what does it want from us

people should be aware that personality disorders are not like other mental disorders

because they’re maladaptive, they don’t feel at all like impairments until we work out which environments, thought patterns and impulses are responsible. a lot of the time, having a personality disorder just feels a little…off. We know we’re not getting what we want out of life and we know we just don’t seem to relate at all to most people. A lot of us live in regret because of past actions, yet lack the executive function to avoid making the exact same mistakes again, and again, and again. A personality disorder is just like a security blanket. It keeps us safe from a seemingly hostile world by using fear, fury and fantasy. We don’t have the pragmatism to count our breathing when consumed by rage or anxiety. Yoga and a Healthy Diet™ does not permeate enough aspects of life to be totally effective - as soon as we’ve left our bikram class or shuddered down our kale and avocado smoothie (which is light years away from our comfort zone) we immediately regress into our symptoms again when we encounter the next situation. splitting feels cathartic at first to somebody with BPD. approval satisfies the lust of HPD for as long as it lasts. Staying indoors feels calming to a person with AvPD or PPD. Fantasy is the only way a Schizotypal personality can cope with the restrictions and realities of real life. The psychiatric term for these conditions is “ego-syntonic” - we feel numb and disorientated, not better, when we step away from our maladaptive instincts. please be considerate of this and try to assume that we’re doing our best, even when it doesn’t seem that way.

Friendly reminder that

this scene happened.

Some people still claim that Victor wants to return to competitive figure skating and I just wanted to remind all of us of this scene from episode 2 because this alone is a good indication of Victor’s intentions.

When Yakov tells him to stay, Victor only smiles

A defiant, but nostalgic smile.

But what happens next is crucial.

Yakov tells Victor in no unclear terms that leaving now means the end of his career.

And what does Victor do?

Yes, dasvidaniya - goodbye. Victor kisses Yakov, his career, his entire life in Saint Petersburg goodbye.

Victor had already made up his mind. He left knowing that he may not be able to come back. He knew the consequences of his decision and didn’t even hesitate.

He really doesn’t care anymore.

To Victor, his career is already a thing of the past.

He moved on in order to find a new path in life.

That path being Yuuri, in more ways than one.

If the anime ever clearly showed that Victor isn’t returning to his competitive career, then it did so here, as explicitly as it was possible.

Communicating with autistic people

In light of April & autism acceptance month I thought I’d make a post about how autistic people communicate, because understanding and accepting our communication styles is one of the most important parts of autism acceptance. The things listed here are from my own experience and from information I have gathered from talking to other autistic people, it is by no means exhaustive. If you want to add something on I have missed feel free :+)

  • Lack of eye contact doesn’t mean we aren’t engaged, oftentimes maintaining eye contact is actually more distracting than not. 
  • Our body language is different. Trying to assume how we feel from your knowledge of body language will often lead you to wrong conclusions.

  • Our tone does not always indicate our feelings, it’s often more telling to listen to the words we are saying themselves then try to guess what our tone means
  • We will likely have difficulty reading your body language and tone. The subtleties of communication don’t come easy to us, if you want us to understand what you are feeling or offer support it is most useful to communicate your feelings thoughts and needs directly.
  • Things we say may come off as rude or overly blunt, even if it is not intended this way.
  • We have varying degrees of understanding sarcasm. Some of us struggle to understand any of it, some of us actively understand and employ it and everything in between. We are also prone to literal-mindedness in general meaning we may have trouble with taking other forms of jokes or figurative speech literally. 
  • Our communication abilities often vary with things like stress and sensory input. For example, under little stress or a good amount of sensory input I can communicate enough to explain detailed thoughts as in this post, form sentences and employ tone and cadence to my speech. At varying levels of sensory input I may begin to speak in monotone, take several minutes to put together a single sentence, or be unable to access most of my vocabulary aside from sounds and simple words like “yes” and “no”. 
  •  It is very common for autistic people to empathize by comparing similar experiences. (for example: person a: “My dog got sick, I’m worried about him.” autistic person: “Oh, my cat got sick last year too.”) People who do not empathize like this often see it as ‘one-upmanship’ when the intent is only to empathize or express sympathy. 
  •  We may interrupt you before you’re done speaking. It’s very common for autistic people to have difficulty telling when other people are finished speaking. If we interrupt you it is almost never out of rudeness but we genuinely cannot tell when is the right time to speak.
  •  We may occasionally take over the conversation especially with info-dumping. When I info-dump I’m very excited and I feel like I can barely keep the information I want to talk about down. Being so excited, I tend to ramble for a long time, elaborating unimportant details as I am unaware to whether the listener is bored or even listening. I’m not saying you have to stay completely engaged and remember every detail but at very least don’t get angry with an autistic person for their infodumping.
  •  A lot of autistic people also have auditory processing problems. This means that what you say might not register for a few moments or you might have to repeat yourself. Please be patient with somebody who has poor auditory processing, as it’s not really something we can help. 
  •  If you are asking the autistic person to do a task or activity of any sort (giving them directions to somewhere, asking them to come to a party, asking them to help you fold your laundry) we usually need very clear and precise instructions or plans.

These are all common parts of autistic communication styles but it’s important to remember not every autistic person is the same or will have all of these traits. We are as varied in personality, thoughts, and behaviors as allistic people, but we are tied together by shared experiences. Being aware of these traits and unlearning them as inherently bad communication styles is helpful to autistic people as a whole, but if there’s a specific autistic person in your life you want to better communicate with, the best thing you can do is ask them how you can do that and honestly discuss differences in communication and needs to best understand each other.

I’m starting to think that Victor is not planning on returning to the ice. Yes, it’s still not conclusive at this point, but with the release of Episode 9? It’s getting to the point where I believe that maybe Victor is thinking about retiring.

Remember this scene from Episode 8:

When Victor was interviewed regarding his return to skating, this was his answer. He wanted to wait for the GPF to be over before making any announcement regarding his own career.

Being a coach, Victor turned the subject towards praising Yuuri’s skills and promoting the skate during the interview, which prompted one reporter to ask:

Victor doesn’t actually answer the reporter-he just smiles and even uses Yurio to evade doing so, which is successful. And while the reporters were thrown off the scent, it has left us fans to wonder:

What does Victor plan for the future-for that time when the competition for the Grand Prix Final is finally over?

It reminded me of one scene from Episode 2. It was during Yakov’s, Victor’s former coach, interview.

Now, Yakov may just be saying this out of disappointment from Victor leaving, but it also got me thinking if this was some kind of foreshadowing of the end of Victor’s career as a skater.

We do know he was in a slump by the time the anime rolls around from this commentary by Yurio in Episode 2.

Victor himself is aware that his achievements are nothing new anymore. He’s won competitions so many times that I guess people aren’t expecting any surprises from the Russian skater. He had slowly been losing his inspiration with regards to skating, about what he could do to thrill the audience.

But then, Yuuri came into his life. 

Recall what Minako had said in Episode 1:

And I think Victor realized it when he watched Yuuri’s rendition of the program.

Something about Yuuri caught Victor’s attention, and it gave him a new idea, an inspiration, if you will. It was something that made him try a different path than that of a skater: being a coach.

In the onsen, Victor had offered to coach Yuuri to help him win the Grand Prix Final. Looking back now, I guess Episode 1 gave us a deadline from the very beginning. That the story of Victor being a coach ends once the GPF is over. Maybe, Victor thought that by being Yuuri’s coach for a while would help him get some motivation to get him back into skating.

But, something changed along the way. As Victor and Yuuri went through their journey as student and coach, a different aspect of their relationship also bloomed. We were there to watch as they both fell in love with each other.

Victor never saw Yuuri as merely a skater. Please bear in mind that from the beginning, Victor tried to get to know everything Yuuri by asking all sorts of questions. That enabled both of them to support each other, even if they had fumbled at some attempts.
And yes, I’m talking about Victor making Yuuri cry on Episode 7.

Whatever they went through though, their relationship came out stronger together. And I believe Victor realized this as well. They were not merely student and coach, what he and Yuuri share had now become something more. Which, in turn, affects whatever he had been planning for himself when the GPF finally comes to an end.

And that ending, it’s right around the corner. Yuuri was thinking of it too.

Like I said in this post:

“and…” what? Was Yuuri thinking about them separating, going different ways?

after watching this again, Yuuri didn’t sound sad or depressed about his thoughts at the time. It was more like, “I have something I want after the GPF; I’ve made up my mind”. Which somehow made it more positive for me.

Yuuri has decided to make Victor stop being his coach. But the tone of his voice didn’t give me the impression of negativity, the opposite actually.

Was Yuuri thinking that once Victor was not his coach anymore, once he had retired from skating, could he and Victor start something new, together albeit in a different aspect? I would like to believe so.

Episode 9 also told us that Victor was thinking about what happens next too from their reunion at the airport.

And Yuuri…

Yuuri’s unintentional proposal,

which Victor points out and accepts,

that Yuuri does not negate.

We were all very happy at this point, weren’t we? So were the both of them. Until YOI hit us with more feels.

Victor: I wish you’d never retire.

From my earlier post:

Since Yuuri wanted Victor to stay with him until he retired, Victor expresses the sentiment of not wanting Yuuri to do so.

Victor wants to stay with Yuuri forever, to never leave the skater’s side.

He was not expecting that, not at all. He was thinking that Victor agreed to stay until he stops skating. But Victor, the goner, doesn’t want it that way

Yuuri is finally realizing and getting it into his head that Victor doesn’t want to leave his side. I think he was so overcome with emotion that he gets tears in his eyes.

Yuuri is finally starting to believe that Victor will stay with him. That Victor wants to stay with him and never leave.

This is made all the more poignant by the reminder that their time as student and coach is coming to a close. Some may think of it negatively, but I don’t believe we should view it as so.

Just before that line, they were hinting at a marriage proposal. Victor himself expresses his wish of not ending their time together, that he wants to stay as Yuuri’s coach.

Which brings us full circle to why I am posting this in the first place.

Victor, a legendary skater, who everyone is waiting for to come back on the ice, is willing to stay as a coach for Yuuri so that they can stay together.

It hits me now that maybe the time they had apart, that one or two days that separated them, made Victor realize how much he wants to remain beside Yuuri. So much so that he was willing to leave his skating career behind.

He left the ice to find inspiration, but he found someone he now wants to protect. He found someone he loved so much he was willing to give up skating professionally.

This doesn’t mean that Yuuri didn’t love Victor with the same intensity, with the same capacity for sacrifice. No.

Yuuri was thinking of making Victor step down as his coach and return to skating, return to Russia, after the GPF, whether he won gold or not. He was willing to be separated from Victor if that was what Victor wanted, what would make the other man happy.

So, what happens when the Grand Prix Final ends?

Yuuri may yet change his mind about retiring, or Victor may choose to retire with Yuuri. whatever their future holds, I want to believe that they will do it together as a unit and not as separate entities.

That marriage proposal was put there for a reason. Let’s believe in the power of love that Victor and Yuuri has taught and shown us.

What else could you call this kind of ability to sacrifice, to think of the other person more than yourself? They have set the standards high for any kind of love story, in my opinion. I can never look at any sort of romance the same without comparing them to these two. And this is from a sports anime.

Thank you for reading this. And remember:


there is a particular type of emptiness that comes on a person between the hours of 11pm and 4am wherein your body sends steadily more confusing signals about what it wants, which you dutifully try to interpret. do we want a pink donut, you ask yourself? dutifully, a pink donut is procured and eaten, but the emptiness persists. do we want a toasted ham and cheese sandwich instead, perhaps to eat while reading a suitable fanfic, curled up in the kind of comfortable window-seat our house does not, in fact, possess? what do we want, brain-body?

here is the answer: what we crave in these moments isn’t nourishment, but acknowledgement freely offered, as opposed to covertly solicited. we sit awake while others sleep and hope our distant friends will sense, by some animal gnosis apart from us, that we want their company; will know to reassure us that we’re not wasting their time, that they’re thinking of us, that we’re valued and wanted. it’s a complex sort of hunger, and one the human body is evidently ill-equipped to convey to its resident ghost in any clearly distinguished fashion. 

so instead, we make terrible decisions involving carbohydrates while squinting at unsatisfactory literature. because existential crises.

You deserve the love you keep trying to give everyone else. You are a rare breed, sparking and gleaming in a world that does not yet understand what it means to love ferociously. You deserve to find someone who does not ask you to lessen your roar, who is in awe of the magnitude by which your passion burns. You deserve to find someone who will only ever want to add to your fire, someone who will use their own matchstick heart to encourage your passion, to magnify your flame. Until then, use the world as your kindling, use experience as your coal. Grow your love like a wildfire, and never back down from its heat; never let them dim its light.

What she says: I hate antis

What she really means: I don’t mind people disliking a ship for their own reason but the anti-shipping movement is driven by hate and bandwagon bullying to police what people are “allowed” to enjoy. They use fundamentally abusive and manipulative tactics on real people in the name of protecting survivors from speculative things in fiction. Antis want to act morally superior over ship wars and claim that to ship something problematic you must be a survivor. By doing this antis force survivors who may be uncomfortable with coming out with their status to out themselves and then hold them to impossible standards. Except when it does come to survivors who ship anti-deemed problematic things we are attacked, harassed, and then pushed under the bus anyway. Antis trivialize terms such as abuse, rape, and pedophilia by using them so often and out of place against a group made up of many survivors and minors– the people they claim to be protecting. They have bullied and suicide baited artists and other content creators they dislike in the name of “policing the bad ships uwu.” All antis are at fault for this, even if an anti claims not to send hate themselves they are still influencing this bad behavior because they are part of this hate group. The entire anti-shipper movement is a toxic cesspool that makes me feel sick.

“If you take anything from this eight years of us being in this White House, I want you to take that message with you, particularly all the young people here today, all the young women here today. I want you to see that it does not matter what you look like, it doesn’t matter how much money your parents have—none of that matters. Skin color, gender is the most ridiculous defining trait that we cling to. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you believe in your own potential, and that’s for sure. You have to believe in you first. Because people will try to tear you down, I guarantee you that. There will never be a point at which people will 100 percent be cheering you on. So when you hit those barriers in life, all you have is your belief in yourself. That’s all you have to fall back on.

What also matters is how hard you’re willing to work.  Because none of this is easy—and it’s not supposed to be.  Because then everybody could do it, right? How much work you want to put into the things you care about—President Obama works very hard.  He is a serious man who takes his job seriously. And we are counting on you to be that in whatever you choose to be, whether it’s science or math or dance or teaching—you name it. None of these men and women here achieved what they achieved without working hard at it and making some sacrifices and overcoming a lot of failure. So we want you to take that away.

As Katherine Johnson has said—and these are her words—she said, ‘Stick with it. No matter the problem, it can be solved.’ And that’s really good advice. Look at this eight years. We were supposed to be hidden. People didn’t even want to believe we were real. But here we are, eight years later.

But it’s up to all of you, our young people, to continue that legacy.” —First Lady Michelle Obama speaking at a screening of the film Hidden Figures

Tom Hiddleston Has Never Looked Better Than He Does in Kong
The reviews for Kong: Skull Island are in, and so far they're glowing. The movie is being praised for its action-packed plot, the crazy post-credits scene, and King Kong in all of his massive, CGI glory, but there's one thing I have yet to see get the attention it deserves: Tom Hiddleston's t-shirt.
By Quinn Keaney

As tracker James Conrad, he spends much of the movie kneeling down to examine broken underbrush, eluding King Kong, and rolling through the dirt to escape giant, underground lizard monsters who want to rip him limb from limb. In other words, a typical day at the office. But his greatest asset is not his gun. It’s not even the Samurai sword he uses to slice his way through a flock of razor-beaked birds. It’s his plain, gloriously tight, gray-blue t-shirt. To put it simply, he looks good as hell. Possibly better than he does in a suit, which is really saying something.

I don’t know how it magically stays perfectly tucked in, or what exactly it is about it that has inspired this obsession, but as a reward for you taking the time to read about this important, high-priority matter, please enjoy the next photos of him and his t-shirt in action.

So here’s the thing: Yellow Diamond is actually very relatable now after That Will Be All. Earth was the destruction of Pink Diamond, who by all theories and evidence was the youngest of the Diamonds and their little sister. Yellow is cold, calculating, and logic up until Earth gets mentioned - she wants to be rid of it and all that reminds her of it. That’s why she wants to destroy it so badly, why she wants to destroy the Zoo and the Rose Quartzes so badly, and why she’s so frustrated with Blue Diamond for preserving them instead.

“What’s the use of feeling, Blue?” What’s the use of feeling when it hurts so much, when it takes you away from important work and from your subjects? Just look at her face in these shots.

She looks haunted in the first and utterly tortured in the second. This is what feeling does to Yellow, and she hates it. Losing Pink Diamond was probably the worse thing to ever happen to Homeworld, and the only thing she can think of to get rid of the pain is to destroy anything that reminds her of Pink - the Zoo, the Rose Quartzes, and especially Earth.

What I really want is two things at this point: to find out more about White Diamond and how she’s coped with Pink’s death, and how Yellow will react to the Cluster being neutralized.

The Batfamily @ Thanksgiving

-Alfred has the process of making food down to a science but still everyone questions everything he does.

-“Why are you putting oregano in the potatoes?!”

-And Alfred has to explain that he literally makes everything the same as he always does, like, nothing’s changed in the god knows how many years he’s been cooking.

-It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without at least a small food fight.

-Dinner is full of “Pass the turkey.”, “What’s the magic worrddd?”, mainly from Dick.

-Jason wanted to use one of Damian’s turkeys for dinner and they almost had Jason as a turkey instead.

-Bruce finally explained that Alfred already bought a turkey and it was not from the collection of turkeys Damian was trying to “save from the purgatory of another capitalistic holiday.”

-It’s the one holiday where the Wayne family doesn’t throw a big shindig, but they do have to make an appearance at Gotham’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

-Dick convinced enough of them a couple years ago that they should just make a float, and they did.

-So now they make a little float, usually with a theme.

-The first year they couldn’t agree on one theme so they ended up all dressed as something different.

-Cass gets to carve the turkey because she always does it so perfectly, everyone is amazed at how even the slices are and how perfectly thin/thick they are.

-Though Damian is convinced he can carve a turkey with even more precision.

-Tim gets almost as roasted as the turkey for liking the dark meat, though they all eat some of it.

-If alcohol is opened it turns a whole lot more interesting.

-Jason and Stephanie will get TOASTED off of wine.

-Barbara is usually the one to open the first bottle of wine because she knows she can handle it and not have 12 glasses, but everyone else seems to get their hands on the bottle.

-Bruce on the other hand just goes straight to his secret stash of whiskey.

-After dinner and before dessert they help with dishes so there’s not a lot of cleanup later or the next day.

-Tim always bakes a mean lemon meringue pie, but only because he’s blackmailed to. He doesn’t really care for cooking.

-Stephanie on the other hand will have already baked at least a half of a dozen pies before someone has to tell her that’s enough and she should stop.

-After dessert is done and everyone pitches in with dishes and cleanup they break out the board games.

-In more recent Thanksgivings their preferred game is Cards Against Humanity, which Bruce usually wins.

-No matter how much they’ve been fighting recently, or even that day, they all sit down together and watch the Charlie Brown special before whoever needs to patrol goes out.

Everything About Scrappy-Doo is Horribly, Horribly Wrong

The voice, the role he fills, his big dumb face… everything.

He’s the physical embodiment of a producer saying “The ratings have dropped, what else can we cram in this show?” 

Look at him. Just look at him. Why is his head so big? He looks like someone grafted a giant dog’s smug, self-satisfied head on a tiny dog’s body.

I’m getting the jibblies just from from writing this post and accidentally looking at him occasionally.

Every part of him is wrong. How, and more importantly, why does his mouth shift from the side of his face to the front? 

I don’t want to know what biological processes make that possible.

The show knows he’s all wrong, and resents the viewer for not accepting him. 

Mere minutes in, it taunts us by making him almost die, via falling out of a still-moving truck. With a massive weight over his head. 

Over a bumpy road. 

In a rainstorm. 

In the dead of night.

He seems to be toast, and we all get teased with the mega ecstasy bliss that can only come from the prospect that Scrappy’s gone for good. 

Imagine it. The movie begins… he’s introduced… he falls out the back of a van… and the movie just moves on without him. Not only would it be infinitely better for the story, but it would also be hilariou–

…oh. Nevermind, I guess Scooby saved him, so we can all get to hear the loathsome little bugger quip incessantly for the rest of the movie.

Let’s face it, folks: Scrappy-Doo just might be the ultimate Scooby-Doo mistake.


Ok. So this is not the first time Maas has used the word “god” to describe Dorian and his magic. But what I find interesting is that in EOS, Rowan uses his magic to shield Dorian’s magic from being detected by Gavriel and Fenrys. Rowan also mentions that Dorian will be someone to watch/fear because he looks harmless, but his mind is always calculating. 

With those points in mind, does anyone else think that maybe our dear Dorian has been shielding his magic for longer than we’ve been led to assume? Meaning:

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Legit Tip #181

or - “Character Want Vs. Character Need”

Characters don’t always have a concrete motivation or goal. But sometimes they do, be it revenge, or money, or power, or the love of the hot princess. 

We’re going to call that goal the “Character Want.” 

However, sometimes when your story is about a Character Want, it’s kind of… well… boring if your resolve the story and they just get it. There’s no conflict there. There’s nothing interesting about that. And what does that tell us, the reader? What does that give us? That’s a story that just goes straight from Point A to Point B. 

And besides, sometimes what you want in life isn’t always what you need. 

Introducing that need - the “Character Need” we’ll call it - as the resolution of your story, the thing that they actually receive as their reward for all their efforts, is far more interesting. And it leads to a much more engaging story, because you show the reader how the character grows and changes as a person from wanting something to accepting what they actually need.

(Now, as an aside, what they need may be good or bad. I’ll get to that in a second when I give my examples.)

So let’s start with some scenarios:

1. A character, Reya, wants revenge for her brother’s death. She gains employ as a servant in the manor house of the Sheriff who ordered him killed. While there she learns that the man is just one small part of a greater plot that threatens the kingdom. 

Reya, who to this point has been unconcerned about anyone but her own family, needs to let go of her anger and her desire for revenge in order to help unravel this plot and help save the lives of others.

2. Lady Yasmine is in love with Prince Horatio , but he’s already engaged and seemingly perfectly happy with the arrangement. Her want is to win the prince’s hand. Fortunately, the prince’s sister, Princess Cordelia, seems happy to help break up him and his fiancee for some reason. The two work together, but by the end the two have fallen in love. It seems that Princess Cordelia was what Lady Yasmine needed all along. (Okay, this one was a bit cliche, but it was a fun example.)

3. A sorcerer has been cursed because of the dark magic he used to perform and wants to be cleansed. A young witch with the power to perform the cleansing agrees to help him if he helps her find her father. The two work together, but finally the sorcerer realizes that it was because of his dark actions in the past that the girl’s father is now dead. He performs one last bit of magic to switch places with the girl’s father in the underworld, damning himself for eternity.

(Remember how I mentioned that what a character needs may be “bad”? I guess I should clarify. What he receives here is redemption of a sort, so in a way it’s not ALL bad.)

So anyway, as you can see, switching from a want to a need through the course of a story and using that as your conflict is a very effective storytelling device and is a great way to develop plot. I hope you find this useful when it comes to understanding character motivation! 

More starter sentences.

This time with a more formal language style.

  • “You do not own me. I am not your property.”
  • “How do I know you have not lied to me?”
  • “You will always regret your inactions the most.”
  • “The choice to do nothing is still a choice.”
  • “I cannot take your pain away, but I can help ease it.”
  • “Tell me what you need from me. I’ll give you anything.”
  • “War is Hell, and it never ends.”
  • “Soldiers don’t want to kill anyone, but they have to.”
  • “You love someone else, don’t you?”
  • “I never thought we’d ever have to say goodbye to one another.”
  • “Of all the people in my life, I loved you most.”
  • “Is it really acceptable to torture, maim or kill in the name of the greater good? Or does that make us like our enemies?”
  • “I do not fear death. I made my peace with mortality a long time ago.”
  • “You do not fear death. You would welcome it. I see it in your eyes, when you think no-one is looking. You’re waiting for it to catch up with you.”
  • “There are no (men/women/people) like me.”
  • “Tell me something interesting.”
Animation Studios' Production Styles
  • Disney: Once a trail-blazer but has since found a formula that works for them and now has trouble straying from it.
  • Pixar: Will give literally any inanimate object or abstract concept feelings. Ironically has trouble writing stories about actual humans.
  • Dreamworks: Has everyone from the seasoned writers to the secretary's preschooler write down ideas and then picks one from a bowl. Makes a movie out of it no matter what it is.
  • Blue Sky: Ya know how Disney has a few successful films about talking animals? Yea lets do that. Only that.
  • Studio Ghibli: Anime is an art-form. We seem to be the only ones that think so.
  • Cartoon Network: Shitty reboots and Steven Universe leaks!
  • Nickelodeon: What the fuck is Avatar? Hey kids want to see another season of Spongebob Squarepants?
  • Warner Bros: Does anyone remember us? Bugs Bunny? Loony Toons? Ring a bell? O-oh I guess we could just make another Lego Movie...
  • things in gravity falls I would like to know more about: the doomed future, time travel, blind Ivan, Stan and Ford's mom, the extended Pines family, literally anything about Melody, Tambry and the other teens, gompers, the UFO and aliens in general, where's Bigfoot how's she doing, the ghosts in town, the secret agents, fords relationship with the us government, the hidebehind, what Halloween is like in town is it just like summerween does the trickster only work on summerween?, Mabel's Zac Efron cardboard cutout, where Stan got that toxic waste from, lazy Susan's cats
  • Things I don't need to know any more about, thank you very much: bill cipher
  • Things alex hirsch wants to write about: bill cipher, sometimes gnomes
Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Like it or not, your name means something. Consider the history of your name. Consider meanings it once had, now lost to time.

Taurus: Capture the mood. Make the mood talk. Use adrenaline to keep the mood from blacking out.

Gemini: We all have an anchor to this world. Something that holds us here, however light it may be.

Cancer: A love lost was a love found. You have proven your capacity for love, time will do the rest.

Leo: All armor weighs us down. In every burden we find resolve.

Virgo: Think upon your collection. Does each thing bring you happiness?

Libra: Some things only hurt if you let them. Some things only hurt if you want them to. Some things care little for what you think of them.

Scorpio: Give it a name. You can kill things with names.

Ophiuchus: Would you be able to tell if it were human meat? Would you enjoy it? No and maybe.

Sagittarius: Ask not for whom the booty drops. It drops for thee.

Capricorn: When dealing with explosive people, stand as far away as possible. Dont wanna get covered in emotional or literal viscera.

Aquarius: Dreams do not tell the future. They tell the present.

Pisces: Trust your gut. The problem is telling if its your gut or not. Are you tired? Aroused? Who knows.

also the fact that ELE*NOR C*LDER goes and slaps a phone away from a fan in order to avoid being filmed or photographed cause //privacyyy omggg// after she signed not once but TWICE a PR stunt contract with the sole purpose to get promo and publicity from said fans using phones to report her presence everywhere she goes is so IRONIC 

Reminder: dominance in dogs is not about “winning” or “who does what” or “who is the leader.” Dominance refers to who wants a limited, valuable resource the most. It is fluid between groups of dogs and can change with time. It also is only in a group of equals - so puppies to puppies and adults to adults.

If you’re using dominance to justify bullying behaviour, aggressive behaviour, or how humans interact with dogs, you have a fundamental misunderstanding of canine behaviour. Dominance theory is not a thing. It’s not accurate, and it’s widely misinterpreted to boot.

Just a friendly PSA from a few posts that I cringed over.