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Over The Phone- Morgan Rielly

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Ok so I went a bit of a different direction with this one, but I hope you guys like it! It kinda turned out like I planned, so I had that going for me! Anyway… If you’re staying: enjoy! If you are skipping: up next is Martin Jones!

Warning: cussing, sex, smexy time, smut

Anon Request: Could you please do a Mo smut piece? I’m jumping on the leafs bandwagon and am absolutely obsessed!


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Mo Guan Shan: Say it, what do you want?

He Tian, internally: YOU. I WANT YOU. Today, as a symbol for my underlying love for you, I shall present you this earring in my pocket. When I saw it from the glass window of the shop, you immediately came into my mind. It was as beautiful as you. I WILL FIGHT FOR YOUR LOVE - M A R R Y M E

Mo Guan Shan: What the hell?

He Tian: *pushes Mo Guan Shan down *forces earring on him “You better take good care of it. If you’ve got balls to throw it out…”

He Tian, internally: P E R F E C T

“Okay, so you kind of just tilt your head, and just move your lips this way-no, stop. You’re using too much tongue again.” Sigh. This guy really was inexperienced.

Mo Guan Shan blushed, his eyebrows drawn in frustration. “Never mind, this is too fucking weird. I’m leaving.”

Jian Yi looked unimpressed. “This was your idea,” he said, crossing his arms. “Now do you want to learn to kiss properly or what?”

Mo Guan Shan was torn. On one hand, he’d been stuck in this stuffy closet for the good part of fifteen minutes with Yian Yi, with practically no improvement. On the other hand, he really wanted impress He Tian.

“Okay. Just one more.”

“Don’t half-ass it this time,” Said Jian Yi. “Pretend I’m him, if it helps,” he added, after a moment of thought.

Just pretend it’s He Tian, thought Mo Guan Shan, closing his eyes. He’s standing right in front of you, dark eyes, jet-black hair, that cute little smirk that just makes you melt. This is for him.

He reached out and gently guided Jian Yi’s lips to his own, moving them slowly, softly. He added some tongue here and there, running it on the back of his teeth. He could tell by the way the blond-haired boy’s breath hitched that he was surprised by his sudden improvement in skill.

They were interrupted when the door burst open, Mo Guan Shan’s boyfriend on the other side.

He was out of breath. “Hey, I was looking for you, I need your help on my cooking project. Someone said they saw you going in here so I…”

He trailed of when he saw what Mo Guan Shan and Yian Yi were doing. His expression paled and then became bright red, an eyebrow cocked in confusion. His fists clenched, unclenched, and clenched again. He became very stiff.

“This isn’t what it looks like!” Said Mo Guan Shan, afraid to move. He Tian didn’t reply. His silence made Mo Guan Shan even more nervous.

A second passed.

“I was just-I was-I wanted to impress you with,” Mo stuttered not knowing what to say. He was beginning to shake.

A minute passed. More silence.

Panicking. “Just say something! Please I didn’t mean to-“ Jian Yi cut him off.

He looked incredulously at He Tian. “Are you hard!?”

His expression was impossible to read, but Mo Guan Shan looked down to confirm that yes, He Tian was extremely hard.

There was an awkward pause.

Jian Yi glanced between them, blushing and uncomfortable. “I think I’ll just excuse myself,” he said, leaving, shutting the door behind him.

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take this burden - part 6

[ happy accident - saint motel ]

‘You love me but you don’t know it yet’

Upon entering the apartment, Zhengxi and Mo Guan Shan learned that the other two had not followed Zhengxi’s instructions.

‘How’d that go?’ He Tian asked.

Mo Guan Shan dropped his bag of clothes on the couch.

‘Fuck yeah!’ Jian Yi exclaimed enthusiastically.

‘You can change now, I won’t be a dick this time.’ He Tian teased.

Mo Guan looked down at his current outfit with a small smile.

‘I can’t even promise you’ll be getting this shirt back.’ Mo Guan Shan deadpanned.

Jian Yi laughed loudly.

‘Good luck with that.’

He Tian returned his smile.

‘Let’s consider it a loan.’

Jian Yi pulled his phone from his pocket, finding his boyfriend in his recent texts.

‘Should we leave?’

Zhengxi deliberated for a moment.

‘Not yet.’

Jian Yi looked confused, but nodded, dropping his phone on the chair next to him.

Reading the room, Mo Guan Shan knew it was because of the excessive amount of drama he’d single-handedly brought into these people’s lives over the last 18 hours.

He grabbed a beer off the table, grabbing He Tian’s lighter from a few inches away and popped the bottle open.

Always a good party trick.

He Tian laughed.

‘I never could do that.’

‘It’s easy. Come here, I’ll show you

He Tian joined him on the couch, swiping his own bottle from the table.

Mo Guan Shan showed him where to put the edge of the plastic lighter and how to hold the bottle so it wouldn’t slip.

‘It’s a foolproof way to impress the ladies.’ He joked.

Jian Yi leaned back in the chair, putting his feet on Zhengxi’s lap and twisting the cap off his own bottle.

‘Yeah, ladies.’

He Tian glared at him, giving up on his task.

‘It’s ok, He Tian. It’s a valuable skill all around.’ Zhenxi comforted him.

‘Fuck you both.’ He Tian supplied, taking a long drink.

‘Is that what I have to look forward to here?’ Mo Guan Shan inquired.

This time, He Tian did spit out his mouthful of booze.

All over Zhengxi’s jeans.

‘Oh, you fuck.’

Jian Yi made no effort to contain his laughter.

Mo Guan Shan marveled at the chaos he’d caused with a simple joke.

These people were fascinating.

They polished off the case of beer in two hours or so, watching some terrible movie.

Mo Guan Shan had been more than happy to watch them interact, only speaking when asked questions.

He’d never seen three people more comfortable with each other.

‘Wanna see your new room?’ Jian Yi asked after awhile.


He Tian left the apartment last…barefoot.

‘You’re not wearing shoes?’

‘We’re not going far.’

He wasn’t lying.

Zhengxi and Jian Yi lived several doors down.

Mo Guan Shan smiled to himself.

He’d never admit how relieved he was to remain close to the dark haired man.

The apartment was incredibly cluttered compared to He Tian’s, covered floor to ceiling with art and knick knacks.

And a beautifully full bar.

His new room was incredibly small, but lovely.

The walls were painted a light blue, adorned with hand painted seashells.

The large bed sported an excessive amount of decorative pillows and a soft comforter a few shades darker than the walls.

There were shelves of frosted glass vases and more seashells.

There was a light yellow dresser with a large tv and a matching desk.

‘Please excuse the absurdity of this room.’ Zhengxi said as Jian Yi plopped down on the mattress.

‘No, it’s great.’ Mo Guan Shan’s sincerity must have come across in his tone.

Jian Yi beamed.

‘How much is rent?’ Mo Guan Shan asked, slightly worried by his lack of funds and terribly paying job.

‘You have to do all the dishes.’ Zhengxi informed him.’


‘We make plenty to pay the rent.’

‘I can’t accept this for free.’ Mo Guan Shan insisted.

‘Of course you can.’


‘Arguing with Jian Yi is pointless. Trust me.’ He Tian piped up.

Jian Yi looked at Zhengxi.

‘Baby, can you get us some drinks?

Zhengxi turned, grabbing He Tian by the wrist and dragging him from the room and closing the door behind them.

‘Why?’ Mo Guan Shan asked, hating himself for the tears he was fighting back.

Jian Yi thought for a moment.

‘I’ve known He Tian for eight years. I’ve never so much have seen a single person he’s brought home.’


‘I’m serious. That sounds like an exaggeration, but I swear it’s true.’

‘I think I’m missing the point here.’

‘He brought you home. You slept in his bed. He brought Zhengxi and i both into the situation. Of his many, many, shirts you picked his favorite.’

Mo Guan Shan felt himself blush.

‘I still don’t understand.’

‘I don’t think he knows it yet, but he sees something in you. He feels something for you, and I’m quickly understanding why.’

Mo Guan Shan said nothing.

Jian Yi sighed.

‘If he is the unmovable object, I’m thinking you might be the unstoppable force.’

‘Oh, I’m the chosen one?’ He joked.

‘It certainly seems that way.’

The redhead scoffed.

‘Mo Guan Shan, I’ve been waiting for the final piece to this puzzle for eight years. I’m not letting you leave. Not until we see this through.’

‘What if I want to?’

‘Do you?

Mo Guan studied a colorful glass fish on the bedside table.


Jian Yi smiled.

The other men entered the room.

Zhengxi handed Jian Yi an absurd looking, bright pink, drink in a martini glass.

He Tian handed Mo Guan Shan a margarita.

‘I thought you might like this. It’s my favorite… and…’

He Tian looked as confused as Mo Guan Shan felt.

Mo Guan Shan took the drink, taking a sip and failing to repress his smile.


‘Say it.’ Jian Yi prompted quietly.

‘It’s my favorite too.’

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An unexpected sleepover (phan smut)

Thank you for the idea babe i-notice-ur-senpai

Words: 2k

Genre: fluffy smut


Dan’s POV

“But mum I don’t want to leave the house today!,” I moaned to my mum.

Basically what was going on was that my mum had been invited to her colleague’s house for dinner who apparently was her new bff and apparently had a son in my age.

“He’s probably a rich shit tard ” I thought to myself considering that his parents own a quite famous channel on tv.

“Daniel you never want to leave the house so please make an exception for today just for today.,” My mum shouted at me.

“Fine,” I responded to her grumpily.

After I got all dressed up and ready I went downstairs and waited for my mum to find her keys so we could leave.

*Magic time skip*

“Well their house is fancy as hell” I thought to myself as we rang the bell.

“Welcome to our house Janet!-” a chubby lady said loudly hugging my mum.

“Thanks for the invitation Helen!” My mum responded

“-and you must be Dean right?”

“Dan, it’s Dan and yes nice to meet you m'am”

I went to shake hands with her but she quickly pulled me in to a warm hug.

“Come inside!” She took my mum’s hand and I followed them.

My mum and I sat on the couch while miss Helen went to the kitchen to make us some tea.

“Soo… Where’s the fuckboy?” I asked my mum sassily and she quickly slapped my cheek.

“Ouch! No need to be violent!,” I told her quitely.

“Then watch your language,”


“Here I am! One for you Dan, one for you Janet and one for Phil- oh wait I’m going to get him he’s probably in his room browsing the internet just wait a moment please,”

“Sure!’” My mum responded.

“Looks like you have something in common with the ‘fuckboy’ ” she winked at me and I glared at her.

After two or five minutes miss Helen and a tall guy who I assumed was her son started walking down the stairs.

“Hi I’m Phil!,” he greeted and I was staring at him. Fuck he was hot. I mean his eyes were more blue than the fucking sky and his cheekbones were so high and his hair was such a great shade of black and wait what did I just say?

“Ummm hello?” He asked again and I suddenly snapped out.

“I’m sorry! My name’s Dan nice to meet you,” I tried to sound confident but miserably failing at it.

I then had an eye contact with my mother who was casually smirking at me.

“So boys me and Helen are going to prepare the dinner so we can eat why don’t you go upstairs and play some video games or do something entertaining?” My mum suggested winking at me.

“Mum stop,” Ι thought to myself blushing even more.

“Yeah sure no problem!,” Phil agreed and he guided me to his room.

When we entered Phil’s room it wasn’t exactly what I thought it’d be. It was quite adorable may I say. He had so many fall out boy and buffy posters. He also had a shelf full of stuffed lions which was cute as hell.

“You like Fob?” I asked him

“Yes! Do you?”

“Hell yeah! I love them”

“You’re like the first person I meet who likes fob!”

He was so adorable when he smiled God.

After chatting with him for like half an hour we decided to play some Mario Kart on his console.

Time passed quickly and before we even knew it it was almost eleven o'clock

(that means that they were up there for 2 hours)

“Want to play something else?” I suggested smirking a little.

“Yeah sure what do you want to play?” He responded completely clueless.

“Truth or Dare” I told him.

“Okay sure!”

“Okay I start! Truth or Dare Phil?”

“Umm let’s start with Truth” he responded to me excitedly.

“Have you ever done anything with a guy?”

He stood still like he was trying to remember for a moment.

“No as much as I can recall but I wouldn’t mind to be honest. Have you? ”

“I’m gay actually but no I haven’t yet.” I responded.

“Ohhh okay then! So it’s your turn! Truth or Dare?”

“I’m going with Dare”

“Do you dare to kiss me?” He asked me obviously blushing.

“I thought you’d never ask” I mumbled leaning towards him for a kiss.

His lips were smooth and felt so nice on mine.

We kept kissing and kissing until he pinned me down on his bed, starting making out with me. He was on top of me and he just looked too hot to resist. I crushed my lips on his once again and I started exploring his mouth, our tongues battling for dominance. Everything was so perfect and I felt myself growing harder when he attached his lips on my neck sucking on my hot skin trying to find my sweet spot.

I moaned when he actually found it and I felt him smirking to himself.

He kept sucking and nipping at the same spot for what felt like an eternity and I was moaning every time.

Suddenly he stopped and I gave him a questioning look.

He quickly got off of me and fixed my messy hair. I still had a questioning look on my face but then I saw the door opening.

“Boys, dinner is finally ready I’m so sorry for the whole waiting but I’m sure you’re both pretty hungry so come downstairs! We’ll be waiting!” Phil’s mum told us and the left closing the door behind us.

“I’m hungry for something else” I whispered huskily into Phil’s ear making him whimper.

“Oh really?” He asked pecking my lips.

“Mhm” I answered.

“Like what?” He asked me acting all innocent.

“You know what I mean Philly” I answered him grabbing his crotch and palming his clothed member lightly.

“F-fuck Dan” he whimpered at my touch.

“Dan! Phil! Come on we’re hungry!” My mum shouted at us.

“I guess this will have to wait” I told Phil leaving the room taking his hand.

*At the table*

Phil and I sat next to eachother and our mothers sat on the other side of the table, across us.

They kept chatting and gossiping with eachother and I was just trying to finish my food as soon as possible so we could go back to Phil’s room.

I then started running my fingers on Phil’s inner thighs earning a soft moan he quickly choked .

I kept brushing my hands on his thighs moving them closer to his noticeable buldge. He was looking at me with puppy eyes mouthing ‘stop Dan’ but I wouldn’t.
I started palming him softly through his jeans until I started picking up the speed.
He looked like he was going to cry because of his irritation.

“So mum, I was thinking if Dan could spend the night here” Phil managed to ask his mother with almost watery eyes and I stopped my action.

That night was getting even more interesting.

“Sure! Why not? It seems that you too are getting along!” Phil’s mum said with a bright smile

“We actually are!” I grinned at her.

“Mummyyy can I please stay?” I asked her acting like a little kid.

“How can I resist to this face? Of course you can!” She responded and I couldn’t be more excited.

*The night passed and it was time for Dan’s mother to leave*

“I’ll pick you up at 12:00 tomorrow alright?”

“Yes mum” I nodded.

“Oh and come here-” she leaned and whispered to my ear “-use protection” and then she winked at me.

I blushed and closed the door behind me as she left.

“Dan honey, could you please lock the door? I’m sorry I’m just very tired and I’m already in bed” Phil’s mum kindly asked me

“No problem miss Helen!” I searched for the keys and after a little I found them and finally locked the door.

I then walked back to Phil’s bedroom and as I opened the door I came across a delightful may I say sight.

Phil was naked on the top of the bed, palming himself softly and teasing the tip of his cock with his thumb.

“Well well well someone couldn’t wait for me to lock the door” I said in a sensual tone moving towards him.

“Dan I need you” Phil moaned trying his best not to be too loud.

“You’re being impatient Philly, here let me-” I moved his hand from his throbbing cock and replaced it with mine. I started jerking him off in a slow pace and I then got down on my knees and took his length, placing it in my mouth.

I was now sucking on his tip swirling my tongue around it making him go crazy.

After a few more soft licks on the tip I took him in my mouth sucking on his length. I placed my hands to the base of his cock as I couldn’t fit all of him in my mouth.

Phil was now panting and above me.

I kept moving my hands down and up as I was now sucking properly on his dick.

“Dan I’m- go-gonna cum” Phil warned me and I removed my mouth from him.

“I want you to fuck my mouth until you come down my throat okay?” I asked

“Ye-yes” Phil responded and placed his hands on both sides of my head.

I opened my mouth once again and he started thrusting into me. His thrusts were becoming deeper and deeper hitting the back of my throat every time.

“D-Dan!” He moaned as he came down my throat. I swallowed all of Phil’s cum and then removed my mouth off of him.

Phil was now lying on his bed panting but I was still hard and needed relief.

“Phil,-” I said emphasising the letter i “-can you help me out please?” I moaned.

“Sure babe, take off your clothes and come here” he answered me and waited for me to get undressed.

I quickly pulled my shirt off and then I pulled down my jeans and got rid of my boxers moaning as I exposed my dick to the cold air.

I got on his bed and started passionately making out with him.

Phil started sucking on my neck’s special spot once again and I couldn’t help but moan.

He then moved his mouth to my earlobe sucking on it

“What do you want me to do to you Danny? Do you want me to fuck you with my fingers, with my tongue? What do you want?”

I moaned at his words and my cock twitched at the thought.

“Anything Phil! Anything ahh!-” I let out a high pitched moan as he was now biting my neck.

“Please do something fuck!” I moaned once again.

“Turn around” Phil commanded and I obliged.

My ass was now in front of Phil’s face and after a little while I felt something wet on my entrance.

Phil was now licking the outside of my hole teasing me and I couldn’t help but moan.

He then inserted his tongue inside of me, tongue fucking me.

“Ph-Phil please don’t stop!” I moaned once again as he kept thrusting his tongue harder and deeper.

I was now a panting and a moaning mess.

“Phil please!I want mo-more”

“What do you want baby? Tell me exactly what you want” Phil told me and then went back on fucking me with his tongue

“P-please f-finger me fuck Phil”

Phil didn’t need to be told twice and he quickly coated his point finger with saliva and put it in me

I moaned harder than I had ever before and I was now clenching around his finger.

He than added a second finger and began scissoring them inside of me.

“Fuck fuck Phil!” I moaned as I was about to come.

He then added a third finger and was now picking up his pace thrusting them into me.

“F-Fuck Phil! Harder please!” I screamed and he kept fucking me with his fingers deeper and harder.

I finally came on my chest moaning his name and Phil took his fingers out of me wiping them on the bed.

I then lied next to him and cuddled with him.

He pecked my lips a few times and there was a silence in the room. Mostly thinking about the other.

“Phil do you want to be my boyfriend?” I asked shyly looking directly to his eyes.

“I thought you’d never ask” he said and connected our lips one more time.

Lace panties - part 2


(I always read your tags.) (wink)




‘Oh, cut the shit.’

‘I’m not kidding.’

‘You want me to have sex with you.’

‘End goal? Absolutely. But I’ve waited this long, I can wait a little longer.’

‘Well…what do you want?’

‘I just want you to come sit on my lap.’

Mo Guan Shan watched him for a moment, waiting for the inevitable ‘…and.’

But it didn’t come.

He tried to keep his composure as he walked towards He Tian, incredibly pleased with himself when he made it there without falling over like the clumsy loser he was.

He couldn’t think of anything else to say.

As he approached, He Tian moved back on the bed, sure to give him plenty of space.

He couldn’t bring himself to make eye contact as he straddled his lap.

‘What now?’ He asked, unbelievably embarrassed.

‘Guan Shan.’

He looked at He Tian, expecting…something He Tian-ish.

‘You are absolutely gorgeous.’

He hadn’t been prepared for a compliment.

‘Oh, please, you just wanted to embarrass me.’

‘You really think that?’

He Tian was hard against his thigh.


‘Not this time.’

‘Oh yeah?’

He Tian nodded.

‘You just wanted to see me in these.’

He gestured towards his lap.

‘And you put them on.’

‘Because you offered me money.’

A long moment of silence.

Very slowly, He Tian placed a hand on his leg.

‘Will you kiss me?’

Mo Guan Shan tensed up as He Tian slid his hand up his thigh.

They both watched He Tian’s fingers as he toyed with the lace, dipping his fingers under the waistband.



‘Promise me this isn’t you fucking with me.’

‘I swear to god.’

Their lips met.

Mo Guan Shan tried to remind himself of a time he didn’t want this, and coming up blank.

He Tian’s lips were soft.

His tongue was warm and gentle.

His hands were FREEZING.

He Tian gently pushed him away.

‘You want me?’

He didn’t let himself hesitate.

Not now.


‘Not the money?’

‘I was never going to take the money, He Tian.’

He didn’t get to see the smile he licked from He Tian’s lips.

Cradling the back of his head, He Tian flipped them over, putting every silent emotion into a sweet, intense, kiss.

He Tian kissed his neck and down his chest, one hand propping him up. The other gripping his hip tightly.

Mo Guan Shan tangled his fingers in He Tian’s hair, gasping loudly and pushing his hips up as He Tian gently flicked his tongue over his nipple.

Satisfied with his reaction, he released his hip and reached to to replace his tongue with his fingers and move to the other side, latching onto his other nipple and grinding their hips together, groaning as Mo Guan Shan writhed beneath him.

‘Oh my god.’

He Tian stood suddenly.

His face flushed, his lips swollen.

‘Do you have…’

‘Bedside table. Top drawer.’

He Tian dug around in the drawer for a moment, laughing as he pulled out a small stuffed animal.

‘Put him back, he doesn’t need to see this.’

He laughed, tossing a condom and a small bottle of lube onto the mattress before yanking his shirt over his head and unbuttoning his jeans and letting them both fall to the floor.
Of course he wasn’t wearing underwear.

The red haired boy pushed himself farther into the mattress, admiring the body he’d thought about for years.

‘No, lie normally.’

It took him a moment to realize what that meant before positioning himself with his head on the pillows.

He Tian crawled onto the bed.

‘I just want to do this right. Just this one thing.’

Mo Guan Shan nodded, suppressing a smile as He Tian slowly pulled the absurd underwear down his thighs, dropping them on the mattress.

Mo Guan Shan laughed as He Tian crawled on top of him again.

‘Have you done this before?’

He nodded, knowing his lie was pointless and transparent.

He Tian kissed him softly as he coated his fingers with lube and pressing his finger, very gently, against his entrance.

‘Deep breath.’

He Tian pushed one finger in as he exhaled and moving it in and out slowly, kissing his neck for about a minute.

‘Ready for another?’

Mo Guan Shan nodded, not trusting his voice.

He Tian pulled out, pushing back in with two fingers.


Moving slowly, He Tian slid their tongues together as he inserted a third finger.

‘You’re doing so good, baby.’

He couldn’t help the shiver that went through him at He Tian’s words.

He did his best to adjust to his fingers as He Tian sat up, ripping the condom wrapper open with his teeth, and rolling it on.

He removed his fingers, pouring some lube into his hand and spreading it over the condom.

He lined himself up and looked down at Mo Guan Shan, who found himself embarrassingly nervous.

‘He Tian, I haven't…’

‘I know. Just try to relax.’
He pushed in slowly, holding the red haired not still with a hand on his stomach.

Once he was all the way in, he stilled, arms shaking with the effort as he dropped his head.

Knowing he was waiting for him to adjust, Mo Guan Shan took just a little bit of pleasure in keeping him waiting.

‘I’m ready.’ He whispered.

Sighing in relief, Tian began to move slowly.

Agonizingly slowly.

He tried to adjust to the sting and the painful, unfamiliar, pressure.

He wanted more.

He wrapped a leg around He Tian’s waist, tangling his fingers into his dark hair.

He Tian groaned softly.

‘Harder. You’re not going to break me.’

He Tian laughed shakily.

‘I’ve been trying for years.’

He moved faster.

Mo Guan Shan shook with the effort to stay quiet.

He tightened his fingers in He Tian’s hair.

This wasn’t enough.

‘H-harder. Please…harder.’

He Tian pulled out.

That is the exact opposite of harder.

‘Turn around.’

He Tian’s eyes were dark his cheeks flushed.

He nodded, positioning himself on his hands and knees, wondering if he’d made a wise choice.

He Tian came up behind him, kissing him on the side of the next and whispering in his ear.

‘You sure?’

He nodded.

He Tian laughed softly.

‘If you say so.’

He pushed in again, no adjustment period this time.

He Tian braced himself on the headboard, his other hand between the redhead’s shoulder blades, and fucked him brutally.

He pushed his chest down until his forehead touched the mattress.

He grasped at the sheets, trying to find something to steady himself with.

He Tian leaned down, placing his free hand over Mo Guan Shan’s and winding their fingers together.

‘Touch yourself.’ He Tian whispered, slowing down and spreading his legs further.

He dropped down further on the mattress, trying to match He Tian’s awkward pace.

After a few after a few moments of confusing angles-


He Tian laughed softly.

‘There it is.’

He Tian tightened his fingers around Mo Guan Shan’s as he tensed up.

If it hurt, he couldn’t tell.

‘Are you alright?’ He Tian whispered, slowly down again.

‘Oh fuck, please don’t fucking stop.’ He gasped.

‘Thank god.’

Mo Guan Shan tightened his grip on his cock.


He Tian untangled their fingers, reaching underneath him to roughly pinch one of his nipples.

He Tian came moments after he did.

He pulled out slowly, removing the condom and dropping it into the waste basket next to the bed before grabbing his shirt and cleaning them both up gently.

Roughly a minute later, He Tian sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at him.

‘Do you want me to leave?’

He seemed uncharacteristically unsure of himself.

He stopped himself from asking him if he wanted to.

This could have gone back and forth for awhile.


Trying to hide a smile, He Tian settled in beside him.

They looked at each other for a moment.

He Tian squirmed around for a moment reaching underneath himself and holding up the scrap of lace that had started all this.

‘I’m keeping these.’

  • Int.: What's the most romantic thing you've ever done for someone?
  • Louis: I cooked a meal once, chicken stuffed with mozarella wrapped in parma ham with a side of homemade mash potatoes
  • Int.: What do you want to have right now at this mo---
  • Louis: Chicken stuffed with mozarella wrapped in parma ham with a side of homemade mash potatoes
  • Int.: What's the focus of your ne------
  • Louis: Chicken stuffed with mozarella wrapped in parma ham with a side of homemade mash potatoes
  • Int.: What------
  • Louis: Chicken stuffed with mozarella wrapped in parma ham with a side of homemade mash potatoes
  • Int:
  • Louis: Chicken stuffed with mozarella wrapped in parma ham with a side of homemade mash potatoes