what do you mean this isn't wind waker

i can’t believe i actually finished this thing.

redesign of MM Link and Tatl basically. Bits of Wind Waker, bits of the pre-OoT Link and lots of rejected designs. i designed loads more and had a much more interesting scene in mind but .. eh. cba working on this anymore.

modeled/rendered in blender and then cleaned up in photoshop.



yay, more messy texture experiments that i cba to clean up :) I’ve never liked how the NSMBs series looks so i attempted to fix what i hated about it.


  • More harmonious colour scheme (less oversaturated colours, less colourless whites/blacks, more monotonal backgrounds).
  • less bad-90’s-cgi-look more modern-mario-with-pixel-art i.e fix the weird shading of highlights/shadows.
  • less obvious tile repetition (which was very hard to do because of the way they used their textures .___. )
  • better readability i.e clearer delineation between foreground and background, higher contrast boundaries on mario, enemies and collectables (so readable in both light and dark environments), less distracting non-interactable foreground stuff. clearer contrast between actual walkable platforms and non-interactable ground below them.
  • more throw backs to the older games (mainly the SNES ones) i.e less naturalistic (less fences,flowers, tress etc.) more surreal (more weird hill things, clouds w/ eyes etc.). hybrid colours between newer and older (i.e mushroom is closer to the white/red colours of SMB1). less blueish-green foreground stuff.

think it worked our pretty well considering how limited i was by only being able to change textures. I wish I could totally change the floor tiles though. straight lines are boring but the wavy lines repeated too much. boo. (hell i wish i could revamp pretty much the entire artstyle but…)

i was so happy when i changed to the SMB3 bricks tho :’)

will post some comparison shots later (and i’m considering writing up how i improved readability + how i’d improve it even more because maybe some indie peeps might be interested in that?)


very, very messy art style experiments ahead!

‘what would TP look like with WW style textures?’ basically.

That doesn’t mean i wanted it to look like Wind Waker though. I find TPs textures to be far too noisy (even when they’re not blurry) but i didn’t want to end up with an environment that is as clean as wind wakers are.

the grass in WW, for example, largely just looks like one flat colour because the details are all low contrast but for TP it made more sense to have more highly contrasted detail with more colour variation. More detailed than WW but less noisy than vanilla TP basically.

Thought it was very important to keep the same general colour scheme too. because i do believe that desaturated environments with lots of brown hues can look good and i wanted to show that (not that there aren’t some great looking areas in vanilla TP already, they’re just not as numerous as i’d like). but there were some minor alterations colour wise. desaturated some things slightly, shifted some of the blue-hued greens to a more yellow colour and darkened some stuff to cut down on all the bloom.

roughly took about.. 10-12 hours? it’s mainly composed of my WW textures but with lots and lots of photoshopping and overpainting. There’s some painted-from-scratch ones in there too though, like the flag stones and the very-annoying-to-paint grass. all very rushed of course.

I could still fiddle with the overall contrast to improve readability but i’m mostly happy with it? The important stuff (link, path etc.) are highlighted well enough and, as a whole, it’s a lot less noisy with more areas of rest than the original.

anyway i like how much cleaner it looks without moving completely moving away from vanilla TP. Link especially. the shading on TP Link has always looked weird to me. i could write an entire post on all the stuff that was wrong with the original that i attempted to fix when making the textures more ww style (in fact i might…)

and no, there’s no download, it’s literally just the area in front of links house + link and i ain’t doing anymore

(…i hope)