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Why do i feel like Jungkook has a thing with Hoseoks ears?????? There are photo of him going to licks it, there this on fanmeeting he bothers Hoseoks ears, he blows to it too?? N he picking his ears. Like boii.,, whats wrong?? Im sorry for the english.

My guy my dude that speaks exceptional english

you are on the right track and i AM SO GLAD you’ve noticed THE TREND to touch hoseoks ears. And it’s not only jungkook? I’ve seen all three maknaes do it

you won’t believe it, but i actually had a folder on my laptop already

your ask was really, really up my alley, thank you very much

let us start with visual evidence i’ve collected (which is like 5 gifs, 1 picture and one video and i literally own none of those)

if you have more than these - you are more than welcome to add them to this post in a reblog

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  • Eileen: She robbed him, killed him and legged it.
  • Faith: Oh, yeah. Be afraid, everyone. Homicidal great grandma on the loose.
  • Aaron: Can you lot go and do this somewhere else?
  • Cain: Right, come on. Let's go.
  • Faith: You will not! You're a fantasist, Eileen!
  • Eileen: You are, thinking you wouldn't get caught.
  • Chas: Who is this woman?
  • Faith: Daughter-in-law. Not the full picnic.
  • Robert: We're trying to get married here.
  • Chas: Faith. Will you go and talk to these nice coppers, please, cos otherwise I might be up for murder.
  • Faith: I didn't murder anyone!
  • Aaron: Mum...
  • Chas: What? He invited her.
  • Eileen: Do I have to arrest her myself or something?
  • Police: We'll kick off with a few questions first. Let's get this over with.
  • Faith: No! (jumps up and runs out)
  • Chas: (slow claping) Our mother... everybody. Yeah...

Don’t watch it.
For the love of all that is good in the world, if you hate what is happening on a show so much, stop watching.
Don’t ruin it with all your negativity and outrage.
I totally understand not enjoying something that is happening in a shows cannon.
I totally understand and respect your right to voice your opinion.
What I don’t understand is why there needs to be so much negativity.
Don’t accuse a ship of being something they are not or there is no true, concrete evidence of… abusive, toxic, whatever else you believe it is because you do not like it.
Have your head cannons, share them, believe them.
Do not continuously insist though that your head cannon is the truth.
I understand disliking a character, go ahead and express your dislike.
Do not harass other fans for loving that character.
Love a character, express that love.
Do not harass other fans for disliking that character.
I understand not liking the writing of a show.
I don’t understand hating the writers, who have put so much hard work into a script because you don’t like said script.

They put their ENTIRE BEINGS into their work so you can have a show to HATE.

So in conclusion, if you are no longer enjoying it.

Please do the show, the creators, the writers, the actors, and the crew who spend hundreds of hours on the show, the other fans and yourself a favor and stop watching the show.

That, or stop being such fucking assholes.

Thank you!♥️💖😘

What I want to happen in 2.01 of "Timeless"

(Because I swear on all things lyatt, NBC, that if you don’t renew I will full on Liam Neeson you) Scary Rittenhouse guys come to help Lucy’s mom take Lucy underground so she can’t time jump to save Amy. Lucy obviously tries to fight tooth and nail, but she knows that it’s not going to help so she stalls and let’s her mom go on a giant speech (because this is Moira Queen, ladies and gentlemen, she’s gonna make a speech). MEANWHILE over at Mason Industries, the gang are waiting for the Lifeboat to charge so, what else are they gonna do, but bother Agent Christopher??? As Rufus and Wyatt are gushing about their girls, Agent Christopher comes across a file stating that Lucy’s mom is in BIG with Rittenhouse and she scrambles to tell them and is all like “where’s lucy?!!?!?” And then cue dramatic music and super close up on Wyatt’s face and just whispers, “….lucy.” ROLL TITLE SEQUENCE!!! bonus: Wyatt’s reaction

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Requested by @jeno-xoxo who has every right to slap the red out of my hair for it being so late. I hope you like it… - Moon

▪ Not so soft
▪ Generally doesn’t like people
▪ Keeps his distance
▪ Has a harder time controlling his animal instinct
▪ Do not piss him off
▪ School - What is school?
▪ He stopped going to that in 6th grade
▪ 1 Best friend
▪ 1 girlfriend
▪ The pack, on occasions
▪ Anyone else was only an acquaintance
▪ Listens most of the time
▪ Second best fighter
▪ Stronger than you’d think
▪ Complete opposite of Mark
- Human -
▪ A bit more caring than he seems
▪ Rare on skinship
▪ Unless he’s tired, or scared
▪ Happiest when it rains
▪ Likes to count stars
▪ Beyond possessive / protective of you
▪ He recalls the first time he saw you
▪ Ironically in 6th grade
▪ You were new
▪ He saw you for the first time
▪ Walked up, and pushed you lightly against the lockers
▪ First kiss
▪ You didn’t even know each others names
▪ Happy since then
▪ He confides in you about everything
▪ Despite being the strongest
▪ He treats you like glass
▪ Afraid he’ll hurt you
▪ Likes warm milk
▪ Like a baby around you
▪ Denies the existence of soft jeno
▪ Wears glasses so he can read his sappy novels
▪ Holds a hand up when you are about to tease him
▪ Will have none of it
▪ Long walks
▪ Likes having you ride on his back
▪ Your relationship thing wouldn’t be tattoos, or jewelry
▪ You’d both have bite mark scars on your hip bone
▪ A private, meaningful mark
▪ Crossword puzzles
▪ Sleeping on your lap
▪ ‘Aw, look at the little puppy’ - Jaemin
▪ 'Says the smallest of the pack.’
▪ salty af
pouty jaemin
- wolf -
▪ Large for his age
▪ In charge of the youngest
▪ Teaches them to fight, and protect everyone
▪ Generally butts head with the alpha
▪ Was supposed to be an Alpha
▪ Lots of snarls and growls
▪ Fur black as night
▪ Boarder guard
▪ Do not touch his tail
▪ He will bite your arm off
▪ Well, not his lover
▪ Anyone else yes
▪ Watches over people secretly
▪ 'I saw you watching the boys last night, you knew they were scared.’ - Taeyong
▪ 'Don’t know what you’re talking about. Just doing my job.’
▪ All in all
▪ He’s a very mature member of the pack
▪ Takes his position seriously
▪ Loyal
▪ Very, very loyal

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(p1) three things i want to see in steven universe: 1) a day in the life of yellow diamond. how much work does she do, what kind, for how long? 2) her reaction/state of mind in response to this work 3) a typical homeworld civilian's opinion of her

I’m honestly enamored with the scenario of some context where dreamwalking happens but while YD is awake (or else, YD wakes up) so as a result there’s just this kind of ghost Steven around Homeworld for a day that only YD can see.

She can’t really do anything about him so she just resolves if she keeps ignoring him he’s going to go away (and keeps ending up talking to him regardless when they’re alone)

In general I like the idea that since YD is so precise and work-oriented that her daily routine is probably way less scary than people imagine it to be. There are meetings. Ninety percent of her job is like. looking at soil content reports and deciding whether or not to try incubating another batch of Gems in that location or if they need to move, ten-year plans for asteroid mining. 

A lot of it is very drab but the amount of gravity put on efficiency and the nature of the reports she deals with also highlighting just how bleak Homeworld’s current situation is and how everyone’s just sort of gritting their teeth and tightening the belt a few more notches even when they can’t really afford it. 

And I imagine YD isn’t particularly surprised by any of it, as much as there’s a kind of tiredness where it’s like… nothing is getting better, but she’s already bled out all her righteous fury and passion for change and what’s left is this cold, exhausted kind of “what can we salvage?”

I’d assume most Homeworlders probably think very highly of YD. In general, Gems seem to have very high opinions of the Diamonds. Which I think would be a very interesting context, again, from YD’s perspective- because I don’t think that YD thinks very highly of herself or sees herself as particularly special. We’ve seen this in her very bland, practical surroundings, which we now have contrasted with, like… look at the Sea Spire, or the Zoo, for how Blue and Pink Diamond seem to prefer their spaces. 

That Will Be All also tells us something significant about YD: “Where’s their Diamond when they need her, Blue?/You’ve got to be a leader, Blue”

YD considers it her job to be constantly available to her populace. This reinforces Peridot’s reaction in Message Received- that what we saw there, YD shouting Peridot down- is uncharacteristic behavior born out of YD’s particular relationship with Earth. 

It’s not normal for YD, it’s the equivalent of… the way Steven was freaking out in Warp Tour because he felt like nobody believed him about seeing something in the warp stream. 

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Now that I know that Elounor will happen for at least a year I think it's time for me to just leave the fandom. I can't do this again. I wish Louis all the love in the world but it's time for me to find something else. I can't bear another year (at least) like this.

okay but we don’t know that. we know that blind gossip is trying to push that idea and it’s likely because they want to drive us out by making us fear another year of hell and stunting.

if you need to leave for your own emotional wellbeing then that’s absolutely something you should do because that matters more than this fandom ever will.

that being said, i don’t think that blind is a good indication of what’s actually going to happen i think it’s an indication of what they want us to think is going to happen.

they’ve wanted to get rid of us for years and now they’re upping their game. 

i refuse to bite.

Okay so I had an idea for a Mystery Skulls Animated fic. It has been on my mind for some time and I wanted to share it with you all. But when I went to write it… It wasn’t a pretty sight. It wasn’t BAD, but it wasn’t all that great either as I’m severely out of practice.

Plus my motivation for it died faster than the hype for No Man’s Sky.

So I’m just going to post a detailed summary of what the story was going to be like and let someone else try their hand at it. I’m also going to tag my favorite writers/drabblers/idea farmers/AU crafters from this fandom so they see this in case they want to adopt it. Let me do that now.

@phantoms-lair @ectoimp @providentially-demonic @squigglydigglydoo

I’ll leave it under the cut so people can be spoiler free in case someone does come along to write this out. Feel free to ask questions if something doesn’t make sense! Here we go, a detailed, yet slightly silly, summary of my almost fic: ‘Under Your Skin’.

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What Are You Hiding

Request: Could I request a Reader x Scott, but the reader has magic/is a witch and doesn’t know how to tell Scott so she talks to Deaton and Scott is upset because he can feel something is wrong/she doesn’t talk to him as much?                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Warning: None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Note:I hope that you’re going to like it so if you do let me know..:)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       “Come on Y/N focus.’ Apparently I was trying to practice my magic with my mom..’I’m focused.’  I was trying to create a damn energy ball the whole morning..’No you’re not,stop thinking on something else and concentrate on this.’ *BUSTEEED*  She was right I wasn’t completely thinking on this.Actually I was thinking how I’m going to tell Scott and just then my phone started ringing,seeing it was Scott..’Hey baby!.’                                                                ‘Hey Y/N what are you doing now?’                                                                   ‘Umm nothing much,I mean it’s saturday.’Yeah I was always bad at lying..’Why do you ask?’                                                                                                         “I was thinking if you want to come over at my place and watch a movie?’         ‘Well I umm,sure at what time exactly?’                                                               ‘In one hour?!” I started playing with a hem on my shirt   ‘Sounds great,I just need to take care of something then I’m all yours.’                                               ‘Y/n is everything okay?’                                                                                      ‘Umm yeah,why?’                                                                                                ‘You don’t sound good.’                                                                                        ‘It’s because the stress and school but I’m fine really..So don’t worry i’ll see you in a hour.’ And with that I hung up ‘Honey why don’t you take a break we’ll continue tomorrow.’I nodded and she kissed me on my head before walking away.                                                                                                                     I was outside the Animal clinic even if didn’t work today,I somehow had a feeling that Deaton would be here it’s basicaly his second home.So I walked in and then I saw Deaton doing something..’Hello Y/N what brings you here?’       ‘I need an advice.’ He stopped what he was doing and his full attention was on me now..’What for?’ I used my hand to lift his pencil from the desk and he looked confused ‘You’re a-’                                                                                 ‘A witch?Yeah.’I put a pencil back down.’But that’s impossible,it should at least once in 100 years.’ I looked at him..It can be surprising sometimes for a man who’s a vet to know this much about the supernatural..’Yeah I know,my mom told me everything.’ He looked at me confused and smiling at the same time..’So for what the you need my advice?’ I looked around the room..’I don’t know how to tell Scott’                                                                                         ‘Easy,he won’t be mad..Believe me.’ I just nodded my head ‘Thank you Deaton.’ He nodded back ‘Anytime!’                                                                                                                                                                                                  I was outside Scotts front door getting courage to finally knock,but then the door opened ‘Hey baby!’ I put a fake smile on my face ‘Heeey!’  He hugged me and felt every nerve in my body tense..’I need to talk to you.’ He looked at me confused ‘Are you okay?’ I nodded ‘Yeah it’s just I need to tell you something but I don’t know how so I’m just going to show you.’ He still was looking..so I started making that energy ball from this morning and Actually it worked..’How did you do that?’                                                                                                 ‘I’m a witch.’ He looked at me with his mouth  almost opened..’You’re what?”     ‘Believe me I had the same reaction as you right now and I get if you think that I’m some freak.’ I looked down but then I felt his hand on my chin..’You’re not a freak I just got surpriesed..I think that’s pretty awsome..’ I smiled ‘You do?’And the he smiled too ‘Yeah and now I have a badass witch in my pack.’ I couldn’t help but smile louder and the he kissed me.The feeling was great. 

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Hey do you know what's going on in the billary tag over at AO3? There were 201 stories this morning, and now there are only 179.

Oh god that’s weird… I looked through the tag and it seems like nothing went missing idk i hope someone else knows

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Hey what if the drugs Sanjis mom took are still in his system; what if he gave his brothers a blood transfusion. Do you think that could help them regain their ability to feel?

I am definitely open to this possibility because I would love his brothers to truly love Sanji and be sorry for the years of abuse and get redemption but I doubt this is the route Oda would choose, it just seems a little out of touch with this arc and their backstory. Admittedly though I don’t really know what else Oda is going to with them other then somehow redeem or kill them or sent them to prison.

On the other hand this possibility is also not baseless on Sanji’s part IMO, I mean he is definitely compassionate and I think he would also be open to help cure his brothers

I wouldn’t want Harry’s first performance to be a collaboration with someone else though. That’s kinda the point, what we’ve been waiting for; to just see Harry and Harry alone out there doing his thing. I doubt that’s the route he’s going anyway but yeah…

okay, so i hit 200 followers the other day ( and i will probably do something else as well ), but i think because i’ve hit that milestone i’m going to do a permeant starter call. so here’s the deal, if you like this you give me permission to do the below and vice versa:

  • tag you in random starters
  • send you memes at god knows what hour
  • generally just talk to you because i want some friends
  • plot with you guys because sometimes everyone needs to plot
  • plan AUs etc.
  • scream at general about characters from tv shows
  • just generally being friends and plotting and stuff ( yes i’m repeating all the above ) but you know. 

so yes, if you like this you will automatically become a friend of lee. also, if you like this this means you have the permission to message me whenever, plot, send memes etc. thanks for sticking with me.

   lee xx

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Hey, I just would like to ask when you will update your Star Wars Headcanon? Also I would like to add that I love your artwork and appreciate what you do, and the amount of effort it takes. Take care, bye for now.

Thank you for liking my Star Wars works! I’m assuming you’re referring to my big AU, the SWASAU (Age Squash). Unfortunately it’s currently on indefinite hiatus, as are all things that are not my current fandom, YOI. I may go back to them if I ever return to the fandom, I may not, but I’m currently really having fun and have motivation in my current fandom so I don’t have the energy to work on anything else ^ ^; Thank you for your understanding!

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A year ago i got help for selfharm and depression everybody thought i was better but i didn't tell her everything and i didn't get better i got worse.I don't like worrying people so i tell people what they want to hear. Things have got worse and this boy i really liked, we were bestfriends and now he doesn't talk to me now for no reason and it hurts he was my happyness and nor does he like me. He doesn't know how much i care about him can you please help❤.

You need to go back to the therapist or whoever you got help from and tell her everything. Do not hold back one bit, don’t keep it inside because that will eat you alive. You do not have to tell anyone else about what is happening/going on inside your head to worry them. I understand you don’t like to worry people like girl I feel like that too. But sometimes it’s best to know that someone close you could reach out to is always there for you to worry, to be scared, to get upset when we get upset. You don’t have to tell everyone but tell someone because when people care for you it’s their job to worry, their job to feel scared. Keeping things to yourself isn’t the best idea. Even if you go out for a walk and talk to yourself (I’ve done this before and i felt really good after yet I still needed to tell someone else so I did that) and you’ll just feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Anyways about the boy thing I can’t do anything about that then to tell you to talk to him. Maybe he realized something was wrong, and you held back from telling him things so he just drifted off. But if nothing happened between you guys all I could say is that’s life. The people we love most leave wether it’s forever or just a short period of time, but the best thing to do in your situation is to talk. Talk to whoever you feel comfortable with and just talk.

You're NOT Special...But That's Okay

I’m going to sound like an old lady here, but I gotta say it: this generation is getting super fucked up. They’re being fed this line of BS that everyone is special and everyone is a winner. We live in a world of participation trophies, folks. A world where this no loser…but there is no winner, either. Where hard work and dedication get you…the exact same thing as everyone else. Does anyone else watching this say WTF?! And if they do, why is this allowed to continue?

You know what happens when everyone is special? NO ONE is special. There is nothing wrong with being ordinary. When did that become such a bad thing? We need ordinary in this world. A world full of extraordinary leaves nothing special for anyone. Does no one understand that special isn’t necessarily a trait you are born with, but one you earn through hard work and sacrifice?

Here’s what I bet: you explain to these kids that to be special, they have to give up some luxuries for most of their lives, dedicate free time to practice, and, once you succeed, work 10 times as hard to stay on top, and most of them will decline in favor of doing whatever they want, when they want. “I have to do WHAT to be special?! Oh, never mind, then. I’m cool on that. I’ll just watch the special people on TV. Pass the popcorn.”

Don’t tell everyone they’re a winner! They’re not! It creates 2 kinds of people: the first is a group of entitled brats who think they’ll get rewarded just for showing up. The second, and probably the most disturbing, is a group of people who could have been truly special, but have been so disillusioned by the world’s refusal to acknowledge their accomplishments, that they give up and will never reach their true potential.

So do yourselves, your kids, and the world a favor. Don’t tell everyone they’re a winner. Instead, tell them the truth. “You’re not a winner. You were in 12th place. There were 11 others that were better than you. If you want to be a winner, you have to work harder.” And there’s nothing wrong with that! The world needs ordinary. We need people who are always trying harder, striving to be better. Don’t rob us of those people.

Who else is going to make the meth if you do?

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Okay so I was the Tup anon about inhibitor chips. Do you remember Slick from the battle of Christophsis(I hope I spelled it right) ? And how he was all like "We're all slaves, but you're all too blind to see it!" (Angsty omg) BUT HEAR ME OUT. WHAT IF HE HAD A FAUKTY INHIBITOR CHIP AND HE KNEW WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON. HE KNEWWWWW.

I DO REMEMBER THAT. HE WAS SMART AND FIGURED IT OUT BEFORE ANYONE ELSE. He realized they are pawns, literal pawns, in a war that they will never benefit from, that they can’t volunteer for, and that they can never leave. It sucks that they painted Slick as the villain, and made him seem cold and indifferent to the deaths of his brothers (if I remember correctly).

I don’t think he quite knew the full extent of the plot, or that there even was one, but he saw very clearly what everyone else was ignoring - clones were considered property, not people, and he decided to gtfo of there. Probably not in the smartest, altruistic way, but, I mean. He wasn’t wrong.