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Is there ever a good reason to turn your back on someone in a close-up fight (like spinning around or whatever) that isn't running away?

Okay, the Hollywood spin that you see in a lot of fight scenes is bunk. These random spins are just there because spinning is dynamic and looks better on screen.

The answer to your question is that we don’t really spin to dodge attacks, we utilize spins to gain momentum. If you take into consideration that power comes from the momentum of your body in motion, then spinning and jumping lend themselves to more powerful techniques.

Spinning techniques open up a can of worms when talking about real fights, not really whether or not they work. That’s not up for debate. The question is, should you risk it? It’s a combat philosophy question.

This is about risk versus reward.

Spin kicks and jump kicks are the more advanced versions of the basic and the intermediary kicks. Any spinning or jump technique will have a version on the ground that must be learned first. The more complexity is added to a technique, the more your fundamentals and basics become important. A sloppy hook kick will translate into a sloppy spinning hook kick. The more force there is at play then the greater the risk of injury to yourself if you mess up. Broken ankles, fractured toes, broken legs, busted or blown knees, torn tendons are all risks beyond just the standard pulled leg muscles.

Remember, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The more force you generate to put into someone else, the greater the chance that same force has of rebounding on you. Poor technique increases the chance of injury, but there is no way to ever do any of these techniques in complete safety. You have to trust yourself and your ability to perform.

Jump kicks, spin kicks, spinning hand strikes, and flying punches exist as techniques across multiple martial arts disciplines. The body in motion creates momentum which is the source of power. When you spin, or run, or jump, you create a lot more momentum then you will from a standing position. These techniques are the more powerful upgrades of their non-jumping, non-spinning, ground based counterparts.

Someone flying at you can break your bones, and its potentially lethal. There are dozens of videos from kickboxing matches and taekwondo tournaments showcasing knockouts from wheel kicks and 360 degree jump roundhouses. The wheel kick or spinning hook kick can and does knock people out in sparring matches, tournaments, and professional fights.

A landed kick will drive the force of the blow through the headgear or head protection meant to soften the impact. If they manage to land the wheel kick while jumping then it is even stronger than it was on the ground. Spinning and jumping combine into the ultimate power up. The art of the flying death kick is not a joke. Well, not completely. Lots of martial arts styles have their own variants on spin techniques, from spinning kicks to spinning backfists and even elbows. We can go back and forth debating in what context they work, but they do exist. They do work, and they populate many different martial styles.

Spin kicks, jump kicks, jump spin kicks, any spinning technique is risky business. They’re powerful finishers. They can be used as openers, but if you fail then you leave yourself wide open. Most of the time you’re going to need to set your spins up via combinations to create the necessary openings in your opponent’s defense. 

That said, turning your back on your opponent is a bad idea. Running away in close quarters when you haven’t created an opening is a terrible one. The same is true for spin techniques. You need great timing and the ability to create openings in order to pull them off. The crux of the issue is: they’re high risk, high reward. When we perform a spin kick is we’re turning our back on our opponent and trusting they’ll still be there by the time we’ve finished our turn. Your opponent is never just going to stand there and let you hit them. You’ve got to make sure they’re not going anywhere first.

The combat philosophy on spin techniques varies from individual to individual. Some will say never do it as what you get isn’t worth the risk, and others will do it and make it work. You’ve got to decide for yourself if the benefits outweigh the risks.

For writers, especially ones without experience, it’s important to understand that spinning jump kicks are among the most difficult kicking techniques. Spinning is advanced martial arts. If your character doesn’t come out of a strong kicking discipline, it’s unlikely they’ll ever consider you using them. Even if they do, they may decide they’re too risky.

If you, the writer haven’t figured out how the basic kicks like the front kick, the roundhouse, and the sidekick work then wrapping your head around the mechanics of a spin kick is going to be difficult. This is before we get to the combat applications of when or how we use kicks like the wheel kick, the spinning jump roundhouse, or the popup back kick.

And that’s okay if you look at these kicks, think they’re awesome, and when you sit down to try to write what you saw get confused by how they work. The advanced kicks are mysteries to the white belts too. That’s normal.

Mechanically, these kicks are fairly complex. Sometimes, there’s switching between the legs that happens. Multiple body parts are all moving at the same time. With the wheel kick, you turn and look over your shoulder, lift your leg, extend your leg, and spin in one almost simultaneous spin. You need to spin while balanced entirely on one leg, not overextend, not be thrown out of whack by your own momentum, and not be destabilized by sudden contact with another object that’s not moving.

It is not uncommon when learning these kicks to lose your balance and fall over, to experience vertigo, lose track of your target and get really dizzy. You stumble, you fall, you get scared. It can very be intimidating.

Writers, if you find yourself looking at these techniques and getting confused don’t worry about it. You’re seeing kicks that are studied between blue (in TKD basic popup kicks, axe kick, crescent kick), brown to red (wheel kick, jump axe kick, jump crescent kick, jump wheel kick, and advanced popups), and black belt (kicks like tornado kick, the 540, and the 720). These are kicks learned two to four years into a student’s training, when they have a strong foundation. Don’t get down on yourself for not being a black belt if you’ve never done martial arts.

Ironically, the best way to train your pen is start with writing the basic kicks and work up. If you can figure out the application for the back kick and the hook kick in a written scene, you’ll begin understanding the wheel kick.

If you want to watch the knockouts in action, here are some videos. (Warning: do not watch any of the following videos if you are uncomfortable with watching real human beings, some of whom are minors get knocked out.)  If you want to watch a lot of these in action then look up videos like The Best Taekowndo Knockouts KO. Or this Tornado Kick KO (360 degree jump roundhouse) from MMA. Lawrence Kenshin did a decent breakdown of these kicks. (Learning the Tornado Kick was how I fractured my tibia when I was twelve.)


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How Jimin ended up in the bathtube everytime
  • PDnim: So, what do you think about the concept?
  • Jungkook: It's shit like hell. Why the fuck have i to sit in a bathtube?
  • PDnim: But i think it would be nice if you would do this, because you are from Busan, and Busan is famous for the beach.
  • Namjoon: That makes sense.
  • Jungkook: No way.
  • PDnim: Jungkook-
  • Jungkook: Take Jimin-Hyung. He is from Busan too!
  • PDnim: But-
  • Jungkook: He's small, cute and looks fucking hot like hell when he's wet. Imagine how the girls would love it.
  • PDnim: Jungkook....that's a really nice idea.
  • Jungkook: I know.
  • -years later-
  • Jimin: Why the fuck i'm the only one who ended up in a bathtube everytime? I'm a mermaid or something?
  • Jimin [blushing]: Oh....okay...then...

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Can u plz do a dad harry imagine where the reader & H have three kids and it's all fluffy and cuddly or something? Love ur writing!!

You remember the first time you told Harry you were pregnant. Although it was early in your marriage and you actually hadn’t planned for it but the excitement and happiness didn’t cease. If Harry was a total sap before your pregnancy, he was a definite Romeo after it. You gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Tommy.

2 years after Tommy was born, you had opened the topic of having a bigger family and Harry was quick to oblige, pleasuring you and putting you first, thoughts of becoming a dad to a new baby engulfing his mind.
Thanks to your health and Harry’s, the bun was successfully in the oven; only it wasn’t one bun, there were 2. You gave birth to healthy twin girls, Ella and Emma.

2 years later, you and Harry were surrounded by your 4 years old baby boy and 2 years old twins, happier than ever.

“Is everyone settled?” Harry asked as he walked from the kitchen to the living room with popcorn buckets.

“Yes!” You and your kids answered in unison.

“Hey! Ella, you know daddy likes to cuddle mummy when we’re watching a movie.” Harry frowned as he looked at you and Ella, cuddling as you stroked her hair.

You smiled as Ella giggled. “One movie, daddy? Please?”


“Alright, how about we all cuddle?” You interrupted Harry with a smile before lifting Ella over your lap to beside you, patting your lap for her. She rested her head on your lap, releasing a satisfied sigh. Harry got beside you, wrapping his arm around you before opening his other arm for one of the other 2. Emma was quick to place herself under Harry’s arm.

Tommy stood watching, thinking of a position of his own to be close to his parents. “Where do I sit?”

“Come here, baby,” You allowed space between you and Harry, not wanting your son to feel left out. Harry, catching on to what you did, smiled. Tommy grinned as he sat down, legs under him as you and Harry cuddled him.

“All settled?” Harry asked.

“Yes, daddy!” The kids answered.

Harry looked at you, “Mummy?”

“Yes, daddy.” And Harry was ready to make kid number 4, giving you a look that only you understood which made you giggle, “Start the movie.”

Finding Dory started and from the very first second, your kids were engrossed.

By the time the second movie, Moana, had ended, you and Harry had 3 sleeping bodies on you. Harry looked at you before pecking your forehead, “Let’s put them to bed?” He asked quietly.

You nodded, slowly and gently pushing Ella on the couch before lifting Tommy in your arms, him instantly burying his head in your neck — a gesture he picked from his dad — and wrapped his limbs around you. Harry scooped his twins in his arms before you both walked quietly up the stairs and went to Tommy’s room.
You tucked him in, Harry standing with your twins still in his arms.

“Mummy?” Tommy mumbled sleepily, fluttering his eyes.

“Yeah, baby?” You whispered, putting the cover up to his chin.

“Love you. Love daddy.” He whispered sleepily.

You smiled, pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead. “We love you, too, love.”

And so, you left his fairylights on before you followed Harry out of the room and to the room of your twins. You took Emma from him and tucked her in, kissing her forehead before you and Harry exchanged places so you could kiss Ella and he could kiss Emma.

You wrapped your arm around Harry’s torso as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, turning off the light but turning on their fairy lights as well before you walked out of the room and into your own.

You plopped on your bed on your back and started moving your limbs, making a snow angel and messing the sheets. “I don’t want to sleep.” You giggled.

Harry laughed before approaching you. “Let’s unleash,” He said in a deeper voice with a funny face,

“No!” You squealed.

“The beast!” Harry finished before tackling you on the bed, burying his head in your neck to blow raspberries, making you giggle and squirm.

“Stop!” You laughed.

Harry grinned, leaning down to kiss your lips as you wrapped your legs around his waist. “Thank you.”

“What for?” You smiled, playing with his hair.

“For everything; giving me a family, a home and just,” He paused, “Being there through it all, sticking with me. So thank you.”

“Thank you for being the most amazing husband and dad anyone could ever ask for. I love you, you know that?” You replied, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I might have a clue actually, yeah.” He teased before leaning down once more to put his lips on yours.


You woke up before Harry, kissing his cheek as he slept before putting on your undergarments and wearing your red robe. You smiled to yourself when you heard your kids’ cheerful voice, walking outside the room and down to the living room where the 3 sat, playing legos on the floor together and building a castle.

“Good morning, munchkins.” You greeted them.

“Mummy!” They all cheered before they ran towards you, hugging your legs.

“Why didn’t you wake me up? You need to have breakfast.” You said, walking to the kitchen and having them follow you before sitting in their places.

“Tommy said we should let you and daddy sleep because sleep is healthy and makes you strong!” Emma said.

“Am I a good boy, mummy?” Tommy asked excitedly.

“The best.” You smiled, pecking his cheek. “Why don’t you help you make daddy breakfast so we can give him breakfast in bed? You know how tired he’s been in the studio with uncle Jeff.”

They gasped, “We’ll cook?!”

“Really, mummy?!”

“Woah! I’m going to tell Mason when I see him!”

And then began the fun of cooking breakfast for your sleeping husband and also feeding the children.
After about 40 minutes, you had a tray of pancakes, omelette, fresh berries and orange juice. You walked carefully behind your rushing kids, Tommy opening the door for you before joining his sisters in jumping on their dad to wake him up.

“Daddy, wake up! Wake up, daddy!”

Harry groaned, “Five minutes.”

“But daddy, we helped mummy make you breakfast.” Ella said. At this, Harry’s eyes fluttered open, smiling when he looked at his kids before sitting up, his eyes catching yours.

“Make room, little ones.” You said as you carefully approached them before putting the tray on Harry’s lap.

Harry looked at the food before looking back at you, “You didn’t have to, baby.” Harry said in awe.

“We wanted to. We thought you deserved that, didn’t we?” You asked your kids.


“Woah! You helped mummy cook all this?” Harry asked in an exaggerated amused tone.

“We did! Do you like it?” Ella asked, sitting in between her sibling in front of Harry.

You sat beside him, smiling when he pecked your temple.

“I love it. But you’re all eating with daddy.” Harry pointed out.

And so, Harry started to feed all of you, refusing to not personally feed any of you. He’d pop berries in the twins’ mouths — their favorite — ,feed Tommy bits of his omelette and cut you pieces of his pancakes, only eating when you all had your mouths full.

“How about we go out today? Aquarium?” Harry grinned.

The kids gasped before they jumped off the bed, “I’m going to get ready!” Tommy shouted, running to the door and rushing out of it.

“Me too!”

“Me too!”

Leaving you and Harry alone. You smiled, looking at him. “Are you not tired?”

“Never for you.” Harry smiled, leaning to kiss you.

Just as your lips were about to touch, you were interrupted with a gentle knock. You and Harry looked towards the door, finding Ella with a sheepish look and her hands behind her back.

“Daddy, can you make my hair? I can’t do it alone.” She asked shyly.

Harry smiled and nodded, “Of course, baby. Mummy will help you get dressed first then I’ll come, yeah?”

“Best mummy and daddy ever!” She giggled before running off.

this went straight to my heart. honestly. also, sorry for the long wait, love & thank you!!! xx

Idk who is more shook

So I work at a bar that also has a banquet room facility for parties in the back. The other day we hosted a party for incoming freshmen for a university. We figured we weren’t going to make alot of drink sales cause of mostly underaged students, but the parents were practically raiding the bar. Anyway, we made alot of sells, and as the party started to settle down for cake, i went to the banquet room to pick up drink glasses. When i entered the room this woman waved me over holding one of our cute brass cups we use for our Strawberry Mule drinks. I walk over thinking she was too lazy to go to the bar and order another one. This is where mistakes were realized.

Mam: Excuse me, is there alcohol in this drink? *shows me the cup with leftover strawberrys*

Me:…yes. *thinking shes complaing that she cannot taste the alcohol*

Mam: Well…well what kind of alcohol?

Me: uhh, vodka and ginger beer, there may be other things depending on the bar tender.

This lady turns to her probably 6 year old daughter reaching for the cup sitting next to her and shes stunned. She looks back at me and says “oh my god i didnt know there was alcohol in it!” It took me a second to realize what shed done. I tried not to show a reaction and i shrugged. I SHRUGGED. I didnt know what to tell the lady????? Like…how…could you not know…?its a Mule!Do you not drink?? Did you not watch them make thr drink??? Who ordered it????? She gave her kid some water and…yea. After a mintue or two a boyfriend came to the table and this woman was livid. Shortly they argued, and left avoiding eye contact with me.

Candids [Jason x Reader]

A/N: Soz about not getting this up right away and I apologize even more in advance if this was shite. This is my second draft and a repost (due to errors) so I hope it’s alright. 

Y/N = your name.

One perk that came with being a freelance photojournalist meant you got to take cool candids for your blog. One perk that came with being a freelance photojournalist in Gotham, meant you got to take cool candids of the city’s very own vigilantes in action for your very dedicated blog.

People often asked you why you didn’t work with any of the news agencies like Gotham Gazette or GNN but you had, as an intern and you hated the working conditions. You were on call 24/7 and your deadlines were tight and sometimes you were out for hours following the action. Instead, you ended up selling some of your photos to them whenever they need material.

Now you worked on your own terms and your blog was decently successful. People from all over read your articles and shared your work, even though it was mostly just you gushing professionally about Batman and his group of birds and bats.

You had gotten a cold from lack of sleep and a stakeout at the docks from last week so you hadn’t been keeping up your blog, but the feeling of drowsiness and constant hacking of your lungs had lessened over the past few days so you decided it was time to get back into the kick of things.

Talk on social media said Nightwing was apparently back in town so you wanted to try and get some good shots of him before he went back into hiding. With your gear bag, you headed out for your hunt.

Two hours had passed on your stakeout and so far, all you had were a couple shots of the Pioneer’s bridge from your spot. You looked around through your camera and noticed someone sitting on the ledge of the clock tower a few blocks from you. You couldn’t tell who it was but you were hoping it was Nightwing.

You drove over and located the back door, instantly regretting your decisions when you noticed how many flights of stairs you had between you and your destination.

“The things I do for my blog…” You sighed as you tried to quicken up your pace before you missed Nightwing. The door to rooftop was alright slightly ajar so you quietly pushed it open to see if someone was still out there and to your surprise, they were.

You had been hoping it was Nightwing, but it wasn’t. It was the Red Hood in all his glory, sitting next to the gargoyle. He was dressed in his usual leather jacket and red helmet. He looked to almost be, pondering about something. You quickly uncapped your camera and got your angle right but what you had forgotten to do was turn off your flash.

You should have been more careful but it was too late to fix your mistake because the bright light had caught the vigilante’s attention and before you knew it, you were being held at gun point. The Red Hood stood against the ledge he was previously occupying with a gun aimed directly at you.

You let out a yelp of surprise as your camera fell against your abdomen and your hands came up in surrender.

“WHO ARE YOU AND WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?” The Red Hood shouted as you tried to take a step back. That was your second mistake because he clicked off the safety lock of his gun and you knew if you dared to move another muscle, the next click wouldn’t be the safety lock returning to place.

You had heard the stories of the Red Hood and although it seemed less terrifying over your computer screen, you were nearly wetting your pants at the sheer thought of what he could do. “I-I don’t work for anyone! I’m a freelance journalist!”

“A what?” He asked and you trembled in your spot.

“A freelance journalist, I take photos of Gotham’s vigilantes and write articles about you guys on my blog.” You replied as you tried to sound brave but that wall came tumbling down as the masked vigilante walked up to you, gun still pointed. You whimpered as you closed your eyes.

Is this how you were going to die? Is this what they call “death on the job” because you’re not sure whether this is how you wanted to go.

You were sure he was going to blow your brain to mush with a click of the trigger but instead, you heard a slight snort and the gun being put back into his holster.

You opened your eyes slowly and looked up at the man in front you. You only ever got shots of him from far away but wow, was he ever tall and bulky…

“So you’re a fan? I didn’t know I had those.” He crossed his arms across his chest, adorned in with the red bat symbol.

“Y-yeah?” You wanted to tell him how he was quite well-liked within the community of readers on your blog but your voice faded out before you had the chance. You stood up a little straighter and gave a tiny cough. “My readers quite like you. They question your ethics but I might have accidentally swayed their opinions from that…”

“You’ve written articles about me?”

You were a bit taken back by the question but you nodded anyway, “Well, you are a vigilante, are you not?”

He thought about it for a second before chuckling, “I think I’m more of the anti-hero.”

You cocked your head to the side, capping your camera as you waited for an answer.

“I kill people and last I checked, everyone else sort of just injures them or knocks ‘em out for the cops to deal with.”

“But you’re still doing for the city, even if it’s not ethical… per say, you still get rid of the bad guys.” Red Hood shrugged in response.

The two of you stood in awkward silence for a couple seconds before he spoke up. “Do you have any cool candids of me to share?” You looked up in surprise and all though you couldn’t see his face, it sounded like he was smiling.

The two of you walked over to the ledge and you went through your camera, showing him the photos you had of him on your memory card. He took the time to admire them and ask about your job. It didn’t come as a surprise that he was a nice guy, but his funny personality kind of did. He joked around with you and even shared a few laughs and by the end of the night, you had long forgotten about why you even came up here in the first place.

He didn’t talk much about himself except how he died once and this was one of his favourite places to come when he wanted time alone to think or take up the view of the city, although he was very adamant you did not disclose that information to anyone. You zipped your lip and threw the invisible key, to which he laughed at.

Depicting body language came with the job as a writer and from the way he moved when he talked about himself, you could take from that the life of being an “anti-hero” was pretty lonely. You wanted to ask him for his opinion about relationships as a vigilante but thought better than to impede on his personal life.

He also took the time to apologize for holding you at gun point but you just brushed him off telling him you should be the one apologizing for trying to sneak up on him like that.

The two of you just hung out side by side as you took some quick photos of the view. Out of your peripheral vision, you could see Red Hood trying to take subtle glances at you, but you pretended not to notice. He was probably looking at something else or still tense from you sneaking up on him. After all, he was trained to be wary and vigilant of people and surroundings.

“Uh, I should probably head home to write my article… Plus you have a city to protect and all.” You smiled awkwardly as you packed up your stuff.

“Yeah, thank you for keeping me company.” Red Hood nodded along before looking around. “Do you have a safe way home?”

“I got my car downstairs.” You pointed your thumb at the door and started walking backward. “I guess I’ll see you around, don’t die again!”

The two of you shared a nod and you left. A hand came up to your chest as you bent over to breathe once the door was closed. Really? Don’t die again? Who the hell says that to a guy who once died? You couldn’t be more mortified at your choice of words, and before you could think anymore, you ran down the steps of the creepy stairs and got in your car to leave.

You spent the remainder of the night writing your article in your dimly lit apartment about how lonely the crime-fighting life can get. You could only assume how hard it was to find love and keep up relationships when you had bad guys going after you and your job consisted of putting yourself on the cusp of death every night. You wrote your thoughts down and checked it for errors before attaching the slightly edited photo of the Red Hood sitting next to his favourite gargoyle, Francis as he called it, before publishing it.

Over the course of the next few days, reads and comments poured in on your post, some agreeing with you and others asking where you got your “source” from. Many were amazed at how close and personal the photo was, stopping in the comments to ask if you knew him personally. You couldn’t address the last two so you just left them as it was and carried on with your other stuff.

The next time you saw him, you were catching Red Hood taking down a few thugs in Crime Alley. The photos worked out beautifully and you were just about to leave your spot in the alley across when he noticed your camera peeking out. The two of you stared at each other for a split second before you ran out the other side of your alley and drove off. The time after that, he was fighting alongside Arsenal to stop a drug shipment down at the docks. That one was a difficult scene to capture and just when you thought you had a good photo, you realized he had caught you once again and this time gave you a thumbs up in your photo. The fight was getting bad and the sound of more men coming scared you off.

You were still a little embarrassed about your awkward departure so you tried to make sure you always left before the fight was over, to avoid contact with him.

Tonight was a stakeout night so you were back at the rooftop a few blocks from the clock tower. The one that gave you a good view of his gargoyle. It was around two in the morning when you thought you had seen him perched in his usual spot tonight, but when you brought your camera up to your face, the figure was gone.

You were slightly disappointed. You took quite a liking to the red helmet wearing vigilante, but of course, you couldn’t come forth with that kind of confession to someone you didn’t really know and after your awkward departure, you really couldn’t work up the guts to face him again.

You were scoping out the rooftops through your camera, panning over for any signs of the bright red helmet when you turned to the side and yelped as the familiar red bat symbol had come into a close-up view. You let your camera fall against you as you bent over to catch your breath and calm your heartbeat. “Now I know how that feels.”

A chuckle came from him, slightly muffled from his mask but nonetheless loud enough for you to catch. He had his arms crossed over his chest as he stood in front of you. “Have you been avoiding me?”

“Don’t flatter yourself, I told you I kept a safe distance from the action. I don’t want to get involved.” You defended yourself as you packed up.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, I would protect you if someone else caught you.” The cocky attitude was laced in his words and you couldn’t help but blush.

“Why waste your time?”

“Because who else is going to take sexy candids of me during my fights if Gotham lost their best photojournalist?” He leaned up against the ledge of the building as you stopped for a moment. “I read your article by the way. The one with me and the gargoyle.”

Your eyes widened as you blushed furiously, “And?”

“It was really well-written. You hit the nail right on the head.” He praised you and your heart swelled at his compliment. The Red Hood just complimented your work. The Red Hood read your work. “But to be honest, I wasn’t feeling all that lonely that night. I had you to talk to, and I quite enjoyed our time so it was a shame you never came back to visit. I was expecting you to when you said you would see me around.”

Your heartbeat echoed in your ears as you looked up to meet his masked eyes. “It looks like you’re closing shop for the night but if you get the chance next time, come visit Francis and I. If not, I’ll look for you myself.” And with that, he was gone. You heard him grapple away but you were still in shock from what he said to move.



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Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (18)


Part 18 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17

Word Count: 2,600 (ish)

Excuse the recent overload of Sehun GIF’s, enjoy.

Minseok’s P.O.V.

It had been two days since the bust up between himself and Sehun and it was clear that the younger male was still avoiding him. He seemed to be really hurt by what had happened and it was making Minseok frustrated, but he also felt bad he didn’t like it when him and Sehun weren’t talking, it was though he fell out with a sibling and he wanted to lay the issue down to sleep.

“You can’t avoid me forever Sehun!” Minseok opened Sehun’s bedroom door and walked in uninvited the younger male making no rush to put clothes on as he looked up at Minseok unimpressed from his bed.

“I can and I will.” Sehun frowned, shifting over he slowly stood up so that his unclothed form was looming over Minseok. “Leave me alone, get out. Don’t you know how to knock?”

“No.” Minseok protested, shutting the door behind himself, he walked further into the room. “I still don’t know why you did what you did; surely you must’ve known it was wrong.”

“I already told you Minseok. If you’re not going to drop it leave me the fuck alone.” He sighed walking over to his wardrobe and put on some underwear and a pair of shorts.

“Board now! Everyone!” A voice from downstairs shouted interrupting the both men.

“We’ll continue this later.” Minseok rolled his eyes looking at Sehun.

“No we won’t.” Sehun pushed passed him knocking his shoulder against Minseok’s and exited the room.


You were all sat in the board, Kyungsoo’s laptop positioned on the table where all of you could see it. The 24 hour live news currently running.

Breaking news. Genesis manufacturers of food and medical supplies are under investigation as a recent showcasing of new products have shown to be interlaced with illegal narcotic substances. A sweep search of the new batch of products showed that it had been mixed with an unidentified illegal substance. The company is now currently under investigation. I’m here with the CEO of the Genesis; Mr. Kim what can you tell us about what’s happened today?”

“I can tell you that our product has been tampered with somewhere along the process and I have my staff currently investigating and handling the affair. This is all I care to say on the matter at the moment.”
Senior walked away back into the building, pushing away microphones that were being forced into his face and notebooks that were being held towards him.

Well that’s all Mr.Kim has to say on the matter. Hopefully more light will be shed on the issue and we can see what has really gone on to cause such a dire mistake and international uproar. All we can be certain of at the moment is that Mr.Kim will be missing out on a lot; this is not looking good for Genesis. I’ve been Jen Ko and you’ve been watching 24/7 live news. Thank you.”

Kyungsoo closed the laptop and you looked over at Junmyeon who let out a loud sigh.

“Shit.” He breathed. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” He was banging his fist upon the table, his knuckles turning a bright red.

“It’s okay honey calm down.” Yuna said from beside him, resting her hand on his shoulder.

“It’s not okay Yuna!” He shouted, turning to face her. His eyes were wide and if you didn’t know any better you would have thought that Junmyeon was about to cry. She flinched back at the unexpected anger, creasing her brows together. Junmyeon sighed again grabbing her hand.
“Yuna I’m sorry I just…”

“So what now?” Yixing asked, he was sitting on the edge of his seat. All of you were. When suddenly Junmyeon’s phone began vibrating. You almost jumped out of your skin as it caught you off guard. You all waited impatiently for Junmyeon to answer. It was Senior. Junmyeon put the call on loud speaker and placed his phone down in the middle of the table.

I know you saw that Junmyeon. Are you happy?” His brother’s hostile voice rang out in the room. “Genesis has sunken and I hope you’re extremely happy.” You rose up from your seat to shout at the phone, but Kris pulled you back down and covered your mouth with his hand. “You had better tell your men to buckle up, because there will be a war.”

You walked to the living room. What had Luhan done? What was going to happen now? Senior said there would be a war, this meant that whatever would happen next would be serious. You put your hands lightly over your stomach, you didn’t need the added stress. You turned right into the living room dropping down on a sofa. You were startled when you saw Jongdae sitting on the sofa next to yours looking at you through squinted eyes. Your breath became a bit shaky it wasn’t the best idea to be sat alone with him.

“Is it you Jongdae? All of this… is it you? Because it’s all so coincidental how Yuna got shot and I was hit by a car after we read your diary. You made it clear you don’t like us, but please don’t take it out on everyone else.” You begged, a sense of sadness had overcome you and you were desperate for him to be considerate.

“You read my diary and you had no right to, but goodness me I’m not that shallow. Why would I take the rest down aswell?” He shook his head, frowning at you.

“Well you said you wanted it to be the end for everyone.”

Jongdae rolled his eyes

“And this is why you don’t go reading diaries that don’t belong to you. Besides, I write things that I think would make feel relieved if I imagined it in the journal, I would never actually kill them. We’re a family. You don’t have to believe me but it’s true.” Without another word he got up to leave the room. You stayed there still for a while, quite confused by what had just happened. Jongdae sounded sincere so maybe it wasn’t him. Maybe it was safe to cross him off of your list. You stood up to make your way out of the living room, maybe it was time to tell Minseok what happened between you and Jongdae and see what he thought about it. But as you were about to walk out of the room Sehun walked in, grabbing your wrist he pulled you back in and locked the door behind him.

“What are you doing?!” Your heart was racing wildly in your chest, fear consuming you whole. “I’ll scream for Minseok.”

“Minseok just left for work and the rest are busy.” He said nonchalantly dismissing your threat. You swallowed hard, shifting back away from him. “I tried helping you.” His face was dark.

“I know that…you mentioned.” You whispered backing away a little bit more. Why did he lock the door and what was he planning on doing?

“Yeah. But you need to believe what I’m telling you.”

“But- I-I’m just wondering why Sehun.” It was becoming increasingly harder to hide the fact that you were scared.

“Because! I already told you; sit down!” He shouted at you pointing to the sofa beside him.
At that precise moment your fear had melted and turned into anger. You had enough of his erratic behaviour.

“Do you think that it’s acceptable to speak to me like this Sehun?! I’m not trash!” Your head was pulsing and you could feel your blood rushing upwards.

“Because you’re Min’s wife?”

“No Sehun, because I’m human. I’m not a dog, you don’t get to just bark at me and make me do whatever you please.” You huffed crossing your hands over your chest. You needed to calm down, stress wasn’t good for you. For the baby.

“I…I…Sorry…” Sehun breathed, looking down at his feet. You blinked, stunned. He just apologised to you, something extremely rare and near enough impossible. You looked at him as he dropped down on the sofa staring ahead at nothing in particular, a thousand thoughts seemed to be swarming around in his mind and you were curious to know what they were. “Can you sit please.” He pointed at the seat beside him without looking up at you. You sat down silently next to him.
“I did it because I thought I was doing what needed to be done and…” Your eyes widened as you waited for him to finish his sentence. “I just wanted to know what it felt like to have what Minseok had for a second. I messed up I’m sorry.” He sighed, focusing his attention of his hands in his lap. “Minseok is slowly forgetting that I exist. I don’t know the last time we had a decent conversation. My real dad…after my mum died…” Another pause. “Well the bastard didn’t want me anyway, he told my mum to get rid of me when he found out that she was pregnant. But she kept me; I didn’t turn out great but…” He turned in his seat to face you and placed his hands on your stomach. “This is why you need to give this baby a better chance. You need to keep it safe and let it live. Let it live a better life than me and Minseok could ever wish for. He or she will have a mum or a dad. I never had a dad…not really. Minseok was like a parent to me so if you have this kid, I can help and it will be like repaying Min. Maybe he might notice me more that way…”
You were so shocked at how touched Sehun was by your baby, he had never let his walls down to you like this. He was completely vulnerable in this moment.

“He does notice you Sehun.”

“He doesn’t”

“Yes he does.” You protested.

“Yesterday was my birthday!”
Your mouth opened wide in shock, Minseok didn’t tell you.

“Ohh, Sehun I didn’t know. Happy belated.” He rolled his eyes at your response.

“Yesterday was my birthday and this is what I received.” He pointed at his bust lip. “He didn’t say anything, he didn’t remember! No one did; apart from Tao who’s promised to get me something today because he was too busy before. No one remembers me in this house I’m invisible and it will only be a matter of time until Minseok really doesn’t need me anymore.” He sighed again, his hands were still on your stomach but oddly enough they felt comforting and warm. “I’m scared what I’ll do. He’s like my only family, at least if I help out with the baby then I’ll still have some type of family left. The baby will be my family, hmm?” He looked at you expectantly and you saw tears gathering in his waterline.

“Why did you really kiss me Sehun? What were you trying to do?”

“I hoped that if I kissed you, you’d realise that you somehow liked it. And then you’d be open for me to help out and stay in the baby’s life. I didn’t do it because I’m sexually attracted to you Y/N I used it as a tactic. I did it because I was lonely. Without Minseok and the baby then I’ll have nobody left.” A tear escaped his eye and rolled down his cheek. He bent his body down say that he was laying his head lightly on your stomach, crying quietly.

“Sehun…” You whispered in shock, you didn’t know what to do so you just decided to run your fingers through his hair.

“I’m lonely and I thought you out of all people would understand and recognise my cry for help.”

An hour later and all of you were downtown, in a gym that Junmyeon had “rented” for an hour. You wondered how exactly he had done it but you didn’t question him anyway. He decided that now was a good time train and so you sat on the side with Yuna and Kyungsoo watching the men spar with each other. Kris and Ara stayed at home.
It made you uncomfortable to see the men punching at each other, some more than others. In particular Baekhyun and Yixing. You frowned as you watched Sehun partner up with Minseok. He was not holding back with any of his hits, bashing him and kicking him wherever he could. His face had grown red and his knuckles had turned white.

“Sehun what the fuck, it’s practice calm down!” Minseok barked as Sehun pushed him back hard against the wall. It was apparent to you that Sehun was getting rid of his frustrations on the man causing him stress. He kicked Minseok in the calf and pushed him onto the ground, kicking him hard on his bum.

“Oi Sehun stop!” Junmyeon shouted at the younger male, pausing his spar with Jongdae. Sehun’s chest was heaving up and down as he took a step backward, glaring down at Minseok who was slowly standing up from the floor. His eyes were dark.

“What’s going on?” Kyungsoo whispered next to you. But you just shrugged in response, waiting quietly to see what would happen next.

“Sehun, how about we go get the birthday treat, huh? How about a beer.” Tao breathed grabbing Sehun’s wrist he pulled him back away from Minseok and towards the exit near where you, Yuna and Kyungsoo were sitting.

“Birthday treat?” Minseok mumbled, then his eyes grew wide with realisation. “Shit Sehun. I forgot I’m so sorry…” But Sehun ignored his apology and walked out of the gymnasium with Tao. Minseok buried his head in his hands. You stood up to go and comfort him.

“Aghhh! How could I forget? How could any of us forget?” He stared up at the rest of the boys. You looked up at the boys too, everyone looking guiltily down at their feet.

“There’s just been so much going on. Look I’ll go and get a cake now, hopefully it isn’t too late. We can celebrate when he comes back?” Yixing suggested, grabbing his bag from the side and running out if the gymnasium.

It was 9PM by the time Tao and Sehun got home. Yixing had bought a vanilla cake with butter cream frosting.

“Happy belated Sehun!” The room shouted as he walked in. He stood there a while, his eyes drowsy and red, he smelt strongly of alcohol making your stomach turn.

“Fuck off!” Sehun slurred, slipping past.

“Sehun wait!” Minseok called, half-running after the drunken man.

“Minseok leave him.” Tao sighed, putting his hand up. “He’s drunk. He got emotional, he needs some time.”
Minseok sighed, blowing out the candles on the cake as he slumped down in the chair beside him.

“Look. I need to tell you something important. When I was helping Sehun into the car I saw Chanyeol. He didn’t see me but he was getting out of a car with a tall man. Tall and bald.”  Tao took as seat opposite Minseok.

Minseok’s eyes widened as he shifted forward in his seat.

“Wait bald and tall you say? Small eyes? Long nose? 6 foot 3’’ roughly?”  

“Yes!” Tao clicked his fingers and pointed at Minseok. “What? you know him?”

“He’s the one that kidnapped me, he works for Luhan I’m sure of it.”

Your eyes widened in shock, Jongin grunted from across the room shaking his head.

“Goodness Park Chanyeol, what are you up to?”

fantastiktrash  asked:

Describe the perfect scene to be killed by joji with bread (I still don't get you btw since it's not a kink thing)

Okay so imagine this.

I’m sitting on my bed scrolling through Tumblr and I hear the bell ring. I’m home alone so I go to open it. There I see Joji standing, wearing his white hoodie and heart sunglasses, munching on plain white bread. 
“What the fuck? Joji? What are you doing here? Why are you eating plain ass white bread? And why do you look so good?” I say. He doesn’t reply, and grabs me by the shoulders, pushing me into my house and through the corridor into my living room. He roughly shoves me on to the sofa and pulls out his bag of bread from his backpack, he takes a slice out and starts ripping up the pieces and forcing them into my mouth. “WHATGSFHKER” I try to speak, but he’s already started on another piece of bread. My mouth is full, I try to swallow the bread but there’s too much. I can’t breathe. Joji starts to laugh maniacally and pulls out more slices of bread and pushes them down over my mouth and nose. I’m crying, trying to breathe, kicking my legs, but then I realise, this is Joji. Joji is in front of me and he has never looked so good. 
“I’ve always wanted to die by Joji’s hands” I thought, as I stopped struggling. My eyelids fluttered shut as I smiled, slowly losing my consciousness.
And the last thing I saw before i fuckin died was Joji munching on some more bread.

yeah i don’t know why i wrote a whole fan fiction for myself but this is what i imagine when i say i want joji to suffocate me with bread,, enjoy,,, or not lmao. I know it’s badly written, i don’t write so dont judge dfjdkkb

anonymous asked:

Hi can I request genji, widowmaker, Sombra, and any other characters of your choosing with a s/o who has problems sleeping like insomnia and occasionally finds them in the kitchen in like one of their shirts with like fluffy bottoms making hot cocoa or something like that? In hc form please! Thanks in advance!


-       He walked in to find you sitting cross-legged on the counter top, huddle up in one of his shirts with a steaming mug in your hand

-       You looked up at him, placed the mug beside you and opened your arms to him. He laughed, kissed your forehead and pulled you into his chest

-       “come back to bed, love.” He’d say. You’d give in and nod, allowing him to carry you back into your room and pull you into him as you tried to sleep again.


-       The lights flickered on as you heard her voice, “Mon Cherie, what are you doing still awake… and in my top?”

-       You held out your tea to her and smiled sheepishly. Sighing, she laughed lightly and patted your head as she took it from your hands and drunk it

-       Placing it on the side, she held her hand out to you which you reluctantly took. She pulled you off the side and into her arms in the hopes to coax you to sleep


-       She’s probably still awake when she hears you rustling around in the kitchen. She knows it’s you so there’s probably no need for her to panic.

-       She’ll join you, complimenting you on her jumper. You probably already had a second mug ready for her waiting. It was a regular thing the two of you did considering neither of you could sleep

-       But it was you who inevitably gave in and was falling asleep on her shoulder. She was telling you to go back to sleep but you were stubborn enough to bargain with her so that she came as well.

Birthday Buddy

with: Woojin (WANNA ONE)

genre: Fluff, Humor

count: 305

“Happy Birthday!!” The room chimes as you and Woojin walk in at the same time.

“Aww thanks-” “Thanks, guys-”

“Huh?” you look at Woojin as he looks at you, both confused as hell.

Seongwoo wraps his arms around the two of you as he leads you to the birthday cake, the rest of them cheering in happiness.

Only when you see the cake do you realize what was really happening.

“Happy Birthday (y/n) and Woojin!!” they cheer.

The cake delicately spells out your name and his, connecting them with a heart.

“Make a wish,” Minhyun says as each of the boys watch you and Woojin.

You look at him before both of you lean down together and blow out the candles.


You sigh as you sit on a bed you didn’t know who it belonged to, based on the cleanliness and pictures of Jinyoung you assumed it was Daehwi’s. The boys sure knew how to party and that tired you out, though you were happy that they cared so much to party hard.

At the sound of the door opening, your head turned and your heart dropped, quickly thinking of an excuse to why you ran away from your own party, but when you saw who it was you sighed of relief.

“Woojin!” you smile.

He lets out a sigh as well after he closes the door behind them.

“Here to get away from them too?” you laugh, patting beside you to let him sit down.

“Yeah,” he says as he takes his seat beside you, “Why didn’t you tell me that we had the same birthday?” 

“I didn’t know either,” you say as you point to yourself, shaking your head.

The two of you laugh together at the coincidence until Jisung pops his head in.

“You two are missing the party,” he pouts.

A/N: hey love! @baeks-sebooty here you go!! it’s such a funny coincident that the two of you share a birthday haha!! lucky you!!

ka-rin7204  asked:

have you ever punched a guy

Once when I was in elementary school, there was a boy, we will call him “Dave”. Dave was kind of a jerk, and was bragging about how he couldn’t feel pain, but in the sense of “I’m too strong to ever get hurt!” not actually a condition where he couldn’t feel it. So I said, “Okay, I’m going to flick you and see if you say ‘ow’.” and Dave said “Okay.”

Mind you, it was a fairly calm day, we were just sitting in art class doing our projects and no one was really paying much attention to what we were doing, and even the art teacher had turned a blind eye to us, so the conditions were primed for something to go wrong.

Well, little fourth grade me gets ready to flick Dave, but there was a sudden tension in my hand, I looked at Dave and remembered how much of a jerk he was, and how he always kind of flaunted that he was smarter and stronger than everyone else, and instead of flicking Dave as hard as humanly possible, I punch him in the stomach.

However, anyone listening had heard me say I was going to flick him, so, of course, seeing Dave having yelled “Ow!” and fallen off his stool made everyone wonder how I managed to flick him so hard he fell. Cut to me freaking out, because I had never punched someone like that before, asking if Dave was okay and helping him up while the teacher comes over in a panic asking what happened.

In the end, I got in trouble, rightly so, and was told to go to the guidance office, but the counselor wasn’t in, so I just stood outside her office for ten minutes and walked back upstairs to my main classroom and sat back down. I didn’t have to go back a second time, and Dave and a few other kids may have believed I had super strength for a while afterwards, but that’s beyond the point. 

Somewhere Else pt 6 - The Market, the Bar, and the Rooftop

Somewhere Else pt 6

Summary: All of the what ifs of Drake & Riley meeting somewhere else, in any other way.] 

Part 6 to Somewhere Else

Part 1Part 2 , Part 3Part 4Part 5

“If we’d met somewhere else…anywhere else. At a club in New York or in an airport, or at a party…If you hadn’t been our waitress that night, and I hadn’t been sitting next to Liam…Do you think all of this…do you think it could’ve been different…between us?

“What the hell is a cronut?”

Rylie halted in her tracks, nearly slipping on the curb she walked along to look at him incredulously. “Excuse me? You don’t know what a cronut is?”

“No. Should I?” Drake looked at her indifferently from where he walked on the other side of the sidewalk. Ever since the theater – the intermission, really – he’d been more distant, emotionally and physically. He would hardly look her in the eye and only spoke to answer any questions Riley had about places he’d traveled with as few words as possible. Drake wouldn’t even walk near her anymore, leaving a few feet between them or trailing behind. Riley hated to think that it was all because of what happened during the play’s intermission.

He’d almost kissed her.


“Um, yes.” Riley said, snuffing out those thoughts and her extreme awareness of the (unnecessary) space between them. “They’re only the best creation known to man.”

“Cronut,” Drake repeated, one hand in his pocket as he tugged at his tie. “You sure you don’t mean donut?”

“Oh, they’re so much better than donuts,” she sighed out. The very thought of the delicious pastry had her craving one. “It’s got the inside of a croissant but the outside is like that of a glazed donut. I can’t believe you’ve never had one!”

“Well, believe it.”

“You know what this means, right?”

“I hope not…”

“You have to try one!” Rylie exclaimed, hopping away from the curb to sidle up to him. “Tonight. While you’re still in New York. You won’t find them any better than here in The Big Apple!”

Drake looked sideways at her. “These cronuts… they’re simple right? Nothing fancy?”

“Simple, I promise,” she nodded. “But the taste is otherworldly. In a good way.”

“I’m a simple man, Cole.”

She grinned. “I don’t think anyone would argue with that.”

He shook his head, but Riley could make out the small smile on his face. “Yeah, yeah, have your laugh. Let’s see how good these cronuts really are.”

“Yes!” Riley whooped, skipping gleefully. “The bakeries are probably all closed by now, but I think I know just the place…”

Without hesitation, she grabbed Drake’s hand and immediately veered left, down a small side street.

“Hey!” he protested, stumbling slightly to keep up with Riley’s newfound speed.

“Come on, slowpoke!” she chuckled, tightening her hold on his hand. “You better not slow me down, we have cronuts to eat.”

Not having much else of a choice, Drake gave in and let her lead him around yet another corner. They weaved their way around city blocks and down questionable alleyways, Riley hardly taking a second to glance at street signs before going on her way.

“You got GPS system in there or something, Cole?” Drake questioned, only half joking. He’d already lost track of how many twists and turns they made; he had no idea how Riley knew where she was going without directions. Everything looked the same to him.

“I’m your guide tonight, remember?” she said over her shoulder. “It’s my job to know where to go.”

They went on like this for a short while. Rylie chirping over her shoulder to promise they were almost there. Rylie darting out across the street and calling out a hasty apology to the cab who slammed on the brakes for them. Rylie holding his hand. Rylie, Rylie, Rylie.

It was like he couldn’t help it. No matter how hard Drake tried to keep his eyes wandering around - see the neon signs, the ivy spreading over red brick, the tour buses driving by – they always strayed back to her. Her dark hair had slipped off of her shoulder and now fell freely down her exposed back, brushing against her white dress, which looked almost pearlescent as it flowed around her legs like moonlight rippling across water. The very sight of her striding before him, glancing over her shoulder with a smile dancing in her eyes and laughter playing across her lips, almost had him convinced that he was dreaming. Dreaming that he wasn’t actually running through this big city, there weren’t beautiful women named Riley with long dark hair and expressive eyes, and he wasn’t actually happy for the first time in almost a year.

And yet, Drake wasn’t dreaming. He was in the city, Riley was real - so, so real - and he was happier than he’d been since Savannah had left.

He must have been out of his damn mind.

He’d almost kissed her. Definitely out of his mind.

But in that moment, back in the theater, he felt so warm and so comfortable,  she was so full of life and teeming with energy in his arms – she always seemed to be doing that – and he was so drawn into her light, who was he to try and resist that? Then logic had gotten the best of him and he somehow managed to do just that. Step away.

After the intermission had ended, he tried to draw back, put those walls back up and keep Rylie on the other side. He didn’t glance her way again during the show and he kept a few feet between them when they walked, doing his best to ignore the look she gave him when she noticed.

Then, she talked about cronuts and he was fascinated by the way she spoke, through and through. He couldn’t even put up much of a fight when she took his hand and led him away. Even now, he was still so hazed, he didn’t even realize they had arrived at the destination until the sound of waves lapping against the waterfront was clear in his ears and Rylie’s hand tightly squeezed his before letting go.

“Welcome to The Market. Generic, I know. But also a little pretentious, don’t you think? It’s so good, it doesn’t have any other name. It’s just The Market. Which market? The Market,” she said, walking forward to go down the nearest aisle. “Well…what’s left of it, anyway.”

Drake looked around. It looked like any ordinary market, with ripe produce on display and all sorts of dipping sauces to try, but there were also things he’d never seen before: donuts made out of spaghetti, pizza with macaroni and cheese, massive sandwiches thicker than his forearm… There was so much to see, just in this aisle alone, Drake thought his head might explode with all of this new information to process. Luckily, Rylie didn’t give him the chance to stare until he had a puddle of drool at his feet, for The Market was winding down around them. Vendors were packing away their goods and taking down tents. Some greeted Rylie as she walked by, some had knowing smiles at Drake’s dumbfounded expression.

“There’s so much food,” he said, swallowing as they walked by a place that sold Sloppy Joes. “Some weird food… but good food.”

Rylie laughed. “It’s like all of the worst kinds of junk food, with a twist. Honestly, I don’t come down here too much anymore because if I did, I’d never stop eating.”

“Yeah, well, when day in and day out, all you get is fancy finger food,” Drake shrugged helplessly, his stomach growling. “All of this junk food looks like heaven on Earth.”

“Well it looks like I hit the jackpot with this one. You look like you’re about to faint,” she teased, glancing back at him and rolling her eyes playfully. “Come on, hurry up. If we don’t get cronuts, there’ll be hell to pay. I’ll get us something to eat after we snag some of those.”

Despite himself, Drake let out a hearty laugh and tore his gaze away from the oddities of the mark. “Dessert before dinner?” he raised an eyebrow, placing his hand over his heart. “Cole, you really know how to charm a guy.”

“Don’t act so surprised, Drake,” she grinned. “I do this with all of the gruff tourists I meet at the airport who also happen to be best friends with the crown prince of a country far, far away.”

“When you put it like that, it almost sounds hard to believe,” he chuckled, sarcasm coloring his voice.

“That’s because it definitely is. This whole thing? It’s crazy, like something straight out of a storybook,” Rylie admitted, drawing a piece of hair between her fingers to twirl. “If I’m honest, it feels more like once upon a time.”

Her words sobered him and he looked down at her for a long moment before shaking his head. When he looked ahead again, feet mindlessly carrying him wherever she led, his lips were no longer smiling.

“Spare me, Cole. Fairy tales are for kids.”

“Oh, I think I’ve found heaven.”

Riley had to cover her mouth with her hand to stop herself from laughing and risking spitting out her own food as she watched Drake, positively overwhelmed with bliss, eat his first cronut. They sat at a small circular table a few feet away from the tent they bought the cronuts from, and on the table between them sat a dozen of the pastries. Rylie, unable to curb her own sweet tooth, had caved and purchased the last of the cronuts the vendors had for the day.

“This is pure gold,” she giggled, swallowing her bite while Drake closed his eyes and savored the sugary taste. “I can’t believe I’m actually watching this. Drake, you look so happy it’s adorable. I have to take a picture.”

“Shut up, I hate you,” Drake muttered through another mouthful of the cronut as Rylie pulled out her phone to snap a picture. “Leave me alone. I like a good dessert. Who doesn’t?”

“Good point, good point,” Rylie chuckled, stuffing the last bite of her first cronut into her mouth before shamelessly grabbing another.

After her second cronut, Riley stood up, wiping sugar from the corner of her mouth and dusting her hands off with a napkin. “Drake, do you think you can handle being alone for a few moments?”

He looked up at her, raising an inquisitive eyebrow. “Why? Where are you going?”

“It’s a surprise,” she said cryptically, holding onto her wrist behind her back as she rocked from her heel to toes, heel to toes. “You’ll see when I get back. Sort of. Can I leave you here alone or should I get the nice cronut lady to keep an eye on you?”

Drake scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Trust me, Cole, I’m not going anywhere. If one of us need a babysitter, it’s definitely you.”

“Oh, no, it’s not you running off that I’m worried about,” Rylie shook her head and pointed at the cronuts. “It’s those. You better not eat them all, because if you do – “

“You’ll do what?” Drake teased, dark eyes glittering. “Threaten me with fancy clothes or leave me alone in the middle of New York? Because I think we’ve done that already.”

Rylie rolled her eyes and let out a flat laugh. “Oh, you think you’re so clever, don’t you? Real funny. Do not eat all of the cronuts.”

Drake glanced at the pastries and then back at her. “Fine.”

“I mean it.”

“I know you do.”

“Because if you do…” Rylie pointed a menacing finger at him.

“I’ll regret it,” Drake rolled his eyes, holding up his hands. “I get it, I get it.”


“I won’t eat them!”

Rylie stared him down for a few moments until finally, she straightened up and gave a satisfied nod. “Good. Save your appetite.”

And with that, she turned away and disappeared down another aisle.

After Riley was gone, Drake let out a deep sigh and sat back in his chair. “Sheesh, lady.”

He looked down at the pastries. There were still more than half a dozen; it’d be more than okay to take another one, right? Drake raised his hand to take a fourth, but then remembering how fiercely Riley defended the cronuts, he decided he’d better hold off.

He wiped his hands off and ran them through his hair, eyes resting on the spot where he last saw her. He shook his head and smiled despite himself. Some woman.

When Riley returned with a blanket draped over her shoulder and a picnic blanket in her hand, Drake had an idea of what she had in mind.

“A picnic?” he questioned, brows raised. “Isn’t it a little late for that?”

“I see you didn’t eat all of the cronuts,” Riley observed, ignoring his question. “I’m proud.”

“I’m glad,” Drake rolled his eyes as he stood up and carried the plastic container the desserts were kept in. “So where are we going?”

“To have a picnic,” she answered simply, smiling as he let out an exasperated smile. She started walking, leading the way out of the market.

“You’re not going to tell me about this little destination either, are you?”


“Would it be too much to ask what you’ve got in that basket of yours?” he asked, already certain he knew the answer.

“Oh, yeah,” Riley nodded, shifting the basket to her other hand as if she was expecting him to try to peek inside. “You’ll have to wait and see. I’m not telling you.”

Drake sighed again and shook his head. “I expect nothing less of you, Cole.”

She grinned. “You know me well.”

Thankfully, their next stop wasn’t nearly as far as The Market had been from the theater. It was hardly even two blocks away and Drake was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a bar. But the downside…

“Cole, it’s closed,” Drake observed. The lights were off and there wasn’t a soul to be seen inside. He wondered how late it really was, but then again, it was also the middle of the week.

“I’m well aware of that, Captain Obvious,” Rylie drawled sarcastically as she went up to the front door. “So it’s a good thing I have a key.”

He watched, surprised, as she pulled out a keychain from her pocket and picked one of the three she had on her ring to fit into the lock. It opened.

“Why do you just have the key to a bar?”

“Because,” Rylie grinned and faced him as she pushed the door open with her back. “I work here.”

“You work in a bar?” Drake knew his eyebrows were halfway up his forehead. This woman.

“I’m usually just serving food,” she shrugged, holding the door open for him. “Does that surprise you?”

Tucking his hands into his pockets, he followed her inside. “In the best way possible.”

The bar was small and cozy, with dark wood everywhere and golden lighting that gave the bar an almost rustic feel. The wall across from him was decorated with old pictures of people in the bar that he assumed must have been celebrities considering they were all signed. There was also a dartboard, darts wedged into the wood, and fliers for all sorts of things filled every open space on a corkboard in the corner. It was simple and full of character. He liked it.

“This is a nice place,” he told her, leaning with his elbow on the countertop as Riley walked around and looked at the shelves of liquor behind the bar.

“Isn’t it?” Riley smiled faintly. “You should see it in the winter. The bartender, Frank, he decks the place out in holiday decorations and there are tons of candy canes to go around. The heater’s almost always on, so no matter how cold it gets outside, it’s nice and toasty in here.”

Drake hummed in response as he looked around, trying to picture the holidays here. He wondered if he’d ever come back to witness a winter in New York City.

“Anyways…” she said, glancing over her shoulder as she grabbed two glasses. “What are you drinking?”

Drake grinned, seating himself on one of the stools. “Whiskey.”

Riley nodded and pulled a bottle off the shelf. “A whiskey guy, huh? Yeah, I see it.”

“I’d take a glass of whiskey over anything on that shelf any day,” he admitted, watching as she poured the amber liquid into one glass and slid it over to him before pouring a glass for herself. “You drink whiskey?”

Riley raised an eyebrow, putting one hand against the counter to lean against it. “Don’t act so surprised. Besides, I wouldn’t let you drink alone.”

“No, it’s not that,” Drake said quickly, a smile tugging on the corners of his lips as he thought back to their short time together on the bus. He’d felt bad about the way he treated her and had made a mental note to himself to make it up with her, maybe with a drink. Maybe with whiskey. “It’s just I had a feeling.”

“Ah, I knew you had some of those in there,” she smirked, tilting the glass against her lips and drinking.

“You know what I meant.”

“Of course, because I know you oh so well.”

Drake chuckled but didn’t respond, his eyes wandering around the room.

“Been one night, Cole,” Drake shook his head and downed his glass. “You already know me better than most.”

“Well, I’m honored.” Riley followed his lead and finished hers off as well. “Now,” she said, scrunching her nose slightly at the slow but deep burn in her stomach. Riley nudged her glass and the bottle of whiskey over to Drake before picking up the blanket and picnic basket again. “You take these and follow me.”

“We’re going somewhere already?” he questioned but did as she told. She led him down a short hallway to a wooden door that she unlocked with a key.

“Not far,” she said, shouldering it open. “Just up.”

Drake followed her up a few flights of stairs, past all of the residential floors, until they finally reached the rooftop. Immediately, a soothing breeze swirled around them as they exited the stairwell and stepped outside into the open air.

Drake blinked and looked around.

“Oh, wow…”

The building was much taller than Drake had originally thought when Rylie brought him to the bar. Now, standing at the top of it - seeing over other buildings - he couldn’t believe there were skyscrapers that still towered over them. He wandered over to the edge, still staying on the other side of the short wall that rimmed the edge as he gazed out at the city lights.

“Incredible, isn’t it?” Riley smiled gently, setting down their picnic basket and spreading out the blanket. She opened a small metal panel near the door they came through and flipped a switch. Several lights flickered to life above the stairwell, illuminating the rooftop in a faint golden glow.

“It’s…” Drake trailed off and shrugged, glancing over at her as she came to stand next to him.

“Yeah?” Riley prompted, her eyes meeting his.

“It’s…” His voice was soft and his mind had suddenly lost track of what he was about to say. He looked at Riley for a few seconds – a few seconds too long, in his book – before snapping back to attention. Drake quickly averted his gaze back to the skyline. “Incredible, yeah. It’s not…what it looks like down there.”

Riley studied his profile for a moment, pursing her lips. Why did he have to do that? Draw back into himself before she had the chance to try? She hated it, but she knew better than to overstep. Nodding, she faced the city blocks that stretched out before them. “I know what you mean. Down there, it’s crazy. It feels so compact but also endless. Like a maze. It’s overwhelming.”

“And up here, it’s an entirely different perspective. Like you step back from a – from a microscope or something,” Drake said, surprising her with his insightfulness. “It doesn’t seem so…I don’t know. Scary,” he muttered that last bit, feeling a bit childish. He was grown up, he felt like he shouldn’t be connecting cities to the word “scary” anymore. “That sounds stupid.”

But Riley didn’t seem to think so. She was looking at him again, eyes wide as she shook her head. “No, that’s…that’s exactly it. That’s part of the reason I like coming up here all the time. Whenever I feel like I’m in over my head or something, I come up here to step back and remember that it’s not as bad as it feels.”

Drake chuckled slightly. “You? Scared of this place? I can’t imagine it, Cole. You’ve got the city mapped out and memorized and everything just seems to bend to your will. If anyone can make it in a place like this, it’s you.”

“Drake…” Riley breathed out, touched by his sudden sentiment.

“I mean it Cole,” he said, glancing sideways at her before turning around to sit on the blanket. He reached for the picnic basket and added, seemingly as an afterthought, “I swear. Sometimes, you remind me of her…”

Rylie followed him, her fingers tangling in her hair as she sat and crossed her legs. “You mean Savannah.”

Drake paused, going rigid as if he only just realized he’d let that last bit slip out. After a moment, he nodded stiffly. “Yeah.”

Rylie frowned slightly and the crease that had formed between his brows at the mention of his sister’s name and the tenseness in his jaw. She reached out to touch his hand but fell short as he turned his head down and opened the basket.

“So, what do we have here?” he asked, starting to pull out wrapped up bits of food. “I’m starving.”

“Well, let me see,” Rylie said, getting on her knees to lean over the basket. “I know you’re a simple guy, so I tried not to do anything too crazy. I hope you like barbeque.”

“Now you’re talking!” With obvious eagerness, Drake grabbed something covered in foil from the basket and unwrapped it to reveal a slightly squished but perfectly fine Sloppy Joe.

“You’re a fan?” she giggled as he took a bite, barbeque sauce covering his chin.

“Oh, you’re killing me, Cole.”

“I never want to eat palace food again,” Drake sighed out, letting his hand rest on his stomach as he stretched out on the blanket to look up at the sky. “I’m doomed to a life of fancy finger food.”

Free fancy finger food,” Riley reminded him, packing away their food into the basket.

“Free doesn’t mean good, Cole,” he countered and she rolled her eyes.

“Only you would complain about free food,” she scoffed and he let out a sarcastic laugh.

“Yeah, yeah, call me a spoiled princess, won’t you?” he grumbled, glancing over at her. “You see this Cole?”

Riley glanced upward. It was just the sky, a few sparse clouds and a plane every now and then. “See what?”

Drake grabbed her wrist and, without warning, pulled her down to lay next to him. As she fell beside him, he got a clear whiff of her sweet but subtle scent and her hair tumbled across his arm in waves. He could feel her eyes on him, questioning. He pointed skyward.

“Do you see it now?”

“I don’t see anything.” Riley sounded slightly confused.

“Exactly.” Drake nodded, flattening his hand against the sky as he swept it along. “There’s nothing. No stars, nothing.”

“It’s because of the city lights.”

“I know that, but don’t you miss them?”

“Miss what?” Riley questioned, glancing over with an eyebrow raised. “The stars?”

“Yeah.” His voice was the softest she’d ever heard it.

Riley pursed her lips and thought for a moment. She propped herself up on her elbows, glancing over the edge of the rooftop at the Manhattan skyline. “I never really thought much about it, to be honest… I always had the city lights to distract me.”

“Oh,” he said simply.

Riley rolled over to face him, a smirk playing on her lips. “Oh my… Drake, do you have a soft spot for stargazing? I never would have imagined.”

His soft demeanor quickly vanished and Drake rolled his eyes. With a scowl, he reached over and gently shoved Riley’s shoulder, sending her on her back once again. “There’s no satisfying you, is there, Cole? Every time you learn something, you’re shocked. You’d think that after learning so much in one night, you’d stop being so surprised every time you find something out from a stranger.”

Riley opened her mouth to snap at him, but stopped short. “You’re right.”

“And to think, with how much you surprise me – wait, what did you say?” Drake sat up and looked down at her with furrowed brows.

“I said you’re right,” Riley shrugged, lacing her fingers together over her stomach. “You aren’t so bad, I know you aren’t. I shouldn’t be so surprised when I find something out that isn’t all rough. I just… stargazing. I wouldn’t have guessed they’d mean anything to you. The stars.”

“Well,” Drake said after a moment, drawing up his knees to lay his arms across them. “If I’m honest, I wouldn’t have guessed either. It’s just something with Savannah. We used to go out every year for this meteor shower. I guess I got into the habit of just going out at night to look at them when I needed to think. The stars, I mean. And after she left… It’s a little easier to forget she’s gone when I’m looking at them.” He reached for the bottle of whiskey, refilling his glass from earlier. “And drinking a little doesn’t hurt, either.”

“Drake…” Rylie said softly, sympathetically. “I’m sure there’s not a second that goes by where she doesn’t think of you. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that every time she looks up at night, she misses you.”

Drake looked down at his glass and swirled the amber liquid around, bereft. He didn’t respond.

She felt her chest tighten at his fallen countenance. Unable to sit back and stare at an empty sky any longer, Riley sat up beside him, covering her hands with his. “Drake, maybe that’s why you were wrong to come here.”

He hardly glanced at her as he took a long drink from his glass. “What do you mean?”

“The stars,” she said, gently pulling at his hands. Riley got to her knees, tugging him with her as she stood up. She stood before him and gently squeezed his hands until he lifted his eyes to meet hers. “New York City doesn’t have them, not in the sky at least. She wouldn’t go somewhere that she couldn’t see the stars. I don’t know Savannah, Drake. But I know you, and I know she wouldn’t be able to give you up like that.”

“Riley, you don’t understand…” Drake shook his head, turning his head.

“Then help me.” Riley reached out, pressing her hand to his cheek to turn his face towards her. Her voice was unusually demanding.

Drake’s lips parted slightly in surprise as he looked down at her. A sudden warmth bloomed from deep within his stomach and rushed through his veins. It wasn’t the first time he’d had this feeling tonight, but he was far from used to it. Even so, he reached up to cover Riley’s hand with his own.

“Riley…” Something shifted, a new emotion coloring his eyes that Riley had yet to put a name to. It wasn’t quite sad - longing, almost.

“Don’t,” she said, shaking her head as she slipped her hand from his cheek. “Don’t say anything, don’t say you can’t. Just…” Riley stepped away but left her other hand in his. “Come with me.”

“Where?” Drake questioned, bending to pick up the picnic basket.

Rylie looked up at him through her lashes as she gathered the blanket under her arm. “You’ll see.”

“You always say that.”

“And the best surprises are left unspoiled,” she said simply, leading Drake back down the stairs.

He chuckled and the sound almost had Riley grinning from ear to ear. She hated the way he looked and sounded when he was sad; she’d take a scowling Drake over an unhappy one any day. He wasn’t exactly smiling, but he had let out a slight laugh. And that was more than good enough.

“You couldn’t find Savannah here, and I’m sorry for that.” Glancing over her shoulder, Riley gave his hand a gentle squeeze. “But, Drake, I promise you. I’ll give you the stars.”

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ALSO THE BOOK ONE FINALE UM???  madeleine was so obvious but I still hate her so much???

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I would love to hear your theories about harry's image. Will you share them someday?

LOL!  I was just telling @phd-mama that it’s really not that deep or interesting.

Just that it’s a way to a) keep his name in front of people without him having to do much between song/movie promo outings; and b) keep a foot in the closet til Louis can come out while still being as openly Harry! as he possibly can.   

What I am utterly stumped on though is Louis’ situation. There’s no reasonable explanation for that no matter what angle I take to look at it, even “everything is real including Fred & Eleanor.”  In fact the “everything is real” angle is the most baffling of all if you try and make that make sense based on everything that’s happened in the last two years.

So I continue to sit back and think that someone has a plan to make all of this “worth the while” at some point. I just can’t imagine who or what or why.

Source: Parks and Rec
  • Chell: So. Who broke it? I’m not mad. I just want to know.
  • Wheatley: ...I did. I broke it-
  • Chell: No. No, you didn’t. Rick?
  • Rick: Don’t look at me. Look at Craig.
  • Craig: What?! I didn’t break it.
  • Rick: Huh. That’s weird. How did you even know it was broken?
  • Craig: Because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken!
  • Rick: Suspicious.
  • Craig: No it’s not!
  • ATLAS: If it matters, probably not... P-Body was the last one to use it.
  • P-Body: Liar! I don’t even drink that crap!
  • ATLAS: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
  • P-Body: I use the wooden stirrers to file my metal fingers. Everyone knows that, ATLAS!
  • Wheatley: Alright let's not fight. I broke it, let me pay for it, love.
  • Chell: No. Who broke it?
  • Rick: [whispering] Lady, GLaDOS has been awfully quiet...
  • GLaDOS: Really?!
  • Craig: Yeah, really!
  • Chell: I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it.
Imagine coming out as gay to your brothers, Sam and Dean.

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Your heart was beating wildly in your chest and you felt as if it was about to burst out of your chest. You sat down at the map table, staring down at your trembling hands. You were going to do this. You were actually going to do this. Today, you were finally going to tell your brothers that you’re gay. And, my god, were you terrified.

The bunker door slammed and you looked up to find your brothers walking in. They trudged down the stairs, placing two six packs of beers and a couple of packets of chips on the table. You took a shaky breath before finally speaking.

‘‘Hey, can I… ummm… can I talk to you… you guys for a -a second?’‘

‘‘Of course, Y/N. What’s wrong?’‘ Sam spoke, sounding worried.

‘‘Can you sit down for a second?’‘

‘‘Sure,’‘ Dean replied, sitting down across from you.

‘‘I need to tell you something,’‘

You saw concern flash over both of their faces.

‘‘Is everything okay?’ Dean asked.

‘‘I’m gay,’‘ you blurted out. ‘‘I’m gay. I’ve known for years, I just didn’t know if you would care or not. I couldn’t tell Dad because he was homophobic. And I didn’t know if you guys were too so…’’

‘‘Of course not Y/N. We don’t care! We’re not like Dad.’‘ Sam affirmed. 

You burst into tears from sheer relief and the boys rushed to your side, pulled you to your side and comforted you.

‘‘Thank you for accepting me. I love you guys.’’ You gushed through tears.

‘‘We love you. We’ll love you no matter what,’‘

[Everyone is standing around the broken coffee maker]

Kukui: So. Who broke it? I’m not mad, I just wanna know.
Ash: …I did. I broke it.
Kukui: No. No you didn’t. Kiawe?
Kiawe: Don’t look at me. Look at Mallow.
Mallow: What?! I didn’t break it.
Kiawe: Huh, that’s weird. How’d you even know it was broken?
Mallow: Because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken.
Kiawe: Suspicious.
Mallow: No it’s not!
Sophocles: If it matters, probably not, but Lillie was the last one to use it.
Lillie: Liar! I don’t even drink that crap!
Sophocles: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
Lillie: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that Sophocles!
Ash: Okay let’s not fight. I broke it. Let me pay for it Kukui.
Kukui: No! Who broke it!?
Mallow: Kukui…Lana’s been awfully quiet.
Lana: REALLY?!

[Everyone starts arguing]

Kukui: [being interviewed] I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it. I predict 10 minutes from now they’ll be at each other’s throats with warpaint on their faces and a tepig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.

Jimin giving you a manicure

You sighed in frustration as you tried to do your nails. You shook a lot in your hands and it made everyday things difficult for you. Painting your nails was one of them. You began putting your stuff away as Jimin walked through the door. 

You got an idea in your head, but you weren’t sure how to bring it up. Jimin did a good job at makeup, so maybe he’d be able to do your nails too. You stood up and went to greet him, giving him a small kiss on the cheek.

You guys cuddled for a little bit. You decided to suck up a little so he’d be more willing to do your nails. Afterwards, you got up to cook, deciding to make his favorite meal as well. Jimin had a vague idea as to what you were doing, but said nothing, enjoying the special treatment.

You came out with two plates and handed him one before sitting down as well. You looked over at him and gave him another small kiss before turning on the T.V.

When you were both finished and you started on dishes, Jimin decided to finally step in. “Jagi? What’s with the special treatment? Did you do something or break something?” 

You turned around and bit your lip, rocking back and forth on your feet. “Actually, I need a favor. You don’t have to do it though.” Jimin looked at you, waiting for the favor. “Can you give me a manicure? I’ve been trying all day to do so, but I shake too much.”

Jimin just began to laugh and pulled you back to the couch. “I have no problem doing that.You don’t need to give me special treatment.” He grabbed the nail polish you left out and patted his knee, having you put the first hand there. He began to paint your delicate finger nails, holding your wrist to stop some of the shaking.

As the first layer dried, he did the other hand then went back to add a top coat. It was by no means perfect, but it was better than what you could do. You smiled and leaned forward, giving him a tight hug. “Thank you Jimin. I couldn’t have done this without you.”

Jimin gave you a small smile and cleaned up the nail stuff.”It’s no problem. I enjoy helping out.” He sat back down by you and laced one of your hands in his.

you leaned your head on to his shoulder and examined your nails, glad with finally having some color on them. you looked back to the screen as you felt yourself growing tired, eventually falling asleep on the already sleeping Jimin.

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How do you find your models? I've been following you for about three years now and not to be rude but rather direct, you kinda shoot/post the same type of guys on here. Same body type (slim, abs and muscular) and nearly racially dichotomous (with no Asians/Southeast Asians, Latino, etc.). Have you considered collaborating with more diverse people?

I hear what you’re saying and I agree 100% with your viewpoint.
Unfortunately, there are messages from me in DM inboxes all across Instagram that have gone unanswered. Don’t make the mistake of assuming I have access to photographing whoever I want.
I’m inspired to shoot people from all parts of the world and from all walks of life and I look forward to when my portfolio reflects that.
Until then all I can do is to just keep shooting the people who are kind enough to trust me and who will sit in front of my camera.

Deal with the Devil Ch 7

Things have been so hectic lately, new job, crazy life plans, applying for school. I hope I get accepted for my education degree, I’m really looking forward to it. Anyway. I liked the fluff in this chapter, i hope you guys do as well. I’m also trying to figure out how long this story should go on, if any of you have an idea, shoot it passed me, ok? Without further interruptions, here is chapter 7

“So what’s your favorite color?”

Betty looked up through her lashes, green eyes bright. A soft smile on her lips as she shrugged, “That’s a very ordinary question.”

They were seated in the Blue&Gold office at the school, – Betty sitting cross legged on the couch with Jughead on the floor before her, leaning back against the couch – a quiet escape from the bustling hallways and overtly obnoxious peers. Ever since the incident in the cafeteria, people consistently stared at the duo – especially when they were together.

Which was a lot these days.

Jughead was playing with her shoes, untying her laces and retying them up again. It wasn’t due to nerves, more so just something to keep his hands busy that didn’t involve touching her directly.

Which he wanted to do.

But she seemed to avoid.

Betty cleared her throat, a smirk on her lips as his head shot up to her face. Her brow quirked as she pulled her feet away from his hands and tucked them under her knees. “Did you hear me?” He shook his head no, eyes falling. Betty’s laugh was something he got to hear a lot of recently, especially in these past few days. It was mostly directed at him, but that isn’t relevant.

“I said-” she stated loudly, smiling as his head shot up, “-its blue.”


“Yes blue. But not like baby blue, you know, like all the girls seem to like. But like, deep blue, like the color of the water in the ocean when its nighttime. Not black, but not quite just blue, you know?” He was watching her lips as she ranted, eyes bright with wonder. Such a mundane question possessed such an intricate answer from Betty, always.

He loved that about her.

Granted, he loved a lot of things about her.

“What about you?”

Her voice snapped him back once more, eyes darting to hers as she waited. Then he realized what she asked. “Oh, uh. Black I guess.”

She frowned, body sagging as she sighed. “You’re boring.”

He slapped a hand to his chest, tugging at his shirt. “That hurts Betts, right in the heart.” Throwing his head back against her crossed legs, he continued to pull at his shirt, feigning pain.

“I don’t care.” She pointed out, crossing her arms over her chest defiantly. Peeking through his lashes, he smirked and continued thrashing limbs around, flopping like a fish out of water until Betty was laughing and pushing him off the couch.

He landed with a thud, right on his butt. Silence filled the air as she sucked in a breath. Blinking slowly, Jughead turned to look at her, horror crossing his features quickly.

“You pushed me!” He finally squeaked out, pushing up with his hands as he knelt before her. “How could you?”

Her hands were covering her mouth, no doubt in a bad attempt to stop her giggles. Green eyes wide as she watched him move around, staying stationary herself on the cushion.

He leaned forward, balancing on the balls of his feet as he placed his hands on either side of her legs. At this height, she was the one looking down on him as he stared up at her through his dark lashes, a small smirk tugging at his lips when he noticed her blush. Continuing to pull himself closer, he rested his forearms on the soft couch beneath her, his chest firmly against her crossed legs.


She jumped slightly, her knee almost connecting with his jaw as she promptly apologised. He reached a hand out, soothing her legs back down as he leaned forward further. Stopping his face just a few inches away from her face, he blew out a breath, halting her flurry of words.

“huh?” She blinked, eyes landing on him.

He smiled up at her, “I’m kidding. Relax.” Slowly, he stood. She visibly let out a breath, hands coming to smooth her hair down, even though it was still in the high pony tail she always sported. Jughead turned, trying to catch his own breath with his back to her still frame. After a few moments, a small hand was sliding into his, thin fingers tangling with his own. Blinking, he shifted to eye her closely, watching her push off the couch with ease, her long legs untangling with grace.

“I humbly apologize, my lord, for my betrayal.” She had a hand on her chest as she spoke, voice booming. A smirk crossed his lips as she tried hard to keep a straight face. Quirking a brow, he stayed silent.

A few long minutes passed before she finally let out a breath. “Fine then, I retract my apology.” Letting out a huff, she pulled her hand out of his and retreated to the door, reaching for the handle.

“Betty wait.” He called out behind her. A small smile crept up her lips as she bit her lip and waited for him to say more. When he didn’t, a tinge of something dark stirred in her chest. She turned on her heel after a few seconds, coming face to face with Jughead. She gasped at his proximity, immediately trying to take a step back to give space between them, but before she could, his arm reached out and snaked around her lower back, pulling her close.

Then his lips were on hers and everything faded.

The kiss was simple. A few moments of bliss and stars and fireworks and everything else that you hear about in cheesy romance novels. But it was more than that.

Jughead’s breath caught in his throat as his hands came to rest on her cheeks, lips exploring hers. She tasted like strawberries and mint, a normally weird combination that sent fire through his veins and a shock to his heart. Her lips were so soft against his own as he fought to contain his desire to nibble her lower lip, like she does when she’s studying.

Then he pulled away, not far, but rested his forehead on hers as he inhaled deeply. Betty’s lashes fluttered open as she sighed, watching him closely.

“So?” Her voice broke the silence, breath mingling with his own. Opening his eyes, Jughead smirked.

“I accept your apology.” With a wink he pulled away, avoiding her attempt at a swat as she laughed. “Come on, we have class.” Pulling her hand into his, he placed a chaste kiss on the back of it before opening the door and pulling her out into the hall. Shaking her head, Betty allowed herself to be dragged out, smiling at the boy in front of her.

“Yo Jug.” Jughead looked up at the sound of Archie’s voice, quirking a brow at his longtime friend.

“Yeah?” He was slowly getting ready for the dance, failing terribly at tying his tie. Sighing with defeat, he turned to where his friend stood, waiting.

“Dude, we gotta go.” Archie stated, heading somewhere behind him. A couple of minutes pass as sounds of rustling and groaning emit from Archie’s direction. Then he appears once more.

“I’m almost ready, just can’t seem to get this stupid tie to work properly.” Jughead huffed out, hands falling to his sides with a sigh of defeat.

“Dude, what are you talking about? We need to go.” The tone laced in Archie’s voice was anything but his calm, cool one. Jughead finally looked up at his friend, noticing for the first time what he was wearing.

Archie was clad in all black, - long sleeve shirt and jeans, combat boots adorned his feet as well. Jughead quirked a brow, opening his mouth then closing it once more. Looking closely, he could tell Archie was wearing a Kevlar vest under his shirt as well.

Which usually only meant one thing.


Archie looked up at him, fingers still tying his boots tight. “What do you mean, no?”

Jughead shook his head, crossing his arms over his chest. “I mean no. I told you before, I’m done with deals man.”

Since they were Serpents by legacy, they were brought into the “deals” at a rather young age. Most common were makeshift drug deals with lower gangs within the area or surrounding towns. But every now and then they’d get wind of a buyer for weapons. No guns deals had been going down since the last one ended so horribly, at least not to Jughead’s knowledge.

Looks like he was out of the loop.

“Seriously?” Archie threw his hands in the air, eyes narrowing at him.

“Yeah, seriously. Do you remember what happened the last time?!” Jughead was shouting now, face red with exertion and anger. “We lost Caleb, in case your memory is shot. Our brother is dead!” His breathing was ragged as he paced the room, hands wringing together. “I told you already Arch. We’re done with the deals.”

Archie stepped forward, his slight height difference making him look down on Jughead’s narrow eyes. “I don’t have to listen to you.” Jughead stood tall, not wavering his composure as Archie let out a huff. “I don’t care if you’re not coming. I’m going.”

“Arch, don’t be a dumb ass.” Jughead blurted out as his friend turned on his heel, heading for the door. “Please!” Archie halted in his tracks, hand hovering above the doorknob.

“I’m doing this Jug, with or without you.” And with that he was gone.

A Meeting of the Queens by Truefan20

Chapter 1: The Knee

Harrenhall seemed the obvious place to meet, sitting abandoned and destroyed by dragonfire the last time dragons and the blood of Old Valyria conquered Westeros. It seemed agreeable to Dany.

“What do you think?” She asked handing the slip of paper to Jon.

“I think it would be on her terms.” Tyrion answered before Jon could respond. “She might have something in store.”

“Aye, she might.” Jon nodded as he rolled the parchment and placed it on the map table of Westeros. He looked down at the area where Harrenhall was located. “It’s not near the sea though, the Iron Fleet would not be an issue.”

Tyrion nodded in agreement, standing on the opposite side of Jon, both men were deep in thought. Daenerys approached Jon turning to look down at the map as well. “What kind of traps could she set?” She mused aloud.

“Well that depends…” Her Hand ran his fingers along the length of his jaw, something he often did when trying to solve a problem.

“She’ll probably have her army, Your Grace.” Jorah said as he stepped up to the table next to Tyrion. “And her Champions at her side.”

“I’ll have Drogon.” She stated matter of fact. “As well as my Hand.” She stared across at Tyrion who paled slightly at the thought of facing off against both of his siblings.

“Yes, I will stand with you.” Tyrion nodded in agreement. “But should it come to a fight, the castle is far too close of quarters for a dragon to be of much use and I’m afraid I have no skill in fighting to match Jaime’s or Ser Gregor’s. You’ll want swordsmen.”

“She’ll have me.” Jorah answered immediately.

“This one wishes to stand with His Queen as well.” Grey Worm answered from near the edge of the room where he stood next to Missandei.

Daenerys nodded in agreement, expecting the answers from both of her most loyal fighters. The one she wanted to have speak up was still quiet next to her, brooding intensely and staring in earnest at the table. He had recovered well from his near death during the mission North of the Wall. However, something had changed in him. She couldn’t put her finger on exactly what it was. He had after all, “bent the knee” but they had not spoken of it since. She had pondered on the subject quite a bit since then however and knew she needed to discuss it with him soon.

“Perhaps we can request Beric Dondarrion or Sandor Clegane escort us with the Wight Walker.” Varys offered from the shadows, stepping forward and standing at the end of the table. “Either of them would be a valuable sword.”

“That is a good idea.” Tyrion nodded in agreement. “I recommend asking The Hound first.”

“We still have not discussed the possibility of traps.” Daenerys pressed, slightly irritated that Jon still had not spoken, nor even dared look at her.

“Well the obvious is an ambush of sorts, either on the way there, or lying in wait upon our arrival.” Tyrion sighed as he began walking to the head of the table towards Varys. “Your Grace saw to it that much of The Lannister Army was dispatched. She could try and stage an ambush with the fleet if we were to approach via sea.”

“Then let us not approach by sea.” She rebutted, looking at him with slight amusement.

“Agreed,” Tyrion answered unphased. “I say we march the Unsullied and the strongest of your Dothraki screamers to the abandoned Castle, have Grey Worm lead a sweep of the Keep itself to make sure no forces await in the shadows to pounce on us. Once cleared, you fly in on Drogo and join us.”

“That seems… Reasonable.” Daenerys answered stiffly. Still awaiting for so much as a whisper from the man standing next to her.

“Aye,” agreed Jorah and Varys in unison.

Her eyes looked up to Jon, he could feel them on his face. He knew he must speak. He straightened, placed one hand on the pommel of Longclaw and turned to look at the fierce, beautiful Queen before him.

“Your Grace…” He paused, the words choking him for just a moment. “After I awoke from our mission North of the Wall, I told you I would bend the knee. Allow me to do so now.” And with that, he took a step back, unsheathed his weapon and bent the knee, Longclaw stood before him, his hands on the pommel. “I swear by the blood in my veins and the honor of my people that I will serve you, from this day until my last day.” With that he bowed his head.

The room went silent and despite the warmth of the fire at her side, Daenerys felt chills up her spine. She had wanted this from the first moment she had laid eyes on him, but now, after having seen the jagged marks on his chest indicating the betrayal of his brothers of the Watch, the thought of his Northern Lords turning on him gave her terrible knots in her stomach.

“Rise.” She answered, taking a step forward as he did, sheathing his sword. “When I first laid eyes on you, I considered you just another Usurper. A Westerosi Lord who wanted power and control. I figured I might intimidate you with dragons and titles. That perhaps you’d see that I was here to take back what was mine with fire and blood. It had worked for me back in Essos, it worked for my ancestors when they first conquered this land, why not here, now, with you?” She paused before taking another step forward, she could see every scar on his face and every hair of his beard at this proximity. “I’ve come to realize that you are an honorable man, possibly to a fault. You are strong, brave, an excellent fighter and hard to kill. You are not the first man to ask me for help, but you are the first man who wasn’t interested in what I could do for you, but what I could do for your people. Your loyalty to them is impressive. I believe that you are truly a King. And because of that reason, I refuse your service and instead offer you something else.” A confused look crossed his face, she heard an intake of breath from Tyrion and Varys behind her. She knew Jorah would be staring at her longingly, but she continued. “Bend the knee Jon Snow, bend the knee and ask for a Queen.” Her heart was jammed into her throat and the only sound was the soft cracks and pops coming from the hearth.

Jon’s face was quite amusing to her in this moment. He seemed so surprised that she might as well have slapped him across the face.

“Your Grace,” Tyrion choked from behind her. “Are you proposing…”

“No,” Daenerys cut him off before he could finish his sentence. “I’m asking Jon to propose.”

“Da–My Queen.” Jon corrected, his breath finally caught for his response. “Are you certain?”

“I believe so. You are a natural born leader. You have proven to be my equal. I am unwed for a reason. A marital alliance would be the best possible option. Your Northern Lords would be impressed would they not? The King in the North returns with The Dragon Queen at his side? After all what is a King without his Queen. The only possible issue with this plan is that I will never birth an heir.” Her voice stopped in her throat at the last statement. What she considered her greatest weakness hung in the air like a foul smell.

“Your Grace…” Jon’s mouth opened and closed then opened again. “I never knew my mother. As a bastard of the North I never belonged. My father was a great man, but I was his shame. I felt like a blight on the Stark name and from a young age, I swore I would never have children of my own. That is why I took the black and joined the Nights Watch. Because men of the Nights Watch take no wives and father no children. You say you can’t birth children, that your dragons are your children. That is a agreeable to me. A legacy does not need to rely on an heir. Who knows if I will even live long enough to think of such a future anyway. Winter is here and the dead March toward us. But Dany,” again using the name he had used before he takes her hands and bends the knee once more. This time his head faces up, his dark eyes looking at her with the depth and intensity that he had while holding her hand on the ship. “I would be the luckiest and happiest man in all of Westeros to have you as my Queen.”

“Then rise as my future King, let us face the long night, together.”


Chapter 2 up soon, only on Tumblr for now.

commitmenttosparklemotion  asked:

i've wanted to cut my hair short for years (it's past my ass right now) and i just recently realized the only reason i haven't yet it because i'm afraid of what the people around me think. do you have any advice that you wish you knew before cutting your hair?? (yours looks bomb by the way i love it so much <3)

Dude, yes! I just went through the whole cutting my hair that used to be past my butt too and it was such a good choice. Imagine a world with little to no tangles… with almost no effort put into keeping it maintained…. no more big globs of shampoo… no more sitting on your hair when you fucking go to relax and then rip out a few strands!!! I honestly just wish I knew how great it was to have shorter hair sooner. I wish I knew that my hair didn’t define my beauty and that I would still be just as pretty to anyone else if I went completely bald! My only advice is that you learn to accept that you aren’t growing your beautiful hair to impress other people, once you get over that, you can do anything ahah. I hope that helped!