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anonymous asked:

I've been seeing some stuff lately (not here on tumblr, but elsewhere) about ppl claiming Yona doesn't deserve to be with Hak... like that she hasn't done enough for him to earn his affections or to be in a relationship with him. Idk it made me mad so I was wondering what your thoughts are about it?

‘Kay. I got this ask a while ago and couldn’t quite decide how to form an answer, so please bear with me as I try to put my thoughts into words. 

The entire idea that Yona needs to prove herself in some way or another to be worthy of Hak’s affections, to me, is ridiculous. For one, people fall in love for many different reasons, and just because Yona was a bit of an airhead and not a badass when Hak liked her shouldn’t mean squat. If Hak liked Yona for such a long time he obviously saw something in her that he appreciated and wanted to pursue. That’s his choice, so people making out like Yona needs to be someone worthy of affection or something are likely disregarding that Hak fell for her because, to him, she was worthy of his affection. Now, I get that a simple response here is that, “oh but Yona didn’t like him back so it wasn’t good for him to like her, etc.”, but again I think this has no root as Yona wasn’t aware of Hak’s feelings. She never led him on or toyed with him, she simply liked someone else, Hak never let her know how he felt, and she therefore never viewed Hak as a love interest. Hak himself knew this and still chose to like her and not move on. That to me puts all these “not worthy” complaints on him. He could have moved on to someone “more worthy of his time” but he didn’t. That was his choice.

From a different light, and after Yona flees the castle and Hak starts to be more open with his feelings, I feel that perhaps some people who hold this thought don’t so much think that Yona doesn’t deserve Hak, but rather that because she didn’t return his feelings right from the get-go that there’s an imbalance and “Hak loves her more”, or “she hasn’t contributed as much to their relationship”, or [insert similar thing here]. In response to this I just… arg, I dunno, it just seems silly to think that Yona has something to make up for. Yona just… wasn’t too into Hak in that way at the start of the series and both have had to grow to reach the stage they are at now in their relationship. People are allowed to not like other people romantically, even if said person is super nice and would love them unconditionally. That’s called having a choice. And Yona is allowed to not like Hak’s sometimes iffy advances and tell him to stop. She is also allowed to start developing deeper feelings when the two begin to grow and mature together as they face different trials and support one another. 

I just… don’t see where the idea of “deserving someone” comes into this at all. Hak and Yona are just two people who have realised that they enjoy each other’s company and support in a deeper way than friendship and as such have started to grow closer romantically. Yes, Hak has dedicated his life to being her guard and has supported her for a long time even though one could argue he didn’t get out of it what he wanted (that is, Yona’s interest) but again, that was his choice. I’m not trying to defend that it was the right choice, but blaming Yona for his choice and then thinking she needs to make up for it just goes over my head. I really don’t get it. 


//On the side note… not sure why Anon asked me specifically but thank you for sending the question, I appreciate it! I will put my thoughts under the cut :)

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Another note left for myself at 4am...

And I quote:

“Onko sormus varpaalla kutsutaan nimeksi ‘Varpaansormus’ tai nimeksi ‘Varvus’?? Koska ‘sormus’ tulee sanasta ‘sormi’?? RIGHT???”

1) I didn’t know I could think in any amount of Finnish at 4am
2) Why???? Was I thinking about this?????

Only 6 Months (CEO!Jungkook x Barista!OC) Part 12

Originally posted by smallkpoplove

Okay so I legit had a dream where someone on anon requested a “Namjoon bathroom fic” like what does that even mean? xD
But thank you to everyone who is reading! I hope this part is enjoyable even if truth or dare is super cliche I’m sorry lol

Summary: Who knew that pretending to be in love could create such chaos?

Words: 4,400+
Genre: flufffff and angst

Part 1 - Part 11 - Part 13

> Masterlist <

“So Nari,” Kiseung started the game as Nari raised her eyebrows, “Truth or Dare?”

Nari took a deep breath, “Truth.”

“Of course,” Hyomin laughed, “you’ll never choose dare, will you?”

Nari frowned, “it’s a lot easier to tell the truth than to do something embarrassing.”

“Who said it would be embarrassing?” Taehyung asked her as she started to blush.

“It always is!” She slightly cried and pouted. The group just laughed and Kiseung shushed everyone.

“Okay, so… how did you and Taehyung meet? And I don’t want a short answer, I want a long one.”

Nari’s face flushed, “uh… oh. W-Well… I met him at work. He’s the head of my department and he was teaching me stuff when we started to get along. He asked me out and I agreed to it.”

Kiseung smiled, “awww, where was your first date?”

“Only one truth per turn,” she frowned, “if you want to know, you’ll have to ask me another time.”

Kiseung stuck her tongue out at her friend as Nari started looking around the room for someone to ask. Her eyes landed on Chaerin’s as both of them froze. Does she call her out? Should she really?

“Chaerin, truth or dare?” She asked as Taehyung stiffened next to her. He didn’t seem to approve of what she was possibly about to say, and it made her lose confidence. She shouldn’t ask her anything like that…

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normalize95  asked:

I saw you answer a question today that said "rnr" in it and I misread it on my phone as "mr" and my mind immediately came to the conclusion that that stood for Mongo Ridge and you had another comic with that name that I was somehow unaware of. Then my brain caught up to itself and everything made sense again but for that one second there...

I like how you came up with Mongo Ridge like what does that even mean xD

anonymous asked:

okay real talk wtf are you guys trying to accomplish? What is the end game??

Sombra: Uh

Sombra: I mean

Sombra: I’m just here because it’s a challenge, honestly.

Widowmaker: Don’t know, don’t care.

Reaper: death to overwatch obviously

Sombra: But it’s already gone? Not counting the new Overwatch, they suck.

Reaper: death to all remnants of overwatch

Doomfist: Uh. You’re all wrong.

Doomfist: We’re making humanity stronger through conflict.

Sombra: WE ARE???

Sombra: I mean uh

Sombra: that makes sense I guess.

anonymous asked:

"Yall been sleeping on this neck" about Melissa? Sorry but what does that mean xD

it means it doesnt get the love it deserves shes got the neck of a gymnast goddess and its gorgeous 

Love Like Lava, 17

Notes: As always, thanks to my awesome editors Drucilla and BlueShifted! Recently I realized they’ve been helping me out since last summer. Wow, a whole year already? Time flies when you work with fantastic people. Happy Anniversary!

Was anyone else missing the mermaids? I really do like writing these silly girls. As for the double negative line, I have to thank Lunammoon who pointed it out. (I hate to disappoint everyone but I am honestly not that clever XD Way to go, Luna!)

Summary: What does it mean to love and be loved? As Mickey and Minnie struggle to understand this, the god of war unveils his plan to have a war lasting forever… and he will do anything to make it happen.

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