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hating on clace/clace shippers because clace is a white het couple doesn’t make you cool and progressive and it doesnt change the fact that it’s a healthy supportive relationship between two characters that love and respect each other bye 

UpDated list

Hey all, updating my master list, I love writing HOWEVER if no one comments writers die, we’re like tinker bell that way, just putting comments in tags, sending me an anon message about what you think, anything AT ALL is good enough, please I’m begging you!!! PLEASE PLEASEEEEEE comment idk what else to do to get people to comment 

  1. Brother’s Day (Tim and Damian bonding)
  2. No Win Situation (Tim saving Damian)
  3. No Win Situation: Epilogue (Tim Damian bonding)
  4. Faster Friend (Tim and Bart fluff)
  5. Day of the Oracle (a day in the life of Barbara Gordon)
  6. Resurrection Night (the return of Jason Todd Part 1)
  7. Resurrection Night: Part 2 (the return of Jason Todd Part 2)
  8. Robins united (the return of Jason Todd Part 3, Jason and Tim together)
  9. BlueJay (the return of Jason Todd Part 4, Jason and Tim)
  10. Of Green and Blue (the return of Jason Todd Part 5, Jason faces the Joker)
  11. Colin and Damian at the Prom
  12. the Story of Jason and Dick’s first kiss
  13. Damian goes to high school
  14. TimBart in the Library
  15. Tim unmasks for Kon
  16. Tim Meets New52 Kon
  17. Timkon first kiss
  18. Kon can’t figure out what to wear for a date
  19. Tim’s brothers crash his date
  20. Tim gives Damian advice on handling a Superboy
  21. Tim, Kon, and Bart on Vacation
  22. Tim the jacket thief
  23. TimKon on Tim’s day off
  24. Jason and Roy have to save Dick
  25. Jason and Selina at a gala
  26. Colin is upset by Superboy
  27. Tim and the Jacket
  28. Dick and Jason crash Dami’s Date
  29. Tim Missing Bart
  30. Tim and Connor go to Prom!
  31. Connor meets Jon for the first time
  32. Kon gets a lip ring
  33. Tim, Kon and Bart have they real date
  34. Tim meets an old friend
  35. Tim Kon and Bart become boyfriends
  36. Connor and Bart react to Tim’s death
  37. Tim’s brothers find out about his boyfriend
  38. Kon sets up a date for Tim
  39. Jason reacts to Tim’s Death
  40. Tim teaches Kon how to fight
  41. Damian uses the Teen Titans to spy on Tim’s date
  42. Damian and Jon go trick or treating
  43. Tim and Kon’s first “I love you”
  44. Tim and Jason’s Kiss
  45. “I almost lost you” kiss (Tim and Bart Thad)
  46. Tim catching the bouquet at the end of a wedding
  47. Tim comes out to Batdad (and Dami)
  48. Damian and Tim share a birthday cake
  49. Tim Meets Babs for the first time
  50. Tim and Damian get (another) dog
  51. Tired Tim and Ghost Jason
  52. Pretty boy Dick Grayson schools the JLA
  53. Damian gets an eating disorder
  54. Jon and Conner’s baby sitting
  55. Terry Meets the modern JLA
  56. DamiJon First Kiss
  57. TimKon and DamiJon
  58. Bruce and Babs play chess
  59. Damian kidnaps Billy Batson
  60. Billy Batson gets an unexpected job  (Part 2)
  61. Damian “doesn’t have friends”
  62. Damian’s birthday party turns out differently than he thought
  63. Billy Batson and the Heroes of Olympus/Egypt/Asgard
  64. Tim Drake Batman and his Damian Robin
  65. Damian hunts famous blogger Billy Batson
  66. Billy Batson and Zachary Zatara do card tricks
  67. Damian talks about his first death
  68. Titan’s Tower turns into a zoo and Gar doesn’t like it
  69. Bart and Thad bonding
  70. Bruce adopts again (sorry Damian!)
  71. Bruce’s lonely day off
  72. cat lovers
  73. the animals in Billy Batson’s apartment
  74. Thad and Bart speaking telepathically
  75. Jason and Damian bonding
  76. Bart tries to cover for Thad on a date
  77. The Titans learn that Damian can smile
  78. Bruce stalks his kids on their dates
  79. Thad gets stuck with 3 year old Bart
  80. Damian kidnaps Jon for a bake sale
  81. Thad with 3 year old Bart
  82.  Batman introduces his Robins to the JLA
  83. Damian asks Billy out (at last)
  84. Thad as big brother to Bart 
  85. Billy interviews The Teen Titans 
  86. The Teen Titans learn about Damian’s boyfriend
  87.  Damian and Billy a date 
  88. Tim dealing with being Batman 
  89. Batman stalks his children on dates 
  90. Damian sneaks out for a sleep over
  91. Tim covers for Damian on a date 
  92. Billy tries to get the Titans to eat right
  93. Damian turns to Aqualad for help with his sexuality 
  94. Billy and Harley Quinn’s friendship
  95. Jaime Rayes as Ted and Booster’s “son”

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So, I just got this comment on Feels Like Coming Home (available now on AO3!), and I know it’s been addressed ad nauseum of late, but I’m going to put my thoughts out there.

As always, these words represent my current thinking and feelings, and I don’t speak for anyone else.

So, I hear that this is important for you. But, it’s not important for me, and I did not forget to tag it, I chose not to. I do not blame *anyone* for having any preference with respect to fic, or life in general, both with regards to the question of topping or any other choice in life. God knows, I do. @cuethetommo has heard enough of them. Actually, many of my friends have. So yeah, I do not begrudge you your preference. 

What I do begrudge is you reducing the 60K fic that I spent months on, poured my own heart into, to a question of who fucks whom. This is an explicit work, and the way things happen was actually thought about, planned out, and specifically decided upon in service of that story and those characterizations. It has meaning within the story and it’s not random.

But what about smaller one-shots that are simply PWP? Well, I won’t be tagging those either (I don’t think I’ve written a ton of them myself, and they’re not what I tend to go to in my own reading), because for me, that just isn’t what it’s about. That is a choice that I, as an author, get to make, and you are 100% within your rights as reader simply to not read things that aren’t tagged the way you want.

Perhaps this goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, I also do not care in the slightest how authors choose to tag their own works with respect to the topping/bottoming question, and tagging of top/bottom has no impact on whether I’ll start or finish a fic.

I do try to tag trigger warnings and things that I think are important (thought tagging is really hard for me and I don’t think I’m all that good at it ha ha). But I do not tag topping and bottoming. Like I said, I understand that people have preferences. I really don’t, in this one instance, oddly enough, but I do get it. However, if you’re rigid enough that you’re unable to tolerate the uncertainty of not knowing whose what is going where, then it’s best that you don’t read my fics. If it’s that your preference is, again, so rigid, that you’re unable to tolerate reading anything else, I’d suggest that you stick to fics where it’s explicitly tagged. Which, again, aren’t mine. 

If it’s a specific trigger for you (I’m at a bit of a loss to understand how it might be, but I’m open to feedback), then again, I suggest that you avoid any works that aren’t tagged in such a way as to keep you safe. That’s what I do, and why I value the tagging system so highly. There are wonderful works that the fandom loves that I will not ever read because of my own history, issues, and yes, simple preferences. I thank those authors from the bottom of my heart for tagging. 

So, you might ask, why then do you tag trigger warnings and use the AO3 warning system as well? 

To me, there is a real difference between tagging for triggers (and yes, I do think the word is overused but I’ll go with it right now) that are going to hit people around true traumatic experiences, and something that I have only seen always billed as a preference.

Here’s an example.

I, personally, really really don’t like food fights in commercial kitchens. It’s my own personal squick. I don’t like them and often, they’re a deal-breaker for me in a fic. I come to one, I just nope out and go on my way. Do I send an author hate or leave a nasty comment for writing something I don’t like. NOPE. Do I comment on every fic before I read it, “Does this have a food fight? It’s really important.” NOPE. Do I think authors shouldn’t write food fights? NOPE. Do I wish authors would tag for it? NOPE because that’s ridiculous, that’s my own personal preference and it’s not a trigger. 

If someone can explain to me in a way that’s not rooted in misogyny and homophobia how the wrong person topping is a trauma trigger, I’m open to hearing it.

before & after sim tag

thanks for the tag @noonicorn!!!

i changed the skintone bc i hated the one she had originally

her name is katrina loony (what the hell, 12 year old sophie!?)

so yeah, i bought ts4 in october 2014, and even tho i lost all of my gallery files from my old laptop (bought a new laptop and forgot to transfer them) i realised back then i didnt know how to save them back then (just upload to the gallery) so wooo!

basically the jist of this challenge is you find the oldest sim on your gallery and then make over them to what they’d look like now!

i tag @pixiebeansimmer @simaroosimblr @fadepixels @floydiansim @john-sims @asterllum @sims-creations @igglemouse @neopixiesims & anyone else who wants to do it :)

Before and After Sim Tag by @soft-almond

Rules: Update your oldest sim in your personal gallery and take a before and after shot then tag some people!

I was tagged by the @calisimgirl​ , thanks lovely! ♥

Loooord. Okay so I use to play CC free when TS4 first came out and I based this Sim off of the color pink. As you can see I my Sims were more cartoony like what TS4 was advertised as but now I’m more slightly realistic in my proportions. 3 years later and about 3 gbs of CC, my Sims are waaaay cuter lol

I tag!

@winniemoon @bratsims @kismet-sims @maladi777 @publicwoohoo @simtonomy and anyone else who wants to do it!

anonymous asked:

Okay, thank you for treating my feelings like a joke. I ask nicely and this is what I get... you seem to tag things for everyone else but when I ask for behavior to be tagged it's not okay.. I don't understand that...

Im not a fucking trigger warning lmfao you can literally blacklist the name hades but apparently you didnt know that. In fact i dont care what you do. Get bent



Tagged by: @euhtak (thanks so much lovely, your questions are perfect) 💕

Rule 1: Post the rules
Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, then make 11 new ones
Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to your post

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anyone else who would like to <3

1. what is your comfort movie? the one that always makes you feel better when you watch it? I love the movie Spirited Away, it was my favorite as a little kid and always seems to make me feel better~
2. ideally, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully one step closer to becoming a professor, living in Seoul or Tokyo, and writing endlessly (maybe have something published by then as well <3)
3. if you could instantly master any language, which one would it be? Oh god I want to be fluent in 7 however Korean is so beautiful to me so that one!
4. favorite midnight snack? Strawberries and whipped cream or hot chocolate!
5. any instruments you know, or want to learn? I sing if that counts… but I would love to learn the violin and piano 
6. describe your aesthetic my blog in a tea cup + also @versaillcs who has blog that is literally stunning and also my aesthetic entirely~
7. what is your theme song and why? the Merlin theme song (intro?) because I adore that TV show
8. what is the last song you sang aloud to? Matt Corby’s Made of Stone
9. is there someone who whenever you see their face, your mood instantly improves? who? My siblings, I love them both so much (my whole family really), my best friend, and whenever these two nerds message me because I adore them both @ruefulstars and @thewinedarksea
10. if you could choose one season (spring, fall, summer, winter) for it to be for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why? Most definitely Fall because its stunning <3
11. top 3 places you want to travel/live? Japan (I want to go back one day), S. Korea (to visit friends and experience the beauty there), Italy (to visit family).

My Questions:
1. If you could choose one time of day for it to stay, what would you choose and why? (dusk, dawn, twilight, etc.) 
2. Would you rather the ability to speak to stars or sing with the ocean?
3. If you could live in a fairytale, myth, or legend which would it be and why?
4. If you could travel back in time where would you want to live and in what time period would you want to exist?
5. Silk and Rose petals OR Lace and Wine?
6. Who is your favorite artist (any kind) + in what ways have they changed you? 
7. If you were to have a past life what do you think it would’ve been like?
8. Would you rather have the ability to manipulate shadows or read minds?
9. The moon or the sun?
10. Favorite childhood memory or a dream you had often as a child
11. Describe something your passionate about and how it makes you feel

I was tagged by @raygirlramblings. Thanks for the tag!

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • My wallet
  • An umbrella
  • A box of tictacs
  • A tictac box full of safety pins
  • A notebook that I draw in

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • A ton of plushies
  • My button collection
  • An Easter basket
  • A clown themed carved candle
  • Me (about 75% of the time anyway)

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life:

  • Learn to play piano
  • Learn to play guitar
  • Learn Japanese
  • Visit Japan
  • Make at least one short film

5 things that make me happy:

  • My sisters
  • My cat
  • Playing the TY the Tasmanian Tiger Games 
  • Eating sweet stuff like candy or ice cream
  • Making other people laugh

5 things I’m currently into:

  • TY the Tasmanian Tiger
  • Popee the Performer
  • Smile Guide
  • Raggedy Ann and Andy
  • Yume Nikki

5 things on my to do list:

  • Do laundry
  • Work on my resume
  • Work on my commission sheet/info
  • Finish this drawing I’m working on
  • Work on those asks I got for an ask meme a few months ago (sorry about that)

5 things people may not know about me:

  • I’ve had an interest in making movies/short films since I was about 8 years old, but I’ve never finished one because I didn’t know about the process of making a short film/I lost interest in the project I was working on
  • Similarly, I had an interest with 3D animation since I was about 12, but I had no ideas on what to animate in the first place (and now I’m stuck with a computer that can’t handle 3D graphics… rip :/ )
  • Also I’ve been interested in making games for awhile, and I’m trying to learn how Gamemaker Studio works so I can make (or at least try to make) games of my own
  • I have a bunch of special interests that I don’t really talk about bc I don’t have much of a reason to talk about them, such as PSAs/PIFs and stop motion animation and the process of how everything is made (especially the armatures for the puppets)
  • I have double jointed thumbs

And now I tag:

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Ok so I know this is a stretch, considering that I’ve tried this twice before with no results but I’m doing this so that I at least TRIED. 

I’m trying to save up from all angles for a trip to Florida. What for you ask? I’m glad you did, you see my very dear friend @toootys is from Ireland and I’m from the midwest of the US. We’re an OCEAN apart but this summer Nori’s family is going to vacation in Florida for a couple days. This is a chance for us to meet IN REAL LIFE for the very first time after almost FIVE YEARS.

I dont want to get too sappy on a commission post that might flop so I’ll keep it short and to the point. I need money for this very BIG expense, I need cash for the plane ride and the hotel so I’m opening up commissions to help out the cost. 

Chibi art is 5 for just the line art and 10 for it fully colored.

My regular art is 10 for line art and 15 for it fully colored.


I’m doing all I can from my end for the money so please, even if you cant afford or don’t need a commission do me a favor and reblog so another may see. 

Okay so I recently saw a Meme I thought would be fun. It was like: Answer these questions in song titles from one band/Artist, then tag somebody else and I was like; Shit, let’s do this thing.

Band/Artist: Five Seconds of Summer (did you expect anything else?)

What is your gender? - Vapor (’cause it’s non-existent)

Describe yourself - Unpredictable

How do you feel right now? - Over and Out/Tomorrow Never Dies

If you could go anywhere, where would it be? - Long Way Home

Favourite mode of transportation - Airplanes

Relationship status - Out of My Limit/Close as Strangers

Now I’m tagging @thugkanaya and @dusksonata64 because they’re my only irl friends and I don’t talk to my mutuals ^^ (they’re probably not going to do it anyway, but I CAN DREAM)


Like a damn WEEK AGO I got tagged by @monsieurlapin to make a moodboard using only photos from my phone. 

I call this moodboard: Hockey Has Ruined My Life

And I want you all to know I was listening to “Don’t Fear The Reaper” while I fucking made this. And you know what? I do. I do fear the reaper. 

I tag: @tarmac-like-arteries, @sidcrosbybro, @ferretfied, @kasperi-kapanen, @bitchymarner, and @nosleeptilstanley

And honestly whoever else DO ITTTTT. 


infodumping about the ocean

I am really tired yall.

Lemme just preface this with saying that I am a writer. I have been writing for most of my life. I have taken actual classes about writing and about what fiction can offer you, me, and people as a whole. I have won an award for something that I wrote. I know and love fiction, be it in written form, graphic novels, or film. It is all so good and complex and it’s something I am passionate about. That said, let’s get into this.

A good majority of the discourse that goes on in most of the fandoms I’m in stem from the idea that violence and forbidden sexual acts in fiction will encourage those actions in reality. It is important to know, firstly, that the only time this happens is when a person is immature enough or not mentally healthy enough to distinguish reality from fiction. Growing up, my parents would often stop horror movies (back when I first started watching them) to ask me questions. To be fair, they were pretty shitty people, but in this one aspect, they were so good about making sure I knew this difference. “You know this is just a movie, right? None of the stuff on the tv is real.” They’d assure before continuing the film.

It’s not real.

Now, half of the stuff I read or watched back then was nowhere near pushing boundaries or making me think critically about society or whatever. However, I knew that what I watched wasn’t real. It was images on a screen. If I don’t like what I’m seeing, I can walk away. It doesn’t have to affect me, personally,  unless I let it.

Now, lets circle back. School. College. I took a writing class that used this book:

Granted, it was a screenwriting class and most of the chapters were about various script formats, but the beginning chapters focused on why we write and why we make the stories we do.

It had a section in it describing how human needs and desires are met through fiction. It detailed those needs in a list. This list:

Please draw your attention to the ones on the list that say that fictions helps people to:

Be purged of unpleasant emotions

To have vicarious but controlled emotional experiences

To confront, in a controlled situation, the horrible and terrible

To explore taboo subjects without guilt

Just because you personal don’t need various forms of ‘taboo’ media, doesn’t mean that others don’t. Media, in all of its forms, is a way for people to explore things safely. It’s an outlet that doesn’t harm anyone and it offers the creator and viewer/reader a safe way of exploring the complexities of situations (or in some cases relationships) that these people do not want to be involved in irl. Because we can distinguish reality from fiction. Because none of us are going out killing people or getting into abusive relationships or fucking our sibling.

While being critical of the media we consume is important and it is vital to dissect the whys of the media being created, there is a line between creating open discussion about these taboos, about the society and personal experiences that makes one need these outlets, and verbally abusing and harassing strangers.

If you want to create a dialogue about media or a ship you don’t agree with, fine. Talk about it. Dissect it. Really dig deep into the human condition and the psychology behind these outlets, but don’t shame people for them to the point of telling them to kill themselves or telling them they are human garbage or what the fuck ever.

Fiction isn’t always meant to be picturesque. It’s not always going to be SFW. If that isn’t your cup of tea, then great. Stop going into the tags of things that make you feel unhealthy. You do you. Keep yourself safe. Stop continuously exposing yourself to content that you can’t swallow. To keep getting involved, to keep harassing people, to keep abusing strangers shows that you don’t give a damn about the content. You need an excuse to bully someone else and indulge in holier-than-thou circle jerks with other people who also have no sense of what fiction is for.

The things I do for you people.

I wrote a Darkiplier x Reader fic for the @darkiplier-support-group charity event, and since we smashed our goals, I would be wrong not to post it.

First of all, this is based off of the idea of @ask-sadisticdark, and I thought it would be interesting to write a lot of angst and a liiiiiittle bit of fluff based on someone who can’t feel love. The quick disclaimer is that I am obviously not supporting abuse in relationships by writing this.

Second, I write, but I haven’t publicly written a “fic” since I was a preteen. 

Third, Don’t make fun of me too much for this. It’s for charity, okay?!

And no, there’s no smut, you sinners.

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“That’s Earth up there, Jeremy. Like, THAT’S Earth. I’m lookin’- No, not that one.” 
“That’s it! That’s it.” 
“Yeah, that’s Earth right there. You got it.” 

I never pick action-packed minecraft eps to draw from it’s always the slow ones.