what does he need a curling iron for

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Hello, the same anon about the missing request :D I hope it will work this time~ so.. how about some headcanons of the guys as protective parents and the reader (or Candy in other words) comes home with a hickey on their neck but later on after the freak out turns out that it's just a random bruise they (reader) got and didn't even notice it. Sorry if that's too specific and please make this gender-neutral ^^ thanks

(i feel like these aren’t that great im sorry fam)

Nathaniel would flip on the inside. He just kind of stares at you for a second before calmly, but intimidatingly asking “What is that y/n? Please don’t tell me that’s what I think it is.” He’ll sit there and wait for you to explain, and even though you’re totally and honestly confused he think you’re just trying to play dumb.. “Y/N, I’m trusting you enough to allow you to date but this is not acceptable! You can say goodbye to whoever it is you’re seeing because I will not put up with it. I know exactly how teens are, your mother and I were once teens too and if you think you can get away with-“

“Wait, dad, calm down! It’s not a hickey, it’s just a bruise from gym class. I got hit in the neck with a jump rope, I swear!”

He’d stop talking, and stare at you, disbelieving at first but once he sees the sincerity in your eyes he backs off.“Oh… W-well I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions but you should really find some cover up for that.”


Cas wouldn’t even give you an opportunity to explain yourself. As soon as he sees it he’s plotting your death, if you have one then your partner’s death too. “I know exactly how you teens are, there isn’t a single excuse that I haven’t used already!” He’s ranting on and on about how he’s going to kill whoever gave it to you, boy or girl but if he thinks it’s a boy that you’re dating he’s definitely even more pissed off because we all know teen Cassy is a little naughty, so he knows exactly what’s going through his head. So while you’re there trying to get your words in, he just keeps cutting you off until you finally just scream is name.


He stands there, in doubt for a few seconds before inspecting the “hickey” closer. “….You’re probably telling the truth, that’s too red to be a hickey anyways.” *carries on like he didn’t just yell at you for 5 full minutes*


Lysander is lowkey PISSED AS F***. An outsider wouldn’t be able to tell, with his calm and somewhat emotionless exterior but you as his child can tell by the way he raises his eyebrows, and he has this way of kind of passive aggressively speaking to you. When he sees it he just calmly approaches it. “Y/N, what exactly is on your neck?” He lets you explain but when you don’t know what he’s talking about he’s silently seething even more, he just doesn’t want to turn it into a huge deal so he stays chill. He does indirectly threaten your partner if you have one though. “I do like S/O very much but if I need to speak with them then I will…”

“Dad don’t freak out, I just burned myself with a curling iron this morning.”

He breathes an almost unnoticeable sigh of relief when you say that. He has enough trust in you to take your word for it so he won’t question further. “Well even still… You should make it clear to s/o in the future that I will step in if need-be.”


“What the hell’s on your neck???” He’s immediately interrogating you, already talking about killing your s/o and questioning whether or not you’re sexually active. “Wait, don’t answer that. You can talk to mom about that but ANYWAYS.” He honestly doesn’t even know how to handle it, he just knows he’s pissed asf and seriously wants to hit someone. “I will ruin your s/o’s life, don’t test me!” *immediately begins to plan ways to cause your s/o to live in misery* (But also like lowkey proud of you??? He’s horrible)

“Dad, chill out. It’s just paint from art class today.” He watches you smudge the paint, and then sighs in relief.

“Well then…. This is awkward.”

He silently retreats back to whatever he’s doing and kind of drops the subject all together.


Kentin automatically goes into overprotective dad mode. He’s the “I have a shot gun and an alibi” kind of parent. “WHO GAVE YOU A HICKEY” is the first thing he says to you. He doesn’t even bother to ask if that’s what it actually is, and is instead absolutely losing his shit over this strange marking. He’s picturing beating this person’s face in when he sees them. Overreacting and he knows it but he’s just upset because noooo his sweet child has a hickeyyyyyy He’s also lowkey on the verge of tears because he does not want yo growing up just yet.

“What?? Oh wait, you mean the fake tattoo on my neck???”

“You are too young for- Wait what…?”

Apologizes over and over and promises not to kill anyone.

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Would you do number 32 for Tony/Rhodey?

32 - “Your eyes are red… Were you crying?”

Totally based on the Headcanon I got a few days ago!

Rhodey stares at his reflection for a long moment. He’s tired, bone-deep exhaustion having settled in his bones and he looks like it. Completely worn-out and drained.

He splashes water into his face. His hands are shaking. Rhodey hasn’t cried in a long while, which is surprising given the recent events but now, with everything over and done, he crumbles.

The tears flow freely and Rhodey bites his lip in an attempt to keep quiet. It’s actually pretty weird; he has been through the worst weeks of his life but only now do the tears come.

He has to sit down on the edge of the bathtub, shaking too hard to keep standing.

It takes him seemingly forever to calm down; as if every bit of tension, worry, fear and guilt he suppressed in the past weeks is now coming out as if a dam has broken.

The knock on the door startles him more than it should. Rhodey doesn’t know how long he’s been sitting in the bathroom, hunched over and crying, but it feels like forever.

“Rhodey?”, Tony’s voice comes through the door and Rhodey straightens, determinedly wiping at his face. “Hey, you okay? You’ve been gone for about ten minutes.”

And you were gone for three months, Rhodey thinks but doesn’t say it. He unlocks the door, tries to smile but he knows he’s failed when Tony’s face immediately scrunches up in worry and confusion.

“Your eyes are red”, he observes and reaches out to cup Rhodey’s cheek with his hand. Rhodey leans into the touch with a sigh, almost vibrating with the sudden urge to get closer. “Were you crying?”

Tony sounds worried, which is ridiculous. He is the one who just came back from three months of captivity and- Rhodey’s breath catches at the reminder. Suddenly, he can’t stand the distance between them. Rhodey steps forward, curls his fingers into Tony’s collar and pulls him in.

The kiss is frantic and far too desperate but neither of them really cares. Tony melts into him and they cling to each other, unwilling to let go.

Rhodey makes a distressed noise when Tony pulls away, only to be soothed with soft kisses all over his face. “Hey now, honeybear”, Tony says gently, lips curling into a smile at the stupid pet name. “It’s fine now. I’m here and not going anywhere ever again, if I can help it. No need for tears.”

Only then does Rhodey realize that he’s crying again, but he can’t stop it. The last three months have been Hell for both of them. He found Tony, and that is what matters, but Rhodey’s heart is still fragile. He’s still scared this might be a dream.

But right now, Tony is warm and alive in his arms, whispering soothing words.

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What's your favorite thing about Dan?

Are you really making me pick just one god i need a LIST

• the little curl his hair does at the end of his fringe
• his music taste
• he is a very interesting and wise person
• very nice tum tum
• how he sometimes gets serious and deep all of a sudden and says really relevant and amazing stuff
• the holy deformity on his face praise jesus (dimple)
• the thing he does when he’s thinking where he makes an L shape with his hands and his thumbs are under his chin and his index fingers are over his mouth
• his “ironic” peace signs
• his cute nose
• he does the sleeve thing
• his side profile is so nice
• when he’s genuinely happy it’s like the whole room lights up
• he always seems very at ease and relaxed on stage and public events (even if he might not be on the inside)
• when he starts talking about something he’s passionate about
• when he plays piano and just seems so calm and submerged in the activity
• he sleeps in his underwear. Just saying.
• very soft looking skin (i’ve seen it live. It looks so smooth)
• helpful advice!!!!!!!
• earrings omg
• how he gets offended by piano covers

and a fuck ton more feel free to send me an ask with anything that i forgot

Helping Him Before an Award Show- Blurb

Luke: “Babe how do you tie a tie??” Luke’s voice rang through your house where he was getting ready for the Billboard awards. “Luke come here” You tied it effortlessly. “(Y/N) how did you do that?” He was quite befuddled. “Okay you do this, then this, and through, and then BOOM, your tie is tied.” He looked at you with as much confusion as possible. “Ehh wat??” “Forget it Luke your going to be late.” He turned to go upstairs and brought down a box with him a small moment later. “Don’t you mean WE are going to be late??” He giggled pulling the black dress out of the box. “LUCAS ROBERT HEMMINGS YOU DID NOT!!” “But baby I did.” He helped you get ready yourself and you were off to go pick up the other boys in the limo.

Ashton: “(Y/N) LETS GO WE’LL BE LATE” “ASH I’LL BE DONE IN A SEC I’M CURLING MY HAIR” The sound of foot steps shuffling up the steps meant that Ashton was coming upstairs. You continued curing your hair while Ash watched you in the doorway. “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??” “A curling iron ash please leave me alone.” He moved closer to me and reached out to touch the burning hot iron. His finger tapped it and he let out a sudden cry of pain. “ASHTON YOU DUMBASS there is a reason its called an IRON. God.” “How does it do this magic curl thing” I still had 30 minutes till we needed to leave and he was delaying my process. “I don’t know I don’t care but will you grab my dress and set it out on the bed??” He left to get my clothes for the night. “Maybe later you can curl my hair Baby Girl.”

Calum: “Baaabbbeee wheres my suit???” “Cal I’ve told you plenty of times. It’s third hook in the closet in a garment bag.” He was absolute clueless. You were going to the Teen Choice Awards and he wasn’t even looking for a suit, just a nice shirt with jeans and a leather jacket. “Cal are you almost ready” You were going to be late if he asked any more questions. “Hey babe” He whispered in your ear. “Maybe later instead of helping you put that dress on, I can rip it off of you.” “Calum stop being a fucking tease.” His hands would try to lift your dress when Ash shouted from downstairs, “LETS GO GUYS”.

Michael: Getting ready for an awards show shouldn’t take too long, but with Michael it took years. He spent an hour on just his hair, let alone his entire outfit to choose. “Michael just grab a leather jacket put it over a t-shirt and throw on some jeans” “(Y/N) its not that simple I MEAN WHAT IF THE BLACKS DONT MATCH?? I don’t want to be on the worst dressed list.” His kept digging through his closet. “Michael the only way you’d be on the worst dressed list is if it was a joke. Have you seen  the way the fans react to you in literally anything. Trust me I’ve been on that side of the fandom, you would look good in a potato sack.” “I FOUND IT!!!!! Luke’s misfits top. Lets go princess”