what does blackness mean

  • Malcolm: So, what are your hobbies?
  • Black Fairy: Oh, you know, the usual. Flying around, terrorizing people, kidnapping children for mysterious purposes. That sort of thing.
  • Malcolm: That’s so hot. Let’s have a son and then royally screw up his life.
  • Black Fairy: Oh, Malcolm, you’re so romantic.

What does “white feminism” even mean when it’s applied to a black Nigerian woman speaking about her perspective as someone who grew up female in Nigeria?  What’s “white” about that, how is acknowledging biology and female socialization a “white” thing just say you fucking hate women lol


To all of you who have not heard the beauty that is “You” ♡

Tell me why non-blacks believe hip-hop/rap to be “hood”? What does that mean to non-blacks? Does it mean you carry the racist stereotypes without being the race and run along with it???????????🤔🤔🤔🤔


1. Build one of those muggle tree houses Evans was talking about in the Whomping Willow

2. Host a tea party with the giant squid and invite everyone

3. Work minimum three cat puns into every conversation with McGonagall

4. Steal Prongs’ new Head Boy badge and pin it on Mrs Noris every time I pull a prank on Filch.

5. Convince house elves to rally behind me and then take over school. Outlaw all homework and make hair care the only subject.

6. Stop Evans bringing up that time I screamed when I saw that ballon.


1. Stop Sirius from doing anything on his resolutions list.

2. Especially that ballon one because shit Sirius that was fucking funny Lily is my hero

10b husbands Robot Husband


anonymous asked:

what does the black ring/white ring scenerio mean? i'm new to the ace/aro community so I dont really know

Hey anon!

So a black ring (usually worn on the middle finger of your right hand but that’s not necessarily where you have to put it) is an ace symbol that basically just lets other ace people, who know about the black ring, know that you’re ace. It’s not particularly well known outside the community (and even sometimes in the community) and it was started in a thread on AVEN’s website back in 2005.

Then the white ring, as far as I know, is something that was suggested as an aro equivalent to the ace ring. I’m not 100% on this one but I think it’s even less well known than the ace ring and I’m not sure that many, if any, aro people actually use the white ring. Personally I’ve seen aro people wearing arrow rings, never white rings but it’s totally possible that I just haven’t come across it (I’m relatively new to the community myself).

I hope this answers your question, if not feel free to message me again, about this or anything else. ^.^