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hi! so everyone at the xfamnet decided to do an appreciation for the cast of the x-men since we have just finished our mutant appreciation. just like for the mutant appreciation, this is open to everybody! for this we will be accepting graphics, gifs, edits, aesthetics, videos- basically anything- except for fics, this was agreed upon by the entire net. 

you don’t have to do all of them, you can pick and choose which ones you participate in! do what you can and tag your works with #xfamnet or #xmencastappreciation and we’ll reblog it!

the weeks:

  • week one; april 30- may 6: ian mckellen week!
  • week two; may 7- 13: halle berry week!
  • week three; may 14- 20: patrick stewart week!
  • week four; may 21- 27: anna paquin week!
  • week five; may 28- june 3: hugh jackman week!
  • week six; june 4- 10: rebecca romijn week!
  • week seven; june 11- 17: james marsden week!
  • week eight; june 18- 24: famke janssen week!
  • week nine; june 25- july 1: shawn ashmore week!
  • week ten; july 2- 8: ellen page week!
  • week eleven; july 9- 15: aaron stanford week!
  • week twelve; july 16- 22: zoe kravitz week!
  • week thirteen; july 23- 29: lucas till week!
  • week fourteen; july 30- august 5: january jones week!
  • week fifteen; august 6- 12: kodi smit mcphee week!
  • week sixteen; august 13- 19: fan bingbing week!
  • week seventeen; august 20- 26: james mcavoy week!
  • week eighteen; august 27- september 2: briana hildebrand week!
  • week nineteen; september 3- 9: ryan reynolds week!
  • week twenty; september 10- 16: olivia munn week!
  • week twenty-one; september 17- 23: caleb landry jones week!
  • week twenty-two; september 24- 30: lana condor week!
  • week twenty-three; october 1- 7: oscar issac week!
  • week twenty-four; october 8- 14: sophie turner week!
  • week twenty-five; october 15- 21: evan peters week!
  • week twenty-six; october 22- 28: alexandra shipp week!
  • week twenty-seven; october 29- november 4: booboo stewart week!
  • week twenty-eight; november 5- 11: gina carano week!
  • week twenty-nine; november 12-18: adan canto week!
  • week thirty; november 19- 25: dafne keen week!
  • week thirty-one; november 26- december 2: tye sheridan week!
  • week thirty-two; december 3- 9: rila fukushima week!
  • week thirty-three; december 10- 16: edi gathegi week!
  • week thirty-four; december 17- 23: nicholas hoult week!
  • week thirty-five; december 24- 31: this last week of the year is reserved for every xmen cast member! just to show some final appreciation and how much it means to us that they’ve brought our favorite characters to life on screen and how we’ve found a family and friends through these characters/people.

these are all the scheduled dates! they will be posted each week on our blog! you don’t have to inform anyone if you’re doing this, just tag your work with #xfamnet or #xmencastappreciation 

you can direct questions here! have fun and we can’t wait to see everyone’s work!

Dating Dean Winchester would Include…

-meeting each other by accident when you, a retired hunter and cop, arrested him for trespassing

-him flirting with you the whole time and you pretending not to like it

-him getting super jealous all the time cause in his mind you’re way too good for him

-really he gets jealous of anyone that so much as looks at you

-he once threatened a guy for complimenting the band on your shirt

-helping each other during hunts

-*casually discussing dinner plans while decapitating a vamp*

-him telling you the cheesiest pick up lines even even after you started dating

-”hey baby, if I flip a coin, what are the chances of me getting head?”

-”Dean we are in the middle of sex.”

-Sam loving you because you make his brother so happy

-Sam having many mental scars from walking in on you two because Dean likes to do it around the bunker

-staying up late with Dean just talking or cuddling when he can’t sleep

-you always wanting to cuddle with him

-he acts like he doesn’t like it but secretly he probs loves it more than you do

-him not knowing what he did to deserve you

-tag team hustlers

-you distract the guy while dean takes the money

-him being completely and utterly in love with you

-like seriously he didn’t know he could feel that much until you came around

-you loving him back just as much

-you and Sam bonding over embarrassing stories of dean’s childhood.

-”He used to dress up as batman everyday.”

-”Shut up Sam!”

-having little fights about dumb things that neither of you really care about

-make up sex afterwards

-having huge fights which include screaming and throwing things, and one of you ends up storming out

-the other waiting up until they get back

-intense make up sex afterwards

-him being the best guy you’ve ever been with, in all aspects (wink wink)

-him cooking breakfast for you since he almost always wakes up first

-him laying in bed watching you because you’re just so beautiful

-he get turned on by like everything that you do

-bite your lip, turned on, bend over turned on, looking his direction, turned on

-you trying your best to help him with the mark of Cain

-your whole world falling down around you when you hear that he’s dead

-nearly sobbing the whole time when he comes back as a demon and tried to kill you and Sam

-Demon Dean coming on to you and trying to convince you to come with him but you refuse, knowing he’s not your Dean

-when it’s all over, he hates himself for hurting you but you reassure him it wasn’t his fault and you still love him

-make up sex afterwards

-just being the ultimate power couple

Wentworth Miller: Recently, I did a Q&A at a college campus… the only thing they wanted to talk about was Prison Break. And everyone in the room was 17, 18 years old, so they were just coming to it. For them, the show is present tense. And that hammered home for me that, because of technology and social media, this stuff has a second life.’

What are you looking to do next?

Dominic Purcell: We want to work together again. We want to come up with a TV concept [where] we can work together. If we can come up with something brilliant, we’ll make it happen.

Wentworth Miller: I’m looking to do a bit of both. Maybe I’m working on a show as an actor and I’m writing the odd episode. I’ve had the experience of working in Hollywood as a feature film writer. Unfortunately, I did not encounter a lot of respect there, but in TV, the writer is king. That’s the fountainhead, that’s the source.

DP: And I’ve said to Wentworth, “You’re a fucking brilliant writer, so why not be the executive producer, the guy that writes the fucking pilot, and the guy that chooses to act in five episodes rather than 15?” We’re also exploring the possibility of doing a Prison Break reunion, end of chapter or whatever it is.

WM: A hidden chapter, a limited series, something. That model of [24: Live Another Day] and either flash back, like, This is what you didn’t see, or Where are they now? in a reunion set-up.

What excites you about the idea of playing these men again?

DP: Just to discover what’s happened to them, how far they’ve journeyed. I don’t see it being another series; I see it being a standalone movie or a miniseries. But, again, I want to work with Wentworth on something completely separate from all that and make that work.

WM: I’m also excited by the possibility, or the potential of going back and taking a look at Michael Scofield as a man who is now 43, as opposed to when I was starting out at 33, because I will come at it from a different angle. I have a different set of skills and experiences to bring to the table.

Is a reunion movie something you’re exploring in a legitimate way with Fox or is it just an idea for now?

DP: Legitimate.

WM: We were shooting the breeze on set of The Flash and having a good time being back together and reminiscing and out of that came this, “Wouldn’t it be cool…” The wheels are in motion, but things take time.

DP: That’s the other thing about Prison Break: It never stops. That’s the thing about new media. It’s like we have a new generation of Prison Break fans, thanks to Netflix.


It’s been a week since season 4 is over, and the hiatus has truly begun, so it’s time to welcome our new members to help each other stay alive for the next few months (oh boy). Thank you to everyone that applied! 

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in case you forgot i lived

Oh and I am also open for commissions now. Price lists and so on will come soon, but it will be the usual range of commission pricing so it probably will not blow anyone’s minds. Want me to draw good for you? Then feed me.

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If you are impatient and can’t wait for me to put up my All-Stars of art to showcase what I can do, then all you need to do is use the tag “original” and there you have all of the stuff I have put up on this blog that is, well, my stuff.

A Little Too Late Part 18

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 18

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Castiel, Sam, Dean, Balthazar, Castiel, Crowley

Word Count: 1,066

Warnings: Angst

A/N: Here we are with Part 18!! I know I keep saying it, but it really does keep getting interesting! I hope you all enjoy it!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3 *Remember you can request headcanons still! You can also request imagines and oneshots!*

Series Masterlist

You and Dean arrived at the nightclub dressed in appropriate attire.  Dean pulled the Impala to a stop, taking the keys out of the ignition.  He glanced over at you, noticing how great you looked in your dress.  “You look great [Y/N],” Dean murmured, a smirk spreading across his lips.

You snorted, “I don’t feel great in this dress or in these heels.  My feet are already killing me.  By the way Dean, if we get separated don’t worry, I’m carrying my silver blade.”  You pulled your dress up enough to show the handle of your knife.  “Thank God for sheaths am I right?”

“You are unbelievable [Y/N],” Dean sighed, opening his door.

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haha okay yyaaay I finished iiit!!!
There are 344 frames in this sucker
It’s the longest animation I have made so far!
Ehh, I just hope you like it?
It’s okay, I wanted ‘you’ to have more movement but what do you expect, I’m an amateur animator hh
Soul!sans @amber-acrylic
Oh heyyy alsoo
This pretty much was @crowfry ’s idea, I thought it was adorable sooo here’s thiissss haha

N͖̦͖̬͐͐̎ͮ́ͅot̉ͤ̄ͬͨ͑̓͏̪͔ḭ̱̐c͙̞͂͒ͤeͬ̾͏̥̼ ̖̯̹̰̜̬ͥ̀ͥm̜̦̖͍̭̏͆͒e̛̱̲̘̼͋̈̊̋ͅ ͨ͋S̛̞̖̳̳͇͚̖̀ͨ̈͛́e̦̙̤̬͍͔̣͐̈́̊ͧ͝n̖̤̥̖͇ͩp̼̭̾̿ͬ̉͐̀ä͙́̐̈̇i̭ͯͥ̇͊ͅ…

Heh this took way longer than necessary. I rly like it tho.

Shinhwa. Vocalist. Kim Dong Wan. 791121 ꒰・‿・๑꒱

“If I was a solo singer, I may have become more popular myself in my heyday, but I think I would′ve been really lonely. I learned this after going solo myself. When we′re together though, whenever one member falls short we know that another member will fill that gap. You may think we′re too dependent on each other, but unwavering faith is what this is. When we′re together, I get to pull out everything I can do, in the name of Shinhwa.” (x)

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