what doesnt kill makes you stronger


What doesnt kill you makes you stronger, Dont let no one every bring you down. We are all beautiful in our own ways. You can never change the way someone trying to treat you but u can change the way u wanna be treated. Let that light that you Carry inside shine and im sure you will rise. Just jamming and trying to find some words on a cloudy day ❤️ #blackgirlsrock #music #loveyourself #yourbeautiful #justdoyou #blackgirlmagic #myjourney #cloudyday #thataremysonhisfingers

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Whouffaldi: Seriously Consider

I am praying… That DW writers are half-lying to everyone about Whouffaldi not being similar/beyond the Nine/Ten-and-Rose romance. 

As much as I respect Peter’s view on this not feeling appropriate- I just cannot and fall asleep at night without hoping/pleading Clara’s redemption. And yes, the Doctor’s expression of love is her redemption. Dare call me crazy!

Clara is unhinged. Let us accept that, please. She has suffered the emotional trauma of losing people she loves most. If you’ve lose someone, or indeed, several people in a year, you’d know what she feels. 

Clara isn’t Rose. She’s not a teenager who fell in love with a stranger. Clara isn’t Donna. She’s not emotionally independent. Clara isn’t Amy. She doesn’t have a Rory on stand-by.

Clara is Clara. A proud and hurting woman. She needs a someone who respects her, teaches her, admires her. This someone is the Twelfth Doctor. He is wise, strong, brave, and tries to know her heart. He does not know how to text or how to talk properly with other humans, but he does what he can to communicate with Clara.

Why do I say that Twelve’s expression of love is Clara’s redemption? Consider this, Clara will not be able to function if she even thinks that she’s lost him. 

Cast your mind back to Dark Water and Before the Flood. They are both on the phone and she’s become hysteric. She says, “I am owed.” Personally, I interpret this to mean: “I deserve not to die a heart-broken woman.” 

Twelve is the perfect person to keep Clara’s heart intact and full. I have a feeling he knows this. He’s known this since she asked him to, “Shut up and give me some planets!” I am simply waiting for him to say something.

I am not willing for Clara to leave without closure. I am not willing for her to leave without knowing that she is truly, madly, deeply loved by an ancient Scottish punk rocker in a blue box.

So; may the DW gods have mercy upon us and grant us this: An “I LOVE YOU” card (in semaphore).

But sometimes bad things happen, and there’s nothing we can do about it. That doesn’t make us bad people. Circumstances shouldn’t change who we are. And if we let it get to us– if we let a momentary thing destroy us and mold us into something else– than maybe we weren’t as strong as we thought.

And maybe, that just means we need more time to get stronger.

—  What doesn’t kill us || Monica Lynn