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The ficlet:

Hermione Granger, Muggleborn witch, found her way to Diagon Alley within a week after McGonagall left. She introduced herself with all necessary precociousness to Ollivander, got a wand, and proceeded to explore this amazing new world in which she found herself.

And she found a book. It appeared to be a children’s book. The Tales of Beedle the Bard. She thought it would be useful to know what her schoolmates would have as literature. After all, she supposed they hadn’t read Beatrix Potter’s works, nor Lewis Carroll, had they? Would the world of magic be acquainted with Tolkien? Narnia? 

In this book she found reference of Unforgivable Curses. She practiced saying them in her head, but not aloud, for they were Unforgivable. 

But amongst the Wizarding people, and on the train, she felt compelled to prove herself - to show that yes, she did belong.

“I read Beedle the Bard,” she remarked casually. 

“Oh?” the bespectacled boy across from her asked. “Were there spells in there? I’ve only just got my wand. Do they work?”

And … the rest is history.

Due to her age and utter ignorance of the Magical world, Hermione Granger was not sent to Azkaban, but her magic was bound and she and her parents Obliviated.

This is, according to Hogwarts, a History, the only time a Muggleborn ever tried an Unforgivable before taking even one class at Hogwarts. 

Harry Potter, who survived the curse—again—found that the scar on his forehead was much paler than it had been, and when this was (years later) reported to Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, Hermione Granger was considered something of a minor hero in the Second Blood Purity War.

Footnote: Hermione Granger, as of the publication of this edition of Hogwarts, a History, is still ignorant of the Wizarding world. She is a barrister in England, known for her reasoned legal opinions. 

italeteller replied to your post:I think it’s worth pointing out that Nabokov…

if I may derail, this “old authors using current times fanfiction language” thing is absolutely amazing. do you have any more?

Hemingway: drabble challenge, 100 word challenge, yes the title is included in the word count, fight me, angst, sad, baby shoes

F Scott Fitzgerald: idk what I’m doing, lol party fic, I’m supposed to be working on something else right now, the real otp is despair

Virginia Wolfe: stream of consciousness, tw: depression and anxiety, tw: food mention, not sure what else to tag this as

Sylvia Plath: esther is not like other girls, depression, suicide, hurt/comfort, fuck the patriarchy

Edgar Allan Poe: detective au, everyone’s a suspect, darkfic, this was supposed to be satire, I’m not sure what happened,

Shakespeare: historical au, for Lizzy <3 <3 <3, either everybody lives or no on lives I haven’t decided yet, dick jokes, puns, stole this from Marlow not even sorry lmao

Jane Austen: hurt/comfort, fluff, angst, true love, dancing!, slow burn, don’t worry they all get there in the end (:

“I need you” Sentence Starters

aka my life and yours are two parts of a whole

  • “I can’t do this without you.”
  • “Don’t let go of my hand through this, please.”
  • “If you walk away everything will fall apart.”
  • “All I want is your lips against mine right now.”
  • “It wasn’t just a one off for me; it was me hoping you’d see the connection.”
  • “We’ve been through everything else together.  This is no different.”
  • “You’re my other half.”
  • “There’s no one else I’d rather have with me than you.”
  • “You need to help me, I can’t do this alone.”
  • “I’ve never felt alone since you came into my life.”
  • “What am I supposed to do if you walk away?”
  • “This distance is killing me.”
  • “Don’t let this distance tear us apart.”
  • “I need you as much as you need me.”
  • “Letting go was never an option.”
  • “All the time did was make me realize that you’re supposed to be with me.”
  • “I’ve made so many mistakes, but you’re not one of them.”
  • “I need you to help me reach the top shelf.”
  • “Two people aren’t this made for each other so easily.”
  • “You’re worth any fight.”
  • “I’m crying on the floor and nothing’s right, but I know you can make this better.”
  • “I’m way too drunk to be driving, so I was gonna walk home– stay on the phone with me, okay?”
  • “There’s this couple’s contest, and I know we’re not dating, but the grand prize is this big ass load of food– help me.”
  • It doesn’t matter if you need me; you broke everything.”
  • “Everything’s really shitty right now.  So how about you get in this car with me and we drive to wherever for however long?”
  • “I’ll go if you go.”
  • “I’ll only do this if you help me.”
  • “I can’t depend on anyone else, just you.”
  • “Thank you for always being here for me.”
  • “You could call be at any time and I’d drop anything if you needed me.”
  • “All you have to do is show me that you feel the same.”
  • “I know that I need you, but sometimes the feeling doesn’t seem reciprocated.”
  • “I’m pathetic, because I go to you for everything, but you’d pick someone over me any day.”
  • “Can you give me a ride?”
  • “I didn’t tell anyone else I was leaving… You deserved to know though.”
  • “I’ll still be here when you get back.”
  • “Isn’t in terrifying that we both couldn’t go without the other?”
  • “This ring proves that I’m always here for you.”
  • “Come here, let me give you a hug.”
  • “My date stood me up, can you come with me to egg his/her car?”
  • “My date stood me up, can you come pick me up?”
  • “The lights don’t shine as bright when you’re not here.”
  • “I can’t deal with us drifting apart anymore.”
  • “I feel like I’m gripping with all my might and you’re not even lifting a finger.”
  • “My friend locked me outside naked.  Help.”
  • “My friend needs to see I’m dating someone so they’ll stop including me in blind dates–yes, I know we’re not dating, but still.”
  • “I don’t call you my partner in crime for no reason.”
  • “Can you come over so I don’t feel so alone anymore?”
  • “You ran to get here this quickly?!”
  • “I need you.”

Send a name and a sentence xx

okay but isak confirming he faked himself even behind closed doors and did things he wasn’t much into because he was too scared his sexuality will be questioned (mostly by himself) is so sad? this boy was truly so afraid of his attraction he completely fucking CHANGED himself to try and fit in? but it’s so important that he is done with it now and is able to finally live the life he’s supposed to and be his true self without the need to forge himself entirely. i’m so happy that he developed to the point where he freed himself from the small personal prison he was locked in this all time and is not afraid to voice himself because of what others might think? because he used to be so worried about what everyone else would say and now he’s like ‘fuck it’. isak’s character development honestly changed his life and i am so glad i had the chance to witness that.

what is it called when healing goes stagnant? i’m flatlining with a heartbeat. everything starts out so hopeful but it never ends well. it just ends.

i’m supposed to be getting better, things are supposed to be adding up but all I have are loose ends and nothing to tie them to. every conversation is a confession because no one is listening. every secret belongs to someone else.

the gods have forgotten us. god himself packed up shop and went away for awhile. even the devil got tired of watching us pull ourselves apart. there’s muscle and sinew under my nails. there’s blood on my teeth.

you know, when Midas was young, he didn’t even want gold. he just wanted to be loved.

what is it called when healing goes stagnant? i think it means the hope is gone. i think it means things just end.

—  there is no hope for us yet– lily rain

Let’s turn the Patater traits on their head cause it’s gonna be fun:

Kent, who, after the near death of his boyfriend (fuck buddy?) decides he’s going to be more attuned to the people around him. Mother hens the shit out of his team, knows when they’re feeling down as soon as they walk through the door. He’s never gonna let what happened to Jack happen to anyone else he’s supposed to be looking after. Sometimes he can use his intuition to manipulate people, but he would argue that it’s justified, that it’s for the best (that doesn’t make of okay kent)

Alexei, who, because of his size and his handsome-but-shouldnt-be looks, has become accustomed to being a one night stand. No one’s interested in a conversation with him, not when they can barely understand his accent over the bone-rattling bass in the club. Even when they slip away to the hotel, or sometimes just the bathroom, they don’t have much else to say except one word commands: “Harder,” “Faster,” “More.” This works fine, because he doesn’t spend more than a night in any city, and hockey is more important to him than a relationship.

Alec shows up to Magnus’ loft about an hour before the party is supposed to start. It’s decorated to the nines, Magnus going all out for Max’s rune party.

“Magnus?” Alec calls as he walks down the hall, fiddling with the buttons of his tux. “I came early like you said, everyone else will be coming in about an hour.”

Magnus materializes next to him when his head is turned, and Alec is suddenly grateful that he’s become used to his boyfriends antics.

“Alexander,” Magnus says, and it’s definitely a purr. “Glad you made it.”

“Of course,” Alec says, straightening his suit jacket. His gaze flits down Magnus’ outfit, eyes catching on a necklace. “Magnus, is that-”

“An arrowhead?” Magnus finishes, smile on his face making warmth spread in Alec’s stomach. “One of yours, actually.”

Alec frowns for a second. “How did you get into the Institute?”

Magnus leans forward, presses a kiss to Alec’s cheek. “My dear Alexander, I’m the one who set the wards. Surely, I can get past them.”

Alec watches Magnus walk away, frown turned into a knowing smirk. Of course.

anonymous asked:

Hinduism and Buddhism are not closed religions, I don't think using the terms karma and chakras is bad. If you can't use those terms (which are used by non-witches and karma is used by almost everybody) what words would you use to describe it? Chakras have been us e by pagans in general for years, you see stones that are used for the throat chakra, third eye, etc. what else are you supposed to do?

I know they’ve been used by pagans for years, just like “smudging” has and all the other problematic words. I have an issue with people throwing “karma” around too, not because they aren’t real things, but because the way we use them (like almost everything we love to pick and choose from other cultures) is a watered down westernized version of someone else’s culture. I think it’s tacky and I have an issue with it (why you’ll never see me use these words). Even if it isn’t a closed religion, if it exists in one culture only and it’s not yours, don’t throw it around, it’s not your culture, you need to be careful how you use it. You can say “oh that’s going to come back to bite you” or literally anything else honestly.

I don’t feel like getting into this argument about cultural appropriation tonight bc I don’t have the energy to argue with a bunch of people who insist on using these kinds of things bc it’s easier for them. 

You Assume, I’ll be the Ass

During a presentation, a senior technology leader proudly showed us how high in his google search his own project was.

“But,” the entire audience of librarians whispered under their breaths, “of course your own work shows up high in your search results…you visit it a lot and google has learned to guess that it’s what you want to see.”

The audience fidgeted awkwardly. “Did he somehow fail to know that google did this, in spite of his senior position and supposed expertise in technology?” The audience sits on its hands and bites its lip. “Let’s not mention it and hope this presentation ends soon. The second hand embarrassment is literally killing us.”


Once I was at a party and a friend of mine complained loudly that google was so full of porn he could barely find anything else. “Everything I search for, all it gives me is porn.”

“Friend,” I said, because I am absolutely that girl. “Google knows what you’ve looked for before and uses that information to shape your search results. What you’re telling us is that you use Google to search for porn. A lot.”

“Oh,” he said. “Well. This is embarrassing.”

“Yes,” I said. “Do you want another drink?”

He did.

Okay, so hear me out here..

Yellow Diamond’s song, “What’s the Use in Feeling Blue” was all about the loss of Pink Diamond, who both she and Blue Diamond admit to have loved. Her song, unless she was singing it to herself or has sung it before, was completely impromptu and based on her own feelings, much like how most of the CGs sing.

Meanwhile, she orders Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl to sing with her, and they do so without a moment of hesitation, knowing every word by heart. Perhaps Yellow Pearl would have heard, if Yellow Diamond sung it to herself, but Blue Pearl would not have.

So how do they know what to sing? How do they know what Yellow Diamond would be thinking? In the place of Pink Diamond, who could they possibly miss just as much?

Why not our very own Renegade Pearl?

During the episode Steven’s Dream, Pearl mentions a time when she was ‘under’ a Diamond, but cuts herself off. She never does like to mention that part of her past- The past before Rose.

We don’t have to look closely for the first piece of evidence- The position of her gem. Both Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl share the gem position of their Diamonds, leading many to assume that Pearl once belonged to White Diamond, who we have yet to see on screen.

If that is the case, surely Pearl would know BP and YP to some extent. After all, the two seem very familiar with each other in “That Will Be All.”

The hopeful glance and smile.

The unfaltering trust.

Now we can look back to the two other points where other Pearls have been brought up to our Pearl. In “Message Received,” she recognizes the Diamond communicator immediately. She knows what it is for, and she knows who will be there to receive it initially. Like the other Crystal Gems, when it starts up, she hides from view. Even though she clearly knows that Yellow Diamond will not be the first to pick up, she still hides, because she knows who will.

Now we can look back to Steven’s Dream, when Garnet and Steven argue. Garnet outright says that Steven is making Pearl very upset, but why? Why, of all the CGs, does the presence of Blue Diamond distress Pearl the most?

Perhaps it isn’t Blue Diamond that distresses her- Perhaps instead, it’s the one who follows her without question. The thought of whom would definitely upset Pearl if they had known each other before. After all, as far back as “Space Race,” Pearl has been yearning to see what “has been going on without her.”

As a Pearl, how would she know, if not for the other two Pearls who are still out there? The two Pearls who, if she had truly belonged to White Diamond, she would have definitely known?

Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl know exactly what lyrics to sing with Yellow Diamond, because they feel it, too. As Pearls, they are slaves, meant only to quietly serve. After their dear friend disappeared, they held out hope for some time, as shown by Blue Pearl’s reaction to Sapphire announcing the end of the rebellion, but it has been thousands of years since then. Thousands of years in which they have had to remain stoic around their masters, the Diamonds, or risk being shattered.

To them, Pearl is gone forever, and her shards will be scattered across space by the Cluster. To them, there is no hope, so what’s the point of feeling?

The awkward moment you realize you’re in love with your best friend, but don’t want anyone else to notice. So you try to play it cool.

And then it sets in. You really love this awkward wonderful dork. But also you realize he deserves somebody better than you. Way better. So you don’t tell him. And you don’t even have to worry about letting him down easy. Because he doesn’t expect anything else. He is used to unrequited love. He thinks he isn’t worth your time or love.

You stay friends, each secretly in love with the other, but you don’t say anything.

Then one day he’s gone. The only thing left his bloodied blue jacket.

you know what ? let’s imagine the marauders in afterlife.

afterlife is supposed to be forever, right ?

james is here. sirius is here. lily is here. remus is here.

you know who else is here ?


peter is stucked forever in the same place as the people he betrayed.

who used to be his best friends.

how do you think that would go ?

do they just stay in different corners of afterlife forever ?

do they come in contact after like, 2134 years of afterlife ?

do they at some point forgive him ?

and i know you’re all saying “whaaaaaat no he betrayed them” and maybe you’re right who knows BUT

remus forgave sirius for betraying his secret to severus snape of all people

so after a lot and a lot and a lot of time and apologies and explainations, why not peter ?

( @jilylicious it seemed like this would interest you. also sorry i’m writing this really fast and am bad at explaining but you have the main idea )

I don’t know if I can believe in soulmates.
That there is someone else,
supposed to fit perfectly from the start.

Because -
I won’t let what has shaped me be trivialized.
That how my journey(my life) has affected me,
has affected another in the same way?

That from start to finish,
cracks left behind,
and ridges formed from times past
will fit perfectly alongside another’s,
and a proverbial click will match us together.

No, I don’t(can’t) believe in that.

But what I do believe in is:
somewhere, there is someone I can grow with.
to grow and to learn
and let our edges soften against each other.
And the gaps may never be filled,
but instead-
         something new can form.
And eventually -
eventually where you end and I begin,
can merge together but still grow forevermore,
and we will never stop becoming more than what we used to be.

Maybe we weren’t made for each other from the beginning.
But I wouldn’t give up the journey for anything.
You and I,
we make each other our best selves.
Still me. Still you. But together, infinitely stronger.

—  i was never half of what i was meant to be. but with you i am simply more // e.q.
Let’s Pretend Together

Another commission that I had way, WAY too much fun writing for @caped-ace – revisiting Onigawara and Musashi from Mob Psycho 100. Cut is for length, not for content.

Originally posted by nekojetto

“Onigawara-kun, I need you to pretend to be my boyfriend.”

It was like a scene from one of the terrible shoujo manga that his grandmother used to keep around the apartment (not that Onigawara would end up reading them when she wasn’t around or anything…well, what else was he supposed to do when he had to put them away?!). In fact, he laughed, a nervous, sweaty half-chuckle. “C’mon, Musashi. Quit messin’ around.”

But Musashi wasn’t laughing. He wasn’t even smiling. Everything about him was dead, stone-cold seriousness. “I’m not joking. This is what the Body Improvement Club is all about. Getting better, and being comfortable in your body, and being able to live your life on your own terms. Mob needs our support in doing just that.”

Mob. Right. That’s who this was for.

That afternoon, Mob had come into the weight room already covered in sweat, his fingers shaking, face pale. Sitting down heavily on one of the dumbbell benches, he put his head in his hands and started gasping for air. Yamamura got up from stretching and walked over to put his hand on Mob’s shoulder. “Hey, kid. Did you already go running without us?”

“Were you going to push yourself to run twice during the same practice?! That’s awesome!” Shimura exclaimed from the rowing machine.

Musashi had just glanced up from where he was spotting Onigawara doing chest presses, fingers resting on the underside of the bar, ready to catch it. Not that he needed to worry - Onigawara made it a point never to slip up when Musashi was watching him - but… “Let him catch his breath so he can talk, guys,” he said, glancing down and giving Onigawara an encouraging smile. “One more for this set.”

Once the equipment was back in the stand, Musashi wandered over to where Mob was still sitting, now staring at the floor. “You okay? What happened?”

Finally, Mob barely spoke the words that tumbled out of his mouth in one silent breath. “Hanazawa-kun asked me out on a date.”

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Detective Maggie Sawyer can arrest me any time now. Especially in that shirt.

Also, anyone else wish Sawyer would have corrected Kara calling her Maggie? Once she informed Kara they were there on official business and Kara kept using her first name, I wanted Maggie to give a simple, “Detective,” in response.

Also also, follow up scene with the superfriends:

Maggie: Just doing my job. We good lil Danvers.

Kara: of course, Detective.

Or, or! Kara sees Alex after the arrest:

Kara comes in the DEO in a huff.

Alex: What’s with the stompy steps?

Kara: Your girlfriend sucks, ‘Agent.’

Alex: 😐

and what are you supposed to do with all of that heaviness that’s resting on your chest? what are you supposed to do when the person you love is the one draining you of all your blood? you can’t walk away, your bones simply won’t allow you to. i was already three feet into the coffin, the shovel was right beside me, i was getting ready to burry myself so deep no one could find me, i was ready to place my hands over my chest and take my last breath. what are you supposed to do when your body is lifeless, a walking shell of the person you once used to be? do you know how it feels to cough up gun powder in the middle of class only to excuse yourself so you can be a bomb somewhere else? its destructive. you don’t want to hurt anyone but here you are, making everyone else suffer right along with you. everything becomes destructive and threatening and you lose yourself. you lose everything that makes you feel like a human being, you start to doubt that you’re even alive. i used to catch myself sitting in silence, counting my heartbeats. is this really right? am i really alive? sometimes i wonder how my heart can still be heard from inside of the coffin, its morbid. sometimes i think my hearts been massacred, maybe my soul has been torn apart and scattered across the entire universe. sometimes i think i see my heart bleeding across the sky, i see my tears as the raindrops, i understand why its been storming so much lately.
—  metaphors about a pain you can’t write out

okay I’ve been thinking about this for a couple days now, and I’ve gotta share…

someone has probably already thought of this, but honestly it seems really reasonable to me


with all the hype that episode 8 is bringing, I’ve been thinking… we’re supposed to find out who Rey’s parents are, whether she’s a Skywalker, Solo…or what I personally believe, that she’s a Kenobi

with this in mind, a lot of us here on tumblr have been begging for an Obi-Wan anthology film, but there has been little to no talk of one from Disney/Lucasfilm

I don’t think this is a mistake

and now I may be wrong, because I know just as much as anyone else, and while there are theories, none of us know for a fact who Rey is related to

but, I’ve watched and read many convincing theories about why Rey may be a Kenobi, and I now find it very hard to think otherwise

if in fact Rey is a Kenobi, and this information is released in Episode 8, it would make perfect sense for Disney/Lucasfilm to then release an Obi-Wan film

it would definitely add critical information as to what exactly went down while Obi-Wan was on Tatootine…who he had a child with, who Rey’s parents wound up becoming, and why Rey was left alone on Jakku all those years

I think if they were to announce an Obi-Wan film after the release of Episode 8 the hype would be insane, and this is just my thought about why there has been little talk of an anthology film

keep in mind this all hypothetical bc I have no idea what’s gonna happen until December, obviously


Remus Lupin x Reader

Request: Maybe an imagine where James and the reader are studying together and she accidentally tells him that she’s in love with Remus and so James and lily help get the two together behind their backs?

Originally posted by couplefull

“Alright James – what are the main uses of dragon blood?”

James groans loudly, leaning back in his chair. “I don’t know, Y/N… can we talk about something else please?”

Y/N rolls her eyes and crumples up a piece of parchment, then throws it at his head, earning a yelp from him. “This is a study session, James, we’re supposed to study.”

“Y/N, I’m not Moony, I can’t concentrate for so long!”

Y/N sighs and looks back at her parchment, muttering to herself. “I know you’re not Remus; if you were, I’d be enjoying your company.”

James scoffs with mock indignation. “I heard that, Y/N, and I’m hurt – I know you’re in love with our little moon-moon, but I’m much more fun than he is.”

Y/N’s head snaps up. “I – I’m not in love with him!” she says… but the rising blush in her cheeks tells James differently. His eyes widen and he starts laughing.

“Wow, I was just joking, Y/N… this is a surprise!” He leans over and ruffles Y/N’s hair, and she glares at him and shrugs him off.

“What’s going on?” Lily walks up to the table, hefting a pile of books. Y/N looks up at her arrival and gratefully rises from the table.

“Good, Lily’s here, she can help you study now, James. See you both later!” Lily drops her books on the table and stares after Y/N’s retreating form with surprise.

“What’s going on with her?” she asks James, who smirks in response. After he relays everything that he found out, Lily claps her hands in excitement. “We have to get them together, James!”

“Way ahead of you, babe.”

Remus glances around the room warily, then glances back at the note in his hand. “Meet me in the broom cupboard by the kitchens at 7—James.” It’s already 7:15, and Remus is starting to think that James is just trying to play a prank on him. He starts for the door, when it suddenly bursts open and in walks –


“Y/N?” Remus asks in astonishment. Y/N stares at him.

“What are you doing here?” she asks, equally surprised. He holds up his note, and Y/N snatches it. When she finishes reading it, she groans and passes a hand over her head like it hurts.

“Lily told me to meet her here. Oh god, I’m so stupid…”

Remus gazes at her, still not understanding. “Wait, what?”

“Nothing, it doesn’t matter. Come on, let’s head out,” she says, and then heads towards the door – but is pulled to a halt by a warm pressure on her arm.

“Tell me, Y/N,” he says softly, looking at her imploringly. Y/N stares at the floor, turning red.

“I – well, I accidentally told James that I’m in l-love with you,” she stutters, barely speaking above a whisper. Remus’ eyes widen as he gapes at her, still holding onto her arm.

“Were you serious?” he inquires.

Still not meeting his eyes, Y/N responds. “Yes.”

A slow smile grows on Remus’ face as he cups Y/N’s cheeks in his hands and touches his lips to hers in a sweet kiss.

When the break apart, Remus smiles softly again. “I really like kissing you.”

Y/N laughs and threads her arms around his neck, pulling him back to her. “Then do it again.”

Scribble-Doodle: Hurting

Little Jace and little Alec and a trip to Idris. I don’t know where this one came from, I just sat down and started writing down my feelings.

When the Lightwoods announce that they’re going back to Idris for a week for some gathering, Jace doesn’t know what to do. Is he… is he supposed to go with them? Is he expected to stay here? What?

In the end, he asks Alec, his words halting and slightly embarrassed. And Alec looks at him as if he has grown a second head. “Of course you’re coming with us!” he says - and something tight in Jace’s chest unwinds a little.

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