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HEY GUYS, I know I’ve been like next to non-existent on here the past few weeks, but I have some awesome news.

Production on Kilroy- the webcomic I’ve been writing and planning out for like, years now- is FINALLY UNDERWAY.

In fact, I just finished page one, and I’m well into inking page two as I write this!

I probably won’t start posting them until I can get a decent amount of pages done (in order to keep a consistent posting schedule, and prevent sudden hiatuses if something unexpected comes up), but I will definitely keep all of you posted on this!

This is becoming an actual thing, people! Super psyched about it!


I’m back with more Canva edits, this time with more anger

I constantly rant about this to my friends and with the expected return of the ‘pro-life’ protesters outside my high school, and my hopes to stand out there and protest in solidarity right back at them, I made these.

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Thank you! <3