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What do you think of "The Prince's Tale" as a chapter?

I think it’s pretty startling, to be honest - from start to finish.  I love the exit line, of Harry feeling as if Snape could’ve just left the room, and I love the start where, somewhat ironically, Voldemort says:  “You have fought valiantly. Lord Voldemort knows how to value bravery.”  …and we later learn that one of the bravest men of the series had just been cruelly felled by him for his own personal gain.

I think it’s devastating for Harry, that he finds out the truth about the talented, powerful wizard just a few hours too late - that he could’ve had Snape on his side, and just like Dumbledore, and Sirius, and Lupin, and all of the others…he’s another father figure laid to waste.

I thought it added some much needed backstory to Snape, and it explained an awful lot about his interactions with the Marauders.  I knew as soon as I read Half Blood Prince that it was 90% likely that Snape was a working class kid ‘done good’, and he wasn’t just hiding out in a Muggle dunghill out of convenience.

So it was good to have that validated, and it wasn’t shied away from - he was presented as a neglected kid, and I liked that juxtaposition between the dramatic and severe Headmaster who we’d encountered a few chapters earlier, “It is I!” and the neglected impoverished kid that he’d once been.

Heartbreaking, really.

I’ve said before that it’s not how I would’ve written it - but given the story we had in canon, it’s a chapter that I’m very very fond of.

All I Wanted; C.H. 25

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“I just don’t get it. I was so certain he was currently seeing this one girl. Not multiple, but one. And now – I wonder what happened.” Meredith sighs loudly, shaking her head as she takes another sip of her newly ordered drink. My mind is reeling and the more I sit here, the more I have to hold back tears. I thought that Calum and I were heading somewhere, but him meeting up with other women was a stab to the heart.

“Maybe he fucked her over, like he does with other women?” I laugh devilishly, because I know what had happened. And if he treated any of these women like he had done with me, I know why so many of them would show up on his doorstep just to smack him in the face. That’s the least I would do.

“What happened to you? You always defend Calum.” Meredith scolds me and I feel scrutinized under her harsh gaze. “Nothing happened. Sometimes people see the light.” I check my phone, but come up with no notifications. “Y/n, don’t lie to me.” I feel my heart hammering and I know I am panicking, so I do what I do best in these moments. I lie.

“Sorry, just a second. My dad texted me.” I pretend to skim over the message and I start gathering my items. “I don’t know what’s wrong, but he seems super aggravated. I’ll text you later.” I throw some money onto the small table and smile apologetically at Meredith, but I need to get out of here as soon as I can.

I don’t even think I have given her time to respond before I’m off and speed walking towards my car. I, of course don’t end up at home, but on Harry’s doorstep. It takes a bit of contemplating if I really want to do this, but I trust him. It would be different.

“Y/n, babe, what are you doing here?” Harry smiles as he opens his door, leaning against the wall as I let my gaze run over his upper body, clothed in a tight t-shirt. I don’t waste my words, but instead I march over to him and throw myself against him, roughly pressing our lips together.

Harry takes a while to comprehend what is happening, but when he does, he reciprocates with as much passion as I have. I push him inside, Harry pushing my jacket off of my shoulders to drop onto the tiles of his hallway as he pushes the front door closed.

We somehow, blinded by each other, find our way into his living room, but not before bumping into every piece of furnace he possesses. As much passion as is laced through our wandering hands and our lips locked together, this doesn’t feel right. I try to get it out of my mind and press my lips back against Harry’s, but I just can’t seem to shake it.

“As much as I want to, I can’t.” I laugh humourlessly, pushing Harry off of me. He sighs but smiles all the same, taking a step back, granting me my space. “It feels quite different, doesn’t it?”
“I’m so sorry I am toying with your emotions like this. I am the worst woman ever.” I drop onto Harry’s leather sofa, head in my hands as I am ashamed to even look at him.

“Don’t sweat it. I get it.” Harry states as he walks off to his fridge, grabbing himself a water bottle as he tries to avoid the awkward situation at hand. “But I – I don’t know. I want this to work.”
“You can’t force yourself to like me, Y/n.”

“I am not forcing myself I like you!” I almost immediately fire back, turning in my spot so I can now hold my gaze with Harry to get my point across. I wouldn’t even be doing this if I didn’t enjoy his company. “But you don’t like me like you like Calum. And that’s the problem, and I totally get that.” Harry starts off, sighs, and starts walking towards me. I keep silent, because I don’t think I can argue with him on this, and wait for Harry to drop on the coffee table in front of me.

“Listen, I like you, too. But somehow, even though I trust you with every fiber of my being, I don’t think we’d work. We’re great together, especially in bed,” Harry snickers and I can’t help but let a giggle slip past too, “but… I don’t know, Y/n. I just think you belong with someone who’s more compatible. Damn, I’m burning my own bridges here but I care too much about you to let us both be miserable.” Harry closes his eyes briefly as his hand lands on my knee.

“So this is it?” I breathe, slowly opening my own eyes which I had closed somewhere during his monologue. “I guess so. But I do hope we’re not going to go back to completely ignoring one another.” Harry smiles as he scoops closer, taking his hand off of my knee.

“Hey, in my defence… Your girlfriend was a total wacko.” I laugh loudly, threading my fingers through my hair as I see Harry’s face contort into one of pure disgust. “Oh please, she was a complete psychopath. But I’m serious, don’t totally disappear, Y/n.” Harry breathes as he starts fumbling with his fingers, gaze cast to the floor. “Harry, you’re sort of my best friend. I’d never do that.”

I drop onto my knees and shimmy in between Harry’s knees, throwing my arms around his neck. He reciprocates my hug and lets his hands rest on the small of my back. As I let go of him, I let my hands slide along his jaw and press my lips briefly to his for the last time.
“What’s that for?” Harry sighs out as he opens his eyes while I raise to my feet.

“A thank you, a goodbye for an important chapter in my life, I don’t know honestly.” I shrug my shoulders with a bright grin but as soon as Harry speaks, it drops. “So what are you going to do about Calum?” I sit back down in my original seat and drop my head against the back rest.

“Nothing. He’s seeing this other girl, remember? I think it’s just over. This story won’t have a happy ending.” I frown with my eyes still closed, my fingers nervously tapping along my abdomen as I hear Harry sigh out gruffly. “At least tell Meredith. I know how much it has been gnawing on you.
“Don’t you think she’ll be even more angry now that I tell have after all that has happened?” I lift my head, raising my eyebrow at a frowning Harry.

“See it like this. Do you want her to find out on accident and ruin your friendship forever? Because then she’ll be infuriated. I think now, she may be a bit angry yeah, but she’ll come around eventually.” I nod my head as Harry continues to speak, because I’m sure he’s right about everything.

“And if I were you, I wouldn’t wait too long anymore either.” Harry smiles and I dust off my jeans as I get up from my seat. “Now is a good of time as ever, right?” Harry raises to his feet and pats me on my shoulder. “Good luck, Y/n. I’m sure it’ll turn out alright. Oh, and don’t forget your coat on your way out, love.” Harry smirks as I feel my cheeks heat up, scrambling off now that I still have the courage.


Here I am. When I left Harry’s place, it took the long way to Meredith’s home, then I spent another ten to fifteen minutes in my car trying to build courage. And now here I am, standing in front of the large wooden front door, my hand hovering over the doorbell.

I have no idea how she’ll respond. Maybe she saw it coming, maybe she completely didn’t. Maybe she’ll try to strangle me, maybe I’ll get the silent treatment. I have no idea what outcomes may be the worst and which might be at least acceptable. But I know I can’t keep doing this. Ever since I started this, whatever, with Calum, I had been experiencing constant stomach aches from the stress of lying to my best friend. I would get this over with. I deserved it. Meredith did.

The buzzing seems louder than usual and I feel my heart pound in my throat as I hear footsteps approaching the door. My gaze is cast towards the cement as I hear the door click and slowly creep open.

“We need to talk.”

“I think I’d most like to spend a day with Harry. I’d take him out for a meal and apologize for everything I’ve put him through.”  -JK Rowling


harry: was it really necessary to kill my grandparents?

jk: plot device, harry.


jk: they had to have sympathy for you

harry: tim. buttercup. sally. marry.

jk: what are you doing?


jk: oh

two hours later:

harry: thank you for giving me sass, at least

harry: downs his drink

jk: oh dear

harry:  {pulls out order of the phoenix and opens it to chapter 35} let’s talk about what in the hell you were thinking when you wrote this chapter, please…

jk: i’m going to need to buy another bottle of wine, aren’t i?

harry: damn straight. keep ‘em coming. 

such great heights — part three

“Oh.” Harry pressed his lips together. “Was just thinking that maybe we should have a party.”

Kimber raised a brow. “A party?”

“Yeah.” Harry nodded. “Like, a proper celebration for you moving in and all.”

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Chapter 13 - Confusion

Chapter 12  


The next morning Y/n woke up and saw Hermoine leaving and asked her, “That was hell of an experience. Wasn’t it?”

“For you. We could have been expelled!!”

“Yeah..but what do you think is in there?”

“I don’t care. Whatever is in there is nothing that I should be worried about. And get ready for breakfast.”

“Yeah, I’ll catch you. You go now. Or you’re gonna be late because of me.”

She left. Y/n got dressed and went down and waited for Harry and Ron to come. As they came, they left together. She saw Hermoine sitting with Parvati so she sat across Ron and Harry. Malfoy’s face was priceless. That disturbed look explained that he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that Harry and Ron were still at Hogwarts the next day, looking tired but perfectly cheerful. Indeed, just like Y/n, Harry and Ron thought that meeting the three-headed dog had been an excellent adventure, and they were quite keen to have another one. In the meantime, Harry filled her and Ron in about the package that seemed to have been moved from Gringotts to Hogwarts, and they spent a lot of time wondering what could possibly need such heavy protection.

“It’s either really valuable or really dangerous,” said Ron.

“Or both,” said Harry.

“Honestly you guys, don’t you think that experience was enough? I mean Malfoy is such a jerk. You should’ve been smart enough to know about his intentions.” Y/n said.

“How could we know a bloke like him will back out??” Both of them asked.

“Yeah!!! He promised to come and then never came!! No wonder he’s in Slytherin!!”

“So is Lucas.” said Harry, smirking.

“I am not talking about him. Stop the rumor from spreading guys!!! You are helping them spread more!!”

“But that is helping you too!!”

“Shut up. Not at all funny. But those three dogs are guarding something very important orelse it wouldn’t have been brought in Hogwarts.”


“Should I tell this to Lucas?”

“Noo!!! If he finds out, so will Malfoy!!”

“He won’t tell, but okay. If you say so.”

But as all Y/n knew for sure about the mysterious object was that it was about two inches long, they didn’t have much chance of guessing what it was without further clues.

Neither Neville nor Hermione showed the slightest interest in what lay underneath the dog and the trapdoor. All Neville cared about was never going near the dog again.

Hermione was now refusing to speak to Harry and Ron, but she was such a bossy know-it-all for them that they saw this as an added bonus. All they really wanted now was a way of getting back at Malfoy, and to a great delight, just such a thing arrived in the mail about a week later.

As the owls flooded into the Great Hall as usual, everyone’s attention was caught at once by a long, thin package carried by six large screech owls. Y/n was just as interested as everyone else to see what was in this large parcel, and was amazed when the owls soared down and dropped it right in front of Harry, knocking his bacon to the floor. They had hardly fluttered out of the way when another owl dropped a letter on top of the parcel.

Harry ripped open the letter first and read it. Y/n just stared at him curiously when Ron moaned enviously, “A Nimbus Two Thousand! I’ve never even touched one.”

“What’s that??” She asked.

“You don’t know!!! That a new model of broomstick!! The model is bloody good!!”

“Oh I am sorry for not knowing about magic..So sorry, I don’t have any idea about this!” Y/n huffed, “Anyways, Congratulations Harry!!! Don’t forget to show me the broomstick. Okay?”


They left the hall quickly, wanting to unwrap the broomstick in private before their first class, but halfway across the entrance hall they found the way upstairs barred by Crabbe and Goyle. Malfoy seized the package from Harry and felt it.

“That’s a broomstick,” he said, throwing it back to Harry with a mixture of jealousy and spite on his face. “You’ll be in for it this time, Potter, first years aren’t allowed them.”

“Here we go again.” Y/n rolled her eyes and whispered.

Ron couldn’t resist it.

“It’s not any old broomstick,” he said, “it’s a Nimbus Two Thousand. What did you say you’ve got at home, Malfoy, a Comet Two Sixty?” Ron grinned at Harry. “Comets look flashy, but they’re not in the same league as the Nimbus.”

“What would you know about it, Weasley, you couldn’t afford half the handle,” Malfoy snapped back. “I suppose you and your brothers have to save up twig by twig.”

Before Ron could answer, Professor Flitwick appeared at Malfoy’s elbow.

“Not arguing, I hope, boys?” he squeaked.

“Potter’s been sent a broomstick, Professor,” said Malfoy quickly.

“Yes, yes, that’s right,” said Professor Flitwick, beaming at Harry. “Professor McGonagall told me all about the special circumstances, Potter. And what model is it?”

“A Nimbus Two Thousand, sir,” said Harry, fighting not to laugh at the look of horror on Malfoy’s face. “And it’s really thanks to Malfoy here that I’ve got it,” he added.

Harry and Ron headed upstairs, smothering their laughter at Malfoy’s obvious rage and confusion. Y/n stopped beside Malfoy while going and then faced him. “Aww..thought of expelling him?? Try again later okay hon?”

He glared at her when she left and said, “Why are you even talking to me mudblood?”

She looked back at him and said, “I feel so sorry for you, really. Here’s a kiss for you.” She sent him a flying kiss sarcastically and left. And Malfoy stood there with his eyes widened and half opening his mouth. She giggled and went upstairs.

“Well, it’s true,” Harry chortled as they reached the top of the marble staircase, “If he hadn’t stolen Neville’s Remembrall I wouldn’t be on the team….” He looked at Y/n and said, “Where were you??”

“Oh, nowhere.”

“So I suppose you think that’s a reward for breaking rules?” came an angry voice from just behind her. Hermione was stomping up the stairs, looking disapprovingly at the package in Harry’s hand.

“I thought you weren’t speaking to us?” said Harry.

“Yes, don’t stop now,” said Ron, “it’s doing us so much good.”

“You didn’t wait for me Y/n.” Hermoine said.

“I’m so sorry Hermoine. You were busy talking to Parvati so I thought I can go with them and see–”

“Their reward? What if I stop talking with you?”

“No you won’t. Come on Hermy it’s lame. ”

“Yeah right.”

Hermione marched away with her nose in the air.

“Guys, I guess I have to go for now. She’s angry. See you.” Y/n ran behind Hermoine and caught her.

“Sorry.” Sh said.

“Don’t be!! Enjoy breaking rules with them!!”

“Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry—–” Y/n kept saying when  finally Hermoine got fed up and said, “OKAY!! GOD SHUT UP Y/N!!”

She smiled and said, “You are not angry on me right?”

“No. Do I have a choice?”

Y/n laughed and gave her some chocolates and said, “Here, have some. I know you’re feeling low. You feel bad the way people treat you. I know.”

She looked at her and then looked down, “I don’t know why do they hate me?”

She saw her crying so she hugged her and said, “It’s okay. It’s their fault that they don’t see what I see. Other than that, you don’t treat them the way you treat me.”

“They don’t deserve that.”

“I don’t know, but someday you’ll treat them the way I treat them. I’m sure.”

“Let’s see.” She sobbed and hugged Y/n back. After a while Y/n asked her, “Are you feeling okay now?”

“Yes. Chocolates always helps.”

“Let’s go to class now.”


They left and at Potions class Y/n saw Lucas looking at her. She smiled back at him and then Hermoine poked her and said, “He’s staring at you. But you shouldn’t look at him, you know Snape right?.”

“I know. Snape will never do anything to him. SLYTHERIN AFTERALL. Only I will have to lose points.”

She looked next to him. It was Malfoy, he was staring too. Probably because of the flying kiss?? Goodness!! Shouldn’t have done that!!

“Well, Malfoy is staring too. I saw that flying kiss you gave him. What are you playing Y/n?”

Y/n looked at her shocked and said, “Are you serious? No! That was a hate-kiss. You didn’t hear the conversation. Did you?”

“No. Tell me then.”

“Later. Complete the class then.”

“Okay.” She looked at Lucas. He was doing his work now. She did your work too. Then dhe saw Malfoy staring and gave him an awkward hi by waving her hand. He looked away and did his work.

After the class Lucas came to Y/n and asked, “Umm..you are coming today?”

“Sure.” And then said quite loudly so that others could listen, “WE DON’T CARE IF PEOPLE THINK WE ARE DATING. WE WILL MEET BECAUSE WE’RE BEST FRIENDS.”

“Well..I saw..nevermind, I will ask you when we meet.”

“UUhhh..okay..yea, sure then.”

They left and then Hermoine asked, “Now tell me.”

Y/n told everything that happened and she said, “Oh. I get it. And that’s why he’s staring. He’s from wizard family. He won’t understand what this means right? I feel like wizards need to know about muggles too. See?? Now he will think something else.”

“Nope. He understood that. I am pretty sure. He would ask Lucas. I know. As Lucas knows me, he would ask him and then it depends on Lucas what he says. I hope he asked or even if he didn’t he does.” She said nervously.

When their class ended she wore a random dress and left. When she arrived, she saw Lucas already sitting there.

“You’re a lot early.”

“Yeah. Just..nothing. You tell. What’s going on?”

“Nothing. Just hanging out with Harry and Ron. And Hermoine too.”

“Other than that?”

Her heart started beating faster thinking that maybe he saw them out last night. “What..do you..mean?”

“You gave a flying kiss to Malfoy.”

“Yeah. So?” She could see jealousy in his eyes.

“And you waved at him today.”


“Do you like him? He told me that you gave him a..a flying kiss and asked me the meaning..he..was confused..that..if you hate him..then why…did..you do that..”

“Nope, I don’t like him. Its just that…” Y/n told him about that time.

“Okayy..so its kind of a hate-kiss. Fine, I’ll tell him them.”

“Yup. Why?? Were you jealous?”

“Oh how you wish.”

She laughed and said, “So? Enough about me. I heard you kissed a girl.”

He stared at her and said, “What?”

“Yeah, Malfoy said.”

“Is that the reason why you left the Great Hall that day?”

“Nope..n-not that..”

“You were jealous too then.”

“As if…huh! I’m not jealous!”

“Yes, I did kiss her,” He smirked and took her hands, “like this.” And then he kissed her hands. She felt kind of uncomfortable and slowly withdrew her hands.

“Uhh..okay.” She laughed and said.

He held her hand and they sat holding each other hands tightly, while her head rested on his shoulder and he rested his head over her head. Then he said, “Um..Y/n..”

She asked, “Yes?”

“I have..s-something to s-say to you.”

“Tell me.” Y/n felt like maybe he really likes her. WHAT IF HE’S ASKING FOR A DATE?? A real one now??

“Umm-um…Do you like cake?”

She looked weirdly at him and asked, “THAT is your question??”


“Then the answer is yes.”

She heard him whisper ‘oh no’.

They had dinner where Harry explained how his broom looks like and then she went to sleep.

Harry has been a lot busy these days. So it was hard to tell about everything to him. So she said it to Hermoine whenever she was free. That night Y/n told her about the day.

She exclaimed, “Oh my god!! He likes you!!! He surely wanted to ask you out!! He is just too shy to say that!!!!! And then he was jealous about the Malfoy incident! OMG!!”

“He never said something like that.” She said shyly.

“Oh shut up. Holding hands and stammering while he is talking is a sign he likes you.”

“But he kissed a girl.”

“Surely he said that to make you jealous. And he only kissed her hands, I mean it’s really not anything.”


The lessons, too, were becoming more and more interesting now that they had mastered the basics.

On Halloween morning all woke to the delicious smell of baking pumpkin wafting through the corridors. Even better, Professor Flitwick announced in Charms that he thought they were ready to start making objects fly, something they had all been dying to try since they’d seen him make Neville’s toad zoom around the classroom. Professor Flitwick put the class into pairs to practice. Harry’s partner was Seamus Finnigan (which was a relief, because Neville had been trying to catch his eye). Ron, however, was to be working with Hermione Granger. It was hard to tell whether Ron or Hermione was angrier about this. She hadn’t spoken to either of them since the day Harry’s broomstick had arrived. Y/n’s partner was Dean who continuously poked and talked about Lucas. And then finally she got fed up and said very very seriously, “That’s. The. Last. Time. I am telling you. Stop talking about Lucas and focus on what Professor is saying.” He got scared and said okay.

“Now, don’t forget that nice wrist movement we’ve been practicing!” squeaked Professor Flitwick, perched on top of his pile of books as usual. “Swish and flick, remember, swish and flick. And saying the magic words properly is very important, too – never forget Wizard Baruffio, who said ’s’ instead of 'f’ and found himself on the floor with a buffalo on his chest.”

It was very difficult. Harry and Seamus swished and flicked, but the feather they were supposed to be sending skyward just lay on the desktop. Seamus got so impatient that he prodded it with his wand and set fire to it – Harry had to put it out with his hat. Y/n tried to do it but she could only move it little and then it became still.

Ron, at the next table, wasn’t having much more luck.

“Wingardium Leviosa!” he shouted, waving his long arms like a windmill.

“You’re saying it wrong,” Harry heard Hermione snap. “It’s Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa, make the 'gar’ nice and long.”

“You do it, then, if you’re so clever,” Ron snarled.

Hermione rolled up the sleeves of her gown, flicked her wand, and said, “Wingardium Leviosa!”

Their feather rose off the desk and hovered about four feet above their heads.

“Oh, well done!” cried Professor Flitwick, clapping. “Everyone see here, Miss Granger’s done it!”

Y/n eyed her, hoping to get help from her. And Hermione gladly then told her how to do it and Y/n did as she told and she succeeded!!! Professor Flitwick exclaimed, “Look!! Miss Y/l/n has done it too!!”  

Ron was in a very bad mood by the end of the class. “It’s no wonder no one can stand her,” he said to Harry as they pushed their way into the crowded corridor, “She’s a nightmare, honestly. ” Y/n heard him say in front of her when she was walking with Hermoine. She saw her crying and knocked into Harry as she hurried past him. Harry caught a glimpse of her face – and was startled to see that she was in tears.

“I think she heard you.” Harry said.

“So?” said Ron, but he looked a bit uncomfortable. “She must’ve noticed she’s got no friends.”

“Wow Ron!! That was very polite!!!” Y/n shouted at him and ran behind Hermoine. “Wait!! He didn’t mean it!!”

She followed Hermoine to the girls bathroom as she shut the door and started crying. She said, “He didn’t mean it. He was just unhappy that he couldn’t do it and you did it. He was embarrassed.”

Hermione said in between the sobs, “Please..l-leave me a-alone…Not ev-everyone knows how–how to control th-their tears Y/n. Please..A-and you won’t understand how it feels to be lonely..everyone likes you here.”

“Fine. Here’s some chocolates.” She said, passed a packet and left the bathroom. Y/n felt horrible, but she really needed to cry and let those emotions out.

On the subject of Fanfiction Homophobia, though, does anyone remember back in the mid/late-2000s when people would add a chapter to their slash fic that was like “IN CALIFORNIA HARRY AND DRACO CAN’T GET MARRIED BECAUSE OF PROPOSITION 8, HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO TO FIGHT IT”

Or they’d write stuff you’d think would be a normal chipper love story but instead you have to read your favorite characters get gay-bashed to death or something, again usually with nonsense about how it was brave activism and raising awareness in the author’s note?

I feel like the “xe transed nonbinarily down the stairs” shit is like the modern equivalent of that, and as obnoxious as it is I think I prefer it because at least it isn’t all constant doom-and-gloom. And also seems to acknowledge that the people of said group might be reading it, and tries to be for them, even if it fails miserably. Certainly better than brutal mean shit about gay characters because they assumed their audience was just other clueless straight women.

Werewolves and Veelas

A Next Generation Fanfic

Chapter 1: An Unfriendly Correspondence


“Harry, if this keeps happening, we’re going to have to do something.”

         “I’ve already written to Professor McGonagall and she’s made it clear that he’s not going anywhere. It’ll be alright, Ginny.”

         “This isn’t fair to him,” Aunt Ginny insisted. They were both whispering, but Teddy, from his perch at the top of the stairs, could hear them nonetheless. He knew what they were arguing about – what they’d been arguing about since the beginning of the summer.

         “They don’t think you know,” Albus said, appearing at Teddy’s side.

         “Let’s keep it that way,” Teddy said sharply. Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny had been receiving letters all summer, but what they didn’t know was that they were duplicates. Teddy had been getting them too, since before they’d been sent to his godparents. Al was the only one who knew, mostly because he was a nosy little git who wouldn’t let Teddy have any privacy whatsoever, though Teddy had grown to appreciate sharing the secret. “Did you see the latest edition?” Teddy passed the paper to Albus without looking at either of them. He’d already read it a dozen times over, just like he’d read all the others.

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The BAE Lives!

My Coniving-Fool In Love-Manipulating-Chaos Bringing-Harbinger of Anarchy-Sleezy Pete is alive to fuck everyone over another day. I’m just happy he isn’t dead. The story is more interesting with him it and what he’s capable of.

Okay, now my rant…

Not sure if that rejection really hurt him or not. It was TOO SOON for him to divulge so much and think she would be receptive or trusting of him. He should have said he wanted HER on the Iron Throne. Again, Show!Petyr showing his dumbass cards that Book!Petyr would never do. How did he think that was a good idea? “Hey girl hey… I want to be king and you to be my queen…yeah, just forget everything I just did to you.”

I was totally expecting him to ask what his “reward” would be for helping her… AT LEAST. I expected Petyr to be smooth as silk with her after what he put her through. Why would Sansa give two shits about Petyr’s desire for the throne? Why would she want to be his queen? OMG, I was tearing my hair out, wanting to smack Petyr for being a fucking idiot.

That conversation between Jon and Sansa pretty much told me how the next scene was going to unfold.

One thing we DO know. Petyr loves Sansa. His romantic heart is telling her he’s planned this for the BOTH of them. BUUUUUUT, he needs to give her a reason why she would want to be with him. If he hadn’t sold her to Ramsay, I think he had a shot. I really do. If he had told her THEN, hey, this is what I have planned. I’m going to make you queen.NOTE: Petyr DOES THIS IS THE FUCKING BOOK!!!!!! He tells Sansa why Harry is the Heir and what his gifts are. He’s giving her to opportunity to say “no”. In the leaked tWoW Sansa chapter, she is ON BOARD with it. She plays Harry brilliantly and what does she want to do? She can’t wait to tell Petyr about it. I think they’ve become more of a gruesome twosome in the books than the show. Harry, the Vale and Winterfell. Those are the gifts he tells her about. He let’s her in on part of his plan. We know Harry won’t live long after they’re married (mirroring the Ramsay storyline and lets hope Harry isn’t a sadistic fuck like Ramsay) and then Petyr will try to marry Sansaafterwards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    That stare they shared at the end? Hmmm. Unless, Sansa becomes more power hungry like him…IDK. Whatever is going on between them isn’t over. Either Sansa has turned him against her and that’s what she may be thinking (since Petyr was the only person not to stand and cheer)… or she’s wondering how to use him. They’ll need the Vale. Will Sweetrobin and the lords support Jon as King of the North?

Petyr is going to destroy the world because it seems like his house of cards is starting to tumble down. If he is truly the master of chaos, he’s going to change his game plan and very quickly. You can see his mind working while the north was cheering for Jon. He knows about the White Walkers by now. I wonder if he knows about Jon’s heritage and is keeping it to himself for now. He may not want him to know he’s a Targaryen/Stark. That would mean another person legitimately eligible for the throne. Another enemy.

Sansa now knows Petyr wants the throne for himself. **BONEHEAD MISTAKE PETYR!!! DON’T SHOW YOUR FUCKING CARDS** He could be thinking that he blew it telling Sansa what he did. If Petyr really is the callous, self-serving son of bitch who cares for no one, Sansa may be in deep shit. Baelish just may want to burn it all down just for spite now. He’s in trouble next season for sure.

Jon is now King of the North and could go for the throne himself. Petyr can’t use the bastard argument, for no one in the north cares now. How is he going to align himself when Sansa just told Jon never to trust Littlefinger.

**bangs head on desk**

I’m so infuriated at this whole episode in regards to the north. If Petyr manages to sweet talk them into an alliance, it will be a miracle. He better have something goddamned good up his tailored sleeves.

Again, I hate that D&D have made Littlefinger a fucking idiot. GRRM needs to get off his arse and finish the next book.

I have one solid reason why I never shipped Harry and Hermione. 

Harry barely takes notice of her for a great period of the book!

Throughout the books, if you take out the Voldy-Draco-Evil bits, it is literally a series of stories about Harry wandering about trying to sort his own life out, stalking boys in bathrooms, playing Quidditch and sneaking in and out of Hogwarts.

Ron, on the other hand, spends a great percentage of the books going ‘where’s Hermione?’ 'Do you think Hermione’s ok?’ 'What’s wrong with Hermione?’ 'How is Hermione doing that?’ 'Have you seen Hermione today?’ And Harry’s response to each and every question? 'Harry had more important things to think about…’ 'Harry was more interested in what someone else was doing…’ 'Harry didn’t have much time to wonder about Hermione’s…' 

He never wonders who she’s taking to the ball, only focuses on getting a date for himself.

He never wonders how she got to all her classes in the Third Year, whereas Ron spends almost every chapter asking about it. 

He doesn’t care when she starts dating Krum, or when she has secrets, or when Ginny tells Harry something about her.

In their first year, he acts relatively neutral to her until he realises she might actually die in a bathroom. 

In the sixth year, he’s too involved in the Half Blood Prince’s book, and in Ginny to pay much attention to her unless she talks to him first. 

In the summary of the books, Hermione serves two purposes in Harry’s eyes: the smart one to get him out of trouble, and the one to fight with Ron to make an interesting subplot. 

The entire series of books are told from Harry’s point of view, and unless Hermione is doing something that could actually prove useful to him, he doesn’t mind what she does. 

If they’d been told from Ron’s perspective, though, we’d see so much Hermione it wouldn’t be Ron’s story at all. It would be his love letter to her. With a bit of Harry-Voldy-Evil-Weasley bits thrown in. 

Shipping meme: Snarry (Snape and Harry)

(The headcanon below has actually been posted to my Ao3 account, considering I do write Snarry and all)

1. Who crushed first?

Harry. Usually it’s post war Harry who’s torn to find out the truth about Severus and also why. Otherwise, I’ve seen schoolboy crushes on the tall, dark, and mysterious professor just the same ;)

2. How long did the pre-kiss tension last?

Oh sweet Merlin, an eternity. Snape usually always, always turns him away. So getting to that point when Severus realizes that Harry isn’t going away, isn’t going to change his feelings, is usually what hooks readers in. To see how Harry manages to break down those walls. That is the appeal of Snarry.

3. Who caved and kissed first?

Usually always Harry. His bravery knows no bounds. Of course, I love fics that have Severus be the first to kiss because Harry is momentarily stunned. And even then, it’s usually to shut the brat up. *scoffs* Gryffindors.

4. Angst or fluff?

Angst. Dear god, the angst. (Those of you that have read If You Are Prepared, you know what I’m talking about) It’s like, Severus isn’t quite Severus without his quirks. His attitude, his bitterness, his snark, his walls. These things are Snape. In order for anyone to love him, not just Harry, they have to be patient enough to handle him at his worst. He will bite, he will snarl, he will attack you, he will get angry and say things he doesn’t mean. It’s who he is. Harry knows this. He doesn’t want to change him, he just wants to be there for him. He just wants Snape to loosen up, just a smidgen, and let someone in. You can’t just snap your fingers and get to the smut. (unless it’s a one shot fic, or established relationship bit, but I personally don’t like anything less than 10k words because I feel it doesn’t do Severus’ character justice. But that’s just me) Relationships don’t work that way overnight. You have to work for it, both parties involved.

5. What the parents think?

James and Lily are rolling in their graves, god rest their souls. Harry knows this, too, but doesn’t really care one way or the other. There is always the part where Snape has to disassociate his hatred of James from Harry, and I’ve seen it done a few different ways. Sometimes Harry just comes right out and they fight about it (“I AM NOT MY FATHER!”), or Severus sees it himself (this usually takes a long ass time because Snape is so damn stubborn), or he has a neutral third party point it out for him (cue McGonagall/Dumbledore interference). And there is always a fight with Sirius. They’re like cats and dogs, you can’t have them together without a fight but eventually they learn to tolerate each other, for Harry’s sake. Snape’s parents were abusive, just as Harry’s aunt and uncle, so they have more in common than you would think. I think Eileen and Tobias wouldn’t have cared, and Snape damn sure wouldn’t have given two fucks what they thought. If he was happy, he was happy. Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks :)

6. Did they do a first date or did they just hook up?

Dating Severus Snape is complicated. There wouldn’t be a first date right off. It would take the realization that there is something there worth pursuing in order to get Snape moving. Although I have read fics where Snape tricks Harry into going on surprise dates, so there’s that too. It depends on who you’re reading :)

7. Relationship dynamic?

Complicated to get to, but fierce and fun when you get there. Harry spends majority of the time convincing Snape that he’s worth the trouble. Snape spends majority of the time convincing Harry that he is severely misled. But Harry is not a quitter, he respects when Snape doesn’t want him around, but he doesn’t give up on him. When Snape bares his fangs, Harry lets him bite. When he realizes that Harry isn’t going to leave him like everyone else in his life has, he relaxes. When he relaxes, it’s like a whole new Snape is born. Once he realizes he has a friend and not someone that’s going to criticize him, belittle him, and leave him to dry, he opens his heart to Harry, and honestly I’ve read Snarries that have made me cry because of the way he opens up. Harry comforts him by simply being there. And Snape offers Harry a mature and realistic viewpoint on life. Snape doesn’t sugar coat the reality, so he is able to be upfront with Harry about a lot of things that others (i.e. Dumbledore, his friends, ginny) would have either put off to spare his feelings or just avoided talking about altogether. Harry appreciates it and also finds his sarcasm rather funny.

8. How long do they last/did they break up?

Lifetime. You don’t spend 85 chapters breaking down those walls just to leave the next day.

9. Who’s the sex god?

Severus, definitely. He is definitely packing, if you know what I mean. Plus, he was a spy. If you think that meant he never had to sleep around for information, you need to go back to school and read a book. Spys are professionals at what they do, they have to be. One mistake means your life.

10. Short headcanon for the pair.

Severus woke with a fright. He clasped his chest while heaving quick shallow breaths. He stared at the ceiling in panic while trying to calm down. This wasn’t working. Her demented face was still fresh. He could still hear her beg for his help. He could still see the life dissipate from her corpse as Voldemort dealt the blow. He could still smell her rotting flesh on the table while Nagini feasted. He was going to be sick.

His eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness around him. He scanned the room, not finding it familiar to his cold and damp chambers he was so used to. He made himself focus so he could block his thoughts. He saw… A bookshelf… A large desk… A nightstand… And a messy haired ne'er do-well in his bed. Or rather, not his bed. He remembered. He met Harry at his flat for dinner and decided to stay for desert. He could just make out the faint silhouette of Harry’s face, which was turned towards him and resting angelically on his pillow, when the brat let loose a sigh with a snort. Ugh, Severus rolled his eyes. Eloquent as ever.

A bead of sweat made itself known on the back of his neck and so he carefully got out of bed and shuffled to the bathroom to cool off. He sat on the closed toilet lid with a cool washcloth in his hands and stared. It wasn’t for a few minutes until he realized he had been staring at Potter’s obscenely Muggle shower curtain with in-admittedly cute baby sized yellow ducklings against an ocean blue background.

“Tch,” He scoffed, rolling his eyes yet again. He had to admit, it was rather eccentric, even for the Gryffindor brat. He made a mental note of insults to use at breakfast.

Bringing himself back to reality, he stood over the sink and looked into the mirror above it. He hated mirrors. They were never kind to his features, but then again they were just another version of the truth. He was not handsome, not even a little bit. His nose was bulbous, his teeth were crooked, his eyes sunken, and his hair was forever greased thanks to his brewing potions all day. Why on Earth had Potter taken an interest in him? Years later he would still wonder when Harry would tire of him. What was the appeal in a man that looked as horrid as he did?

He straightened his stance. It would do no good to question something that was already done. He knew that. Not just with Harry, but the past as well. Voldemort was gone. The war was over. He was alive and free. He was alive and free. He was alive and free. It was his mantra for nightmares, or when particular thoughts about the past crept through his mind. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths. He was calmer now, but that didn’t necessarily mean he would be able to sleep again. He decided a cup of Chamomile Tea would help.

He slowly made his way down the hall and into the kitchen where he found Harry awake and rustling through the fridge with a pot of water already on the stove.

“Potter?” He asked, his eyes squinting to adjust to the light. “What are you doing awake?”

“Oh, there you are. I thought I felt you leave the bed. When you didn’t come back right away…” He broke off and averted his eyes.

“Sorry,” Severus mumbled. “It was not my intention to wake you.”

“It’s okay, really. Besides,” he smiled and held out a box marked ‘Medicinal Chamomile with Lavender’, “I already know how you like your tea.”

Severus felt himself take the box but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from Harry’s. He was too kind, too considerate of others around him. It was easy to take advantage of. Anyone else would miss how rare a gem he was, how his eyes could glisten like the rarest emeralds when he smiled. Severus stared in awe. He was at a loss for words.

Harry beamed, “You can sit at the bar while I make us a snack.”

“Harry, this really isn’t necessary-”

“Don’t worry about it. Honestly. Just sit, it’ll only take a few more seconds. ”

Severus sighed in defeat. He pulled out a stool to the island bar that separated the middle of the kitchen and carefully sat while he watched Harry prepare olives, cheese, and crackers on what appeared to be festive Western saucers. He snorted and felt his eyes roll for the third time that night.

“And what exactly is so funny?”

“Your arse in those pants. Pray tell, what is your fascination with tiny yellow ducklings?”

Harry blushed and was thankful that his back was turned.

“They, ah, were actually a gift. From Arthur.”

That would explain it, Severus thought to himself. He would rather burn alive than be caught dead in anything that overbearingly cute. Harry turned his head just enough to catch the expression on his lover’s face.

“We are not burning them,” Harry said with a satisfying tone. “Buuttt, I will let you take them off of me. Later of course. Maybe.”

Severus raised an eyebrow with a smirk. He didn’t miss the tint of red that graced Potter’s cheeks.

“What makes you think I would dare to even dream of doing so? Why, Mister Potter, your arse looks positively dashing covered in baby ducks.”

“Oh, can it, you,” Harry laughed and turned off the whistling pot. “Besides, you only wear black. Even to bed.” He punctuated his statement with a glare to the stuffy black cotton shirt and pants as evidence.

“Are you insinuating that you’d fancy me in any other color?”

“Severus,” Harry said in a serious tone as he poured the water over the pure leaves, “I’d fancy you regardless of what you wore.”

Snape scowled, “So I’ve noticed.”

“Hey, it’s worked out pretty well for you so far.”

“Yes, six years after the war and two years in a relationship with the savior of the wizarding world-”

“Who loves you very much, might I add,” Harry cut in with a sly grin as he set the plate of crackers, cheese, and olives on the bar.

“-And I marvel at my greatest accomplishment to date; surviving a lifetime of Potter’s.”

“Well, this Potter you’re stuck with. Get used to it.”

Harry placed his cup in front of him and a warm kiss on Snape’s cheek before sitting opposite to him. He smiled at the look of surprise that was always there after he kissed his cheek. It was as if he were still not used to the affection. It served as a reminder of how far they’d come in the two years that Harry started openly pursuing the man.

Snape cradled his cup and stared into the depths of the liquid. The steam hit his face and infiltrated his senses. He inhaled deeply and held his breath, allowing it entry to his lungs. When he exhaled, he looked up to see Harry watching him with a perplexed expression. He quickly looked away.

He had hoped to do this alone. He had hoped to not have someone see this part of him. He had hoped that Harry would have remained slumbering away while he sat with his thoughts. The silence never bothered him before, but with someone here, the silence would be an invitation. Questions he didn’t want to answer would be asked. Answers he didn’t want to give would be given. He took a sip to quell his uneasy feeling.


Harry’s little outburst made him jump. His eyes fell on the messy haired brat doing what he did best, which was currently stacking cheese square after olive after cheese square to make the biggest cracker sandwich he could.

Damn bloody Gryffindors.

“You cut the olives wrong for sandwich making,” Severus remarked dryly.

“Whaaat? No. Look at this!” He put the final cracker down and admired his work.

“You will never pick it up.”

Sure enough, Harry tried to pick up his masterpiece only to have all the olives come tumbling out. He groaned in frustration and immediately set back to making his perfect stack again.

“I just picked it up wrong, that’s all!”

“Tch,” Severus rolled his eyes so hard he was sure he saw some of his own brain. “Let me show you,” he took the knife from the plate and a few olives and began slicing in clean cut 'O’ shapes.

Harry took the opportunity to watch the strokes of his fingers, so light yet precise; the catch of his hands, so firm and sure; and his eyes when he was giving something his full attention. How many times had he appreciated that look when he watched him brew potions? His eyes were so intense that it captivated Harry, held him on the spot. It was what made him fall in love, over and over, and over again.

Severus caught him in the act, however, and while he finished concocting the cracker stack, toyed with the idea of teasing his partner.

“There,” he finally said with satisfaction.

“Show off,” Harry stuck out his tongue and reached for the cracker stack on Snape’s plate. Snape quickly swatted his hands away.

“This one is mine, make your own,” He said with an evil smirk.

“That’s so not fair!” Harry couldn’t help but laugh. It was just like the git to pull one on him like that.

“Life isn’t-”

“Don’t even say that,” Harry warned in a fake serious tone, “You’re the one who made it unfair, not life.”

“Hmmm,” Severus contemplated thoughtfully. “I could let you have it.”

Harry shivered, he could guess by that tone of voice what was coming.

Severus smirked and continued, “But what will you give me in return?”

Harry raised an eyebrow. Slytherin to the core, was he? Well Harry could play that game.

He leaned in and licked his lips intently, “That depends on what you’re asking for, Severus.”

Snape’s eyes flashed. Oh how he loved this side to Harry. So willing to push the boundaries, just like a Gryffindor, that he’d already lost the game without even realizing.

“One kiss shall be the price,” Severus drawled out after a moments silence.

Harry blushed at the formality. “A kiss, Severus?”

“One kiss,” he repeated.

“Of all the things you could have asked for-” Severus raised an eyebrow at the suggestion, which made Harry flush deeper, “-You settle for just a kiss?”

“Well, seeing as how it’s "just a kiss”, you should have no problems conceding.“

Harry narrowed his eyes. "I could just make my own, you know. I saw how you cut the olives. I could make one just like that, or one even better.”

“You could,” Severus feigned disinterest, knowing it would only further ruffle his predictable lover’s feathers. He shrugged and sipped his tea. This proved far more entertaining than he first thought. Watching his lover get squirmy with anticipation was oddly… Arousing. And damn sure enough to distract him from the reason they were down here in the fist place. He bit the inside of his lip to stop from smiling.

After giving it some thought, perhaps to find the catch, Harry heaved an exasperated sigh.

“What’s the catch?”

“Why Potter, whatever do you mean?”

“I mean I know you Severus Snape, you would never ask for a kiss. And you wouldn’t use that tone if you wanted a kiss. You would just kiss me. So what do you really want?”

“You are severely overthinking this.”

“Am I? Or are you making me think that I am?”

Severus almost snorted his tea. Almost. He couldn’t help the endearing look he gave to the helpless Gryffindor. Harry was right about one thing, if he wanted a kiss, he would just take it. The more this little game played out, the more he wanted the reward he set.

He set his cup down and decided that it was time for other things to be enjoyed. Like the sound of one helpless Gryffindor begging for release at his mercy. He stood and took the tray of crackers and such from the table, shoved them in the fridge, and turned to Harry, who gave him a confused look. He slowly walked to his lover, smirk in place, and kissed Harry unlike any kiss they’d shared so far. It was a soft sort of kiss, full of emotion and a promise of what was to come. Harry wrapped his arms around Severus’ neck and sighed contently.

“Does this mean you’re feeling better?” He hummed from the older’s chest.

“Why don’t we go upstairs and find out, hmm?” Severus replied with a purr in Harry’s ear.

He pulled away but his fingers lingered at Harry’s burning cheekbone. Harry’s eyes were wide and his breath was accelerated.

“I knew there was more to it than just a kiss!” He exclaimed as he happily followed Severus to the bedroom.

“Yes, and I am ready to take those damn bottoms off from your lovely arse,” Severus replied and Harry gasped audibly.

Harry missed the smile that was spreading over Severus’ face, just as he missed how Severus thanked whatever Gods had deemed him worthy of this particularly stubborn brat’s love. But at that moment Severus felt truly thankful to be a part of someone else’s life as Harry had been a part of his own. This closeness, this feeling of loving someone to the point of bearing one’s soul, Severus was not used to yet; but the grin on Harry’s face as they crawled in bed together told Severus that perhaps this would not be such a hard thing to get used to after all. Perhaps it was okay to have someone love you, no matter what you’ve gone through, no matter what you look like, no matter the insecurities, doubts, and memories.

Perhaps it was okay to love and be loved, unconditionally.

Don’t you sometimes just cry, because Remus and Tonks were originally written in the last chapter, but they had to die because there had to be an orphan from the second war? Like, he’s written out of the movies anyway so most of the people don’t get the point, so why couldn’t they have let them live?

Then you think about them waving Teddy goodbye at 93/4 at the beginning of his first year and Remus holding Dora and kissing her cheek as they see their bundle of sunshine and happiness go off on his own adventure…

Of All That Surrounds Us

By temporharry

“Then just–fuck, Harry, tell him you’ve been in love with him since the moment he spilled orange juice all over your N64 and just work from there.”

Harry snorts a laugh despite himself. “Yeah.”

“I’m serious, mate,” Niall insists. “Every time something happens, you act like you and Louis–like you two haven’t basically been an item for ten fucking years. It’s always been like this Harry, you’ve just.” Niall glances at the ceiling and shakes his head, trying his best to soften his tone. “You’re too much of a fucking idiot to notice.”

Or, the high school AU in which all five boys grow up in New York City, Harry’s fingers won’t stop shaking, Louis has an affinity for cupcakes and alcohol, Zayn thinks he knows what he’s doing, Liam actually knows what he’s doing, the contestants won’t stop humping Drew Carey, and everything is really all about Niall.

Chaptered, Completed, Ao3, Must Read

Alright folks! Time to rec some of my all-time favorite Larry Stylinson fics for you!

+ Lonely King - When Louis’ parents pass away in a car accident, he inherits a cottage in the woods of Scotland. He ends up spending the summer there; unraveling secrets, mending bonds and creating memories with his best friends. [chaptered, completed, explicit, side ziam.]

Love. The kind you clean up with a mop and bucket. - Harry is tired of hiding his crush for Louis, who unfortunately is straight and in a relationship with Eleanor. Liam is definitely in love with Zayn, who doesn’t want a boyfriend and prefers his “friends with benefits” agreement with Niall. [chaptered, completed, explicit. lot of sex, really. side ziam, ziall, narry, zarry, lilo, nourry even.]

+  Put you on repeat, play you everywhere I go - Harry is a college radio show host and Louis is a contemporary dancer attending said college. After a drunk hook-up, naturally a whole bunch of pining, dedicated love songs and make-out sessions on dance studio floors ensue. [one shot, explicit hella lot pining.]

+ Can I give you a blowjob? - Louis, the football (soccer) captain of his High School and his team mates have been harassing Harry, the shy, nerdy kid for ages. One day Louis and Harry meet alone in the empty halls. That’s the first time Harry gets the idea to make an offer. If Louis doesn’t beat him up, he will give him a blowjob. Love isn’t as easy as expected and dirty secrets and frat boy parties just make everything harder. A story in which everyone claims to be straight but would never turn down a blowjob. [chaptered, completed, such a cute ending.]

+ Thump Thump Thump (Goes my heart again)- louis and harry have been best friends for as long as anyone can remember, whenever somebody mistakes them for a couple, they are both quick to deny. until one day, they stop denying it. [one shot, very fluffy]

+ Thank The Hotel- The hotel messed up the boys’ reservations for after their Red Nose Day performance, causing Louis and Harry to share a single bed hotel room. When Harry wakes up to Louis having a wet dream, he just can’t help himself. He’d have to remember to thank the hotel later. [one shot, explicit, non-con]

+ Take A Hit-  “Hey, alright, so I like to get concussions from the ground, you like them from sweaty men in tight pants.“ “Do you think you have a concussion?” Harry asks, completely ignoring the part where Louis insulted him. That was not meant to be over looked, thank you very much.“No.” Louis answers, definitely not pouting because Harry didn’t so much as crack an offended smile at his joke. Louis lives for offending people. (And making Harry smile.) [chaptered, wip, explicit. ]

+ You Are The Blood- A seventh-year Hogwarts AU in which Niall is seduced by a Veela, Liam makes new friends, Zayn falls in love, Harry gets jealous, and Louis tries to figure out once and for all why he, a Muggleborn, was sorted into Slytherin. [chaptered, wip, some really hot zourry action. side ziam.]

My Cubicle Life - Louis Tomlinson’s life hasn’t exactly turned out the way he wanted it to. Louis thought that his most life-changing event would be coming out as gay in uni.m But as it turned out, his life would become painfully simple. Fresh out of uni, he found himself working a meaningless, low paying, life-sucking 9-5 job and going home alone every night to the flat that he shared with his best friend. But when a curly headed, dimple having, freakishly tall boy got locked out of his flat one night and came in like a wrecking ball into Louis’s life… well, it turned out that would be the most life changing thing to happen. [chaptered, almost completed, explicit, harry thinks he’s straight.] 

Blinded - As the new kid in town, sixteen year old Harry Styles is finding that life is becoming a lot more complicated than expected. After screwing up at home and making the decision to emancipate himself, Harry arrives in Doncaster on a mission: fit in.  [chaptered, wip]

+ Young & Beautiful- Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes. [chaptered, completed, i swear this is the best fic you’ll ever read. really cute side ziam.]

+ You Give Me Fever (What A Lovely Way To Burn) - Louis walks in on Harry jerking off in the shower. What happens after is just… Impulsive and spontaneous. [one shot, explicit.]

 + Red Brick Heart - Uni AU. Harry had turned up at the halls of residence expecting fun, new friends, and maybe a life experience or two. What he doesn’t expect is a surprise roommate who’s loud and dramatic and obsessed with tea and is maybe, actually, all he’s ever wanted. [chaptered, completed, explicit.]

+ From Eight Until Late, I Think About You - After finding out that his University of Brighton roommate has a YouTube channel, Harry starts up his own channel, on which he posts videos of himself doing weekly challenges. He strikes up a friendship with Louis, a popular youtuber in London, that starts in the comments on their videos and progresses to texting, skyping, and talking about each other in their own videos far too often. [one shot, completed, explicit. hella cute!]

+ A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me”  - Louis has always dreamed of owning his own house, and fresh out of university, he finally achieves his dream. Only splurging on tattoos and piercings, Louis is well off, and he’s just in luck, because he practically shares a room with the boy in the flower crown next door. [one shot, explicit, age difference!]

+ The stars above you and the streets below - There’s a boy sitting on the opposite roof. He’s dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie, hunched over a book. Almost as if he can feel that Louis is (somewhat creepily, but, well) looking at him, he lifts his gaze from his book and meets Louis’ eyes. Louis’ very first thought when their eyes meet is that the boy is really pretty. [one shot, explicit.] 

anonymous asked:

Please a Tfln between Harry and his pregnant wife about her being in a afraid-of-evetything manner, like will everything be fine during birth, will she be a good mother, will Harry still love her the same, will the baby be pretty, and so on...

Harry. Missus.


Hi, Gorgeous. 

What’s the matter? x

We have another scan tomorrow.

They’ve brought it forward an hour.


I’ll have to reschedule lunch with Gemma for 3 rather than 2. x

I was thinking, maybe, we could come home after the appointment.

Spend the afternoon at home.

We’ve been doing that a lot lately, Gorgeous. x


Do you not want to spend time at home with me?

Of course I want too. You’re my wife. I love spending time with you. x

Then, why do we have to go out to see Gemma? 

We saw her Monday.

She wants to see you more than me, mainly.

And Baby Styles - she won’t shut up about how she’s so excited to be an auntie.

Also, she hasn’t seen the bump since you were 5 months pregnant. And now, you’re not 8 months pregnant and growing like mad with kicks and pokes happening and it’s a gorgeous sight. x

I just want to stay at home, Harry.


Maybe, Gemma can come through this evening and we can cook a dinner or get some takeaway ordered in. x

I don’t know.

What’s the matter with you lately, hm? x

Why do you always assume something is wrong?

Because you changed attitudes, Gorgeous. x

I’m fine.



Harry, what if I’m a bad mother?

Don’t you dare think that. x

What if I am a bad mother, Harry?

Don’t think that, Gorgeous. You’re wonderful already and she’s not even with us yet. x

What if I can’t make her stop crying?

What if I can’t change her nappy when she needs changing?

What if she doesn’t latch on when she needs feeding?

She will. x

What if I get angry with her and yell when she keeps me awake?

What if she has complications during the birth?

What if I have complications during the birth?

The midwife has already said we’d have a smooth birth. x

What if I die?

What if I can’t push her out?

You will. I’ll be there the entire time. x

What if she looks nothing like me? 

What if she looks nothing like you?

That’s nonsense because we’ve only had sex with one another. x

What if she dies?

What if she’s stillborn?


Don’t ever think like that. 

I mean that. 

Don’t you ever say something like that again. x


Where are all these worries coming from, Gorgeous? x

I don’t know, Harry.

I’m just so scared.

I’ve never been a mum before.

Hey, I’ve never been a dad before, Gorgeous, but we can do this. x

What if it goes wrong? 

It won’t, Gorgeous. x

What if you don’t love me anymore?

That will never happen. 

I love you, so much. You know I do, okay? 

(Y/N), you’re the love of my life. We’re married. I married you. You’re a Styles now - we’re a dream team. You’re my wife and I love you and everything about you. I would never fall out of love with you. You make me fall more and more for you everyday, and you’re so amazing. x

But, what if we fight more?

That’s part of being in a relationship, Gorgeous. We’re going to fight but it doesn’t mean I’ll fall out of love with you. I love you, fights and everything. It makes us stronger than ever. x

I love you.

Are you ready to have a baby, yeah? x

I’ve always been ready, Peaches. 

I just have these small doubts.

You need to stop doing some late night research in bed, okay? I know you think I don’t see you, but, I do. x

I can’t help it, Harry.

Hey, we still have all those baby books to read and whatnot. What do you say about me coming home now and getting them from my home-office shelves and we can have a read and get you prepared?

I think I marked the labour and delivery chapters. x

I’d be lost without you.

Best Husband award goes to you, hands down. x

Story Elements: Incorporating Back Story

Anonymous asked:

I’ve been nervous about writing my story because I want to start with my main character’s backstory in the first few chapters, then work up to the current situations, but I feel like a lot of people will think the beginning is meaningless. I don’t want to get rid of the beginning because it means a lot to the character, and to other ones as well, but might be willing to change it up. Any advice on what to do? Thanks~

There are a couple of things you can do. For one thing, keep in mind that back story details (even important ones) can be woven into the story as it goes. Think about the Harry Potter series, for example. Even though what happened to James and Lily Potter was important, the story didn’t start when they started at Hogwarts. The details of what happened to them was built into the story at later points as information was given to Harry or as other characters discussed the past. Here are some ways to tie-in back story:


My walk to school took me through an old part of the neighborhood where I lived when I was in elementary school. The old house looked so different from when we lived there, but the house next door was just exactly the same. My best friend Terry had lived in that house, and supposedly her parents still lived there, though few people ever actually saw or spoke to them. They were never the same after the accident which took Terry’s life and almost took mine, too.


“Why do you always look at that house so wistfully?” Taylor asked as we walked through the old neighborhood on our way to school.

“My best friend Terry used to live there, and I lived in that green one next door. Except it wasn’t green back then.”

Taylor was quiet for a moment, as though carefully selecting what she said next. “Terry is the one who died in the accident, isn’t she?”

“Yeah,” I whispered as we passed the house. 

“Do her parents still live there?”

“Supposedly, but no one I know has seen or spoken to them.”


My walk to school took me through an old part of the neighborhood where I lived when I was in elementary school. I hadn’t been through there in ages, but the moment I saw that fateful patch of road, the memory consumed me, blocking out everything else. Terry and I playing, her laughter as we skipped along, the screech of the tires…

“Are you okay?” Taylor asked, pulling me back into the moment.

“Just–remembering,” I said, feeling a cold sweat break out on my forehead.


My walk to school took me through an old part of the neighborhood where I lived when I was in elementary school. The old house looked so different from when we lived there, but the house next door was just exactly the same. To this day I can still recall the moment of the accident with perfect clarity. Terry’s laughter as we skipped across the road, the screech of the tires, the screams of my neighbors. You never forget something like that.

The other thing you can do is sit down and figure out which details are so important they must be covered as actual scenes in your book, and which ones can be incorporated later on as suggested above. That way, you’re not getting rid of all the earlier scenes. Just the ones with details that can be incorporated in other ways. :)

Okay guys I’m writing a fan fiction about harry and Marcel and I made this trailer so far but I’m still writing chapter one what do you think?

Harry Potter Book Club

For @thegladelf, who is sick and in need of many wonderful things. She prompted me with “Killian discovers Harry Potter”, which is simply a fun and nostalgic scenario to write. So, dear, I present you “Harry Potter Book Club” and hope it makes you smile!

Summary: Killian and Belle read Harry Potter for the first time, with Emma and Henry joining in on the fun. (Set during the six weeks of peace between 4a & 4b) Captain Book BroTP & Captain Swan OTP


He is a fool, or rather, he feels like one.

As he stands outside the library, swaying awkwardly by the door, Killian silently curses himself for thinking this to be a good idea. He’s always been one for grand gestures, but he doubts the success of his plan, or if it will be well received. Besides, he’s doesn’t even know if she’s already read the bloody thing.

He sighs, and rights himself. There’s no use delaying this any longer.

She’s behind the circulation desk when he enters, and doesn’t even bother to glance up from whatever book she is perusing. He’s half a mind to warn her against lurking pirates, or at the very least to remind her to mind her surroundings, but he notices the rose of her skin and the tear tracks she’s not bothered to hide, and he thinks better of it. Instead, he makes a loud coughing sort of noise and pretends not to notice her wiping her cheeks with her sleeve.

“Belle,” he greets with an enthusiasm that feels out of place for the situation. Still, he soldiers on in hopes that he can improve her spirit.

“Oh, hello, Killian,” she replies back, and he can’t help but smile at how she says his name. She’s one of the few, besides Emma, that really uses it. He rarely minds the use of his more colorful moniker, but there’s something more human about being referred to by his actual name. It makes him feel less of villain, especially when Belle uses it. Considering all the wrongs he’s committed against her in the past, it’s honestly a surprise she’s working to forgive him. “I think I might have a lead on a way to free the fairies.”

“That’s good,” Killian says with a grimace. For the past few weeks, they’ve been researching ways to free the fairies from the hat he, under the control of the Crocodile, trapped them. While the guilt still gnaws at him, no one seems to particularly blame him, which almost makes the situation worse. However, Killian has resolved to save them, one of the many messes he’s made that he wants so desperately to rectify. His relationship with Belle is another one of those things.

“I’ve brought you something.”

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Sugar on the Asphalt: Twenty-Six (Harry)

A much requested Grace’s birthday chapter from Harry’s POV! Hope everyone enjoys and please let me know what you think!! <3

Previous chapters


It was her birthday. It shouldn’t have mattered, but it did. After not seeing her for two weeks, she couldn’t just drop something like this on me. It wasn’t fair. Where were her manners?

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anonymous asked:

I read tweets from an AVClub critic who loved S1 & S2, but hated S3. He's glad Hannibal is over. He feels Bryan Fuller fell in love with Hannibal Lecter much the way Thomas Harris did, that Fuller essentially did to Will Graham what Harris did to Clarice Starling. I agree. I had problems with the 1st part of S3, but now wish it'd ended at Digestivo. I might feel differently if we had hopes for an S4 where Will breaks free of Hannibal. Do you think Will could ever have saved/recovered himself?

Let me add to my previous ask that I don’t think there’s anything beautiful or romantic about killing yourself because you believe yourself to be such a monster that the world is better off with you dead. That is a terrible dark place to be in.

I understand your reviewer’s sentiment (if you don’t like the idea that Clarice went over to Hannibal’s side, then it stands to reason that you won’t like the idea that Will did), but I think his analysis is wrong on a storytelling level, the major difference being that Bryan Fuller told a story which led to its conclusion by investing three seasons in the tormented relationship between Hannibal and Will, while Harris kind of stuck his ending on without authentic development and sufficient time spent on the psychology, relying instead on drugs and hypnosis. There’s also a difference in authorial treatment: Fuller’s Hannibal was arguably the biggest dick he’d ever been while in captivity, sending Dolarhyde after Molly and Walter, threatening Alana’s wife and child, etc., while Harris engaged in an effort to relatively de-vilify Hannibal (giving him his Nazis-ate-my-sister backstory, making all his kills in the book Hannibal be morally corrupt or downright evil people, putting him in a position to “save” Clarice from her disgusting tormentors). So I think his claim that Bryan Fuller fell in love with Hannibal in the same way Harris did is quantifiably inaccurate. There’s something else going on.

That aside, I can relate to the emotional desire not to have Will fully succumb to Hannibal’s influence. As a matter of personal preference, it’s understandable, and I feel exactly the same way. 

But that’s exactly why I find the reviewer’s desire to have the show not continue to be counter-intuitive, frankly. Conflict has to come from somewhere, but only if the story continues. If the next season is Will and Hannibal as murder husbands a la Clarice and Hannibal, as people seem to be supposing, it seems impossible for me to imagine that the story isn’t going to come from that not working somehow. Whether that’s from starting out as murder husbands but then Will discovering he has reserves of strength he didn’t realize he had (Bryan talked about Will’s return to Hannibal and to violence as an addict’s return to the needle–this isn’t really romanticizing it); or if he’s injured in the fall and suffers an amnesia, pushing Hannibal into the brainwashing story, and the story is Will waking up from it (which is a pocket of truly untapped potential in the novel); and/or Hannibal himself having to learn and adjust from the fear that Will may betray himself to death, not just Hannibal–all these are places the story could go–but only if it has a chance to be told. 

But if you don’t like the ending and the show doesn’t continue, then you’re stuck with a story you don’t like forever. 

This is exactly why I sent Bryan this tweet:

If you don’t like the ending, the only way to rescue Will from it is to have more show. So, in short, yes, I do think a new season could have been about that recovery process. Whether it would have been or not, I don’t know. 

We don’t know what Bryan Fuller meant by saying that the next chapter is the most interesting chapter in the Will Graham story yet, but I, for one, would like to find out.

I understand that there’s plenty to criticize about HP and plenty of fun changes to canon to explore, but when it comes to people going “it doesn’t make sense that Harry would do this thing” it just gets me like…  Did you write seven extensive novels about this kid?  He does weird stuff.  JKR knows what weird stuff her Harry would do.  And it’s awesome to explore an alternate Harry who would’ve responded differently to his circumstances, but I think it’s safe to say this one acted like himself all the way through.  Right up to naming his child Albus Severus and becoming an auror.

(I’m sorry can you tell I’m hung up on this)