what do you mean this is not a thing

I’m not on the whole “the Thirteenth Doctor not being a WOC is incredibly disappointing” train (I mean, admittedly, I’m whiter than Santa’s arse, so …), but I do really think the Chibnall era needs to be built around a strong conversation about race.

I mean, look at what Moffat did with the whole gender issue - he problematized the subject, made it a part of the show’s themes to the point where you could logically not cast a man anymore and have the show make sense.

I feel like Chibnall needs to focus on that. Not just because that’s the right thing to do - it also offers a really strong drive to storytelling. Clara’s series 9 arc is hailed as an all-time high for the show, and it is all about the idea of a female Doctor. It gives the story a drive, a logical endpoint.

So yeah, a POC as companion is like, mandatory, for starters (personally, I’d love a different ethnicity from those explored in the show before - be it only because the mainstream view of diversity seems to be mostly “white women and black people”; you can go East or South Asian, Latinx, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, even Native American - the show’s about having access to all of time and space after all! - there’s variety). Especially considering how having a white, female Doctor next to them would allow the show to tackle matters of intersectionnality and privilege.

And of course, just like Moffat tried really hard to get women to write for the show, Chibnall needs to try really hard to get POC to write for the show. And WOC, of course.

I feel like it’s a huge necessity for DW, going forward. And honestly, when those barriers will be broken, I feel like the whole fandom will just be more easy and more comfortable, and the show better and with more freedom to experiment. Show people it’s possible!

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I'm definitely in agreement with you about the whole "Galra are evil and Alteans are good" bullshit. Because the show has not even pitched that idea at all? I'm so confused by it, because the showrunners have given us a rather large handful of good guys who are Galra and an Altean who is definitely one of the bad guys. Not to mention the fact that it's maybe a little hinted that Alfor did some questionable things that led to Zarkon becoming what he is now.

I mean, that all said, I do hesitate to lump suspicions on Alfor, mostly because almost everything we see of the Paladins of Old suggests that Zarkon and Alfor were incredibly close.

Consider that Alfor was the original architect of the Lions. Now, consider the Black Lion- her terrifying capabilities, her integral position to Voltron. All of the Lions are formidable but the Black Lion- she’s the leader of the pack in every conceivable way.

And Zarkon was who Alfor had in mind as paladin the entire time. This was the Lion he built out of the meteorite that struck Zarkon’s planet, working with the galra.

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I mean no one said The Bold Type wasn’t cheesy, you know. The only remotely negative posts about it I see are people like “ugh it’s like a buzzfeed article in a show” and saying all they posts they see are just catchy sjw buzz words and whatnot. AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT?! It’s nice to see a show that, at least in terms of poc/woc/qwoc representation, is giving us topics we want discussed and characters we want to see. A show acknowledging things we do ramble on about on social media. It’s satisfying to watch.

Okay but if the Malec scene is actually a flash back to 2x07 like I’ve seen some people theorize do you realize what that means? I think someone calculated that, looking at the time line, the first episode whose writing process would be influenced by the mess that was 2x07 and the critique they received for it would be 2x18 and if that episode really contains a flashback it means they must have written it in shortly after 2x07 aired.

Like????? What kinda concept??????
They were called out for homophobic writing and instead of belittling lgbt fans, putting out some fake apology and leaving things as they are they listened to us and immediately went to adding a flash back in the first possible episode to show the scenes that were missing and this really shows that they genuinely care about their lgbt fans and not just the ratings and media attention they get bc of Malec.

*obviously we don’t actually know if it’s a flash back to 2x07 but I really hope it is

Your dolls are awesome

If they’re from an expensive company or an inexpensive one
If they’re a super limited edition or a standard release
If they’re a full doll from one company or a hybrid of multiple companies
If they’re Hand sculpted or Computer generated
If they have expensive outfits or affordable ones
If they have Alpaca wigs or mohair
If they have acrylic eyes or silicone 
If they have an artist faceup or a personally done faceup

If they are legitimate dolls

Then they are wonderful dolls. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Celebrate your dolls and what you have been able to accomplish with them. 

Too many of us, myself definitely included, have become stuck in the mindset that our dolls aren’t good enough; that because we prefer certain styles, because we do not have the means to do some things that others can, that our dolls are somehow inferior to others. Its a lie, and we need to break the habit.

As long as your dolls are legit, and you love them, then they are perfect. You can strive to make them even more so, but they are nothing less than a wonderful reflection of yourself.

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Hi! I'm 16 and I plan to move out of my mothers house as soon as possible. I'm working on saving up $1,000 for an emergency fund right now, but what else should I do to prepare before I move? Obviously I still have a few years, but I'd like to have all my things in order before it's time. Thanks!

20 Things to Do Before Moving Out of Your Parent’s House

1. File as independent on your taxes. We’re a while away from tax season, but remember to file as independent on your taxes. This means that your parents can no longer claim you as a dependent and will no longer receive a tax break from the government for housing you. What it means for you, is that you will no longer be considered part of their tax bracket. This means you’ll have a better chance at applying for financial aid, health insurance, car insurance, etc.

2. Important Documents. Get as many of your important documents (social security card, birth certificate, tax forms, etc) as possible while you’re still living with your parents. You will need this information when you move out, so find a secure place to store them.

3. Learn to cook. Obviously, cooking skills are not going to come overnight! Checkout some cook books, online recipes, or even watch a couple episodes of Chopped. The more fast, cheap, and easy meals that you’re able to prepare before you move out- the better. Here’s my Cooking 101 post.

4. College. If you are going to college or planning to go to college, talk to financial aid about becoming an “independent student”. If the school classifies you as independent, financial aid will pay for a greater portion of your education. Also please don’t have your parent’s call the school on your behalf, start taking initiative and making these calls yourself. As someone who worked in a college call center for four years, a good 80% of the phone calls I got were from parents, and legally a college can’t tell them anything.

5. Accumulate furniture. Check out thrift stores, Dollar stores, and especially yard sales. Buying all of your furniture at once can be expensive and stressful, but accumulating a few pieces over time (space permitting) can be a more effective way.

6. Doctor’s appointments. Start making your own doctor’s appointments! I love this script by @spectrumsuperhero that’s applicable to all of your doctor’s appointment needs.

7. Start building credit. At 16, you’re probably too young to apply for an actual credit card, but having some credit before you move out will help you loads in the long run. As you might be aware, some landlords ask that their tenants have a credit score before renting to them. Don’t be discouraged! It’s just something to think about.

8. First Aid. Learn some basic First Aid. I’m going to toot my horn and link my post because I sat through literally six hours to get certified in this stuff, and if I do say so myself, my post is rather thorough. 

9. Learn to clean. Learn some basic cleaning skills- how to wash dishes, how to vacuum, what sprays clean what. These may seem like simplistic things, but many people grow up not having to do household chores. I guarantee you that not every apartment you live in will have a dishwasher, so learn some dish skills now! Learn to clean.

10. Go Shopping. Make a shopping list and go shopping at your local supermarket or grocery store. Crowded stores can sometimes be unnerving, remember the more practice you get at it, the more at ease you’ll be. 

11. Learn to wash clothes. Doing laundry is something that I never did while living in my parent’s house, and the first few times doing it on my own turned out… interestingly. Get your laundry skills in tip-top shape!

12. Get transportation. Get yourself a mode of transportation that does not require your parents. Biking, walking, and using public transportation are all ways that you can get where you need to be. Get as familiar with public transportation around your city as much as possible. 

13. Separate bank account. Still sharing a linked bank account with your parents? Get yourself a bank account that they don’t have access to. One of the first steps towards moving out and “Adulting” is being able to take care of your money. 

14. Build your resume. Keep working on and updating your resume, even if you already have a job. You never know when you’ll need to find another one, and you don’t want to hastily throw together your resume with little notice.

15. References. Similarly, get yourself a list of professional references. These references can be teachers, guidance counselors, family friends, etc. References are useful for job applications, housing applications, and networking. Always ask before putting someone’s name down as a reference.

16. Health insurance. Start learning about what health insurance coverage you currently have- how expensive it is, how it’s paid, how long it lasts, etc. Find out if you will be able to stay on this insurance after moving out of your parent’s house. 

17. Buy a First Aid Kit. A First Aid Kit is a must have for whatever apartment, room, or house is your next home! Spend $20 and buy a decent sized one that includes things like cold compresses, burn creams, and gauze.

18. Buy a Bed. The average person sleeps around 229,961 hours in their lifetime. That’s a lot of time in bed! Buy yourself a comfortable mattress (you should replace your mattress every 8-10 years), luxurious sheets and/or a memory foam pillow. Nice beds can be expensive, so start saving up for one now.

19. Learn basic repair. Get yourself a toolbox and learn some basic repair. You can find extensive articles online about everything from unclogging a drain, to tightening screws, and using caulk. Get familiar with these tools now, because you never know what type of landlord you’ll end up with. They could come promptly when requested to do repairs, or they might not.

20. Learn how to write a check. Okay but seriously- this is important. Do not let me catch you moving out of your parent’s house without knowing how to write a check. Here is @howtogrowthefuckup‘s two cents.

So my roommate has two dogs: Riggs and Willow

That’s Willow on top, and Riggs is the one wearing the red Avengers bandana and the “what do you mean i’m not allowed on this blanket?! I have never heard such a thing in my life!!!!” expression.

Riggs is a sweetheart riiiiiiiiight up until he remembers that he can slip his collar and outrun you, which I figure he remembers at least once every four or five months, at which point he is a fucking asshole. Today his collar broke while I was taking them outside and I swear to god there was a half-second pause where he looked me up and down and laughed to himself before he took off down the hill, leaving me with a pulled calf muscle and another 80+ lb dog to manage.

Fortunately, Riggs is a fucking nerd, so I just went and got a few dog treats and then sat outside with Willow, petting her and calling her a good dog and feeding her pieces of dog bone.

He trotted back up, stole the dog bone I was giving Willow, nosed around at my hands for more treats and then skipped off and sat down just out of arms reach. He did this a couple of times until I finally stood up to go inside, at which point he jumped up and braced to run again.

And this stupid fucker is having so much fun, he’s a 90lb puppy, wagging his tail and trying to get us to run around with him but it is 85 degrees out and there are roaches the size of my thumb crawling all over this fucking porch so I hold the front door open, hold up a bone, toss it inside - and then stand back because a dog-shaped missile is barreling toward me at approximately Was-That-A-Treat o’clock.

Now the asshole is sitting in front of the front door, wagging his tail and panting happily and every time he sees me he jumps up and paces around in front of the door like he wants to do it all again. I just tried to get his attention by pitching a tennis ball down the hallway but he was clearly offended at this inferior substitute for real fun.

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Does it make me a terrible person that feel sorry for Nathan? Since I do, I don't justify him waving a gun around, but he was panicking whenever what happened to Chloe, he might of loved Rachel. So Jefferson might of done it. He might of been abused (him getting the shit beat out of him by Warren)I mean?? He might of been manipulated into believing some things had been proper. His mental issues might of been ignored? I just, I get called a retarded moron if I do feel sorry for him?

No! You are not a moron at all! Feeling sorry for Nathan is nothing bad at all. In fact I feel sorry for him to. If you take just one look at him and his story you get all possible warning sings. He takes a lot of medicine, has probably tried out drugs to cope, his dad is treating him like shit, his sister ran away with the peace cops to flee the family and his therapist is considering to quit his treatment because his father is trying to sabotage his work. Yes, he made some bad decisions, but he is what his father made him. His reaction in the two whales diner on seeing Max in Rachel’s clothes says a lot: He probably didn’t wanted Rachel’s death. I think it was more of an accident or so.

He really needs help and deserved a better ending (which I am 100% sure he would have get if Dontnod wouldn’t have run out of time and money…)


IT’S THIS WEEK! (July 24th through 31st)

What are you talking about, Mirk? Long ago there was a HS ancestor night thing, set up for May 23rd. It was primarily meant to be drawing requests for canon Homestuck ancestors, but I know it made a few rounds of the fantroll community as they drew, talked about, and wrote fic for their own ancestors. Unfortunately, I missed it this year! So in recompense I’m doing a whole week of ancestor-related blogging.

Ancestor-related blogging? What’s that? It’s just regular fantroll blogging, but with ancestors! That means that the asks I answer, drabbles and meta I write, pictures I draw – all of that’s gonna be about my fantrolls’ ancestors, rather than the current generation. I’ll be reblogging probably about an ask meme per day for the ancestors and trying my best to answer all the questions or requests I get from them, but asks that aren’t connected to any meme are always welcome, too! Later today, I’ll post brief introductions of my cast of ancestors, so those of you who haven’t heard me ramble about them yet have some context to go on.

But why, tho? Idk! I like ancestors, I like talking about ancestors, this week’s kind of slow for me, let’s bring on the previous generation of gray nerds.

Can I do this too?/What if I don’t want to see this on my dash for a week? I have absolutely no problem with other people joining me in ancestor hell for a week (or however much of the week they can endure), since the only thing I love as much as blathering about my own fantrolls’ ancestors is hearing about everyone else’s! So if you reblog this post or make some sort of announcement post about doing the event and tag it #fancestor week, I’ll be cheering you on and sending asks your way whenever I can. That said, I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – so all my posts on the subject will also be tagged #fancestor week, for your blacklisting purposes.

  • But what if I don’t HAVE a fancestor? SHAMELESS PLUG FOR MY DESIGN COMMISSIONS HERE!!! Sorry, can’t resist a little self-promotion. I do love designing ancestors, and if you don’t have one, I can draw one for $15. See the post here.

That’s all I’ve got for now! Thanks in advance for indulging my ancestor penchant.

With apologies, there’ll be no liveblog today. Mina’s pretty unwell, LIKELY FROM EATING SOMETHING SHE SHOULDN’T BECAUSE OF COURSE SHE DID. She’s been to the vet already and has some antibiotics, but she’s having trouble keeping food down and things are volatile at both ends. Besides just being tired as fuck, it’s difficult to concentrate on anything that isn’t her absolute every movement. And in truth, I don’t want to get that involved in anything else right now anyway. NOT GLANCE AT HER EVERY TEN SECONDS TO MAKE SURE SHE’S OKAY WHAT DO YOU MEAN.

What I’ll probably do today then is just Asks, something I can easily pick up and put down without worrying about an “in-house” audience, so to speak. The rest of the week’s schedule, we’ll play by ear.


If you have a friend who uses they/them pronouns

Okay so if you have a friend who uses they them pronouns and its hard for you to get used to it. Thats fine dont worry. When one of my friends told me they use these pronouns I had to look up the definition of non-binary, they are the reason I know about non-binary people.

What did I do to get used to their pronouns?

-I talked about them to people. I told people how amazing they are, how cool is it that we have the same interests in music, how amazing friend they are. Just talk about them. It will help you get used to the pronouns.

-Watch videos about non-binary people. If they tell you that they are non-binary that means they trust you. So you should learn about the term non-binary. This will also help with the whole pronouns thing.

-If you dont want to tell your friends about them, maybe beacuse your friends wouldnt tolerate your friend, then talk to yourself. It is weird for the first time but it helps. Talk to yourself about how amazing they are. Or how awesome they are. How cool that they can draw/sing/dance or anything. Just talk about them.

-Talk with them as well. If they trusted you enough that they told you this big secret they had, you must be pretty close. Dont ruin your friendship just beacuse you dont understand non-binary people. Just treat them as any other human being.

I hope I helped with this? Shout out to all the thems. Im proud of you no matter what.

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Can dryads raise and lower their leaves like feathers? Do they have any kind of muscular control of those head-branches, or are they just kinda there?

They have no muscular control, but they subconsciously control their leaves’ supply of water. The system in their skin that keeps their bark and skin hydrated is hooked to the capillaries in their skin, same ones that increase blood flow to your skin when you blush.

What that means in practice is that dryads can literally wilt as an expression of emotion or stress.

Leaves not getting enough water for too long can also cause many of the same things that happen to under-watered plants. Leaves can turn brown, dry out, and/or fall off. Repeated episodes of stress can make them look like a tree in a drought.

I see a lot of hate for Civil War on here, not necessarily from people who think the movie was ineffective, but from people who hate the implications it has on certain characters. I find it ironic the number of people who will label Civil War a “bad movie” because of things that make them hate a certain side or certain characters, when the fact is that divisive response means the movie accomplished exactly what it set out to do. No one is supposed to come out of that movie feeling ok. You’re supposed to have a bunch of messy, angry feelings about certain characters by the end and you’re supposed to feel like the whole thing could/should have been avoided. If people were hating on the movie for decisions that seemed actively unintelligent that would be one thing, but people saying the film should’ve been different because of decisions that are in-character but not ideal missed the point of the story.

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Sometimes when I am scrolling through social media i see pics of my female friends and i start getting intrusive thoughts of dating/sexual scenarios with them and it makes me feel kinda gross because those are my friends and I don't want to think about them that way but at the same time I guess it's just confirmation that I am gay? Is this normal for lesbians?? Am I just lonely or am I actually repressing my attraction to them 😣

Intrusive thoughts are the result of fears, like deeply buried anxieties type of fears, and I do know a /lot/ of lesbians who are afraid of being or seeming like the ‘predatory lesbian’ stereotype with their friends and get intrusive thoughts of being with them. It’s certainly not the same thing as crushing on a friend and having daydreams or fantasies about them – and that doesn’t sound like what you’re describing.

so no, it doesn’t mean you’re repressing attraction for them, and it is something a lot of lesbians experience. and though it makes you feel gross it’s definitely not that you are, its more that your brain is overreacting to the idea that you might be. hope this helps in some way! -X

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I've been going through this blog (it's a great blog, btw) and I saw a post from someone saying that they realised that their body is not inherently sexual? I'm not trying to be rude, I promise, I'm just really confused- what do you mean the body isn't inherently sexual? I thought that was the whole point of bodies, they keep you alive and they attract a mate.

If you are referencing a specific post, please provide the post number. Anywho, I believe I can still answer this. The human body does more than just reproduce. If that was its sole purpose why would we need to see as many colors as we do. Why would we feel emotions and create art? One could argue that all those things are to make sure you don’t die before you make babies but I think that’s an utterly simplistic view of things. Not only does it ignore the neuroscience behind humans having a higher level of consciousness then an amoeba, but is a cat pointless if they are fixed? Don’t have more value then the possible offspring they could have produced? Sure they do. And so do you. In my opinion your body isn’t inherently anything besides alive.

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Why do people hate Cold Cases? I mean. The plot is great and written by Joe Harris (I love him and his plot arcs are breathtaking), few people read his graphic novel (they should because I loved it) but thanks to Audible people got to know better his story and it's canon now! Joe Harris is happy and I'm happy for him. What else do you want? Mulder and Scully also live together. At least wait until the main story arc is complete lol

I still haven’t listened to the whole thing lol, haven’t had time. It looks like everyone is giving it another shot with the next one?

I’m Better off Dead Anyway

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Ship: Prinxiety if you squint.

Topics: Hurt/comfort and angst 

Warnings: Panic attacks (kind of), cursing, and a strange voice in someone’s head (if that triggers you), and thoughts of suicide. Does bad writing count? What about being disappointed, does that count too? 

A/N: I’d honestly like to thank all of you for following me. I’ve been working on this so I hope you guys enjoy it. Writing this has been, difficult for me. It’s brought up some things I don’t want to think about (like how I used to do this all the time). But hey, it’s for you guys and that’s all that matters to me.



We had a deal, remember?

I have no idea what you mean…

You weren’t supposed to tell them your name, remember? That was our deal.


Virgil, you know what I have to do to you now…



I beg you, please, they’re good people.

You can’t trust anyone Virgil. You know that…

But they’re different, they’re my friends. I swear. I know Roman can be an ass sometimes, but he has a good heart. Logan can be a moron sometimes but he’s good too. And Patton… don’t even get me started on him… He’s the sweetest person you will ever meet, he’s like a Dad to me… 

You know I have to Virgil.

Harm me not them, please, I’m better off dead anyway…


“Oh fuck I can’t breathe.” the dark trait said before he realized what was going on

The dark trait shaking his head, usually that made the voice go away. This time however, it didn’t work. 

Now he resorted to squeezing a pillow around his head. Still, he had no luck.

Do you mind stopping now?


Fuck off

Saying that just made it worse, great now he couldn’t see straight. 


Thomas along with Logan, Patton and Roman were in the Mind Palace redecoration a bit when they all felt like they couldn’t breath.

“Hey Thomas, are you starting to have a panic attack? Because it’s kinda hard for us to breathe.” Patton asked

“Actually no, I’m not. But you’re right it is kinda hard to breathe.” 

They all looked at each other realizing who was missing.


“I-I’ll go check up on him” Roman said before sinking down.


[Third Person (I think, I can never tell how this stuff works)]

As Roman arrived in Virgil’s ‘room’ he heard a loud thud come from upstairs. 

“Virgil? Are you up there?” he asked.

No response.

“Virgil, I’m coming upstairs. If you don’t respond I’m coming into your room” the Prince stated.

This time however, he heard a small whimper. 

“A-Are you alright?” he called.

He walked closer to the door and knocked. This time the Prince heard a small whimper. He wondered what was going on. 

The Prince wasted no time opening Anxiety’s door. He was a bit surprised when he found Virgil on the floor. He has his knees brought all the way up to his chest, his face was buried in his knees as well. Amazingly, his hood wasn’t up.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Roman asked as he put his hand on Virgil’s back.

The darker trait peeked his head out for his knees and whispered “Y-You shouldn’t be h-here. I-It’s too dangerous, b-besides you’re probably here just to yell at me again. T-That’s what you a-always do.”

That comment took Roman a bit off guard. He didn’t really mean to be that rude to Anxiety. Did he?

“I don’t mean to be rude to you Virgil. I’m sorry for all the things I’ve said and done to you. I understand that you are not doing so great right now. So I just want to help you.” he said. 

“I-I feel l-like I can’t breathe.” he managed choke out.

“Virgil, I want you to breathe with me. Breathe in for four seconds, hold for seven seconds and breathe out for eight seconds.” Roman replied with.

The darker trait followed the Prince’s instructions. It seemed to calm him down a bit. Until he started sobbing.


[Virgil’s POV]

He doesn’t care, he’s acting. He’ll never care about you, nobody will.


You should just give up now. End it all.


But what. You’re to weak. I knew it. You can’t do anything. You’re not good enough.

[Now back to 3rd person (or whatever it is)]

“JUST STOP ALREADY.” Anxiety screeched as he clutched his head.

Ths had spooked Roman and caused him to just back about a foot. What was going on?

Now Anxiety was repeatedly banging his head into a pillow wild yelling “GET OUT.”

“Anxiety,” he paused. “Listen I just need you to breathe. Remember what you did you did for Thomas.”

The darker trait seemed to slow down, but only for a couple of minutes. 

“Do you know what it’s like Princey?” he coughed. “To have voices in your head. Telling you to kill yourself. Telling you that you aren’t worth anything. Telling you that nobody cares.” 

Roman went silent. He didn’t know what it was like.

“It’s not exactly easy to breathe when you can’t even hear your own thoughts.” Virgil continued. 

“I know it’s not easy but, please try. For Thomas.” the Prince whispered.

“I’ll try for…” he said, but the last part was too quiet to hear.

Anxiety kept breathing, and it looked like it helped. 

“Thanks” the darker trait said as he swiftly walked over to a dresser and got something. He tossed it over to the Prince.

“What’s this?” th Prince asked.

“A key to this room. Feel free to come here anytime, even if it’s locked.” Virgil replied with. 

“Oh?” he said with a hint of confusion.

“Ok now get out because you’re starting to get corrupted. I’ll be in the mind palace soon.” Virgil said. 

“Alright.” the Prince said while he was sinking down.