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Broken (Nolan Holloway)

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for dramatic effect I was listening to this song when I wrote this so it adds to the story….. and it's a good song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghPcYqn0p4Y

“really Nolan? You’re still going on about this?” I said rolling my eyes at him.

“I’m telling you y/n it wasn’t an animal okay I know what I saw.” Nolan said putting his head in his hands.

“look Nolan whatever it was it’s gone now and it isn’t going to come back, so let’s just relax and ace this biology test tomorrow!” I said throwing his book to him.

Ever since the charity lacrosse game Nolan hasn’t been the same. He saw the beast in the library, everyone did, but we told everyone it was some kind of animal. Everyone else was convinced but we had a tough time convincing Nolan. I wasn’t exactly the poster child for humanity either. I was called a kitsune or a fox. Unfortunately my sister Kira couldn’t control her inner fox so she was sent to live with the skin walkers until she could. I think that was when I started to seek comfort in something besides the pack. That’s when I found Nolan.

“I can’t just get over this, how can you?” He asked studying me.

Nolan struggled with his mental health, he was as broken as I was and I guess I took comfort in that. We became fast friends and used each other for a shoulder to cry on.

“I just have trust in the police department that the problem has been solved.” I said shrugging my shoulders.  

He sighed before opening his textbook and highlighting important sections. I glanced up at him before doing the same. My phone started ringing scaring me and Nolan. I quickly picked up seeing Scott’s name flash on the caller ID.

“hello?” I answered.

we have a problem, meet me at my house in 20 minutes.” Scott said before hanging up.

I sighed. Just when things were finally looking up.

“who was that?” Nolan asked looking up.

“uh my mom she needs me home.” I lied effortlessly.

That was one thing I hated. Lying to Nolan was easy too easy and it killed me. I wanted to tell him everything but I couldn’t. There was no guarantee he would take lightly to the information and besides we were under fire after everything that happened with the wild hunt so remaining under the radar was the best option.

“but you just got here.” Nolan said looking down visibly upset.

“I know I’m sorry but my mom she really needs me.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

The truth was I would rather stay here with Nolan all night. I guess you could say in the time that we spent together my feelings for the broken boy blossomed.

“If you don’t want to hang out with me all you have to do is just say so.” Nolan said looking down at his feet.

I got off of his floor going to sit in front of him.

“Nolan look at me.” I said putting my hand on his cheek.

Nolan slowly lifted his eyes off the ground looking at me.

“Nolan that is just your anxiety talking okay? Nolan you’re my best friend, there is no one I’d rather spend time with than you.” I said smiling at him.

Nolan gave me a smile before nodding his head. I kissed his cheek before hurrying out the door. I got to Scott’s house 10 minutes late earning annoyed glances from the rest of the pack.

“we need to talk.” Scott said giving me a serious look.

It was never good when Scott said we needed to talk.

“Nolan?” I said in disbelief.

“I’m sorry but he’s working with them.” Scott said sullen.

“No, he wouldn’t do that!” I said a tear rolling down my cheek.

“He stabbed Corey right in the hand and showed everyone in the library!” Mason grumbled.

“Also Brett and Lori Talbot are dead.” Scott said looking over at Liam with a sad glance.

I couldn’t believe it. I had saved Lori and Brett when the deadpool was going on. I couldn’t save them now. It wasn’t fair. I didn’t want to believe the boy I loved could be doing this. I could feel the fox fighting to get out as my anger rose.

“I know it isn’t what you wanted to hear, but I wouldn’t lie to you.” Scott said grabbing my hand.

I shook my head knowing he was right. What was I supposed to do now?

“now we need to watch our backs, watch each others backs, don’t trust anyone except for each other.” Scott said looking at all of us.

We all went home to think about what Scott told us. Nolan tried to text me but I couldn’t bring myself to read any of his messages. I couldn’t believe he was actually working with them. The next morning I didn’t feel like going to school but I knew I needed to be there for Liam and Corey considering we were the only three in the pack still in school. I walked in to school earning glances from all the students. The looked at me and whispered. I focused my kitsune hearing to hear what they were saying.

“She’s one of them.”

“don’t get too close, she’s dangerous.”

“she hangs out with that Liam kid she has to be one of them.”

“yeah didn’t you see her in the library? She was glowing orange.”

I felt a tear fall from my eye as I walked the halls to find Liam and Corey.

“people are talking about us” I said walking over to the boys.

Ignoring the stares of the students was hard.

“yeah I hear them too. They know something is up. We shouldn’t have come today.” Liam said tugging at his hair.

“listen you guys will be fine, all you have to do is act normal.” Mason said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

“I don’t know if that’s going to work. There were two sophomore lacrosse players in the street the other night, they had a clear view of you Liam.” Corey said.

“yeah that’s it we need to leave.” Liam said grabbing my hand.

“if you leave now, they win. You need to stay and show them your just like all of us.” Mason said blocking our way.

“we can’t pretend to be normal okay we aren’t normal.” Liam says frustrated.

“look all you need to do is be like Clark Kent, nobody knows he’s actually superman.” Mason said making Corey nod.

“Clark Kent doesn’t have fangs and glowing eyes and he certainly doesn’t have a bright glowing aura around him.” I said rolling my eyes.

“She’s got a good point.” Liam said agreeing with me.

“look you guys can do this I know you can.” Mason said sighing.

I sighed knowing he was right. Liam sighed too. I mean we’ve been pretending to be normal all this time what could one more day hurt. I walked to English class which I had with Nolan and Gabe, who I found out was also working with the hunters. I felt all the eyes of the students on me as I sat down. Nolan stood up and took the seat beside me. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him.

“where were you last night?” Nolan asked looking at me. 

“I told you my mom…” I started but was cut off.

“I went to your house and your mom wasn’t even home, funny you weren’t there either.” Nolan said glaring at me.


“You know people are talking right, they’re saying stuff about you. Stuff that would explain a lot like where you go when you disappear.” Nolan continued getting in my face.

This wasn’t like him at all. He was never confrontational especially not with me.

“what gonna stab me with a pen too?” I snapped at him.

Nolan was taken back at my outburst and honestly I was too.

“I..” He started but I cut him off this time.

“I don’t know what kind of nonsense they’re filling your head with but I’m not the enemy neither is Liam or Scott or anyone. Nolan you know me, you know me better than anyone, you don’t actually believe all that stuff do you?” I said hurt evident in my voice.

Nolan didn’t say anything. He got up and walked back to where Gabe was sitting. Our teacher came in starting the class but I was finding it hard to focus. My emotions got the best of me and soon I had tears falling down my cheeks.

“miss Yukimura do you need a minute?” Our teacher asked looking at me.

I shook my head before running out of the classroom. I went to the bathroom breaking down. This was wrong. This was all wrong. Everyone in Beacon Hills would be dead if it weren’t for us, Nolan would be dead. I remember when the ghost riders took him, I tried to save him but I was too late. If it weren’t for, dare I say it, Theo I would have been taken too. I got up splashing some cold water on my face. I could do this.

“Do you know it helps to talk about what you’re feeling.”

I turned around to see Miss Monroe, who had hunted down Brett Talbot, standing there with a smirk on her face.

“No thanks, I don’t want to talk to someone like you.” I growled turning around.

“I’m not the one you need to be thinking of it’s the ones we never expect to cause the most damage.” She said before walking out the door.

I knew she was talking about Nolan. I exit the bathroom being greeted by Liam, Corey and Mason.

“We have a problem.” Corey says.

“we have a lot of problems what now?” I asked rolling my eyes.

“Gabe and Nolan, they want to get you guys to shift in front of everyone so they can expose what you are.” Mason said looking at me and then Liam.

“I don’t exactly work like that.” I said.

“you don’t think they’ve been doing their homework too? I could find a lot about kitsunes and they can too.” Mason said.

“so what are we going to do?” Liam said coming to stand by me.

“well the entire lacrosse team is blocking all the exits.” Corey said.

“it’s not like you guys can just turn invisible and get out of here.” Mason says scratching his head.

“or can we?” I said looking at Corey.

Liam and I grab on to Corey and he turns us invisible along with himself. Mason attempts to lead us out of school but every exit is blocked by lacrosse players. Mason makes another turn running straight in to Gabe and Nolan.

“where are they?” Gabe asks Mason.

“Who?” Mason said playing dumb.

Gabe was clearly not impressed.

“you know who.” He said clenching his jaw.

“oh Liam and Y/n yeah I haven’t seen them since the last time I saw them.” He rambled scratching his head.

Gabe and Nolan looked at each other confused.

“okay when was that?” Gabe asked clearly annoyed now.

“the last time I saw them was definitely the time I saw them last.” Mason said unsure of what he was even saying now.

Nolan looked at Gabe again before taking dust out of his pocket and blowing it our way. Liam, Corey, and I were now visible to everyone. Gabe grabbed Liam while another lacrosse player grabbed me. We were taken in to the empty science classroom and thrown to the floor. Liam got up but Gabe punched him in the face.

“stop what are you doing.” I growled walking over to Gabe.

He smirked at me before punching me in the face as well. I grab my nose trying to keep the blood from staining my shirt. I look at Nolan betrayal in my eyes.

“come on Liam all you have to do is shift.” Gabe says kicking Liam in the stomach.

A crowd of students has gathered just watching the action going on. I stood back up but Gabe turned to me punching me again.

“you know you can take us, all you have to do is shift.” Gabe said beating Liam up more.

At this point Liam was bloodied and barely standing. Gabe turned to me with a sadistic smirk.

“And you.” He said grabbing me by the hair and dragging me to the electric outlet.

I tried to fight back knowing what would happen if I touched that.

“I wonder what would happen If you got a little too close to this outlet.” Gabe whispered in my ear.

“why don’t you find out.” I snapped glaring at him.

Gabe slammed my face off the table making my vision go blurry. I could barely stand from the pain of each blow he delivered. I couldn’t heal like a werewolf, it took time and energy, two things I didn’t have right now.

“Gabe that’s enough.” Nolan said his voice cracking.

“Did you forget the whole purpose of this Nolan?” Gabe growled turning towards him.

He walked back over to Liam who had his eyes shut tight. I was relieved when I saw Mrs. Finch walk in to the room. However she just stands there watching the scene.

“do something!” Mason says struggling.

“Sometimes its best if we let them work out their problems on their own.” She says before leaving.

Gabe punched Liam again. Liam still had his eyes closed trying to control his inner wolf from escaping.

“open your eyes Liam.” Gabe growled wrapping his hands around his throat.

“the sun. the moon. the truth.” Liam said taking deep breaths.

“what are you talking about?” Gabe growled.

“the sun. the moon. the truth.” I repeated from my spot on the floor.

“Liam open your eyes.” Gabe growled.

Liam opened his eyes and they were his blue color thankfully. I mustered up all the strength I could manage and took off my belt which was actually my katana. I clicked it in to place and before Gabe could make another move I was holding it at his throat.  

“See I told you all, look at her.” Gabe said not moving.

I managed to connect my eyes with Nolan who looked horrified. I wore my belt around him all the time and now he found out what it actually was.

“It’s a Japanese sword you’ve proved nothing.” I growled.

Gabe went to take another step forward but was cut off by a voice.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” Bobby Finstock asked coming in the classroom.

He grabbed Nolan and Gabe by the back of their necks and pushed them towards the door.


The other students just stood there staring at us.

“GET OUT ALL OF YOU! I CAN’T STAND TO LOOK AT ANY OF YOUR FACES.” He yells shooing all the students out.

I fold my sword back in to my belt before dropping down beside Liam.

“you did it.” I said stroking a hand through his hair.

“Clark Kent right?” Liam said spitting out some blood.

“Yeah Clark Kent.” I said smiling.

Mason drove us home making sure we got in alright. I went to the bathroom examining the bruises and cuts on my face. I touched the bruise flinching as soon as my hand made contact with it. I could feel the tears rush down my cheeks. I felt defeated, I felt like a monster. I grabbed a washcloth and started cleaning the blood off my face. I didn’t even recognize the girl in the mirror anymore.

“this is all wrong." I whispered my voice shaking due to the tears. 

I walked to my room slowly letting the tears fall freely. It was hard to be strong when everyone was against you. I picked up the picture of me and Kira from my nightstand. God I missed her. Nolan filled the void that Kira left and now he was gone too. I should have went with her to live with the skin walkers. I passed the test, Kira didn’t but I still should have stayed. Maybe that’s where I belonged. I took out a piece of paper addressing it to Nolan


This isn’t easy to say, so I’m just going to come out and say it. You were right. I’m not normal. I lied to you. I’ve been lying to you. I wanted to protect you. I never wanted you to get involved with my crazy world so I thought not telling you was the best option. The truth is I didn’t have a choice in what I am. I’m called a Kitsune. It’s the Japanese word for fox spirit which is exactly what I am. Sometimes the fox spirit inside takes over the human it possesses and turns malevolent which is what happened to my sister Kira. She had to go live with these creatures called the skin walkers. Nolan I wish I would have told you all this sooner but I didn't know what your reaction would be. I thought I was protecting you but I was only hurting you by lying. You filled the void that my sister left. You were there to dry my tears and offer me guidance and you’ll never know how much that truly meant to me. There is one other thing I want to tell you, it’s something I’ve known ever since you were taken by the ghost riders (which you wouldn’t remember happened either.) Nolan I love you. I’m in love with you. All of you, all of your fears, your anxiety, everything. I ruined everything by not telling you, and I hurt someone I would never want too. So this is why I am writing you this letter Nolan. I’m going to go to a place where I can’t hurt you anymore. I should’ve stayed with Kira when she was taken by the skin walkers then I would’ve never hurt you in the first place. Goodbye Nolan, I’m sorry I let you down but you won’t have to worry about me anymore by the time you read this letter I’ll be gone from your life so I can’t hurt you anymore.


The Fox

Tears stained the page as I finished writing the last words. I paced around my room not really sure if I was making the right choice. The pack needed me here, but I didn’t know if I could stay. I grab the note and walk out of my room running down the steps. I take a look at my house thinking about all the memories made here, all of the memories with Nolan, with Kira, with the pack. I was going to miss them all but I knew I was making the safest decision for me right now. I opened the door, Nolan standing on the other side, just about to knock.

"Nolan.” I gasped.

SEQUEL OUT NOW : Bruised, Burned Battered Bloodied

  • “i cant believe you got us kicked out of another coven, dude, you gotta quit stepping on peoples familiars”
  • “you know, when i signed up for this expedition to finish this spell you didnt say we’d be trecking through the bitter wilderness with candles and creatures chasing us, what the fuck, dude”
  • “im a newbie witch and this is my first ritual and i was all excited to see herbs and salts and boiling cauldrons not tHIS JESUS CHRIST—THATS ALOT OF BLOOD
  • “for the last time, you cant have a tiger as your familiar” 
  • “look theres a reason why we do our rituals in private, things can get out of hand and sometimes we spit up blood, its not like we mean to do it. knock next time.”
  • “and, when that happens dont go around scaring the living shit out of people, jesus stacy, this is why people think we’re satanic”
  • “okay look, im as commitied to this lifestyle as anyone else but do you not see how expensive this shit is? and where the hell am i going to find a sabertooth fang? what, do i have to rob a museum??”
  • “we’re gonna rob a museum. c’mon it’ll be easy, we have our spellbook. we won’t get caught”
  • “so you’re saying you broke into the museum to steal a sabertooth fang and a thigh bone from an extinct bird…for a luck spell?/ yes, officer.”
  • “you hexed me because i made fun of the way you eat so now my tastebuds hate everything i put in my mouth and so I’m either gonna starve or eat this shit you call chocolate, i hate you so much”
  • “youre this sweet looking cutie that i always see walking through the outdoor department looking for flowers, and you always ask if you can check everything out here, which happens to be a lot of bloody meat and candles and knives and….you know my mother always told me the devil would look like an angel”
  • “you convinced me that our last apartment was haunted by throwing drawers open and breaking glasses whenever i came home, but it turns out you just didnt like the neighbors and wanted an excuse to move”
  • “you stumbled across my alter and before i could scare the everliving shit out of you to keep your mouth shut, you turned around, scoffed, and bragged that yours looked so much better”
  • “cmon babe you know i hate it when you tell the future, you stop breathing and you freeze up and your eyes literally roll to the back—STOP IT EW I HATE U SO MUCH––UGH QUIT LAUGHING YOU SHIT”
  • “my dreams…when i see people, it says who they truly are
    • and what does it say about me
      • it says youre a lying bitch for stealing my sandalwood incense from Nepal, stacy, my tarantula saw you come in my room—give it back”
Byun Baekhyun//Psych - Part 2

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Summary: After a month of being broke at college, you finally find a place to stay, but the only con is that there is nine other people you have to share a house with - one in particular who makes it his mission to irritate you at every turn - but they’re hiding something from you. Something big. (1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7)
Scenario: Werewolf!AU, college!AU, series
Word Count: 4,945 

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Follow the story of a young little pigeon wanting to be a super hero but neglected because it’s only a bald pigeon and heroes are often big animals !

Never leaving it’s dream, this pigeon will continue to reach it’s goal, even if this it’s life is … quite boring because one wing can destroy everything !!

So, Waw !  I can’t believe I animated a full opening !! It was an amazing exercice, I learned a lot with it and that’s means that I’m now able to parody openings and endings :’D !!!! (I already imagine lot’s of them, try to imagine too haha !)  I animated lots of capes and it was super ! 

Many of you asked me to animate an opening, and to make something about One Punch Man, I liked the animation a lot =) (Studio Madhouse) and I wanted to try to make a full opening, needless to say that I was super afraid but I could do it in 4 days ! (four looong days !)

Again I’m happy to share my work with you all and to show that a little program can do marvelous things if you are passionate and love what you do !

Merci beaucoup pour tout ce que vous m'apportez depuis que je partage mes animations ici, J'ai vraiment hâte de continuer à partager pleins de choses avec vous tous !

Again Thank you all for your amazing support !! 

*** BEST WISHES FOR 2016 !!!!!! :D *****

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Why is no one talking about the fact that The Book of Breathings in ACOMAF is named after the Egyptian Book of Breathings which, consequently, are several late, ancient Egyptian funerary texts that is intended to enable deceased people to exist in the afterlife. I mean this seems kind of an important clue. maybe? 

In ancient Egypt  “breathing” was a metaphorical term for all the aspects of life that the deceased hoped to experience again in the afterlife.

Could the book Feyre has actually be related to this same idea? 

The first piece that Feyre, well she basically steals it, and that half of the book says the following: “hello liar” “Will you read me?” to which Feyre responds “NO” the book then says “Unmade and Made; Made and Unmade–that is the cycle. Like calls to like”. Then it calls her “Cursebreaker” The first half of the book is described as cold, cunning, heartless.

The Second half of the book comes to Feyre from a sympathetic mortal queen it sings to her: Life and death and rebirth, Sun and moon and dark, Rot and bloom and bones, Hello, Sweet thing. Hello, lady of night. Hello, princess of decay. Hello, fanged beast and trembling fawn. Love me, touch me, sing me. This half of the book is described as Madness, Chaos, Disorder, and Lawlessness, Joy and Despair.

When Feyre takes the Book of Breathings with her to nullify the cauldron the book has this to say: “Sweet-tongued liar, lady of many faces—You see now, princess of carrion–you see what you must do”

This book is the only one that can nullify the Cauldron and apart each half could be said to represent a different side of creation and together it would represent the whole of creation.

The Cauldron is described as “absence, and presence. Darkness and whatever the darkness had come from. But NOT LIFE. Not joy or light or hope”. 

Does the Cauldron then represent death and the afterlife? When Feyre is telling the Bone Carver about where she went after she died she describes darkness. She said “There was nothing in the dark, but that it was not frightening.”

Feyre has already died once and been reborn, remade, from the powers of the 7 High Lords. What if those 7 High Lords each represent the 7 Gods of the Underworld/Afterlife. What if being remade by all 7 of them makes her the only person not just able to read the Book of Breathings but to truly command the Cauldron as well. 

You can not have life without death, you cannot have death without life the two are inextricably intertwined together. Yet for us mortals and the fae alike there is a moment, a bridge between the two that we must pass over to reach the other side of our existence from life to death. What if Feyre has become that bridge?

The Book of Breathings says 4 times to Feyre “Take us home” It tells her it must be “joined together”. 

I don’t know I’m just speculating at this point so if ya’ll have any ideas you wanna throw my way or you have a different spin feel free to jump in.

consequently the first chapter in the third book A court of Wings and Ruin is titled Princess of Carrion.

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The Blood on His Hands - Stiles Stilinski (smut!)

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summary: after being theo’s hostage, you were already in for a rough night.  but things get rougher when stiles finds you
warnings: smuttt
word count: 7910
this is my first smut so… pls give feedback idec if it’s bad feedback just tell me how i did


My eyes closed tightly before fluttering open, and they hurt for a reason that I didn’t know yet.  I tried to rub hem, but my hands wouldn’t move.  I tried again, trying to shake my hands awake but they didn’t move at all.

“W-what?” I heard a chuckle, and turned my head to the sound.  “Hello? Hello is someone there?” I called.  “Please help I can’t move” I begged.  Someone stepped forward, and I narrowed my eyes to try and see them in the dim light.  “Hello? Can you tell me where I am?” I asked.  The person laughed darkly again.

“Oh, lovely y/n” I moved my head up, finding that I wasn’t tied down like I’d previously thought I was.  “You’re here with me” The silhouette of a person crouched in front of me, and I squinted to see who they were.

“Th-Theo?” I stammered.  “What’re you… what’re you doing?” I looked around wildly, finding that I was lying on a concrete, slightly wet ground.  Again he laughed, running a hand of my hair.  If I could move my hand, I’d smack his away.  And I tried, I did, but I couldn’t.  I kept on trying, kept on struggling with my own body to move but I just couldn’t.  I was trapped, and nothing was holding me down.

“There’s something about you being down there, your forehead stick your hair matted, that just makes you so much more beautiful” Theo said, and my body shuddered.  But at least it was movement.

“Theo what the hell are you doing?” I asked, my voice shaking.  “Why am I here what are you doing?” I asked, completely confused as to why he would… kidnap me? Was I being kidnapped right now?  Why would he even want to take me, I barely knew him.  I don’t think I’d ever spoken to him before.

“I’m trying to lure your alpha here, love” He said, and my brows crinkled.

“My what?” I asked, shaking my head in confusion.  What does that even mean?  “I have no idea what you’re talking about” I whimpered out.

“Oh, sweet, naive, y/n” He gritted out, and grabbed my arms.  I let out a yelp as he lifted me up and threw me down onto a chair.  Again I began to desperately try thrash and try to fight him back but my limbs wouldn’t do anything my brain told me to do.  “That kanima venom is going to wear of any minute now, so we gotta keep you in place” He said.  I shook my head.

“Please, please just let me go no one’s coming, no one knows”

“Oh I doubt that, love” He chuckled.

“Nobody knows I’m here” I cried, tears streaking down my cheeks.

“I’m sure your little guard dog does” Theo smirked, and again I shook my head, brows furrowing.  What was he talking about? Where was he going with this?

“Stiles?” I mumbled, but less as a question and more of a statement.

Suddenly I missed him like crazy.  And I’d seen him just a few hours ago at school.  But at the moment all I wanted was Stiles.  To run in here and pick me up and tell me it’s all going to be okay, and then to prove it and take me home.

“Yeah, you think he’s not already on his way in that shitty car-”

“It’s a jeep you dumbass” I muttered, but Theo didn’t say or do anything.

“He’s probably outside, trying to psych himself up with that stupid bat of his” I whined but he didn’t care.  “He’s gonna run in here… probably yelling for me to give you back…” He smirked, circling around my chair.

“Theo Stiles isn’t coming there’s no reason for him to-”

“Do you know nothing!?” He practically roared, baring large fangs and glowing yellow eyes.  I didn’t say anything, the only sound I could here was my heavy breathing and a slight growl coming from Theo.  “You don’t… do you?” He smirked again, tilting his head to the side slightly.

“W-what?” I cried slightly, more hot tears spilling over onto my cheeks.  

“Tell me y/n, do you know why my eyes are such a pretty yellow?” He asked.  I was about to open my mouth to speak, but no words came out.  “Or why, I have these?” he asked, and trailed something sharp down the side of my face.  I winced when he cut the skin.  I looked down to see claws at the end of his fingertips.  I shivered, and couldn’t get myself to stop.  My hands were still paralyzed.  “You really don’t” He began chuckling again.  “They never told you? Your best friends…”

“What? What are you going on about?” I sighed, unable to keep up my struggle.

“Werewolves, love” He whispered, leaning so close to my ear my body would have squirmed if it wasn’t a useless sack of bones.  “Your friend McCall? Alpha of three years.  Malia? Born werecoyote.  Lydia? Banshee.  They haven’t told you any of this?” I sucked in sharp breath.

“N-no” I stuttered, shaking my head ludicrously.  They never told me… was it even true? I looked at Theo and saw my answer instantly.

It was.  Theo was clearly… something unhuman.

Why wouldn’t they tell me? I could’ve protected myself, they’re my best friends….

“Is Stiles…?” I trailed off, figuring Theo would figure out what I meant.

“A werewolf?” Theo asked, stepping back now.  “A banshee? A… a coyote?” He laughed.  “Is he anything other than the useless, pathetic, scrawny, weak little human-”

“Well that’s hurtful” My ears perked at the familiar voice, my eyes jolting to the dark, where I watched Stiles and Scott coming into the building.  I closed my eyes, thanking them silently for showing up.  “And to think, I always say such nice things about you” The pale boy shook his head and tisked.

“Fucking Stilinski” Theo growled, pushing me before stomping over to him.  I let out a slight scream as the chair tipped backwards, and my head smashed on the ground.

“y/n!” Stiles yelled, and I heard a loud bang that echoed more than my skull on the cement.  I closed my eyes and try not to cry anymore, but now all I could feel was pain.

“S-Sti-” I couldn’t even finish his name, the blood in my mouth made me wish it was paralyzed like the rest of my body.  I tried to use my ears to figure out what was going on, but all I could hear was grunting and growling and… ripping? A lot of stomping around and running.  I squeezed my eyes tight and wished I could just pass out, maybe even die.

Dying’s gotta hurt less than this.

“Scott!” Stiles yelled, and I could only assume it was him who was running so fast.  Next thing I knew there were hands on my face, shaking slightly until my eyes opened  and I saw Stiles.  I breathed out heavily with relief as he began to feel me down for anything out of the ordinary.  The worst part was I couldn’t feel his hands anywhere but on my face.  I couldn’t speak, just cry even though I was trying my hardest not to.  “Hey, hey it’s okay you’re gonna be okay”

A deafening roar of pain echoed throughout the entire building, seemingly Theo’s.

But Stiles didn’t even look away from me.  “You’re gonna be okay” He said again, rubbing my arms lightly before yanking on the duct tape so it’d free me from the chair.  When it was ripped off i fell limp onto the ground.  “You alright? Come on” Stiles stood from his crouched position, attempting to casually pull me with him but my body wouldn’t budge.  He stared back down at me with instant horror.

“I can’t move” I whimpered.  “I can’t move Stiles” He stared at me, hands stroking over my face quickly.

“It’s okay, like I said you’re gonna be fine- Scott!” I winced when he screamed suddenly.  “She’s got kanima venom in her!” I didn’t even bother to ask what that was, I just figured it had to do with my sudden limp body.

“Shit” I heard Scott growl.  Next thing I know a body was flying in the air.  When I craned my neck to look, Theo smashed into the wall, and fell to the ground.  I whimpered in fear that he’d come after me, seeing that he was just a few feet away.  But his body wasn’t moving, much like mine.

“Oh my god is he dead-”

“He’ll be fine” Stiles said, before pulling me in his arms and lifting me up bridal style.  “Now we have better places to be- before he wakes up that is” I didn’t say anything, just closed my eyes as he began to run over to Scott.

“Is she awake?” I heard Scott asked, and opened them again to show him I was.  He sighed, and quickly walked over to us with his arms out, ready to take me, but Stiles held me tighter.

“I’ll take her it’s fine” Stiles said, already walking away.  Scott followed closely, taking my arms and wrapping them around Stiles’ neck, though they just fell loosely against his chest.

“We have a lot lot talk about” Scott muttered.  I stayed silent as I was carried out to where the jeep was parked.  I let out a sigh and looked up at the sky, counting the stars in my head until I got bored, then looking to Stiles.

Did they ever plan on telling me? Why wouldn’t they? In fear of me telling someone else? Apparently all my friends knew, but me.  What kind of cruel joke… keeping secrets like that… I wonder how often their lives are put in danger.  And why did Theo take me?

I realized I must’ve been staring too long, because I’d accidentally memorized all the freckles and moles scattered across his cheeks jaw and neck.  And also he was staring right back at me.

“I’m sorry” He said quietly, the most minimal murmur.  I didn’t say anything, or change my bored and pained expression.  Just closed my eyes, and rolled my head on his arm, resting it against his chest.  It wasn’t a conversation I felt like having, or was appropriate for the moment.

Besides, I’d probably start pacing.  And I need the use of my legs to do that.

When we got to the Jeep, Scott took the keys out of Stiles’ pocket, and opened the back door before he got in the front.  Stiles sat me up on the seat, holding me as he crawled in as well.  I let him lift me in his arms, awkwardly maneuvering my body into his lap as he sat.  As soon as he closed the door Scott began driving.

“You comfortable enough?” Stiles asked, adjusting my legs and arms.

“I can only feel my face and neck, so, I guess I’m fine” He nodded, and rose a hand, one of my arms falling from where it was placed on my stomach.  I giggled just a little bit as he lifted the hand that had hit the floor of the jeep.  “Thanks” I mumbled as he played with the unmoving fingers, before loosely intertwining our fingers.  I watched before he reached out the other hand and brushed back my hair.  He half smiled, eyes trained on his own hand as he tucked strands of my hair behind my ear.  I smiled softly, staring downwards as not to meet his gaze.

When I closed my eyes and he pulled my head against his chest, I fell asleep.

“…venom probably gone… we’ll see… walking will be fine”

“Better be… beat your furry ass…wasn’t supposed to get hurt”

I blinked my eyes open, struggling to gain consciousness as I heard Stiles’ voice.  I moved to the side and groaned loudly, barely seeing Stiles rush over to me.

“Hey, hey y/n you’re awake- and-and moving” I nodded, wincing as he kneeled down next to me.

A bed, I’m lying on a bed.  Blue blankets with Star Wars sheets… it’s Stiles’ room.  I’m at the Stilinski house.

“…hurts” I whine, and feet shuffle.  I glance over to see Scott rushing out of the room, and hear him going downstairs.

“Should be getting you some frozen bags and such… t-to relieve the pain” I nodded as he rubbed a hand up and down my arm.

I could feel it, I could feel the warmth of his palm and the roughness on the pads of his fingers.  I could feel the cuts and bruises too, but I was focusing on feeling Stiles.

“I-I feel it.. Your hand” Tears welled in my eyes as a small gasp left my throat.  Stiles smiled at you, continuing his hand movement on my arm.  “Lay down with me?” I asked.  Stiles stilled, but nodded his head quickly.  Before I could scoot back to make room for him, he’d already crawled over me, and laid on the other side.  I rolled over, my hands shaking as I moved them up, in front of my face.  A watery smile broke onto my lips as I planted them firmly against Stiles’ chest.

“How much do you hurt?” I didn’t roll back over when Scott came into the room, just let him put a cold pack against my head and what I assumed was a bag of frozen peas against my back.

“On a scale of one to ten?” I asked him, and he walked to the other side of the bed, standing behind Stiles.  Scott nodded.  “Definitely around an eleven that’s for sure” I groaned out.

“Well, I applaud you for your honesty” Scott said with a small smile.  I pulled back from Stiles and stared up at him.

“Honesty” I asked, raising a brow as I scooted out of the bed, and forced myself to stand on wobbly legs.

“y/n” Stiles sat up instantly, cautiously putting his hands out in front of him, palms towards me.

“No, you both- you both lied to me!” I yelled now, throwing my fists to my sides.  All my muscles were tense, making them ache again but I didn’t care.  I was far to angry.

“y/n we were trying to protect you” Scott said.  I narrowed my eyes at him.

“For three years, you’ve been like this, known this” I muttered.  “I’ve been your best friend, for twelve years”

“y/n-” I glared at Stiles.

“And Allison?” I asked, glancing between who I thought were my two best friends.  “Is she gone because of this?” I asked in a quieter tone.  As soon as I’d said it I wondered if I even wanted to know.

“We… there was nothing we could do..” Scott said, and I choked, covering my mouth to hide the sobs I was making.

“I can’t believe this I can’t believe…. You lied about her death!?” Hot tears streamed down my red cheeks.  “I can’t fucking believe you what is wrong with you!?”

“y/n please” Stiles got off the bed, reaching his arms out to me.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” I shuffled away from Stiles so fast I tripped over my own feet and fell to the ground on my butt.  Again he reached out to help me but I pushed away from him.

“You were never supposed to get hurt-”

“But I did” I said in monotone.  “I did, and I was helpless, and defenseless against it.  Because you didn’t tell me” Stiles froze as I stood up.  “Tonight was your fault” I said, staring dead eyed at Scott.  Then I looked to Stiles, tears falling again.  He looked at me with a sad expression, but I didn’t do anything to reach out to him.  “I thought you were more to me that that” I mumbled to him.  His lips parted, but he didn’t say anything.  I shook my head with a long sigh, and turned.  Leaving his room.

Every step I took down the stairs was too fast, making pain shoot up the heel of my foot through my legs.  It made me cry more but I was done trying to stop myself from it.  How much didn’t I know?

“y/n- y/n don’t leave” Stiles quickly followed after me but I was already at the door.

“I’m going home.  I don’t want to talk to you Stiles”

I’d never been so rude to him, it was completely foreign but I didn’t regret it.  He was a liar, and maybe worse.  I wouldn’t know.  I don’t know anything, clearly.

“But y/n I want you to know everything I did, and said, was to protect you-”

“Yeah?” I spun around angrily as I’d stepped outside.  Stiles followed me out the door.  He froze in his tracks, seemingly surprised by my action.  “Would you have ever told me?”

“S-sure probably-” I scoffed and he stopped talking.  Which was probably smart on his part.  I doubt he’d say anything that I’d need to hear.

“I could’ve died tonight, and probably a lot of other nights too” I said.  “And it would’ve been on you” I jabbed a finger at his chest.

“No I’d never let you-”

“Get hurt” I finished with a roll of my eyes.  “Clearly” I muttered, gesturing angrily at the bruises and scars on my body.  Stiles closed his mouth and I could see tears in his eyes.

“Just please don’t leave, y/n” I shook my head, already stepping away from him.  “P-please don’t leave me” I shook my head, avoiding looking anywhere near him and I scoffed.  “I love you” He said, catching me off guard as I stared at him now, expressionless.  “I’m in love with you, y/n” He said, and I could see his tears falling now, even in the dark.  I stayed silent.  He looked at me helplessly, his shoulders rising and falling.  When I opened my mouth, thunder clapped, making me jump slightly in surprise, but I continued my stare at him.

“You don’t love me” I told him, stepping backwards just slightly.  “You wouldn’t lie to me if you did”

“I did it to protect-”

“Don’t even finish that” I said, my voice failing as it cracked.  “I’m going home before it starts to rain” I decided, turning around to walk away from the Stilinski household.  I got to the end of the drive before I began crying again, quickening my pace as I went to my house.

This hurt more than my legs, my arms, the cuts on my face.

I loved him too.

When I’d gotten home, I’d already been stuck in the dumping rain for ten minutes of my walk.  At first I’d tried to run but I grew tired and careless.  So I dragged my feet the rest of the way along the sidewalk.

To think less than an hour ago I was curled up against Stiles’ warm body in bed.

At least the storm had passed now, so I could sit on my roof outside my window, and watch the stars.  I’m not sure what time it was when I came out, or how much time had passed, but it was still dark.  I just laid on my back in my bare feet and worn and bloody clothes, staring up at the inky night sky.  I was relaxed, the questions and angry thoughts that was once rushing through my mind had calmed, and now I was at peace.

I was in my place.  No anger, just relaxation.  Though my sense of safety has wavered in the past few hours.  I had actually texted with Lydia a bit, mostly just letting her know that I knew about the supernatural now, and if she had anything crazy to tell me that I’m all ears.  I basically got her origin story that didn’t hurt my feelings as much as Scott and Stiles had.

She told me about Allison, how everyone did everything they could but there was no way to reverse the events of her tragic and early death.  We proceeded to talk about how much we missed her, and what stayed on my mind for a while was how Stiles was possessed.

My best friend, and the boy I’d fallen in love with, was possessed by an evil spirit, and he’d carried around the weight of Alli’s passing… and I never knew.  I mean around the time of her death I do remember him being mopey, but when I’d confronted him about it, he’d told me it was around the time of his mother’s passing, and his father’s job was at stake because of Scott’s dad.

Maybe I was the shit friend for not noticing sooner.

I groaned, realizing I’d turned my happy place into a bubble of questions and anxiety.  Suddenly I missed everyone, I missed Allison, who I’d gone a few months without depressingly mourning over her.  I missed my parents, who’ve been on a business trip for an extra two weeks… real dicks but I missed the regularity of them being at home.  I missed Stiles.  I missed everything about him, from the feeling of his arms around me to his smell of mint and pine and coffee.

I sighed, sitting up and pulling my knees towards my chest.  I put my face in my hands, shaking my head at myself.

“Congratulations y/n” I muttered, looking up at the sky and finding the moon in a thin crescent shape tonight.  “You’ve fucked yourself over”

With that, I laid back on the roof and closed my eyes, folding my arms over my had and curling my legs on their side.

“I know the roof is your special place, but I’m not so sure it’ll be so special when you get kidnapped for the second time in one night” I yawned as my eyes fluttered open upon hearing the voice, then proceeded to roll over to see who was leaning out my window.  Sure enough, there was Stiles, the upper half of his body leaning out the windowsill, his forearms resting on it.

Despite myself, I smiled at him, a gentle and small smile, but a smile.

“That’d be pretty sad” I said, pushing myself to sit up right.  Stiles crawled out the window, and carefully scooted his way down.

“How long have you been sleeping up here?” Stiles asked as he settled next to me.  “All kidding aside it’s not that safe”

“I know” I sighed, running my hands through my hair to comb out the mess of tangles.  “I didn’t really mean to fall asleep I was just trying to be relaxed” Stiles nodded, pulling up his knees and hooking his arms around them.

“I know you don’t want to hear it again…” Stiles let out a small breath, and you looked over at him patiently.  “Everything I did…. Everything I… I didn’t say… it was to keep you safe” He looked over at me too, looking surprised that I was already watching him.  I didn’t say anything, just offered him a soft smile.  “I swear, there were some days where I just wanted to sit you down and tell you the shit… especially Allison, God I fought myself for a long time on that I wanted to tell you I did but I thought… I thought you’d hate me cause I…” Stiles licked his lips, and looked away from me, then hung his head in his hands.  “It’s my fault she’s not here anymore” I shook my head, though he couldn’t see me.

“Mieczyslaw” I whispered, scooting over closer so that he knew I was being serious.  “Lydia told me everything, we… we talked for a long time” laid my hand on his upper back, rubbing in small circles.  “I know for a fact that it wasn’t your fault, don’t ever say that”

“I’ve done things y/n” He said, keeping his face hidden behind his hands.  “I’ve done things that if I told you you’d never forgive me.  I’ve got blood on my hands” I sucked in my bottom lip for a moment as I thought about what to say next.

“I forgave you for lying to me for the past three years… I was kidnapped tonight by a werewolf and couldn’t move cause of lizard spit” I chuckled bitterly.  “I think I can handle just about anything” I told him.  He let out a long sigh, but didn’t look at me as he spoke.

“I killed a guy… earlier this year” He mumbled.  I nodded, not faulting my caressing on his back.  “He… he was gonna kill me, my Dad, he threatened the pack… and you” His voice cracked a few more times, indicating that he was either crying or trying not to.  “It was an accident I didn’t know when I pulled the pin he’d fall through… I didn’t know he’d be impaled I didn’t know he’d-”

“Sh… Stiles…” I decided to cut him off, seeing how worked up he’d become.  I wrapped my arms around him, and tucked my head under his chin.  He sniffed, and held me as well.  “If it was an accident, it was an accident.  Not your fault” I told him.  He nodded, his arms tightening a little on me.

“Y-yeah” He stammered.  I smiled, patting his chest lightly before pulling away.  He looked at me, and I could only imagine it reflected my own face earlier.  Tears splattered all over the place and cheeks red.  I gave him a smile, and cupped his face so I could wipe them all away.

“Stop your crying Stilinski” I hummed, and when I pulled my hands away, he smiled at me.  “Now, I get some questions” I said, trying to lighten the mood.

“Fire away” Stiles said, regaining his voice.

“So can Kira actually turn into a fox? I didn’t get that part”

We spent a long time together, in fact until the sky began to go from black to a blue, telling us the time was nearing early morning.  But it didn’t matter.  We’d both ended up laying down on our backs somewhere between learning about what Lydia’s screams can do, and why they don’t let me hang around the Hale house….Peter.  It was only because of Peter.  Supposedly he’d wanted to kidnap me as well, but settled for Stiles instead.

“What is it with people trying to kidnap me? I didn’t even know about the supernatural, what possible information could I have?” I asked him, rolling onto my side.

“Eh, I don’t think their play is really about getting information out of you” Stiles said, looking down to where our hands were lying just a few inches apart.  “I’d take a wild guess and say it’s likely just to lure me- the rest of us out” He stammered over his words, but still managed to make me blush.

“Yeah… Theo did say you’d come” I mumbled, glancing down to our hands.  His fingers were tapping against the tiled roof.  I half smiled at his familiar nervous habit, and laid my hand over his.  I kept my head ducked down so he wouldn’t see my dumb smile.  “Thanks for that” I told him.  “I never really thanked you… but you did save my life” I told him sincerely, eyes flickering up to find he was already staring intently at me.

“Yeah of course” He murmured, then licked his lips.  “Look I… I can’t promise you it’ll never happen again, especially since once my mom used to promise me there was no monster under my bed and now there’s a monster around every corner- but that’s not the point.  The point… the point is that if, and whenever it does happen again, I’m always gonna show up” My jaw dropped a little, the way he said it so breathlessly, like he was telling me the most important thing I’d ever need to hear.  “I’m always gonna come and get you, I’m always gonna be there” I bit down on my lip, trying really fucking hard not to cry.

“I-I’ve cried enough for tonight” I said with a weak laugh.  Stiles moved in closer, his fingers curling around my hand that he’d previously just loosely laid on his.

“I meant it when I told you I loved you” He said, and I couldn’t bring myself to tear my eyes away from his.  “I didn’t just say it so you’d stay- I mean yeah but I’d been meaning to tell you for a while, a long while, a really long while seriously Lydia and Scott were always up my ass about it b-but I did mean it” I laughed quietly at his babbling.  “And not the stupid ‘you’re my friend I love you buddy’ thing” He punched my arm lightly when he said that, making me laugh airily again.  “No, no I’m in love with you, and I have been for a long time”

“You have?” I whispered out, eyes flickering between his.  He nodded with a sigh.

“Yeah… yeah I have” He said somewhat sheepishly.  “And I know today’s been a shit storm of events, and I know I literally just told you that I’ve killed people, and a lot of other weird things like werewolves and doctors who make people monsters b-but it doesn’t change anything for me like it does for you because I’ve had this stupid painful crush on you since kindergarten and I’m tired of-”

I cut off his rambling, cupping his cheeks and pulling him down towards me so I could press my lips against his.  Stiles immediately reacted, kissing me back and releasing my hand so he could wrap his arm around me and yank me against him.  I breathed in harshly through my nose, but the kiss softened, became gentle brushes of fingers on skin, and small lingering kisses.  When I parted, I realized we’d moved.  I was on my back, Stiles half over me, one arm pillowing under my head.  I smiled sleepily up at him as his large hand cupped around my cheek.

“I didn’t- I thought earlier when you left it meant that-” Stiles stammered over his words, but I bit my lip to hide an excessive smile and shook my head.

“No” I hummed.  “No, no I’m in love with you” I told him, staring up into his eyes.  “Stiles Stilinski… Mieczyslaw” A small smile played on his lips at hearing his real name.  “I love you for protecting me, okay?” I asked, and when he tried to look away I followed his gaze.  “I understand” I whispered so quietly I don’t know if he  heard it, and he was still hovering a few mere inches over me.  But the look he gave me told me he did, one of relief and joy.

“I really fucking love you” Stiles said.  “And today when… when I found you with Theo I’ve never…. I’ve never been so scared to lose you” I reached a hand up, tracing his jaw and lips as he spoke.  He grasped my hand in the one he’d previously had against my cheek, and kissed my fingers.  “I mean I always thought in the back of mind I’d… I’d eventually lose you.  When the truth came out, or-or worse” When he released my hand I went back to trailing my fingers over his face again.

“Well, got any secrets left for me to know?” I asked, quirking an eyebrow as my finger made it’s way over his brow.

“Once Scott and I ate your halloween candy when you fell asleep” I giggled, planting a kiss on his nose.

“Well, then I don’t think I have reason to leave anytime soon” I told him, making his lips twitch in a smile.  “That is if you’d like to keep me around a little longer?” Stiles grinned widely now, nodding as he adjusted the arm under my head, his other hand splaying over my cheek and touching his lips to mine.  Then again, and again, until my hands slid around the nape of his neck and pulled him down further.

Though eventually I grew tired and it was mostly Stiles doing all the work, I just pursed my lips here and there.  Stiles caught on quickly, chuckling as he pulled away.

“Let’s get you inside for some rest” He said, and I nodded, reaching my arms up as he carefully stood on the roof.  My eyes were closed, but a few moments later I felt his arms wrap around me and lift me up.

“Thank you” I mumbled into his shoulder, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.  Though this would usually make me all hot and bothered, I was too comfortable being held in his arms and clinging to his body.

“No problem princess” He hummed back, and next thing I knew I felt myself being laid into my bed.  “Let’s get you into pajamas” Stiles said, opening up my dresser and finding comfy clothes.  “What the hell y/n!”

“What?” I muttered, rolling onto my side to see him begin to grab a heap of clothes.

“I knew you were stealing my flannels!” I flushed red and smiled guiltily.

“Soorrry” I drew out the word, pushing up to sit on my knees.  I took the ball of shirts from his hands and set them on the space next to me.  “They’re just so comfy” I said, innocently wrapping my hands behind his neck and pulling him just a tad closer.  Stiles raised an eyebrow at me suspiciously, but I pretended not to notice, keepin my eyes focused on his lips.  “They basically double as a dress…” I said slowly.  “Long enough that I don’t need any pants or anything” I finished.  His once suspicious expression faltered for a moment as I lingered on each word.

“What’s your move here?” He asked, voice low and gravelly and making a pit in my stomach.

“Move? I have no moves” I shrugged, looking as innocent as I could.

My fingers trailed down his chest.

“You think that by seducing me..” Stiles moved closer, his hands closing around my hips and pulling me against him.  “.. you can keep all those clothes of mine?” I looked up to find him smirking, which made my stomach do somersaults.  

“Well that depends” I said, my nose barely rubbing up against his.  “Is it working?” I asked, watching his eyes flutter shut and his jaw set.  He was tense, and this made my confidence grow.  “You need to relax” I breathed, rubbing my hands over his shoulders and chest, slightly massaging his shoulders.

“Hm” He hummed, and leaned down to connect our lips, but I pulled away just as they brushed.

“Nuh uh” I tsked, putting my fingers against his chin and pushing him back again.  He made a pout, and tried to curl his lips downwards to kiss the tips of my fingers.  “Stiles!” I scolded in a whisper scream, and he chuckled airily.

“C’mon, one kiss babe” He begged, eyebrows furrowed downwards, but I smiled and shook my head.

“I’m gonna help you calm down” I said, pulling back from him and staring him in the eye.  Stiles pursed his lips and raised his brows.

“W-what?” He stuttered, and I nodded standing up off the bed.

“Yeah” My grin grew, and to calm his confusion I leaned in and pecked his lips.  Stiles kissed me back, making it longer until I pulled away and turned him around.  My hands fumbled for his belt, and swiftly undid the buckle and pulled it out of the loops.

“Look I know you have bruises so you don’t have to-”

“Shut up” I mumbled, cutting him off with another kiss, this time my fingers slowly popping open the button to his khakis, and dragging the zipper down painfully slow.  I could actually feel his erection pressing against his jeans, my knuckles ghosting over it which made Stiles shiver.

“Fucking hell” Stiles pulled his lips off of mine, and shoved down the hem of his pants down, and kick them off of his feet.  I giggled slightly, pushing him back towards the bed.

“Sit down” I said, and he practically fell onto the bed.  I did in front of him, crawling on my knees up between his legs.  Stiles stared down at me, eyes wide with curiosity and excitement.  I leaned up, pressing a long and slow kiss to his lips.  Stiles’ hands cupped around my face, making the kiss more passionate.

But I didn’t want passionate.  I wanted hot and sexy.

So I gently bit his bottom lip, and before he could react rolled my tongue over the pink flesh.

The muscles under my hands quivered, and I remembered something I forgot.

“Whoops” I said, pulling away from him and reaching for the hem of his tee shirt.  Stiles smirked at me and pulled it over his head before I could.  I made a pout, sticking out my bottom lip.  “I wanted to do that” He shrugged a shoulder, and leaned down to kiss me again.  I smiled against his lips, and scooted impossibly closer.

“You’re sure?” He asked, and I hooked my fingers through the elastic of his boxers.

“Yes” I said, and pulled the boxers all the way down to his ankles.

I grinned mischievously up at him, and wrapped my hand slowly around his cock, instantly earning a small whimper.  I smiled at this, and wrapped my lips over his tip, careful not to move them anywhere else.

Fuck” I hummed around him, and his hands shot to my hair, pushing himself further into my mouth.  I hollowed my cheeks, and began to bob my head up and down his cock.  “Fuck fuck fuck yes” I made a small chuckle and grasped my hand around the part of him I couldn’t quite fit in my mouth.  I stroked it quickly and roughly, trying to get him there quicker.  His moans and breathing quickened, and the dampness in my panties grew.  “W-wait wait-” Stiles gasped, and the hands in my hair pulled me off of him.

“Hey-” He pulled me up to stand, then stood in front of me.  “I wasn’t done” Again m hand reached down to finish what I’d begun.  But I barely swiped my thumb over the precum leaking from the slit on his tip before he grasped my wrist and shook his head.

“I don’t want to come now” He said, and I cocked my head to the side but he kissed me before I could question aloud.  I giggled, knowing he could taste himself on my lips.  “You.. are… so… hot” He said between kisses, and making me blush.

“I am?” I asked as his lips trailed  along my jaw and to my neck.

“Very much so” He said, hands rubbing circles on my waist, then slipping under my shirt.  “Although the clothing situation is a little unfair, yes?” I nodded shakily.

“Mhm-mhm yeah” I stammered out.  Immediately making him yank my dirty tee shirt over my head.  I then went to work on my jeans, while he was seemingly distracted.  When I kicked them off and stood straight again he was still staring at me.  I looked down at my skin where his eyes were wandering, and bit my lip.

I hadn’t looked at myself in the mirror since I’d gotten back, and I was in bad shape.  Bruises and cuts scattered all over my chest and stomach, even my arms and legs had bruises.

“Are you okay?” He whispered, and I looked back up to his eyes, feeling safe again.  I reached my hands behind me, unhooking the plain maroon bra I was wearing.  I slid the straps down my arms, and dropped it onto the floor, adding to the pile of Stiles’ clothes.  His mouth opened, tongue darting out to wet his lips instantly.  I smiled, a pink blush dusting my cheeks.

Here we are, standing practically naked in front of each other, and Stiles is making me feel like I just told him he was cute.

He moved forward, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me flush against him, but carefully, as not to put too much pressure on my black and blue spots.  He brushed my hair back behind my ear, then quickly hooked an arm under my legs and lifted me up.  I giggled as he spun me around, pressing his lips against my neck in a quick kiss then tilting his head up to kiss me properly.  I raked my fingers through his hair.  The kisses became longer as he laid me back on the bed.  My legs stayed wrapped around his waist, and I stared up at him.

“I love you, you know that right?” He said, stroking my hair ever so gently and pushing it away.  I nodded.

“I love you too Stiles” I replied, and pulled his lips down to me, kissing him long and slow, to really prove to him how I felt.

His fingers trailed down my sides, landing on my hips, over my panties.  The only piece of clothing left between us.

His lips trailed down to my neck, finding the sweet spot below my ear that made my hands tug at his hair.

“Stiles” I whined.  “I need you to do something”

In seconds my panties were ripped down my legs.  Literally.  I could hear the fabric tear.

“Stiles!” I scolded, but shut up when he ran his tip through my now revealed folds.  I bit down hard on my lip to hide the sounds I was making.

“Stop that” Stiles mumbled, his thumb pulling down on my lip.  I could feel my cheeks flush in a hot blush.

“Will you just- oh!” My arms wrapped around his neck tightly as he surprised me by slamming in, stretching me out.  “Fuck” I cried softly, burying my face in his chest.  He stayed in place for a moment, letting you get used to his size.  “Stiles” You whispered.

“You okay?” He asked worriedly.

“Are you gonna fuck me or not?” I groaned.

Apparently, he didn’t need to be asked twice, because as soon as I asked, he began moving again.

“You’re still on the pill right?”


And like that, he was fucking me.  My hands were clawing at his back, and at first I felt bad but it seemed to spur him on more, so I kept doing it.

“Fuck Stiles you fill me up so good” I mewled, and he smirked down at me, attaching his lips to my neck, nipping gently before rolling his tongue over the sensitive flesh.  I gasped and ran my hands through his hair, pulling tightly against the long strands.  I could feel the coil in my core tightening, bringing me closer and closer to release.  

“Faster” I begged.  “I’m so close Stiles please, please make me come” After the whined out plea, He grabbed onto my leg, and hitched it up on his hip, hitting an even deeper spot in me that made my back arch off the mattress.  I gripped onto his shoulders, practically screaming out his name.

A wave of euphoria crashed down over me, and I fell back onto the bed, gasping as Stiles worked out the last thrusts he had in him, before spurting hot cum inside of me.  He let out a groan, before falling off of me onto his side.  It was quiet between us for a few minutes, both of us riding down from our highs.  Our chests heaving as we panted.  I closed my eyes and rested for a few.

I could hear Stiles roll off the bed, probably in search of his clothes.  I rolled over to look at him as he pulled up his boxers and pants.  He smiled at me, leaning over and pressing a gentle kiss to my lips, before handing me his tee shirt.

“Stiles?” I mumbled as I pulled it over my head.

“Yes love?” He asked, and I sat up on my knees.

“I need panties, you shredded mine” His cheeks went red and I smirked at him in reaction.  He turned, beginning to fumble with my dresser knobs.  “Second drawer” I told him, chuckling at his fumbling around.

It was like all of his confidence had been drained out of him.

“Wow!” I stifled a giggle as he opened my underwear drawer, which consisted of both bras and panties.

“They’re just clothes you geek, just give me a pair” I said, still laughing as he handed me a plain pair.  “Thank you” I told him, and stood up so I could slide them up my legs.  Though his shirt covered most of me.

“You’ve got plenty of panties there” He said, his arms winding around my waist.  Something about the way he said panties made my stomach flip but I still giggled at him.  “I think you can manage having one pair gone” I looked over the the shredded silk material lying on my blankets.  I was going to move to grab them and throw them away, but Stiles kept his grip on me firm.

“Mm what?” I asked, throwing my head back slightly in feigned annoyance.

“Nothing” Stiles shrugged.

“Then might I throw away the remains of what you destroyed?” I asked, and he shook his head.

“Nope” I quirked a brow, but before I could question him, his arms sunk lower and wrapped under my thighs, lifting me up.

“Are we doing this again?” I asked with a chuckled as I wrapped my legs around his hips.

“Nope” He said again, and dropped me onto my bed, making me squeal in surprise.  But he quickly laid down next to me, and pulled me against him.  I let him get comfortable and I let him wrap his arms around me again to yank me so my chest was pressed against his side.  He kissed my forehead.

“I see, you’re an after sex cuddler” I hummed, tangling my legs with his as I drew patterns over the slight trail of chest hair he had.

“Only with you” He said and smiled sweetly, and I gave him a look.

“Well are you sleeping with anyone else at the moment? Now would be a prime time to tell me so I know when I ask you out”

“You’re gonna ask me out?” Stiles asked, an eager smile on his lips.

“Well not if you’re having sex with every girl you find on rooftops” He laughed and shook his head, placing a kiss on my nose.

“Lucky for you, I’m not” He said.  I grinned up at him.

“Then Stiles, would you like to be my boyfriend and do dumb shit together?” I asked, and he nodded quickly.

“Yes, yes! A million times yes!” I laughed at his impression of a woman being proposed to, then kissed him sweetly.

“Good answer” I murmured, before nuzzling my head back on his chest, and closing my eyes.

“Goodnight” Stiles said, placing a kiss in my hair.  He kept his lis there on the top of my head for a moment.  “I love you” He added in a whisper.

“I love you too” I mumbled back, before falling asleep.

I was almost certain that things were going to turn my world upside down, especially now that I was in the light about the supernatural.  But that was okay, because I had Stiles.

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Three nights later, Azriel stood in the foyer of his house. Elain was standing in the living room. A thunderstorm raged outside. Water dripped from his hair and wings to puddle on the floor.

Elain crossed her arms. All the lights were off, she wore only a thin nightgown. She must have been asleep. “I was wondering when you’d show your face.”

Good, he thought. He wanted her mad, wanted her pissed. It would make all of this easier.

“I’m not beholden to you,” he said. “You are I are not lovers.”

Her eyes flickered over him, calculating his braced feet, his wide shoulders, the arms he held rigid at his sides, and his wings—slightly flared to make him appear bigger, more threatening. He’d let his fangs show, too.

She gave him a look of utter dismissal—that would’ve made Nesta proud—and turned away from him. “Your share of dinner is in the oven. Where it’s been for the last few nights. Might still be warm if you’re lucky.” Then she walked away.

Good. Fine.

Thunder cracked, lightning flared. He melted into shadow and appeared before her. “You need to leave.”

She didn’t flinch. Just narrowed her eyes. “Why? Because you don’t want to fuck me?”

That had not been what he’d expected. But he didn’t let it sink in. “Oh, no. That’s the problem.” He took a step toward her, clearly in her space, clearly trying to cow her. And…

And if he didn’t know any better, he’d say she knew exactly what he was doing. “I do want to fuck you, Elain. Brutally. And without mercy.” He leaned forward until his fangs were inches from her face. “I want to wrap my hands around your neck and squeeze. I want to hit your bare backside until there are tears in your eyes. And I want to fuck you raw while you beg me to stop. I want you to agree, to consent, to hate it, to fight me, to run from me.” He scraped his fangs lightly down her neck and said. “I want to hurt you, Elain. In every way you’ve never imagined.”

She tilted her head, giving him more access. “Bite me.”

Lightning flashed. Azriel froze.

“I’ll scream for you,” she said. “I’ll run from you, I’ll fight you, I’ll pretend it’s not consensual.” She took a step toward him. He hadn’t realized he’d moved away. “I’ll do whatever you want. So long as you let me stay—here,” she placed a hand over his heart, “with you. In our home.”

He jerked back, slamming into the fireplace mantle.

She advanced. “Isn’t this what you want? To for me to agree to let you hurt me? To enjoy it when you do?” She grabbed his belt buckle.

He pulled her hands away. “Stop.” He couldn’t breathe—couldn’t think. And the smell coming off of her.

She wanted this. Wanted him.

“If you want me to hurt you, Azriel… just ask. We can choose a safety word. Something easy that we’ll bo—”


His chest was tight, breathing heavy, erratic. What was happening? This wasn’t supposed to happen. She was supposed to leave, to run scared. She wasn’t supposed to stay. Why did she want to stay?

“Azriel?” Her voice a whisper of calm through the raging storm. Thunder cracked, boomed above them. “You once asked me to let you help me.” The tips of her fingers grazed the rolling edges of the scars on his hand. He flinched. “Right now I’m asking you to let me do the same.”

“You don’t want to help me,” he whispered, the shadows whirling around him. “You can’t help me. The things I need.” He shook his head, licked his lips, tried to catch his damn breath. “I want to hurt you. I want you to hurt me.”

She grabbed his hand. “I don’t believe you.”

He vanished into shadow—

And reappeared a second later only to realize he’d taken Elain with him. And, no—he hadn’t taken her with him. She’d…she’d done it herself. She’d followed him.

Into the darkness, Elain had followed him.

She dropped his hand. “How?” he said.

“For a while now. Since just after the Cauldron.” She shrugged. “I knew I could that day you gave me Truth-teller, I saw it and knew I’d use the shadows to find the king and kill him before he killed my sister.”

“But you…” He shook his head. “You don’t belong in the shadows. You’re not…”

“I’m not what? Shadowsinger? I’m not human, not High Fae—not really. I’m just me and you’re…” She bit her lip. “That day you saved me from drowning you asked me to let you help me.” She cupped his face. He did not flinch away, only closed his eyes, savoring the feel of her smooth skin on his. “Now I’m asking you the same thing. Let me help you?”

Thick droplets of rain were a steady drone against the roof and windows. It puddled in the garden beyond, hitting and bouncing off trees and leaves and vegetables, pooling in used and empty pots.

“Why?” he breathed.

“Because you are not unworthy, Azriel.” He opened his eyes and her other hand found his cheek. “You are not unseen. I see you.”

Something in him was breaking. He wanted to look away to run, but he was rooted to the spot, to her eyes.

She said, “You are not a child still locked away in his father’s house. You are not scared and frightened and unworthy of love. And you are not Illyrian as you are not just shadowsinger. You are not just the High Lord and Lady’s Spymaster, their torturer or their shadow. You are not just the keeper of their secrets, nor are you the keeper of your own. You are not just brutal and scarred and fearsome to behold. Not just silent and strong and always waiting and watching and seeing the things others miss. You are not just the darkness and you are not alone. Those things are all a part of you, but they do not define you.”

Tears ran down his face. She wiped them with her thumbs.

“You are Azriel. You are my friend. And you are kind and gentle and selfless. Your loyalty to your family and friends is a magic all it’s own. The way you care for them and your people is a strength too few will ever be capable of in their own lives. You are a treasure, a gift, and you are worthy of love and of a place to call home. A person to call home.” Elain’s face glistened as another flash of lightning illuminated their small house. “When you pulled me from the lake, when you saved me, the first thing you declared was not of love or that I was your mate…it was that I was your friend. Your friend.” The memory of the day she’d spilled from the Cauldron flickered across both their minds. “You chose me as I chose you. Because we get to choose, Azriel. We get to choose. Not the past, or the present, or the future, nor the many versions of ourselves that we hide and perform when the moment calls for it. And not the Cauldron.”

He shook as she brushed back his tears. As he lifted his hands to wipe hers, cupping her delicate face gently, lovingly.

“We—us—we get to choose the ones we love.”

He shook his head.

She held it still.

“Look at me, Azriel.” He did. “I choose you. I’ll have you and no other for all my years of eternity.” A sob broke from him. From them both. “I choose you to be my friend, to be my family”—she kissed him—“my protector”—kissed him again—“to be the one who wipes my tears and makes me laugh”—another kiss—“to be the one who tells me when I’m being ridiculous and when I need to apologize. To love me in all my darkness and in all my light.”

He didn’t know when she’d climbed up him, when she’d wrapped her legs around his waist and lost her fingers in his hair, her forehead pressed to his. All he knew was his hands were around her, holding her to him and—

I could die from this, he thought. From loving her.

“To be my mate, Azriel. I choose you to be my mate.”

“Why?” Why would anyone choose him? How could anyone look at him and not see the scarred, broken, disgusting thing he was? How could anyone as bright and sunny and beautiful as Elain see more—see him?

“You’re the only one who sees me, Azriel. And I see you. In all your darkness and shadow and I am not afraid. You are beautiful.”

He kissed her then, finding the soft of her lips and pressing his against them. She pulled him closer and opened for him, angling her head to let him in deeply, thoroughly.

“Please,” was her only aching word. A whispered plea to let her in, for him to take her up on her offer and allow himself in. Her tongue swept beneath his upper lip, her teeth grazed then bit his bottom one.

“I’m—it’s been a while,” he began. But as he spoke he walked to the mess of blankets they’d been sleeping on in the livingroom. And laid her down beneath him. “I haven’t been with a female—”

She reached up and kissed him. “I’ve only ever been with one. We’ll figure it out. Together.”

Then he lost himself in her. They lost themselves in one another.

Elain shimmied out of her nightgown—chest bare beneath—then quickly helped Azriel remove his shirt and trousers. She guided a scarred hand to one of her breasts. He hated the way it looked on her. Even in the darkness he could see the mottled skin juxtaposed against her smooth, perfect flesh. He hesitated.

“Look at me.” He did. “I want you. I’ll have you with your scars and your damaged pieces or I won’t have you at all.”

A small smile pulled at the corners of his mouth. Who was this female and whatever had he done to deserve her?

He palmed her breast, they both moaned. He kissed down her neck as his fingers teased and pulled at her nipple, his name escaping her lips like smoke from a candle newly blown out. His lips found the gentle curve of her breasts and he trailed over them lightly, kissing and nipping all the way, until the hard of her nipple pressed against them. She arched, trying to get it in his mouth. He smiled into the darkness. Licked once, twice—blew to cool the wetted skin.

Elain dug her nails into his back. “Don’t tease me.”

So he didn’t. He bit down gently on that hardened, soft nipple and slipped his free hand between her legs. She jolted, surprise in her eyes. The scent of her intoxicating. “Too much?”

She bit her bottom lip, writhing slightly against the hand between her legs. “No—gods, no. Not enough.”

Slipping his hand beneath her undergarments, he stroked and touched her where no one ever had while simultaneously biting her other nipple, hard. She curse. Confusion and pleasure warring in her eyes. Confusion at how something could be so painful…and yet feel so good. Her breath was fast and shallow, coming in short pants as her heart raced in her chest.

He slowed. Kissed and sucked—no teeth. He leaned back, finger still inside her. “Elain, is this your first time?”

“Yes. Graysen never…touched me like this, saw me like this.”

He knew it made him an ass to feel a sense of pride at those words, but he failed to care. He only watched the rapid rise and fall of her breast, the sweat beginning to coat her skin, the dilating of her eyes from the things he was doing to her. And the scent coming off her—he drank it in like whiskey, tasting and inhaling every last drop until he was lightheaded and giddy like some back alley drunk in the slums.

“He never fucked you like this,” he sunk that finger to knuckle, “did he?” She gasped and writhed, growing wetter and wetter with each stroke of him inside her. He added a second finger, her lips parted in a silent moan and he crushed his mouth to hers. She bit and sucked and pulled on his lips and tongue with her own, inhaling his exhale as he did the same to her own.

“Take them off,” she pleaded. He knew what she meant.

Azriel pulled back to survey her, removing his hands. She whimpered at the lost contact, eyes heavy and wanting, but her hands found her undergarments and she raised her hips, sliding them down the length of her legs. For him. He felt her eyes on him as he took in all of her. His eyes dragging down the length of her slowly. Lower and lower and lower—

Calloused hands pulled her knees wide. She swallowed hard, hands gripping the bedding beneath as he looked his fill. She was aching for him to touch to—

“He never fucked you with his mouth did he?” She began to quake, eyes closing as if steeling her strength her anticipation for what they both knew would come next. She shook her head.

Az smiled.

Then bowed before her.

Between her legs.

He paused.

For only a moment.

Letting her feel the heat of his breath on her skin.

Then he kissed her.

The sound she made was his undoing. He slid his hands over her thighs, then spread her flesh to kiss her in places no one ever had.

Elain was on fire. She was going to explode. Combust. He obliterated her with his kiss, his mouth, the way he sucked and nipped and worked the flesh of her. She was lost to it. Gone. Had no sense of what or who she was. All she knew was that Azriel—Azriel—was between her legs. Worshiping her. With his mouth. Oh gods his mouth. And his fingers.   


She was dizzy.

The world was too big and too small. Too hot and too cold. Too much and too little. Everything. She felt everything. She was only feeling. Only this moment, this second. She was dying. She was going to die. The way he touched her kissed her stroked her worked her—

Not enough air.

The world came apart in a brilliant smattering of colors and quakes and sounds.

It lasted forever and not long at all. It left her boneless and shaking and panting and…shaking.

She had no idea how much time had elapsed, but when she came down from the high of it all, Azriel was there. His arms around her, lips gentle on hers. Body sweat-slicked and hard as it pressed against her own. Oh and press it did. The fabric of his undershorts too thin to hide his wanting. It rocked lazily against the apex of her thighs.

And just like that she was ready again.

She lifted a leg over his waist and turned more fully to him, pressing her breasts to his bare chest, she rocked against his length. He groaned into her mouth.

“Elain, we don’t have to.”

She could taste herself on his lips. “I need you,” she breathed into his mouth. Reaching between them, she freed the length of him, shadows helping to pull his undershorts the rest of the way down. He was thick and hard where she gripped him, rocking him against the flesh between her legs.

He watched in awe as she used the tip of him to play with herself. “You’re beautiful when you come,” he said, finding her mouth. She gripped him harder, sliding him to the place they both wanted him to be. “The sounds you make, the faces.” He groaned when she bit his bottom lip and bucked his hips to taste the first bit of himself inside her. “The way you felt around me, my fingers, like you never wanted to let go.”

“I don’t ever want to let you go,” she breathed into his mouth. “Never.” He growled. Then groaned when she released his length to slip her arms around his neck, and pull him on top of her. “I need you.”

He braced himself around her, smoothing a calloused hand up and down the length of one of her thighs. Her hand slipped beneath them and she lined them up.

He leaned forward. They both groaned then they felt her wetness yield to the width of him. He gave them an inch—the press, the thickness, the stretch—exquisite. He rocked toward her, then pulled back. Then toward her—a little deeper—then back.

Back and forth and back and forth he moved, each time taking more of her, giving more to her.

But he was—larger than a human man, and she stilled, body rigid, breathing heavy for the wrong reasons.

Azriel scented it, the fear, the pain. He stilled. Kissed her.

Kissed her again.

“Tell me if you want to stop.”

She shook her head. “Don’t stop.” Despite the pain, she bucked her hips, wincing.

He kissed her again, then reached between them, finding that swollen bundle of nerves and rolling gentle circles in it. Her eyes grew heavy again, breathing changing from pained to pleasured. The slip of him inside her eased as her body warmed and wetted around him. He chuckled into their next kiss. “That’s it.”

He pulled back and slipped in, a little further than before. Elain moaned. Any pain gone, or too mixed with pleasure to register correctly.

He pulled back. And slipped in deeper. They both moaned at the pressure. At the lack of anything between them. Just skin—and at the thought he pulled back and buried himself to hilt.

She gasped and hooked her heels on his hips. He removed his hand from between her legs to cage her face with them. They stared at one another. Unmoving. Just breathing.

He was inside her. She was around him, holding him, every part of him in her care. Entrusted to her. And she did not shy away or run scared. She merely ran her hands through his hair. And kissed him softly. Her eyes never once leaving his.

“I think I love you,” he whispered.

She tightened around him. Smiled. “Yes,” she said, kissing him. “Yes, I think I love you.” He smiled into her, pressing his hips into hers, feeling the press of their flesh around where they were connected. She fit around him perfectly—tight and aching and drenched. Gods he loved this feeling, loved her. He circled his hips still pressed against hers as close as they could be. “Az,” she moaned. “More, I need more.”

He gave her a brutal kiss then rolled his hips, rocking them together, finding their rhythm amid the sounds and needs of their bodies. This was a claiming, he decided. This was what claiming a female looked and felt like. What it looked and felt like to be claimed as a male. The sound, the smell—Oh, fuck—the feeling. All of it.

“More,” she moaned. “Deeper.”

He hooked one of her legs over his shoulder and ground into her. The look on her face told him Graysen had never taken her like this. And he growled with no lack of satisfaction at the thought. He growled again when she slipped a hand between her legs to stroke herself. She wanted to come like this. With him inside her. From the things he was doing to her.

He sped up the pace. Could feel the edge approaching. Elain fisted a hand in his hair, kissing with teeth and tongue and sucking—gods he loved this female. Loved the way her body tightened around his cock, pulled him in, wetted for him. The sounds she made, the faces—all of it—for him and him alone.

“Come for me, Elain,” he said with a bite to her lip, nearing his own edge. He pinned her hands above her head and sat back slightly, deepening the stroke of his cock inside her. She licked her lips, eyes lust addled. He took her in, all of her in. He threaded their fingers together, still pressed to the floor above her head, and ground his hips to press against the nerves between her legs. “Come for me right now.

She did.

Moaning and gasping and writhing and clenching so tightly around his cock that he barrelled into his own release—thrusting and plunging and delving into her to mark her as his own, so that he could be marked as her own, as he spilled himself deep inside her.

When it was over, she was wet and hot and aching around the length of him. He was still inside her, still atop her, both unable to move, to care. Just basking in the glow of it. In gentle, loving kisses. In exhaustion. In a sweaty, lazy embrace. In the shadow and sunlight that surrounded them.

And somewhere in the darkness he felt that smile bloom across his face and thought that maybe she hadn’t been the one saved that day he pulled her from the lake. Maybe she’d saved him.

[Watercliff part 8 - The End!] part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


So me and a friend started brainstorming this gem a few days ago and that’s what we came up with so far:

-Xaldin opens a tattoo shop called “X-Brand”. He pays the rent because the building in which the activity is located is not his.
-After a while, when it’s clear that the business is doing well, he recruits Luxord, a piercer, and Saix, a scarificator.
-Saix brings Axel in, another tattooer, to help Xaldin with the amount of work they have.
-Roxas and Xion one day walk into the shop to get matching tattoos but Axel refuses to touch them since they lack their parents’ written agreement.
-At some point Marluxia jumps on the X-bandwagon too: he creates the designs of the tattoos and he’s specialized in watercolor effects. Also he’s on the vaporware fashion scene.
-Xigbar is an old friend of Xaldin and often drops by to chat with him. He used to work as an astronaut but after an accident that left him without an eye and with a huge scar on his face, he elfed his ears as a coping mechanism (if you have to be scary better do it the fabulous way, he says). He also benefits from a retirement fund and doesn’t have to work. 
-Zexion is a pastel goth and an occasional client with a very angry dad, Vexen, that one time threatened to kill the entire team if they dared to disfigure again his precious boy’s body. He has the traditional emo stars on his sleeves and a unicorn somewhere. Also he doesn’t give a shit about his father’s opinions because he’s an adult and duh, he can do whatever he wants with his body and money amirite? 
-Demyx sometimes drops by at the tattoo shop because he’s Axel’s friend and waits for him to finish his shift before hanging out together. He makes a living teaching little dudes how to play the guitar, also working as a lifesaver at the local public pool. Usually he carries his guitar with him and starts strumming random tunes when he’s bored: Xaldin grumbles everytime he sees the water dork but he secretly enjoys hearing him play. Also, Demyx is intrigued by the man with the eyepatch (I mean COULD WE LEAVE THE SHIPS BEHIND? NOPE!), so we have Xigbar actually noticing the squirt. and Demyx developing a super crush on him. Axel mercilessly teases him (that little shit).
-Larxene is a “health inspector”? and makes sure everything in the shop is legal. Of course every time she visits them Xaldin loses ten years of life because you never know if Xigbar is messing up with tools he should not touch. Like that time he tried to pierce Demyx.
-Since the business is doing very good, Saix, who co-owns the shop, buys the building with the help of Xemnas, who is somehow connected to the local organized crime. Saix owes him a lot of money!
-Xaldin actually tattooed Xemnas a few times and is super suspicious when the man enters the shop, asking to speak privately to Saix
-The gang tries to eavesdrop and man isn’t that a funny image? 
-You know who’s also tied to Xemnas? XIGBAR, WHO IS A PROFESSIONAL SNIPER and nobody knew it. OF COURSE drama and angst ensues when the truth emerges. Demyx’s little heart aches at the revelation.
-Xaldin has a lot of tattoos connected to the concept of wind. Also he has a rose tattooed by Belle, who owns a shop in France called “Beauty and the Beast“ HAHahHAAHAHAH
-Demyx starts the story without an inch of ink on his body and is very afraid of pain but in the end someone manages to tattoo him/pierce him
-Saix has some kind of werewolf vibe. He has elfed ears, vampire fangs (a permanent dental implant), a moon tattooed on his right temple and wears yellow contact lenses with slit pupils and various ear rings.
And that’s what we came up with… TILL NOW! If you noticed, Lexaeus doesn’t have a role in the story yet and ideas keep popping up in our minds so yeah this is still a work in progress! But still… it goes without saying that if you want to draw something out of this huge amount of stuff… DO IT! You want to write a fanfic? DO. IT. NOW. AND LET ME KNOW BECAUSE I’D LOVE TO SEE OTHER PEOPLE CREATE SOMETHING FROM THIS OKAY.

||Anchor|| Liam Dunbar Imagine *ft Theo Raeken*

{Requested:Can I request an imagine with Liam where you all are dating and reader has been raised in an anti supernatural family (like Allison) so he doesn’t tell you he’s a werewolf and somehow reader eventually finds out?? :) <3}

“Hey Liam.“I greeted him as I sat next to him.
"Hey babe."He greeted back, kissing my cheek.
I heard someone clear their throat, making me turn to them.
"I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt."I spoke up as Liam’s senior friends stared at me.
"Sorry (Y/N), it’s just that we’re kind of discussing something important right now."Scott explained.
"Oh, well I guess I’ll be going then. I’ll see you after school?"I asked Liam.
“Actually he can’t, we planned something tonight so Liam won’t be available."Stiles interrupted.
"Okay…sorry for interrupting again."I whispered before walking off.
I knew dating Liam would mean I would have to deal with his upperclassmen friends but never did I expect for them to take my boyfriend away from me. Once a month, his friends would drag Liam late at night and take him god knows where while I’m stuck at home missing my boyfriend. Liam also has the audacity to not answer me when I ask him about those nights or his friends.
"Miss (Y/L/N), if you are going to keep ignoring me when I call on you I suggest you stay after class for detention."My history teacher said, pulling me out of my trancelike state.
"Sorry Mrs. Marshall."I whispered as the class erupted in laughter.
What the hell are wrong with these people, what’s so funny about a teacher suggesting detention to some girl? I rolled my eyes and scoffed as a girl smirked at me. Liam turned around to face me, he always sat in front of me.
"You okay?"He asked.
"Always."I answered, sighing.
"Mr. Dunbar, I don’t need you disgracing Miss (Y/L/N) more than she already is."Mrs.Marshall stated.
The whole class laughed again, making me groan. I hate everyone is this class, they’re so immature and are a bunch of dimwits.
"Sorry Mrs.Marshall."Liam apologized.
She glared at the both of us before turning back to to board. Liam’s left hand extended out as he waited for me to take his hand. I happily intertwined our fingers as we both turned to face the wicked witch of the west- I mean history teacher. During the lesson, Liam started to stroke my hand with his thumb, making me smile as I squeezed his hand.
"Hey (Y/N), can you and Liam stop holding hands? It’s distracting me from learning important knowledge."Gibrana spoke up.
Girbrana was your typical bossy popular girl who thought she was superior to everyone.
"Pay attention to the front of the classroom, you’re in the front and shouldn’t even be looking behind you dimwit."I spat, making her laugh.
"Dimwit, that’s your way of insulting me?"She asked.
"Oh I’m not insulting you, I’m just stating facts sweetheart."I answered, making her furrow her eyebrows.
"You think you’re so smart, don’t you? You may be the smartest one in this class but we both know your boyfriend would chose me over you in a heartbeat.’‘She spat.
"As if."Liam scoffed,rolling his eyes.
"Was I talking to you?"She asked.
"Listen bitch, why don’t you turn around and pay attention so you don’t fail so miserably in this class."I snapped, making her glare at me.
”(Y/N), go to the office!“Mrs.Marshall yelled.
"Fine, I don’t have time to deal with intellectual inferiors like her."I spat.
I stormed out of the classroom and walked to the principals office. Maybe if I would have just kept my mouth shut, I wouldn’t have to be here. Who am I kidding, that was so worth it. I hate every bone in that obnoxious little bitch’s body. Right as I was about to open the door to the office, I felt someone grab my hand and yank me away.
"What the-"I started to say before I looked up to see Theo.
"What’d you do now (Y/N)?"Theo asked, making me scoff.
"You say that as if I’d been in trouble so frequently."I muttered.
"No, sister-”
“Don’t call me that, it’s weird."I said, making him laugh.
"What, because we’re step siblings now it’s weird?"Theo asked.
"Well it is when we used to hook up before our parents decided to start dating."I answered.
"Well I do miss those nights."Theo whispered, caressing my cheek.
"Stop it, we’re step siblings now."I said, shoving him off of me.
"You’re crankier than usual, are you on your time of the month?"Theo asked as he dragged me out of the school.
"Oh but on the contrary Theo, it ended last week."I answered, making him scrunch up his nose in disgust.
Theo threw me in his truck and sped off. Theo seemed anxious as he kept driving. The drive was long, and it wasn’t until the sun started to set that I asked him where he was going.
"You’ll see soon."Theo answered.
I rolled my eyes before getting comfortable in my seat and falling asleep.
(Liam’s P.O.V)
"I don’t get this, why can’t we just bring (Y/N) with us so she can anchor him?"Malia asked as Lydia chained her up.
"I could hurt her, and that’s the last thing I would want."I muttered as Scott chained me up.
Suddenly Scott’s phone started ringing, making Stiles finish chaining me up as he answered.
"What do you want Theo?"I heard Scott ask.
I furrowed my eyebrows and blocked every noise out but the phone call between Scott and Theo.
"You wouldn’t dare."Scott muttered as he balled his hands into fists.
"Theo, I swear if you don’t explain yourself right now I’m going to kill you!"I heard (Y/N) say in the background.
I felt my fangs and claws grow as anger stirred inside me. I yanked the chains off as my chest kept rising up and down.
"Uh Scott-”
“Stiles wait!"Scott yelled as he continued to talk with Theo.
"Scott, seriously I need your help here!"Stiles yelled as I ran past Stiles.
I jumped out the window, glass shattering as I fell onto my feet. I let out a roar as I ran through the woods, trying to find (Y/N)’s scent.
(Reader’s P.O.V)
"What the hell is wrong with you?"I asked as Theo tightened the rope around my wrists.
"Look (Y/N) this wouldn’t have happened if you listened to me when I told you shouldn’t date Liam."Theo muttered.
"What is it that makes you hate the idea of Liam and I?"I asked.
"He’s no good for you (Y/N)!"Theo answered.
"How would you know that?"I asked.
"You never once tried getting a long with him, you never tried to get to know him."I muttered.
"I know because he’s a werewolf, a werewolf who happens to struggle with his I.E.D!"Theo yelled.
I furrowed my eyebrows, confused at what he had just blurted out. I looked at him, studying his facial expression as he stared back at me, looking for an answer.
"Aren’t you going to say something back?"He asked, making me laugh.
"You’ve gone absolutely mad, haven’t you?"I asked, making him roll his eyes.
"Why am I asking, of course you are. You kidnapped and chained me up!"I yelled.
"And now you’re speaking of werewolves, you’ve surely lost your mind."I muttered.
"Theo!"I heard a beastly roar say.
I turned to see a male with beast like features, glowing golden eyes, sharp claws, sharp fangs, and pointy ears.
"There’s your boyfriend (Y/N), there’s Liam."Theo muttered, pointing at the beast.
I felt my heart stop as I looked into the beasts eyes. Behind the eyes full of rage, was the familiar blue soft yet soul piercing eyes of my boyfriend.
"Liam…"I whispered.
Liam simply ignored as if he hadn’t heard me. Liam growled as he circled around Theo, making me yank at the chains.
"Liam, Liam-"I started to say before Liam threw himself at Theo.
Liam clawed at Theo’s face, making me scream.
"Liam, stop! Don’t hurt him!"I screamed as I desperately tried to break free from the shackles on my wrists.
Tears streamed down my face as Liam kept clawing at Theo. Out of nowhere, Theo let out a roar as he kicked Liam off. I watched as Theo rolled his head back as his ears, fangs, and claws grew. Theo’s eyes glowed an identical golden shade as Liam’s.
"Theo?"I asked, confused and scared.
Theo ran over to me and tried to touch me but I backed away.
"You don’t have to be scared of me, I would never hurt you (Y/N)-”
“Then why did you kidnap me and take me here?"I asked.
"I needed to show you what Liam really was."Theo answered as he broke the shackles, letting me free.
Suddenly Liam grabbed Theo and threw him at the other side of the cave.
"Liam!"I screamed, gaining his attention.
He turned to me and snarled as I stumbled back, leaning against the wall.
"Liam, it’s me, it’s (Y/N)."I whispered as he cornered me.
"You might seem like a monster on the outside but I know who you really are, you’re a small tempered goofball who loves playing videos games with his best friend Mason, an incredible boyfriend who never ceases to amaze his girlfriend, someone who has a pure heart."I continued as he sniffed my neck.
"You’re not a monster."I muttered, letting a tear run down my face as we stared back at each other intensely.
As soon as he stopped growling, I took my chance and cupped his face.
"I love you Liam Dunbar…please come back to me."I whispered.
His eyes softened as they stopped glowing and flickered back to his powder blue eyes.
”(Y/N)?“He asked, his eyes widening.
"Liam, are you okay?"I asked as he cupped my face.
"Forget about me, are you okay?"He asked.
"I’m alive so yes."I answered.
"Did I hurt you?"He asked.
"No Liam, you didn’t lay a finger on me."I answered, making him let out a shaky breath.
"Thank god."He whispered.
It was inky then I noticed his fangs had retracted, but his claws and sideburns still remained.
"Why didn’t you tell me?"I asked.
"I wanted to keep you safe, I thought that as long as you didn’t know about me and the supernatural, you wouldn’t be dragged into it. I was also afraid you’d leave me if you saw the real me."He explained, looking down at the floor.
"I’ve seen the real you Liam, I know who you are."I mumbled as I caressed his cheek.
I pulled him in for a long and sweet kiss before pulling apart.
I noticed his side burns and claws had disappeared, he was in his human form.
"So you’re a werewolf, that doesn’t change who you really are. You’ll always be my goofball boyfriend."I said, making him grin.
"So you’re not afraid?"He asked.
"At first I was, but now I think it’s pretty cool. Is this why you refuse to have sex?"I asked.
"I would never risk you getting hurt (Y/N)."He answered.
"Yet here we are, on the night of a full moon and you haven’t hurt me one bit."I mumbled.
"You love me too much to hurt me."I stated, making him nod.
"I think Scott told me about this before, something about an anchor? His first love used to be his anchor, she’d keep him human whenever she was near."Liam explained.
"So does this mean I’m your anchor?"I asked.
’'I think so."He answered, making me grin widely.
Suddenly Theo groaned as he woke up, making Liam growl in his direction.
"Relax Dunbar, I’m not going to hurt my stepsister."Theo mumbled, making Liam furrow his eyebrows in confusion.
"Yeah I would have told you about him but you’ve been busy with your senior friends- who must be werewolves."I said, making him laugh.
"You’re incredibly smart (Y/N)."He said, making me nod.
"Scott’s the one who saved my life by biting me. Theo’s not a werewolf by the way, he’s a chimera."Liam stated.
"A what?"I asked, confused.
"Basically a cheap knockoff werewolf wannabe-”
“Watch your mouth Liam."Theo warned, snarling at him.
"Liam, stop!"Scott yelled as he ran in with Stiles and Malia.
"Stop what?"He asked.
"You’re too late McCall."Theo muttered.
"My sister-”
“Stepsister."I corrected, making him roll his eyes.
"Turns out my stepsister is his anchor."Theo muttered, leaning against the wall.
"So we ran all the way here for nothing?"Stiles asked.
"Stiles you took the jeep, Malia and I ran."Scott reminded him.
"Well the run from the jeep and to this cave was tiring…”

@doragonhinansho had a bad day today, so I thought I’d give them a little pick me up in the form of a kid!fic in which dragons are awesome!!!

Stiles ducks his head, trying not to cry. Jackson is so mean. Dragons are cool. His mom told him they were.

“You are such a loser,” one of Jackson’s friends laughs, throwing the dragon Stiles got for his birthday in the air, catching it expertly. He’ll probably join some kind of cool sports team in high school, Stiles thinks, trying not to feel bitter about it. Stiles has never been good at sports. He likes dragons and wolves and fighting mythical creatures with his friends online. His mom says he’s cool and Stiles wants to believe her, but it’s kind of hard when you go to school with Jackson- stupid-face-Whittemore.

“I am not,” Stiles says, not sure why he feels the need to talk back. His dad told him it will get him in trouble one day. Maybe he should stay quiet, but as he watches his new friend fall to the ground and get kicked about like a ball, it’s either talk back or cry.

“What do you think you’re doing?” a voice suddenly sounds from behind them, startling even Jackson who jumps.

Stiles turns, because he knows that voice, eyes widening as he watches Derek Hale approach them.

Derek is sixteen and the cooler than Batman and Stiles kind of wants to marry him one day. Because girls are more awesome than boys, but boys are prettier, everyone knows that. And Derek is the prettiest. Plus, girls have cooties. Scott says they don’t but Stiles isn’t so sure.

Blushing, Stiles scrambles up from the ground, making a dive for his dragon, but Jackson just pushes him away and laughs.

“I said-” Derek says, coming up to stand in front him. “What. Are. You. Doing?”

Jackson’s smile falters a little when Derek tilts his head to the side, like all the Hales do. Derek’s big sister Laura is the best at it. She made Jennifer Blake cry once for bullying Erica Reyes. Just by looking at her. Stiles is pretty sure she’s a superhero, just like Derek.

“Nothing,” Jackson shrugs, ducking his head suddenly and kicking at the ground. “Just tellin’ Stilinski he’ll never make friends if he keeps playing with toys.” He smirks, glancing at Stiles, and Stiles wants the ground to swallow him up.

Derek looks down then, frowning when he sees the dragon under Jackson’s foot. “Is that your’s?” he asks, turning to Stiles.

Stiles starts to say no, because he doesn’t want Derek to think he’s a loser too, but this might be his only chance to get Mr Firebreath back. “Yes,” he whispers.

“Right,” Derek says, stepping into Jackson’s space a little more until he gulps and moves back, off the toy. Bending down, Derek picks it up and dusts it off. “It’s not too bad,” he tells Stiles. “But your mom might want to wash it.” He holds it out for Stiles to take, a smile crossing his features, and Stiles doesn’t know why, but it makes him feel like one of those pink toasted marshmallows his mom buys inside.

Taking Mr Firebreath, Stiles resists the urge to apologise to him, because only really little kids think toys have feelings. Well, really little kids and Stiles.

When he looks back up, Jackson and his friends are already walking away, muttering bad words under their breath, as Derek continues to stare at them with a look Stiles knows is only for show. It’s his I-don’t-like-you look. Stiles is happy he’s never given it to him. Derek’s actually really sweet to Stiles. Most of the time. Even that one time Stiles accidentally dropped ice cream on Derek’s new sneakers at the annual Hale barbecue. Derek had let Stiles eat his whole tub of extra-large raspberry ripple with chocolate swirls while he had tried to clean them. He didn’t even tattle when his mom asked what happened.

That was the day Derek became Stiles’ hero.

“Sorry,” Stiles says, unable to meet Derek’s eyes.

“Why are you sorry?” Derek asks, crouching down so he’s shorter than him.

“I shouldn’t have brought him- it- to school,” Stiles says, waving Mr Firebreath a little.

Derek laughs. “It’s not your fault he got taken. Those boys weren’t very nice.”

Stiles shrugs, feeling his cheeks grow hot. Derek probably thinks he’s so dumb.  “Dragons are stupid,” he finds himself saying, hoping Mr Firebreath will forgive him later.

Derek laughs again and Stiles wants to run away. “Well, I think dragons are cool. If you don’t want him anymore, I’ll take him.”

Stiles’ head snaps up at that, disbelieving. “You like dragons?” He blinks. “But- but you play basketball!”

“It doesn’t mean I don’t think dragons are cool. I prefer werewolves though.”

Stiles’ eyes light up. “My mom let me watch a movie once!” he breathes excitedly, accidentally hitting Derek in the chest. Scott doesn’t like werewolves. Stiles has never met anyone who likes werewolves. “It was about a boy who plays basketball, like you!” He looks away briefly, embarrassed when Derek raises an eyebrow at him. “He could turn into a werewolf and it helped him win all the games,” he finished, shyly.

Derek grins. “Teen Wolf?” he asks. “You like that movie?”

Stiles nods, grinning. “Do you?”

Derek leans in, crooking his finger at Stiles and Stiles’ heart races. “If I tell you a secret will you keep it for me?” he asks. Stiles nods, eyes wide as he waits, and then suddenly Derek’s eyes are glowing and his teeth are turning into fangs. “What do you think?”

“I think that’s a really cool trick,” Stiles grins, wanting to touch Derek’s face because how did he do that?

Derek winks and the trick disappears.  “Tell you what,” he says. “How about I take you trick or treating this year. We can dress up.”

Stiles is going to die. “Really?” he asks. “I mean-” He looks down, shrugging, trying to be cool. “If you want, sure.”

Derek laughs again and ruffles Stiles’ hair. “Yeah, really. We’ll show those boys just how cool werewolves and dragons can be, okay?”

Derek stands up then and as he walks away Stiles knows that he is definitely the boy he is going to marry.


Ten years later, Derek proposes with a dragon egg replica from Game of Thrones and Stiles kisses him until his eyes glow, just like that first day.

Diabolik lovers [Shin’s para selene CD drama - vol. 4] ~translation|traducción~

[KINO’s ParaSelene]

Thanks to @infernal-iris for having me helped with this translation~~
Y también a @dialoverthai!!

Summary: The heroine loses her memories, and the boy tries to bring them back.

*Yui is cooking*

Shin: Are you cooking pasta at this hour?
Shin: You wiil get fat.

*Yui gets angry*

Shin: Hey, it’s dangerous if you suddenly turn around like that.
Shin: Do you want the pot to fall?
Shin: You don’t need to turn around, just concentrate on cooking.

*Yui calms down*

Shin: What? I just came into my own kitchen, do I need a reason to do that?
Shin: That’s right, I was sleeping. But I ended up waking up somehow.
Shin: And… … I saw that you weren’t there. So I got up and decided to find you.
Shin: Geez, don’t give me so many problems.
Shin: If you’re going to leave the room at least wake me up and let me know. Having to look for you everywhere is a pain
Shin: !? Hey, you laughed right now, didn’t you?
Shin: I’m talking about you giving me problems, what was so funny about that!?
Shin: Are you making a fool of me?
Shin: Then why did you laugh?
Shin: Haa? “Because you’re cute”- *Blushes* ME!?
Shin: H-haa!? As I thought, you’re taking me for a fool. Geez, you’re rude by nature… …
Shin: *Change his tone of voice from tsundere to sexy* Or maybe, you wanted to make me angry on purpose?

*Shin gets closer*

Shin: Hey… … You’re trying to do it, aren’t you?
Shin: Because you… …like the pain to be honest; you’re a complete masochist.
Shin: If that’s the case… … I’m going to suck your blood as you wish… *bites*

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Not A Monster (Yuta x Reader)

Admin: Candi
“Can i request a vampire au with yuta from nct 127 fluffy like he’s scared he’ll hurt you pls – anon”
Fandom: NCT 127
Member/reader: Yuta X Reader
Genre/warning(s): vampire au, fluff, blood
Words: 2.4k
Authors note: Any time I think of vampires I think of Twilight so I tried my best to stay away from that! I hope you enjoy! Also, because it’s Yuta there’s a few cheeky bits, I had to include them since he’s a kinky fucker. He snuck up on me and became my bias from NCT 127 so I’m happy I got to write for him. Also to celebrate our ask box opening again I thought it would be perfect to do this request since we’re not writing for them as well!

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Vampire Fic Snippet #3

(And the last one before the fic is posted!!!!!!!!! yay, sorry this is taking ages)

As always, I want to note that this is from the draft of the fic, so some things may be changed for the final version.

Warning: Mentions of vampire biting and so on, but still nothing graphic.

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Werewolf’s Anchor - Stiles Stilinski

(for @spn–addict–i-may-need-help  i hope you like it hun! <3)

Pain.  An extreme amount of agonizing pain.  Who knew that sword piercing through your shoulder would hurt so damn much?

The only sound you heard was your own screams, and in an instant the oni that were surrounding you disappeared.  You crumpled to the ground, heaving in fear and pain.  Blood pooled onto the cement under you, and when your alpha rounded the corner and found you there, he panicked.

“Shit!” He yelled, rushing over to you.  “y/n, y/n stay with me okay? Let me take the pain” And as soon as he grasped your hand, you were both heaving.  Your body fell limp against his, laying across his lap the way Allison’s had days ago.  And suddenly you felt guilty.

Yes, you knew you were dying.

“I’m sorry” You whimpered, and you could see Scott was already sobbing.

“No no no y/n don’t do this you can’t” He said.

“I-” But you couldn’t finish your words.

“Stiles is going to kill me” Scott said.  “You weren’t supposed to come, he didn’t know-” Scott broke down into a mess of hysterics.  “It’s my fault, I couldn’t save Allison- I can’t save you” The others, Kira, Isaac, Lydia, they’d surrounded the two of you silently, unsure of what to say or do that could help.

“Bite me” You said, and Scott froze, staring you dead in the eyes.  “Bite me Scott, do it”

“I can’t- I can’t I’ve never… it either kills you or turns you and y/n neither of those things are good” Scott said.  You shook your head.

“I’m dying anyways” You said softly, a few tears brimming your eyes.  “Please” You said.  “I’m asking” 

You wondered if dying would’ve hurt less than the feeling of fangs crunching into your arm.

You were walking in the hall with Stiles, books clutched tightly against your chest.  He was going on about the new Star Wars movie they were coming out with, hands waving around the air ecstatically as he grinned and rambled on.

Meanwhile students were slamming their lockers, and every time someone did, you’d cringe, and squeeze your books even tighter.

“..and then like- wait y/n? y/n? Hey” You shook your head to focus on Stiles, who was now standing in front of you.  “You alright?” He asked softly, brows drawn together in concern.  You opened your mouth, and your jaw began to hurt right away.  “y/n what’s wrong-”

“I need Scott” You rushed the words out before he could see you were growing fangs, then ran off down the hallway.

“But wait y/n-!” Stiles called after you, but you’d already left him.  That was the third time this week you’d said you had to find Scott, then ran off like that.  Stiles’ heart broke a little at the idea of you leaving him to go find Scott.

“Kira!” You called frantically, eyes shifting golden for a split second before back to their normal color.

“y/n?” Kira pulled you aside, trying to shield you from the passing students.  “Again?” She whispered.  “y/n this has been happening a lot lately-”

“I just need Scott” You panted out, digging your hands deeper into your books.  “Where is he-”

“y/n!” Kira hissed, pulling on your wrists.  You looked down to see that your claws had been breaking through the textbook in your arms.  

“Oh no, oh no no no no I need Scott where’s Scott” You began panicking, eyes a permanent gold.

“y/n why’d you come to school you know it’s a full moon tonight” Kira scolded.  You shook your head a few times.

“I need Sc-” You stopped, falling against the lockers as you could no longer breathe.

“Are- are- I don’t - y/n tell me what to do what do I have to do?” Kira begged, and caught the arm of a familiar passer-byer.  “Stiles help, I don’t know how this works” She said lowly, but you heard her perfectly clear.

“I’m fine” You struggled the words out.  “I’m fine” That’s when Stiles looked over at you, your eyes squeezed shut, hands white and clenched around your textbook.  Your face was flushed, and your body was shaking.

“What’s happening?” The boy asked, and you felt strong arms wrap around you.

“Stiles duh she’s shifting” Kira said, and you began to shake your head.


“Excuse me” You mumbled, and ran off down the hall.  Stiles stood frozen, eyes wide and mouth agape towards Kira.

“What.. in the hell.. was that” Stiles asked through long breaths.  Kira looked at him confused.

“It’s the full moon Stiles calm down a little, she’s just gotta get the hang of control” Kira said.

“Are you telling me that y/n’s a werewolf” Stiles asked, his voice quiet, but deep.  Kira’s eyes widened, and her lips parted.

“You didn’t know…”

Stiles was running wildly, trying to think of places you would go in the school.  The library, classrooms, the spot under the stairwell on the first floor where you’d meet up during class because it’s secluded.  He even waited under there for a few extra minutes, thinking you’d show up.  But you didn’t.  He went to the last place he thought you could be.

When he entered the locker room, he heard the heavy breathing right away.

He’d found you.

“y/n?” Stiles called, walking in and locking the door behind him.  “y/n it’s Stiles”

“Go away” Your voice was an octave lower than it usually is.  “I’m fine just leave me alone” More heavy breaths followed.

“No, no y/n I’m not leaving you” Stiles followed the sound of your voice, walking through aisles of lockers.  “y/n… I helped Scott, I can help you too okay? I can help you too”

“Please go away” You whimpered.  “I don’t want you to see me like this” You were crying, and it made his heart ache.  He walked to the end of the row, and found you there.  Sitting curled up against the lockers.  You had claws on the end of your fingertips, your hands in fists and blood protruding from your palms.

“y/n” Stiles breathed, immediately falling to the ground in front of you.  “Hey, hey look at me” You brought your knees to your chest, wrapping your arms around your legs and burying your face down in yourself.  “Hey” He spoke softly, lifting your chin up.  But your eyes were shut.  “y/n…open your eyes” You shook your head.

“No no I don’t want to see you, you’ll be disappointed” You said.  

“No I won’t.  I promise I won’t y/n just look at me” You growled, unintentionally, but it still scared you.

“Stiles go I don’t want to hurt you” You begged, and he moved closer to you.

“I told you I’m not leaving” he said.  “Listen y/n, you’re going to be okay, I promise alright? But you gotta look at me” You took in a deep breath.

“O-okay okay” You whimpered out, and slowly, your eyes opened, revealing their golden yellow color.  You cried harder upon seeing Stiles in front of you.

“There… there see it’s alright” He cooed, cradling your face between his hands.  “It’s okay, you’re okay” He whispered.

“I’m- I can’t- Stiles I don’t have control” You panted.  “I can’t- I can’t breathe-  I can’t do this-”

“Shh… shh it’s okay, it’s okay just listen to my voice alright?” You squeezed your eyes shut for a short moment.  “Just focus on me, find an anchor”

“I don’t have-”

“You do, you just have to search for it.  You do” He urged.  “Your family, your friends, your own life, whatever you can” He pleaded.  You opened your eyes, staring at him.  He watched yours, flickering quickly between yellow and normal.  “I know you have one y/n” He told you.  “You just need to breathe, and calm your heart beat” But your breaths were fast and heavy pants.

“I can’t- I can’t” You cried.  Stiles steadied your head, staring intensely and worriedly at you.

“Please don’t kill me for this” He rushed the words and you’d barely registered them when he pushed forward and smashed his lips against yours.  Your eyes widened, and a small squeal came from the back of your throat in shock.  But in just a second you were melting against him, moving your lips against his and sitting up straighter to reach him properly.  Your hands threaded into the back of his hair, pulling him closer as he did as well, his thumbs brushing across your cheeks.  Even as you parted, his fingers still caressed your skin.

Your features were human like again, you’d anchored yourself.

Soft pants were elicited from the both of you, and your eyes seemed to say all the words you didn’t know how to voice to the other.

“You’re not mad at me?” You whispered, and he instantly shook his head.

“No definitely not” Stiles replied.  “Though I would like to know what happened that… that brought us here” He said.

“I uh… I went with the others a while back… a few months ago with the oni and I uhm…” You trailed off.  “One of them, stabbed me..” You put your hand on your shoulder, though the wound had long healed.

“Scott bit you” Stiles finished, realizing what had happened.

“I asked him to, Stiles” You said.  “He’d just lost Allison, and I know I’m nothing compared to her, but I also know that if I’d died that night, he’d blame himself, and I couldn’t have that” Stiles didn’t say anything, just licked his lips as he thought about what you’d said.  “You’d never even known I went Stiles and I-” You swallowed.  “I wanted you to know how… how much I care about you and I needed that to come from me and not Scott” You told him.  Your hands laid over his, still set on your cheeks.

“I- I just- why didn’t you tell me?” He asked, and you licked your lips.

“I thought you’d be upset with me for going with the pack to fight the oni” You said.  “You’d invited me over that night… we were gonna watch movies and I told you that I was going to study on my own but.. but I lied, and I’m sorry” Your features fell, eyes downcast to the ground where you sat.  Stiles’ hands slowly fell from your face, and wrapped around your shoulders, pulling you against him in a hug.

“I forgive you” He said.  “Just no more secrets”

“Okay” You whispered.

“y/n I love you so much I would’ve lost it if you’d died that night, I’m not mad at you, I’m not mad at Scott, I just wish I could’ve been there to help” He said.

“You love me?” You asked softly, pulling away from him enough to look up into his eyes.

“Yeah of course I do” Stiles’ lips quirked up in a small smile.  “Kinda since um, today’s Thursday so…always” You smiled back, and leaned forward, pausing to look in his eyes for a short moment, before kissing his lips softly.

“I love you too Stiles” You murmured, hooking your fingers behind his neck,  “So no more secrets” You told him, and he nodded.

“I just told you my biggest one of all” He told you, grinning a little cockily, making you roll your eyes.  But you kissed him again anyways.

You suddenly forgot why you’d kept your feelings from him for so long.

tagged: @morganschiebel bc stiles imagine
xoxo ~ jordie

AU where dadsona is a real vampire and thinks Damien will be pleased but instead he’s terrified beyond words

Damien giggles helplessly as they stumble through the door of his lover’s home. Dad’s grip on his waist is tighter than he would usually hold him, made bolder by the presence of a little alcohol in their systems.

He’s pressed to the door more gently once it’s closed, though, and they can hardly kiss between their own silly laughter. Dad eventually settles on ducking his head lower to press kisses against Damien’s neck instead, and he immediately quiets to small hums of appreciation instead.

He has his fingers tied up in Dad’s hair, enjoying the feeling of his lips and tongue against his skin when he feels a playful nip of teeth. Damien can’t help but let out a small groan, and Dad immediately pulls back to stare him in the eye.

“You know…” Dad says quietly, pressing their foreheads together, “there’s something I’ve been… meaning to tell you.”

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Something I’d gladly eat


@shinodita requested for “snowbaz + 5″, so here you go ;) (espero que te guste  ♡ ♡)

Pairing(s): Simon Snow/Baz Pitch

Prompt(s): 5. Hungry

Summary:  But the real eroticism of Simon Snow is, like the devil himself, in the details – the moles on his right cheek hiding in a bath of red skin, blue eyes heavy with lust, bronze curls tangled between Baz’s dark fingers, lips parted in invitation. Which Baz eagerly accepts. Fucking delicious.

Word count: 1.1k

Tags: NSFW, hate sex, hand jobs, fluff

There are certain things at Watford that shouldn’t be allowed, Baz thinks. Like the merwolves. Or the Mage’s moustache. Or fucking boaters.

Or Simon Snow looking like that.

He’s just got out of the shower, wearing nothing but a towel—thank Crowley for small mercies—hanging askew on Simon’s hips, leaving so little to the imagination from Baz’s sight on the bed. (Not that he’s staring, or anything.) He looks like he’s stepped straight out of a fucking porn movie, instead of the bathroom.

Snow stuffs a scone into his mouth, crumbs falling from the corners of his lips. (Trust Snow to have a reservoir of food to eat at 1 am on a Friday night.) His Adam’s Apple—double capital letter, because one alone isn’t enough to make it justice—bobs up and down his throat as he swallows. No bloody person should have the right to look like that.

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The Point of No Return (Scott McCall x Reader)

Title: The Point of No Return

Warnings: slight sexual content

Synopsis: Y/N and Scott always found each other interesting. They both developed feelings for each other, but in the situations they have found themselves in, a romantic relationship was always out of the cards. But, what happens when they find themselves in a situation when a romantic relationship is all aces?

A/N: I’m back! I’m back, I’m sorry for being gone for so long. I’m drowning in homework, heartache, physical aches, and emotion. Let me know what you guys think of this imagine! It’s based off of the song Point of No Return from Phantom of the Opera. 

Originally posted by 1-800-boys

“You have come here
In pursuit of your deepest urge
In pursuit of that wish which till now
Has been silent”

Y/N Y/L/N’s heart practically ran down the hallway and down the stairs. She felt the steady, heavy rhythm of it’s beating against her chest. She knew exactly why she felt this way and she knew exactly how to stop it. But she couldn’t do that to herself, not now. She waited for years and years to tell Scott McCall how she felt, and now was her chance. She couldn’t let it slip away from  her, not this time. 

Her knuckles rapped against the door, silence coming from the other side. She felt that fire, the urge that had built up inside her start to fizzle out- along with her confidence. She finally had the chance to make Scott McCall hers, and now that chance was closing up on itself. 

For so long, she kept quiet. She never told the alpha how she felt, not when he was with Kira. Not when he was with Malia. Not when he and Malia broke up. Not when he was grieving. Not when he got back with Kira. Not when they broke up. 

Now was her chance.

“ I have brought you
That our passions that may fuse and merge
In your mind you’ve already succumbed to me
Drop all defenses
Completely succumb to me.”

Scott McCall had just exited the shower, towel freshly wrapped around his waist when a knock was heard at his door. A look of confusion pushed on his face, he wasn’t expecting anyone. 

Droplets of water fell from his hair onto his chest, trailing down the toned flesh. His hand wrapped around the doorknob, pulling it open. Standing in front of him, was Y/N Y/L/N. The girl he’s cared for, for the longest time.

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” the look of confusion was still stuck on his face. 

“I came to see you.” she said, a small smile on her face. “I… I came to talk to you.” 

Scott stepped aside, gesturing for her to enter. “Yeah, what’s up?” he asked. He shut his door, watching as she turned around to face him. “You ca sit down and make yourself at home.” 

Y/N shook her head. “No, no. I have something to tell you and I’m not sure if you’re gonna want me to stay after I tell you.”

Confusion was back on the alpha’s face. “What do you mean?”

A sigh escaped the girl’s lips. “Scott… I’ve known you since high school. I’ve watched you fall in love with my best friend, and then I watched your heart break after she left. I watched you become a true alpha, I watched you when your love died. I watched you fall in and out of love, I watched you cry. I watched you get angry. I watched you become this pack leader; somebody I always knew you could be. I stood by your side for all these years: in high school and out of high school. I… I fell in love with you, Scott. And I watched your love life blossom while mine never did. I went out on dates but never entered serious relationships because the only man I’ve ever wanted to get serious with was you. I dreamt of you, day and night. It didn’t matter what man I when on a date with, because in my mind, I’d already fallen and belonged to you. A man could make me laugh, and make me smile. He could sweep me off my feet and impress me, but he would never have my heart because you, Scott McCall, you obtained that a long time ago. And, I can’t fight this any more, Scott. I just… I just can’t.”

Her declaration of love was met with silence from the alpha.

“Now you are here with me, no second thoughts
You’ve decided, decided.”

“You’re sure about this?” Scott asked. “You’re sure about this?”

The question set Y/N’s confidence back a bit, she wasn’t sure if he said that and meant it in a good way or a bad way.

But there was only one way to find out.

“No second thoughts, Scott. I’ve decided.” Y/N answered. 

“Past the point of no return
No backward glances
The games we’ve played till now are at an end.”

Scott took a step towards her. “Are you certain? Because.. a confession like this… Y/N, you can’t go back to where we were before this.” 

“No more games, Scott.” her confidence came back. 

“Past all thought of if or when
No use resisting
Abandon thought and let the dream descend.”

 She took a step backwards, not in fear but in nervousness. Scott’s eyes were unreadable. 

“This is extremely reckless, Y/N.” Scott stated, turning around. 

“What do you mean?” 

“I’ve got a target on my back. A pack I need to think about and protect. I can’t..” he trailed off. 

A new wave of confidence crashed over Y/N. “Tell me you don’t love me.” 

“What?” he questioned.

Y/N took a step closer. “Tell me you don’t love me. Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t want this. Tell me you don’t think about me.”

Scott shook his head. “Y/N, don’t.” his voice grew low, and Y/N knew that she shouldn’t push him any more. But she couldn’t stop now, not when she was so close to the truth.

“ What raging fire shall flood the soul?
What rich desire unlocks its door?
What sweet seduction lies before us.”

“Tell me, Scott.” she demanded. “Don’t just stand there, saying my name and scolding me like I’m a child.”

His breathing became heavier, his back muscles flexing. 

“Do you love me?” she asked.

More silence. 

“Dammit, Scott. Do you love me?” her voice rose. 

He turned around, his eyes flashing red. Scott charged toward Y/N, grabbing her arms and pushing her backwards. A low growl escaped his lips and his fangs protruded from underneath his lips. Y/N’s back hit the wall roughly, and she felt a small flash of fear. 

His red eyes almost burnt holes into hers. 

“Yes!” he roared. “Yes, I love you. When I can’t sleep at night, my mind drifts to you. When it’s the middle of the day, I’m thinking of you. When I’m performing surgery on an animal, I’m thinking of you!” he exclaimed in a ridiculous tone. “You ignite something in me. When the pack is in the middle of a battle, I’m determined to keep you safe. Anything for you. You’re the fire that pushes me to protect everyone. For me to keep fighting. I desire you. You’re like chocolate, something that you just revel in when you take that first bite. You’re amazing. I love you with everything that I have and it scares me. How can I protect my pack and fight for them all when I’m in a vulnerable state? How can I give up everything when I don’t want to give up you?” 

“Past the point of no return
The final threshold?
What warm, unspoken secrets will we learn
Beyond the point of no return? “

“This is the point of no return, Y/N. Because if I go through with this, it’s all or nothing. I feel something for you that I have never felt for Kira or for Malia. I…” he trailed off.  

Her fear dissipated, and she felt a small smile find it’s way to her face.

She was blocked in by the alpha’s arms. His breath was hot against her face, his lips only inches away. 

“All or nothing, Scott McCall.” Y/N whispered, bringing her hand up to his cheek. 

He leaned down, his lips meeting hers in a fierce and caring kiss. 

When they broke apart, she whispered, “Scott?” 

“Hm?” he asked, pressing a tiny kiss to her lips. 

“You’re still in your towel.” she giggled.

“You have brought me
To that moment where words run dry
To that moment where speech disappears into silence.”

Y/N’s shirt was discarded onto the floor, drunk on the rush Scott McCall was giving her. The alpha’s hands roamed her body, calloused but careful touches trailing up and down her sides and her back. 

She walked backwards, trusting Scott to be her guide. Her feet got caught on each other, and she felt herself falling backwards. The same calloused hands gripped at her sides, arms wrapped around her. “You’ve literally fallen for me.” Scott commented, a goofy smile on his face. 

Y/N blushed. “Shut up.” 

Scott set her back onto her feet, his lips returning to hers. They trailed from her swelling lips to her neck. Words of praise that climbed up into her throat fell back down, the feeling of his lips on her neck after dreaming of this exact moment sent rushes of satisfaction through her. 

“I have come here
Hardly knowing the reason why
In my mind I’ve already imagined our bodies entwining, defenseless and silent.”

Scott’s bedroom door was shut with the weight of Y/N on it. His hands held her up as if she were light as a feather.

“I’ve thought about this for so long.” she managed to get out. 

Scott stopped kissing her neck. “This exact position?” 

Y/N laughed. “No.. no. I mean, kinda.” she smiled, placing her head down to hide her eyes from his. “I’ve thought about.. you taking care of me. Treating me right, like you always have.” 

The intimate words made Scott lift her up higher, nudging his nose with hers. “I’ll always take care of you.” he whispered.

“And now I am here with you, no second thoughts
I’ve decided, decided.”

“Are you sure about this?” Scott asked, his concerned eyes looking into hers. 

“Scott, we’ve already done our fair share of foreplay. I’m sure.”

His towel and the rest of her clothes were on the floor. They’d explored every inch of each other, tasting and delving into the rich desires the other offered. 

Scott wasn’t sure if this was her first time or not. He had forgot to ask. But it was their first time. He wanted to make it as special and full of love as possible.

“Past the point of no return
No going back now
Our passion play has now at last begun
Past all thought of right or wrong
One final question
How long should we two wait before we’re one?”

“I love you. I love you so much, Scott McCall.” you whispered. 

“I love you, Y/N Y/L/N.” he pressed a gentle kiss to her lips.

They both knew this wasn’t just sex. It wasn’t just a relationship that was due to fizzle out in two or three years.

Scott McCall had found his mate.

“When will the blood begin to race
The sleeping bud bursts into bloom?
When will the flames at last consume us?”

Scott slowly entered Y/N, a moan escaping his lips. He was gentle with her, waiting for her words. 

“Keep going.” 

He pushed himself in all the way, and a shaky breath left her lips. 

“Is this okay?” Scott asked.

“Just.. wait a second.” Y/N requested, trying to even out her breathing. Her hand reached up to play with the hair that rested in the nape of his neck.

A few more seconds passed, and she drew in a deep breath.

“Okay.” she stated.

Scott started off slowly, his thrusts small. As he saw the way her eyes shut and her lips parted, he continued and picked up his pace. Soon, her words of praise became louder and more interrupted with gasps and moans. 

It drove Scott wild. 

“Past the point of no return
The final threshold
The bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn
We’ve passed the point of no return.”

Scott and Y/N lay next to each other in the alpha’s bed. Their breaths calmed, highs slowly vanishing. Y/N felt a small tingling on the side of her wrist. Two black bands had formed around her right wrist. “Oh my lanta.” she muttered, drawing Scott’s attention to her wrist.

“I marked you.” Scott stated. “I marked you.” he repeated, a small smile on his face. 

She pressed a small kiss to his lips, and smiled as pulled away. “We’ve passed the point of no return, McCall.”

“Y/N Y/L/N, there is nobody else I’d rather walk across that bridge with.”

Can You Teach Me [Part 5]

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles x Scott x Malia


Word Count: 3,015

**Okay so this part is actually more fluff, but have no fear it’s not the end and there will be more smut later! Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

@ladylizzieofdarbyshire hopefully this tag works!

Originally posted by circassienne

I tap my fingers against my knee, unable to fight the anxious jitters that have suddenly plagued me. I feel like all of my nerve endings are trying to react at once and it’s a sensation that greatly resembles gasoline flowing through my veins and someone throwing in a lit match. I can feel it searing through me, threating to engulf me and swallow me whole. Scott is talking but I can’t even begin to focus on what he’s saying. There’s a rushing sound in my ears and heart beat pounds so loudly I feel like my skull is going to crack open.

           “Scott,” I snap, interrupting him and he looks over at me in surprised confusion, “Do I really have to be here right now?”

           “What do you have someplace better to be?” Malia hisses at me, shooting a glare at me that looks like it could shred me into a thousand pieces. “I’m sure you have a long list of guys you need to go seduce and fuck.”

           I fixate on Malia, my hands balling into fists tightly at my sides. “If this is about Stiles,” I say through clenched teeth and she bares her fangs at me.

           “The only reason he’s even paying attention to you is because you used your witchcraft on him, slut.” She snarls and my vision turns red in fury.

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Based off of @clotpolesonly‘s tags on this post. I immediately thought sterek, of course, so tadaaaa~ Read on AO3

When Derek wakes up, before he even opens his eyes, the first thing he hears is a voice in his head saying, “Uh, hey. Good morning.”

In his sleep-addled state, Derek’s eyebrows just furrow in confusion. His eyelids are heavy, and he can’t quite blink them open, like his upper and lower eyelashes are glued together. 

“Yeah, uh, I’d keep ‘em shut if I were you. I don’t have full control, obviously, but, you probably wouldn’t like what you’d see.”

Derek’s mouth opens fine, and he licks his chapped lips. He feels his heartbeat pick up, like his body is going into a panic-mode, but his thoughts haven’t caught up yet. “Why not?” he croaks out. His throat feels parched as well.

“Let’s just say that it wouldn’t be you looking out.”

Derek’s brain begins to catch up. “Are you talking in my head?”

“Sort of.”

“Then what are you doing?”

“I possessed you.”

Derek’s thoughts snap into place and he feels himself jolt up. His claws dig into the dirt around him, and blades of grass brush his fingers. Had he fallen asleep outside again? His memories are a bit jumbled. But now that he’s awake, he can tell that whatever is talking to him is in no way human. 

Derek bares his fangs, eyes still closed. He growls out his words. “Get the fuck out of me.”

If Derek didn’t know any better, he would have said the demon or whatever parasite is in him had whimpered. “Shit, man.” The thing sounded offended, what the fuck? “I just needed a host to stay in for a while. Mine is a little, uh, damaged. And I can’t go back yet.”

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Diabolik lovers Lost Eden: Ayato Sakamaki [Maniac epilogue]  ~Translation|traducción~

*Esta en español abajo de todo.
Anterior: maniac 10.

???: It’s been a while, Kino.

Kino: Yuuri, how are you? How’s everything going?

Yuuri: Everything goes fine.

Kino: Fufu, I see. However, the Sakamaki and Mukamis families are much simpler than I thought.

Kino: Just as I planed it, make the families quarrel and so separate them.

Kino: At the end, all of them will try to fight with Ayato for the force.

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