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Yoonmin high school ! AU 

JM: Yoongi hyung.. why haven’t you done your tie?

YG: I was thinking you could do it for me. It’s better when someone else does it for you

JM: W-what?

YG: Go on then

JM: Okay, I’ve never tied a tie for someone else.. It’s not as easy

YG: Well, I guess I’ll be your first then


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So i kno keith is eventually going to go back to the team eventually, but i cant head cannon any way that scenario works smoothly in the story AND makes him realize that the place he wants and has to b is with his team and not the blade. So, im curious on ur idea of when keith might come to this decision, if at all, and who/what is he turning point that makes him want to go home?

That is a fantastic question. It’s actually what I’m currently most excited to see play out in the show, because there’re just so many different ways it could go!
I think the key thing to really get Keith to wake up will be a realization that the Blade’s mindset is toxic…but it won’t come from HIM. It won’t be something they’re doing to HIM, because his personality doesn’t allow him to see if he’s in a toxic situation. He already places the mission above all else, thinks of himself as a piece in the greater whole, thinks the cause is worthy enough to die for. Not because he doesn’t know his OWN worth - he absolutely does. But he sees his worth as something that is needed, and if he’s not needed in a situation, he’ll remove himself from it. So - the Blade itself won’t get him to realize it. It’ll come from something else.

We’ve seen, in season 3, how Keith learned to view his team as maybe more important than the mission, as teamwork more important than flying solo. Lance is the one who helped show him that, got him to stop thinking with such a BOM-like mindset and let him see that individual lives have worth that is more than just what they can contribute to the overall goal.

So…maybe the Blade will do something to a VOLTRON member. Maybe they’ll be in a situation where one of the paladins has come to assist the BOM on a mission with Keith, and it comes down to a choice much like that of the beginning of season 4 - except this time, it’s personal. The PALADIN is in trouble, but Kolivan tells Keith to leave them. And THAT’S what snaps Keith out of it, makes him see the lengths the BOM will go to get the job done, and that, if one of his friends’ lives is at stake, then he’s not willing to go to those lengths.

It would be a nice development from episode 3 of season 3, or the end of season 1 - times when he kept choosing to leave Allura behind. So, it could possibly be Allura as a nice call-back to that; or, since Lance is the one who helped him GET to this new mindset, maybe it would be Lance.

Obviously, this is based on absolutely nothing but my own imagination, so please don’t take it to mean that I’m saying this WILL happen. But it’s definitely one of many possibilities!

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How do the US, SF, and UT bros handle a crush/SO who stutters constantly, is always talking to themselves, and are always saying things to discredit themselves? (i.e. "I'm not really smart enough to understand that kinda stuff anyways")

Man, if I don’t relate… ~Mod Feral

US Sans

He’s going to, more than anything else, try to get you to stop thinking so negatively about yourself. You’ve proven time and time again that what you’re saying about yourself isn’t true and he’ll make absolutely sure you know! He’ll also try and give you some alternatives to some of your other habits and some training on them, but the most important one is the self-image issues.

US Papyrus

He’s likely to only ever acknowledge the self-discrediting comments, and just wait through the rest. He won’t say or do too much with the comments, though. Just kinda quick “no”s and “stop that”s.

SF Sans

He’s not quite sure how you can even have that many issues. Just be happy with yourself damnit it’s not that hard! He’ll attempt to help, but he’s… not the best. He’s also not very patient, so expect a decent amount of trying to finish your sentences just so he doesn’t have to wait.

SF Papyrus

He legit doesn’t know what to do in this situation, so he’ll do nothing. You do you.

UT Sans

He’ll be patient with you on most things, and have a high chance of muttering a “same” to some of the self-deprecating comments. Honestly, he can handle you as is.

UT Papyrus

I hope you wanted a personal coach cause that’s what you’re getting. A personal motivation coach.

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Saiko is always happy no matter whats happens, i don't know if is unnatural or admirable xD

Well, there are definitely moments when we see Saiko upset too. Mostly when her loved ones (Shirazu, Mutsuki, Urie, Sasaki, Yoriko) are in danger.

The thing about Saiko is, though, that she’s not going to do something about it unless she has no choice but to act because no one else will. Mutsuki she refuses to press further because it wasn’t yet dire. In contrast, Urie was going to be killed, so she acted. Yoriko she ended up saying there was nothing that could be done and Urie chose to act for her. 

I don’t think Saiko’s inability to act unless backed up against a wall and faced with losing those she loves (it’s how she foils Kaneki, as all the Quinx do) is a positive thing; I think it’s very sad. Saiko’s entire life she’s had next to no agency, because her mother sent her away and then signed the Quinx surgery consent form without Saiko’s consent. But Saiko also doesn’t really make any grasps for agency, as she’s quite okay to pass that agency on to Shirazu, Sasaki, and Urie. I think her happiness is more of a facade that we think; it’s how she copes, really. That being said, we just have to look at the other Quinx to know that there are other ways of coping that are far more destructive to everyone around you. But it’s still somewhat self-destructive for Saiko, because she can’t grow as a character.

But now she’s going to have no choice–yet again–but to confront Dragoneki. 

This is her Maman, and much like when Hsiao said Urie wasn’t coming back, when people say Kaneki can’t be saved (and they will), I do expect Saiko to team up with Mutsuki, Urie, and by extension Hide, and maybe even Touka, to try. And I do have hope they will succeed.

But what I’d like to see for Saiko thereafter is some development wherein she takes agency before waiting until she’s faced with losing a loved one. Maybe something related to her brother, or (probably more likely) something related to Hsiao, considering that Hsiao is from the Garden and that’s gotta be explored eventually or i will riot

Anyways, thank you for the ask! I love talking about our wannabe NEET.

The amount of people slating Troy Otto is seriously annoying me

Troy grew up on a RACIST ranch.

Jeremiah Otto was racist and what do kids tend to do as they grow older? they copy their parents.

not to mention the fact that Troy was abused too, of course, he’s going to take it out on the only people he know’s are his enemies.

Imagine being told for years upon years that the mexicans were trying to take your home, your belongings and your family away from you. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL?

I am not condoning what he did by killing the Mexicans, but the ranch was HIS AND JAKES. NOT MADISONS, NOT TAKAS and NOT ANYBODY ELSES. 

Madison took it all away from Troy, he had every right to bring the horde there. If he couldn’t have it, no one could and since that was his FAMILY HOME, he had EVERY RIGHT TO DO SO.

Madison’s children left her because Alicia realised how much of a stupid spoilt brat her mother was and NICK WAS IN LOVE WITH TROY AND WANTED TO LOOK AFTER HIS LITTLE SISTER. HE KNEW MADISON WOULD FLIP OUT LIKE THE STUPID ANNOYING CRAZY ‘ALL ABOUT ME’ LIL BITCH SHE IS.



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Who do you think will be completely happy for Bruce and Selina right off the back? I don't mean fantasy thoughts like I'm seeing on Tumblr, but who do you REALLY think will be happy for Bruce & Selina as their first reaction? For Bruce I believe Dick Grayson & for Selina, I think Slam, if they brought him back. With everybody else, I can't say for sure what their reactions will be. I think some will be shocked BUT support Bruce if that's what he wants. I could see Tim and Zatanna doing that.

 I think that right off that bat Dick and Alfred are going to be the most happy for Bruce. I think they will both be shocked initially but I think they’re going to be the most supportive. Alfred considers Bruce to be his son and all he ever wants is for him to be happy, so I think not just because he’s getting married but because Bruce is doing something for his life that makes him happy other than crime fighting. A man whose life has been defined by tragedy is making a conscientious and personal decision to pursue happiness. I’m hoping it’s still canon that Alfred adores Selina and Dick has been rooting them on since day one. I also think that Superman is going to be happy for his friend. While I don’t think that he’s going to be thrilled about who he’s marrying ultimately I think that Clark would want Bruce to have the same kind of happiness and stability that he has.  Damian is going to hate it and I’m not sure how the rest of the League is going to feel about it.

Selina’s side is giving me a little more trouble, since it does not currently appear as though she has too many long term associates. I guess we’re going to find out Holly’s reaction. I think Harley would be happy for her and Ivy would be indifferent. Slam Bradley is a non-factor.

do the ppl who go “omg fiction isn’t REALITY stop acting like it MATTERS if i help popularize and glamorize abusive/pedophilic relationships” (or really any of the sources of #discourse) do the same thing with everything else? like if you told one of them “hey this map is wrong” they’d be like “oMG so WHAT !! the map is just a MAP it’s not the actual PHYSICAL SPACE, just because i labelled all the streets wrong doesnt mean it’s REAL lmao these antis XD”

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3, 4, & 5 for the author ask!

3) what order do you write in? front of book to back? chronological? favorite scenes first? something else?

I write VERY out of order and always have. I jump around, I come up with an idea and then leap forward to write what will eventually be a callback to it. I get a bit of dialogue worked out and go and insert it, no matter if I haven’t written anything else in that scene yet. 

this works fine. for short(ish) things.

however, while teaching myself to write longer things, I’ve discovered an excellent variant on this technique which is working well for me so far: I do my rough outline first. and then once I have a general sense of what will happen in each scene, I start at the beginning. 

but within each scene, I write in that slapdash join-the-dot–points disorganised way. it means I don’t feel constrained and stressed by the START->FINISH technique that some people swear by, but which is Not For Me.

and as I get further through the story I find I still do a lot of dashing around as I go, fleshing out scene outlines with notes-to-self and dialogue and occasional full paragraphs until they become half written anyway, so by the time I’ve gotten up to writing some scenes I find that I’ve done most of the work already and just have to turn them into prose. that’s always a nice feeling.

4) favorite character you’ve written

fanfiction: a tie between hannibal lecter and laurent of vere.

original fiction: this is a character in a short story that I am totally failing to sell anywhere, but I’ll let you know if it ever appears. his name is kai and he’s a mouthy cynical exuberant magical space spy who loves crossword puzzles and is in love with his boss. 

I love him enough that one day I might give him his own novel. maybe. 

5) character you were most surprised to end up writing

probably steve rogers, to be honest.

Somebody Else( His Dirty Little Secret Sequel)

Chapter 1

“I needed to leave for me”

Hailey’s Pov

I don’t know what I’ve been doing these last couple of months

They have flew by so quickly it feels like it’s all been a dream.

It’s the day before Results day and I sit here thinking as I always do.

I sit on my bed swinging my legs back and forth thinking about these last few months and what tomorrow means.

School ended a month ago.

It’s been weird not having to go to school for a whole month.

I’ve been doing nothing but planning my escape.

It’s not really an escape but it’s what I’m calling it because I need to get out of here.

Last night I layed in bed and listened to Luke come home from yet another party and I heard he wasn’t alone.

This wasn’t the first time, in the last few months he has been back to his old self which I’m not surprised about.

He left me alone thankfully in school and so did Calum which I was glad about, we ignored each other which is probably for the best.

It hurts a little less if I don’t look at him.

I’ve noticed more tattoo’s and he has one on his face.

I think it’s a guitar pick on his cheek? I’m not sure but I haven’t been up close to him.

Lauren and Sophie come to mine after school all the time, I think they are worried I will harm my self again which I haven’t done since they find out about Luke and he broke up with me.

I decided after that day I wasn’t going to let him hurt me no more well physically anyway.

I’m in love with him and I think I always will so emotionally he is always going to hurt me.

My mum has been pissing me off lately with College applications and courses idea’s, how do I tell her I’m leaving?

How do I tell my mum that I no longer want to be here but I don’t mean by killing myself I mean I need to go out and figure out what I want .

I want to go out into the world and see it for myself before I start college.

Is that selfish?

Leaving my home without telling anyone?

I don’t care if it is because I know if I stay here then I will suffocate.

So I’ve got my plane ticket out of here for tomorrow.

My bags are packed the only thing I haven’t got packed is my makeup and clothes for tomorrow.

I’m going to Italy.

It’s a place I have always been fascinated with ever since I was little, it’s also a place I know they won’t go looking for me.

I could be completely on my own and experience the world on my own.

Of course I have thought how evil I’m being just leaving Lauren and Sophie behind without a word, we’ve always talked about going to the same college since we were little of course over the years our plans have changed but we still always talked about being close.

Until now.

I’m not saying goodbye because i don’t know how to.

How do I say goodbye to them or my mum?

I don’t know how long I’m going to be gone for exactly.

I haven’t thought about that actually, I just planned to be away until I’m ready to come home or run out of money to be honest.

Do I say goodbye to Luke?

That’s something that has been on my mind a lot.

Does he even deserve a goodbye?

Word has been going around that they may have a record deal and they have to leave Australia, I haven’t heard where but I really wanted to say Congrats to him when I heard.

He has always doubted his place in the band and his voice but if they have an actual record deal that is amazing.

But would he say goodbye to me if he was leaving?

Probably not.

Luke’s pov

I’ve never been more nervous in my whole life.

Tomorrow is the day we leave for London, England.

It’s so crazy to say that we have a record deal and we will be recording our first album.

There is talk of us working with some really great artist, it’s so exciting.

The one person I want to tell the most about all of this is just a few centimeters away.

God I’ve missed her.

It’s been so hard trying to ignore her.

I’ve written so many songs about her these past few months, maybe one might make it on the album then she will know how much I love her.

I need her.

I know I sound so selfish right now but it’s the truth.

I know my grades are going to be shocking tomorrow, I don’t even know why I have to go I already know I’ve done bad.

But I am kind of looking forward to seeing her celebrate and be happy with hers.

She’s so smart and I know she will get into some great college.

I’ve come up with a plan that I am going to get her back.

It’s crazy I know, how could she ever want to talk to me again?

Or how is it ever going to work if I’m far across the world and she is here but if I convince her how much I love her and that nothing has changed then maybe we can work it out.

I need to do it before I leave which is tomorrow.

I should have picked a better time.

I stopped packing and I looked out of my window to see if she’s home

The curtains are closed like always but there is light coming through the bottom.

I made it to my front door but I never opened it.


I sound so pathetic right now.

There’s no way she wants to talk to me, this plan is so stupid I’m kidding myself to think that she will ever want to be with me again.

I’ve been kidding myself for months that’s why I’ve been going to party’s every weekend, I’ve tried not to bring girls home but when I’ve had to much all I see is Hailey and I kept help but let them kiss me and then next thing I know I’m waking up either in their bed or mine.

It’s not something I want, no matter how hard I try to be the old me it doesn’t work.

Hailey broke me in the best way she could.

She made me better and I can’t stand it.

Ashleigh deleted all the photos of me and Hailey, I think she actually believes I’m over her.

She couldn’t care less about my band and when I told her I was moving she seemed happy for me but then she talked about how she was going to L.A for college so I could do what I want.

That’s why I chose tomorrow to talk to Hailey.

Hailey’s Pov

“Wake up! It’s results dayyy!” Was all I heard my mum say when I opened my eyes

She was jumping with joy while trying to apply her makeup, if I wasn’t so tired I would laugh at her.

i groaned as I got up and made my way to the bathroom.

I didn’t sleep well again, the nerves got to me.

I looked at myself in the mirror for the last time, I thought to myself about when I will ever see this bathroom again.

Will it still be the same reflection when I come back?

I hope not.

I got dressed as normal but when I finished I got my suitcase from under the bed and put my makeup in.

Everything is ready for me to leave.

After the ceremony and we get our results I am going to sneak away and leave.

I’m trying to be strong.

But I catch myself for the 4th time looking out the window over at Luke’s window.

I wonder what he’s doing?

“Are you ready Hailey?” My mum asked as she walked into my room

I turned away from the window to look at her

God does she have to wear that

I rolled my eyes and she caught it but said nothing

“you look lovely, I can’t believe your finally finished school! There are going to be so many college scouts at your school we need to talk to every single one! It won’t be long till my little girl will be in college!” She came over to hug me squeezing me into her body making me cringe

God she hasn’t done that in years

Why does she care all of a sudden?

Is she happy to get me out of the house so she can have her toy boy around all the time?

I bet that’s it.

We pulled up at my school and I could see the crowd of parents and teenagers looking smart in their suits and dresses.

I think this is the most people have dressed up in the last couple of years at this school.

I could see in the distance Lauren and Sophie with their parent’s.

I can’t believe this is actually happening.

On the other side of the parking lot I could see Luke with his mum and the boys with their parent’s

He’s wearing a suit fuck.

He looks so fucking hot.

God why does he have to be so attractive.

My mum got out of the car and I knew I had to get out as well but I couldn’t move.

It took my mum to bang on the window for me to stop staring at Luke and get out of the car

I actually thought about going to speak to him when Ashleigh walked over to him and wrapped her arm around him, of course she was all dressed up.

She turned around letting Luke pull her close and then she spotted me and she smirked.

“she’s a bitch” Lauren said from beside me

Shit I didn’t even see Lauren and Sophie walk over to me

I can’t wait to leave so I never have to see Ashleigh or Luke again

“Let’s get this over with” Sophie said

We all walked in together, Parent’s had to wait a little and we went in together.

Here we go


This is it.

I have the results in my hand and now I look back at the door waiting for my escape.

I got good results, I’m proud of them.

But they are the last thing I’m thinking about right now.

I want to leave.

When I woke up this morning I sort of thought I wasn’t going to go through with it but right now I know this is what I need.

I can’t sit here and watch the boy I love have his arms around someone else.

Even though he should be with me, he chose her.

He thought he was doing what he thought was best but only for him not both of us.

Lauren and Sophie know what they want to do in life, I don’t.

That’s what’s wrong I guess, I did at the start of the year and then I met Luke and things got complicated and what I wanted in life didn’t matter anymore so I’ve decided to think again but this time on my own.

I need to do this.

So I took one last look at my friends and mum then I got up ready to leave.

This was it.

Luke’s Pov

I couldn’t believe these are my results.

I didn’t do so bad for not caring about them.

My mum hasn’t stopped crying since I got them.

The ceremony is finally over and now everyone is congratulating every son and daughter.

I couldn’t help but look over at Hailey, I hope she done well.

Wait what am I saying?

Of course she did.

She’s so smart it’s scary.

She excused herself from her friends and mum so I got up and excused myself.

This is my time to win her back.

I told Ashleigh it was over and she didn’t really care anyway, she told me she was going to marry a football player which made me laugh because I doubt it.

I was just happy she didn’t try to fight with me if I’m honest.

I tried to find Hailey when I left the hall but I couldn’t find her until I got to the front of the school  

She was just about to leave

“Hailey” I shouted making her stop

She didn’t turn around at first and I couldn’t move.

This was it.

I was going to do it.

Fuck the bad boy rep I need her even if that means changing, I will be whatever she wants me to be.

She turned around and I swear my heart almost stopped.

my legs started to move then next minute I knew I was in front of her.

“What do you want Luke?” She said

I swallowed ready to say what I had been rehearsing in my head

“where are you going?” I asked

She looked around for a minute and then she repiled

“I’m leaving” she simply said

The fuck?

“what do you mean?” I asked

She looked away from me as she spoke

“it means exactly what you think, I’m leaving and you aren’t going to make me stay so don’t even think about saying you want me back because it isn’t going to happen”

She’s leaving? Fuck how did she know I was going to say that.

I really have fucked up everything.

“let me explain please” I said

She started to laugh, fuck it almost made me smile because I love her laugh but I need to stay serious I want to make her see I am telling the truth

“go back to your girlfriend Luke and leave me alone” she said


“she’s not my girlfriend, she never was. But you were for a second please you need to understand I done what I did to protect you” I said

She laughed even more and then she said

“protect me? I didn’t need protecting all I wanted was you but when it comes down to it you always chose her over me, so what if she was going to expose us? You didn’t care enough about me or us to not care and you know what’s sad is that I’m still in love with you”

She’s in love with him still? She’s never said that before


I didn’t need to say anything all I wanted to do was kiss her so I did

I walked the distance that was between us until I was in front of her and I just grabbed her face and kissed her.

God it felt so good to kiss her.  

Her hands gripped my hair just how I like it and I pulled her closer and her back hit the door but I didn’t care right

Fuck I love her so much.

She pulled away from me breathing heavily, I couldn’t help but smile but she didn’t return the smile

“please don’t leave” I whispered as I still held her close to me

She wiped her mouth and then she walked away from me and said

“there’s nothing you can do to stop me, I need to leave now”

Is this real right now?

She was about to walk out the door but i needed to stop her

“I love you” I simply said

She stopped just outside and I had a scene play out in my head that she turned around with a smile on her face and she ran into my arms but that isn’t what happened

She turned around and gave me a small smile and said

“I love you too”

Then she was gone.

is this really happening right now?

Hailey’s Pov

I thought I would have cried myself to sleep more than I have

It’s been 24 hours since I left.

I haven’t left Australia yet because flights were cancelled so I’m in the hotel beside the airport.

My phone has been going off with phone calls and texts coming through but I haven’t opened a single one.

There’s no point.

I wouldn’t answer them anyway so there’s no point in opening them

I am scared they will find me.

It’s not as easy as I thought it maybe, I miss my friends.

I kind of wish I celebrated with them last night, the pictures on facebook confirmed it for me that they had a good time last night.

I didn’t see Luke in any of the pictures a little part of him hopes he wasn’t there but then again it’s him.

I couldn’t believe he said “I love you” I thought that he might have loved me but to hear him say it got to me.

But it still hasn’t changed my decision.  

I’m still leaving, when tomorrow comes I am getting on that plane and I’m leaving Australia for good.

As I walked into the airport I thought about turning around and going back, I really did.

I was going to get rid of my phone but I couldn’t do that without looking at the messages.

I have 12 from Lauren and Sophie, I have 3 missed calls from my mum and I have 5 messages from Luke and one voice mail.

I didn’t open the voicemail but I did open his messages

“if you love someone you shouldn’t leave, please don’t give up on us”

“you can’t leave, what about your friends? You’re life is here Hals”

“I’ve never said I love you to anyone but you please come back”

“you’re friends are pissed they know you’ve gone”

“I will always love you”

I cried while reading them, I didn’t need to open Lauren or Sophie’s messages I already knew what they were going to say.

i opened a new message and typed

“this is what I need for me”


I sent it to Lauren, Sophie and my mum and of course Luke.

I know I’m going to miss them but my plane was boarding soon.

I threw my phone in the bin and I grabbed my suitcase and made my way into the airport, this was it I was finally saying goodbye.

SO! guys what did you think?!? this is kind of His Dirty Little Secret real ending i guess!

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anonymous asked:

So, according to your post Snoke will escape, Rey and Kylo will come together (not in the romantic sense)... what do you think we’ll see un Ep IX? Their training and bonding so that they can go after Snoke? Could there be someone else behind/above him?

I haven’t thought about it much, if I’m honest, because frankly TLJ hasn’t even come out and I could be completely wrong, dude.

I mean, with what we have so far I think what’ I’ve put together seems the most logical sequence to ME, but… I really don’t know.

As for what I think could happen in 9? I think they aren’t going to be fully aware of WHAT they are – even if they know there’s some weird connection between the two of them and that they’re EXTREMELY powerful… they won’t have all the answers. They might go searching for some of that together. 

I also think – as I said in my post – that it’s possible LUKE will be trying to “stop” them from working together, too. That could play into Ep. 9. To make it clear, I don’t think Luke will be a villain; I think he’ll be at odds with them because he’ll believe they’re only going to bring destruction. So that might play into Ep. 9.

As for Rey and Kylo bonding in 9? Yeah, I mean, that HAS to happen whether they’re romantic or not… which is why I think it’ll end up romantic anyway. Just brings that extra bit of epic and touching emotionality to the story. I think their whole narrative now is to come to an understanding. Ep 9 will be about forming a true, special bond, yeah.

To that last question, no, I think Snoke is the top dog – the big bad.

boku-my-hero replied to your post “Where are you?? It’s been a while since you posted.”

oooh you go to scad?!?!?! thats my dream college!!!! aaaa is it as great as everyone says it is???

I’m still on the fence about how I feel about it because I’m just stuck in fundamentals, but I can tell you, any school that a company like Disney actively seeks out is doing something right.

I know not all the majors are good here, but from what I’ve seen, game design is pretty damn good. And the networking is A+, I just got back from a virtual presentation where representatives talked about internships with Playstation (which I am totally going to attempt when I actually have stuff I can show them). But I can’t say much else since it’s my first quarter.

Alec: Oh he texted hi. What do I do?
Izzy: Say hi back! Don’t overthink it!
Alec: With or without a smiley face?
Izzy: Obviously put a smiley or else he might think you’re mad. But the smiley might also be too aggressive-
Alec: You just said I shouldn’t overthink it!
Izzy: -so just do a regular one. Not a fancy emoji one. And don’t wink, you don’t want to- Wait! Alec, where are you going?
Alec: I’m going to see him. I haven’t got the time to study emojis, Izzy!

Lost And Found - (Negan fic) Chapter 1: A world gone to hell.

Summary: Elise is from a small community named Hillside, her and it’s people are only trying to stay alive in a world gone to hell. But when things go wrong during a run, she begins to question her life at Hillside when Negan finds her.

Characters: Negan x Elise (F!OC)

Word Count: 2,615

Warnings: Swearing, Cancer talk (brief), violence(?) but it’s not that bad, talk of death.

Author’s Note: Hey guys! so this is pretty much my first ever TWD/Negan fan-fiction/series so please be patient with me. I don’t consider myself a good writer but I do like to write and jot down my ideas or else I’ll feel suffocated (if you get what I mean?) Also if you would like to be a beta reader, be my guest! I’d really appreciate the help and input. This is a slowburn fic. There will be times where you want to slap me to the next century and I’m okay with that. Please let me know what you think and enjoy!~ 

        Special thanks to the lovely @i-am-negan-trash for being my beta reader! <3

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Three years for 1,000 and nine months for 2,000? That’s growth, baby. I’ve been really trying to keep up constant posting, and I think my blog’s been growing into something far more coherent. Hell, I even got myself an actual theme!

As for the list of people to follow, it’s pretty much the same situation - I have very, very few mutuals (none of which I talk to) and don’t follow a whole lot of people, so the list is again going to be short. Some additions, some subtractions, some name changes, but if you like what I post, these blogs do it better :^).

Nothing else to say, except thanks!

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Dudeeee youre such a drama queen saying "im a veryveryvery sick person" like dont make your blog public if you dont want people to be triggered by this shit youre pulling people into this and thats fucking horrible

You do realize that I’m the one that answered that ask correct? However I do agree with what she said because it’s true. I use this blog as a sort of diary and I absolutely do not want anyone following in my footsteps. However, it is nice to have people to talk to who understand what you’re going through and not feel like you’re alone. I am indeed very sick, just like anyone else with a mental disorder since that’s what anorexia and bulimia are; mental disorders. You wouldn’t tell someone that has cancer that they’re being a drama queen for saying that they’re very sick so why the fuck are you telling me that? It’s the same thing. You want to send me hate off anon that’s fine, but don’t be a fucking coward and hide behind anonymous.

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CARS. (You never saw that coming, did you!!)

You and @missfox116 both asked almost right away!

The first character I fell in love with
Lightning McQueen! The first time I saw Cars I was four years old, but I distinctly remember absolutely adoring McQueen and recognizing the change in his character. As a baby, I definitely loved that solid transition!

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
I’m going to have to say Jackson! We hardly know anything canon about him, but somehow a whole lot of us have been able to scrape up what little we had and form a whole, developed character. Plus, I have a little thing going with him and an OC of mine. A few of y'all know just how excited I am about that, haha ;)

Character everyone else loves but I don’t
Hmm. I had to think on this for a bit, but I’ll have to say Natalie Certain. I don’t know what it is, I just didn’t connect with her very well. :(

The character I love that everyone else hates
Chick Hicks! I hated him as a baby, don’t get me wrong, but he’s just so amusing, I can’t not love him!

The character I used to love but don’t any longer
Holley Shiftwell. I was still pretty young when Cars 2 came out, and at the time I thought, ‘Wow! A pretty purple spy car with an accent and a leading role! I love her!’ But after a while, I began to appreciate just how many other strong female characters are out there now. I still like her, don’t get me wrong! But I just don’t love her as much.

The character I’d totally smooch
Ooh. Eh. Well, I’d love to give Sheriff a big ol’ hug and a cheek smooch if that counts. Same for Mack, honestly. Those two are so hardworking and underappreciated.

The character I’d want to be like
I had to really think for this one, and I have to say Cruz Ramirez. She grew up trying so hard to pursue her dream, and when it didn’t work she wasn’t sad and bitter all the time. She didn’t let it consume her. Instead, she moved on to try the next best thing: helping others chase their dreams.

The character I’d slap
I’d slap dat ass

A pairing that I love
Well, Salqueen is a close second to my top pairing which I can’t tell y'all about because then you’ll expect something from me.

A pairing that I despise
It’s a hell tie between Doc/McQueen and McQueen/Cruz. I can’t stand that, and I’m sorry to those that do enjoy those pairings, haha. It just isn’t my forte.

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I was playing on my phone in bed and fell asleep for a few hours unexpectedly in my binder! What should I do? Do I need to go see a doctor?

You should be totally fine. Sleeping in a binder is only an issue if you regularly do it. If you are feeling short of breath, pain, or anything else not normal, you should see a doctor. I slept in my binder on quite a few occasions and was okay, and I know other people have too. Mistakes happen.


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Just wondering, cause I I have literally no one else to talk about this with, how do you feel about the drama from the latest chapter? What do you think Mei is feeling and how are the two going to progress further in their relationship? This chapter felt so short I'm hoping the one next month will really deliver


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