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Here’s my fic for the fic exchange for @rainsart based on this piece (x). I went a little overboard with this one, but I hope you enjoy! ^.^  (Btw, the timeline on this is vague.)


“Danny, stop pacing. You’re going to make a hole in the floor.” Danny was snapped out of his pacing. He turned to Jazz who looked about thirty seconds away from throwing her book at him. Her fingers drummed against the side of the book, as one of her eyes actually twitched in irritation.

 Maybe he shouldn’t have been pacing in the living room, but he was twitchy damn it. 

He huffed  and let his arms flop dramatically on top of the couch. “They’re late,” He bemoaned.

“People can be late.” Faux patience laced her voice.

“Sam isn’t!”

“And Tucker?”

“...Okay, but-”

Jazz slammed her book, making a move to stand up. “Danny,” Oh shit, she had on her mom voice. Danny already straightened his back and crossed his arms over his chest before he even realized what he was doing. It seemed like she was going to go on lecture mode, but she stopped. She stared at him a moment, and after her eyes danced up and down his face, she let out a soft sigh and settled back down in her seat.

“Just, you’re over thinking this,” Jazz finally managed, “Sam had to pick up Tucker and you know how he’s always late for everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if they knock on that door in the next few minutes, bickering like they always do.”

Danny picked at the end of binder. It fit snuggly against his skin. It felt different from his usual binders, having been made water-proof for days at the pool. Like today. Where his friends were supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago to go to the water park.

This would be the first time he went to a waterpark like this. Just in a binder and swim trunks. He knew he shouldn’t be nervous. It wasn’t like his friends really cared, but that small ‘what if’ always danced in the back of his head. It was stupid. He knew it was. But anxiety made you think stupid things that weren’t true, and it sucked.

Danny let out an irritated sigh, glaring at the ground. Where were Sam and Tucker? They could make him stop thinking stupid thoughts.

“Hello? Earth to Danny? You’re not an astronaut yet, little brother, so don’t space out on me.”

Shaking his head, he tried to clear his stupid thoughts. He was about to respond, but then he realized-

-Jazz had punned.

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anonymous asked:

If Danny ever does come back, I DO NOT want a reboot, one, because every single cartoon reboot in memory that has come out has been terrible, and two, though the show may have been far from perfect, I couldn't imagine having things different in any other way, as it is a very special thing to me.

The Ducktales reboot seems to be doing well.

The Voltron reboot was met with a lot of success.

The ThunderCats reboot, while short lived, got a pretty positive reception from fans.

The latest, ridiculously popular My Little Pony show is a reboot.

A ton of DC and Marvel shows have been rebooted aside from just Teen Titans, and there have been plenty of hits. Heck, most of the most beloved shows from them are reboots. I personally love X-Men Evolution, an AU reboot of X-Men.

The Johnny Quest reboot improved on the original.

TMNT has had some decent reboots.

The highly acclaimed Sonic SATAM is technically a reboot, since it was the second Sonic cartoon.

Scooby-Doo has perhaps overstayed its welcome, but it’s had some clever, fun, and interesting reboots.

There was actually a He-Man reboot that wasn’t bad.

The Looney Tunes have had their ups and downs, but some of the past reboots have worked.

Winnie the Pooh’s always been top notch, and the newest Mickey Mouse shorts are creative and funny.

That’s probably way more than enough to make my point.

I know reboots have been leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths lately. PPG 2016 is garbage. Teen Titans GO is garbage. Loonatics Unleashed was garbage. There are a ton of baby/kid versions of cartoons that were garbage. I get where people are coming from when they cringe at the word “reboot,” but not all reboots are automatically doomed.

And I get where you’re coming from when you say you don’t want the original to be messed with. I honestly feel the same way sometimes. There were a lot of issues, though. There was a lot of missed potential for character development, world building, and, in some cases, decent episodes. I’d love to see Splitting Images redone. I’d love to see Valerie given more time in earlier episodes. I want an actual story.

I know these are just my desires, but if it’s put in the hands of someone who’s passionate about the show, a reboot could turn out just fine. Nickelodeon has never actually done a proper reboot of any of their shows, so there’s no way to know whether they’d do it well. Everything has to start somewhere, though.

I’d say give DP the Brotherhood treatment (referencing FullMetal Alchemist for those who might not know). Keep some of the elements of the original canon, but make a few changes here and there to improve things. Then take the show in a different direction.

The nice thing about remakes is that they’re allowed to be their own thing separate from the original. If you don’t like it, you can return to the original and it’s unchanged. If you do, then great! You have an improved version of something you already loved!

There have been a ton of remakes lately, and some might say it’s too much. Classic and/or beloved stories have been being remade since storytelling first came into being, though. Most of our favorite Disney movies are retellings of classic stories. Many of the most successful movies of all time are adaptations of pre-existing stories. There may be something you love that you never realized was a reboot or adaptation.

Whether DP comes back as a reboot or a continuation, any sort of revival has just as much potential to be good as it does bad. There are pros and cons to both, too. A continuation would require people to watch the entire first series, and it’d be shackled to the problems of the original. A reboot would lose a lot of the already well-told stories, though. And if it doesn’t know what to keep and what to change, it’ll just alienate the old fans.

I have no way of knowing if DP will get any sort of revival in the future. There are a lot of factors. If it does, though, as long as it’s made with sincere love, there will be at least something worthwhile about it.

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The American Gods TV show has increased the popularity of all of your books here in Canada, this means that they've become more expensive to buy. Some of your books in paperback that used to be $10-12 are now $18-20. This means that they have become somewhat prohibitively expensive. Libraries are always a great option, but I was wondering how you feel about prices going up along with the popularity of your books.

I just checked Amazon.ca and the mass market paperback editions of my books that used to sell from $10-12 are selling for $11.25 to $12.12.   For example, Neverwhere is https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/0062476378?ie=UTF8&camp=213733&creative=393177&creativeASIN=0062476378&linkCode=shr&tag=eauciuen-20   This doesn’t seem like much of a price hike.

The larger format trade paperback editions are selling from between $13.69 to $21.59 depending on the book, just as they did before American Gods was on the TV. Here’s the trade paperback edition of Anansi Boys: https://www.amazon.ca/Anansi-Boys-Novel-Neil-Gaiman/dp/0061342394/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

So from what I can see, this hasn’t happened, there hasn’t been a price hike, and the cheap books are still available in Canada.


by EstarineZephaloid

I wanted to do a gif but i don’t have good software for it and I don’t want to do it frame by frame when I know it can be done easier. I really have a thing for seeing a beaten up Danny like I don’t want him to suffer but he’s really cute like that. I actually have 5 versions of this because I got out of hand and minor tweaks are so easy but I wont bother you with that.

The chest bump looks like perfect pecs in the DP style until you spot the binder and see the alternate, way too flat version that I purposefully did to show off the difference, then it looks awkward. Also, body shape differences~!

Eldarya Selfie Date: April 27!

Okay, as everyone knows, Eldarya Selfie Day was going to happen at the 15th of March but because of many problems with porn blogs taking advanage of people´s pictures it was delayed, but now that it was found out a way to counter-atack it, we can finally do it!!! \o/

I shall explain the rules of Eldarya Selfie Day!

  • You have to take the selfie of yourself while using something related to your Guardienne´s powers.
  • For example, my Guardienne´s powers has roses invloved so I will take a selfie of myself with a rose ^^
  • In case of mermaids, taking with sea objects- real or not- is a way too!!!
  • And it goes on. It can be something simple, not complicated at all. :D
  • It doesn´t have to be in specific your Guardienne´s power! It can be some physical trait if you do not think of something else :D
  • It can also be something that both ofyou like! For examply music or reading! Pick up a book or earphones and take a selfie with it ^^
  • Guys,let your imagination go wild here!
  • If you are someone who is an expert on make-up or doing hair styles, try to imitate your Guardienne´s hair style and/or make-up!! It´s up to you!! :D


Now, some more things I need to talk about it. THE TAGS!!! There will be 2 of them: #eldaryaselfieday and #eldaryaselfieday2k17. This way it becomes less messy ^^

Another important thing: If you aren´t aware of what you can do if a porn boot tries to use your photo, please, go HERE! This way, everyone will stay out of danger if we all are carefull of it ^^

Well, that´s it! I will keep reblogging this post once per week until the day comes so that everyone can see it. Please, do reblog this post in order to reach as many people as possible :D

Can´t wait~

Imagine this

Phantoms’ obsession is protecting. Or at least smthn like it right? What if the Joker had set up a elaborate not-quite-but-for-lack-ofa-better-word-trap and incapacitated the other JLA members somehow so only phantom could deal with it. It was basically trigger this and this guys dies now, or a good portion of the state would be dealt a very unhealty dose of joker gas. Imagine his moral dilemmas when he cant find a way to save both bc he cant send an intangible duplicate to save the one (probably important dude) for x reason. He had 2 minutes to choose and oh god he pressed the button he cant PROTECT the man now. He knows he saved countless lives too but HE killed that man. He couldn’t ProtECT HIm and o h Heca t e What d id H E do? -Nyx :)

viulet  asked:

i think i might have dpd, and i'd like some information from someone with dpd about how it feels bc i just want to see if what i'm feeling is dpd

i had to really think about this because like… dpd is a lot of things to me
dpd is like… your world mainly revolves around your dp(s) or your “depended” and without their attention or judgment everything’s kinda… shitty :/
dpd is like feeling the lowest of the low when you upset your dp(s) to the point of feeling like you don’t deserve to talk let alone look at them
dpd is constantly asking for people’s opinion because you’re scared what’s gonna happen when you make the decision yourself
dpd is getting upset when your dp(s) goes to hang out with other people but then getting upset with yourself for being jealous because your jealousy never feels justified
dpd feels like hiding all your negative emotions as best as you can so you avoid confrontation, even when someone made you extremely upset
dpd feels like you’re clingy and manipulative
dpd feels like being manipulated into decisions you don’t want to make because people take advantage of how you can never say no
dpd is lighting up and doing a little dance when your dp texts you cause you feel like you haven’t talked to them in months, no, YEARS
dpd is acting like a little kid and not meaning to but help me eat!!! and get dressed!!!! tell me i did good when i take a shower or take my meds!!!!!
dpd is wanting more friends but may making any because you should just spend time with your dp and no one else
dpd is never shutting up about your dp(s)
dpd is pumping yourself full of alcohol and drugs when you’re away from your dp(s) for a long period of time
dpd is a lot of things, some things are good!! but a lot of the bad out weigh the good unfortunately, what i did when i first thought i had it was look up the recent posts on the actuallydependent tag, if you think you relate? look up the dsm/ the diagnostic criteria and and see if you fit the criteria, and keep looking at it even days, weeks, months after you look at it, and keep checking different pages and resources until you think you’ve found a good self diagnoses!
i’m sorry this was so long, there were so many bases i wanted to cover lol 💖
(also a sidenote, stay away from outofthefog.website their results are heavily stigmatized)

finally, the super long monster!vlad kidnapping danny origin post that literally none of you have been waiting for

soooo the village of amity is a good place to live overall partially because the village leaders, the fentons, are good monster hunters and alright leaders but tbh mostly because their village is protected by the Dragon Monster Plasmius that they sacrifice a pure maiden to every june

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You know, I really have to wonder why there aren’t more people who hate Paul, and the way his rivalry with Ash was portrayed (especially in later DP). 

Actually no I don’t, because the answer is obviously that there’s nothing better in Pokeani. If DP falls we’re left with a two decade long show with zero actual good examples of a long term, well developed rivalry, so I doubt most people are even willing to consider the fact that DP could in fact, be bad in that regard as well. 

But recently I’ve been having some doubts over the whole thing, (for a reason I can explain privately if you must know), and the fact that I never thought about it like this is baffling to me. Paul ABUSES Pokemon. Maybe not each one of them, it was only really shown with Chimchar, but still, he does that. The fact that he HAS done that is enough. Why doesn’t the narrative punish him for it? Why do none of the characters in the show hate him for it? People usually praise the show for taking the morally grey route and showing us that Ash’s way of training isn’t the only acceptable one. But…Paul’s method ISN’T acceptable. He should have his trainer licence revoked, every character in the show, including his brother who is a BREEDER (aka super close to Pokemon in a very non competitive way), should hate his guts for the way he treats these living things. Brock being all “they’re two sides of the same coin” in the league is insane, how is Paul in any way similar to Ash outside of wanting to be the best trainer (that whole message was always iffy for me anyway cause you know, pretty much any other league competitor could fit that bill as well)?

Sure the battles are great, but the narrative never punishing Paul for what he did (losing in the league isn’t enough especially when it earned him Ash’s friendship) and the weak reason for him becoming the way he was combine for some really morally questionable decisions by the writers, and make me wonder how much do THEY themselves consider Pokemon to be actual living beings, how much do they actually stand behind the messages of their own show? Paul is a great foil for Ash, and a great representation of a real world Pokemon player, but someone like him should not, for all intents and purposes, be allowed to just keep doing what they do as a trainer in the Pokemon world, he should not be allowed to do better than Charmander’s or Tepig’s trainers just because he’s a good battler.

Am I in the wrong, am I overreacting? I know I have a lot of mutuals who are big Paul fans, I love you guys and don’t want you to feel offended by this, I’m hoping to generate some actual discussion on this topic.


FanMade Academy made by © LuhBrazArt

Yes…I’m working on something, getting on a train everyone is hopping on. But i REALLY wanted to make a “school” for that certain project and not just be one more on the UA academia. Sooooo here it is! A fanmade academia for Rio/Brazil. Anyone that is intrested on making an oc for that, feel free to do so! Just remember to tag me, I’d love to see what you guys come up with!!

I had a lot of fun with this, hope everybody does as well! ♥

Seeya! :D

ps.: Right click on the images and open on a new tab to see it in full size and ne able to read it! 

“…I can’t think deep– It’s too early.”


Kennedy got a lil makeover

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traveling light - sharkfish (waitforspring) - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 22/22
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Charlie Bradbury, Dorothy Baum, Sam Winchester, Jessica Moore, brief appearances by, Garth Fitzgerald IV, Benny Lafitte
Additional Tags: Trans Male Character, Trans Castiel, Falling In Love, Texting, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, referenced transphobia, i swear this wasn’t supposed to be kinky but, Face-Fucking, Phone Sex, Bossy Castiel, Dommy Cas, “sorta” DP, (k it’s DP whatever), Vibrators, (no pain/impact/breath/blood/bondage/stuff that belongs in a toilet), Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe- No Supernatural, Bisexual Dean Winchester, Gay Castiel

“You know, I swore I would never try to do this again. Try to teach some cis guy about what it means to be trans.”

“If I’m just some guy, then –”

“Goddammit, Dean. That ship sailed a long time ago.”

Au List + Tags

I decided it’d be a good idea to add the rest of my AUs here with links to their tags in case you were searching for a specific AU~! I’ll update this thing as the AUs increase, and the only ones on here are the active AUs I have an interest in, so you’ll have to search the art tag if you’re looking for a different AU, sorry!

The links may not work on mobile, so I’ll add the tag names next to the links so you can search them up on my blog on mobile~!

Pulling the Wires AU (Tag: pulling the wires)

Hanahaki AU (Tag: many more flames when mine is gone)

Blind!Deku AU (Tag: to fight what I can’t see)

Soul Eater AU (Tag: bnha se au)

Danny Phantom AU (Tag: bnha dp au)

Warrior Cats AU (Tag: bnha warrior cats au)

Soulmate flower AU (Tag: I just crave peace)