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What does bus-ride reblogs mean

Means I’m on my bus home so I can’t like. Engage in conversation or answer most stuff but I can use my precious data to reblog stuff about superheroes. Just thought I’d put it on so people dont think I’m airing them lmao

-so like peter has always known that michelle was tough

-and michelle has always known that peter parker is spider-man

-so she’s walking home from school late

-she had to stay back for decathlon practice and fuckin flash thompson

-was trying to get a rise out of her for one whole hour. sixty mins. 3600 seconds.

-it also didn’t help that webhead parker had decided to bail on them again

-so he was spiderman

-boo fucking who he wore spandex and fought crime and had an incredibly cute butt

-what no! stop it michelle

-he’s got responsibilities now that i’M captain

-she’s halfway thru cursing the two idiots when she senses that someone is watching her

-wow isnt this great

-but then she notices the red and blue spandex from the corner of her eye

-and she subtly sees him sitting on a roof and-

-what the fuCK PARKER

-did he bail on me to eat a damn sandwich in his tights !!

-she notices him following her

-and she’s even more mad bc she knows why

-he wants to see her home safe and this isn’t helping with her crush on him!!

-so she calls him

-and sure enough, she hears his obnoxious ringtone from above

-but she pretends not to hear and takes that opportunity to lose the boi

-he picks up


-”i know. i know. i’m sorry, something came up and mr stark really needed me i swear.”

-he sounds so sincere and sorry and genuine she wants to cry

-”well ok. don’t bail on me again, loser-woAH”

-and just her fucking luck

-two goons think they can kidnap her

-she’s terrified from the shock and everything

-and they are heading dangerously close to her

-and she hears the voice

-”hey guys”

-and he’s swinging in

-and michelle is like yes he’s the perfect distraction

-and she kicks thing 1 in the crotch

-while simultaneously knocking the other one out cold

-and when one of them try to get to her again

-she roundhouse kicks the two of them

-and theyre unconcious

-all while spidey watches

-and she’s like


-and he nods and he’s reaching for his web shooters when they both freeze

-uh oh

-he is the shook mr krabs meme

-she is the ‘o shit’ meme

-and they end up sitting down and having a huge heart to heart about peter being spider boi!

-in the middle of an alley

-nerds amirite

- and he’s like “how did u know”

- ‘are u kidding dude. i mean all of a sudden ure mysterious and shit and then u have these strong ass arms and ur fuckin ripped”

- and oops wow she didn’t mean to make it sound like that

- so she backtracks

- ‘it’s not like i think ur arms are strong and nice or anything and i mean, like what even is ripped? as a concept-”

- and peter is still v shook

- bc what the fuck does mj think hes attractive what



- “black belt”


- and he offers to swing her home

- and she accepts bc whO WOULDNT

- but both instantly regret cos theyre very close and they both really wanna kiss each other

–then theyre back home

- and she’s so puMPED AND ENERGETIC





-and she’s like my parents aren’t home can u show me more about the suit pls pls pls





-WHo wouldve thought michelle was a spider-nerd

-whatever u do, do not imagine


-and peter chuckling softly and playing along as he stares at her

-with so much love in his eyes

-it’s so pure

-gdbye i am jugdead

Imagine Jeff being scared to take your virginity

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WARNINGS: Fluff, light smut

Jeff Atkins x reader

A/N (I can take any request from anything you guys want, message me, lmk!)

“Hey babe!”

Jeff kisses me as I opened the door for him to my house. My parents are out of town and I promised him l’ll help him study for his midterm. Not that my parents would care, they practically love him since we’ve been dating.

“Hey hot stuff, you can just through your stuff in my room while I get us something to eat”

As he jogs upstairs I quickly fix my hair and adjust my pajama shorts. I usually don’t care how I look around my boyfriend, but we’ve been dating for 5 months now and hasn’t even mentioned the thought of having sex with me. I pick up some chips and go upstairs where he is already laying out his textbooks.

“So we can start with World War 1 then go from there” he says as he’s looking at his book.

“Yeah sure, we can probably get through a few wars tonight.”

I jump on the bed and lay close to him. He looks up at me and smiles.

“You seem like your in a good mood, what’s up?”

“I can’t be happy to see my boyfriend?”

“You see me everyday baby”

“So you aren’t happy to see me” I fake pout.

“Shut up babe, you know I am.” He says as he pecks my lips.

“Yeah yeah” I smile. “let’s start with studying before we get tired”

“So that is what started the war?”

“Yes, but don’t forget how long the world ended”

“Yeah it lasted for 4 years.”

“Good, I’m actually a pretty good teacher”

“Your alright”

“Shut up” I laugh as I lightly punch him in the arm.

He laughs as he looks down at me. He glances down at my lips then quickly averts back to my eyes. I do the same, but make it known I’m looking at his beautiful lips. 

“Okay” he coughs. “at this rate we can g-”

I cut Jeff off by grabbing his face and smashing my lips on his. He seemed surprised at first then slowly closed his eyes. I slowly moved my hands around his neck as he put his on my leg and waist. As he deepened the kiss, he swung one of my legs on the other side of him so that I was now cradling him. As the kiss got more intense, I felt him moan against my lips. I needed air so I took that chance to take my shirt and bra off. His eyes were intensely locked on my chest and I couldn’t help but flush.

“You’re so beautiful y/n”

With that Jeff swung us over and pulled off his shirt. He went to my neck and chest and started planting soft kisses. As I slid my hands up and down his bare back, he started sucking harshly on my sweet spot. His hands started roaming my bare chest as he lightly squeezed. 

“Jeeeff” I moaned.

He looked down at me biting his lip as I started tugging his pants down. He threw them off and went back to kissing me. He kissed me so slow and passionately and I loved it. I started to kiss his neck and lightly grabbed him through his underwear feeling how extremely hard he was. he groaned at my touch and that made me crazy. I just wanted him already. I needed him.

“Jeff” I asked in between our kisses as he went back to my neck.

“Yes princess”

“Do you have a…you know….a-a” I slightly moaned.

“A…a condom?” 

“Yes” I said kind of embarrassed. 

He then stopped and slowly got off of me. Confused I sat up and pulled the sheets up to cover myself. 

“Did I say something wrong?” 

His back was faced towards me as he slouched over the edge of my bed.

“No, I’m sorry I just can’t do this right now” 

I’d be lying if I say that didn’t kind of hurt coming from him. I mean I thought it but I didn’t think he’d say it.

“You don’t want to have sex with me” my voice cracking as I put back on my shirt.

He snaps his head around and climbs back on the bed grabbing my hand.

“No no, god no, that’s not even close trust me.”

“Then why? I don’t understand” I look down.

He grabs my face and sighs.

“I’m scared okay”

“Scared?” I say kind of amused.

“Yes, don’t laugh, I’m the scared one. I’m scared to take something so precious from you. Scared to let you down after and I’m scared that you’ll regret it.”

He lets go of my face and focuses his gaze to the wall to hide his embarrassment. It’s now my turn to grab his face.

“Jeffrey, you don’t get it do you? you’re the precious one to me. I want you to be the one to take it because I love you”

He looks up at me and cheeses.

“I love you more princess.”

“So what does this mean now?”

“Well right now, nothing cause I have to go the bathroom to handle a little mess in my pants cause of you”

I try to hold in my laugh as he runs to the bathroom in my room 

“Sorry babe!”

Hey, Abled people

Take your good intentions and put them to PROPER use:

If disabled voices try to tell you that your solution to protect disabled people from fakers will, in fact, harm us and our peers, LISTEN.

We don’t need you to be our heroes. We don’t need paternalistic allies. We need allies that LISTEN TO WHAT WE ACTUALLY SAY WE WANT/NEED.

If that means that on occasion some entitled lady-snob gets away with bringing her precious Fluffy everywhere by saying he’s a service dog, so be it. If that means, from time to time, some jackass day trader with an over-compensating car parks in disabled parking because he’ll “only be a minute,” so be it.

Are they human garbage?

Oh hell yes.

Does it piss me the fuck off?


But does that mean I want it to be harder for my disabled peers to acquire a service dog because supposed abled-do-gooders decided to outlaw self-trained dogs? 


Does it mean I want abled people policing strangers who park in the disability parking so that my friends with invisible illness get harassed, accused of stealing placards, given dirty looks, or asked to divulge their medical history to prove they’re “disabled enough?”


Don’t punish us because some of your abled peers are utter shite. Don’t make life harder for us because you want to feel like a hero protecting those poor disabled people while ignoring what we actually tell you we need.

If you REALLY want to be an ally, then police YOURSELF. 

  • Are you using the accessible toilet stall to change clothes, or because you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait for a small stall to open up, or because you just like having more room? Then you’re not the ally you think you are.
  • Do you support organizations like Autism Speaks? Then you’re not the ally you think you are.
  • Do you insist on using “PC language” that is actually insulting and the disabled community repeatedly points out is problematic (i.e. “handi-capable,” person-first language, etc.)? Then you’re not the ally you think you are.
  • Do you use out right ableist language like the r-word or use mental illnesses as an insult (especially to insult people that more accurately should be labeled as jerks, entitled, violent, or so on)? Then you’re not the ally you think you are.
  • Do you go around supporting right-to-die without also supporting families that choose not to abort fetuses with genetic disorders or supporting disabled people who want to continue living their lives with what you think are “severe” disabilities? Then you’re not the ally you think you are.

Worry about your own shit before you go around making life difficult for us thinking you’re saving us from other abled people.


Q: What does Girls’ Generation mean to you?

“A precious relationship, something precious which I spent my youth together with? We went through everything together, including difficult and good moments and more. I think it was a really beautiful period for me that I cannot erase.” - Jessica Jung (2017)

Let me talk about how unearthly kind peter capaldi is. Last night we stopped him and he was so kind and happy to stop, take some pictures and talk. He’s so considerate in what he does that he suggested to find a place with a better lighting to take the pictures, so we walked together. He wanted the pictures to be great so he was basically directing us, and wanted to see how the pictures came out in case we didn’t like them.  He also commented how big his hair actually is looking at the pictures, that was funny.  He was open to getting big hugs, and returned every single one of them, and to make videos to people who were not there.  The way he just does is it’s so beautiful, kind, and demonstrates how much this role and his fans mean to him. He was smiling every time. And you know what the beautiful thing is? Before leaving HE hugged us all. I admit I think I cried because I heard my voice break. We then let him go because he had his lines to learn and from afar he gave us a double thumb up. He deserves the whole universe.  (x)

(I didn’t see this on here and had to share. This is so precious on so many levels. And can you notice something in the picture BTW? I do not mean the Bowie shirt.)

boyfriend!hwang minhyun
  • knitted sweaters
  • him teasing you
  • and having the cutest laughter ever
  • towering over you
  • mh: “you can’t reach the highest shelf?”
  • pouts
  • tells seonho that it’s tiring to receive so much love from him
  • but loves you exactly how seonho loves him
  • baking together
  • the cupcakes end up burnt
  • the both of you are still happy because the dorm hasn’t caught on fire
  • minhyun tries to the best of his ability to decorate you a cupcake with your name and adds hearts all over
  • the cupcake ends up looking like a catastrophe but it’s too adorable you melt
  • then minhyun freaks out because he is such a clean freak and you accidentally dripped icing everywhere
  • glares at you “you are lucky i love you!!!!!”
  • 12 am chicken dates at your house and ren tags along
  • [good luck for your interview today!!!! fighting :*]
  • and he sends you a voice mail of him singing to cheer you on
  • you smile so widely and the day starts off right
  • you surprise him at the dorm with his favorite food (beef stew)
  • he hugs you so tightly and doesn’t let you go
  • “minhyun the food is getting cold11!!!!!!”
  • is actually a great listener and very mature when it comes to you confiding in him
  • other than that he acts like a giant puppy 24/7
  • but doesn’t want to admit
  • “i’m cold, hug meeeeeeeeeeee”
  • rubs his hands together then proceeds to hold your hand to keep your hands warm
  • sings in the shower and you are in awe because he sounds perfect
  • forces you to watch Transformers with him
  • you tease him by calling him optimushwang lulululul
  • “yah!!!”
  • keeps saying how cute his niece is and spams your phone with her pictures
  • [mh: let’s have a cute kid together next time, y/n~~~]
  • [who said i was marrying you :p hehe]
  • [mh: fine!!!!11 hmph don’t talk to me anymore]
  • selfies with snow filters
  • the both of you end up spending the whole day playing with snow filters like how???????
  • funny english pronunciation that cracks you up but it’s ok he’s just a cutie pie
  • “wHy arE yoU….”
  • mh in korean: “wait what’s laughing in english???????”
  • the both of you end up laughing so much your cheek bones ache
  • his smile is blinding
  • the type to spam your phone with his selfies when you are sleeping
  • also take pictures of you sleeping because too cute!!!11!!!!! his adorable bb
  • you are always happy when you are with him
  • “you are the best boyfriend ever minhyun" n_n
  • and you 100% mean what you say because he loves you whole heartedly
  • the both of you are just smol happy precious beans so arguments rarely occur but when it does,,,,,,,,
  • he is passive aggressive in arguments
  • threads his fingers in his hair in frustration
  • mh: “look that’s not what i am saying”
  • mh: “you know what”
  • mh: “let’s give each other some space”
  • minhyun ends up tossing and turning in bed because he made you cry
  • [mh @3am: i’m sorry y/n… my heart hurts when i see you cry]
  • sniffles  [you @3.01am BECAUSE HOW COULD YOU FALL ASLEEP: i’m sorry too. let’s not quarrel ever again T_T]
  • the next day minhyun comes over with a cute soft toy he won at the claw machine on the way to your house as an apology gift
  • you hug it to sleep every night
  • and minhyun hugs you
  • overall, you really really reaaaaaally love minhyun
  • and he loves you a lot too


find a date at the amusement park with boyfriend! hwang minhyun here

my first ever scenario posted here (・´з`・) feel free to request for any kind of AUs!!! i’ll write for the produce 101 boys top 20 because i know them better n_n

take care and thank you for reading!

  • me: im fine
  • me: rey keeps a straight face until leia hugs her and then she starts crying like you just see her face collapse and then the camera goes to leia's face and she looks so calm and at peace (with her RING right in the centre of the shot) despite the love of her life being killed by their son only a few hours ago max and then she says 'may the force be with you' to rey and looks so sad watching her go like?? what does that all mean?? why do we have to wait nearly two years to find out??
EXO Reaction when fans ask about his girlfriend

I want to be the lucky one xD. Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Goes from happy virus to shy baby in one second* “Oh… my jagi… well yes she’s… amazing. I love her so much…” *Can’t believe he’s declaring his love in national TV*


*Suddenly the show turns into a serious talk about the important things in love* “You have to know what is the most precious things for you in the galaxy… like my Baobei… she’s unique”


*Thinking to himself* -She’s probably watching right now… Say something smart Sehun… say something smart..- “She snores a little when she sleep, she looks so cute…”


*Really passionate*  “It means a lot to me that you guys are asking for her and worry about her. I’m so thankful, I love you guys so much and so does she”


*He’s so shy at the beginning but suddenly drops something like this* “Honestly she’s the best and makes me want to dance Artificial Love to her the whole day”


*Just look at his face. He’ll just stay like that for a minute before answering*


“WOAH! You are asking for my babe? Are you trying to steal her from me or what?” *Playful Baekkie*


*Shy ball* “Y/N… she’s very sweet and… I’m so happy I met her. I absolutely adore her” *You can see he’s a boy in love*


*Excuse him but this show is now about Jongdae and his girl so you better let him speak*


*Smol squishy ball will probably say three things about her and blush like crazy* “She’s beautiful, precious, and I love her”


*Adorable Angel* “She’s as precious as my EXO-Ls are to me! Thank you so much for supporting us guys!”


*Embarrassed leader* “M-my jagi… well she’s… extraordinary… the boys never leave me alone… always trying to tell her my embarrassing stories…”

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Exposed || Jack Maynard

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Word Count: 1.3k+

A/N: this is just a burn on basically all of us and i’m so sore; ALSO I’M BACK AND FULFILLING REQUESTS WHOOO!!xo

It was embarrassing for you to even think about; the way you used to be before you actually met Jack at a club in London and really got to know him as a person and not as his brand. He was handsome, but you’d always known that, but he had a way with words that made you feel as if you weren’t talking to the boy whom you’d previously run a blog about, but he was a completely different guy. He was polite, a gentleman, and you came to the conclusion that photographs did not do his eyes any justice.

You exchanged numbers that night, and proceeded to spend hours upon hours texting non-stop, realising only when your eyes began to droop that you’d been messaging each other until three am, sometimes even later. It was one of your wildest dreams coming true, and you had to pinch yourself every so often to remind yourself that you were actually talking to him, and weren’t just dreaming.

When you started dating for real, and became ‘official’, that was when you met the rest of the boys. You played it cool, but couldn’t help the wide smile that remained on your lips all night long. But after a few months, you completely forgot about your blog, and the obsessive girl you’d been before you actually met Jack. You became a huge part of the buttercream squad, or 'gang’, as a few of the boys liked to insist it was originally referred to as. You would shake your head and press your lips together in amusement, thinking back to the time when your friends in the tumblr fandom all lost it over them tweeting such nonsense.

When you appeared in one of Joe’s vlogs, even if it was only for a split second as he turned around with the camera and caught a glimpse of you sat on his countertop with a juice box in your hands; the fans caught it without any issue at all. People began to speculate on who this mystery girl was, and why you seemed so comfortable in the company of all of the boys. As you read through all of the conspiracy enthused tweets, you couldn’t help but smile softly and think back to a time when that was you, messaging your friends in all caps and making up wild stories just to amuse yourselves.

They gave up eventually, especially when Joe liked a tweet that a fan account had tweeted, telling everyone that they needed to calm the heck down and understand that the boys were entitled to a private life. You thought for sure that it was all over and done with, until one morning, you rolled over in bed and reached your arms out, expecting to make contact with Jack but to no avail. You open your eyes groggily and jut out your bottom lip into a pout, yawning as you stretch your arms and legs out wildly before standing up and wrapping your dressing gown around your shoulders.

You walk out into the living room, and seeing as you’d heard their voices before, you simply smile sleepily at Joe, Oli, Mikey and Josh before walking into the kitchen and wrapping your arms around Jack from behind, absorbing his warmth. “Why didn’t you wake me up?” You mumble into his back before taking a step back and walking over to the fridge to grab a bottle of water.

As you walk back over to him, he kisses you softly and gestures down to the food he was preparing with a tilt of his head. “The only reason I’m up is because the boys blackmailed me into making them all breakfast, and you looked really comfy in bed.”

You roll you eyes and grin, nudging him slightly before walking around the counter and collapsing onto one of the couches, forcing the boys to make space for you. You laugh and grin at them all, taking a sip of your water. “Morning.”

You received a few grumpy 'mornings’ back, and you looked down at your watch to check the time. it was only half past time in the morning, and you couldn’t help but wonder why on earth the boys thought it was a good idea to get back at Jack for goodness knows what, by punishing themselves with an early morning.

You didn’t understand these boys sometimes.

An hour later, you found yourself cuddles into Jack’s side with your legs laying over Josh’s lap as you all watched the screen intently, having mutually decided that Prison Break was the way to go. Jack was scrolling down his phone, not the biggest fan of Prison Break unlike the rest of you, and mumbling incoherently under his breath ever now and then, a habit you noticed he’d carried since the day you met him.

The boys left at around twelve, most of them only having free’d up their mornings and then had meetings to attend or videos to edit and/or film. With nothing to do with the rest of your day, you snuggle further into Jack and turn the TV onto YouTube, scrolling through your subscription box and frowning when you realised none of your favourite’s had uploaded.

“Hey, babe, is this you?” Jack asks just as you decide on a video, and you hardly look up at the slightly old photograph of yourself before nodding and humming without thinking. It was only a few seconds later when it dawned on you, that the only place that you’d ever posted that picture was on your old blog, and you swore that in that moment, you heart stopped.


“What on earth does 'smol’ mean?”

“Oh my god.” You exhale slowly, shuffling away form him and curling up into a small ball on the other end of the sofa. “Please st-”

“’Jack is precious and needs to be protected at all costs. Don’t fight me’, spelt, f-i-t-e.” He reads out the post, and your cheeks begin to burn in embarrassment. “Babe, I can’t believe you used to run a fan blog about me!” You part your lips, but you were completely speechless as you watch him continue to school down the page. “Oh my god, you have like, hundreds of people tagging you in posts asking you if you’re dead and so many people are worried about you because you haven’t been online in a long time.”

“Well I wasn’t exactly going to continue running a blog about the guy I was dating, especially not because when people do eventually find out about us, they’ll probably trace me back to that.” You gesture to the phone, you face scrunched up as you try not to cringe into yourself. “Please put it away, it’s really embarrassing.”

He looks up at you over the screen and frowns at the look on your face, reluctantly putting the phone down onto the coffee table before tugging you into his lap and cupping your cheeks softly. “I’m only teasing you, you know that right? I don’t really care if you were a fan of my video’s or if you weren’t, but honestly? Knowing that you liked me even before I knew you, that makes me really happy.” He speaks softly, looking down at you and brushing the delicate skin under your eyes with the pad of his thumb.

You nod and scrunch up your nose again. “It’s still horrible to think back. Like, that blog used to be my life, and I met so many amazing people through you without you even knowing who I was.”

He smiles and presses his lips against your for a moment before pulling away and laughing slightly. “But seriously, what does 'smol’ mean?”

You chuckled, the tension falling away from your shoulders slowly as you sit up and rest your head on Jack’s shoulder, scrolling down your old blog and feeling incredibly nostalgic as you read through your conversations and looked at your cheesy edits, all he while explaining to Jack the way of the average 'fangirl’ language.

Later that night, when Jack had left to go pick up some food, your phone lit up, notifying you that he’d tweeted.

@Jack_Maynard23 tweeted:

If your girlfriend used to run a fan blog about you, don’t be sad, be rad, go pick up some chinese food for her, and proceed to tease her about it for the rest of her life #boyfriendgoals

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im not sure how i found your blog but it is now my favorite, all this jikook content is saving my life i feel so blessed 🙏 if you don't mind me asking, what are your favorite jikook moments?

Awww…your making me blush you cute anon, staph it!!

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But nice to hear that you like my weird trashy blog, feel free to stay as long as you like fam ;)But back to your ask on my favourite Kookmin/Jikook moments?…dear god I’m having so many war flashbacks right now of all the Jikook moments that those dorks have blessed and also made us suffer with. Where do I even begin?!?! Guess I have to try so you can watch me go and fail to make an essay on the couple that reduced me into a mess of tears. But before I start I have to say to everyone else who might read this, that these are only my personal observations and opinions on the dynamics of these two so if you don’t like it or don’t agree with me then please do not read. :)

So anyway first I have to start with the legendary Jikook V-Live… they high key just flirted through the whole thing, the minute Jungkook came running in with his unfinished lunch at his hands. After that they just stared deeply into each others eyes,  forgot the meaning of personal space and said things like…

Yeah they said things like that, I kid you not and also did you hear the sounds of me suffering jungkook?! Because thats what I was legit doing while bearing witness to this V Live! And his voice lowered a couple of noches when he said it and then the tension dropped harder than my sanity after that. Dear god Jungkook has no chill. Please go watch it if you have not, it’s art. Now to the next thing the back hugs. Jikook being the legendary back hug couple I just have to share with you a couple of those moments. Like this when…

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…they where taking a group photo and Jungkook? Well he seemed to just straight up ignore that, deciding to focus on hugging Jimin instead. He even closed his eyes while doing it!! I repeat he closed his eyes!! It felt like I was intriguing on something since Jungkook looked so at peace like as if Jimin was his safe haven in the middle of all that noice and flashing lights…And yes I cried when I saw it, how could I have not. And now onto this…

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….Back hug which happened somewhere after Namjoon and Jimin had their little wedding moment during a fanmeet. Not saying that there is a connection, but also not saying that there isn’t one. So as on cue let us move on to the legendary topic of Jeonlous. It being one of my greatest aesthetics I just have to include it in this. I mean Nochu has so many notp’s these days that, I firmly believe them to be the sole reason why he probably lives in the gym like his life depends on it. Like the wise satellite-jeon once said Nochu is out there lifting to win.  

Here are some great examples of the struggles of Jeonlous…

Jungkook: *sees JoonMin standing close to each other* Gotta go and separate that shit. If I could have a dollar every time Jungkook went between these two I’d be swimming in money…aaand onto the next one.

Now this had me weak I mean Jungkook just straight up pushed J-Hope away from Jimin while trying to gain Jimins attention. He also did the same thing to Jin in one of the latest V live’s, when he tried to just look over Jimin shoulder and Jungkook was like nope. This boi is struggling to keep his chill.

I have so many many more Jeonlous moments like these but this will become way too long if I try to add them all in. But what I will have to add in is him doing that tongue thing he does when ever Jimin is concerned. Because he does it so often that it can’t be coincidental anymore. I mean once is accident, twice is coincidence but three times is pattern.

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I have a whole folder full of him doing that, and if you ask why I have it…well its for science okay….*sweats nervously*. Let’s move onto the last and my most favourite moments…them trying their best to make each other laugh or smile. And I don’t think these moments even need an explanation on why they are so precious to me, because they pretty much explain themselves.

Now there are many more moments that I would like to talk about, but as i said before this will become way too long and also I need to go to sleep since it’s 04:46 am where I’m at. Meaning that this would start going downhill and fast from here if I continued and I want to keep this pg. level while my brain still allows it :D Hope that this very, very bad and messy answer in someways met your standards anon and thank you again for sending me that ask!

Btw since some of the gifs are from my save folder, because for the life of it Tumblr would not find me the ones I needed so please tell me if you know the names of the ones who made those gifs so I can credit them properly :)

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Ahhhh! I lov-like your OC-kun! Can.. umm, can we have more of him? Also, your art always brighten my day so I hope that your day is great too!

tysm for your interest! 

  • he is very red around the eyes/nose area so it looks like he’s blushing all the time;
  • dark circles can [will] grow darker during finals;
  • ppl keep telling him to wear brighter colors but when he does they ask him what happened;
  • his bones are disproportionately big for his body;
  • he thinks that means he should be way bigger than he is but he can’t put on more weight no matter what;
  • the number of piercings has a very silly meaning but he finds it funny when ppl try to guess it;
  • will nod politely and hum while [not] listening to you if he doesn’t care;
  • will go to your house in the middle of the night and bring you ice cream if you’re feeling lonely if he cares;
  • often sits with his arms and legs crossed and his friends started calling that the “absolute defense” pose;
  • is 2 years older than most of the ppl in his class. He quit his 1st major and started a new one;
  • calls his parents papa & mama.

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don't know if you've answered this before, but do you ship scorbus?

Ok so this is bad

bc here’s where I admit that I absolutely refuse to read the cursed child.


feel free to tell me if i made a bad choice here but i didn’t want to let anything touch my cherished harry potter world and any universe where harry james potter isn’t parent of the year and cedric diggory isn’t precious and pure isn’t one i wanna be a part of. 

That doesn’t mean I look down on anyone who liked CC! I just personally chose not to read it. So the answer to your question (not any of this other stuff does) is that I like what I’ve seen of scorbus because how could you not! It’s like a drarry au that can simultaneously exist with big kid drarry. it’s very cute and I like it. 

I’m JK Rowling’s Bitch though, so I do have a copy of CC sitting on my desk and i walk past and hiss at it from time to time.

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Hello! Can you do top 5 hq smiles/smirks? I love your blog by the way :)

Thank you so much dear! Of course I can, I’m gonna go with just smirks because…reasons

1. King of pettiness Akaashi Keiji everybody, gracing with what is probably the most famous smirk in the Haikyuu history. This literally screams “think twice before underestimating our captain, our ace, but most of all my boyfriend, he’s gonna smash you as hard as that ball, BITCH

(same, Kashi, same, we’re all so proud of him)

2. “When crows flock, they might even kill a huge, white eagle”. Can you believe there has been a time in which Oikawa was smug on Karasuno’s behalf (because this is such a like someone like Daichi or Noya could have said)? A time in which he actually warned Ushijima? A time in which he acted like a condescending prophet? And baby, you can tell me what you want, but (as painful as it may have been) you actually enjoyed seeing the crows really killing the big white eagle. Very, very much. 

btw this scene is overall so iconic and I still cry just thinking about don’t you ever forget my worthless pride 

3. I mean, Tendou’s reaction tells you everything you need to know about this. You see him? He’s Tsukki. He’s my baby and I’m really proud. 

4. For the always precious collection “when your spiker does the thing”, here’s Kageyama with his entry, the graceful smile he made when Hinata jumped so high and caught the ball before Ushijima outside the Shiratorizawa Academy.  

“Words from someone who lost to Aoba Johsai and couldn’t even stay in the prefectural finals mean nothing to me” - Uhm whatcha say? 

5. King of smirks and king of my heart, I think Kuroo actually doesn’t have any other expressions than his constant smirk and for that I’m really grateful @god thnx mate for making him like this

- Bonus: of course

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Thank you for your messages!

Ask me my top 5 things!

Monsta X as Winnie the Pooh Characters

Nobody asked for this but here it is anyways.

Shit Posting at its finest. 

Why am I like this.


Just look at this little bean. Look at that smile. He is literally Winnie the Pooh. Winnie’s “Oh, bother” translated into Shownu’s “Oooh”. 


No matter how buff Wonho gets he will always be the cutest little bean to me. That’s why he is Roo, the adorable little guy. I mean look at this little floof man. 


The one member that cleans and does all the things. I totally see Kihyun as Rabbit, the reliable kind of neurotic one. He’s our lovely rabbit. 


They’re both hyper and they’re both cute and they’re best friends with Winnie. Minhyuk is our sunshine and so is tigger man. Yo, tigger is just tiger with another g, damn son. 


Hyungwon as the eternally sad Eeyore. Boy is a living meme what can I say. I’m sorry you’re always a meme, my son. He’s precious, we love him. 


Our aegyo rapper as Piglet. Why? Because he is adorable and the cutest thing ever and so is piglet. Fight me.


I.M an intellectual. Our sassy maknae is Owl because the boy can be pretty witty at times. He’s pretty dang smart too. I just really love Changkyun 

Not sure why I did this but here it is anyways. Why am I like this who knows.Sorry not sorry.

✩ Admin Indigo

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OHOHOH! Can you please do the “Welcome to fatherhood.” prompt?

For the promp #37. “Welcome to Fatherhood”, and inspired as well by this lovely gifset courtesy of @wholeperson

Sorry I’m just now getting to this, anon. I try I really do, but I’m slow. 

Also I’m southern, and the linguistics are too. Apologies in advance. 


 Gordon County Hospital, GA

9:23 pm

 I lean against the wall of the break room, trying to center my thoughts and calm my breathing. 15 years as an L&D nurse and cases like that one never cease to shake me up. I need a cigarette. My heart is beating out of my chest and my hands are still shaking. It’s just adrenaline, I know.  I haven’t eaten since before I left home and my sugar is in the toilet. {I need food, not a cigarette}, I think as I absent-mindedly rub the patch on my upper arm. {For the kids.} I’m doing this for the kids.  

 A debbie cake and a bottled water later, I pad down the hall to check on my patient. She’s out of surgery now, and it went well. God, just one tiny sliver of placenta can wreak so much havoc.  So much blood…. I wonder what in the hell happened to bring her in in such a state. A home birth gone wrong, maybe? No. She wasn’t even dressed in a nightgown. I guess it isn’t important now. Her poor husband looked about as frightened as I’d ever seen. I think I heard they arrived by chopper?? Not medevac, though.  Important folks, apparently.  They looked like they’d both just come from work, truth be told.  This patient assessment is going to be interesting.  

 When I get to the room the husband (? No ring I see) has exchanged his blood- saturated suit for a set of standard issue ‘dad scrubs’, and is sitting by her bed, studying mom’s face intently. He strokes a lock of hair from her face, leaning in and murmuring something unintelligible. He sits back down in the guest recliner, still holding her hand as he brings it to his lips for the most tender of kisses– once, twice. The gaze on her face is not broken. I wonder if he even blinks.

 He’s cute. Very. I shake my head at my inappropriate thought and proceed to the bedside with her chart in hand and a load of questions to ask. But I really wish I could leave them alone. 

 Flipping back through my notes at the nurse’s station I kick off my crocs and hear my toes crack. I’m only 40.. just, in fact, but tonight I’m feeling everyone of those years.  FBI….Huh. And his name is Fox? Suits him… {Jesus, Susan. Get a grip.}  This one’s clearly taken, old girl. What’s gotten into you? I need sleep, that’s it. I’m getting punch drunk already. This usually doesn’t happen til the end of my shift…

*Clearly* taken.

He never let go of her hand throughout any of the inquiries. He stroked her thumb continually with his, startling and glancing her way from time to time as if hoping she’d stir, maybe thinking she had. I’ve seen my share of jittery new dads– but this one seems, I don’t know, for lack of a better word….. spooked.  Lost. Thrust into a foreign universe and flailing. It’s clear who is his anchor here.

When I asked if he was the father (he’s listed as such on the chart, but I’m required to ask for my notes) his eyes went wide and expressionless, and he looked at her again, as if waiting for an answer.  “Yes, yes” , he repeated, nodding,  testing the words and looking at her. (Looking for permission?) I wrapped up my initial assessment, vitals strong (-ish, her BP could come up a bit), capillary refill: good.  Bowel sounds present. No distension. No hint of fever or infection. All good signs. She could be out as early as a couple of days. Dad sits quietly close by, giving me space to work but not much more than that. His knee bounces with anxiety.

I finish quietly, wash and unfasten from my clipboard the standard pamphlets and literature: birth certificate form, social security, “Getting to Know Your Baby”, “Welcome to Fatherhood”, “Mommy and Me: An Introduction to Breast Feeding”.  I hand them over with a small smile and he glances down non-committedly before placing them on the bedside table. He scoots the chair back close to her side and again strokes the same wayward lock of hair from her closed eyelids, and again, kisses her hand.  The tender expression of adoration convoluted with worry is so profound and unabashed that I find myself staring, my face growing hot, but I thankfully recover quickly and begin to go over her condition, letting him know what to expect when she wakes… she’s a fall risk…she’ll need help to the restroom….call a nurse if you need one…he nods, nods.  I hope that at least some information will give him his bearings, a comfort perhaps, but I think maybe it has no effect at all. He hears me but I get the sense he’s just waiting on her. His eyes plead with her to wake, to tell him what to do. Apparently she’s an M.D. (?! This case gets stranger and stranger…), so she should pretty well know her way around things, at least until they bring the baby in. Parenthood is tricky. No one really ever knows it all.  I think back to the birth of my first daughter. The elation, the fear, the absolutely necessity to have her at my side immediately and at all times.

He hasn’t yet asked to see his son.

Once they wheeled her in for the d&c he took off like a shot to the nursery, shouting questions of where and why over the child with fierce protectiveness but I sense it was more for her knowledge than his need. He was a sentinel, utterly at her service, unconscious as she was, but he was also her proxy in every sense of the word.

He hasn’t been back there since, though.

Baby from what I hear is fine; APGAR was a 9, nuero: solid. Good thing, too. Had his condition deteriorated we would have had to transport him to a bigger facility with a NICU. Somehow I sense that separating these 3 would prove problematic. Thankfully the nurses have been able to tending to the boy here with no trouble. Her milk is starting to come in though, and if she doesn’t wake soon I’ll need to express some for her. Engorgement is a bitch. I need to make a note to remind myself. 

 2:30 am

 Time for vitals again. They’ve wheeled the baby in I see. And now there’s a man outside their room. A broad guy, balding and with glasses, looking stern but exhausted as well. I’m assuming a friend but he looks and acts like a bodyguard. He gives me a polite nod, but a suspicious once over as I enter the room. Dad is still at his station. Wide-awake. He should sleep, if he knows what’s good for him. Ha. Real life is about to hit. Newborn induced sleep deprivation is entirely another animal.

 But, God, the way he looks at her. Utterly besotted. The intensity of his love  is all around him, a thrumming, golden aura, even as his body has begun to sway lightly in exhaustion.

 I hate to disturb them but her BP is still a bit low for my liking. We’ll need to continue pushing fluids. 

 "Hi there. Me again,” I smile apologetically. “Baby boy has joined y’all, I see?“ 

 "Yea, I uh, I wanted him to be here when she woke up.“ 

 I don’t comment that she may very well be out for the next 12 hours or so.

 "Well, the nurses fed him I’m sure, so you should have a few peaceful hours. They mostly just sleep and eat at this stage. And poop.” I chuckle, but the joke falls flat. 

 I need to make sure the baby’s nurse comes back for a diaper check. This guy isn’t ready.  I note the various monitors and change her bag. 

 "Would you like to hold him?“ That gets him to look right at me, with an unidentifiable expression.  He looks over at the bassinet, back to me and his mouth opens, but nothing comes out. He’s blinking furiously.  Bless. Indecision and panic are clear as day in his eyes. But something else, too. He looks…guilty. It’s the strangest thing. I can sense that he wants to hold the baby but feels unworthy.

 He lowers his chin to his chest, pauses and swallows. “Um…no… I… I don’t want to wake him.“  All of my maternal inclinations are screaming at me to hug this poor boy, who isn’t a boy at all. I tamp down the urge, and decide instead to turn my attention to the baby.

 I lean over the to take a glance. They’ve got the room fairly warm so he’s loosely swaddled in addition to a hospital issued t-shirt and diaper. His arms curled above his head, snoozing away. He smells of clean laundry and lavender baby shampoo. What a cutie. Just a dusting of strawberry blonde hair, long lashes of the same shade. He’s got his daddy’s chin. I watch his lips and cheeks mimicking the age-old suckling reflex. Oh heavens. I do miss this. "You won’t, don’t worry. Babies love to be held.  He might even sleep sounder that way.”

 Again he swallows. I won’t push.  

 "Y’all have a name picked out?“ I want to make friendly conversation, because I feel like this guy could use a friend, but mostly I want to leave. I feel awkward and oddly intrusive. Something about his room feels holy and sacred in a way I haven’t encountered before. And I’m trespassing.

 He blinks. As if the idea just occurred to him. "Um, no. No not yet.”

 "Well, never mind that. No hurry. He’s just precious,” I hug my clipboard to my chest and flash a nurturing southern grin, “Congratulations.“ Lord what a drawl. My accent really does get worse at night, especially deep into a shift. But I do mean that, wholeheartedly.  Oh, get ready I think. This love is like no other. 

 His eyes flit over to the baby, who’s begun to stir and whimper and then glances up at me, alarmed. I walk over and place my hand on the tiny human’s rapidly rising and falling belly, and place a firm but gentle pressure there. I lightly jiggle and ‘shhhh…’ softly. He settles instantly and resumes his slumber.

I feel dad’s eyes on me. Yes, he loves this baby. Suddenly the man’s paternal instincts are almost palpable.  And yet he holds back.  I smile over at him again, reassuringly. “See? Nothing to it, “ with a wink. No need for any hardcore parenting truths right now.

 As I gather my things and wish him a good night, tell him I’ll be back in a couple of hours to recheck her vitals but I’ll try not to wake them, in case he wants to rest his eyes for a while.  Something tells me he won’t.

He thanks me routinely and I turn to walk out. At the threshold of the door I hear the plastic of the chair crack and I turn around, wondering if he needs anything.  His attention isn’t on me, but the baby, walking over to the clear bassinet and peering over. He hasn’t touched him yet, only gazes down at the newborn with earnest curiosity that quickly blooms into boundless wonder, and finally, an expression of such heartbreaking devotion that I feel my eyes begin to burn and a lump lodges behind my throat. I freeze. He gently mimics, exactly, his movements from earlier. He strokes the baby’s face, no hair to move but along side his cherubic cheek just the same. Then places a finger in the baby’s palm, which instinctually grips his father’s outstretched digit. He leans close, so carefully close, and places an impossibly soft kiss on the tiny hand, lips trembling.

 “Hi.” He mouths.

 His face begins to crumple slightly and he gathers his entire bottom lip in his teeth, desperately trying to contain what’s so obviously a flood of emotion.

“Hi.” He says again, now a strained, high pitched whisper.

Feeling like an interloper,  I make my exit as quietly as I can and scurry down the hallway.

 The whys and how’s of their appearance at this lonely small town facility are inconsequential, really. They are just parents now. New parents. With vast, phenomenal, uncharted waters lying ahead of them. And yet, something tells me they are well equipped for such territory. Call it experience, call it optimism, call it hope, call it what you will.

{Good luck you two}, I think, walking toward my station and yearning for my shift to end so as to return to my own two sleeping babies at home. 


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I won't be mean and ask for 5 favourite pictures of your bias wrecker (although I kind of want to) but it got me curious. What are your 5 favourite pictures of Sungyeol?♥ - Laura

Coming right up, my small and handsome son Lee Sungyeol, the most important and precious child I have.

1. when he does this to fansites and it makes me love him even more than i already do which is a lot btw in case you weren’t sure ( © Moonlight_열and  Ever Since )

2. the princess bride ( © yunsel설이 )

3. no one else looks better in a hot pink suit ( © deer rabbit )

4. red haired yeol was a gift from the heavens never forget also look at this cute babe his face is the best, most handsome 5eva ( © Deary Dream )


BONUS PIC: ALSO HE IS CUTE! ( © Ever Since )

*mic drop*

✽ —— the labyrinth sentence starters.

’ i ask for so little. ’
’ give me the child. ’
’ just fear me, love me, do as i say and i will be your slave. ’
’ for my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great… ’
’ for have fought my way here to the castle. ’
’ i  can never remember that line. ’
’ you have no power over me. ’
’ eh. huh? how’s that for brainpower, eh? ’
’ the way forward is sometimes the way back. ’
’ heh. will you listen to this crap? ’
’ it’s very rude to stare! ’
’ i was just wondering which door to choose. ’
’ it’s no good asking him/her, he’s/she’s deaf as a post! ’
’ don’t talk with your mouth full! ’
’ wait, wait, i can’t understand you. ’
’ oh, oh, it is so good to get that thing out. ’
’ you’re a wonderful conversational companion! ’
’ you can talk, all you do is moan! ’
’ what’s behind these doors? ’
’ knock, and the door will open! ’
’ hey! i don’t want that thing back in my mouth! ’
’ that’s all right, i’m used to it. ’
’ prince of the land of stench! ’
’ what did you have to go and do a thing like that for? ’
’ do what? you mean rescue you? ’
’ where are you going with a head like that? ’
’ hey, man! i know what we can do! ’
’ we’ll take the baby to the castle, and you will be free! ’
’ wherever you may be take this child of mine far away from me! ’
’ where did she/he get that rubbish? it doesn’t even start with “i wish!” ’
’ you have thirteen hours in which to solve the labyrinth. ’
’ you wouldn’t be so brave if you’d ever smelled the bog of eternal stench. ’
’ is that all it does, is smell? ’
’ ah, what have we here? ’
’ she treats me like a wicked stepmother in a fairy story. ’
’ it’s a crystal. nothing more. ’
’ if you turn it this way and look into it, it will show you your dreams. ’
’ what’d you expect fairies to do? ’
’ i thought they did nice things, like… like granting wishes. ’
’ okay, kay, let’s handle this thing logically. ’
’ i have sworn with my life’s blood, none shall pass this way without my permission! ’
‘oh.. you’re a worm, aren’t you? ’
’ say, come inside, and meet the missus. ’
’ everything i’ve done, i’ve done for you. ’
’ your eyes can be so cruel, just as i can be so cruel. ’
’ i move the stars for no one. ’
’ play with your toys and your costumes. forget about the baby. ’
’ ________, go back to your room. ’
’ oh don’t act so smart. you don’t even know what an oubliette is. ’
’ it’s a place you put people… to forget about 'em! ’
’ i have been generous up 'til now. i can be cruel. ’
’ generous? what have you done that’s generous? ’
’ everything that you wanted i have done. ’
’ you asked that the child be taken. i took him/her. ’
’ you cowered before me, i was frightening. ’
’ i have turned the world upside down, and i have done it all for you! ’
’ i am exhausted from living up to your expectations. ’
’ the only way out of here is to try one of these doors! ’
’ when your thing gets wild, chilly down, chilly down! ’
’ oh no! your majesty, not the eternal stench! ’
’ you have to understand my position. i’m a coward. ’
’ you say that so often, i wonder what your basis for comparison is? ’
’ what do you think of my labyrinth? ’
’ it’s so stimulating being your hat. ’
’ i can’t. don’t you understand i can’t? ’
’ turn back before it’s too late. ’
’ well, let’s see how you deal with this little slice… ’
’ all right then! i can conquer this mountain! ’
’ how you turn my world, you precious thing. ’
’ it’s only forever, not long at all. ’
’ i say, does anyone want to play a game of scrabble? ’
’ what do you mean “help”? we are helping. ’
’ well then, come on, which way? ’
’ well… since i’m pointed that way, i guess i’ll go down. ’
’ don’t pay any attention to them, they’re just false alarms. ’
’ i’m sorry, i’m just doing my job. ’
’ oh, please. i haven’t said it in such a long time. ’
’ for the path you will take will lead you to certain destruction! ’
’ if that is the way it is done, then that is the way you must do it. ’
’ whoa, not that way! you’re going the wrong way! ’
’ what’s the matter, my dear, don’t you like your toys? ’
’ what have i done? i’ve lost my only friend. ’
’ it’s against the rules to throwing other people’s heads! ’
’ it seems like we’re not getting anywhere. ’
’ try this one on for size, you big hippie! ’
’ the other door leads to the castle and this one leads to certain death. ’
’ i don’t know! i’ve never understood it! ’
’ they made it through the gate and they’re on their way to the castle! ’

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Hi! Saw a fanart about this before sooo.. would like to request an HC where MC is also a hacker (maybe as good as God Seven), but she's not affiliated in any organization (freelance?) so didn't come up on the background check and she tells em after they started dating?? Particularly interested in Vanderwood's reaction. Lololol.

✿  ok so I admittedly got a little crazy with this request. Whoops!! we’ve been talking about the Snowden movie in class, so I’ve had vigilante hackers on the brain… 

✿  As usual, I hope you enjoy!


  • Of course he knows about  (♕ ALICE ♕)  - how could he not? Last month the image-boards blew up talking about her after she released a whole host of incriminating government documents to the public! She’s super famous!
  • How does he feel about it? Uh.. well… if…… the government is doing bad stuff…… shouldn’t people know about it? She’s like - a hacker for justice! That’s good, right?
  • Wait, why do you look so relieved?
  • wait what are you
  • what do you mean that
  • i
  • you, of course, are somewhat taken aback. the media is calling you a terrorist and yoosung thinks u are too good for him. 
  • clearly it is the other way around
  • how is this precious angel child still interested in a hacker like you? wtf? 
  • he is hyper proud and clearly does not understand the danger of being with you.
  • you are a vigilante and could get your ass black bagged
  • the Orwellian big-brother police could fuck your shit up at literally any moment
  • He doesn’t care about any of that. He’s going to protect you! This is a cause you think is important, right? 
  • You’ve always supported him in what he thinks is important. He is gonna do the same!!
  • what are you going to do when the MIB show up yoosung, throw honey buddha chips at them and run while they’re distracted??????
  • he wins u over with his sincerity tho and starts helping you out a bit.
  • He’s actually very very good at doing tedious, methodical tasks like looking through e-mails, so he basically becomes your partner in crime. You do the fun hacking and flamboyant trickery, he does the boring sorting.
  • look at you, corrupting the innocent. good job. 


  • He notices that you spend a lot of time on the computer, and at first you just coyly say, well - you’re a programmer.
  • It’s sort of true…?
  • Most of the time, your work isn’t… that bad! You’re just a - a freelancer, like… like a graphic designer or a ghostwriter! 
  • It’s - it’s nothing sketchy! It’s just sometimes on the side you…
  • …y;know, hack into government databases and dump all the dirt you find for the public to see.
  • (ok u gotta tell him)
  • He seriously thinks you’re joking at first when you finally drop that your secret identity is  (♕ ALICE ♕), the flamboyant hacker who’s stolen the public eye lately with a promise to ‘Take the world down the rabbit hole of governmental corruption’. 
  • you’re expecting that to be it. You are dangerous, your job is dangerous, and holy fuck if word got out, Zen’s career would be destroyed. 
  • honestly? you consider being the one to do it, to break up with him for his own safety. Jaehee is right. his career is more important than a relationship.
  • Zen, when he finally accepts that you are serious, is like… fuck that lmao
  • Right now??? He only has a career because of your encouragement, so there is NO WAY he is letting you deal with this on your own.
  • For awhile, you consider… dropping your job and finding something more… palatable. Something in security maybe. You know how to break into networks - you can turn that around to protecting them.
  • Zen takes you off guard by saying, in no uncertain terms, no. 
  • This is important to you. He can see how important to you it is by the long hours you work. He knows what it’s like to have people poop all over your dreams, and he is not going to do that to you.
  • You do, at the very least, use your skills to make Zen absurdly popular. He thought Seven was bad about his dubious promoting? OH LORDIE


  • jaehee breaks into nigh-hysterical laughter when you tell her
  • oh god
  • how long have you been doing this
  • how did you learn how to do this
  • how did you even get into doing this
  • she’s going to be sick
  • NOT THAT SHE’S DISGUSTED BY IT, she immediately clarifies as you start to wilt. GOD, NEVER. NEVER, NO.
  • she’s just terrified
  • She never really… possibly considered that this world could ever intersect her own, and she’s so scared for your safety.
  • You quickly clarify that you’re just a freelancer, though, uh, the fame you have under your pseudonym is,
  • um
  • well
  • you’ve
  • done some pretty big shit. h-hacking government documents, leaking e-mails… uhhhhhh….
  • the news might… call you a terrorist…? ehe.
  • After she’s calmed down, Jaehee adjusts her glasses and gets to work. looking over her shoulder, you see… travel plans…?? flight agencies..??? what???
  • Jaehee has, true to form, taken it upon herself to manage all of the logistics of your inevitable escape from South Korea. seriously this woman is p r e p a r e d.
  • you’re kind of shocked that she’s totally??? and completely willing to aid and abet a criminal and she just looks u dead in the eyes and says
  • You have no idea what I did underneath Mr. Han.
  • (tbh i’m pretty sure Jumin’s 5th anniversary present to u two is smuggling you both to Jamaica, where you can sip daiquiris on a beach and watch the fallout of your reign of terror from afar.)

(as usual - the rest are under the cut!)

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