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OMG. I was wondering why your art looked so familiar and then I realized I've read your comics! I really admire your work. Do you have any quick tips on character design, color choices, and/or making art that is more "dynamic" and less "stiff"? Thanks for your time!

Thank you! it’s been a while since I’ve done comics but it’s cool to hear there are people who remember them.

I put off this q for a bit thinking about what to say. Most of what I do is a just result of testing a bunch of different things and seeing what both looks OK and is also easy/enjoyable to draw. If you will take dubious tips…

  • don’t be afraid the hammer the saturation and contrast tools. lowering the settings can be as valid as raising them
  • a simple gradient can stand in for shading if you’re losing motivation on a piece
  • a stiffly standing figure still makes a dynamic picture if the props around them are flying wild (wires, clouds, fire, leaves)
  • re: characters, just draw them a lot and whittle down (or bulk up) to something enjoyable and can complete sort of consistently. When details on their person become super familiar, you can spend more time thinking about pose/composition/interaction etc

I don’t wanna hear “what’s up” all the damn time. I’m serious. talk about what you wanna do with your life or your favorite childhood memory or your favorite color and why it’s your favorite color. what you wanna do when you grow up; even if it’s ridiculously unrealistic. what you think about when you look up into the sky at night and if you believe in aliens, ghost, vampires, or zombies. and it doesn’t matter if your opinion is different from mine because everybody’s mind works differently. nor will your opinion always be the same as mine, but it won’t matter because I will fall in love with the way your mind works and how you see everything in this world.
I just think it’s so cool when two people can have a conversation about the most unusual topics and feel completely comfortable with talking about it just because they want to know the way their minds work.

Even more context from a Southeast Asian person

Alrighty so the thing about Asian countries is that

1. Asia is not a monolith

2. not every country was subjected to the same kind of European imperialism

For example in the Philippines, the Spaniards and Americans imposed their own brand of colorist/racist standards, which is why you got an island called Negros (Occidental and Oriental) and a tribe called Negritos (I don’t know what they were called before that though, sorry)

China, Japan, and Korea are much more insular countries. They weren’t penetrated by Europeans in the same way. I think the explanation here for colorism is absolutely valid and i’m not going to add on to it but there’s an added layer in colorism in the Philippines that has to do with the Asian hierarchy talked about in this post.

That is to say, colorism in EAST Asian countries are not always the same in SOUTH and SOUTHEAST countries

The impetus for wanting pale/white skin in the Philippines is because Japanese, Chinese, and Korean people are seen as desirable IN ADDITION TO wanting to flaunt a Spanish mestiza/American/European heritage. Their pale skin makes them glamorous. Our own brown skin makes us look dirty and undesirable. In fact the darker you are, the more associations you get to being poor and coming from a tribe. This is all coming from self-hating brown folks.

So this is just to say that it makes sense for it to be both colorism and racism in the Philippines. Two things working together to see darker skinned people as undesirable.

In this instance in South Korea referring to a Korean person, it is the centuries of colorism and heck even their status as celebrities, that resulted in that one SNL line

The gist of this:

1. Dark skinned people everywhere are treated like shit

2. When Asian people try to explain what colorism means in their country, it might be better to pay attn instead of talking over them

3. It can be both racism and colorism considering the country and historical context. This is one of those things that isn’t an OR situation, it can definitely be one AND the other thing, or just one of those things.

4. If we’re still trying to pick apart racism and colorism as one being more important than the other then we’re all losing here. I don’t think anyone who’s saying that it isn’t racism isn’t trying to erase what racism is which is kind of what I’m getting here. But for once in my life I’d just like to see conversations about colorism w/r/t to South Korea relating to a Korean person not be decontextualized the way it’s been happening for like, forever. It would definitely be both colorism and racism if they were talking about a mixed race Korean person though.

If you’re reading this and you still don’t buy it that’s ok with me haha. We all have experiences with colorism and racism within our ethnic and racial communities and I understand if people don’t want to bother differentiating between the two. Both of those things are hurtful either way.

I miss you. I do. I know I don’t call. I know I don’t text. I know I don’t write. I don’t really know what I miss about you, but I know that I do. Maybe it’s the way you kissed me that first night. I think it might be your laughter. I miss it. I feel a closeness like the moment right before the needle hits the skin. A pause. It never happens, don’t worry. There will not be blood. I still have bruises from your biting. I still miss you after the first kiss. They say that writers add colors to our grey moments. Darling, when your lips touched mine– did you feel a storm or a sunset? I miss is all I know.

“No matter how hard you try, there are going to be a lot of people who don’t care. That’s just the way of the world. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s music or the way you dress or your political stance or the color of your house or the way you build a hamburger. As long as you like it, do it.”

Lori Barbero, Babes in Toyland’s drummer, talks about growing up with music, not wasting time on things that aren’t fun, and her advice on “never, ever, ever” caring about what other people think of you.

Interview by Stephanie Kuehnert. Photo by Joe Dilworth. 

You don’t get to pick who you love. You don’t get to pick why you love them, either. You don’t decide who, with all their quirks and flaws and problems that probably make you want to strangle them, you don’t choose the person who stumbles and jokes and awkwardly mumbles their way into you heart. You don’t decide who has the ability to turn your entire world inside out and upside down and repaint it with any color they want to. But you do decide what to do about it. And I think that in any universe, in any alternate world where we both exist, I think I would choose to tell you the truth. Because no matter what happens or how badly we hurt each other, I would rather know if you love me than spend the rest of my life wondering.
—  from an unfinished story #401

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Hi, I have been reading the Lonely Vincent for a while and I love the mystery, story, and art of it all. I love the illustrations of cover arts, and how there is no outline. I always loved the concept/ painted style. How do you do it? What is your process. I am looking for ways to improve on my coloring for my children's book illustrations, and I feel like I hit a plateau. Thanks

Start off with a sketch

use the sketch to block in colors, then render the colors

add the lines on top

fiddle with final color

There’s obviously a lot more in between each step, but this is basically how I go about it and I think it’s easy enough to extrapolate where to go from here. Good luck!

Friendship Bracelets in Witchcraft

Friendship bracelets are often given and worn to symbolize a connection between people. A group or a pair of people can wear matching or complementary bracelets. Sometimes only one is given as a gift. They can be handmade with love or bought with consideration. The very nature of their colorful threads, woven patterns and symbolic meaning I my opinion makes these bits of jewelry one of the most widely accepted forms of magick. What about them isn’t magical? But more on the magic of friendship bracelets later.

I was thinking about friendship bracelets (my friend had just given me one) and I thought why couldn’t we do this with our deities? Spirits? Even elements? Like the idea of a pocket altar, it is taking a bit of them everywhere with you and keeping them close in your mind.
They would be made the same way one for someone else in your life may be made. Obviously the deity, spirit or force will not be wearing one with you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make matching ones. The second one that you won’t be wearing can be placed on your altar if you have one. If you choose to only make one, offer it up to them. In most cases, depending on your comfort level, whatever you are offering it to will be pleased by this. After all, who doesn’t love to see a friend wearing something you made them?

When making the bracelet(s) there is a huge verity of things that can be done with them. Pick colors that are traditionally theirs or ones that you associate with them. You can also add beads. Beads for prayer, beads for glamor, beads for offerings. The list is endless for the use of beads. Once you have colors (and beads) picked out you can choose from a massive verity of different patterns and techniques to put it all together. The thing I love about this is the range of a simplicity and difficulty which ensures everything is as individual as the one making it and the one it is for. Do what feels right for you!
While assembling it is important to think about the intent behind your bracelet(s) Keep in mind why you are doing this. Put on music that reminds you of them, light candles, pray. Make it as witchy or mundane as you wish.

It is one of the most discreet forms of magick and worship I can think of, so broom closet witches can rejoice! If someone asks about it and you don’t want to fully explain, you can always say that it’s a match with your friend.

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So we have the cute, kawaii really really really nice Mochi, base Ain and toothpaste prince. Fair enough. Because you are an asshole Arme the fandom should call you this, (I do think they love you the way you are of course), toothpaste prince. What do you think about your new name? Oh and base Ain u rulez!



Yeah, but there isn’t any grey toothpaste.
So you fit it perfectly.


Run, run for your life-
It’s because you provoked him-
Actually it was the anon who provoked him-

“I want a bisexual woman of color who isn’t defined by her race or sexuality-”

“I want a disabled character who won’t let said disability stop her-”

“I want the Oracle to return to the DCU-”

“I want a bisexual/homosexual character who’s friends of the same gender aren’t freaked out about it-”

“I want-”

Shhhhhhh, no sweetie, stop talking.

What you want is Frankie Charles

(credit to @feministbatman)

(Also, I don’t mean to say that we have enough POC/disabled/LGBTQ characters in comics, (seriously, we need more of those) but I do think a way to show this is praise the characters we already have, thus showing the writers what we want more of)

With love

Queen Alice of Hearts

(Edit: the credit for the GIF and the edit actually belongs to @feministbatman ! I am so sorry for miscrediting before!)

I was going to do a temperature blanket this year and never got around to getting ready for it!  So I’m planning today - a bit late - and I’ll go gather supplies tomorrow.  I’m thinking 0 - 100 I’ll do the standard ROY G BIV and then get a skein of silver for below 0 and a skein of gold for above 0?  Would the metallics make everything too scratchy?  Hopefully they’d be few, but probably not far between because that’s how temperature works.  Maybe I’ll get one of those yarns that is mostly a color with a bit of the metallics in it?

I’m thinking way too hard about this!  Are any of you guys doing a temperature blanket?  And if so, what colors are you doing and how are you switching it up?

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ok but the idea that never leaves my mind about supercorp: kara casually using her super strength and lena being like damn thats hot and kara just doesn't notice and lena keeps geting turned on and im gAY

As always, comments are my life blood!

Super Strength - Eyes Like Kryptonite Ch. 36

Read it on AO3- http://archiveofourown.org/works/9100903/chapters/22068641

It’s one thing knowing your girlfriend is Supergirl, and another seeing your pastel colored cardigan wearing, sugar sweet, donut loving, doesn’t look like she would hurt a fly - girlfriend lifting a couch over her head like it weighed two pounds.

“Do you see it?“

Oh she see’s it alright, the way Kara’s biceps threaten to break through the sweater she’s wearing.

But somehow she doesn’t think that’s what Kara is talking about.


“The pen, do you see it?“

Oh right, Kara dropped her pen and it rolled under the couch.

Which totally explains why she’s now holding said couch over her head. Because when Lena loses something under there, that’s her first reaction too.

She tears her eyes away from the gun show and scans the floor.

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general art tips pt. 1: skin and facial features! ft. jimin

so recently i’ve been drawing this portrait of bts’ jimin and i just wanted to give out some art tips that i learned that i think might help. and just a disclaimer, by no means am i professional artist! im self taught and what im about to share are just the way i do things haha. but i hope it helps! so let’s start!

ok so first off, i obviously just pick a reference picture. youre going to need one if youre drawing a portrait of someone 

damn jimin lookin fine. still not over the perfect man performance ahhh. now you can use this picture but if you want to test out new waters and really work with bright, enhanced colors rather than exact reference, try referencing a filtered photo! it really helps in encouraging you to use more colors which overall, makes everything look more interesting. but you don’t have to do this.

next step is laying down the outline. now if youre new to all of this, i highly suggest printing out your reference, putting a grid on it, and then transferring it onto your paper. or if youre too lazy like me, you can just trace it. it’s not cheating trust me! it just saves time especially if youre doing realism. all the magic is in the coloring anyway haha. and when you get better at it, you can try freehanding.

for your outline, make sure to keep things light and soft. you don’t want dark, heavy marks, because they are just there to guide you. you’re going to end up erasing most of them later on when you get to coloring. try not to have solid connected lines either. remember these lines are just a guide so it can look accurate.

time to color! i usually color in little sections. doing this makes things a lot less overwhelming and easier to handle. as you can see, i usually like to start with the eyes. i think it’s just a nice starting point and also because i really wanted to draw jimin’s eye makeup hehe. 

the key to coloring, is starting off with a light base color. for jimins eye makeup, i started off with a basic red. (sorta shows up pinkish on camera):

(also note that you don’t need to have expensive, high quality colored pencils. i typically just use Crayola colored pencils LOL. i sometimes use Prang and i have some Artist Loft ones that were given to me as a gift. crayola ones are actually very nice because the colors show up more bright and intense. artist loft ones are generally lighter which is good for shading and blending) SO LAY DOWN THAT BASE BRUH. details come later. 

bam. jimins eye makeup is truly goals. i don’t have pictures of his eyes with just the base color (sorry, bad on my part) but basically, what i did to obtain this is that i worked with A LOT of colors.  

take a good, hard look at your reference, try to pick out all the basic colors first and lay them down. and then study it harder and pick out as many colors as you can see and slowly build up.

it helps if you can look at it on a computer because you can zoom in! as you can see, there are purples, pinks, yellows, different oranges and reds, browns, and even a little green. try to keep a soft touch because it makes blending these colors a lot easier. don’t think that you can’t add in colors like green and blue because they’re not “natural”. these colors are actually a lot more evident in skin tones and facial features than we think! even the whites of an eye are never completely white. try to add in purples and blues to make them more natural. 

make sure to layer colors. here, the top is just the basic red. but on the bottom, i have layered on a purple and a brown. it helps make the color look a lot deeper and it helps for shading. don’t shade with black! try shading with other colors (in this case, darker reds, browns, purples, oranges, pinks, etc.)

as for black, a lot of the time people will tell you to NEVER USE BLACK. however, i’m against this LOL. it’s totally ok to use black! just be careful with it. leave it for the end, after you have laid down all the colors. it’s hard to layer over black.

so for the skin, you’re going to do the same thing. lay down a light, base color. for jimin, i’ve chosen a peachy color. but depending on who you’re doing, you might have to use a brown, yellow, or maybe even pink. regardless, just start off light and work your way into the darker colors slowly. 

remember to color softly and lightly. as i said, work slowly. and you can also erase colored pencil if you work lightly! so if you make a mistake, you can clean that right up. it doesn’t give a completely white space, but the erasing is mostly if you lay on the color more intensely than you planned.

these are just some colors to make your drawing look more natural and realistic. but dont’t limit yourself to just these (the left side is if you press hard with the pencil, and the right side is if you shade lightly):

the bottom two are my favorite two colors to incorporate because it really helps the drawing pop! the blue is a light ultramarine blue and the purple is more of a lavender. the light green also helps in lighter areas too.

see? it really gives the drawing more life! i would recommend staying away from gray because using too much gray can end up making the person look a little sickly LOL and it ends up looking dull. try to find substitutes for grey like blue. 

i also love to use gold to help shade skin tones. weird, right? but gold is a nice transition between those intense colors and our base color. it gives a nice, natural shading.

as for areas that are “black and white” like nostrils, the inside of a mouth, or teeth, make sure to incorporate other colors into those too. its hardly ever just plain black and white. on the teeth, i mixed in pinks, that ultramarine blue, oranges, pinks, and lavender.

for dark areas, mix in dark purples and a navy blue along with black:

all in all, for realism and portraits, incorporate lots of colors to give your drawing more life! human skin tones have tons of colors. it’s never just one basic color like peach or brown. you’d be surprised what colors would help. 

so closely study your reference for the different use of colors. LOL sorry chimchim for doing this to your face:

but also note: don’t follow a reference to the grave. if you want to up the contrast between colors or the shading, go for it! do what feels right. but if you want to do it as it looks, that’s totally ok too. take risks in your art and be proud of it. 

another tip is TAKE BREAKS. it can be from a five minute break to a day. if you stare at your drawing too long, it might start to look bad to you and you’ll get frustrated. but it’s not bad, you’ve just been looking at it too long so it’ll look weird to you. take a break, and come back to it later.

so here’s what i have so far:

the face isn’t even done yet but i just really wanted to make this post to share what i’m doing. i hope it helps and i’ll be back with part two: hair (aka the most difficult part for me lololol) 

sorry for the long post but i hope you enjoyed! check out my blog for other fanart :)

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I have a bit of "extra skin" I guess on my vagina. I am a clean person but I'm so shy about my body. I feel like guys will think I'm dirty and gross is there anything I can do to be more confident about my naked body ?

lots of people have that “extra skin” your talking about. it’s pretty common. if a guy thinks your vagina is dirty & gross because of that then he either doesn’t have much experience with vaginas or is immature & not worth your time. i feel like porn pushes this idea of what vaginas are “supposed” to look like, and it’s some bullshit. vaginas come in different sizes and colors and all of them have their own look & they’re all pretty in their own way. if you decide to have sex with a guy, he should be grateful that you’re even giving him the chance, if he’s not then you probably shouldn’t be fucking him. 

i think you spending more time naked and getting familiar & comfortable with your body can help. your body is unique and nobody else has a body exactly like yours & that’s what makes it special & beautiful.  


BTS Magic Challenge Day 1

Hi everyone! Yesterday, I posted this Back To School Magic Challenge, and I got lots of positive feedback! I’m starting the challenge today, as I go back to school in only 5 days (eep!). Remember to tag your posts with #BackToSchoolWitchcraft if you want to share! Here’s my post for day 1:

A Spell to Reduce Anxiety

School can be stressful! Here’s a spell to reduce anxiety:

What you’ll need:

A piece of jewelry (preferably with some sort of calming crystal. I’m using my aquamarine pendant.)

A blanket that makes you feel safe, secure, and comfortable. It can even be a childhood blanket of some sort. Bonus points if it’s blue or some other calming color.

What you do:

Hold the blanket in your hands. Think about how comfortable you feel with that blanket. Think about the way that it makes you feel safe, warm, peaceful, and calm. Ponder on these feelings, and let those emotions soak into the very fabric of the blanket.

Gently wrap the piece of jewelry in the blanket. Say:

“When I wear this jewelry fine,

May comfort and calmness be mine.

Blanket soft, blanket warm,

May peace be mine when this jewelry is worn.”

Leave the jewelry in the blanket until you feel that it is completely charged with comfort and calmness. Wear the jewelry whenever you need freedom from anxiety and worries.

I hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask. I look forward to seeing your posts for this challenge! Remember to tag any posts that you’d like to share with #BackToSchoolWitchcraft. Thanks for reading!


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how do you show people what gender you are that day?? like im genderfluid but idk how to show people that im a boy that day, or a girl, or neither, so that they know what pronouns to use. i mean i suppose i could have a certain piece of clothing or certain colours, right?? do you think that would help at all, or do you have any other ways too show it?? i just dont want to have to keep correcting people, sorry, sounds a bit selfish now that i think about it haha

i suggest using colored bracelets/rings to show people which pronouns you feel like.for example blue = he/him, pink = she/her, orange = they/them. i saw this idea a while back on instagram. i hope this helps!

-mod sammy

Why diversity (and Timeless) matters

I would like to mention something that hasn’t been mentioned before-
People talk about how it’s a really diverse show that acknowledges and constantly addresses issues such as racism and sexism throughout the show. Here, I’ll talk about why it’s important.

Do you know what really creates racism, exist etc? It’s not anger, or being privileged, or whatever else people think. It’s exposure to different people. That is the fundamental difference. Think about it: It’s very easy to be hateful towards a group of people if you’ve never really contacted or connected with them before. This is why, if we want to eradicate sexism, racism, and homophobia, we need to show examples to our younger generations. We need to normalize lgbtq+ people, people of color, and strong females. And what better way to do than stories?

Stories are extremely good at creating empathy. A plenty of studies have shown this. And stories like Timeless will create this empathy, and diminish bigotry and prejudice. It’ll also create a trend for more stories like this to come. Together, we will eradicate prejudice against minorities for the future. This is especially important in our political climate today.

A final note at NBC- a year and a half ago, you cut off all ties with Trump due to his degrading remarks of immigrants. As a child of immigrants, I greatly appreciate your action. But why not take it further? If you really want to fight Trump, fight against his ideas. Take a stand against them through your products, through shows like these. Use what you love to do to fight back.

Types of INTJs

1. The “sociopath”: they claim they don’t know what feels are. They claim they have written evidence proving they’re a robot. They like when people call them psychopathic. 

2. The eccentric INTJ: most likely a 5w4. It’s likely they have colored hair or they care way too much about philosophy or rock and roll. Can seem like a perceiver in everyday life. They’re quirky and sometimes they giggle.  

3. The “intellectual”: this INTJ will trick you into thinking they are intellectual, but what they’re actually doing is just parroting what they’ve read on the internet. They might quote famous scientists in everyday conversation. They secretly want your approval because they hate not feeling accepted, though they act like they don’t care. (Goes hand-in-hand with the “sociopath” most of the time.) 

4. The nerd: this is the INTJ in its purest form. Just a nerd. Even if they’re pissed off, they’re still a nerd (though they can surprise you with the strategies they come up with.) They probably play Pokemon, watch anime, or read science articles in their spare time. Likely to be at the top of their class. They don’t talk about their feelings because they’re too preoccupied with their hobbies to analyze their Fi. Your best friend since 6th grade.

5. The “INFP”: most likely in an Ni-Fi loop. Probably mistyped themselves as INFJ or INFP. They’re just so emotional because they have no control over their feels. They cry silent tears in their room at night while listening to something that hurts them. 

6. The businessman INTJ: usually an Enneagram 3 or 8. They care a lot about their career and image. They have one vision of themselves they’ve been working so hard on. No one can take their dreams away from them. You’re scared they might beat you up. 

7: The one who doesn’t care about sh*t (can also be known as the INTJ who is “open for business”): they smoke, drink, or have sex whenever they feel like it, because they can. Ni fails them and they’re stuck in the Se grip. 

8. The one with control of Fi: this can also fall hand-in-hand with the eccentric INTJ, the nerd, and the businessman INTJ. They’ve managed to control their Fi and don’t feel repulsed when it is brought up. They’ve used it to grow. May be an integrated INTJ.  

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I tend to be overly descriptive when it comes to describing characters. How do I fully describe someone with writing a whole ten pages about their eyebrows?

I think when introducing a new character or describing their looks, it’s best to get the basics. What color is their hair? Eye color? Skin? Build? You know.

But, depending on how important this character will be to your main character or how important this character is to your story will depend on how much description they will need.

Think about how you look at people when you first meet them. What are the things you notice? I usually lock onto eyes or a smile, maybe the way their voice sounds.

You can ease a description of a person to be a paragraph and maybe drop hints later on to further how you imagine them. Don’t go on describing every freckle on their nose or color of their individual nails.

Hope I helped! Happy writing!

-Ashley ❤