kenny
  • from last livestream: bitty would be something like a jigglypuff if he were a pokemon. if he were a trainer he would totally have like a level 70 charmander he wouldn’t make evolve. jack would have something like a growlithe and also a gyarados and would probably legitimately think gyarados was cute. he’d think it was weird bitty didn’t have a charizard by now and his team would be mostly intimidating pokemon. (i may or may not have spent like 3 solid hours trying to make jack and bitty’s perfect teams from the original 150 because who has time for anything else now really)
  • parse is a slytherin
  • jack is not that good at photography and probably knows it, but he doesn’t care
  • bad bob’s friends actually call him ‘bobby’
  • holster and ransom have a fuck-ton of sisters between them lol
  • jack has a hard time letting anyone in and that includes shitty (i.e. there are things about him even shitty does not know)

but probably the best and most important piece of information is that, in the spirit of stanford’s tree, samwell’s mascot is a fucking dancing well. like the kind you draw water from. idk how canon ngozi actually intended that to be, but the sketch she drew was PRICELESS (and she said it’d go up somewhere)

i tried to write final mission angst but ended up with post-game fluff instead. this pairing has clearly changed me as a person. (not that i’m complaining) ao3 link

Summary: The one in which Liam and Scott have a talk. 

Family Welcome

“So,” Scott starts without missing a beat. “You and my sister, huh?”

Liam realises there is a distinct possibility that Scott Ryder wants to kick his arse. While he’s prepared for that eventuality, believes himself to have the skills to defuse such a situation even, Scott must be able to read the apprehension on his face because he laughs and holds his hands up in resignation. “Nope, not gonna go all grr-grr-protective-big-brother on you,” he assures, “Sara would never let me live it down. At the end of the day, I’m the little one.” 

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Sleep Is A Good Thing...


Originally posted by crankityler

Your entire life, from the moment you took your first steps, you knew that you wanted to be a doctor. You just didn’t know how difficult it was going to be. You had graduated high school the previous year, and were almost done with your first year of college, trying to earn your medical degree. With all of the essays and exams piling up, you knew you needed a break.

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Hey @alittleluckycharm I am happy to announce that I am your back up Secret Santa gifter from @mlsecretsanta. I am so sorry for the delay, but I hope you like this gift I have prepared for you ^_^ 

You wanted some family friendly love square fluff, preferably Ladynoir or Ladrien, so that is what I have attempted to provide. 

It gets super fluffy I promise ^_~ 

What was Always There

She had never understood how it was that Chat Noir always seemed to know when she had a particularly awful day. Maybe it was because he was her partner, maybe it was just sheer dumb luck, but somehow he had this crazy habit of being around whenever she was low, ready to cheer her up.

It hadn’t always been the case. In fact, she could pinpoint it back to about 4 months ago.

A particularly troublesome akuma had caused her to be a good three hours late to school, drenched from head to toe after having to get across town. Her transformation had worn off just moments after she had managed to escape the eager attentions of the press, ducking into an ally as the glowing pink morphed her back into her usual state. Just in time for the torrential downpour to start.  

Ms. Mendeleiev, who had never been one to be particularly lenient even on her best days, had wasted no time in scolding her in front of their class, glowering and prodding as Marinette had struggled to come up with any sort of reasonable excuse. Chloe and Sabrina had snickered through the entire affair, and most of the rest of the class had watched with varying degrees of apathy and pity. Worst of all Adrien, who usually was one of the most understanding of her friends when it came to terrible attendance records, had been staring at her as though he had never seen her before.

In his defense, she had rather looked like a drown rat.

The day had not gotten better from there- a pop quiz she had almost certainly failed, her parents grounding her for her unexplained absence which had been prolonged enough that they had been notified, and to top it all off, a deliberate snub as Chloe proceeded to invite everyone in the class- save Marinette and Alya- to attend a VIP party at the hotel.

As soon as her parents had gone to bed she had transformed and hurried off to burn off some of her anger.

She had not expected Chat Noir to show up.

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yoozon  asked:

HEY, i trust you, you got any fic recs/fic rec posts?? because im in some need of good fics. any ship. it can be a crack fic idc. help me.

Okedoke here is my fic tag where I reblog any writing that catches my fancy. There will be myriad of ships, but the majority of them will be Klance. Go off.

Now then, under the cut will be some AO3 fics I’ve read that I really loved and don’t think are on tumblr. Or that I haven’t seen any posts about at the least. The list is by no means complete, I worked on this for like an hour and then decided ‘nah.’ I’ll update it as time goes on, prolly. Maybe I’ll make a page on my blog??

… This is all mostly Klance fics. I’m sorry. I also got really tired and eventually just started posting links with no commentary, my b, I’ll prolly go back one day and make everything nicer.

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My wonderful anon,

I so appreciate you bringing this moment up in more detail because, well, I have a lot of detail that I could go into and I’ve been lowkey waiting for a chance since… basically the first time I saw this livestream!!!

You are absolutely right that it’s not just Jaebum being jealous! There’s some definite jealousy on Youngjae’s side too because of the adorable Markbum interaction, and then Jinyoung comforting him once he stops giving Mark heart eyes and notices Youngjae sulking slightly, and that’s when Jaebum notices and starts getting jealous, and just… there’s so much in just this 30 seconds. But are you also aware of the other 16 minutes of this Vlive?? Because this whole livestream is one of my two absolute favorite vlive videos, and we need to talk about it!! 

Honestly, as the hardcore ot4 trash (and YugBam fan) that I am, I could go on and on about every moment of this video, but I’m going to attempt to focus on the 2jae bits since that’s where this began and I need to give myself some limits or I’ll go on forever I did anyway… SO LET’S JUMP IN WITH MY FAVORITE 2JAE MOMENTS AND THEN WE’LL TAKE IT FROM THE TOP! 

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Hacking the Ladyblog

Chat Noir likes taking goofy pictures on patrol. That was normal.

What was not normal was those photos showing up without any explanation on the Ladyblog.

(AO3) (FF.net)

When Ladybug first found Chat Noir crouched across the street from Alya’s apartment building, staring intently at the screen on his baton, she didn’t think anything of it. Her partner could sometimes be found in odd places and unless whatever he was doing was really odd, Ladybug didn’t bother questioning it. Her partner was too honest to be doing anything else, like spying on someone, so it was completely possible (and very probable) that Chat Noir was watching the new kitten that Alya’s neighbors had gotten just the other week.

So Ladybug sighed, rolled her eyes, and called Chat Noir over to start their patrol. Her partner startled with a yowl before pasting an innocent expression on his face and dashing over to her with a welcoming grin. She didn’t ask what he had been doing and he didn’t offer any explanation.

So she forgot about it, until Alya let out an unholy shriek one morning as they sat at their desks waiting for class to start.

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Blurbs/Scenarios/Prompts/Imagines aka every name you could call them

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One Shots:


  • To be written: Behind the Bar 


  • Getaway
  • To be written: Getaway pt. 2



  • To be written: Napkin Song
  • To be written: Wrapped Around Your Finger Inspired
  • To be written: Covers
  • To be written: Albums (Covers pt.2)


Wintertime would include…

Nameless(aka imagine whichever guy you want):





Let’s have a serious talk...

Okay, I feel the need to talk about this. Let’s talk about ships, specifically, Septiplier. Now, there’s been some… tension this weekend about ships. During the livestream, we all noticed that both Mark and Jack felt uncomfortable whenever their ship was mentioned, which is okay. They ship it for us, so that they can laugh at it and just have fun with some “flirting;” however, it has come to my attention that everyone, whether you ship Septiplier or Jelix or whatever, is starting to growl and hiss at one another like cats and dogs. 

Let me state this now: I ship Septiplier, although I have a realistic perspective. This means, I know that Mark and Jack are never ever going to get together because they have two beautiful girlfriends, who they may marry one day, and have little Marks and Jacks running around, yet I like to draw cute art of them. I know how adorable septiplier can be; although, it will never happen. Now let me state another thing: I don’t know Mark and Jack on a personally level, but I would like to think that just because they get uneasy at the thought of septiplier, it does NOT mean that it ruined their friendship!

 Let me further this with an example: My boyfriend thinks that my best friend and I would be cute if we got together, however, this does not me that I am gay nor is my best friend gay. My boyfriend sometimes will make little innuendos towards me and my friend because she and I are so close, and while it is a little embarrassing, it doesn’t ruin my friendship with my friend. I would like to think the same for Mark and Jack. Mark and Jack love each other platonically. It’s okay to ship septiplier, but we must remember that they are real people, who have girlfriends and are attracted to the female species. They always have and always will be attracted to the opposite sex.

Okay now let’s talk about something a little more: The Communities. I am really surprised at everyone lately! Just today, I took a stand for an artist, who draws septiplier, and I got attacked by a person who spoke harshly to me about why septiplier is wrong. Okay, well, I do not want to fight with anybody, but attacking a person because they took a stand for someone else is not cool. You have an opinion, as do I, but telling me that my opinion is wrong will not really attract me to really want to come back to the community. I’m going to state this: This is no one’s fault! It’s not Mark’s, or Jack’s, or the shipper’s or anybody! I do think as shippers, we could tone it down with the um… *ahem* NSFW fanfics and art. And the non-shippers could tone it down with the attacking. If you don’t like it, ignore it. Do not pay it any mind. If it bothers Mark or Jack, surely to God they have the courage to go to that author or artist and politely ask them to not draw or write that kind of stuff as it makes them uncomfortable. I know if I was in their shoes, I would be blushing and hiding my face if I saw my body written or drawn in such a provocative manner.

What I am trying to get at is… We’re not perfect, and that’s fine, but fighting and blaming each other is not going to help anything. Okay? People will do things that make others uncomfortable, but attacking each other like a bunch of rabid animals is not going to solve how we fix it. We may not know each other, but by God, we are a family. A community of people. We took a promise to help those in need. I don’t care if you come from Mark’s community, or Jack’s, or from both, if there’s a problem, we all need to band together and figure a way out to solve it. For if we don’t…. I fear that the communities will tear each other apart and I don’t really want to lose my community families like that. Neither do Mark or Jack. I love you guys, but listen to me. I’m not saying this to make people mad, or to hurt people, or to make someone hate me. I’m saying this to save the communities. To help people understand Jack and Mark better. Remember my words okay guys? Love you <3

Your community sister,

iwachann  asked:

9 and kinkunikage

things you said when i was crying

They were never going to go to watch that game, this much is clear. The loss is too fresh, too newly scabbed-over for Kindaichi or Kunimi to subject themselves to. Though they were given permission to skip school for a day and watch Karasuno take on Shiratorizawa, Kindaichi has been vocal about his inability to subject himself to that, and Kunimi quickly agrees.

It surprises Kindaichi and Kunimi both when they arrive at practice the next day to the announcement that Karasuno has defeated the nemesis that not even their most powerful senpai could beat.

Karasuno has just won. He has won. The insurmountable monolith of Ushijima Wakatoshi has been conquered by a band of misfits in ancient uniforms and not even a full roster. Maybe Kageyama really has been smarter about volleyball than the rest of them this whole time, if he chose this school over a much more prominent Aobajousai.

Kindaichi doesn’t care to think about whether Kageyama would’ve ended up at Seijou, also, had they not fallen out. It’s a subject he and Kunimi don’t talk about. Not anymore

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chiwalker  asked:

How 'bout you livestreamed with your forever best friend and I know it's irrational but I miss you and I'm jealous?

I know you sent this prompt to Sophie, but she saved it for me because she knows that I am absolutely in love with Darius, and this shit gives me life.

“So … saw your livestream.”

Misha smiles as he presses the phone against his ear with his shoulder, leaving both his hands free to grab at his daughter before she runs away, so that he can wipe the smeared chocolate off her face. “Oh yeah?” he says, slightly distracted by the straw-headed wiggle worm that is his progeny.

“Yeah. It was funny.”

Misha manages to clean Maison off to the point that she’s at least decent-ish—enough to where he won’t be worried about her getting chocolate all over the couch. “Glad you liked it.” He finally lets his daughter go and smacks her bum as she runs off giggling.

“Yeah” Jensen says again, but now that Misha is really listening, he can tell just how awkward the man sounds.


“What do you mean, what?”

Misha laughs. “I mean, what’s up with you?”

The call is quiet a moment before he hears Jensen rustling around the speaker. “Nothin’. I’m fine.”

Okay …” Misha rattles, but he shrugs it off—knowing his friend well enough to get that, sometimes he’s moody, but he’ll talk about it if he really needs to. “So …” Misha begins again, getting ready to ask the guy how he’s been doing.

“Did Darius make his flight?” Jensen jumps in, slightly more urgent than Misha is expecting.

Um … no, but there was another one leaving about an hour later, so he switched it.”

“Oh … good. I mean, not good that he missed his original flight, but good that he got another one. That’s … yeah.”

Now Misha is squinting, staring blankly out the window to the backyard. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yeah” Jensen squeaks, sounding strange with his voice so high. “Just … ya know, makin’ sure that your friend made it home safe.”

“That’s very … considerate of you” Misha says skeptically.

“What did you two do? While he was there, I mean. How long was he there? I mean, when Jared and I were there you didn’t mention him … so, like was he there when we were there?”

Um, yeah … he was here. Stayed for about a week.”

“Stayed – with you?” Jensen whispers.

And Misha can’t help but chuckle now because he thinks he’s finally seeing what’s going on—and after being tortured by Darius the last seven days, he can’t find it within himself to be mature about it. “Yeah. It was a tight fit, but Vicki and I managed to squeeze him in between us.”

“Oh …”

The sadness in Jensen’s voice sucks all the fun right out of it. “Oh Jesus, Jensen! I’m kidding. He stayed in the guest room.”

“Oh! Okay … cool. I mean, not that—he couldn’t stay … if you wanted … you’re an adult” Jensen clears his throat and Misha has to tug the phone back some with how loud it is.

In spite of it though, he’s smiling. “Are you jealous?”

“No! I … no!”

“That is so fucking cute! You are!”

“I’m not!”

Mhmm” Misha hums, smiling wider as West runs by wearing one of his baseball hats. “Tell me, is the outside of your binder covered in hearts with our initials inside them?”

“What?” Jensen snaps back and Misha can only sigh.

“I’m insinuating that you’re a teenage girl with a crush— sorry, I’m tired so that wasn’t very clear.”

“You’re a dick” Jensen grumbles.

“Yeah— that is clear. Darius said the same thing several times over the course of his stay.”

“At least he and I can agree on that.”

“Does that mean there are things that you don’t agree with him on?” Misha asks curiously.

“No … I just meant—”


Jensen quiets again.

Misha tries his best to keep it together— but he’s just loving this so much.

“Just … what did he mean about your usual power dynamic? I dont — I don’t get that. And he kept teasing you about Gishwhes … and has he really not seen the show? I just  … he was just messin’ with you a lot, dude. You should have said something to him about that.”

“You and Jared mess with me all the time” Misha offers coolly, hoping that he’s pulling off nonchalant, effectively.

“Yeah—but that’s different!”

“How so?”

“Well … I mean, you know that we’re kidding!”

“I know that Darius was kidding” Misha purrs.

“Yeah but I didn’t—” Jensen yelps and then stops abruptly—his heavy breath heaving in and out of the speaker like he’s been running through this entire phone call.

“Ah … I see” Misha chuckles, now looking fondly at nothing at all. It’s sweet—really, Jensen thinks that he’s his to tease … well, his and Jared’s; but Jensen will jump in and defend him on the days that Jared goes too far, so he supposes it’s understandable that he would feel uneasy about not being able to do the same in regards to Darius. Not that he would be able to stop Darius from carrying on— Jensen would honestly just make everything worse if he tried, but Misha won’t tell him that. All he will do is just sit here a smile a little longer, because right now, one of his best friends is super jealous over the fact that Misha has a strong connection with someone else, and that’s just too adorable for words. “I mean … I have known the guy since I was twelve, Jensen … so …” Misha finally says, once it’s obvious that the other man is drowning in the silence.

“I … I just never seen you like that” Jensen mutters back, dejectedly.

“Like what?”

“Like … speechless.”

Misha laughs louder now. “Yeah, well Darius can say some crazy shit every now and then.”

“Tell me about it” and the guy sounds even more miserable than he did before.

“Oh, he was behaving  himself on that video—you should have heard him the other day!”

Jensen all but groans. “Not helping!”

Misha chuckles. “Sorry … I’m just trying to explain that he’s a real character.”

“Yeah, I got that much from the livestreams” Jensen grumbles, huffing and puffing like he’s got pigs to piss off.

“This is really bothering you isn’t it?” Misha says eventually, because he’s actually kind of surprised. Jensen has always been protective of his friends, but there’s more to this than that, and he really wants to know what it is.

“I …” Jensen starts, sounding pained for even saying that much.  “I mean … I know he’s your best friend and all, and I know you’ve known him for pretty much your entire life, and I know you guys have a million things in common … but I just … I dunno. He’s like— he’s so like you, and I’m not, ya know? And like, he could say these smart things and you seemed like you weren’t sure how to respond … and you always have something to say! And I just—it’s crazy, I know, and I’m being stupid but … yeah, okay! I’m jealous! I just … he just seems to get you and … fuck, he even sings, dude! Like what the hell? How am I supposed to compete with that?”

Misha’s mouth is hanging open and he’s frankly, shocked that he’s even able to speak at all—because he’s never heard Jensen say this much during a phone call, and for him to say this much, and to say this in particular well, it’s just all manners of crazy. “Wow …” Misha starts, “umwow.”

“Shut up.”

“Sorry, but … wow!” Misha laughs and then leans back in his chair, smiling up towards the ceiling. “I don’t even know what to say.”

“Guess I can leave you speechless too then” Jensen grits out—and the defensive edge to his voice makes him even cuter.

“Guess so.” Misha chuckles some more before he finally sighs and looks back down at the ground, eyes traveling across all his kids’ toys and the usual trail of debris that they leave behind. “You know it’s not a competition, right?” he says after another breath, hoping that he can at last, get to the part where he makes Jensen feel better about everything.

“Yeah—I know.”

“And you know that, just because I’m close with Darius, doesn’t mean I can’t be close with you too.”


“And … between the two of you, you’re a much better kisser. I mean, he gets all rough and he bites a lot—you should see my lower lip! It’s all puffy and swollen. It’s not pretty.”

“You’re such a fucker.”

“And you’re an adorable, jealous doofus.”

Jensen finally laughs a little, and it makes Misha do the same.

“You’re lucky that I like jealous doofuses.”

His friend’s smile is obvious, and Misha pushes it against his skin as he hugs the phone even closer to his ear. “Yeah” Jensen whispers, contentedly. “I know I am.”

Arin/Holly Commanderraptor: Why You Should Ship Them!

I have been on the Arin/Holly Commanderaptor train for quite a while, but I noticed that every time I brought up the ship to someone they said they could be into it but didn’t know or remember enough Holly and Arin interactions to ship it. WELL, LET ME FIX THAT! 

Join me as I highlight some of the best Arin/Holly interactions and hopefully get you on board this lovely ship so that we may write all the fic and produce all the art! 

You may remember Arin hating WOW in the Guild Grumps episodes UNTIL sweet gentle Holly came along and taught him how to play the game and all the fun stuff he could do. She totally turned it around for him and improved the situation for Arin overall. 


Look at her being sweet and gentle and patient with Arin who was clearly very frustrated. 

THEN they went to Japan as a group and Arin taught Holly some birb themed Japanese phrases. CHECK IT OUT: 

A video posted by Holly Conrad (@commanderholly) on Apr 6, 2015 at 7:53pm PDT

(if this shows up as a white box just click the link at the bottom of the box there to see the video it is worth it!)

LOOK, he taught her how to say “cute little beak” or something like that in Japanese. Look at his face when she pans the camera to him, how he looks excited and proud and she giggles at him. IT’S SO CUTE I WANT TO DIE. 

I’m going to put everything else under a read more so you can check it if you’d like, I hope you do because this pairing is wonderful! 

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Three Days With Shia LaBeouf and #allmymovies

To be honest, when I first heard about Shia LaBeouf’s plan to watch all of his films in reverse chronological order in the timespan of three days, I balked. I felt like it was another ridiculous attention grab from an actor who has fallen hard and fast from what grace he had. When it was revealed that Shia would also be livestreaming his viewing online, I was curious. The whole thing? How? Where would the camera be? Wouldn’t there be a rights violation? I had to see for myself. I can’t help it. I get curious about these things. Three days later, I am glad I decided to watch. Not only watch, but find myself thoroughly invested in Shia’s reactions. As Shia watched his more recent films, the looks on his face were somewhat vacant, as if he still pondered his artistic choices in films like Nymphomaniac and Charlie Countryman. The audience during these films appeared to be small in number; as if people didn’t get the joke yet. Then, the magic started to happen. The third Transformers film roared to life.

Before I continue, I should discuss the technicalities of the stream for those who didn’t take a few seconds (minutes, hours, days) to watch Shia watch Shia. The camera was set right in front of Shia’s seat. He remained in one seat in the theater. The focus was solely on him. When the person seated beside him drifted into frame, they were in focus, however anyone behind him was a blur of varying degrees of clarity. There was no audio stream, thus circumventing any need to clear the rights for this broadcast, though an astute fan somehow posted an audio stream of the films so you could follow along at home. A film would play and would then be followed by a quick intermission. The camera remained on the entire time.

As Transformers: Dark of the Moon played, Shia looked bewildered. Perplexed. He visibly cringed at particular moments and covered his eyes. Back when these films were released, Shia played his part in the media. With the first film, he was awestruck by how cool everything was. The second film, still cool, but that spark was disappearing from his eyes. The third film, he was faking any enthusiasm and was a little more honest with his feelings about the making of process. Here, the fruits of his labor in full view in front of him, with some more artistic work on his resume, Shia couldn’t fake enthusiasm any longer. He recoiled at himself on screen through Dark of the Moon and Rise of the Fallen, eventually throwing in the towel on himself. He stood up and walked to the back of the theater and curled up for a nap.

The next big reactions came during Surf’s Up, a sadly – tragically – underappreciated animated gem from 2007. While Shia smiled and laughed here and there earlier, he outright beamed while watching this delightful film. Last week, a podcast I enjoy had included Surf’s Up on it’s shortlist of underrated animated films so the joy of this movie was fresh in my mind. I could see how much he enjoyed this film and could watch the wheels spin as he reflected upon making this film. Reflected upon his younger days as an actor.

Doing this project in reverse chronological order gave the audience and Shia the chance to watch himself grow younger. To see himself go from bombastic characters with bravado to natural, lighthearted, easygoing Shia. It was as if we were watching him watch his career go back from work to fun.

There were emotional reactions to the film A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints, a well-reviewed crime drama with a talented cast that is in my cinematic blind spot. More sleep came as that film gave way to Bobby, Constantine, The Greatest Game Ever Played, and I, Robot. As morning approached, the one people were talking about on social media was getting closer. Holes was next on the docket.

Before Holes, though, it is important to address the small social media following this event was gathering. This was by no means a massive event. I don’t know if the hashtag was ever really trending. On Twitter, though, the people who were drawn to the livestream began to talk about it. And it wasn’t just about Shia. It was about the audience, as well. When given the chance to be around a celebrity, what kind of people do we become? Are we the kind that will become obnoxious and clingy or will we just let the star be a person and do their own thing? The audiences were allowed to enter with the notice that the artist is in the zone and should not be bothered. This is, after all, a performance art project. Some people who sat near Shia, let him be. Others did not. Some people even saw this as their moment to become an Internet star. People brought masks or wore outlandish garb. They waved or drifted into frame from beside him. Sometimes you could see people poke around others in the back rows just to look at the camera for a moment. When Shia would take a break, sometimes someone would take his seat. See, the admission to this event was free and people could come and go when they wanted to. When people left, more people were let into the theater. People near Shia were silently given the task of protecting his seat when he left. They were usually quickly shooed away, but a few times, they were able to smile for the camera. Or wave. Or hold up signs with Twitter handles and hashtags. These people were given nicknames on Twitter based on their appearances. I still remember the moment Green Hair Girl rubbed the back of Shia’s seat before depositing a hand drawn picture of Stanley Yelnats into his seat. I remember when Maroon Sweatshirt fist bumped with Blue Shirt. And I have heard tales of Weird Hat Girl not shutting up. We remember when the Hippy Guy and Glasses Girl (1, 2, and 3) sat next to Shia and how he interacted with them. This project wasn’t about how a famous person lost their marbles. It became a look at how people want their own shot at a second of fame if the opportunity is in front of them. It also became an annoying look at how people need to shut their goddamn telephones off when they go to the movie theater. But I digress…

During Holes, something changed in watching Shia. Shia allowed himself to let go and enjoy himself. He smiled more. He laughed more. But as much as he laughed during Holes, he really let everything out during Disney’s The Even Stevens Movie. He burst out in laughter. He beamed. At moments, it seemed as if he had tears in his eyes from laughing so hard. But was it from laughter? Perhaps these tears were from something else. Something I think we all experience as we get older.

There is a joy in our youths that we will never get to experience again. A delight that comes from being truly carefree. As we age, while we may still have these moments of joy, stress is around every corner. From finances to family, love to health, our own responsibilities to the responsibilities of those around us, we can’t be goofy and carefree every moment anymore. Something is always plaguing us. I have had a lot of these moments myself lately. Regrets. Stress. Longing for days that have passed. Wishing for a change to make things right. I have images that pass in my head of days when I was younger and how I wish I could revisit them. I wish I had a chance to do things over. I wish I had a chance to just enjoy myself again. Part of me wonders if some of the tears Shia cried while watching his earlier films were because he too missed the days where he could goof around and have fun and truly enjoy being on set.

As the marathon drew to a close, Shia took a quick glance at the camera and stood up. He made his way up the aisle as the audience applauded him. He shook a few hands and bumped a few fists, but really exited with little fanfare before the feed cut. There’s a metaphor there. I wonder if it is too pretentious to talk about here. After all, this whole article is about Sam Witwicky. But the metaphor still exists. We can watch our lives pass go on. We can reflect upon the days we used to have. We can long for them or smile at what happened. In the end, it all just ends quicker than we ever expected. But what do we have to show for it. Who around us will be touched by the lives we led and how will they respond to us. I enjoyed witnessing Shia’s art project more than I expected to. I think because of all of the stuff I have been feeling myself lately. Perhaps I have put too much meaning into it and it is just a past their prime celebrity trying to get some attention. Perhaps it’s more than that. But that the matter is up for debate is proof enough that Shia’s project was a success.

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Anon wanted: “Scott gets turned temporarily human again, which means his asthma is back. During practice, he goes into an attack. Trust Stiles to always have one of Scott’s inhalers in his backpacket at all times.” (also i have no idea how lacrosse works so excuse the vagueness)

Scott has to keep reminding himself that it’s temporary. It’s hard though, when it feels so different. Being human the first time was normal, it was who he was but now it just felt like something was missing, like he’d lost himself somewhere. 

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Supporting Him While He's Away

Harry: It was late. God, it was late. However, the boys would be on the livestream in a few minutes and you had promised to watch, even though the time difference between here and LA was ridiculous. They were up for four awards tonight and the competition was stiff so not staying up to watch wasn’t an option. “You’re watching, right?” Harry had asked, for the third time, over the phone as they pulled up to the red carpet. “Yes, babe, I’m watching right now,” you had replied sleepily, you regretted not staying in bed longer this morning. He had hung up and you had chuckled lightly as the camera pans over to him struggling to get out of the car while simultaneously trying to get his phone back in his pocket. As they all get in their line for pictures, you take in your boyfriend’s outfit. They were apparently going for a new look with him, because even though he was wearing his signature hat and unbuttoned button down, he looked different. You attributed it to all of the different patterns they had thrown on him, even his hat wasn’t solid. His blazer was what had caught your eye first. It looked a solid black from afar, but up close you could see the dark maroon, velvet (yes, velvet) pattern swirling over the sleeves. Impressive. He had picked that one out himself, you just knew it. You reach over to the bedside table and grab your phone. ‘(Y/T/N): hey @Harry_Styles, nice blazer ;) xx’, you tweet, letting everyone know you were watching along with them. The night continued with you commenting on Twitter about what was happening on the livestream. The fans even made a trend for you so you joined in on their conversations about who should win what award and celebrated along with them when the boys shot out of their seats as their name was called for the biggest award of the night. ‘(Y/T/N): SO PROUD RIGHT NOW! Congrats guys!! XXXX’. “Congratulations,” you say as soon as the phone call comes. It was ridiculously late, and he would never even attempt to call you at this time on a normal day. However, with all of your activity on Twitter tonight, Harry knew you were still up. “Did you have fun tonight?” He asks with a chuckle. “What do you mean?” “All of these tweets,” he says as he scrolls through your feed. “Did you even watch or were you on Twitter the whole time?” “I split-screened it,” you say proudly. “Oh of course. Seems like you and the fans had a lot of good things to talk about. I especially like this one where you are making fun of my hat, thanks for that.” You laugh in response, remembering the girl that had asked you about what you thought of his choice of accessories. “I only do it because I love you,” you tell him. The smile on your face didn’t go away even though you didn’t end up going to bed until the sun was on its way back up.

Liam: “Hi Scott!” You say back into the phone to the Radio 1 DJ on the other line. “How are you?” He asks cheerfully. You had caught him and everyone else off guard by calling the studio, but they had quickly moved back a few segments so that they could take your call on air. “I’m great, how are you?” “Great, thanks,” he responds and you wait for him to continue the conversation, knowing what was coming next. “So to what do we owe the pleasure of this phone call?” “There has to be a reason? I can’t just call my favorite DJ just to talk?” He laughs in response to your honest tone. Liam had introduced you to Scott a while back and you were constantly listening to his show and talking to him and Chris Stark via Twitter; so clearly you were best friends. You knew Scott loved to mingle with the boys any chance he got and that included regular conversations with you as well. “Well of course, what would you like to talk about?” He questions, humoring you. “Let’s talk about the new One Direction single Steal My Girl,” you plug. Scott laughs. “Oh I see what you’re doing. Has their management gotten to you too?” “Nah, I just like hearing it on the radio,” you answer honestly. Liam was gone, promoting whatever it was he was promoting these days (you had honestly lost track). “Okay, so if I play it for you, what do I get in return?” Scott inquires deviously. “You mean you won’t just let me listen to my favorite band without having to have something in return?” You question trying to maintain a sad tone. “Well seeing as we played that song at the beginning of the hour, it would take a lot for them to allow me to play it again.” “Oh come on, you play that Taylor Swift crap at least three times an hour.” You should have worded that differently, but an opinion is an opinion. Scott laughs yet again. “We do not.” “It sure feels like it. I have to turn down the volume at least three times during your show because of it.” Shouldn’t have said that either, you needed to move on. “Anyways, what do you want in exchange for playing Steal My Girl, the new single by One Direction?” God, they should really hire you for promotional affairs, your plugging abilities were on point today. “Come on Innuendo Bingo next week?” Chris suggest when Scott can’t come up with anything. “Yes!” He agrees excitedly. You sigh into the phone. The things you do for Liam.

Niall: You were back in his hometown spending time with his family while he was away. You had just gotten off the phone with the owner of the local pub, Niall’s favorite spot. He had called to tell you that someone in town was going to try and attempt to break Niall’s shot record, the infamous “Harry made me do it” one. Well that wasn’t going to happen, not if you could help it. “I’ll be in tonight then,” you had told him. “I wouldn’t expect anything less, see you tonight,” he said before hanging up the phone. “Bobby!!” You call out through the house. “Yeah?” He shouts back from the living room. You walk back down the hall you had just come through to take the call, stopping at the entrance of the living room, a smile on your face. “We’re going to the pub tonight.” A wide smile stretches across his face, shaking his fist victoriously. “Not sure what Niall will think about me going to the pub with his girlfriend but..” “Well his record is at stake, so I’m not sure he will mind.” “Really? Someone is actually attempting that?” “Yeah, Jon just called to give me the heads up.” Later on that night you and Bobby head out to the pub, a text from Jon letting you know the so called record breaker had officially arrived. “So what do you plan on doing?” Bobby asks as the two of you walk up to the bar. “What do you think I plan on doing?” You counter with a cheeky smile. “Your father must be so proud of you,” he comments honestly, knowing how proud he was of his son when he found out about the record you were going to break, not attempt. “Mom too,” you add with an assured smile. You find Jon at the bar and he motions nonchalantly over at your supposed competition. You nod with a smile and make your way over to him, pushing yourself in between the guy and his friends. You raise your hand, not saying a word and Jon comes over, spreading out the same amount of shot glasses Niall had had in front of him when it was Harry standing over his shoulder egging him on. Once they’re full you turn back to Bobby for the go ahead. He nods with a smile and you turn around to Jon who had his phone out, ready for the count. You turn to the guys surrounding you, confused looks on their faces. “Count me down,” you call out, taking your eyes from them to stare at the alcohol in front of you. “Three, two, one, go!” Jon shouts, pressing the stopwatch as you one by one down the shots, the burn in your throat was smooth. You slam the last one down shortly after you’d picked the first ones up. With the time stopped, Jon looks down at his phone before his arms shoot up in the air as he cheers. “Yes baby!” He shouts, showing you the time on the screen. “YEAH!!” You shout along with him and Bobby joins in behind you, grabbing your shoulders and hugging you. You take Jon’s wrist and move it over to the still confused guy beside you. “New record, try and break that one.” He holds his hands up with innocence. The record was still somewhat in Niall’s control, until he came back in town to break it all over again.

Louis: You had been to enough of these matches to know what was happening. The only trouble was you were in Louis’s usual spot, without Louis. Your surrounding area was pretty empty, not many people tried to sneak around to sit near you like they did with him. You enjoyed that though, you still got all of the perks of him being around, without him actually being around. Free entrance, free concessions, and great seats. He had wanted to be at the match all season, but an impromptu photo shoot took him to Brighton. Instead of staying home though like you usually did when he was gone for just a day, you decided to take the drive to Doncaster yourself to watch his team play their crosstown rivals. You had donned your ‘Tomlinson’ jersey as well, making sure to at least come across as a massive fan of football. You had grown an interest in the game ever since Louis had joined the team, so to at least keep your attention for the nearly two hours they were running around. People around here knew who you were, you had been very present at any and all of the press conferences Louis had been asked to be a part of in regards to this team. It was nothing unusual to get waves and shout outs from the staff while you walked to your seat, or well, Louis’s seat. One of you had to be present; this was the biggest match of the season. You knew Louis was not happy at his photoshoot at the moment, but he would be even more unhappy with the knowledge of you being here without him even though it meant you were supporting his team. It made the two of you look good, you being at a game even though he wasn’t playing or even there. It showed your love for the team. Though you weren’t exactly to that level quite yet with these people. You watch on as the stadium below you fills up, Louis had always sat close to the top and out of the way, he could get rowdy without drawing too much attention. You wouldn’t be getting rowdy up here though, you could barely make out the people walking on the pitch, which would only make the game more confusing. Cheering for a Rover’s goal, that’s the most important information you needed to keep ahold of honesty. Don’t text during the game, people have cameras and they will eventually realize you’re up here. Just basically act like Louis does, except quieter, and this game will be a success for everyone involved.

Zayn: You had basically taken control of this entire campaign this last month. You didn’t want a repeat of last year; no snubbing allowed. You had been a constant presence on social media, bringing attention to the boys need for fan votes. You tweeted, retweeted, replied, trended, every possible thing you could do before voting closed you did it. So much so you had impressed the fans. Before this you had been a random tweeter, sending out short messages, lyrics, or links to stupid videos twice a week at the most. The fans were so happy you were joining them though. They had impressed you as well. These people meant business, it was a wonder the boys had ever lost anything. But they had and that is why you were joining forces with them to make sure that was not going to happen this time around. You promised Skype sessions with a specific number of people who tweeted the voting links, causing Twitter and the voting website to go mental. Anything to make sure your boyfriend and his band stayed on top. Zayn only laughed at your determination. Going through your tweets and shaking his head during your once a week Facetime dates. “What? It’s all for you and the lads,” you had said with a smile. “I know, I just didn’t picture you as one to be this involved, especially promising Skype calls and merchandise, I don’t know why you did that one, or how you’re going to get the merchandise.” “I’ve got my connections,” you tell him, and he shakes his head. “I’m not getting you anything.” “Oh come on! It’s for the fans, they’re doing this for you anyways.” “We’ll see.” It would happen, you knew it would. There’s no way he would be able to say no to you and the fans. “How’s the voting coming along?” He asks over the phone, movie promotion was keeping him away this time. “Hush,” you spit back, knowing he was only making fun. “Awe, come on now, don’t get bitter on me now. You’ve been doing such a great job. I just wanted an update.” He was still picking at you but you decided to humor him, and yourself. “It closed yesterday, so everything that can be done has been done.” “I’m proud of you,” he says happily, “It’s like you were an actual fan for a few weeks.” “Shut it boy,” you snap back. You would keep all of his teasing in mind the next time he needed you to do something to help his band out.

anonymous asked:

Hello ^.^ So I was watching a H/L fan vid today and it included alot of moments from Nov-Feb and I was so shocked at everything that happened between that time. We were truly blessed. But it made me wonder, do you think something could have changed bts causing things to slow down? I know we've had good things happen, but nothing like how November was. Don't want to sound like a pessimist (now that I said that, I do) but it feels like we took a couple steps back. Hope all is well! X.

You know, I have definitely said similar things myself. But, I think to understand it, you kind have to take a step back. So, bare with me, as this will be long. Hopefully it’ll help with the bigger picture.

November was unprecedented given everything that we’d experienced in 2013, 2014, and 2015. It got the name “No Chill November” for a reason. Something happened. I don’t know if it was someone else exerting influence or something else, but something changed during those interviews. Then, right after “Not That Important” and “Don’t Knock It Til You Try It,” you get Harry sexuality rumors everywhere. I remember being shocked by just the number, as a lot of people really could have just taken the comments as a joke. But, they didn’t. They could have written them off, but they didn’t. That’s what is important. I’m very much of that opinion - what matters is not the individual action but the reaction. This was given the green light. Harry was offered the chance to deny them in the livestream, and about rumors, he even said there were some he quite likes. So, November was huge for Harry. It needed to be done - given how prevalent his reputation was prior to those comments. It was phenomenally well done. For Louis, I had high hopes. We had him in that Rainbow shirt, written about in The Independent, we had them sitting next to each other in the performance on the livestream (we had SUCH a meltdown over just the possibility, do you remember that? And now we get Harry and Louis next to each other ALL THE TIME.) and him refusing to deny rumors. I was so excited for the both of them at that time. And then you get BS 2.0, and everything kind of stopped. Then, Eleanor flew in, and Jay’s email was hacked. It just seemed like while Harry was making strides, Louis was stuck behind. I think that may have been necessary, because I don’t think they wanted Larry rumors to flare up at that time. The media narrative in November was Harry was not straight, and Louis was. And then Louis still got that dagger at the end of November. That wasn’t for us, that was for them. But, I think it shows that they were ready to win this time, and they weren’t going to give up.

December was a cooling off period. We had very, very light Nadine interactions. I mean, blink and you would missed it. I was even widely engaged in the fandom and I didn’t really notice it that much. It was nothing compared to what it could have been. You had the boys pictured next to each other at events a lot, too, which like I mentioned before, we hadn’t had in years. I remember everyone freaking out during the livestream when we saw those microphone stands because even the possibility was wild. But, then you have them sitting next to each other at talk shows, at award shows, standing together on the red carpet. Those seem small, but we hadn’t even gotten that in years. So, no, it wasn’t “Not That Important,” and there was Nadine, but it slowly keeping things at the same pace. Glacial, maybe, but it was there. The undertones were there if you paid attention, and we were.

In January, we got AIMH to beat Obama’s, and the articles about it were everywhere. You had the family subtly referencing it. Harry tweeted, “I study rainbows.” We also got a public presence for Louis in LA, and the first of that horribly staged late entrance. Then, Louis stayed in LA, and attended Harry’s party. So, again, minor hints and nudges. Then, of course, you had LAIRPORT. Which, you know, that was freaking monumental, and that’s where the shift in UA started. And then you had AIMH reach 1 million retweets. So, yeah, in February, it seemed like it was all systems go. In March, you had rumors of Louis picking Harry up at HeforShe. Louis seemed ecstatic on stage. An article is released where Louis answered a question with, “I’d probably snog all the guys to be honest.”

Then Zayn left the tour, and we got an Elounor breakup confirmation. I still get kind of surprised when I think about it. That was brilliantly well done. It was there, it got her name out, but no one really focused on it. Then, you get the Tour Rider leak. Now, whether or not that was to hint at Zayn not returning, I’m not sure. But, again, like I said, what is important is the reaction, and media sources jumped all over the rumors of H/L sharing a dressing room.

All of that, of course, was buried when Zayn left the band.

After that, though, Louis seemed to regain control of his social media. In April, he posted a video with Harry in it. Harry stripped a man on stage, for goodness sake. And then we start getting something we’ve never seen before.

I don’t think it’s any secret that Louis likes to go clubbing. He did it all the time, even if we didn’t see it. I do genuinely think he enjoys going to party. But, we got to see it this time. We got him papped nearly every single night, when he was next-to-never papped before that. When they really started to push him going home with women, Harry wore the blue bandana. But, I mean, really. We talk about how prevalent the Louis leaving with women rumors are, and they seemed so important and influential at the time. But, really. He left with women twice. The one with the girl outside the van doesn’t count because they were his friends, so that was just spun for the media. But, we got him leaving with the two blondes, and then the five girls. That was it, really. That’s nothing compared to what Harry went through. And the larger public frankly did not care. No one cares about who a boybander kisses if it’s not someone famous. They just don’t. Louis’ dick vine got more attention than any of his stunts with women. So, yeah, it gets his name in the media, it gets pictures out there without Eleanor in them. But, it was hardly reported on - if at all - in US media. What it did do was kind of quiet Larry speculation. But, even then, it was so obviously set up and then even denied!!!! So, yeah. It sucked to see it. It wasn’t fun for any of us. I was the embodiment of that Michael Scott “NOOOOO” video. But, I kind of think the general public went pressed the snooze button. The only thing that got attention was when they brought drugs into the picture. Because no one cares who a boybander sleeps with. They just don’t. We gave those articles hits.

Then, so far in May, we’ve got Louis publicly in LA. We’ve got them in the studio together. We’ve got articles talking about their “strained relationship.” But wait, I thought they weren’t even friends because of gay rumors??? I’m hoping they’ll address that on James’ show and say they’ve always been friends.

A lot of people are angry about Harry not publicly interacting with the band. And I’m frustrated with that, too. I was frustrated with those strained relationship articles because I was like how is this good for band unity? But, I really think they want Larry speculation quieted for right now. I also don’t think Harry wants the attention right now, and God knows he deserves a break. They’re going to continue building Louis’ image so that he can have a reputation and a name outside of Harry Styles which is vital for his success post-1D. If you don’t put a stop to H/L rumors, if you don’t keep Harry away from this, it’s always just going to be Harry-and-Louis. Louis needs to be able to be just Louis to the public. It needs to be Posh and Becks, not Posh and Posh’s boyfriend. Harry gets a break, Louis gets to build his image. They’ll build an empire together later, but Louis needs to work on his piece first.

So, for the rest of the break, we may see hints of H/L, like we did in December. I think they’ll continue to let the media be Louis-focused right now. On tour, I think they’ll try and change the fandom’s perceptions of H/L. Because the fandom isn’t ready to be told they were lied to and manipulated. They need to come around to support H/L as much as they can - even as friends - on their own. I think they’ll do that on tour, since the interactions there are mostly for us. If you just let them be organic with each other, I don’t think you’ll have any problem swaying the fandom into supporting them, since they’ve always had an amazing friendship and relationship. I mean, if I was pulling the strings here, that’s how I would do it.

So, all in all, this is very carefully done, and they have to control this carefully. I think it’s hard to watch, and I sure as hell don’t agree with what they’re doing all the time, but I can see the strategy even when it’s not necessarily the way I’d do it. I think this is a better PR push than anything we’ve seen before. We see things as a clear line to the finish, but it’s not that way. It’s not step forward and step back, there’s just turns and curves in the road.

Trust them. They know better than we do.