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  • someone: how can you just lie in bed all day
  • me internally: i have several illnesses that mean that my energy is practically zero and i lack the motivation to do anything, i am anxious about every little thing so i avoid doing things, i have next to no friends and even then i get socially exhausted very quickly leading to me isolating myself out of guilt, and on top of that the world in my head is greatly preferable to the one outside of my bed
  • me externally: lol im just lazy i guess

i feel like the narrative on women and makeup has become so muddled and confused and misguided. there is honestly an industry at this point based on denying that makeup has anything to do with patriarchy in any way, shape or form. despite the obvious fact that, no, the vast majority of men do not wear makeup–and yes, we still consider many of them beautiful without it, and without even thinking about it. 

the beauty industry has become attuned enough to the change in culture and women’s increasing liberation over time that they can no longer get away with marketing all their products as “fixes” for your “flaws.” no, they’ve actually co-opted feminist/activist rhetoric to sell their products to you. this imbues their product with a significance and a weight that, without this language, it simply does not have. sadly a lot of this language is similarly used by makeup blogs/vlogs/instagrams/etc without understanding that the capitalist machine has pushed this nonsense on us for years to dupe us. let’s actually take a look at some modern advertising in the beauty industry:

wow! it’s almost like “having it all” sounds familiar? hm, where have i heard that?

this is just one of dozens of products that compare their makeup to a revolution.

the beauty industry has been steadily using rhetoric to suggest that cosmetics bring women power and the like, such as:

but when all else fails, don’t convince women that beauty products will empower, change, enliven them, or make them assertive. just tell them it’s a part of who they are!

because how could the real you shine through without the help of some new foundation or lipstick?

there is such an absurdity to these slogans and such a sexism to the idea that these products are going to change women’s lives, bring them confidence, give them power or anything else. these products, nine times out of ten, are going to paint women’s faces in order to make them more appealing to the patriarchy.

it’s even gone far enough that women online have recently created a hashtag #thepowerofmakeup (?) to insist that makeup is not due to insecurities or a desire to please boys, but simply a personal choice and pleasure that exists in a vacuum and has nothing to do with anything else ever. this is the extent of the brainwashing. i don’t condemn these women in any way because their lack of understanding is not their fault and is a product of growing up in the society they have. to make myself perfectly clear, i do not condemn any women who wear makeup in any context. however the hashtag creator’s notion that “nowadays…it’s almost a crime to love doing your makeup” is literally baffling. makeup has never been more popular or beloved than it is right now, and the small group of people criticizing its misogynistic origins are nothing compared to the millions of women who feel compelled to spend hundreds every year on these products. it’s incredible to see women who do wear makeup portrayed as the outcasts, while women who don’t wear makeup know that they’ll have a tougher time getting jobs, be consistently assumed tired/upset/having a bad day, and be generally considered less desirable and inadequately feminine on the whole. 

speaking of the growing prominence of youtube channels, instagrams, tumblrs, etcetcetc centered around makeup and makeup products, i want to make a point. can makeup be art? absolutely! can makeup be fun? absolutely! can makeup exist totally separate from male dominant spaces? i’m not positive, but i think it’s possible. however, it is the dominant culture’s obsession with and need for these products which is harmful to women and girls. many will proclaim that, “i like how i look without makeup too!” and “i can still leave the house without it!” but, as someone who once constantly reiterated these phrases, unfortunately i know them to be denials in many many cases. i felt myself, over the years, insisting that i could leave the house without makeup, yet found myself doing that, at most, five times in an entire year. i told myself i liked how i looked without makeup, yet after two days in the house without a drop, i looked in the mirror and felt ugly, dirty, incomplete. and i know i am not alone. sure makeup makes you feel beautiful, but why?

if we want to talk honestly about makeup and the enormous influence it has on women and girls, we have to rid ourselves of patriarchal notions and delusions that makeup “just makes me feel good!” and embrace the idea that we can feel good, all the time, be beautiful, all the time, no matter what we look like, without makeup in any form. our choices do not exist in a vacuum, and there was a reason i cried hysterically to my mother at 13 for not being allowed to wear mascara. all women are beautiful, all the time. it’s okay that women wear makeup. we just need to start examining why we want to, and patriarchy’s role in that “choice.”

Jay Park appreciation

This ain’t BTS, MONSTA X, GOT7 related, but I’ll said I had an idea and this was it! I love Jay Park and I don’t care what anyone else says about him :) 
Tagging Jay Park stans, peace and love you… Don’t dieee pleasee:
@lapyugita, @ridethatjhorse, @jazzyharri & @boobear0325 

We have sexy Jay of COURSE: 

I meaaaan…………….

He’s such a tease lol


HIM BEING CUTE AND FUNNY is one thing that can make you smile or laugh… EVEN make your day:

I don’t understand sometimes stuff he does, but okay…

JAY and puppies: 

AND LASTLY, his smile/laugh is everything:


how is THIS not popular

literally grinding guys, abs, hot GUYS, hot dance, catchy song

literally everything is here

whats wrong with yall!!!!!

make this popular too

this is p e r f e c t i o n

stop sleeping on this

listen to this during ur finals or something

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why arent these hashtags

@feynites #they’re one of the most notorious couples in the territory exactly because of shit like this #the spymaster won’t let most people get within five feet of them if they don’t want them there #but they’ll drape themselves all over thenerassan like a happy cat 

a shy kiss for notorious idiots who’ve seen and done pretty much everything <3

“Together we are stronger,
Together we are unbroken,
Together we can do anything.”

After I saw @earthprincewu‘s new avatar and the whole #relentlesslygay2k16 thing, I just had to do one too.

And I totally did not copy that sentence from the internet, pfff what are you even talking about

Okay, so...

As the self-appointed “one-woman Lapidot Defense Squad”, I feel the need to speak about the fact that I keep seeing people friendzoning the ship (in our tag, a lot of the time) and/or saying that we’re delusional.

Firstly - what is respecting each other’s opinions?

Secondly - no.


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Look at this.

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Peridot has never looked at anyone else in quite that way before.  It’s very deliberate and lingering - and even continues on after the camera angle changes.  This is no meaningless “micro-expression” which you’d have to pause in order to make out (which can make anyone look like they have a crush on someone, honestly), this is something very important indeed.  It’s very typical of how animated characters look at their crush/love interest/romantic partner, actually…

(Just two of very, very many examples)

It’s in the posture and the hand gestures as much as the facial expression.

Also - look at Lapis!  Look how deeply she blushes.  Why does she have to look away from Peridot?  Whilst the sun comes out and brightens the scene, at that?

Since then, they’ve obviously been living together, and get closer every time we see them.

From a narrative point of view, why would they stop living together in this way?  That’s right - they wouldn’t!  As I’ve said before, it’d be bad storytelling to split them up now.  All that build up to just tear it back down?  Nah.  There’s also the small matter of the “meep morp” book and the 2018 calendar - which both depict Peridot and Lapis standing outside the barn together.  So clearly, their relationship is important enough to feature in official merchandise now.  They’re also going to be in some of the upcoming comics together.  Almost as if… I dunno… we’re supposed to associate Peridot with Lapis, and Lapis with Peridot?  Notice that they’re not being depicted with any other Gems - it’s just the two of them.

They’ve also been shown to be in amazing harmony with each other in the show, such as…

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…by perfectly mirroring each other’s facial expressions and by Peridot just knowing that Lapis would high-five her…

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…by having a sense of humour that only they understand (which is very typical of romantic couples)…

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…by helping and supporting each other (this is no one-sided relationship)…

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…by having shared interests and doing things together as a pair…

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…by raising a “child” together (I mean, really, Peridot’s even trying to teach him to speak, and he’s been referred to as “a new addition to [the Lapidot] family”)…

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…and just by being so genuinely happy and relaxed around each other.

There’s plenty of evidence for this ship - and even if we don’t get canon confirmation in the end, it’s obvious enough at this point for us to draw the conclusion that they will, in fact, become a couple.  Even casual viewers who I know (who aren’t a part of the fandom or anything) have been saying it’s “blatant”.  If their relationship stays as-is, and they’re still living together at the barn away from the other Gems when the show ends, then as far as I’m concerned we’ve basically sailed.


ultimate dragon age meme: one class


Rogues are crafty combatants who succeed in battle by combining speed, subterfuge, and a wide range of abilities to bring their opponents down in unexpected ways, sometimes before the enemy even perceives danger. Rogues can pick locks with great skill, incapacitate enemies with ease, or sneak up on targets to deliver a devious and crippling backstab.

PSA for the neurotypical people in my life:

When I say I can’t do something because of my neurodivergencies, it’s not being presented as an excuse. It’s being presented as an explanation, to help you better contextualize why I can’t do it. It is not my ‘get out of jail free’ card, it’s not so that I can hear myself talk about it, it’s so that you understand and don’t get hurt by something neither of us can help.

So please, stop getting upset at neurodivergent people for trying to help you. It’s not for us, we don’t need excuses for the way we survive. We could just as easily say ‘no’ and leave it at that.

They’re explanations, not excuses.


STARLIGHTの皆さま、こんばんは。 VIXXメンバー達の新年の抱負。本日はKENの抱負を公開します! #VIXX #2017年 #KENの抱負

Good evening starlights. VIXX members’ New Year resolutions. Today we’re revealing Ken’s New Year resolution! #VIXX #Year2017 #KensResolution

[sign reads: “To make and release music for Japanese fans ♡”]

trans cr. sprouthyuk

Amortentia (Newt x Slytherin!reader)

Title: Amortentia
Words: 900+
Request/Summary:  can we have one where newt is too busy pining over a slytherin that he doesn’t notice said slytherin’s blatantly obvious attempts at pointing out that she likes him? thank you!
Warnings: minor injury, some blood (Newt accidentally nicks himself with a knife in potions)

You caught Newt staring at you over breakfast one morning, even with the Ravenclaw table between yours and his. You winked at him and he blushed, looking down into his oatmeal. Sweet Merlin, why is he so adorable? you thought.

           Across the Great Hall, Newt was berating himself. Knock it off, he thought, she doesn’t like you. He had to stop staring at you at meal times. He had the worst habit of it, but couldn’t seem to shake it. Get over her—she clearly doesn’t fancy you.

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–– ♡ ❛ + VERSE/OTP NAME IDEAS [ PART 2 ] !

       there are a lot of master lists like these based on songs. and songs are great, but, as a movie lover, i decided to put together a bunch of quotes from movies to be used for the same purpose. so under the cut you’ll find 178 movie quotes that can be used as otp/verse names. these are organized by movie title and some may even fit a brotp. hope it comes in handy to any of you!

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No More Recasts - I am Pro Artist

I’m in the process of selling my recast dolls as part of my overall “if you need to come up with an excuse for what you’re doing, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it” bi-annual existential panic.

I’ve been working with a few great seamstresses over etsy and the like to have really flawless clothing made for my dolls, and it was actually that that made me realize I can’t own recasts any more. As the seamstress, I would feel sick knowing my hard work was used to lend legitimacy to a fake–like a period picture frame on a forged painting. I tag all my doll snaps with “recast”, which is ironically even worse, as it may encourage someone else to think that a fake is just as good as, or acceptable as, the real thing, and/or that any of the people associated with clothing/wig-making/etc for the doll endorse their wares being put on stolen goods that are killing the hobby.

I have always admired people in the bjd hobby for the art they create–whether the dolls themselves, the props, the clothing, the photos, what-have you. I have stayed away from the bjd community because I knew I was committing a crime morally, if not legally, against artists by funding recasters. I am ashamed of what I have done, and I hope I can prove both in word and deed that I will do right by the doll community–artists and collectors alike–from this day forwards.

Anti Ramble

(not like this was going to be the opposite of a ramble, but it’s a ramble about Anti…you know what I mean)

Thank you. 

I had a terrible October (what else is new lol). I can feel myself going back to the bottom of that hole, my old home.

But the amazing build-up and execution of Anti throughout the whole month helped. It was the best Halloween I have ever had.

Even when it became almost impossible for me to conjure the energy to make posts myself, the Anti appearances became more frequent so I had something to try to focus on. I would check the tag to see if people saw what I saw, or if they caught something that I didn’t (I didn’t even think to zoom in on the new icon, damn), reading the theories people had and trying to refine my own.

I love this shit.

First, Sean….holy fucking shit. The amount of thought and attention to detail that you put into this is astounding, especially since you made sure to incorporate some of the theories people came up with (I noticed that, you sneaky bastard). I had hoped for a while that Anti would show up in some capacity on the channel, but in no way, shape, or form did I expect it to happen in such a large scale. Like….I honestly don’t know what to say. Your acting throughout this was amazing and gave me chills. You took interacting with us to a whole new level. Bra-fucking-vo. 

And Robin, holy fucking cow shit. Dude, you are incredible at editing, like hot damn. It was eerie, creepy, and disturbing, but not too over-the-top. Perfect. The timing was on fucking point, and that added a whole new dimension to everything, along with what kind of glitch, how long it was…I hope you’re eating a lot of [insert your favorite dessert] right now because you fucking deserve it. You, sir, are so very talented. Wow. Also, check with your doctor to make sure you don’t have carpal tunnel. 

I could write thousands of words trying to explain what happened this month and how impressive and genuine it was, but I don’t know if that would be enough or if I could express myself properly. 

I know I can come off as seemingly hyperbolic sometimes with what I say, but I do mean every word. I don’t have people in my real life who do things for me or with me because they care. I don’t have someone I can count on to be there for me when I need them. So being a part of this community has done a lot for me, and having someone like Sean who is truly genuinely caring and backs up what he says with what he does and then some is something I really don’t take lightly.

So seriously, from the bottom of my fucking heart, thank you for doing this. This kind of thing is the perfect example of why this channel is so special. 

That’s all. I’ll stop talking. 

(But on a lighter note, one thing I keep thinking about is how someone is going to react like two months from now when they watch a random video from this month and they see a glitch and freak the fuck out because it’s completely random to them. That should be fun.)

I feel it is my duty as the wacky Tom Paris blog that I am to remind you all that this Sunday is Threshold Day! @captaincrusher does an excellent job organizing/promoting the celebration so if anyone is curious about the specifics, check out this tag. It’s not a formal event but I for one have prepared some posts and I’m excited to see what else ends up floating around as well. :)

Whether you actually enjoy the episode (I do, no shame) or just like to joke about the… well… experience, I do hope you enjoy the flood of lizards/lizard babies. And if Threshold isn’t really your thing, I will tag everything both by the episode title and ‘Threshold Day’.

Catch you all at warp 10!!

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misadventures in the mist. mistadventures?

damn, i can’t believe i actually finished this drawing, the sketch is actually a month old, but my drawing program crashed on me so many freaking times, that i just kept putting it off. the only one who escaped the loss of progress and redrawing is diath (uncanny dodge??) everyone else had to be redrawn at least once.