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1. What is your Hogwarts house? Slytherin all the way

2. What is your favorite fanfiction trope? I don’t think I have one

3. What is your oldest OTP? Roronoa Zoro and Nico Robin

4. Do you like these tag games? Yeah they are fun and good ways to get to know someone on this website.

5. What is your favorite color? red

6. Pick a song that you like right now, it doesn’t have to be your favorite, and what do you like about it?  Scatman by Scatman John. It’s pretty fun and catchy.

7. Would you rather go to Narnia, Hogwarts, Middle Earth, Space the Final Frontier, or a Galaxy Far Far Away? I’m not a big fan of Narnia so that’s out. I guess a Galaxy Far Far Away

8. If you suddenly became a Disney character, who would you be? I want to be Aladdin or Kuzco.

9. Do you like to make crafts? I don’t usually make them but I did enjoy making them at a nursing home I did community service with.

10. If you could have any animal as a pet (even mythical ones) what would it be? I guess it would be owl if it were real, or a tiny dragon.

11. What is your name? What is your quest? What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? Ethan Purser. To become a psychologist of some sort. African or European swallow?

And here are my 11 questions.

  1. What is your favorite movie franchise?
  2. What’s something fun you like to do in your spare time?
  3. What country, if you haven’t visited it, would you like to visit?
  4. Do you like these tag games?
  5. Favorite food and drink?
  6. What is your Zodiac sign?
  7. What makes you cringe the most?
  8. If you suddenly became a Disney character, who would you be?
  9. Favorite video game?
  10. What is your worst fear?
  11. What is the answer to all life itself?

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So, I very well know that I absolutely cannot pull off this hair color. I’m not fooling anyone with it. But you know what? I can’t do anything about it. Of course, I’m Asian. My eyes aren’t the same size and my skin tone isn’t going to compliment it as well as Becky’s can. I was born this way. I’ve heard people pass by me and say “Becky Lynch is Asian,” I’m not sure how I took it initially. Part of me wanted to stand up for myself because I hate letting people think they can just say or treat people like crap and get away with it and the other option was to simply ignore it, which I ended up doing. Also, I’m cosplaying. It’s like no one has heard of that before or it’s harder to accept when you’re not the same ethnicity of the actual character or person. I’m at an event that embraces this or well should at least. I chose to be one of the few that expressed my love and passion for something I enjoy. I chose to go out in public looking like that. I exposed myself for the ridicule. I planned to have fun. Yet, no one can see how much effort we put into making the outfit, the money spent, long drives and courage to do this in public. I’ve met Becky a few times already and she’s always a sweetheart. I personally don’t know her but there’s people out there who say “oh, well if I was being paid to say nice things I would too,” ok then. Yes, there’s times where I willingly paid to meet her and there were times where she came to a crowd of fans and met her for free. She’s still as genuine as ever. I’m not even at an event she’s at and friends tell me she said to say hello to me or that she loves my cosplay outfit. I don’t ask for these because it’s not my moment, it’s my friends’ moments with their favorites. It’s obvious I don’t know her personally and well truth is, none of us do. So who are we to tell anyone what they were really thinking or feeling? Smiles, half smiles, frowns are one thing, but we can’t feel the emotion and vibes the other person felt. Anyways this is getting too long, but I wanted to express myself and this is my blog. What I really want to come across is that I wished people who are of the same fandom be more accepting and supportive of each other. Some of us do get carried away or do things an un preferred way of style. We should consider each other more of a family than attacking each other on each other’s experiences or favorites. I try my best to block haters or anyone who wants to bring me down and even perk up when Becky says “you look amazing,” like no one elses’ opinion should matter anymore but I’m only human, right? I appreciate everyone who is supportive and complimented my cosplay outfit. I saw someone get into a Twitter fight for me. I didn’t want to see that but it shows there are some good people still on this planet. I did have a fun time though. I experienced a new place, learned a lot about my friends, see wondrous sights and now I’m on the 16 hour trek back to Texas. I’d do it all again because I love this. /end.

Cry Me A Fucking River White Marvel Fans

I hear y'all bitching about Zendaya being MJ, arguing that MJ is a redhead. Well how do you think we felt when some white dude was casted as Goku? When brown characters like Katara and Sokka were completely bleached of their features? When Motoko looks awfully familiar to Black Widow? So Hollywood finally decides to diversify the roles they give to Actors of Colors and this is how you reason why we should keep things the way they are. RED. FUCKING. HAIR. You know what White Marvel Fans? CRY ME A FUCKING RIVER!

I’m starting a new game because my feed is full of upset people tonight and everyone needs to remember that they have things about them that are amazing and loveable and that they are important. 

List five things that you like about yourself, then tag as many people as you can. If you get tagged more than one, do it again and add one thing to the list. 

I like…

  1. That I stick by my morals.
  2. That I am genuinely there for people when they need me.
  3. That I’m pretty funny, in a wry/British kind of way.
  4. That I’ve stopped caring about what people think just enough to be who I want to be.
  5. That I don’t mind sharing parts of myself to help others.

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Breaking the fourth wall in human-computer interaction: Really talking to each other

by Iván Gris

Have you ever talked to your computer or smartphone? Maybe you’ve seen a coworker, friend or relative do it. It was likely in the form of a question, asking for some basic information, like the location of the best nearby pizza place or the start time of tonight’s sporting event. Soon, however, you may find yourself having entirely different interactions with your device – even learning its name, favorite color and what it thinks about while you are away.

It is now possible to interact with computers in ways that seemed beyond our dreams a few decades ago. Witness the huge success of applications as diverse as Siri, Apple’s voice-response personal assistant, and, more recently, the Pokémon Go augmented reality video game. These apps, and many others, enable technology to enhance people’s lives, jobs and recreation.

Yet the potential for future progress goes well beyond just the newest novelty game or gadget. When properly merged, computers can become virtual companions, performing many roles and tasks that require awareness of physical surroundings as well as human needs, preferences and even personality. In the near future, these technologies can help us create virtual teachers, coaches, trainers, therapists and nurses, among others. They are not meant to replace human beings, but to enhance people’s lives, especially in places where real people who perform these roles are hard to find.

This is serious next-level augmented reality, allowing a machine to understand and react to you as you exist in the real physical world. My colleagues and I focus on breaking the fourth wall of human-computer interaction, letting you and computer talk to each other – about yourselves.

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windona  asked:

As the years went on in his suit, do you think Vader's dreams started to look more and more like what he saw through his helmet, with everything red?

i think it depends on what, exactly, vader’s dreaming about.

if he’s dreaming of the Before times, it’s definitely going to be in full color. he’s never seen padme behind a red lens, so he’s not going to imagine her that way - that said, i think his mental perceptions of colors have taken on a red hue over time. like, what he imagines as blue steadily becomes more and more of a purplish color.

but if he’s thinking about stuff that occurred in a post-suit world, he’s probably going to dream about it as he saw it - behind the mask’s lens.

that being said, the imagery of the red film may appear in vader’s dreams quite often - not because he’s gotten so used to it that it’s all he sees, but because it holds significance for him. it’s a symbol of YOU’RE TRAPPED, and as such, it may make an appearance or two

honest t god…. can you white fandom fucks stop making fun of characters of color’s names

you can say “its just fictional!” and “its not like the characters see it” all you want but the fact of the matter is real people with those names exist and they see you mocking those names in ways you think is harmless and they internalize horrible ugly racism about themselves and others

it isnt cute or harmless and i need you to examine what youre doing because it hurts people a lot more than you realize

royablle  asked:

I just recently bought this new character and I just really wanted your opinion on how to achieve an ombre look on a fursuit(like blending orange to black) and applying designs over that. If I can at all. I thought about sewing the colors together but I might not be able to achieve the faded look that way. I thought about airbrushing but I feel like that'd be a really bad idea. What do you think?

On black it’s nearly impossible to get markings or designs on it with airbrush and paint.
Sew it in, it’s the only way.

But of course you can work with airbrush afterwards to blend it more in and let it “fade” from black to orange/ blue/ green whatever you wanr

Hey, so, I changed the backgrounds to hopefully match aesthetically with the houses. I’m still playing around with text color to make sure you’ll be able to read it, but with multi-colored backgrounds it’s a little difficult.

I guess this weeks round of quotes was a trial run to see if y’all like it better with the aesthetic backgrounds or the generic Ilvermorny background.  Y’all be sure to let me know what you think about it! Do you like it better this new way or the old way?

you: so dee i was thinking about our muses getting married an—

wenchofthescullery  asked:

Re: "I wanna know what people assume ..." Sure! You like bright colors and frilly things, maybe not lace but soft, intricate frills. Your intelligence is underestimated because of quietness and femininity, but you do have friends that see the full you, and you cherish them. You snark more inside your head than aloud, are ambivalent about your knees (but they are quite cute), and regret a few things -- small things, but hard to let go of, because you are hard on yourself. You like bees and pink.

Aww @wenchofthescullery , as always you have a fabulous way with words, and amazing powers of observation.  I think some of what you’ve said is incredibly on the money.  I do adore soft frilly stuff (lace very much included actually), along with pink and pastel as well as bright colors.  I like the bees, more from afar than up close, but I do want them safe.  As for my intelligence…  It’s not something I’m afraid to show, but you are very right that I don’t let people hear my inner snark nearly as much as other kinds of smarts. (Mostly because my snark isn’t very nice sometimes, and I have managed to retain an appreciation of manners and politeness, even if they’re no fun.)  As for my knees (along with the rest of my corpus) ambivalence is optimistic, but there are a few cute bits mixed in.  Regarding regrets - there are some small, some large, all had to let go of, though truthfully I’m not sure if that’s because I’m hard on myself or not hard enough.  And lastly, for those friends that see the full me, yes I cherish them, they are one of the greatest gifts we get in this life :)  Thank you so much for your view into my little world - I really appreciate your insight!

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relationship status: LOL
favorite color: Red
pets: Kitties x10000
coke or pepsi: coke
chapstick or lipstick: chapstick especially since my lips get chapped a lot (also because i don’t really do makeup)
last song i listened to: moonfesta by Kalafina
favorite TV show(s): probably steven universe at the moment
first fandom: I think pokémon? i remember making a really stupid attempt at a pokémon fic when i was way younger
hobbies: existential dread

not tagging because i’m too goff to care about what other people like

vivxcity  asked:

.hey so, i really want to develop my sense of style, but I consistently get stuck on how to do it. i like the whole grunge/sporty thing that's been a thing lately, and really wanna delve into it but I can't seem to find stuff that I like?? I don't know if I'm just getting to picky or what, but do you have any tips?? please and thank you

I guess I’d say try to figure out the general idea of things you like (sounds like you already have), maybe make a tumblr tag of images or an IRL mood board, and then have that in mind when you go shopping. I’d recommend starting at thrift stores so you can try out the look you want in a more affordable way. When you shop, try to have an open mind and think fluidly about the mood/style you’re going for. Grab things based on textures and colors as well as silhouettes, rather than very specific pieces. You’ll never know unless you try different things and you might surprise yourself. Once you figure out the base items that you like after wearing them for a while, you can upgrade to “higher quality” etc. I hope this helps!

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the Irish?

I never met an Irish person that I didn’t like. 

One of the things I love about the Irish is the way they use the English language. Not just their accents and I admit, to me this accent on an Irishwoman is kind of a love spell, but it is the colorful way they express themselves using terms of expression which clearly come from the Gaelic even when the speaker themselves never spoke Gaelic.

It is odd to me how different the Irish are from their cousins the Scots.

anonymous asked:

hey cara, let me just ask you, as a chanyeol and baekhyun biased, and as a black kpop fan, how do you feel about they both teasing kai and tao about their skin color?

You know what? I think of it in the same way I think of a lot of people’s past fuckups. You can grow as a person. You can stop being a dickhead. It’s past, and it’s shiity, but…I personally don’t think much on it.

They’re both wrong for such a thing. It’s not cool to make colorist remarks. But I’m not gonna pretend like that kinda sentiment isn’t pervasive in the culture, in lots of cultures, hell in American culture too. Lightness is heralded as paramount. And it’s a harmful sentiment. Do I think they should no better? Absolutely. Do I think there’s anyone around to teach them better? No, not really.

Fans get HELLA upset about such things, and they’re allowed to be offended. What’s not cool is saying they’re racist for it, saying they’re terrible people, saying they deserve to die or other horrible shit. That kind of overreaction is yikes. Not to mention fans tend to think moving beyond shitty colorist thinking just happens outta the blue when, no, someone had to teach YOU about taboo shit. So someone’s gotta teach THEM, too.

I also think it’s kind of odd to single out those two and give them the most grief about it when other idols, who are genuinely popular, say similarly shitty things. I mean Yoongi, God love him, has made fun of Hobi’s skin before. Like. Hella recently. But he gets a pass from fans at large, I guess, because he’s not considered annoying? But Namjoon still gets flack for insulting Hobi and Tae…Because I guess he’s also annoying? Then you have Vixx and the treatment of N and I just…I don’t actually understand the criteria for holding a grudge about colorist remarks. Especially not if you’re gonna stan idols who’ve done like genuinely hurtful antiblack things *cough*bigbang*cough*. It’s all just odd to me.

Anyway tl;dr - I think it’s fucked up but I think they, along with other idols who actually wanna learn, are learning that that shit’s not cool, as Korea gets more exposed to the world at large rather than being so insular. And I think fans feel like either you condemn these idols to the fullest or you’re guilty of going “oppa didn’t mean it” and that’s not how this works. It’s not that simple. There’s a lot to unpack with all this stuff.

The sun had begun setting much sooner in Salvation, summer was drawing to a close. The only good thing about that to most would be the drop in temperatures. Kids were finally falling into their schedules and routines, praying the school year would go by quickly. Peter liked school. He didn’t know if that made him a freak or just smart, but every once in awhile he needed a breather just like everyone else. He strolled down the street, watching the colors of the sun fade away until they were no longer visible. Curfew wasn’t for a couple hours, so he had nothing to worry about as he kept up his pace. Streetlights lit up a few at a time down the road. He never would have seen the figure under one that far away if the lights remained off. Peter was startled for a moment, thinking he was all alone, before making his way toward it.

“What are you doing out here?” He asked with a bored tone once figuring out who it was.

anonymous asked:

As long as you're not making her purposely white and blonde hair then I don't think it matters. Anon is jusr bringing up non issues. You do you hon.

plastic-pipes replied to your post

it’s all looked fine to me fam

staticrefugee replied to your post

I think anon was just being huffy. Light and dark skin can be any variance of shades, and I just don’t think that anon knows much about that if they’re taking issue with something that small.

Thank you guys for the support! I’ll just err on the side of caution and try to color things a bit darker in general, that way it won’t matter too much what screen you use and whatnot. But thank you! :)