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Lets take a poll here. Do you guys think they’ll kill off max anytime soon? Or do you think they’ll change that part of the book considering they’ve already changed a few things? I’m genuinely scared that the season finale/winter finale will end with Max’s death (we all know how dramatic endings go) and it follows what happened in the book….

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do u ever get a seasonal urge to doodle zevran… i do so here’s sum elf doing the ‘dont trust even yourself self’ meme or idk bc as always it turned out differently from what i wanted to draw at first. and it seems im incapable of drawing anything in color im sorry

and i draw for hours not saving so if it crashes i definitely deserved it

Everyone’s making really cute toddler CC, so I wanted to contribute too! But I have no toddlers in my game… yet. Here’s a mesh edit of the super cute scallop dress that came with the newest update!

- 15 original EA swatches

- Recolouring allowed (don’t include the mesh, please)

- Do not reupload anywhere else

- Tag me with @keikosim, @keikosimlookbook, or #keikosim if you use it! Would love to see your adorable babies <3 

- Made with @sims4studioofficial

- Download here!

Please let me know if you have any issues at all! I plan on making some more mesh edits for toddlers, so stay tuned for more if that’s what you’re looking for. And if you’re following my story on @keikosim, then this little cutie in the preview pics will appear… soon?

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy <3

I’ve recently hit 400 followers and my blogoversary and have decided to list my follow forevers mutual edition. Thank you all for putting up with me and my spotty activity — my shipping antics — and how volatile my muse can be. I appreciate all of you, mutual or not, and look forward to more shenanigans. 

I’ve divided people up into fandom categories, in case you were looking for rad people to follow. 

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Non-shipping bloggers from BBC Sherlock fandom, where are you?

It’s been a while since we’ve done this, so let’s update the list!

I am a non-shipper when it comes to BBC Sherlock. It’s important to note that’s not the same thing as an anti-shipper–I don’t care what anyone else ships. I just want to be free to sit here not shipping things while everyone else does whatever they like.

There are a lot more non-shippers in the fandom than people realize, probably because communities don’t form as organically around the thing you’re not doing. We don’t have a tag or any other obvious place to meet and mingle. That’s where this post comes in.

If you’re a BBC Sherlock non-shipper who’d like to meet other non-shippers, here’s a chance to speak up!

Reblog or reply to this post & let us know if you’re:

A) A Sherlock non-shipper who regularly posts about the show on your blog.

B) A Sherlock non-shipper who doesn’t post about the show much (or ever), but would like to find other non-shippers to follow or talk to.

C) A shipper who is signal-boosting this message. (Thanks!)

Quote Writing Prompts
  • 1: "Yeah uh - Yeah no, that sounds awful."
  • 2: "Please... Don't leave me here. Don't leave me alone, without you."
  • 3: "So, that went well."
  • 4: "You're awful. I love it."
  • 5: "What the hell do you think you're doing, exactly?"
  • 6: "Is that... lipstick, on your collar?"
  • 7: "Did you do this?"
  • 8: "You know what? This place feels like home."
  • 9: "Oh shit. Am I - Am I in love? That's not supposed to be happening. That's not right."
  • 10: "Who are you? Where am I? What is this? WHAT IS GOING ON?!"
  • 11: "Dear (name), First of all, I'm so sorry. I really am."
  • 12: "I can't do this anymore."
  • 13: "So what, you're just gonna leave?"
  • 14: "Did you honestly think I wouldn't figure it out?"
  • 15: "You really think you can beat me? That's cute."
  • 16: "I'm tired of you. I really am, at this point."
  • 17: "Oh, just digging myself a nice grave, you?"
  • 18: "Shhhh. This is my favorite part."
  • 19: "Hey, can I hold your boobs for a sec?"
  • 20: "I think I may have found a song that accurately describes how I feel toward you."
  • 21: "Is that necessary?"
  • 22: "I don't like it."
  • 23: "I'm getting bad vibes... We should go."
  • 24: "HA! Loser!"
  • 25: "You wear me out, kid."
  • 26: "Is this a joke? This is a joke, right? You're joking."
  • 27: "The washing machine broke, I almost lost my keys, the car got dented, and a wasp got into the house and hijacked the bedroom for four days! Four. Days."
  • 28: "You're the greatest thing that's ever happened to me."
  • 29: "You kiddin'? That's brilliant, c'mon!"
  • 30: "So what do you say to this: you, me, a nice big glass of milk, a thing of cookies?"
  • 31: "My hero."
  • 32: "That was harsh."
  • 33: "You better pipe down. I'm not laughing."
  • 34: "So you're really gonna do this, huh? And nothing I say can change your mind?"
  • 35: "So uh. I noticed you're kinda naked. Is that intentional, or... ?"
  • 36: "Why is there a dog in the living room?"
  • 37: "They mixed up our reservations. One room. One bed."
  • 38: "Oh boy. I'm on the weird side of YouTube again."
  • 39: "You, my friend, are a filthy sinner, and I approve wholeheartedly."
  • 40: "Did you mean like... this?"


this is a fandomless oc who loves music and sports and really needs a hug, or twenty. she isn’t new, but i’m always looking for new partners and what have you. plus i remade recently, and gave her a lil bit of an overhaul. her name is taeyeon, more commonly called taki, and she is a deadpan snarker, dangerously loyal, and very very eccentric. also she is the heiress of a large criminal organization, so there’s that.

so anyway! give this a like or reblog if you’re interested in interacting, and i’ll check you out!

taken from the comic book series written by neil gaiman

  • “the price of wisdom is above rubies.”
  • “when do the nightmares slip out into the daylight?”
  • “it was a dark and stormy nightmare.”
  • “I left a monarch. yet I return alone…hungry.”
  • “never trust a [insert word here]. he has a hundred motives for anything he does - 99 of them, at least, malevolent.”
  • “I would have dreamed of you…if I could dream.”
  • “the real problem with stories: if you keep them going long enough, they always end in death.”
  • “little ghost, get out of my way.”
  • “I’ve learned from my mistakes, but I’ve had more time to commit more mistakes.”
  • “I suppose there are worse endings.”
  • “it is a fool’s prerogative to utter truths no one else will speak.”
  • “I only have two kinds of dreams: the bad and the terrible.”
  • “the price of getting what you want is getting what you once wanted.”
  • “it’s part of growing up, I suppose. you always have to leave something behind you.”
  • “nobody looks up in the sky anymore.”
  • “everybody has a secret world inside of them.”
  • “it is sometimes a mistake to climb, it is always a mistake never even to make the attempt.”
  • “sometimes you wake up. sometimes the fall kills you. and sometimes, when you fall, you fly.”
  • “without dreams, there could be no despair.”
  • “it is unwise to summon what you cannot dismiss.”
  • “never trust the storyteller. only trust the story.”
  • “destiny is blind.”
  • “remember how hard it was for me to leave, and that it was not your fault.”
  • “life, like time, is a journey through darkness.”
  • “I like the stars. It’s the illusion of permanence, I think. I can pretend that lives last longer than moments.”
  • “when something ends, there’s always something left over. a story, or a vision, or a hope.”
  • “I don’t recommend revenge. it tends to have repercussions.”
  • “honesty is a somewhat overrated virtue.”
  • “I suppose the point you grow up is the point you let the dreams go.”
  • “the things we do make echoes.”
  • “all journeys leave marks on us.”
  • “have you ever been in love? horrible, isn’t it? it makes you so vulnerable.”
  • “when there’s no hope, you might as well be dead.”
  • “they will haunt your sleep until you die.”
  • “everything changes, and nothing is truly lost.”

EmiMike Week March 8th-14th 2017

Hello all!!  Thank you for your patience as we discussed prompts and got the blog updated.

You can now view the FAQ and Prompts pages via the “More Links” drop-down menu on the desktop layout.  But, for those of you on mobile, here’s a quick preview!

Full FAQ & Rules found here.

What is EmiMike Week?
A week-long tumblr event where authors, artists, and editors can submit fanworks that celebrate Emil and Michele’s relationship.
What type of fanworks are accepted?
Original fanfiction, artwork, fanmixes, AMVs, cosplay, edits/manips, graphics, photography, and anything else we may have forgotten to mention, as long as it’s your original work.
How do I submit my work?
You can either submit it directly to us (see the link on the left side of the page) or you can post it on your own blog and tag #emimikeweek within the first five tags.
Is NSFW content okay to submit?
Absolutely!! ^^
We just ask that you put the NSFW material under a cut (“Keep reading” line) and properly tag it with #nsfw (see full rules for what is not acceptable)
Is there anything else I need to know?
Please be respectful to other fans and have fun!!  This week is all about celebrating our love for Emil and Michele!! ♥

3/08 - Day 1: Firsts
first skate, first kiss, first time, etc.

3/09 - Day 2: Language Barrier
one or both trying to learn the other’s native tongue

3/10 - Day 3: Opposites Attract
positive vs. negative attitudes

3/11 - Day 4: A Matter of Taste
foods (Czech vs. Italian cuisine)

3/12 - Day 5: Let’s Go to a Club!
dancing/party fic, artwork, etc.

3/13 - Day 6: He’s Not Human
gotta have an AU day!

3/14 - Day 7: White Day
it’s better to give than to receive

We look forward to seeing everyone’s wonderful submissions!!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!! ♥