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There are times that you will doubt yourself. You’ll wonder if you’re doing the right thing. But this I tell you, keep on doing what you want to do. As long as you love it and your guts are pushing you to do it, go. Never hesitate. Worry less on the outcome. Explore, because it is also by exploring that you’ll learn.
—  juanlucio 

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Sometimes I feel depressed my writing is not good compared to other talented writers, what can I do about this? I tried stepping up !y A game, but I'm not confidence I'll reach my highest potential...

Read and learn, don’t read and yearn. 

Your writing style is completely, absolutely, 100% yours and nobody can replicate it. You can be inspired by others but should not want to write just like a certain person. Because their techniques are unique to them, and your techniques are unique to you.

You should read their works to educate yourself as to what works and what doesn’t. The thing is you don’t want to copy word for word what they say, you want to create the same effect on the reader. You want to the words to flow flawlessly like theirs and make your reader feel like they’ve made you feel. 

The more you read, the more you’ll pick up on what works and what doesn’t. Subconsciously, you will pick up on ways to improve your grammar, description, dialogue, etc.

The reason that you don’t like your writing is because you wrote it and it’s not brand new to you. If you read another person’s work a thousand times, trust me, you’d get bored with that, too.

You will reach your potential. Believe me. Maybe you already have. 

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Ok so this might be stupid question but I see a lot of dog breeds that they require an "experienced owner". But when are you an experienced owner? Like obv its not something that suddenly happens, but how do you know you are ready to train a more difficult breed? I think I want a rottweiler when Im older ready to have a dog of my own, but how do I know that Im good enough that its responsible? Like I'm a first time owner now and tho I love my dog, she wouldn't exactly win an obeidence class

To be experienced is to be able to successfully handle/raise/train a dog and feel confident in taking on a more demanding breed. 

Typically when you own a dog, you learn about your own boundaries and capabilities. If you’re stressing out over what is supposed to be a beginner breed, then it’s safe to say an experienced breed wouldn’t be for you. But, if a beginner breed meshes well with you and you want a breed with more capabilities, then i’d try an intermediate breed. 

I know it is tempting to jump right into what you want, but for the sake of the dog, it’s best to be prepared for the 12+ year commitment than quit halfway through.

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16. Does your OC have to go through their own trials to learn a lesson, or do they listen and learn from observation and lecture? I.e., does your OC listen when someone tries to tell them the importance of budgeting, or do they have to go experience what happens if you don’t budget first?

((If you don’t precise which oc you want to know more about I will choose Olive))

16. Olive learn from lessons ! She wants to be sure to do what people want and will prefer a lecture or observe what other ponies do ! She was a baby staring at everything and keep did that for years !

I.e. She eargerly listen to her father explaining her how to budget ! She don’t want to do a mistake or create problems for her family !

Pedro is a very important pony for her ! She learned almost everything from him ! He is the first pony she will go see if there is a problem or she needs to express her thoughts !

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Hello!! I just um, wanted to say thank you for your 'happy stimming' comic. I have a tendency to get super excited and passionate about stuff and when I do I flap my hands around or pat my knees really fast, and I never understood what it was until I found your blog and learned about stimming. I used to always feel ashamed of it but now I'm realizing that there's nothing to be ashamed of! So thank you so much for helping me realize that my way of expressing happiness is okay :>

;;O;; I’m so glad to hear that!!!!!!! I’m so happy you like it <3 <3 <3

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AU: martha goes to visit donna in her new life, after they've both stopped travelling with the doctor. (sidenote: she is aware that donna won't remember her, but wants to check in on her anyway!)

1. Martha wasn’t a stalker, really she wasn’t. She was just curious about how Donna was getting on with life post-Doctor and sans memories. Really, you couldn’t blame her.

2. She looks her up and smiles when she learns that Donna got married and has a nice little house and according to social media seems more than happy.

3. She figures out what her favorite coffee shop is anyways because she wants to see for herself how this woman who she was positive she could have been wonderful friends with is doing.

4. (So maybe she felt a little bit like a stalker but it was for a good cause!)

5. She bumps into one Donna Noble in a little local coffee place and insists on buying the woman a new coffee to replace the spilled one. They chat while they wait and Martha can’t help but laugh at Donna’s snappish wit.

6. When they part ways, Martha’s reassured. She know Donna’s lost so much that she doesn’t know and that there has to be moments when she feels that but she has found so much happiness and really, that’s all anyone can hope for.

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how do you think the batboys learned the birds and the bees? Can't imagine bruce giving them the Talk at all.

Bruce tried once, with Dick, but he was so technical that Dick didn’t get any of it, and Alfred sat him down and explained it all over.

Jason just looked at Bruce as he started and said “yeah I know” and walked away. Bruce tries again and Jason pulled a strip of condoms out of his backpack and slapped on them into the table and said “I fucking know, what you want me to put one on a banana?” 

Tim spends WAY too much time on-time, by the time Bruce thought to try Tim had seen things no one is meant too see 

Damian… oh dear, Bruce tried and Damian just “tt- father I read the entire Kama Sutra when I was 9″ Bruce is horrified.

(I didn’t do Duke since he was already in his late teens when he became a batboy) 

~Le Français Demande (French Asks)~

Le Français Demande #2 (French Asks #2) 

~ Tagging: @fillyreports @musicalmoriarty @roseboxdraws @beeth0ven @angesansnom @abbyg14 @ash-the-person @guns-and-squips @admin-chan @hellhole-of-musicals ~  

~Excitation (excitement)- is there something you are looking forward to in the future?

~ Rêver (dream)- have you ever have a dream that you did not know the meaning of?

~Scintillement (twinkle)- do you enjoy stargazing?

~ Éveillé (awake)- do you prefer hot coffee or iced coffee?

~ Floraison (bloom)- what is your favorite flower?

~ Gouttelettes (droplets)- what do you do on a rainy day?

~ Confort (comfort)- how many pillows do you sleep with? 

~ Changement (change)- have you ever wanted to change something about yourself?

~ Apprendre (learn)- what is your favorite academic subject?

~ Sourire (smile)- what is something that makes you happy?

~ Prénom (name)- what is your name in a different language?

~ Du repos (rest)- do you take naps?

~ Mémoire (memory)- what is a scent that takes you back to your childhood?

~ Chaleur (warmth)- do you enjoy hugs or cuddles? 

~ Interrogatoire (questioning)- what is something you have always wanted to know?

~ Nuage (cloud)-describe the weather outside right now.

I think it’s common sense to NOT send in harsh anons. Referring to someone as a “slut” or “easy” is unacceptable. Trashing someone for their physical appearance is unacceptable as well and any opinions like that will NOT be published. What we want are opinions on the drama that goes on, rumors, or assumptions. Not things degrading a person because of who they are sexually or what they physically look like. We shouldn’t have to make a post like this to remind some of you not to talk about someone in this manner but yet here we are. Learn from this and for the love of god, DON’T do it again.

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I wanted to have some advice from you, I wanted to do an ask blog for a boygroup called A.C.E(I don't know if you know them they are a newly debuted group, I suggest you check them out) You are someone with two ask blogs with two different drawing styles, one more realistic, one chibi-ish. I was wondering if it's harder to do a chibi style or a rather realistic style? Or which one is the most enjoyable? What kind of a drawing style do you suggest for an ask blog?

(OOOH! Yes I know A.C.E! I’ve also recently have started learning about them from a friend! Yeah, I have two blogs oh golly. I  personally have drawn in the more realistic style for so long? so it’s much easier to get the hang of that one? But the whole making sure that each member has a specific recognition is really the difficult part. Which is why I personally enjoy the chibi style more. I’m able to add one little detail and that chibi has a difference. I don’t have to focus much on the face either and I personally believe its much quicker! I just don’t enjoy drawing really meaningful drawings in chibi form because to me it’s not as serious as I want it to be. So it can change depending on the theme? but chibi style is much quicker and much easier for me. Hope this was helpful?) -kat 

2017-2019 Goal List

Why write this down on a sheet of paper when I can validate myself by posting it online? Let’s go! 

Yeah, I don’t really have anything to say except to share with you guys that I’m going to try to write a lot more, write a novel, and get a job! Why am I getting a job you might not be asking because who gives a shit? Because I need job experience, I wanna add to my savings, and I wanna travel overseas! 

Why do I want to travel overseas, huh? I want to see some of my friends *cough cough* mostly @megan-hufflepuff *cough cough* and take a trip to Italy and learn about my heritage there! I’m a bitch for anything Italian because my mother’s family immigrated from there way back in the *insert time period that I can’t remember* and I want to know more about what their life was like in Italy before they came to America. I want to experience real Italian food, learn the language, and own up to such an interest part of my ancestry. I also want to live over there in either France, England, or Italy and seeing the places would, you know, actually help me decide if I really want to do that or if it’s just a fantasy in my head. Plus! I’m hoping the traveling will spark up some much needed creativity and help me with my writing! 

So, with that in mind, despite my saying I’m going to try to a lot more above, if I’m on here less throughout the year it’s most likely because I’m trying to get as many hours logged at wherever I’m working to make as much money as possible. Those who know me know that I was lucky enough to be born into a family where money isn’t an issue that we worry about so much, but because I’m trying my damnedest to be better with it and become more independent, I’m going to earn the money needed to make the trip rather than asking my parents for it. I’m an adult and I need to stop relying on my parents to take care of me. Especially if it’s in the instance of me wanting to take a trip overseas. I’m going to do this right. And, it’ll make the trip all the better because I’ll have earned it!

Okay, that is all. I’m going to go work on the AU Hunters fic that mentioned to y’all earlier. Thanks for reading!

(Spoilers for Groundhog Day coming up.)

I really want to know what happened to Phil after the loop.

And I don’t mean whether he lived a long and fulfilling life (I mean, yes, I do want to know that, but that’s not the point of this post) but I mean personality-wise.

Regardless of whether you look at the film or the musical (both have the same plot, anyway) he gets out of the loop by doing good deeds (ridiculously coordinated good deeds, at that) and having a successful date with Rita.

So what has Phil learned? That he has to be good for one day and get the girl. I really want to believe that Phil is a ‘changed man’, but what evidence do we have for that?

If I was Phil (which I’m not) I would only have acted nice for one day. I’ve gotten a great woman to like me romantically - wonderful! That was my only goal. Nice. 

Now – I couldn’t help people out in small ways that well again. That’s a given fact: At no other point in time will I ever know which people need help - at least, not to that extent. And the big act of kindness (saving the homeless man) wasn’t successful.

So maybe I’d think that bigger acts of kindness are useless. Fate determines them. And maybe I’d think that tiny acts of kindness only matter if I do a lot of them; impossible to do, if you’re living in normal time.

So what’s the point of doing acts of kindness? Phil is never going to get that validation again - everyone telling him how great he is (except for that one kid in the film) and also a relationship with Rita. It’s a perfect day for him. But he can’t do that again.

I like to think Rita would keep him in check. She has standards now; she’s known him for two days (the older project and the ghd one) of which at least one he’s been amazing. He’s been kind to her - kind to the entire village, even - and has given her the night of her dreams. (I wonder if Rita knows that not every day will be like this.) Phil gives one snarky comment, and Rita thinks it’s a fluke. Phil is actively an asshole, and Rita gets mad. It might even drive them apart again. Phil’s doing the kind deeds for HIMSELF (to get a relationship with Rita, and to get out of the loop); he’s not thinking of others. Even if he does ‘learn a lesson’ from this, I doubt it’ll stay with him forever.

I can see him doing nice things every now and then, but there’s really no reason for him to keep doing it except for pleasing Rita and, I guess, not making everyone hate him.

I think he’ll be on something akin to a high for a few weeks after the loop; it’ll take him a while to get back into the swing of things. But will he be different after that? I can see him doing nice things every now and then, but there’s really no reason for him to keep doing it, except his relationship with Rita. I wonder if that’s enough.

Feel free to add your own opinions in the reblogs, if you have any - I’d love to hear what you guys think.

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where did you learn about all this skincare stuff and what ingredients are beneficial? is there anyone online that you think is really knowledgeable about this stuff? i want to do more research and learn more but i feel like its hard to know who to trust

Good on you for wanting to educate yourself! I try to make informational posts, but it would take me a long time to cover everything.

Well, I started out not knowing much of anything. I made stupid mistakes and my skin suffered. I found that the “10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine” was super fun, up until I started breaking out like never before. I really thought I ruined my skin.

I did a lot of research. I found the Asian Beauty subreddit to be incredibly helpful. You can learn so much looking through the posts on that sub. It’s a format where not much BS slips through, cause there’s so many people cross-checking the info. I did lots of google searches for information that was scientifically backed (.edu’s and .gov’s).

It also took me years to get to this point. I’m close to graduating from a nursing program, so I have a good understanding of how the body works and some knowledge on chemistry. 

If you want to educate yourself, look into the asian beauty subreddit. Also, I think Stephanie Nicole on Youtube has a lot of good information. Snow White and the Asian Pear and Fifty Shades of Snail are great blogs.

Good luck!

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Hi! I've been feeling pretty down recently. I have some pretty great friends, but they are all moving ahead in life. Getting married, graduating, getting dream jobs and things like that. I feel so lost and stuck in life and I'm not sure what my purpose in life is anymore. I also found out the guy I like likes somebody else and I fear that our current friendship will be different if him and her start dating. Could I get some sort of blue star? Thank you!

I feel exactly the same way sometimes - my friends have great jobs, great skills, plans for their futures, and I’m kind of just floating along. There are things I want to do, but I don’t have any specific plans or long-term goals.

It’s okay to feel lost, friend. One of the hardest things to learn is that we may not have one specific purpose in life, and that life is what we want it to be. That puts all the responsibility on our shoulders, and it’s okay to buckle under that weight. Examine your interests, what you like to do, and what’s important to you. You will find your direction <3

As for your friendship, it may change if he starts to date someone else. I would talk to him, let him know that the friendship matters to you, but it may take some time for you to adjust to his new relationship. Remember that it’s okay to step back if you need to.

I hope this helps! You are amazing and you can do this, stay strong <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

a chronological summary of the languages i learned and how they handled numbers

HTML: you better know what to name that fucking number and you better not want to do math with it

C++: numbers? numbers are chill. i got libraries, please keep track of what type of numbers they are

Java: numbers are cool, but have you considered: adding more information to numbers? please use 100MB of memory for basic arithmetic it’s my fetish

Python: haha man i’ll totally keep track of what type of number that is for you! don’t worry about it, i got it. no chance that i’ll fuck that up spectacularly

C: you BETTER keep track of that number’s number or SO HELP ME

VHDL: man you think i give a fuck? this is all wires man. it’s all meaningless. tell me what the number means at this spot and i’ll build your shit. mix it up, throw the bits on the ground and pick them up in a nonsensical order, put a boolean flag in the middle of the number that has nothing to do with the number, idgaf. signed? unsigned? fixed point? a pile of wires? literally all the same, i could not care less. just don’t tell me it’s a floating point, because that’s WAY out of your pay grade. and don’t use a number to gate the clock or i’ll punch you.

Sansa got a lot of shit for that line back when the episode aired, but it actually makes a lot of sense when you consider what Sansa has been through.

Sansa, more than anyone, has had experience with sadists. She was engaged to Joffrey and married with Ramsey. She knows what they’re like and what they’ll do.

Firstly, Sansa had been in that situation before. In season 1 Joffrey told her that if her father confessed to being a traitor he would show mercy. Sansa begged her incredibly proud father (who would rather be dead then lie) to confess to being a traitor, only to watch him die anyways. She learned that day that a sadist’s word is no good. You can do everything they want and they will still kill the people you love.

Secondly, Sansa knows Ramsey. She spent weeks (or months?) with him being tortured and watching him torture others. She knows that no matter she or Jon do, he’ll kill Rickon. It’s his nature. He says he’ll release Rickon if they surrender, but he is a liar. Just like Joffrey. He’s immature, petulant, and plays with people like they are toys.

Her line seemed cold, but Sansa was merely stating facts. She was not giving up on Rickon. She loves her brother and she would have done anything to save him if she thought she could. But she knew that the moment Ramsey got his hands on him, he was dead.


So I was checking my email earlier today and saw something in my inbox called “Geoscience Research” and one of the advisors/professors in the geoscience department ASKED ME TO JOIN HIS RESEARCH GROUP as an honors undergrad student AHHHHH!!! He said that I was “highly recommended” by my past geoscience professor which is just AMAZING and so sweet? I am so touched but also psyched and overwhelmed holy moly!!! From what it said it the email, I can pretty much choose whatever I want as my research project (geochemistry, paleontology, paleobiology, mineralogy, stratigraphy, sedimentology, lab work, field work, museum work, etc.) or learn how to operate the mass spectrometer and other data analyzers for the department. And it’s also PAID after I finish training!!! Honestly I’m so so so excited I can’t wait to do research on something I love so much and am so passionate about!

Hope you guys are all having a great Wednesday too!

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Fandom: Grim Fandango

Rating: T

Genre: Friendship, some Hurt/Comfort?

Characters: Manny, Glottis, and a bunch of losers

Warnings: Smoking, drinking, gambling (this is a Grim Fandango fic, what do you expect?), violence, broken bones.

Description: After several lucky wins at poker, Manny finds himself in a very unlucky situation. He quickly learns why you don’t meddle in the affairs of desperate souls in Rubacava… and they learn why you don’t mess with Manny.

Notes: Wanted to write a thing that takes place while Manny and Glottis are in Rubacava. and it’s like 2:45 in the morning i am so tired

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🌷🌹🌸🌺🌻🌼 - all the flower questions!

🌹- Are you/ do you want to be in love? 

I’m not in love currently, but I want to be! -Mod C

I’m not in love with anyone. I wish to learn to love myself. ~Mod S

🌷- What are you attracted to in people physical appearance-wise? 

Their eyes, usually. You can tell a lot about someone with their eyes. I also like strong noses and good hair. -Mod C

I’m not much of a physical person when it comes to attraction so I don’t really know… ~Mod S

🌸- Do you have a crush? 

Mmmm….yes -Mod C

Not really ~Mod S

🌺- Do you have a best friend? 

Yep! -Mod C

Two, actually. ~Mod S

🌻- What is the longest relationship you’ve been in? 

The longest romantic relationship was 3 months, but I’ve have friendships that are 6 years old or more -Mod C

Platonically, I’ve known one of my bffs for as long as I can remember and met my other through her a few years back. We are the Squid Trifecta! Romantically? I’ve only ever been on one date. The relationship wasn’t ever official. Barely a week; I don’t really count it. ~Mod S

🌼- What are you attracted to in people personality-wise? 

Humor, intelligence, and being down-to-earth -Mod C

Kindness, trustworthiness, and humility, among other things. ~Mod S