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Give Me Fluff or Give Me Death

@thinktankgoldfish prompted me to make some fluffy headcanons pertaining to a new puppy so i needed to write some before she sent kakashi after me since i plan on writing a third installment of that jealous!kakashi that may or may not end well. also i only added people who i thought would absolutely kill for a doggo (lmaoo meeee) ((also if y’all have any pets feel free to submit them. i’ll just sit here flailing over them for 193509458 years xD)) (((i’ll def be showing off my fluffer in a moment <3))) also!!! this is a “go-to pillow/comfort blanket/help too much” type of thing when i post all that angst ;))) trust me, i wrote a lot of angst recently and i think we all need this lmaoo

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- When Kakashi gets a new dog he dotes on it with every breath. Pakkun gets jealous, yeah, but he realises that it’s simply because the dog is new. He doesn’t cuddle with the dog, no. He’s a stone-cold ninja, he doesn’t - Who you kiddin’ he spends as much time as he can with the stinker.

- Kiba with a new dog means, in his mind, that Akamaru has a new friend, while Akamaru is territorial at best so he’s not the happiest pupper around. Kiba treats his new dog as he did with Akamaru. Also the doggo is hella floofy so Kiba teases it with little ponytails in its fur. 

- Hinata welcomes the new dog with welcome arms, hugging it and cuddling with it. She gets the doggo all sorts of cute things, cute little jackets, little booties, whatever. Totally dotes on the pupper.

- Lee’s doggo is his athletic partner. Like, he goes on morning jogs and he takes his dog with him. This dog is possibly the fastest dog in the village, aside from the Inuzuka clan’s dogs and Kakashi’s summons. Probably a defender dog. 

- TenTen has a small dog, and she takes it everywhere. She’s owning her shop, and the little stinker’s just running all over the place, welcoming guests if they enter. The dog is so well-behaved that when it wants to pee, it does its business, and without question, let’s itself back inside.

- The dog Naruto has is picky. Also, it likes the more expensive food, the more expensive toys, leashes, collars, much to Naruto’s dismay. He asks Sasuke to help pay for a few of these things, since he can’t say no to the stinker, and hopes that, one day, he can just spoil his doggo.

- Sasuke, on the other hand, has a dog that’s close to the only thing that can get him to smile. It’s such a lovable goof (*cough cough* naruto *cough cough*), that he can’t help but do almost exactly what Kakashi does. 

- Sakura’s dog is so well-mannered, and well-behaved, that people often mistake the dog for being a person in disguise or the dog’s a summoning. Her dog helps her with medicinal things, and whenever the poor pupper catches cold or gets hurt, Sakura cuddles with the doggo, thinking that loving the dog will make it heal faster than medicine ever will.

- Tobirama has this dog that’s primarily a guard dog, but knows when to relax. It has its boundaries, and doesn’t let anyone other than Tobirama pet it. Like Naruto’s, it’s hella picky.

- Hashirama’s dog is constantly with him. The fluffiest of fluff. After Hashi himself, he names the pupper “Cinnamon”. “Sir Cinnamon Roll McFluff” he calls it, and he’s 100% right. Elicits an eye-roll every time he uses the dog’s full name in front of Tobirama. 

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I'm having a bad day and your writing really makes me happy so could you do headcannons on what Kakashi does when his s/o is upset and how he would cheer them up.

sending good vibes & hugs your way, i hope these help you feel better! <3

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  • Kakashi is very perceptive, so he’s going to pick up on the fact that you’re upset right away. However, he’s not the best at dealing with other people’s emotions, so he’s not really sure what to do.
  • His first instinct will be to get to the bottom of what’s wrong. He will ask, but if you don’t want to tell him, he won’t press. Instead, he’ll ask what you need from him, and whatever it is, he’ll do it.
    • You need a blanket nest and tea? He’s on it. 
    • You want your favorite comfort food? He’s on it. 
    • You want to be smothered with affection and attention? He’ll do that too. 
    • You want to be left alone? He’ll do it, but he’ll stay close by in case you need him.
  • He’ll offer as much physical comfort as you’ll allow - whether that be a really tight, warm hug, or cuddling up with him.
    • He’s very sweet and affectionate - lots of little kisses, telling you how beautiful you are and how much he loves you, promising that he’s there for you no matter what.
  • If physical comfort doesn’t help, he’ll resort to the ninkin. He’ll summon his pack of pups for you to pet/play with because dogs make everything better.
  • He will literally drop his entire day (if he’s able to) to spend time with you, because he loves you and can’t stand it when you’re upset. He wants to do anything & everything in his power to help you feel better.
in a classroom
  • sasuke: kakashis awful at remembering peoples ages
  • yamato: [sasukes advisor] im sure hes not that bad
  • iruka: [homeroom teacher] what does this have to do with our parent teacher meeting?
  • kakashi: [reluctant parent] yo sorry im late
  • sasuke: hey kakashi how old am i
  • kakashi: is this is a trick question
  • iruka: i think we should get to work and
  • yamato: no let him answer
  • kakashi: youre.... 16??
  • sasuke: im turning 18 this summer
  • kakashi: haha oops
  • yamato: kakashi long time no see! hows work!
  • kakashi: its going well!
  • sasuke: hey you went to school with these two right
  • yamato: he was my senior advisor
  • sasuke: how old is iruka?
  • kakashi: hes only a few years younger than me so 24-ish? about?
  • iruka: 25 but thats fine now as i was saying-
  • sasuke: and yamato?
  • kakashi: uh i-
  • iruka: please we have disciplinary issues to discuss
  • yamato: oh its fine kakashi remembers
  • sasuke: how old is he
  • kakashi: .....twenty two?????
  • yamato: i
  • kakashi: ................. twenty one??
  • yamato: IT GOT WORSE

So I have always hated Sasuke. But now I’m fucking furious. Sakura cannot be happy in the future with a husband who is not there for her. She said she didn’t want him to leave again. And what does he do? He hurts her.
Now on the other hand Kakashi has always understood her feelings and never belittled them like Sasuke has. Kakashi has been there for her. I’m SO MAD RN.
Fuck you Sasuke. I hate you. And I don’t think that’ll ever change.

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can u do an imagine of what Kakashi does when you're mad at him and how he gets you to talk again

  • His initial reaction to his s/o being mad at him would be to try and actually confirm whether she is angry or not. When their arms are crossed, looking away from him, Kakashi will turn his head upside down and try to see their facial expression at all cost – resulting in his s/o either a) smiling or b) becoming more pissed off.
  • If b) then Kakashi will back off and allow his s/o to cool down. He knows that it’s the best thing to do at this time, for he doesn’t want to start an argument over this. However, in doing so, he will always have an eye on them – even from afar. When his s/o slams the door and goes off somewhere, I can guarantee he will be in the distance, stood in a tree, to make sure they’re okay. Even if he’s being given a mission by the Hokage, he will keep glancing over Tsunade’s shoulder out her office window if he sees his s/o. His / her safety is his priority, even when times are rough.
  • To get their attention again, if the silence has gone on for too long, he would do small things. Quite literally. For every hour that they wouldn’t talk to him, Kakashi would get pebbles to leave a single letter each time, eventually spelling out either “I love you.” or “Forgive me?”. Kakashi himself would be nearby when they read the pebble message on their porch, or he would perhaps already be inside, waiting for them~

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Can you do headcanons for what Itachi, and Kakashi does in their spare time when they don't have to be all stoic and badass in public.


  • A lot of the time, he just reads. He can never get enough of Icha Icha.
  • If he has a lot of time on his hands, he may cook something. Usually he’s too lazy to do so, put when he puts in the effort, he can make a number of amazing dishes.
  • Kakashi likes to take warm bubble baths. He finds them relaxing, and he can stay there for any amount of time whilst reading.


  • Itachi loves to garden, and he grows vegetables. His favourite thing to make with the food he grows is soup, so you can expect him to be doing this.
  • He simply likes to relax. This can include drinking herbal teas, or listening to classical music.
  • He also trains a lot in his spare time. He wishes to maintain his physical strength, and this involves a lot of heavy training.

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  • Naruto: Does it ever get easy?
  • Kakashi: You mean life?
  • Naruto: Yeah. Does it get easy?
  • Kakashi: What do you want me to say?
  • Naruto: Lie to me.
  • Kakashi: Yes, it’s terribly simple. The good guys are always stalwart and true, the bad guys are easily distinguished by their pointy horns or black hats, and, uh, we always defeat them and save the day. No one ever dies, and everybody lives happily ever after.
  • Naruto: Liar.
Aiko in Canon what the hell number maybe 11???

“I don’t really see the problem either,” Sakura admitted. She hated to agree with Naruto, but… “If the Hokage let Haku in to the village, he might admit Hikari-san as well.” She splayed her fingers out. “Probably with similar restrictions and screenings. If she’s not a missing nin, I mean.”

‘Would she want to come here? Haku is still in the security building, and it’s been days.’

“Of course she’s not a missing nin,” Naruto said. He kicked at the legs of his chair and leaned back, letting it balance on two legs. “She didn’t look like a criminal.”

Privately, Sakura thought that he might be trying to convince himself more than anyone else.

Sasuke-kun huffed. “Don’t get cocky, idiot.” His arms were folded on the ramen counter, arm protectors pushed up to his elbows. He had nice forearms.

Naruto turned pink, all the way to his ears. “You shut up, teme. You’re just mad because you were wrong.”

“You weren’t right either, Naruto,” Sakura pointed out. She sniffed. “Come on, boys. Let’s not do this. We have work to do.”

Naruto groaned and let his face fall to the counter, even as Sasuke looked away. But Sasuke opened the folder he’d been entrusted with.

Well. Actually, he’d picked that one and left Sakura with the other. She didn’t mind. It was more interesting to read about Hikari-san’s encounter with another team.

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