what does racism have to do with sexism


“I am a single mom of 3 girls and I want better. It breaks my heart that someone who so verbally supports racism and sexism and hatred has been voted into the highest office in the land. It just breaks my heart. I want better for my kids. I’m having to explain things to my daughters that I shouldn’t have to explain. Like they’ll ask ‘What does it mean he grabbed pussy?’ Like why do I have to explain that to my child?! Because the president of the United States said it. I want better. We can do better.”

i hate america. i hate this country. whoever wins i hate this country i hate americans i hate that i failed to see the overflowing biogtry and racism and sexism and hatred that the american people have harbored for years, i hate that donald trump is winning the presidential election, i hate that people are putting their trust in donald trump to run this country, i hate what will happen to america. i’m scared of what will happen to america. whether or not trump actually does what he wants to do, he’ll be an embarrassment, he’ll hurt america just by being there, the fact that he’s even getting so many votes says so many horrible things about america, and i’m crying right now bc i can’t believe my country would let me down like this. 

I feel like ranting so here I go!!!!!! I hope people agree with me!!! 😳😳I LOVE Kylo Ren so much but we do kinda have a complicated relationship, like sometimes I can be SO angry/disgusted by what he does BUT I STILL AND WILL ALWAYS LOVE HIM!!!!! Now, I didn’t join Tumblr long ago, it was only a few months back but I am ALREADY sick of the SW fandom because of the things I have discovered!!! Now, personally for me, I find Kylo interesting, fascinating, sassy, badass, tragic, SYMPATHETIC and complex, very BEAUTIFUL, he is one of my all time fave villains!! I’m a Stan if I’m honest but I consider myself a GOOD one, the one where I’m OBSESSED/LOVE him but DON’T excuse his actions or justify them in anyway, and make out he is this ‘innocent’ angel who has done nothing wrong (I only defend him when people say he is ‘whiny’ or 'weak’ etc!)…..yeah he is unsure, confused but he KNOWS what he is doing after all he is determined, trying to carry on Darth Vader’s legacy…..he isn’t retarded like Snoke is manipulating him sure but isn’t literally controlling what the EVIL BASTARD does though I don’t like when people say all hope is lost with Kylo like TRUST ME killing your own father is just HORRIFIC but I generally believe he does have A LOT of light in him still because he was WEAKENED after what he did; his eyes never went yellow and him still being this man caught between two sides DEFINITELY contributed to his losing of the fight with Rey!!! I mean COME ON, Han STILL touched his son’s cheek even after being brutally stabbed because he still saw the son he always knew as BEN….now he may not go back to the light but who knows….personally I don’t think the light suits him as he is so AWESOME on the Dark side therefore I would much rather he faces PUNISHMENT for his crimes (stays in prison for a pretty long time!) and then like becomes a Grey Jedi or something but that would obviously have to be introduced a lot more but yeah lol there is nothing else I can think of….I feel like dying would be a bit repetitive and honestly I don’t wanna lose my evil husband so!!!! Also, I would like to add that Kylo doesn’t HAVE or DESERVE to be saved!!! I don’t need to hear the BAD Stans/apologists saying all sorts of shit and putting other LOVEABLE characters down in order to give him a fucking halo!!! Most ANNOYING Reylo’s do this as well!! I have heard that Han, Leia and Luke get COMPLETELY blamed for the way Kylo is when that is EXTREMELY unfair (apparently they 'abused’ him!) especially since (even if Han didn’t try!) they all LOVED him and HELLO…..he KILLED Han; BROKE Leia’s heart with the loss of her brother and literal loss of Han who she still LOVED dearly, he was also the baby father and destroyed EVERYTHING Luke worked for like WTF is wrong with people??!! However, as much as people kinda understandably get put off of Kylo, his character is DISRESPECTED too, people COMPLETELY blame him for the way he is and that ANGERS me especially since his family life was not perfect and could of been better - apparently Kylo had the 'perfect’ childhood, no he fucking didn’t….from what we know he had a stressful family home where there was at least quite a few arguments, enough to have an impact; he was a young boy with force-powers and this was something other children didn’t have to deal with, it must of been scary/difficult and there was Snoke who had SOMETHING to do with him but we don’t know if it was grooming or brainwashing….with Kylo away learning to be a Jedi, he would of been a lonely child to an extent even with Luke there (Adam Driver said Kylo’s parents were kinda absent during his youth with their own agenda’s) so like give the guy some credit!! WHY CAN’T THERE BE A MIDPOINT where everyone has a part to play huh?!!! Then we have TFA characters who are PUT down, Finn is just the USELESS Black boy who is a coward and too dark and ugly for Rey (John is VERY attractive lol!!) while Rey is just some girl with the magical vagina who will sleep with Kylo and bring him back to the light because afterall she 'enjoyed’ Kylo’s company……ERMMM NO Rey is a BADASS SURVIVOR and Finn is a GODDAMN HERO ORIGINALLY FROM THE FIRST ORDER!!!! Luke, Han and Leia are just LIFE as well!!! I’m just so HAPPY that Tumblr has constructive and insightful people who say the right stuff because honestly we NEED that in THIS fucked up fandom!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Maybe this is extreme but I tag @sithskywalker, @reynbowskywalker, @darth-tantrum-wife, @finn-storm-rebel, @kylo-needs-a-hug, @dorothythesmallandmeek, @hanorganaas, @cheap-jedi-mind-tricks, @dahanci, @finnreyultd, @strongistheforce, @skyrey, @mrs-kenobi, @kylotrashyren, @imagine-mystrade, @vaderfanboi, @mad-hatter-has-nothing-on-me, @flamewolf100, @mistressovfear, @evilgingerbirdy, @kyloplease, @greenlightsaberluke, @vivelareysistance, @organafinn, @captainskylo, @imagines-and-inquiries and @finnrey-skywalker because I just want you guys to see how I feel urgh!!!

What does being cisgendered, straight, white, and able have to do with anything? As if being born this way is counting up points against somebody to make their actions worse? Does that make me an awful person as well for being cis, white, and abled? Why do so many people feel the need to point out somebody’s sexuality, gender, and abilities in order to demean them? Isn’t that what we are trying NOT to do? Shouldn’t we be more focused to stop hating one another? The intolerance of one group is not the first step in erasing inequality, it only furthers hatred for groups of people and I don’t think that putting somebody in a cis/straight/able/white category is helping any cause whatsoever.

Discussion #1

At the start of this blog we discussed having posts meant to engage everyone over a certain topic!

Recently there have been issues of this, mainly in the Dragon Age Fandom but in other fandoms as well.

So, what are your thoughts on following/reblogging from artists(whether they are white or a poc) that dont engage with social issues/topics? 

Are you more or less likely to follow someone if they make posts about racism or whitewashing or on things like sexism, transphobia, etc? 

How does it make you feel when people( mutual, followers, etc) continue to reblog from artists that have had issues with or continue to whitewash characters ? 


chescaleigh went on a twitter rant today and its glorious! I personally want to thank her for doing what she does! I’ve always been someone who tried to be “politically correct” and have worked on understanding racism outside of what’s taught in schools, so thankfully Franchesca’s YouTube videos were around to teach my and other white people about important topics like racism, sexism, transphobia, ect. Thank you Franchesca for doing what you do! Keep up the good work, and know there are some white people who do enjoy your content and learning from it!

“But X form of bigotry doesn’t kill people while Y form of bigotry does!”


Bigotry, or any form of race, gender, orientation, or gender identification is repulsive and I will call you out for it regardless. Because unlike some people I don’t have to wait for someone to do before I know that there’s a problem.

Hello to all the book lovers out there! I’ve been looking forward to introducing the Novelist Club for some time now and that day has final come. Now I’m sure most of you are asking yourselves what the heck is a novelist club? Well first, let me tell you what it’s not. It’s not a club full of novelist’s (though novelist’s are welcome). What we are is dedicated readers.

It’s basically a book club and what I’m looking to do is recruit members. Now being a book club member does not mean you have to be a part of the novelist club’s blog and vise versa. The blog itself is dedicated to books in general. I’ll be reblogging all kinds of book things. If you wish to be a member of the blog only read the requirements and fill out the application below.


  • Updating regularly
  • Being diverse in literature
  • No book sexism/racism/bias (having your own opinions is fine, unaccepting others is not)
  • No hate, only love
  • Optional: making edits/gifs/graphics/etc.


  • Name/Alias
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  • How often you can update (in words):
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Now if you would like to be a part of the the novelist book club read the rules and fill out the application below. All book club members get an open invite to join the blog but it’s your choice of being a blog member which is open to you at all times.


  • Being able to handle mature content
  • Participation in book discussions and meetings
  • Open to diverse reading choices
  • Listening to others opinions
  • While I am open to all ages if I feel you are too young you will not be allowed to take part in book club activities
  • Kindness to all club members


  • Name/Alias
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All are welcome to apply and as long as you can be active you’re more than guaranteed a spot among the novelist club. I’ll be accepting members until November 22nd and we will have our first book club meeting on November 23rd. Keep in mind that as soon as I start accepting members we’ll begin discussing books to read, were to host meetings (so be open to skype, aim, or a private chat blog), and how often we’ll get together right away. It’s not a requirement to attend all online “functions” or read every book. I know life can get busy. It is necessary to actually want to talk about what was read and reading the material. If this is not for you please, please, please do not apply.