what do you want to learn

Dear future daughter,

I wanted to write this as a sort of time capsule, so that you would know how your mother was at sixteen and what I expect of you as my daughter.

I love music and singing, and I expect I’ll put you for music classes early on, unless you don’t like singing and composing which is completely okay.
You can quit and join karate or anything you want.
I won’t force you, instead I’ll let you find your own path in life, like my mom let me.

You wanna ride horses? Cool. I liked that too.
You wanna go for kickboxing and learn how to defend yourself? Cool.
You wanna do ballet and enthrall the audience with your magnificent coordination? Amazing.

Anything you want to do babe, I am hundred percent right behind you.

I am big on reading as well, and this may sound odd, but unlike dancing or singing, I would very much adore it if you loved reading as much as me.
I will introduce it gently of course, by telling you adventure stories I wrote for you, about bears and fairies, and any thing you like.
Then I would introduce all sorts of new books, the same ones my mom introduced to me,Malory Towers, St. Claires, Tin-Tin’s, Secret Seven and so on.
If you don’t like reading, I understand.
I hope you do, though.

I am really sorry but you may or may not have my acne.
I am so sorry, I know how much you suffer trying to talk to that cute boy who’s the next Zac Efron, or how hard you try to cover it up.
Or how much you cry over something that someone said about your skin.
I wish I could change things in that department but I can’t. You have combination skin just like me, and it only gets better everyday, and soon enough a beautiful sense of maturity and compassion will bloom, like those Violets you adore.

You might deal with a lot of appearance issues, and trust me, even all the way back in 2017, we still have them.
Let me tell you this, your weight is just the relationship you have with gravity.
It doesn’t define your intellect, beauty, the amount of love you can give to the universe around you.
W=m x g
That’s all weight is.
So eat that pizza, gobble that pancake and never starve yourself.
I am not saying don’t be healthy and exercise, oh no, but its okay to be kind to yourself once in a while.

I am not going to say I am not going to behind your grades, or behind you to keep them up, but I will give you a chance to improve if you mess up, which you will and thats okay.
That’s life.
To me, do what you love.
Do something that keeps you happy, something that keeps you interested.
Do something that makes you excited to walk into work.
I hope I am doing the same honestly.
To me, education is not just about books and grades, and the colleges you get into.
I’ve probably taken you to so many places in the world, and all that you’ve learned, all the food you’ve eaten, all the cultures you’ve experienced, that is what you have truly experienced. Of course, it won’t pay your bills and it sure as hell won’t help you get to college, but it will make you better citizens of this earth, better human beings, more accepting, less judgmental.

Oh my, honey, you are going to fall so hard.
For a broken boy with broken promises.
With the talented singer.
With the most popular boy in school.
With someone half way across the world.

In the end, after everyone, you will realize you don’t need to settle for someone who makes you feel terrible about yourself, you just need someone who treats you like the princess you are.
Trust me, its not the prettiest or the most popular that gets to be the keeper of your precious heart.

Of course, if you decide you don’t want to be in a relationship, that’s great.
You’re a strong independent woman who doesn’t need anyone to tell her how downright amazing she is.
(feminist alert! haha)

Trust me.
They are going to break you, shatter you, make you feel like you can never love again.
You will love again though.
Again and again.

(You can change the genders above to suit you)
I expect by the time you are old enough to realize who you love, who you’re attracted to, it won’t matter.
I hope for Goodness sakes, we live in progressive times.
If we don’t, I will love you no matter what, if you’re bi, demi, gender fluid or anyone.
I will love you the same.
Coming out will be the easiest thing you will ever have to do, I promise.

Well, I am an agnostic, but if you decide that you want to follow a religion I will allow it.
Preferably Hinduism because that would make my mom and dad, (your grandma and grandpa happy) but if its Buddhism, Christianity or any religion, be my guest.
Explore, decide and tell me.
I will respect you if you decide to believe in a higher power, because I think that takes a certain amount of strength.

I might get mad at you, scream, cry and you have to realize I am not perfect.
Far from it.
I just want you to be a nice, respectful and loving human being.
Your grades and talents are secondary to me.
Sure I might not buy everything you want me to, but I promise I will provide you with everything you need.

I need to leave now, but it’s been great getting to know you,
this is sixteen year old me signing out.

The quest for knowledge gets really frustrating when what you want to learn about is such a niche topic that like only 2 fucking people in the world actually have information on it like do you know how many fucking people I had to email to get my hands on papers about hot subdwarf stars I fucking,, Skyped people in GERMANY just to have them explain to me how they came to some frankly ludicrous conclusions about submass white dwarf supernovae and how the fuck they think it ties into hot subdwarf binary systems and how I had to compare data that they had to the data that some other dude from North Carolina had from some data sets from NASA’s swift satellite oh my god anyway moral of the story is don’t let anything stand in your way in your quest to Know Shit

Slave Starters

Warning: possible violence


“If you would just do as you were told this would go a lot smoother for you.”

“What’s your name?”

“If you open your mouth again, I’ll make you regret it.”

“You’re mine now.”

“You will learn your place. Even if I have to beat it into that pretty little head of yours.”

“You will stay in this cage until you can learn your role.”

“Pet, you can either wear this collar willingly or I will force it on you.”

“What did you just say to me?”

“I paid good money for you. You will do as I say.”

“Good girl/boy.”

“You don’t want to know what happens when you make me angry, pet.”

“Are you feeling better today, Pet?”


“Keep your hands off me.”

“Mercy, Master/Mistress. Please.”

“I belong to no one.”

“Rules? What rules?”

“I will do no such thing.”

“You bought me? What are you talking about?”

“P-please, I just want to go home.”

“I-I don’t understand.”

“Good morning, Master/Mistress.”

In the past, if someone would have asked me what I need, I would have said “Simply be kind with me. That’s all I need.” Now I know that’s not the whole truth. “Be kind with me, but also with yourself. I won’t be able to outweigh the lack of appreciation you’re feeling towards yourself. So if you truly love me, do both of us a favor and learn how to love yourself as well.”

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I'm not exactly a baby witch, because I don't even know where to start. I want to be a Christian witch, I want to work with tarot, angels, and herbs but I just don't know how to get started. Any advice?

Originally posted by youthinkimfruityhuh

The first thing you should do is have an honest conversation with God about what is happening. Most of us have checked in with God and at least told Them what’s up.

Now, I always recommend that new witches learn protection and banishing magic first. Also, sigils are really easy to get started in and doesn’t require any materials, so its a cheap way to get your feet wet.

Get books with correspondence tables before you get books with spells. You want to be able to make your own spells. Don’t rely on others for your craft. 

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So I was wondering, when do you think shipping becomes fetishism? Like I have a straight friend who seems pretty aware of lgbtq issues, understands them and seems to want to help and learn. However most of their ships are gay and she talks about them a lot. Never in a sexual way but, Idk sometimes I think she romantacises them? And idk I'm personally not offended, but sometimes I wonder if I should tell her tone it down? Idk what do you think?

Literally nothing’s wrong with being invested in and romanticizing (???) fictional gay relationships. let your friend have fun and also consider that someone being an overly invested ally™ has a habit of having deeper reasons behind it

To the side who is all Ed, saying Os deserved to be shot because he was selfish and killed Isabella out of a pure self-serving nature. That Ed was happy and Oswald couldn’t stand it because Ed was happy with someone who wasn’t ​him​ and thus eliminated the middle-man to get what he wanted: 

I can see your point. Oswald absolutely ​was​ selfish. I was mad at him too. You can’t just kill someone and expect their lover to not find out and fall into your arms when you confess. 

BUT Oswald is pretty much new to the romance thing. He doesn’t get that you can’t just ​make​ someone fall in love with you by eliminating competition the way you do rising in the mob. His only association with learning how to survive is to ​make sure​ he gets what he wants. He wanted Ed. Therefore Isabella had to go. She was simply an obstacle to him and what does Oswald do? He ​overcomes​. With the mob bosses, Fish, his injury, his past, the bullying, his own depression and loneliness…it what he does. He knows no other way. He wanted Ed and he was going to get him through any means necessary. This is shown in his flawed delusion that Ed would seek him out as a “shoulder to cry on” and his confusion when Ed didn’t get over it in a day and kiss him al-fucking-ready. He was genuinely confused because, remember, Ed expected Oswald to jump up and teach him about murder just after his mother’s death. His ​mother​ that he knew and loved, and was the only source of love he had, all his life. Of course Os would expect Ed to get over a girl he only knew a week quickly and come to him.

To the Oswald people who think that Ed is a “snake.” That he’s a back-stabbing murderer and Oswald is a precious baby who has never done anything wrong in his whole life (completely cynical, ik y’all don’t really think that) and that Ed overreacted: 

I can see your point too. Ed certainly did overreact. Oswald ​didn’t​ deserve to be shot. Especially after sacrificing his own life to keep Ed safe from Butch, Barbara, and Tabitha (as far as he knew). And that was after Ed had tortured him in the warehouse. 

BUT, Ed is not a snake. He’s confused. For all he knows, his last chance of happiness was destroyed. At this point, he can’t even imagine being with Oswald because Oswald killed his Isabella selfishly. Remember that Ed’s never had a single friend all his life. Not even his parents cared very much for him. He’s been abused, told he’s unlovable, ignored, pushed away…Ed’s lived an extremely toxic and lonely life. So why ​wouldn’t​ Oswald betray him? Everyone does. Everyone leaves him. Ed grew up believing that anyone who wanted to be around him was only in it for personal gain…then came Oswald who ​seemed​ true. Oswald who taught him many things and saw him for who he was and ​loved​ him. Oswald who willingly touched and hugged him… Oswald who betrayed him and killed his last chance at happiness to selfishly be with him. So in a way, he was proven right…again. And he can’t take it anymore. 

What I’m saying is, both characters deserve love and should be protected and cherished. Thank 

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Imagine Dami wanting to learn metalbending and Tim went "Hey I have some metalbending scrolls/books in my old house you want them?" And then they bond over metalbending techniques

I’ve said before that I’m fascinated by the idea of blending elements. I love the idea of Tim, an airebender, teaching Damian an earthbending technique. Because Tim grew up in that environment, he knows the principles and styles of using earthbending to manipulate metal even if he can’t do it himself. Damian grumbles about what can a wind maker know about the earth but Drake is surprisingly knowledgeable. In return, because Damian wants no debts, he helps Tim learn to be light on his feet with his element (because raised an earthbender Tim naturally wants to plant his feet) and to work on his flow.

These sessions never last long because at some point, one of the boys says something offensive and they end up bickering again. But for a little while, they can put aside their difference and work together as brothers and benders

1) @muhensai : Thank you so so much for your kind words <3! We’re super happy to hear that, it’s always so flattering to know we can inspire others! It’s not spam-ish at all, thank you again : )

2) Anon: Omg thank you!!! We’re always super happy to hear people notice these things ;; Thank you for reading it! 
As for the studies: I’m REALLY honored you’d want to do studies off my art. Truth be told, I still have no idea what I’m doing 80% of the time and I know i have a lot to learn. I wouldn’t want you to accidentally pick up my mistakes in the long run. I’m not stopping you, but maybe it’s better to study some master painters I look up to? 
Here’s a list of some inspirations:
Alfred Joseph Casson, Stepan Kolesnikov, Frank BrangwynDean Cornwell, Heinrich Lefler, Mikhail Nesterov, Viktor Vasnetsov, Ilya Repin

Hope it helps!

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I am struggling with depression and was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to cope?

coping with sadness
♡ seek a therapist (when we are unwell, we see a doctor…physical or mental…be honest to them as well, because there is no gain in lying)
♡ do not “casually isolate” (fear of judgement & mental exhaustion draws us into isolation, however separation only feeds the problem…begin to know the world once more, yet see it in a new light…)
♡ discover what you forgot (return to old hobbies or ones you wished you could learn…ice-skate, dance, garden, stargaze, paint…create to experience life !)
♡ know it will be ok (repeat things inside your head if you feel terrible: “I am happy when the words ‘I don’t want to stop trying’ repeat in my head”, “it will be ok”, “I am here”, ect…best of luck starlight)

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Kelly has been alive all this time, just deep undercover. (Probably the FBIs idea) Then Gibbs team is needed where she is. Gibbs reaction to this?

“What do You mean, my daughter is alive?” Gibbs growled at Fornell.
“Look, I only learned a little while ago she survived.”
“I saw her get buried!”
Fornell nodded. “So did I. But I was under orders-”
“It’s my daughter!”
Kelly stood by, full grown and beautiful and silent. Shakily, she stepped forward. “Daddy?” Gibbs went still. “I love you. I still do. I wanted to see you again. But I couldn’t.” She walked over and gripped his arm. “But I’m here now. You missed a lot of my life, but that doesn’t mean you weren’t a big part of it.”
Gibbs turned and looked down at her, quiet.
Then he smiled.
“I’m not forgiving them.”
“Neither am I.” She giggled and barrelled into his chest, happy.

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Hi! I've wanted to get involved with an aquarium for a while and found a very interesting fish! The Oscar fish is apparently very intelligent and playful. Would they be good starter fish with their ability to tolerate a wider range of conditions? That being said, I want to learn more about all the components (nitrate, managing ph, etc) before even thinking about commiting to one, and was wondering if you had beginner tips/guides? Any help would be very much appreciated!!

Hi! Nice to hear you’re wanting to do your research first. 

I’m not an expert on Oscars but I do have to warn you to keep in mind that they need a very large aquarium to thrive. They’re on my list of worst beginner fish for this reason - 120 gallons (450L) for one pair is what I’ve listed there. If that’s not a problem for you then you can go ahead as they aren’t too fussy when it comes to water values, it’s just the tank size that forms an issue for many.

If 120 gallons is not an option but you do want fish with personality, this article might be helpful. 

As for beginner tips/guides, that’s what I’m here for.

- Cycling an aquarium (the single most important part)

- Setting up an aquarium category on Aquariadise (contains multiple articles that might be helpful)

If you have article requests those are welcome. I’m always looking for topics to write about that are helpful to other/new fishkeepers!

Good luck! If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask. 

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Do you have any tips for someone trying to learn how to draw? I feel like my bodies look horrible when drawing most of the time ;=;

Yes, I recommend to be super critical and analitical when you look at your drawings in oder to find out what is it you have to learn.

I know I should tell you PRACTICE PRACTICEEEEEE DRAW ALL DAYYY, but no, you have to draw with some purpose in mind if you want to improve.

First, be humble and accept you are not so good and then try to study the basics, human proportions, anatomy, perspective, etc, or even the basics of drawing techniques. I know it may sounds terrible boring but it’s necessary.

Then, if you keep doing this, analizing and keep moving forwards, you’re going to improve without even noticing.

Good luck!

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I'm in a really bad place in my relationship, my boyfriend of 4 years makes me feel like I'm worthless, doesn't pay attention to me and if i speak up about how he treats me, he makes me feel like im crazy. I'm 4 hours away from my family (I'm at uni), and I think I'm a danger to myself. I dont know what to do anymore, Selena. I want to be better

Hi love, i am so sorry to hear this, but also so proud that you are realizing this is an issue and that something needs to change. I think first off you should find someone you feel comfortable talking about this with (friend, family, therapist, counselor etc). I really think that this is a relationship that you shouldn’t be in, you are obviously unhappy and hurting and i know it is hard but i think you should end things. You deserve so much better and how are you ever expected to grow and learn things with someone making you feel shitty all the time. Sending lots of love and light your way, you are strong and can get through this!

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Hello! What do I do if someones pronouns are too hard for me? English is not my first language and sometimes even she/he/they confuse me (they if it's used about one person... i'm still learning it) should I ask them if it's ok to use easier pronouns or just call them with their name instead of using pronouns every time? Sorry if it's a stupid question

You can ask the person is they want you to use some other pronouns that are easier for you, or if they want you to use their name instead of pronouns. Different people have different preferences, so it’s always good to ask!

(Small side note, please don’t use st—d. It’s an ableist slur.)

Questions answered for @smetanovarevoluce .


  • Which Slavic language(s) are you studying/ learning? Russian & Ukrainian.
  • Why did you choose to study/learn this language (s)? I wanted to learn Russian since I was 15, but don’t remember the real reason tbh.I just love the language & literature.
  • What do/did/will you study? I studied Russian and chemistry at my university, and am currently studying biology.
  • What Slavic languages are/were offered at your school/ uni? Only Russian :( 
  • Did you choose to major/ minor in a language (not necessary a Slavic one) why? why not? Yes! I majored in Russian language & literature. I initially was a minor, but the department was amazing and encouraging. I loved my professors & the quality of the classes and extracurricular activities changed me from going “I’d like to speak Russian” to “I love this department and will take ALL the classes.”
  • Would you major/ minor in Slavic studies? Why? why not?. I would have loved to considering my interest in Slavic literature, Belarusian, Slovak, and Serbian. I considered getting an MA or Ph.D. in it, but asides from my fear of academia, I couldn’t find a program that offered what I wanted. Very few programs offered non-beginner Ukrainian and most didn’t have Slovak or Belarusian. They only had a summer program that you needed funding for, and even then it was only at the beginner level. If there was a way to change that, my answer would be yes. 

*If you don’t have Slavic background:

  • do you recall when you first heard/ became interested in a Slavic language (not necessarily the one you’re learning right now)? For Russian, it was in high school. For Ukrainian, it was in uni before Euromaidan happened. Partly because of Gogol, partly because it was overlooked by people learning Russian. 
  • Do you ever get asked “why are you learning this language if you’re not from there?” or stuff of the sort? Only in a “that’s cool” kinda way, not a condescending one. Russians usually think it’s amazing that I’m learning the language, and Ukrainians are welcoming as well. 
  • Alternatively, do you get asked “are you from X country” when you mention the language you’re learning? No, I don’t look like any ethnic group in Ukraine or Russia. 

*if you’re self-studying a language:

  • what motivated you to start studying this language? I wanted to get my Russian to a better level after uni. For Ukrainian, it was to finally learn it since I’ve been waiting for so long to learn it. 
  • Do you get most of your resources from the internet? I would say half of them are. I mainly use textbooks, and then use other sources to supplement it. 
  • If you have studied a language formally, what differences do you see between self-studying vs formal language education? Which one do you prefer? I like formal education better because it builds nicely upon what I know and I had all the needed resources provided. My professors were excellent at their job of teaching languages and I liked practicing in class with other people + having a native speaker TA to help us outside of class. My classes always pushed us so I was never in this “comfort zone” that I’m currently in with my languages. It can get overwhelming having to look for the answers yourself, making your own worksheets, and having no immediate feedback or formal assessments as to where you are in your language. On the other hand, I can learn the languages I want to without having to pay for them and can find language groups to help me out. It’s a bit tougher, but it also gets results.
A Few Things I Learned Watching a Hedge Fund Manager Lose $4 Billion on One Trade

Maybe you also followed this story. Or maybe not. But basically a really big hedge fund manager, one of those guys who people quote and probably talk about at Harvard Business School, placed a super big bet on this company called Valeant.

Valeant is a pharmaceutical company trying to cure problems with skin and infectious diseases. They actually also own Bausch Lomb so that means they have a giant eye care business.

This hedge fund manager made a bet that Valeant would keep growing their business, diversifying, and acquiring. He once even called them the next “Berkshire Hathaway.”

This thesis turned out to be wrong. Like really wrong. The company crashed. People started to call Valeant out for jacking up the prices of their drugs. They also were apparently doing some dicey bookkeeping things. Just Google “Philidor Valeant scandal” if you want to learn more about that.

The end result looked like this:

So what did I learn from this story? Are there any interesting takeaways for you? I think so. And by writing this I hope I won’t make the same mistakes. Maybe now you won’t either. Here are a few things I learned from witnessing one of the worst trades ever:

  • Risk management is everything. No single investment or trade should ever be able to wipe you out. You want to play this game forever. In 2015, this hedge fund manager had $12 billion in assets under management. He poured $4 billion into Valeant. So he essentially risked a third of his clients money on a single outcome.
  • Don’t ever average down! This hedge fund manager did not cut his losses when the stock started to crash. Instead he averaged down. He bought more. Then he played the options market. Just cut your losses if it’s not working anymore. Get out. Paul Tudor Jones said this best:
  • Humility is everything. If you are going to make a trade like this, at least do it quietly. Don’t go on CNBC and tout it. Or promote it. When everyone knows about it on the way up, they’re also going to know about it on the way down. It might make things even worse. The media and people will turn on you for entertainment, clicks, and laughs.
  • Social media is your friend. There are some seriously smart people on social media. The Valeant ($VRX) stream on StockTwits is filled with conversations, charts, and debates at all times. Don’t ignore that. Or even the bloggers. A few investment writers totally nailed it. They’ve been writing about Valeant and its problems for years. To this day it’s free and open on their blogs.
  • It happens to everyone and it will happen to you. No one makes great investments 100% of the time. Everyone gets hit here and there. Even Warren Buffett admits to this. He wrote about it in his latest letter to shareholders. Like that one time:

“I made one particularly egregious error, acquiring Dexter Shoe for $434 million in 1993. Dexter’s value promptly went to zero. The story gets worse: I used stock for the purchase, giving the sellers 25,203 shares of Berkshire that at yearend 2016 were worth more than $6 billion.” — Warren Buffett

  • Narratives are fun, but you also need to see the data yourself. What’s really amazing is how this hedge fund manager lost a ton of money. His brand and skill is being questioned and criticized around the globe. But someone recently showed me something interesting. The following chart shows the price of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway vs. this hedge fund manager’s company Pershing Square. Yes, by this metric he’s outperforming Buffett! As a spectator, it’s fun to get into big story lines and narratives. But always make sure you corroborate the data:

OH DIP just remembered that i dreamed clint mcelroy converted his house into like, a mcelroy museum slash ikea and they did tours for people who wanted to learn about the boys’ early lives and buy reasonably priced tchotchkes. i went on a school trip and met travis, who was VERY proud that he had done all the landscaping and tree-planting around the building

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Hey I was wondering, what do you think of women that want to have nuclear families and want to have children and raise families and be stay at home moms, regardless of gender roles?

Gender roles are never “regardless” though. Like it’s silly to pretend they don’t affect you, none of us are special snowflakes.

When a girl is born one of the first toys she is ever given is a bay doll so she can learn to see herself as the role of wife and mother instantly. It’s the first thing taught to us, that marriage to a man is inevitable, now learn how to take care of his kids and raise them. And we are taught this in a way where it is framed as something we want to do. 

How many movies have you watched where there’s a woman main character and she ends up single and happy at the end, compared with the amount of movies you have watched where the main female character ends up with a man at the end?

There’s cultural stereotypes of unmarried women being bitter and lonely, and a lot of women get married just because they are afraid of becoming this cultural stereotype, because they were afraid that the messages they have been sent their whole lives–the message that marriage to men is the key to happiness, the message that independent women are unfullfilled–they are afraid these messages are true.

Those messages are not true.

Of course women want to do what we have been told to want ever since we were children. 

The vast majority of who we are as people is due to how we were raised and the environment we grew up in. People don’t have desires for no reason.


May I love my own life.

May I meet words on my tastebuds no one else can touch.

May I contain every secondhand feelings in a jar, only bringing it out when I feel safe.

May I feel warmth from the sun and infinity in the skyline to remind me this is my life -
that I want for myself.

To remember that I, in anyone else’s eyes, is just that. A vision.
Pieced together by assumption and sympathy but I do not feel what you think I do. 
No, the world doesn’t see the pain I have in me, they can’t feel it. 
It’s old and dusted, vague and quite personal. 
But wow is it a gift for me to harbor such grief none other can describe.

These people, they are my out of body experience.

I feel important just for that.

I am not unwanted I am untouchable, and I’ve learned to move on my two feet towards what is best for me.

because your visions are not my realities.