what do you think hahahahahaha

anonymous asked:

what do you think of dan's "hahahahahaha" reply tweet when someone asked if the 'friend' was phil because i'm literally so confused

It literally means “phil would be the last person to ever suggest we go for a walk”

Straight White Boy Problem #547

today, i was walking to class with my friend and i was checking the espn mobile app when i bumped into a kid wearing a vineyard vines fleece and khakis. i recognized the kid instantly, making the recognition that i played pick up basketball with this kid last year and he was a total try hard and we arent friends. anyways he pushed off of me and was like “what do you think you are doing bro bumpin into me like that?” hahahahahaha i was like “piss off jimmy you arent even in a frat hahahah” my friend was laughing so hard jimmy couldnt do anything about it!!!!