what doesnt kill makes you stronger

something in game that i like is that reaper is like, really articulate and well spoken? like he sounds like such a smart, well read dude, when he isnt DIE DIE DIEing he sounds so intelligent and eloquent, i really love it… edgy stuff like “what doesnt kill you, makes you stronger” and “the grave cannot hold me” sounds silly at the time but in all honesty he sounds like the kinda dude that read a lot of fiction, like a man with a tame, but noticable flair for the dramatic. he has so much personality as reaper, you know he was a SUPER fun guy to be around as gabriel reyes. i love him so much

god i love brotherhood hate so much tbh fuck brotherhood (sorry if you like brotherhood but fuck brotherhood)

listen basically that long post i just reblogged brought up my biggest beef with brotherhood and manga (tho ive never read manga and have heard its better with characters) is that it ignores its characters

i like good plots and i get bored when something doesnt have a plot and is ONLY characters. but whats even worse to me is when its ONLY plot. the characters and plot should drive each other and the characters should be affected by the plot

FUCKING BROTHERHOOD doesnt let its characters recover from trauma and shit

i remember reading ed didnt cry until the last episode and i was like “wtf i remember him having some awesome crying scenes” and then i realized i was remembering 2003, which has BEAUTIFUL and realistic character development and thats when i got super pissed

AND FUCKING AL you know when marta is killed in his armor in 2003 its so fucking horrific and then you have the same thing in brotherhood and youre like “oh no how is al going to feel after this poor thing” and he JUST BRUSHES IT OFF? and later he goes on this rant of “im sick of watching people die” and it just pisses me off like im sorry, al, i didnt even realize those deaths affected you but if you wanna bring them up to motivate yourself to become stronger then sure do that even though its total bullshit

AND NINA! i know nina IS brought up a few times in brotherhood, but every time im loterally like “oh yeah that happened.” And i dont feel anything. When ed says at the end how he couldnt even save a little girl, despite how epic the scene is, i was kinda pissed because it felt like such a cheap thing to mention since i didnt see ed or al actually affected by nina. just feeling sad for her every once in while isnt being affected by it. Being affected by it is when the experience permanently leaves an impact

you get that in 2003. every thing that happens to the brothers permanently affects their growth, rather than it all being episodic events that add to their male protag angst (“what doesnt kill me makes me stronger lol what emotions? What trauma? I use it to fuel my righteous fury hiyah!”), every thing pushes them slightly further to who they end up at the end of the series

i can and have gone on and on on how much brotherhood characters piss me off because they all came out of the series almost the same as they went in, learning concrete lessons but not actually changing psychologically/realistically nor GROWING, and how every character got what they originally wanted in the way they wanted it. and imo, thats BAD character writing. It works sometimes based on the story, but with something like fma with these goal-driven characters who face challenges and trauma im order to get what they want, they SHOULDNT ultimately get what they want. And if they do get what they want, it should be either that they dont need it, they dont want it anymore, or they get it in a more bittersweet/twisted way (like roy couldve gotten what he wanted without getting his eyesight back and becoming fuhrer. He would lose the more surface goal, but he could still achieve the more abstract underlying motive of fixing the country.)

hellsing characters as dril tweets
  • Alucard: i will tell you this right now: I'm from hell. Im highly fucked up. Ive been known to say rude things and watch the carnage unfold brutally
  • Integra: startling how im the only person on this site with an actual human soul. you would think the other guys on here have one, but no
  • Walter: i put years of hard work into getting my torture degree at torture college & now everyones like “oh tortures bad”,“its ineffective” fuck off
  • Seras: im actualy, probably, the most superbly relatable and normal person in this jail cell as of right NOw
  • Pip: my grave is just a huge tv displaying videos of me doing parkour in hell and it makes all the other graves look like shit
  • Rip Van Winkle: i am skeptical of the concept "Too Big To Fail" mainly because i am extremely big and i fail constantly
  • Shrödinger: what donest kill me makes me stronger ((gains infinite strength from being not killed by infinite things))
  • Anderson: my big sons have made a mess of the garage again after being riled up by the good word of the Lord
  • Maxwell: blocked. blocked. blocked. youre all blocked. none of you are free of sin
  • Major: if your grave doesnt say "rest in peace" on it you are automatically drafted into the skeleton war
riverdale + @drill tweets
  • Archie: ive trademarked the term “The guy who fucks up” so if you see someone else using it pleaase stick my Fair Use brochures to their car
  • Jughead: (bowed head solemnly rises from deep thought) Intellidgence is the strength of wisdom
  • Betty: THis is not a "meltdown". Its a normal opinion
  • Veronica: startling how im the only person on this site with an actual human soul. you would think the other guys on here have one, but no
  • Kevin: love, friendship, beauty- it all crumbles into dust. but Memes are eternal
  • Cheryl: what donest kill me makes me stronger ((gains infinite strength from being not killed by infinite things))
  • Josie: no
  • Fred: Food $200 data $150 rent $800 candles $3,600 utility $150 someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying
  • Pop's: not many people know this, b ut i actually coined the term "Lunchtime". before then, time and lunch were two entirely immeasurable concepts
  • Reggie: i may be a dim-witted narcissist but at least i hafve really good opinions about life and other things
  • Jason: if your grave doesnt say "rest in peace" on it you are automatically drafted into the skeleton war
  • Alice: blocked. blocked. blocked. youre all blocked. none of you are free of sin
1. Love yourself even if you think it’s hard
2. Surround yourself with nice people that really love you
3. Be who you are and never let someone change who you are
4. Study for school just because it’s for your future
5. don’t stress yourself too much; everyone makes faults
6. Do what makes you happy and not what others want you to do
7. Eat healthy and drink a lot of water not because you want to be thin or something like that but to live healthy and fit
8. Spend at least 10 minutes a day outside to breathe fresh air
9. Sleep a lot because it makes you feel better
10. Take chances and don’t be afraid to try something new
11. Read more books instead of being on the internet all the time
12. Don’t let problems bring you down; let them help you to become stronger
13. Laugh a lot because it makes you happy
14. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable not what society wants you to wear
15. Enjoy every minute of your life
—  me to myself
Whouffaldi: Seriously Consider

I am praying… That DW writers are half-lying to everyone about Whouffaldi not being similar/beyond the Nine/Ten-and-Rose romance. 

As much as I respect Peter’s view on this not feeling appropriate- I just cannot and fall asleep at night without hoping/pleading Clara’s redemption. And yes, the Doctor’s expression of love is her redemption. Dare call me crazy!

Clara is unhinged. Let us accept that, please. She has suffered the emotional trauma of losing people she loves most. If you’ve lose someone, or indeed, several people in a year, you’d know what she feels. 

Clara isn’t Rose. She’s not a teenager who fell in love with a stranger. Clara isn’t Donna. She’s not emotionally independent. Clara isn’t Amy. She doesn’t have a Rory on stand-by.

Clara is Clara. A proud and hurting woman. She needs a someone who respects her, teaches her, admires her. This someone is the Twelfth Doctor. He is wise, strong, brave, and tries to know her heart. He does not know how to text or how to talk properly with other humans, but he does what he can to communicate with Clara.

Why do I say that Twelve’s expression of love is Clara’s redemption? Consider this, Clara will not be able to function if she even thinks that she’s lost him. 

Cast your mind back to Dark Water and Before the Flood. They are both on the phone and she’s become hysteric. She says, “I am owed.” Personally, I interpret this to mean: “I deserve not to die a heart-broken woman.” 

Twelve is the perfect person to keep Clara’s heart intact and full. I have a feeling he knows this. He’s known this since she asked him to, “Shut up and give me some planets!” I am simply waiting for him to say something.

I am not willing for Clara to leave without closure. I am not willing for her to leave without knowing that she is truly, madly, deeply loved by an ancient Scottish punk rocker in a blue box.

So; may the DW gods have mercy upon us and grant us this: An “I LOVE YOU” card (in semaphore).


What doesnt kill you makes you stronger, Dont let no one every bring you down. We are all beautiful in our own ways. You can never change the way someone trying to treat you but u can change the way u wanna be treated. Let that light that you Carry inside shine and im sure you will rise. Just jamming and trying to find some words on a cloudy day ❤️ #blackgirlsrock #music #loveyourself #yourbeautiful #justdoyou #blackgirlmagic #myjourney #cloudyday #thataremysonhisfingers

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    I love Albering…. @w@
but… what about Pewds? xD
Marzia and Puga-chan the adventurers, of course!!! :DDD
and Edgar is disappointed as always xD

I would like to albering again this year… at least.. 1000 times!!! >w<

I’m a little monkey inside çwç

Have a nice day Bros :)


kaddy-heartstar : I am like pewds in this drawing with Albering…I sliped down once like this…so good you are held up by a rope doing this x’D

wow, what a bad experience! :O  :)

kaddy-heartstar ha detto: It happend because everything was wet and slippery, we shouldnt have done it that day ^^ but I survived ;D what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, right? |D

Right! xDDDDDD *brofist* :))) I’m happy that you’re survived :))

eleanor fanfiction for @ calderholics

u re at a concert

u look over and see her

the minute ur eyes lock its love and she says to u

what is ur twitter

u say “i dont have one”

she say its ok and she leaves

u turn yor head back to 1d singing and u cry

they are signing little things

u think of eleanors expression when u first saw her 


u leave the concert and go home

your blog is called “iloveeleanoroedirecton”

you delete your blog

what doesnt kill you makes you stronger

u will find love again

anonymous asked:

do you think jeff davis chooses to have derek lose every fight to show that the other person is stronger sorta like when that big guy wasn't put down until the twins came in to make them look useful like idk how to explain it but jeff doesnt write him like a bad fighter but he chooses to make him loose every time and it just bugs me so much

yah idgi but y’know derek might not win any fights but god damn he definitely isn’t weak. he had to kill his first girlfriend because it’s what she needed, the majority of his family were murdered by the woman he thought he loved, his psychopathic uncle killed his sister and then derek had to kill him. he dated another mass-murderer, was attacked to near-death by cora and boyd when they were at their most feral, he’s had poles go through him, he has been paralysed, shot with arrows and bullets, poisoned by wolfsbane, fought against hunters, kanimas, alpha packs, the darach, oni. he’s been chained up and tortured more than once and shockingly the list goes on. so yeah derek might lose a lot of fights but man the fact that he can even still breathe and carry on and even try to fight after all that means he is anything but weak, his opponents may be shown as strong but derek is so much stronger!! derek is a winner!!!!!!!