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Can you elaborate on what you mean by “Post Season 2 Sterek” and “Stiles/Derek” vs “Sterek”? I’ve not seen much TW, though I read a fair bit of fic, and am not sure what distinction you’re trying to make, unless you’re talking about the characters present. As for tagging, I think that using the ampersand tags (Scott & Stiles) is really all you should need to do. If you feel like going farther, start adding ‘This is a Scott-friendly fic’ or something to the notes.

After Season 2, Sterek fandom developed its own narrative of the show, one which was only loosely based on canon at best, and basically rewrote the first two seasons to put Stiles - and often-times Derek - on a pedestal, at the expense of basically everyone else in the show. This narrative/pairing grew so popular that Season 3A started to actually lean towards this pairing, but because it ‘only’ leaned - and didn’t retcon half the scenes of the first two seasons in order to follow the fanon narrative - the Sterek fandom very loudly stopped watching the show.

Unfortunately, the fans who stopped watching the show tend to not mention it until you ask them, so you often have no idea that the version of Teen Wolf they’re thinking of isn’t the actual show, until you’re halfway through their fanfic, or realize they think the manipulated scene from a gifset is what actually happened in canon.

“Stiles/Derek” is the shipping of Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale from the actual show. That’s what I do, and that’s what my fics are. “Sterek” means the fandom narrative, the one whose characters share names and faces with the characters of the show, but little else. Fanon Stiles absorbs all of Scott’s nurturing tendencies and Derek’s pack parentalism, Fanon Derek is a woobie who’s never really hurt anyone and has only made mistakes but needs to be cured by the power of Stiles’ healng dick or healing love, whichever comes first. Meanwhile Fanon Scott’s mistakes are the signs of a secret narcissistic personality disorder, and every instance of him helping people, or attempting to give them the space they needed, was actually just him attempting to manipulate people.

The double-standards listed in the original post are a pretty good summary of the issues which make Sterek fandom proudly proclaim themselves as “not Teen Wolf”. (They also summarize why I don’t ship Sterek, even though I ship Stiles/Derek).

The version of Teen Wolf implied to have happened in the background of most Sterek fic is really, really unrelated to canon. Sterek fic tends to: 1.) portray Stiles as a nurturing person (he’s protective, not nurturing - Scott is the nurturing one, followed by Derek); 2.) portray Erica, Isaac, Boyd, and Derek as woobies (apparently, the harassment, victim-blaming, and borderline abuse they engaged in for the first half of Season 2 never happened); 3.) Scott as being a neglectful friend (because of an instance in which he literally had no idea that Stiles was in danger, and thus ignored Stiles’ phone-call because he, himself, was in danger); 4.) Scott tries to make Stiles choose between himself and Derek (not only did nothing like this ever happen in Season 2, but Season 3 clearly demonstrated that Stiles was very close to Derek, without it affecting his friendship with Scott); among many other, smaller problems.

I’ve got a draft of a much-longer meta explaining how/why I ship Stiles/Derek but not Sterek, and I’ll drop you a line when I post it. I will admit, I wasn’t expecting to need it so soon, given how hard on the Stalia and Stydia buttons Season 6 is slamming on. o.O

And here’s the problem with the tags on my fic: that “Scott & Stiles” tag is already there. That’s why the comments bothered me so much - Scott hate has become so normalized in Sterek fandom that even though my tags and the content of my fic very clearly cast Scott as a positive character in Stiles’ life, some readers still expected Scott to be bashed in the story, because there also happens to be Stiles/Derek in it.


Song Inspiration: “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors (Erich Lee Gravity Remix). Here is a link if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGdaSDwKPG8 

Summary: Dean and the reader go on a solo hunt, but things take a turn for the worse when they realize it’s not going to be as easy as they thought.

Word Count: 2,228

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: SPN violence and injury (Let me know if I should put anything else).

A/N: Second fic - Let me know what you think! Tags are at the bottom. I used the list the spnpond created of people who are okay with being tagged in certain things, but if you do not want to be tagged let me know! No hard feelings :) 

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It wasn’t supposed to be like this. This was supposed to have been an easy hunt. So easy that you had insisted on Sam and Cas staying at the bunker, claiming that you and Dean could handle it. The two of you hadn’t had much alone time lately, and you thought this type of hunt was the perfect excuse to have a fun weekend to yourselves. 

The case was only a town over so you’d gotten there fairly quick. The process of finding the nest had been even quicker, making it surprising that the local PD hadn’t tracked the murderers back to the farm house sooner. The vampires had practically left a trail of bread crumbs leading right to them. You had chalked it up to the fact that you and Dean simply had better experience when dealing with the supernatural and knowing what to look for. If only you had been as observant as you thought you were.

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what do you think about kakashi being hokage? and about the decisons he took in the series and his character in general?

I think Kakashi becoming Hokage after Tsunade (and if Tsunade wants to retire, I say let the woman live, she never wanted the damn job but unlike Jiraiya she did what needed to be done, including getting fucking chopped in half for y’all ungrateful fuckers) is really the only choice. As I put it in my AU fic Your Most Important Person, everyone else who could potentially do it is basically already dead at the end of the Fourth War. In terms of the leadership experience, versatility, intelligence, and (in a better world) moral strength, respect for human life, and willingness to make unpopular or tough decisions, there’s nobody who’s better than Kakashi as of manga issue 699.

Except. Except except except. Sigh.

Kishimoto/the Naruto/Boruto franchise decided reform was boring or “not shonen enough” or what the fuck ever, so Kakashi (and later Naruto) don’t really make any reforms to the Hokage office or to the shinobi system. Also, and I WILL BEAT THIS DEAD HORSE AS MUCH AS I WANT, Orochimaru getting to continue to experiment on children was more important to Kishimoto than keeping dozens of other characters in character or giving them happy endings. Yamato? Get fucked. Suigetsu? Get fucked. Karin? Get fucked. Juugo? Get fucked. Mitsuki? The fuckening is only just beginning, kid. Everyone else who just stands by and watches this happening? Lose all credibility as heroes and, really, as human beings. This includes Kakashi as Hokage.

All the other problematic issues of an economy that is literally based on being mercenaries for hire? The issues arriving in the wake of massive death tolls from the wars? The issues of reconciliation in practice between groups that have legitimate hurts and grievances with each other? Never mind, we have the internet now! And there are aliens attacking!!!

So yeah. Kakashi, the character, doesn’t stand a fucking chance. But at least all his post-699 failures are failures of inaction, rather than active douchebaggery.

My recommendation: look at the Naruto ending primarily as an example of What Not To Do (limited exception for Shikamaru Hiden).

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You can keep Kakashi twirling in his chair though. The man does love his twirls.

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🏝💔❌ Elliot and Tal


“When I am lonely I don’t approach anyone. I now I should do the opposite but I don’t have any energy left then to deal with other persons…”

“I put make up and enjoy my reflection. What else?”


“I open up my eager eyes beause I’m Mr Brightside!”

“I am ruining my make up with tears.”

“And while doing it I burn down everything of him and when he comes near I will set him into fire!”


“Jealous? Me? Never… well… I knew it was about time my partner left for someone better…”

“If you anger me, I will punish you.”

“And not the nice - usual way.”

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  1. i’m not falling asleep - andy shauf
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  4. santa fe - beirut
  5. sasounasar - literally its from this album called “songs of armenia’s troubadours”
  6. ships - deep sea diver
  7. nothing i can do - alela diane
  8. should have known better - sufjan stevens
  9. sweetheart, what have you done to us - keaton henson
  10. dirty night clowns - chris garneau

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An Kpop/EXO-Phoenix Wright crossover project, starring Amber as our kick ass lawyer (why did I do this you ask? because i’m sad and spent a whole week on it.) SM should stop making mobile games and should instead make this a real thing. I would play it. Pretty sure Amber herself would too.

Thank you as well to my sister as she had to put up with my constant whining the whole time I was doing this. Thank u squid. Please give this a look over as I spent a lot of time on it. Thank you!! ;u;

I hope you like it! Also I suggest opening each image in a new tab to read it properly + for better quality. 

ALSO some mood music for you, while you read 

Thank you, and enjoy~

Aahhh thank you everyone for the feedback on Georgia Girl!!! 🙈 sorry I haven’t been responding I’m so terrible about it, but I’ve been looking!!

I’ve added @8bit-arc-reactor @martinawalker and @thevalesofanduin to my general tag list and @daybreak96 to the Bones tag list (lmk if you guys want to just be tagged in Bones works or if anyone else wants to be tagged in general!!!)

Also @outside-the-government I didn’t have a part 2 in mind but I’ll see what I can whip up ;)

Currently putting the finishing touches on a Jim fic so that should be done later today!!

okay i thought about this and am starting to wonder if i should be worried

is it, like, normal when family members hug you to put their hands under your shirt to touch your back or even rub it as a sign of affection? my grandma used to do it all the time and my grandpa still does it, and it’s always bothered me ever since i was a child. it bothers me even more as an adult and i’ve become very cognizant of my body.  my grandma would always get upset when i told her not to do that and my grandpa still gets upset when i tell him to stop it. no one else ever said anything about it being wrong and to stop when they did it, so i thought maybe i’ve just been weird about it

but now i’m starting to think otherwise

This is how Esmee makes friends. She makes them port to dumb places and then…lassos them in. idk

@explodingnebulae got me in the fandom trade and I felt like drawing her something in return! What do I love drawing more than wizards?? Wizards TOGETHER being wizards. So here’s Esmee and her wizard Rylee linking up.

My favorite part about making this quick piece was the ridiculous contrast in color schemes. Hope you like it!

I want to thank all the people who support my work - this is one of the most diversity-friendly fandoms I have ever been in. The support I’ve had from people is amazing, and pretty much the reason I’m still making art/fic/games for this ship. Hearing all your positive comments is what drives my inspiration!

I’m not fond of drama either, ideally I wish there was none. But when somebody insults my art and calls it gross, or if I see anyone else in the fandom being attacked in a similar way, I make it very clear I don’t accept it. Nobody should ever be scared of contributing to the tag. So seriously, thank you to everyone who has vocalized their support to me AND the entire fandom, your voice seriously makes a huge difference to us all.

Anyway, about the pic… I decided to do a quick drawing, it’s from a fic in the making by oudeteron​! To put it simply, it’s Mermaid Wallace x Transgender Steven. What more do you want?!


i was going to draw humanstucks of everyone else too but then i fell asleep so here we are

I am saddened by the people that seem to think that all Pretty Little Liars was about was unmasking -A.

Because it wasn’t.

It was about a group of women who loved each other deeply and took on the obstacles the world hurled at them and came out living because they continually chose to put each other first - they fucking chose each other.

And if you think the real villain of the show is Charlotte - then you haven’t been paying attention.

Because the show was about showing these girls how awful the real world could be if we lacked empathy and love, because the true villain of the show was Kenneth DiLaurentis, it was Rosewood, it was the Patriarchy.

It was about these girls realizing the vicious cycle they perpetuate by succumbing to the violence and fear around them, and how if pushed far enough, they could all be someone’s -A to survive, we all could. 

Because Spencer thought she could have killed Ali,

Because Emily tried to make Sara her own doll, 

Because Aria has always been filled with rage,

Because Hanna left Mona behind,

Because Alison thought she truly deserved to die,

Because the Liars found out they were capable of torturing each other.

The Liars came out and there was no longer a safe space for them to land - because they would always be in the Dollhouse - in real life

But they were capable of forgiveness/understanding, of seeing how Mona and Charlotte weren’t really the bad guys in the end.

Of still loving each other.

The show was about staring into the abyss and the abyss looking back, about finding the way to fight monsters without becoming one. It was about choice and love.

So maybe you guys were right, the show was about unmasking -A, the -A in all of us, the -A that is the real world.

And all the plotholes in the world could never take that away.



Protecting the BlackOut

As we’ve already heard, low-lives from certain websites that-shall-not-be-named are planning on raiding the #Blackout tag this coming Friday, posting triggering content and generally being assholes.

No one should have to be exposed to that- except me. 

I don’t have any triggers, or phobias, or anything at all that would make it difficult for me to browse the tags no matter how inundated they get with the worst gore and nonsense the internet can throw at me. 

I decided I should put that kind of advantage to good use. So I made this blog for that purpose: to reblog every legitimate post I see in the tags, block and report spamming users, and list what URLS everyone else should block here. That way, anyone who doesn’t want to venture into the tags while they’re being raided can come here to this blog. All of the content, none of the danger.

Please reblog this to get the word out, so I can do the most good possible with this blog come Friday.

Stay safe.