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Hi everyone! I’ve seen a few floating around, but I wanted to make my own April Study challenge! Below are the questions, which can be answered in the caption of a photo post or as a text post. If you answer any, please tag me, #nkbstudies or #heynay, or @ me so I can reblog it! Have a fun month of April <3

The tag for this challenge is #aprilsc, so as not to interfere with the tags of other challenges.


1 (Sa). How do you stay motivated?

2 (Su). Do you prefer to study alone or with friends?

3 (M). What’s your favorite spot to study (outside of your usual study space)?

4 (Tu). What’s your least favorite subject to study? How do you keep yourself motivated to study it?

5 (W). What’s your preferred method for planning?

6 (Th). How do you keep your work organized?

7 (F). What is your favorite subject to study?

8 (Sa). What’s your favorite book?

9 (Su). What’s your study space like?

10 (M). What are some of your general study tips?  

11 (Tu). Do you like to snack while studying? If so, what sort of snacks do you like?

12 (W). What sort of goals do you like to make and focus on? (i.e. long term/short term, incentives, etc.)

13 (Th). What’s your aesthetic (or your ideal aesthetic)?

14 (F). Who’s the best teacher/professor you’ve ever had, and why were they the best?

15 (Sa). Who’s the worst teacher/professor you’ve ever had, and why were they the worst?

16 (Su). Do you prefer binders or notebooks and folders?

17 (M). What are some of your favorite studyblrs?

18 (Tu). How do you like to take notes? What method is your favorite?

19 (W). What’s your must-have piece of stationery?

20 (Th). Where are you hoping to be 5 years from now? 10? 15?

21 (F). What are some of your subject-specific study tips?

22 (Sa). How much noise do you like when you’re studying? Do you like to listen to music/white noise, or does it need to be silent?

23 (Su). What gets you out of bed in the morning?

24 (M). How do you like to study for tests? What methods are your favorite?

25 (Tu). Do you get nervous for exams? If so, how do you combat this?

26 (W). What’s in your pencil case?

27 (Th). What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?

28 (F). April is Stress Awareness Month! What tips do you have for balancing school and mental health?

29 (Sa). What is your favorite kind of weather for studying? What’s your favorite kind of weather in general?

30 (Su). How has the month of April been for you?

Anniversary week challenge!

Hi members!
As both the network and EXO both have anniversaries coming up. I thought it would be fun to make a project of some kind. So I decided to basically make a challenge week with day to day challenges! Members can choose to join or not, that is completely up to you! ^^

The anniversary week challenge will start April 2nd, basically on the actual 2 year anniversary of this network, and end April 9th, two days after EXO’s 5th year anniversary. You will be given completely freedom to do whatever you want, as long as what you do have something to do with the challenge of that day. And I’ll be reblogging all the posts to the blog of course! 

- Make sure you tag them #bbnawc as one of the first five tags, so I can keep a track of the posts, and no you don’t need to tag #byunbaeknet  this time around!!

Here are the day to day challenges!:

  • Sunday, April 2nd: Choose your absolute favorite moments* of Baekhyun. (2015 - present*) (Happy 2nd year anniversary BYUNBAEK-NET!)

  • Monday, April 3rd: Overdose era Baekhyun vs Monster era Baekhyun, pick one!

  • Tuesday, April 4th: Choose your favorite moment(s) between Baekhyun and another member(s).

  • Wednesday, April 5th: Choose one particular moment where you felt that you are so lucky that you stan Baekhyun.

  • Thursday, April 6th: Choose your favorite performance(s) of Baekhyun.

  • Friday, April 7th: Your aboslute favorite EXO moment(s) of all time! (Yes they can be OT12.) (HAPPY 5TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY EXO!)

  • Saturday, April 8th: Showtime vs Exomentary; pick your favorite Baekhyun moments from both.

  • Sunday, April 9th: Choose one moment from each era you just cannot shut up about.

Okay, but it was so hard to come up with these challenges! Anyways you do not have to do them all, but I hope this will be something fun for the members to do! - If there is anything you’re wondering about, message us and I’ll try to answer you!

* reason I choose 2015 - present is that this blog was created April 2nd, 2015 and I want to just see which moments you choose from the past two years because of that haha.

* when I say moments, it can be literally anything. It can be written interviews, performances, variety shows etc.. knock yourself out.

- Admin Ida-Eveline


No Filter Challenge by @butterfly-tattoo 

I was tagged by @evvvvvve. Thanks!

RULES: take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

I decided to use my vampire Akasha because I love her. My, my, my what a difference, but she still looks beautiful to me! I’m not sure who hasn’t done this, so I tag the following people and anyone else who wants to do this (sorry if you’ve already done it!): @purrsephonesims @moonpiesblog @vivificus-zombiae @momobunniisims 

luke0maker  asked:

And how are you today Yugo? I dont know what time is there xD Btw, I know you dont tag me in te reblog but i love you too ^~^ You're a cool person with a big hearth and you're one of the most epic people I know, and I hope one day I can chat with you directly xD Stay cool and with your EPIC comics my niece, and I dont know If you forgot or you just do not like this thing of call you niece...

D'awwww! Wat a sweet hooman u are ≧▽≦

I dont really mind about those
Call me wat u guys want
It doesnt really matter to me

So dont feel bad

i dont want any drama going now :V

And luv u too  ̄ 3 ̄

Also the reason why i only tag those three

Because they are the FIRST ones who motivated and inspired me to keep going

Without them

I couldnt continue my comic

bts ask meme

i was tagged my @kimskj to do this (thank you!) i’m sorry my breathing is so weird i’m sick right now. there was also a roach crawling on the wall so i was moving around trying to get away from it

  1. Name + Username
  2. Who is your bias and why? Any bias list wreckers?
  3. When did you become a fan of Bangtan and what made you like them?
  4. Which album is your favorite?
  5. What’s your favorite song?
  6. Who is your favourite vocalist?
  7. Who is your favorite rapper?
  8. Do you have a favorite era?
  9. Which Bangtan Bomb is your favorite?
  10. Rookie King vs. AHL vs. Bon Voyage?
  11. Have you ever seen them in person before? Any special memories, if yes?
  12. Tag your friends (or don’t lol)

i’m tagging @jiminiep @6uji @6tigma @taehyngies @akmv @1994liners @oh-no-its-mo sorry if youve done this/dont want to do it

hey there !! it’s your friendly neighborhood kat taking part in the nifty new trend of tossing out muse most wanted lists c: c: c:

here’s my personal list of who i’d like to see running around in the httyd rp fandom, and i’m sure others would agree.


i can help you out with icons, psds, and promos…. plus give you my undying love <3 <3 <3



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I’ve only got 8 more to go then I’ve reached that milestone!! I just want to say thank you to all my followers…I love you. I want to celebrate this so let me know what you guys think I should do.

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and so many more…sorry, I know I’m forgetting people but if you know who you are and consider yourself tagged

I was tagged by @rosecallloway thanks prerna & @daylightring thanks katie ❤️

Post 10 of your favorite characters from different fandoms in no particular order and tag 10 people.

  1. ryke meadows/daisy calloway (addicted series)
  2. monica geller (friends)
  3. jem carstairs (the infernal devices)
  4. nikolai lantsov (the grisha trilogy)
  5. trish walker (jessica jones)
  6. luke castellan (percy jackson & the olympians) 
  7. meredith grey (grey’s anatomy)
  8. rachel zane (suits)
  9. jess mariano (gilmore girls)
  10. kaz brekker/nina zenik (soc)

I tag @kingsdamianos, @feyrearchsron, @lilycolloway, @tylorswft, @gisabarrow, @maryamorvena, @cindurellas, @fcyre, @liethargy, @malfoys (only if you guys want to do it ofc)



TAGGED BY: No one! Starscream takes what he wants!
TAGGING: everyone!

1. WHAT IS YOUR NAME? Starscream

2. WHAT IS YOUR REAL NAME? I just told you it’s Starscream!

3. DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU WERE CALLED THAT? I am named after the howling or screaming sound that stars make in certain radio frequencies, or when they lash our planet’s magnetic field with coronal mass ejections.

4. ARE YOU SINGLE OR TAKEN? I am unattached and will remain so.

5. HAVE ANY ABILITIES OR POWERS?  I am an exceptionally talented aerial fighter and strategist.



8. HOW ABOUT YOUR HAIR COLOR? I have no hair. That would be revolting.

9. HAVE YOU ANY FAMILY MEMBERS? No…. Well, it’s complicated. I suppose in a way I did, or do, again.

10. OH? WHAT ABOUT PETS? No, I don’t like pets. Except Mooruilt. She’s a lilleth, and she’s really more Phoenix’s pet. I only spoil her with treats.

11. THAT’S COOL I GUESS, NOW TELL ME ABOUT SOMETHING YOU DON’T LIKE. Wait, how long is this article supposed to be?

12. DO YOU HAVE ANY HOBBIES/ACTIVITIES YOU LIKE DOING? Flying. That goes without saying. I also enjoy science, though I haven’t found much time for it in ages.

13. EVER HURT ANYONE BEFORE? Of course. Such is life.

14. EVER… KILLED ANYONE BEFORE? Countless people. Our war went on for millions of years, and I led my Seekers on the front lines for much of it. Even when our battles dwindled to mere skirmishes, running and hiding, I was among the deadliest Decepticons. Your readers might enjoy an account of how I slew the Autobot Cliffjumper.

15. WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? I am not any kind of animal. 

16. NAME YOUR WORST HABITS. Sometimes I care too much. .


None of the above.

19. DO YOU GO TO SCHOOL? Not in millions of years..


21. DO YOU HAVE ANY FANBOYS/FANGIRLS? Apparently the females of Earth greatly admire me. They are most perceptive. Also a couple of Vehicons are quite devoted to me.

22. WHAT ARE YOU MOST AFRAID OF? Failing to see my ambitions through, and being remembered as nothing but a fool.

23. WHAT DO YOU USUALLY WEAR? Nothing. My frame is as beautiful as it is durable, so there’s no need to cover it.

24. DO YOU LOVE SOMEONE? Yes. I shouldn’t say who… That person would be in danger.

25. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WET YOURSELF? I’m not sure what that means?

26. WHAT CLASS ARE YOU? (HIGH CLASS, MIDDLE CLASS, LOW CLASS) I am… in between lordships, you might say.

27. HOW MANY FRIENDS DO YOU HAVE? Hmmm I think perhaps four… Maybe five.

28. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON PIE? I’ve never had pie. I am very fond of Energonpanadas though.

29. FAVORITE DRINK? There was this one Vosnian High Grade… it was highly charged but the mineral flavors still came through crisply, and it had hearty, metal undertones. I think it characterized Vos very well, and it was delicious.


31. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN SOMEONE? I’m interested in anyone who could be of use to me, but that’s probably not what you meant.

32. WHAT’S YOUR BRA CUP SIZE AND/OR HOW BIG IS YOUR WILLY? Neither of those things applies to me.

33. WOULD YOU RATHER SWIM IN THE LAKE OR THE OCEAN? A lake. They are faster to walk back out of when I sink, and mud is less abrasive than sand and salt..

34. WHAT’S YOUR TYPE? I like witty people who are not quite as ambitious as me..


36. SEME OR UKE? TOP OR BOTTOM? DOMINANT OR SUBMISSIVE? That doesn’t apply either, but for the record, since humanity seems so intent on pondering the question anyway, I do not find giving up control in any way exciting. I would be the dominant one.

37. CAMPING OR INDOORS? I used to enjoy camping with my Energon Seekers, but I do long for a nice berth in a high aerie, with all the windows open to the wind. So, a bit of both would be my favorite.

38. ARE YOU WANTING THE QUIZ TO END?? I would be willing to indulge your readers with a few more facts about me. I imagine they’ll be very curious.


Oh boy, I was tagged by @tiddieboys in the home screen/lock screen + last selfie/last song tag 😅😅😅 so here I am in all my glory.

thanks for the tag hoe 👀 ALSO I tag @a–tom @pgooned @k-linyong [I know I don’t talk to you guys much, but I wanna see your cute faces 😘😘😘 pls don’t do it if you don’t want tho!!!]

studyblr tagg

I was tagged by @quotestudy and @adorkablrs

1. What subjects are you currently studying?
government and politics, maths, religious studies, psychology

2. Who would you say is your biggest influence?
idk i kinda do what im told so anyone thats ever spoken to me probably

3. What’s one country you would like to visit?
i really want to go to australia and new zealand again

4. What’s your favourite book?
tbh probably ready player one bc its just???? i love it so much

5. What do you do to keep yourself motivated?
to do lists and making sure that everything is broken down into teeny steps so that it doesnt seem so daunting

6. What language(s) would you really like to learn?
french and also all the languages

7. What holiday do you prefer, Christmas or Halloween?
christmas!!! halloween is such a nothing holiday and i hate it

8. How old are you?
16 but i feel like im 17 bc everyone i know is 17 (august baby ftw)

9. Favourite season?
i usually say autumn but spring is so lovely and full of hope 

10. Who is your favourite band/singer?
gnash is pretty cool, i like most music so its really what im listening to atm that counts. one direction is a constant and so are walk the moon. ive also recently “””rediscovered””” the beatles 

11. Have you had a good day today?
kinda, i havent done any work but thats bc i got it all done in my free, i kinda feel guilty for not doing revision but lol nvm

i tag @littlestudyblrblog @ravnclaw @hogwartsstudiess and @artstdy if u havent already done it!




We as a community love you and support you no matter what as we have shown with how we responded to your recent late night vlog.


You said in your ONI livestream that you wanted someone to compile a list of some of the games people wanted you to play.


I started it back in January of 2016. It has over 6 pages of various games. SIX PAGES!

And I realize that you get thousands of messages. Emails and posts just thrown at you. But I still try..

I have made a Google Doc. Shared with your gmail (both markiplier and markipliergame) and I would post the link here but honestly… I put some more personal stuff on there… ANYWHo 


-Go to your google drive

-Get to the search bar

-Look up “Markiplier Master Game Suggestions List”

-Click it 



I do try to add more games when I can and some games are kinda old but still.

If you do see this, please give me some kind of signal?? Write on the doc, send me an ask, anything.


Yuri: Nope, don´t remember, didn´t happen.

or also:

Viktor: We had a dance that night! YOU ASKED ME TO BE YOUR COACH!
Yuri: Nope, don’t remember, didn’t happen.

New Questions
  • 1. If someone were to paint your portrait, how would you like them to paint you? How would you pose, where would you be, what would you wear, etc?
  • 2. If you had to be surrounded by only three colors for the rest of time, what would they be?
  • 3. Do you prefer city lights, or stars?
  • 4. If your favorite place was a person, what would they be like?
  • 5. Do you think magic, in any form at all, exists? If so, what kind of form?
  • 6. What do you think is your most recognizable feature?
  • 7. Describe the outfit you truly want to wear. Anything, a spacesuit, an Elizabethan style gown, a cape made from spider silk, reality doesn't matter.
  • 8. What is the most romantic thing that's happened to you?
  • 9. What impossible thing do you wish was real?
  • 10. A monster has been terrifying your loved ones. They are safe, but scared. What do you do?
  • 11. Describe the image that comes into your head when you see the word "ethereal".
  • 12. What would someone have to do to earn your trust?
  • 13. What is your definition of love?
  • 14. Describe the first dream you remember having.
  • 15. What is the strangest thing you own? Is there a story behind it?
  • 16. What sort of things do you daydream about?
  • 17. What kind of adventure would you like to have?
  • 18. How exactly would you decorate your ideal room(s)? There are no limits to what you can do, you could pluck the stars out of the sky and put them on your wall if you so wished.
  • 19. You have an encounter with death himself. What is he like?
  • 20. What is a question you've always wanted to be asked? How would you answer that question?
soft emoji asks

💗  - if you could choose, which time period would you live in? why?

🌿  - what place do you wish you where right now? why?

💫  - what’s the feeling of one emotion that you’ve never been able to label?

🌷  - what are some physical traits you are attracted to?

💐  - what are some personality traits you are attracted to?

📺  - describe a picture you’ve had in your head and wanted to take. 

👼🏼  - what is your ideal friend like?

🌙  - are you more nostalgic or foward-looking? or are you neither?

☁️  - what colour does one of your idols remind you of?

💞  - what does love feel like to you?

🍃  - what’s one thing that you regret never saying?

🐰  - what’s one of your favourite childhood memories?

 - what normally happens in your dreams?

☕️  - who makes you feel warm and cozy?

🌟  - who’s a character that you relate a lot to? why?

Lovely Asks!

🌹- Are you/ do you want to be in love?
🌸- Do you have a crush?
🐝- Tag three friends and your three favorite things about them!
💐- Are you/do you want to get married?
🌺- Do you have a best friend?
🦄- List your three favorite things about yourself!
🥀- Have you ever had your heart broken?
🌻- What is the longest relationship you’ve been in?
🦋- Tag three people you want to get to know better and state why!
🌼- What are you attracted to in people personality-wise?
🌷- What are you attracted to in people physical appearance-wise?

The Jukebox Musical Challenge

So. I’m proposing a new challenge for those who are game enough to try. It might completely fail, because it does require some effort. But, we shall see…

Here’s how it goes:

1. Shuffle your music

2. Write down the first five songs that pop up

3. Create a premise for a musical in 2-3 sentences

4. Show how Song #1 fits into your musical

5. Explain what happens in between the songs (briefly)

6. Repeat all the way until you’re finished with Song #5

7. There you have it. You have successfully outlined your very own musical. Look at you, creator! Maybe it will even go to Broadway!! (With a bit more work, of course)

Some notes: It’s probably best not to use songs that are already musical theatre songs, as you already have context for this. So, skip those.

Tag your friends to do this, if you want. Or, do it on your own free accord. I’m sure there are plenty of people with interesting imaginations. 

It’s probably best to reblog from this post, so they know the rules.

Now, go forth and conquer, ye playwrights!!!

Your girl, Eleanor

cvvtx  asked:

Hi! This is really random but I bumped into one of your posts and I've ALWAYS been interested in witchcraft since I was really young. Recently I keep thinking about it and stuff but idk where to begin. I was wondering if you could tell me?:)

Sure, I’ll try my best! I do have a beginner tag where you can find this original post, but I’m going to copy and paste the majority of it for the purpose of this ask.

“I’m going to start off with three things you should consider before deciding to be a witch. These are not necessary, but are suggestions.

One - What is your primary goal or what you want to achieve from becoming a witch? If you are just interested in it for the aesthetic, or because you think it will make you look cool, I would reconsider the reason behind your interest. This isn’t to say that people haven’t come to witchcraft this way and have been successful, but it may take you longer to grow into. Something else to consider is that having this identity can be dangerous depending on your location and situation. Those that dress as witches for the aesthetic are probably not trying to be harmful, but can sometimes cause a false sense of belonging to those that are practicing witches. (I asked a girl once if she was a witch because she wore a pentacle and I was looking for a local friend and she laughed at me.) Being a witch is often lonely and kept as a personal identification.

Two - Witchcraft can be happy and sunshine and rainbows, but at it’s base it is not something to laugh about. Witchcraft is about using the world around you and bending it to your will. That is a huge responsibility to have on your shoulders, as what you do can often affect others around you, whether you mean it or not. You have to be able to accept that witchcraft means work, responsibility and dedication. It is not a toy.

Three - Not everything you see is up for grabs when it comes to magical practices. There is (yes, there is) such a thing as Cultural Appropriation and it is a harmful thing to spread and practice. I’ll leave you more information on this later, but the point is that not all practices and paths are open for you to explore. You need to be able to look at everything objectively and do research and ask questions. Where does this practice come from? Who started it? What culture is it from? More often than not, when you engage in these types of practices, you are not even getting the original information. Why would you want to so something that is just a half-assed version? It’s disrespectful and harmful to the actual, living people of color (POC) that still practice the original forms of magic or ideology that so easily gets passed off as “ancient and mystical” when it is really just a white-washed version.

Some other tidbits to keep in mind.

Magic is not black and/or white. It is a neutral force that you bend to your intentions. Calling “good” magic white, and “bad” magic black only propagates racial inequality and the subliminal message that POC are evil.

You don’t have to be Wiccan to be a witch. Wicca is a religion/cult/practice where members worship the god and goddess, revere nature and often use magic in order to supplement worship. They follow The Rede and the Three-Fold Law. Most of what you will see on Tumblr is actually Neo-Wicca, which does not require a practitioner to be initiated into a group by way of a Priestess or otherwise. Wicca is an initiatory cult. Neo-Wicca is based off of Wiccan teachings, and often allows the practitioner to be solitary.

You can follow a religion (any) or you can not follow a religion. Witchcraft can be viewed as a religion on its own, but generally speaking it is a practice that can be blended with religion or not.

Witchcraft does not equal Satanism - as Satanism has many forms and ideologies it branches to as well, some not even involving magic.

You don’t have to be pagan or worship any deities to be a witch.

You don’t need to be white to be a witch. (I’ve been asked this!!!)

You don’t need to be straight to be a witch.

You don’t need to be able-bodied to be a witch.

You don’t need crystals.

You don’t need fancy tools.

You don’t need to read Tarot.

You don’t need an Ouija board.

You don’t need to communicate with spirits.

You don’t need a familiar.

You don’t have a spirit animal unless you are Native American and studying in a tribe. (Please read this post)

Smudging is also NA, see above. Please refer to it as smoke cleansing.

You can curse.

You can choose not to curse.

You don’t have to practice every day.

You can take extended breaks.

You don’t even have to call yourself a witch! Witch is a gender neutral term, but some feel uncomfortable using it because of its feminine history. You could use Wix, sorcerer(ess), magician, practitioner, cunning man/woman, etc. You don’t even need a title at all.

You don’t need a magical name unless you want one.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something along the way, but the bottom line is that whatever you choose to do, you are valid. All you need is yourself and the drive to learn and practice, whatever that may mean to you. There is no right or wrong way to be a witch, unless you are doing something that is harmful to oppressed cultures and people.”

Reading Material

Mostly, I’ll be using my tags for this, so that you can peruse as you wish!

Beginner Witch Masterpost - via @magic-for-the-masses

Witchy Masterposts - everything you’ll ever need, especially for beginner ideas like energy work and visualization.

Types of Witches Masterpost - to help you narrow down your focus on your path if you feel necessary!

Cultural Appropriation in Witchcraft - can get a bit heated, so take that into consideration.

Deities - offerings and masterposts of pantheons

Witch Tips - beginner friendly tips

Spoonie Witchcraft - beginner friendly and good for low energy work

Books - PDFs and book references for purchase

Astrology - fun stuff mostly and some informational posts

Herbs - associations and precautions

Tea - witchy essential

Coffee - also a witchy essential

Bath Magic - beginner friendly

Sigils - low energy and beginner friendly

Crystals - lots of pictures, some informational posts and precautions.

Curses - if you dare

Kitchen Witchcraft

Moon Magic

Storm Witchcraft

Tarot Tips - side blog

Other Divination

Anything else you are welcome to search on my blog by typing in torque-witch.tumblr.com/search/(enter word here) or you can visit my FAQ for more information.

Blog Recommendations

























































Some of these blogs do overlap with witchcraft and divination, but these are people I follow and respect. If you have any questions please feel free to send me and ask or message me! That goes for anyone :)