what else is the internet used for anyway

-Despite Neil’s slow start into the world of technology, once he discovers the wonders of online trolling, he has a very active social media presence.

-Usually he’s just commenting on fan pages and responding to his fans and the like.

-But it’s his birthday and fans have been leaving nice comments on his pages all day and it’s a little overwhelming but eventually by like midnight he’s gathered himself enough to be able to respond.

-And since it would take forever to respond to every comment individually and he’s tired, he decides to just post a video on his page saying thank you.

-Neil doesn’t intend for Andrew to also be in the video, but 1) it’s midnight and they’re already in bed and moving sounds hard

-2) It’s not like they’re purposefully hiding or not hiding their relationship, they’re just living their lives and

-3) Neil is still completely oblivious to things like public image

-So he thinks nothing of turning his laptop on and waving at the camera (like a nerd) and saying thank you and how much he appreciates his fans.

-He goes on for a while until Andrew rolls over into the frame, wearing his glasses and looking sleep rumpled and says “It’s 12:15 am and some of us want to sleep sometime this year. Say goodnight Neil.”

-And Neil just smiles and says goodnight, but doesn’t turn the camera off in time for it (and the fans) to miss him kissing Andrew’s cheek sleepily before rolling over.

-The jury’s still out on whether that was obliviousness or Neil being a shit starter.

-But anyway the internet explodes.

-Fan comments on the video are through the roof.

-Nicky makes no less than 12 separate fan accounts just to comment on how adorable it is.

-Andrew wants to kill Neil

-But what else is new?

-And if Andrew retaliates by posting a picture of Neil sleeping in one of Andrew’s hoodies on his Snapchat, who’s to say?

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Hey, you okay? Please seek help... You are mentally ill & not a pretty boy & you will never be a girl, never. Not mentally, not physically.

hey sorry it took me a while to respond to this i was eating cereal on the couch. my statcounter says you were using internet explorer for this though so like idk you’re probably used to slow web responses i guess?

anyways i really don’t give a shit what you think my dude. like not even a little bit. i get so many of these messages and not a single one has had any effect before. and even though there are tons of these it’s nowhere near the amount of people i have supporting me so like??

i have no reason to care at all about you or whatever you have to say, and i get the feeling nobody else does either, and nobody will until you can take a step back from focusing so much on other people’s lives and ask yourself who the fuck you think you are tbh

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seokmin smut wherein you mess with him during practice and the boys realize what you're doing and asks you to go somewhere else with him and end up evesdropping. eventually, when you and seokmin both open the door, the boys fall and jeonghan is seen to be covering dino's ears //lmao confusing ain't it? thanks anyways

It wasn’t confusing at all bb! I hope you like it ^^ 💖

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 3,525 words

You had planned to practice seriously, you swore, especially since instead of individual practice you were to help Seventeen with their choreography that required an additional person, but when you saw Seokmin in those sweatpants and tank top, looking as handsome as ever, and knowing it was just one of the first practice sessions…

A little playing around wouldn’t hurt, right?

Besides, you could always also put some of the blame on the choreography that just happened to include a part where they were humping the floor and Seokmin went hard on it, looking just enough like he did when you had sex to make your mind wander to places that were far from innocent.

The practice itself started normally, with you joining the dance every now and then when you were supposed to and dancing for a moment with one member, and another moment with another. At first you could even do it properly with Seokmin, but after a few times you found yourself placing your hands on his arms at a part where he was meant to have his arms around you loosely.

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Ben 10 headcanons

Ben loves memes. His greatest wish is to one day ascend to meme status himself.

He tries to teach Rook about memes. Rook doesn’t always understand but he’s trying his best

Sometimes Rook will correctly use a meme and Ben will puff up with pride like a mama hen

*some villain gets beat up*
Rook: as the Internet would say, get rekt scrub
Ben smugly: I taught him that

If Mr Smoothie was an actual person, Ben would marry him

He campaigns to get Mr Smoothie to sponsor him/become their official spokesperson á la Game Grumps and Wendy’s

He picks up languages really easily and now knows random phrases in a bunch of alien languages that don’t have much practical use on earth. He likes to show off his skill anyway

Ben: jfshv gu dbk gosbrta slysh kag folp: Human fans: wow! What else can you say?
Ben dramatically: łłüfgçįßrdæã kóòpłûŷtś
Human fans: woah that’s so cool!
Ben: oh yeah? Ėß nõsŶñ'šĘT Y'sïm sī'ta'ti’ ŃĮÆGee

Where is the space bus stop
Pass the salt
That Tennyson kid is at it again

He still gets nightmares a lot so doesn’t really get much sleep at night. He makes up for it by napping a lot during the day

Huge anime fan. Sumo slammers was the first one he watched and then Naruto. He is also a fan of sailor moon and sometimes when he transforms into an alien he pretends it’s a magical girl transformation. He’ll never admit that though

Didn’t have many friends growing up, and for years Gwen was his only real friend. After he put the omnitrix back on he met a lot of people and made a lot more friends, but he still only has a few close friends (Gwen, Kevin, Rook, Rex if you count Heroes United)

He thinks he’s pretty suave but he can’t flirt to save his life. He used to be flirtier when he was younger, like 13-14 years old, but mellowed out because he wasn’t having much success. He doesn’t really flirt at all now, he’s too awkward, and kinda oblivious to other people’s romantic advances (see: Ester)

This scene comes to mind:

Has a surprisingly good fashion sense, but opts for whatever is the first thing he sees in his wardrobe that morning because he’s too lazy to plan out a nice outfit everyday


you’re the dream that I keep thinking about all day  ♥

New Zeland’s flag (?)

As you might know, New Zealand’s flag is almost identical to Australia’s. This has caused a lot of confusion and made NZ look like the seventh state of Australia.

In 2015 and 2016 NZ government held New Zealand flag referendums to choose a new flag for the country. Of course, when you ask people to design a new flag, the Internet steps up and…


After about ten months the government had filtered out these five flags (and the original on the top left corner) as finalists.

And after 10 months, 10,300 designs and 26 million dollars used on the referendums, what is the current flag of NZ? The good old Discount- Australia’s flag, of course! This, of course, irritated everyone. Those who wanted a new flag didn’t get one, those who wanted to keep the original were frustrated with the cost of the process, and everyone else is frustrated that the laser kiwi wasn’t the winner!

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Both Kaneki's Haise,touka and ayato reactions when they walk to their s.o masturbating ;)))

(( im too lazy to check if we have answered an ask similar to yours

also i might be answering a lot of asks…i feel like shit honestly and im gonna try and vent this way. or at least occupy myself instead of dealing with my shitty feelings lol ))

The moment Kuro!Kaneki heard a moan and fixed his eyes upon his partner, his face’s an immediate red. They screech upon seeing him, scrambling for the nearby pillow to cover up–he screamed out an apology, bowing quickly before slamming the door shut, staring at the wall with wide eyes, his back pressed against the wood. The visage of their pleasured face burned into his mind, he whined and slapped his forehead, using the door as leverage to push himself up and wander off to try and distract himself…and to forget what he had just witnessed, much less their face or else he’s going to have issues later.

How was Shiro!Kaneki supposed to know that his partner was masturbating, instead of jamming out to their music or busying themselves with the internet? The short answer was that he wasn’t, but he found out that they were anyways when he entered their room to ask them a small question. “I’m–” He swallowed thickly, his cheeks heating up and forgetting the question he had originally planned to ask. “I’m sorry,” Was all he said, and before they could response he fled the room. After a second or two he could hear them scream as the realization hit them, while he had an issue he needed to take care of, a result of his wandering mind.

Hai-se!” Haise shouted out in punny greeting as he burst into his partner’s room with hands on his hips and the most stupidest–yet proud–grin on his face. The grin was short lived though, and formed into an ‘o’ shape as he realized what exactly it was they were up to, with their hands between their legs and–he forced himself to focus on their flushed face. They look at him in shock, before their eyebrows furrowed and they pointed at the door. “Get out! Out, out!” They shrieked.

Bai-se!” Haise cried, flustered as he left, shutting the door harshly behind him. He blinked, staring at a wall for a moment before he started to giggle like a school girl at his new pun. 

When Touka immediately realized what her partner was doing, she stared at them, incredulous with pink dusting her normally pale cheeks. They lock gazes with her, shyly pulling the blankets over themselves. “U-um, Touka! W-what are you doing here?” They laughed nervously, looking away from her to stare at the blankets, playing with the edges of it. 

She paused, licking her lips. “I-I’m only because you’re really damn loud! Keep your voice down instead of moaning like a damn lion!” She hissed, before leaving and slamming the door shut behind her. Hiding her face in her hands, she sighed loud and heavily–because even if they were loud or not, she knew she enjoyed hearing their moans.

Ayato couldn’t help but watch his partner. He had entered the room silently and they had not noticed his presence, so he stood in the doorway with a dumb sly grin on his face, watching and listening as they masturbated. They catch on to his appearance once they tilted their head back, screaming once they saw him and covering themselves up. “Am I intruding on something?” He asked, winking at them. They proceed to chuck their pillows at him–which he expertly dodged–as they screamed at him to leave and stop being a gross pervert.

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Hey! I recently started listening to Bastille and joining the fand and I was just searching through the Bastille tag and saw your text post. You seem like a cool person so yes hello.!

Hey! Me? A cool person? Haha that’s weird. 

By joining this fandom, you made one of the biggest mistakes (‘cause they’ll ruin your life) slesh upgrade to your life (I didn’t know what was the opposite to mistake so I asked the internet but didn’t find the right word anyway). What I meant to say is, welcome to Stormland.

As you may have alredy figured, I’m not good at explaining things understandably, so I’ll give you some useful sources for new Stormers: 

Edit:  here’s an even more complete masterpost of every song they’ve ever done ever. Over here too. 

Edit2: another guide to each member. 

You definitely didn’t ask for this but I’ll leave you with some links to properly stalk our 4 babses on the internet.

-Twitter: Dan, Kyle, Woody, Will
-Instagram: Dan (bastilledan), Kyle (kjesimmons), Woody (woodybangsthedrums), Will (williamfarquarson)

Facebook  -  Vevo  -  Youtube  -  Tumblr  -  Official Site  -  Soundcloud

*Val out*

So at my meeting today, the internet wasn’t working.  It kept giving us an error message as my boss tried to do his presentation.  Which was awesome, as none of us really wanted to listen to it anyways.  He’s a great boss, but his presentations areless than ideal ways to spend the morning.

He eventually gave up on the ‘do it myself’ route, called the tech department, and doodled this while we waited for the fix-it guys to show up.  Nobody else understood what he drew.  But I did.

I’m so, like, I know where Bill lives!

I know about my boss’s secret life.  He’s secretly into Gravity Falls.  …Or he’s secretly Bill.  It’s one or the other, I’ve just yet to figure out which.  But trust me, I will figure it out.

Now, whenever he asks us to trust him, I won’t know if he’s channeling Grunkle Stan in ‘Not What He Seems’ of he’s channeling Bill and I should run for the hills…