what do you read when you're stuck somewhere with no book?

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Hey :) I love your account so much!😍 Thanks for doing this. I hope you learned enough for your exam! Good luck with it♥️ „The war is changing you. I can feel, see and hear you. But in the end you're not here, even when you‘re next to me.“ Draco+Harry

“The war is changing you. I can feel, see and hear you. But in the end you’re not here, even when you‘re next to me.” Draco took a deep breath, and willed the next words to come  out. It was difficult to keep his voice from shaking, to keep himself from shaking. But he had to. Harry had given him this chance, and he’d be damned if he didn’t use it.

“That line always stuck with me. As I became more detached from everything going on around me, as I became so detached I didn’t recognise my body as my own anymore, this stayed clear in my mind.” Draco wrapped his fingers around the glass of water on the lectern and took a sip. Then he looked up, and faced the crowd of students again.

They had heard about the heroes and the bravery of it all during the many remembrance days and speeches, but never from his side. The wrong side.

No one had. It was only because Harry had recently started working at Hogwarts as Defence teacher, that he was standing there. He told himself it wasn’t because Harry just didn’t like giving speeches, but he wasn’t entirely sure if that wasn’t a lie. They’d only been dating for three months, he didn’t know how serious this was for the man.

“What Pansy Parkinson said to me that day stuck with me. ‘I am not here.’ Or rather, I am here, but no one needs me. The people who decide if I lived or died, didn’t care who I was. They needed a soldier who followed orders. A body to experiment or play with. If there was a terrified sixteen year old boy somewhere in there too, then that was hardly their problem.”

He let his grey eyes slide over the students, and knew without looking that he would meet no yawning faces. His story was not a brave one, but it also wasn’t boring, he knew that much. “They didn’t care. All those people whom I had idolized all my life, didn’t give a damn if I went to bed at night alone or in pain or with someone I never wanted there. I never questioned the authority of the people around me until I was in too deep. Until it had gotten real, and the only way to survive was to comply and detach.”

He let his drifting eyes settle on two green ones on the side of the stage. “I hid, hoping one day someone would come along and care about me again. An righteous equal who could make me see sense.”

The hall was dead silent as Draco reached the end of his speech. “Your teachers, parents and probably the ministry aren’t going to be happy with what I’m about to ask you. But I want, no, I need you all to listen to it anyway. And with you all being stubborn teenagers I don’t doubt that you will.”

The students laughed, relieved that the serious atmosphere had toned down a notch. Not that Draco’s next words weren’t serious though. “I ask you this. Question it. All of it. From the authority of your teachers and parents to the supposed facts you read in history books. Don’t just call their beliefs and viewpoints your own.”

He could see some of the older Ravenclaw students start to smile. They knew where he was getting at. “Ask yourself why, before you decide A is bad and B is good. Ask yourself if that is your own opinion, or if you copied it. Ask yourself if it makes sense. If there is no grey area. Think as an individual, not as part of a system that could very well be racist, homophobic, or will drag you into the wrong side of a war.”

He let his eyes linger on both the Slytherin and the Hufflepuff table, who were both prone to following others out of loyalty instead of logic. “Be very very sure that when you fuck up, you do so because you’re a bloody idiot with stupid, original ideas. Don’t do it because you’re a bloody idiot who never realised their ideas, opinions and beliefs came from someone else.”

He sighed. He was almost at the end now. One more cue card to go. “Use your time here to figure out who you are. What you think. Agree with someone because you genuinely think they’re right, not because you’re supposed to, or because you’re too lazy to think about it for yourself. And don’t just question yourself, question others too. Whack them over the head if you think they’re being a parrot.” Some of the Gryffindors laughed.

“It’s the only way to make sure this never happens again. Because a society that thinks as one, is much more easily fooled than a society that thinks as a couple thousand little shits who are not afraid to call out bullshit when they see it.”

The students broke out in laughter, and Draco smiled. It was always a good choice with kids to end on a swear. Relieved, he threw the last of his water back, and left the stage under an unexpected amount of applause. He hadn’t been in the centre of attention in a positive way since writing Weasley is our king. He rather liked it.

“That was brilliant.” Draco turned and was captured in a hug and a kiss before he could even register who’d spoken. Harry deepened the kiss and somewhere a couple students wolf whistled, reminding Harry of where he was.

He quickly let go and smiled at him from a safer distance. Behind his shoulder Draco could see Neville give him a thumbs up, and next to him even Granger send an approving smile his way.

Draco swallowed all of his sarcastic replies. Of course, I’m a natural. I’m always brilliant. Why so surprised? Instead, he just said, “Thank you. I just hope I got the message across.”

Harry ignoring his students again, pulled him back into a hug. “Pretty sure you did, love.” Draco almost shivered as Harry whispered in his ear. “Pretty sure you did.”

I hope this wasn’t too weird. It’s past midnight here now and I just really wanted to finish one more before going to bed. 

daisy fresh girl – jeongguk

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part two, part three

word count: 1.85k 

genre: fluff (won’t stay fluff forever though)

librarian jungkook x reader 

jungkook seems to admire the frequent customer at the library, you. however, he’s too shy to admit it, so with a push from his brother taehyung, he musters up.

aye lmao i suck at intros my bad

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Uh? ADHD. You seem perfectly fit and fine to me tho... infact you're blessed with a great power of imagination and your writing is impeccable. Idk if you know this but you're so unique and stunningly talented here! >>Any basic bitch would be lucky to be like you!!!!!!!!!

See the thing about ADHD is that we seem “perfectly fit and fine” because it’s a mental disorder and not a physical one and also you’ve never observed me in real life so you can’t see my symptoms

Trust me tho you don’t want to see my symptoms I am a straight up weirdo especially since I stopped taking my meds bc I have no school and my pill makes me lose my appetite, besides I just hate my medicated self bc she’s so… mellow??? And keeps all her thoughts inside??? Which is… a normal thing to do. I just hate being that person

Anyway, most people with ADHD do have what you call an incredibly powerful imagination, it’s why Jake seems to solve cases like *that* because that’s exactly how we think!! We tend to get from A to E more often than we take the A B C D E thought process. It can be really problematic for me sometimes because I often second guess my instincts and then when I try to think through things the normal way I’m slow about it etc etc but y’all don’t need to know that lmao

When you say that I don’t seem to have ADHD because of my impeccable writing, thank you, but the thing about ADHD is that the second we dislike something, it’s the HARDEST thing in the world for us to do, and the second we like something, it’s as if no one is better than us at it. This is why hyperfocus is a thing, because people with ADHD can easily fixate on stuff they like and spend unhealthily long hours of time focusing on it like it’s Nothing. Think of ADHD as two opposite sides of a spectrum; we are either So Great, no one could be better than us at A, or Terrible, everyone else in the world is better than us at A, and yes, A can be the same thing sometimes.

It’s important to note that people with ADHD tend to be highly intelligent, it just manifests in different ways sometimes. Jake is highly intelligent, he just happens to be lacking in knowledge of certain areas; and it’s important to note that these areas are areas he tends not to care about, such as… math. Personal hygiene. But he knows everything there is to know about the things he does care about, such as Die Hard, and apparently, Skyfire Cycle. Sure, he be dumb sometimes, but that’s literally the deal with ADHD. You can be really cool and smart and impressive, but also you be dumb sometimes. Functionally. In a way that worries your family.

Also you didn’t say anything about reading but I feel it’s important to note that it can be Really Hard for people with ADHD to read!! Why you think he only read 15 books ever in his life in season one???? IT S H ARD, it’s not just that Jake didn’t care about reading it’s very hard— let me explain. It’s very simple really, because I tend to notice it about myself, but we zone out when we read. Like, sometimes our brain just forgets we’re reading and at some point we realize that none of the information in the past page went into our brain. So we have to read it again. Or, we read something like e.g. “Mary went to the store to get carrots.” A thing that tends to happen is that we’ll start thinking about the store, and then a fun anecdote or a fun potential situation will pop into our minds or we’ll think about a fun fact about carrots or the time we had carrot soup or– the list of distractions are endless and they don’t come from external forces, they come from within ourselves. Sometimes this issue can worsen or happen less depending on how focused we are, it’s often based on our interest in the material. So yes, sometimes out of sheer love, I force myself to reread the same chunk of words multiple times because I keep assuming that I forgot what I read, which may or may not be the case. Or, I wasn’t aware of the words’ meaning when I first read them but they stuck around in my head somewhere and Some How I know what they are now. It’s all very weird. But yes it’s safe to say that Jake Peralta started reading more because Amy reads a lot and he’s in painful love with her so he’s like I’m gonna read no matter what because I love her and also wow!! This book is cool!! Feels less hard to read now she has such great taste I love her

Yeah tl;dr ADHD is strange and it’s not so simple also I know many of Jake’s actions seem funny and they are but also it’s fucking ADHD y’all and I have never identified so strongly with someone and also I know I want a Jake Peralta but what I really need is an Amy Santiago and also what I want is an Amy Santiago bc she’s so hot holy shit anyway bye ADHD doesn’t make you any less of a person in fact my ADHD is part of why I’m unique and far from basic in the worst yet also best way possible the end

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What do you do when you're writing and everything just stops dead?

Cry, honestly. It’s a horrible feeling, like someone just lopped a limb off without any warning.

But because deadlines and whatnot never go away I’ve had to find ways to push through. These might not work for anyone else, but each one has genuinely helped me at one stuck point or another.

- Go somewhere. Anywhere. The library. Starbucks. The parking lot at Target. Anywhere you’ve caught yourself daydreaming about a story but haven’t had anything with you to write. Take the notebook/laptop/tablet and even if it’s just a few sentences, that’s a crack in the dam.

- Time to look at your environment. Are the pets intruding on your writing time? Then sorry babies, door is getting closed for an hour. Is your roommate/gf/parent always interrupting? Closed door and a do not disturb sign if needed. Impose it, stand by it. They might think you’re kidding, but it’s a boundary that needs to be respected.

- Disconnect from wifi. Better yet if the router’s in another room and no one else is around, turn it off. You will do SO much more if you can’t refresh Tumblr-facebook-twitter every three minutes. There are browser blockers readily available too. Or get someone else to change the wifi password temporarily and not give it to you until you do what you set out to.

- Read something GOOD. I usually revert to an old fave - Truth and Measure, 1+1 = Window, dip into a random bit of Harry Potter for comfort. Or that book your friend pushed on you like drugs, go see what the fuss is about. The important thing I find is to pick ONE recharge/inspiration source, otherwise you end up reading endlessly and not writing. The same with watching ONE ep of the show to tune into fic characters again. It doesn’t work if you then Netflix binge.

- Instrumental music. All the pretty, none of the distraction for your word brain.

- Voice memo it. Sometimes saying it out loud still engages where fingers on keys won’t. Ask yourself or your characters questions. Why are you doing this? What do you do now? It feels wanky, but the answers come.

If anyone has other tips, feel free to add on!

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nabila!!!! it's @durmstranqs, congrats on 400 holy shit!! you deserve all those and so much more, your blog is so nice and you're such a kind and generous person. could i request a ☁️ for marcus flint and oliver wood?? maybe a sci-fi/space travel au if you could do that!! thanks so much love!!

hello love! tysm and im so so so x10000 sorry this is so late and also that it doesn’t follow the prompt very much. It’s also more angsty then i planned and like there’s maybe 3 references of it being set in a space travel au but i’ve come to love it so much i might actually write a sequel which will be more about the prompt. anyway, hope you enjoy!

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