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★ Mon-El Appreciation Week ★

Day 3 favorite heartbreaking/angsty moment: Karamel break up

@karanan said:

Hold on, don’t tell me they all went extinct in the Ziost apocalypse D: BUT THEN some would probably get emergency evacuated and maybe there were specimens on other planets and all that. 

lol i’m glad i wasn’t the only one who thought of that xD

so i’m actually in the process of making up critters bc i want the empire to have their version of steak, bacon, eggs, milk, wool, etc. (bc why not lol)
meaning, your concern is extended to the other critters as well x3


my personal thought process is that ziost, no longer being the empire’s capital, uses a lot of their land for agricultural purposes. you gotta feed your massive military somehow and what do these mountains look like? a nature preserve? no. make the land efficient for something lol. and while it’s not the only “mass food producing planet in the empire” it is one of them, and the closest one to DK.

there are groups of these various livestock dispersed throughout the empire, even some on DK for…. petting zoos or whatever. idk. xP as well has having entire libraries of preserved genomes of these animals.
(around 1000 individuals per breed, stored away and under the supervision the sith in the biotic science sphere)
but the vast majority of them would be on ziost since that’s where they’re from, that’s where they do best, and etc.

so when vitiate eats ziost, yes most of these animals would also die from that apocalypse.

after that happens, i’m guessing the empire would look for a new planet to turn into their farmlands. copying and recreating the animals from the preserved genomes, and then once the animals are Actual Animals, quickly breed them to establish a major food supply again.

but until everything goes back to the numbers they were before the ziost catastrophe, you could be seeing shortages and higher prices for the once common items like butter, caf creamer, eggs, etc.

one of the side effects to having a major planet completely destroyed. aside from the atrocious loss of ppl ofc. :<

“Jack is a food photographer with a very popular blog who finds inspiration in pastry chef Bitty, owner of a tiny downtown bakery. Things seems to go well until Jack starts to take less pictures of the food, and more of the baker himself…" (insp + thanks to @itsybittle for the caption)

Roxy has Elevated Liver Desease. All this time the vet has been telling us that her tumors are harmless and not in the way of anything but now she’s been peeing herself and losing feeling in her back legs due to tumors growing on her spine, bladder, and on her liver. Poor girl has been at the vets all day from 8-5. All they could give us were antibiotics for her and to see them again next week. All they can really say is she’s getting old and it’s going to cost a lot to keep her going.