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"You're freezing, jesus" with fred weasley😊

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“What are you doing out here?” You look yo from the ground to see Fred walking towards you. You’re sat underneath your favourite tree by the lake, it’s dark out, it’s cold out, but with the news that your mother was in hospital you needed to find somewhere quiet and isolated. The cold was something you stopped feeling, you were more aware of the sadness, the worry that your mum might not be okay. 

“I needed to…to think.” He sits down next to you, your hands taken in his mitten covered ones (Mrs. Weasley knits all her kits gloves and hats and scarves each year a new set), his hands are so much warmer than yours.  

“You’re freezing, jesus” His hand lifts to your cheek feeling just how cold you are. “You need to go inside, c’mon.” He pulls you to your feet, shoving his coat over your shoulders. 

“I..I didn’t realise how long i’d been out here.” You can feel tears creeping up, it’s so strange this is is what starts bringing it all to the surface. Not the letter. Not the fact your mum was unwell. But the fact that someone was trying to look after you. 

“Hey, it’s okay.” An arm wraps around you and Fred keeps you close all the way to the castle, walks you to your common room, and sits there with you. He refuses to leave. 

Fred Weasley doesn’t know what’s happened, but he does know that you need a friend and he’s not going to leave you.

Almost pt. 2 - Alfie Solomons

I just had this idea (for the kit series) where it’s time for baby Solomons to be born, but the labor process is super stressful and at the same time Kit is being fussy trying to understand what’s going on and why there’s so much tension and Alfie is trying to be calm for Kit (but we all know that being the teddy bear he is, he’s freaking the eff out) but the reader is just having such a hard time in labor and is screaming out.. I just saw a pregnancy vlog from one of my fav youtubers so Yeh….But like the baby comes out all healthy and Kit’s all excited to see baby Solomons. And then like all fluffy family of four. Ugggfhhhhh hahahaha  @thinkingsofamadwoman

Almost pt. 2 - Alfie Solomons | Part of the Kit Series

When Kit was born Alfie had been at work. You had sent word with the midwife’s apprentice but she returned alone, telling you that Ollie said Alfie was busy but would be around when he could. It was his deepest regret, more so then anything else he’d done so far in life. Around the seven-month mark Alfie brought up his absence at Kit’s birth.

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Okay am I the only one who looks at Emma’s dream in Lady Midnight, where she’s talking to her parents and her Dad says to trust James Carstairsand he will come to her for help and then Emma says ‘there was something he was looking for’ to which her Dad replies ‘He is about to find it, and then there will be yet more for you to do’ (pg 531). THIS CANNOT BE KIT OKAY, there has to be something else he is looking for, and there is something else he will need Emma’s help with. What exactly? SOMETHING BIG IS COMING. Could it be he is looking for the Black Book as well? That he will need Emma’s help to destroy it? Because then her Mum says to remember a blade made by Wayland and Smith can cut anything… I think Emma would sacrifice the possibility of breaking the parabatai bond by destroying the book for the greater good… 

smoke and mirrors

Summary: The Doctor’s injured and he and Rose must find a place to camp for the night. Making a fire to ward off the cold turns out to be a more complicated process than anticipated. (Nine/Rose magic UA)

A/N:  Part of the Everyday Magic verse (AO3 // tumblr) but can be read separately. Set a week after “magic or madness” and quite some time before “the witching hour”

A/N #2: written for the @timepetalsprompts ficlet friday prompt/ Fall Fic Fest prompt of “bonfires and fireplaces.” Magical campfires count, right? Also mostly hit the bonus twist for ficlet friday! :)

Word Count: 1500


“Just a little bit further, Doctor,” Rose said soothingly, trying not to let on how quickly she was tiring as she supported the majority of his weight. He’d been injured as they fled the capital city of Deritgin and there was no way they would be able to make it all the way back to the TARDIS in the condition he was in.

“You’ve been sayin’ that for fifteen minutes,” he groused. He tried to take more of his weight and winced when his left leg buckled under him.

Rose stumbled with him but kept them both upright. “Stop trying to do that, it’s not helping,” she snapped. “I can see a cave of sorts up ahead and we’re going to stop there so I can tend to that wound and we can warm up.”

The Doctor glanced down at the top of her head guiltily. He hadn’t even registered the ambient temperature of the planet. As it the sun went down the temperature had dropped to near freezing and Rose was just in jeans and a light hoodie that was not nearly enough protection.

“If we stop for a minute I can give you my jacket. Don’t feel the cold as much, me.”

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Birthdays pt. 2 - Alfie Solomons

Kit decides that he doesn’t want to just celebrate his birthday but Alfie’s as well. @thinkingsofamadwoman

Birthdays pt. 2 - Alfie Solomons | part of the Kit Series

It wasn’t even light out, it was hardly 5am when Alfie was woken up by someone bouncing on his stomach. The motion jostled you from your own sleep curled into your husband’s side. You rolled over just enough to see Kit sitting there smiling down at you and Alfie.  

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Hi sus you should do another "Louis and Harry texting each other when they're separated" post!!!

i swear, that post keeps coming back and i dunno how haha i’ve actually done a few others, but i’m always up for more, so here goes…

Harry: Shit Lou, I left my favorite hoodie, can you please ship it?  It smells like you and I need it to sleep.
Louis: You mean this one?  *attaches photo of him wearing said hoodie*
Harry: You took it out of my bag, didn’t you?
Louis: I have no idea what you’re talking about.  I may have snuck my fav shirt in there to make up for it though.
Harry. Miss you already.

Louis: I’m a bit confused.
Harry: What about?
Louis: I get out of bed and have shit bedhead right?  Then after I shower I’m in styling for an hour to get that exact same look again.  Why don’t I just do the pap walks without styling and showering at all?  Just roll out of bed and do it that way?
Harry: You should do it with your morning wood, too.  It’d be quite the look.
Louis: Fuck off.  Maybe I will.

Harry: That new carpet we got in the great room here?  I’m totally in love.  We need it in all our houses.
Louis: I thought you wanted hardwood throughout just last month?
Harry: I changed my mind.  I can squish my toes into this carpet.  I’m comfortable just laying on it.  I want to live in this carpet.
Louis: Weirdo.
Harry: Your weirdo.
Louis: Better believe it.

Louis: Do you ever think that maybe the stars are there to remind us that no matter how gorgeous this world is, there’s always going to be some beauty that is unattainable?
Harry: Maybe that’s the real reason you’re a star.
Louis: As long as you’re one too so we can be together, I’m fine with that.

Harry: What should I get mum for Christmas?
Louis: We already got her gifts, it’s the jumper, spa day, and makeup kit remember?  It’s Daisy and Robin we don’t have yet.
Harry: Fuck it, i just bought another gift for Phoebe accidentally then, so that means we need to get an extra one for Daisy too.
Louis: Damnit Harold, you’re supposed to be the organized one.

Harry: Louis.
Louis: Harry.
Harry: Lottie told on you.  You have to eat more than cereal.  Just suck it up and get groceries.
Louis: But I hate doing the shopping and the delivery options here are shit!
Harry: I need you to eat more than sugar while I’m gone.
Louis: Oh please, she exaggerates.  I’m eating more than sweets.  I eat canned peas pretty much every day too.
Harry: Canned peas are so gross, I don’t get how you like those.

Louis: Can you just remind me that you love me please?  
Harry: I love you more than words can describe, but I still try to find ways to say it.  That’s why every song I write pretty much is about you.  You are the love of not only my life but every life I’ll ever live.  I think my soul revolves around yours.  You don’t complete me, but damn if I don’t think how lost I’d be without you.  Don’t ever forget that we’re forever, love.  Not even death can break us apart.  Does that help?
Harry: Lou?
Louis: Sorry, just had to find a tissue.  I’m here, had a shit day but that helps.  Thanks, love.
Harry: Always, babe.