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YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma

Interacting with other mothers… + The aftermath

Yuuri despises socializing with people he doesn’t know, but his unconventional family and marriage is one of the hottest gossip topics in town especially among the other mums. One day, he decides to just fuck it all…and sorely regrets it afterwards.

(Featuring OC kid Arisa, and later Yasha and Shura)

*If the comics are hard to read, tap on the image first to bring it up in the Tumblr viewer, THEN right click view image for the unaltered slightly higher resolution.


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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chris brown recently followed yugyeom on instagram and i’ve seen a lot of ahgase trying to push for a collaboration between them and try to treat this like we’ve treated similar situations in the past (youngjae w/ elliot yamin, etc.)

so i need to remind y'all that chris brown is an abuser, he’s been involved in multiple domestic violence cases, he’s admitted to stalking

whether you think he’s talented or not is irrelevant because he is literally an abuser and we do not need to further his platform and yugyeom does not to be associated with him further

like this is not a collaboration we should be advocating for and while i’m happy for yugyeom that someone who’s work he enjoys noticed him, we have to be aware of the reality of this situation and not support or promote chris brown or any sort of collaboration between him and got7



A bunch of palette challenges I decide to doooo

because I can’t do palettes and I need practice cough

The first skele belongs to me

Palette belongs to @angexci

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Teo belongs to @momoishy