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hello everyone. my name is Judson and today i’m going to be talking about something i’ve been working on and off again for the last 4+ years 

i’ve been writing a book that’s very dear to my heart and the characters are basically my children so i hope you can check Atlas Hounds out 

please understand that the character/summary page isn’t entirely done yet since i need to add more to it and i plan on changing the theme for it but it’s as done as it will be for a little bit 

quick overview/trigger warnings:

  • deals with internalized transphobia and transphobia in general (the main character, Kev, is a transboy)
  • the exploitation of a group (lgbt, poor) by the government to benefit a war (signing up for the Kolpos, the front line, earns the poor money for their families back home and free hormones/transitioning/etc for those who are trans, as well as exempting those who fall under the term lgbt from being punished by the law.)
  • racism and the pressures of acting out against a stereotype vs adhering to a stereotype
  • the glorification of war and propaganda
  • blood family vs found family
  • severe PTSD and disassociation as well as suicidal tendencies  

Here’s a “simple” summary:

Kevlar Whitterstock has accepted the fact he’s going to die. It’s inevitable, really, when you’re a soldier at the Kolpos. There’s never a moment when shells aren’t rocking the ground and the popping of gunfire shakes him awake. It could happen any day at any time - poke his head over the trench wall at the wrong time, a bomb detonates a little too closely, hell, he could do it to himself if he wanted. The urge is there but he can’t. He signed up for this. His life in exchange for money for his family back home in the Skid. And, selfishly, the ability to transition. He remembers the humming of relief the day he got his first shot, three years ago at the age of fifteen, that would make his body right with his mind. He can also remember the first time an erratic piece of shrapnel embedded itself into his side. A necessary exchange, in his opinion.  Since joining, he’s seen people come and go, but somehow he manages to stay alive. He knows even his two newest friends, Tyde, a scholar-turned-soldier, and Jamir, a mechanic with a knack for repairing guns, will be gone soon enough. But then everything changes. Suddenly, Kevlar and his friends are being pulled from the Kolpos by the orders of the King, who’s under political strain regarding the war. They’re whisked to Basileia, the kingdom ruled by the Davenports, and undergo training to be servants to the Royal Family. Kev, in simplest terms, isn’t really the serving material they’re looking for, but he’s told to put up a pleasant front for the public. The smiling, scarred boy who waits on the King patiently. And that’s fine with Kev because the paychecks going to his family are heavier and he isn’t on the front line anymore. But when the King’s middle son, Winston, starts hounding Kev into being a “ true gentleman”, things start to get testy. 

thank you <3 <3 <3

A Father’s Promise/Stay Alive

So, last night I wrote a few OC things, most of which are unfinished because my muse was being finicky, but I did manage to finish three things. I’m only going to post these two though because the first one was super short and I might add onto it later (though I might add on to this one too…?)

In actuality, these don’t go together, but they had a similar theme so…I figured I’d post them together. To give you a heads up of what they are about, they focus on Kanter and Nasya and I kind of listened to “Dear Theodosia” while writing the first one and “Stay Alive (Reprise)” while writing the second so….yeah…xD

Fic below the cut:

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This is a fic I wrote for no real reason in particular. Shoutout to @nitori-aiichiros for reading this and encouraging me ;u;

Title: Bad Days and Worse Attitudes 

Words: 5414

Summery: Bad days happen to the best of us. Taako isn’t an exception.Taako wakes up in a bad mood and yells at Angus during their magic lesson. After feeling bad about himself for a few hours he tracks down the boy detective to apologize. Taako is a dick. Magnus is the voice of reason. Merle is not a doctor.

Tags: Team as Family, past abuse is hinted at but not in very much detail, Hurt/Comfort, Angst with a Happy Ending, angus is sick and the boys take care of him, Taako is a dick

Read on Ao3! I’d love to hear what you think! Please comment my crops are failing,,.

Taako felt like shit.

It was nothing new, definitely not, but the reason why he felt like shit was and for once it was entirely his fault. He stared up at the ceiling intently like it had all the goddamn answers in the fucking universe. When he realized that it was still just the ceiling he threw his head up and tore the pillow out from underneath it and slammed it into his face, muffling his aggravation and the ensuing grunts and screams.

He was just having a bad day, was all. Happened to the best of ‘em.

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I was going to save this for Friday but it’s Sinful Sunday and this is Cullen smut so why not share today? For @lumidee-mahariel (I hope I did this prompt justice and your beautiful Sabrina)

*throws into void while running away*

TITLE: One Night Away


PAIRING: Cullen x Sabrina

Cullen dusted his hands on his tunic and surveyed everything he’d set up for a night away with Rina. It wasn’t very fancy or anything but they’d both needed to escape and Josephine had kindly volunteered to take little Alistair for the night so they could have some time just to themselves.

As he studied the soft fur throw, the small two person tent and the basket filled with sweets, rolls and a bottle of wine, something just didn’t seem right. What if this wasn’t what she wanted all along? Maybe she would have preferred a night away, indoors, like an inn in Val Royeaux or a cabin nestled away in the woods? He suddenly panicked and stared to roll up the fur throw.

“Cullen, what are you doing?”

He froze at the sound of Rina’s voice and swallowed hard. Apparently he’d miscalculated the time of her arrival.

“I was just—I was going to…”

“You were worried about this not being good enough, weren’t you?” Rina bent her petite frame down next to him, her amethyst hair falling over one shoulder as she rested a hand on his. “Spending a night outdoors is freeing. This is perfect.”

He met those aqua eyes that sparkled with white stars near the pupils. The most welcoming and beautiful eyes he’d ever seen. “Are you sure? I would be glad to…”

She pressed a finger to his lips. “This is perfect. Listen, there’s even an ambiance of chirping crickets and the lull of the water lapping onto shore. Do you really think we could enjoy all that if we were trapped indoors? Besides, I know how much you hate being all closed up in a room. You deserve to enjoy this night away as much as I.”

This was why he loved her. She was filled with kindness and understanding, always willing to see into his soul and really know him.

His lip curved up into a smile as he cupped her cheek. “I love you. Do you know that?”

Rina leans into his caress, her lips just an inch away from his. “Of course I do.”

Cullen knows feels the same. The glances she shares with him, the way she’s allowed him into her life—Ali’s life. She doesn’t even need to say the words.

Her hand brushes through his hair, sending a chill down his spine. He’s felt this before—her hands through his hair, along his face, against his body—but it still shook him to his core and made him burn inside.

She presses her other hand against his chest and her eyes are expectant so he gives in, pressing his lips gently against her mouth, taking his time to relish in the kiss.

There are no hurries to be anywhere. To do anything. It’s a relief.

Rina deepens the kiss as she crawls into his lap, her fingers clinging tightly to his curls. He slides his hands down her face to dust feathery touches along her collarbone, across her shoulder, down the sides of her slim figure and finally rests them on the swell of her ass, lifting the small skirt to grasp onto that soft curve.

A small moan escapes her lips. Barely audible but loud enough to send him reeling. His tongue pushes into her mouth with great need as his cock twitches against his tight pants.

Suddenly she’s pulling away along with her sweet taste of a honeyed tongue and rosey scent but he smirks devilishly when he realizes where her attentions have been drawn. She claws wildly at the strings on his pants, untying them and pushing them down just enough to set his cock free. He’s rock-hard already–so hungry for her. Ready to devour her at any moment.

He knows he could but he tries to be patient, allowing her take the reins for once.

With a quick pull up from his waist, she slips off his tunic while the gentle breeze from off the lake brushes against his chest, forming his nipples into tiny peaks.
A low hiss escapes him when her tongue swirls across each one, pulling them between her teeth while she strokes his cock in her hand. He can feel the pressure building already with her skilled hands and he groans heavily as she pumps him up and down. He forces his eyes to stay open, watching her take delight in pleasing him. It only furthers his undoing faster. Before he loses himself completely he crashes his mouth against to mute the deep groan that spills from within him.

He utters the Maker’s name or at least he thinks that’s what he’s says as he spends himself in her hand, his seed leaking down the sides of his cock and probably all over her hand.

He’s left panting slightly as he looks down at her smirking full lips.

With a growl he quickly removes the velvet red bodice that accentuates the bountiful swell off her breasts and lowers her down onto his still hardened cock. It twitches against her warmth with approval. She’s already soaking for him.


A hum escapes between her lips as he adjust his hips, rocking himself into her slowly. Gently. But she’s not in the mood for slow or gentle.

His head falls against her chest as her nails dig into his shoulders while she bounces fervently on top of him. Little cries and moans escape from them both as their pleasure heightens.

Her breath hitches and each moan becomes deeper and he knows that she’s close. Pulling a breast into his mouth, he reaches down to press a finger against her clit, flicking it just once to bring on the ripple of her orgasm that sends forth a deafening cry. He can feel her pooling against him and he crushes her against her chest as she falls forward to catch her breath.

“I love you Cullen.”

A small tear escapes his eye as she says the those simple words with the quietest voice. Lips pressed into the marble of his chest. He is not usually one to cry but when life is this good for once, how could he keep in inside?

He presses his lips to her head, the scent of roses pressing into his nose as he buries it in her hair. He has never felt so enraptured in all his life. So enchanted by someone.

They remain this way for sometime, just holding each other until the stars come out to dance for them in the blackened sky.

Eventually they grow hungry and feast on what Cullen had brought but their attentions are more focused on each other.

They may have had their fill of food but the ache for one another only increased. Cullen lays her down on the blanket, grinning like a fool as she pulls him to her. No more words pass between them. Only the familiarity of their bodies as they spend the rest of the night indulging in their passions until the morning dew washes over their skin.

anonymous asked:

So I'm guessing you deleted the post that was not for this blog and now I'm just left wondering ... was it nsfw? Is that why you put fuck in the tags? Or was it something else? What was the post? So many questions..

KP: twas drunk nsfw rambles

Oh Fuck (Part 2)

Prompt: “You’re absolutely in love with him and have been for at least 2 years if you don’t go tell him how you feel I swear to god I will” by @writing-prompt-s (17 from this post)

Pairing: Cassian Andor x Reader

Summary: You’ve been given a week to confess your feelings. Unfortunately, you seem to be an utter coward when it comes to love.

Tags: fluff, light-hearted angst (what else do I know???)

Notes: This was really cute to write tbh

Word Count: 1,505

Part 1

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also reminder to support autistic girls and chronically ill girls and girls who are wheelchair users and girls with invisible disabilities and girls who are amputees and girls who are deaf or blind and basically just support every disabled girl

if ur feminism doesn’t include disabled girls then ur feminism is shit 👏👏👏