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what your soul has forgotten
  • North Node Aries/South Node Libra: you're so used to being there for others, giving of yourself in relationships to the point of losing yourself, that you've forgotten what it means to be an individual, to stand alone and to be your own person, to be assertive.
  • North Node Taurus/South Node Scorpio: you're so used to having control, being controlled and needing power that you've forgotten what it means to relax and to just be comfortable without needing control over everything.
  • North Node Gemini/South Node Sagittarius: you're so used to being anywhere but here and going off on adventures, you've forgotten what it means to actually talk and get to know the people right in front of you, in your neighbourhood.
  • North Node Cancer/South Node Capricorn: you're so used to being a workhorse and striving for success and to just be successful, you've forgotten what it means to stay at home and actually feel a part of something.
  • North Node Leo/South Node Aquarius: you're so used to being there for everyone else and for the group, you've forgotten what it means to be an individual and to actually shine as one too.
  • North Node Virgo/South Node Pisces: you're so used to chaos and escaping from reality, you've forgotten what it means to be a real, grounded, physical human being.
  • North Node Libra/South Node Aries: you're so used to having to do everything alone and be there for number one, you, that you've forgotten what it means to be there for someone else.
  • North Node Scorpio/South Node Taurus: you're so used to being comfortable and relaxed, you've forgotten what it means to actually be there for someone when they're going through hell.
  • North Node Sagittarius/South Node Gemini: you're so used to getting all the gossip and talking endlessly about nothing, you've forgotten what it means to actually know and talk about something that has real meaning.
  • North Node Capricorn/South Node Cancer: you're so used to being there for your family, the people you grew up with, and people being there for you, you've forgotten what it means to actually be someone in the world, to make a success of yourself on your own.
  • North Node Aquarius/South Node Leo: you're so used to being treated like royalty, having so much happiness and joy and readiness to take the world by storm, you've forgotten what it means to not be selfish, to be there for those who have nothing, to relate to people you don't know.
  • North Node Pisces/South Node Virgo: you're so used to being the one who works hard and does all the duties and being realistic, you've forgotten what it's like to dream and actually allow yourself to follow a dream.
tag yourself - pop punk bands edition
  • A Day To Remember: switches between loving and despising their home town at the drop of a hat
  • As It Is: constantly nostalgic. all of the time.
  • Brand New: disappears for a long time without a word, reappears again as if nothing happened.
  • Citizen: would rather die than do literally anything
  • Knuckle Puck: oversensitive, uses too many big words without being 100% sure what they mean
  • Moose Blood: likes Brand New, in love with the same apathetic person
  • Neck Deep: just can't get over this one girl, will actually fucking stab you if you insult their home town
  • New Found Glory: couldn't care less about you
  • Real Friends: chainsmokes like an old lady, bony knees
  • State Champs: the friend that just appeared one day and nobody knows where they actually came from, but they're accepted anyway
  • Taking Back Sunday: still haven't gotten over that feud from 17 years ago
  • The Story So Far: blames a specific person for ruining them
  • The Wonder Years: //really really// loves their friends

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What are some hurdles a person who has practiced taekwondo, fencing and aikido might have to jump when thrown into a real life or death fight? What will happen when they get much better at escalating quickly (almost too quickly) and they're thrown into a situation where that's the opposite of what they need to do?

By, “the opposite of what they need to do,” you mean, not escalate the situation, or specifically work to try to limit the harm being inflicted. You know, like an Aikido practitioner?

I know we’ve said this before, but; martial arts are not interchangeable. They’re not just alternate move sets, or aesthetic considerations. Every martial art, every one, brings its own philosophies and outlooks into play. When those philosophies overlap, you might have options to start mixing them together, or lifting elements from one for the other. Aikido and Taekwondo don’t really have much of anything to talk about.

Aikido is a martial art of pacifism. It works well for self defense because the entire idea is, you stand at the center, plant your feet, and send anyone who attacks you to the floor, so they can think about all of the mistakes they just made.

As I said at the beginning, Aikido doesn’t escalate, at least not on its own. This is a martial art that focuses on ending conflicts with as little harm done as humanly possible. People will get hurt, that’s an inevitability, but, this is a martial art that is heavily focused on avoiding escalation.

If you want to start mixing it with something else, there are other martial arts that have common ground. Jujitsu and Judo both have some of the same philosophical underpinnings, they’re just pretty sure that plopping someone on the ground isn’t enough to get the message across, that sometimes you’re going to want to get down there and make your point in person.

There are even aggressive martial arts that you can (probably) mix Aikido with fairly effectively, including Muay Thai or Krav Maga. Martial arts that say, “I want to get really close to someone and turn them into goulash.” They do have common ground on the ranges that they think combat should be taking place at.

Taekwondo doesn’t. It’s a very active martial art. It wants to go places and kick people in the head. As a practical martial style it shares almost nothing with Aikido. Where Aikido wants its foes close enough to reach out and touch, Taekwondo is all about forcing your foes away, and keeping them off balance while you drive your foot through any internal organs they were using.

Taekwondo exists as a practical martial art, but you’re going to be hard pressed to find that variant outside of Korea. If your character served in the South Korean military, worked for the police or as a bodyguard there, then it’s possible they learned this.

Taekwondo traditionally pairs with Hapkido. I don’t know much about the martial art itself, beyond that it has a focus on joint locks. But, these are designed to work together, and against one another, so a practitioner in one would probably also learn the other.

Ironically, Taekwondo can also find common ground with martial arts like Muay Thai or Krav Maga. These are all martial arts that enjoy moving around a lot and messing people up. Where Taekwondo excels at doing this at range, Muay Thai or Krav Maga offer options to do this up close.

Now, if you’re sitting there and wondering why I just listed the same two martial arts as compatible to both of the ones you picked, that’s because they have common ground with one another, the two you picked, really kind of don’t. It’s not that martial artists never learn conflicting styles. That does happen. But the benefit you gain from that isn’t being able to blend them together into a single style, it’s being able to switch up your approach to fit the situation you’re in. And, yes, escalation control is an element of your martial art.

A character who’s been trained in Aikido and (practical) Taekwondo, would be in a very good position to work as a bodyguard. Taekwondo allows for rapid vicious responses when called for, and Aikido allows for them to deal with attackers in public situations where you really wouldn’t want a bodyguard tearing apart an overly eager fan.

I’m just going to toss this one out, but fencing really doesn’t add much to this situation. It will help with physical conditioning, but then again they’d already be getting that from Taekwondo and Aikido.

So, if your character’s been training in Aikido, either recreationally or practically, they shouldn’t be having issues with escalation. Remember, escalation is where you increase the amount of force you use to a point where combat ceases to be an appealing option for your opponent. The entire concept is anathema to Aikido, which seeks to end combat with as little violence as possible.

Also, there’s a side nitpick, it’s not really possible to escalate too quickly. The issue is escalating too far. Again, the idea is that you demonstrate a degree of violence your opponent isn’t psychologically ready to handle, forcing them to back down.

Escalating too slowly can give them time to come to terms with what you’re doing, but the only problem with escalating too quickly is that you’ll use excessive force. For example, grabbing someone by the skull and gouging out their eyes would (almost certainly) convince their friends or allies to back down, but if the situation doesn’t warrant that kind of force, it’s excessive, you’ve escalated too far, and there will be consequences. These can be the obvious legal issues associated with extreme violence, or it can provoke responses in opponents where, instead of backing down, they’ll be more willing to retaliate in kind. For example, pulling a gun on someone’s friend might get them to back down, where killing their friend will drive them to come after you, where they wouldn’t have with less escalation.

The problems faced by a character who escalates too far is, that they’ll make far more enemies, which will eventually catch up with them. This is part of why escalation is such a tricky concept. It’s requires a substantial amount of finesse to pull off effectively.

Escalation is also something that is seriously frowned on by most of the recreational martial arts community. Unnecessary, and excessive violence is a serious liability issue for the school, particularly if their students are children (and, honestly, that’s pretty common.) A large part of this is because of the exact problem you’re describing. The actual difficulty is about going too far. It’s not hard to go way too far in an instant, that happens all the time. But, unless your character is operating with some kind of “above-the-law” protections, going too far once is a good way to end up spending the next 25 years in a small cell.


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  • First degree: You planned it out beforehand and then killed someone (example: many murder cases in drama and fiction)
  • Second degree: You didn't necessarily plan it, but you definitely meant to kill the person. (examples: armed robbbery, bar fight resulting in death, drive-by shooting, gang fights, etc etc etc)
  • Voluntary manslaughter: You didn't necessarily mean to kill them beforehand or have any real need to kill them, but you lost your shit and did. Also called a "crime of passion" murder, or third degree murder. (example: person A learns that person B is cheating on them with person C so in the moment of this discovery they're filled with rage and kill person B, C, or both. Also see: The Warfstache Affair.)
  • Involuntary manslaughter: You didn't mean to kill the person at all and were aware of what you were doing but you were an idiot and caused someone else's death (examples: DUI, vehicular manslaughter, criminal negligence, unsafe working conditions resulting in death, etc)
  • a disclaimer however that I do not have a law degree nor any sort of legal voice, but only did research for the sake of writing and helping others with their terminology should they not know the different classifications of homicide according to U.S. law

I was about to make a joke about how Floor 19 would have a “days since last death” sign but then I realized that it would never get past 0 I mean what do you expect when you put a bunch of dorks in a place where everyone’s constantly at war

  • People: Vegans don't know anything about animals or how nature works they're so sheltered and think that Bambi is real
  • Same people: What do you mean cows have to give birth to produce milk hold on wait so your saying that animals have an interest in living and had to die so I could eat this bacon

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the noise pieces (is that what they're called idk man) that you put out are so cathartic like they mean a lot

that means a ton dude, thank you! i’m a real big fan of the noise work that i do too. working on them feels so natural.

  • Echo: Roan, send me to Arkadia so I can check if they're really keeping their promise.
  • Roan: Look honey, I know you tryin to slide your sneaky ass next to Bellamy's, but yo, real talk: Bellamy is Clarke's hubby and they gon survive, they gon thrive and ain't no way I am letting you get in the way of thIS SHIP CAUSE THIS IS TRUE LOVE!
  • Echo: damn boy! chill...

Idk why but I see Trini and Billy as a hardcore Star Wars fans. She freaked out when the Last Jedi trailer was released and immediately sent Billy the link and they constantly talk about their theories.

“How did Kylo Ren survive?? Is Rey a grey Jedi, or do you think she’s just the last one? Do you think Finn’s gonna be okay?”

“Kylo Ren survived because he’s a dick. Finn is going to be completely fine and kill all of the first order, Billy.”

This is for the ones who like to call Zayn a drug addict and now are saying Liam is high in all his snapchats posts. Look at your golden boy/angel without wings. Now is it going to be normalized? He’s a rock star now, isn’t he? He can do it. Or are you going to say that the fact he wrote it, doesn’t mean he experienced what it’s written in the lyrics?

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I know the ships mostly ride on fan service, but why is ji/kook so accused or it? like most of the other ships are pretty fanservicey too. Tae/kook and Yoon/min probably know that they're popular, so they do a lot of it too, since it caters to a bit crowd. I'd that v/min is one of the ships that don't really do fanservice along with namjin. What do you think???

I mean, it’s most likely because jikook is just THAT real. Because a lot of the moments that jikook shippers find the cutest are ones that literally can’t be fan service because they happen subtlety or in the background of the video. It’s small moments like eye contact or a small touch on the shoulder. Fan service is more like when jin kissed namjoon on the cheek, or when taehyung and hoseok had to act out that sit up/kiss scene. Jikook has that (21cg choreo) but a lot less than other ships. So idk why people always blame jikook moments on fan service. like they’re friends???? they like being around each other ??? you don’t have to ship them, but they are definitely not all fan service.

summary: i have no idea why other than those immature fans being jealous of how real jikook is 😊😊😊

  • 707: If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together ;)
  • Yoosung: Why would you do that? That makes no sense. Why are you changing the alphabet for two letters??
  • 707: No, Yoosung, god, I mean you and me.
  • Yoosung: ...??? What?? Do you mean our initials? It's L for Luciel and K for Kim, and they're already next to each other.
  • 707: ...I'm trying so hard here, Yoosung.

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your almost-realistic bokuto made me so happy because he looks so goofy!! people in the fandom draw these boys as sex gods walking around in tailored fashionable clothing. bokuto styles his hair after an owl! he's a goofball! kenma hardly goes out and does nothing but play video games he's not gonna look like some perfect angelic doll. all of them probably wear sweats half the time! they're all just teenagers and you portay that and their character's so much thanks for the wonderful art!

Waaaah thanks I love you! :D It’s exactly what I was thinking! I mean (I actually made a post about it) I do try to draw them in the nicest, best looking way possible because I want the pictures to look aesthetically pleasing (to me yes, but more important to others), but I still try to make them look like… people xD 

I drew Bokuto without real face references, because I imagine him in this specific way, with rather chubby face with cute dimples and weird eyes - drawing it was difficult (I’m still working on it), the picture is far away from perfect but it is one of my personal favorites because it’s the first time I managed to make him look closer to what I imagined.

If I drew everyone with as much care as I drew Bokuto, they all would take me way more time and they would look worse because I imagine almost all of them way less handsome. (I think Tooru and Shimizu are the only characters to be described as very handsome/pretty?) (also I think “handsome” and “pretty” are very general words, it may vary depending on person) 

But well, I don’t want to discourage followers from looking at them :D

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Why are these people so blind to the amount of twisting they do themselves to make up for something Harry put in his song? It's a blatant lie and very strange to say that hard candy doesn't exist as a term just because they're "woke" and didn't hear of it before? It's a movie? There's a book? It's not /just/ urban dictionary. It's real life and you should be really happy if you've never heard the term and have never experiences what it means. That doesn't make it any less true though.

“It’s real life and you should be really happy if you’ve never heard the term and have never experiences what it means. That doesn’t make it any less true though.”

Riarkle One Shot: Science Club
  • RILEY(Pointing): Who that? That right there, that one. Who that?
  • ZAY(completely oblivious): Uh, that’s Farkle. Our friend, Farkle Minkus? Riley I expect this from Maya, but now from you, too???
  • RILEY: No! NOT Farkle. That…girl. The girl with Farkle.
  • ZAY: Oh, the one smiling and laughing with him like he just told the best joke she’s ever heard?
  • RILEY(slowly sneering at Zay): Yea. That one.
  • ZAY: Dunno. Probably just some girl in Science Club with him…Can we eat now? I skipped breakfast and hangry is not an emotion you want to see on a Babineaux.
  • RILEY(ignoring him): I think we should get to know her. Don’t you?
  • ZAY: Uhhhh, well I—
  • RILEY: —I mean if she’s going to be friends with someone in our group I think we should all get a chance to know her better, don’t you agree?
  • ZAY: Actually, I just—
  • RILEY: —Exactly. So we’ll go make a new friend then.
  • ZAY(to himself): So we’re doing this.
  • RILEY(fake nice): FARKLEY! HI! Who’s your new friend?
  • FARKLE(surprised): Riley, Zay! Hi…School ended like 20 minutes ago, shouldn’t you be miles away by now? What’re you doing here?
  • ZAY: I am wondering the same thing myself.
  • RILEY(over enthusiastic): Welllll, we were just on our way out and we saw you in here and Zay thought we should come say hello!
  • ZAY: Wait, I What?!
  • RILEY(stroking Zay's face but staring at Farkle): Oh, Zay, don’t be modest…
  • RILEY: Hi! I’m Riley! This is Zay!
  • ISABELLE: Hi! I’m Isabelle. Nice to meet you.
  • RILEY(permanent fake smile on her face): Nice to meet you too, Isabelle! So. How do you two know each other?
  • FARKLE: We’re…in...Science Club together?… Isabelle’s my partner, we are currently TESTING my DNA!!
  • ISABELLE: We want to know if we can clone him. Cause you know, the more Farkle’s there are in the world, the better, right?
  • ZAY(breaking awkwardness): Well that just sounds like a ton. of. fun, doesn’t it Riley? We probably shouldn’t keep them from it any longer though so we’ll just get—
  • RILEY: --ACTUALLY, Isabelle…there’s only one Farkle in the world. You could clone him as many times as you want, but nothing would never stand up against the real thing.
  • ISABELLE: Oh, I wasn’t saying Farkle isn’t special, anyone can see that. I just meant—
  • RILEY: --OK good. I mean, of course. Who WOULDN’T see that Farkle’s special.
  • ISABELLE: I know I do--
  • RILEY: --ANYone would be lucky to know him—
  • ISABELLE: --I know I am.
  • RILEY: Good. Cause he’s great.
  • ISABELLE: SO great.
  • FARKLE(whispering to Zay): What...is going on right now?
  • ZAY: I mean, it looks like they're…fighting over you.
  • …Not totally sure why, but they are.
  • RILEY: I mean no clone is ever going to promise to make Pluto a planet again to see you happy. Or buy you a stuffed animal just to comfort you when you get your tonsils out. Or memorize your favorite smoothie—
  • ISABELLE: —He is good at remembering smoothie orders!
  • RILEY(stops short): Random genius girl say what now?
  • ISABELLE: We go out for smoothies every week after Science Club!
  • …Farkle always remembers which one I like…extra thick, with a spoon.
  • ZAY: OKAYYY we’re just gonna get going now.
  • ZAY(cont'd): REALLY nice to meet ya, Isabelle, hope we can do this again soon, y’all have fun doing your…science….smart kid….stuff. We’ll see ya!
  • FARKLE: Riley! What WAS that?!
  • RILEY(smoothing herself over, pushing hair out of her face, she’s become disheveled from losing it): What was what? I just wanted to meet your new friend. She seems so nice!
  • FARKLE: WHAT?! You just LUNGED at her! It was like you were, I don’t know, like you were--
  • ZAY: --Jealous. Like she was jealous.
  • RILEY(outraged): Jealous?! Over Farkle? Why would I ever be jealous over Farkle?
  • FARKLE: Oh, gee thanks.
  • RILEY: Sorry, Farkle, but that’s just crazy! So what if he has a new science partner. Who cares if she’s some really pretty girl. Why would it matter that he takes her out for smoothies and she orders them the same exact way I do even though that’s supposed to be our tradition--
  • : Grabs Zay’s Shirt like Maya, but clumsier trying to be tough:
  • ZAY: I’m…I’m a little scared to answer you right now but you DO seem to be getting all fired up over him.
  • RILEY: No, not at all. I’m happy for you, Farkle. I’m thrilled you met a new pretty, smart, perfect friend. She seems super. Totally super.
  • ZAY: You sure don’t look happy.
  • FARKLE(getting fired up): Oh. Okay. Well that’s good cause I like her a lot, she’s really cool. I was thinking about introducing her to the rest of the group.
  • RILEY(sarcastically): You should.
  • FARKLE(annoyance climbing): I might even ask her out on a real date.
  • RILEY: Great that is SO great I’m so happy for you.
  • FARKLE: I’m glad!
  • RILEY: Me too!
  • FARKLE: Good.
  • RILEY: Good.
  • FARKLE: Great!
  • FARKLE: Fineh!
  • RILEY: Fineh!
  • ZAY: Ya know, call me crazy, I could be completely off base here…but have y’all ever just stopped and thought “Wow, if we were all just honest about our feelings, everyone’s problems in this group might actually get resolved?”
  • FARKLE(not breaking frozen gaze at Riley): Tried that. Last New Years.
  • ZAY: Too controversial?
  • FARKLE(still frozen on Riley): People didn't love it.
  • ZAY(pondering this): Huh.
  • FARKLE: Besides, what feelings? No feelings to talk about here.
  • RILEY(also not breaking gaze): Nope, none. Except my feelings on how happy I am for you.
  • FARKLE: Yea? Maybe I’ll go ask her out right now.
  • RILEY: Good.
  • FARKLE: Good.
  • Riley: Gr—
  • ZAY: --Yea yea yea, “Good, good, great, great, fin-eh fin-eh!” We get it.
  • ZAY(to himself): So, I guess we’re doing this whole “love triangle” thing again. Cause that all went so well last time.
  • RILEY(off screen): I thought you said you were hangry Zay, what’s taking you so long? Hurry up!
  • ZAY: What the? Is she seri?—
  • ZAY(Cont’d, as walking off stage, pondering/weighing options): …Wonder if my Dad would consider transferring back to Texas. Boarding school could be fun. Military school doesn’t sound completely awful…
  • : END SCENE:

Do you like dumb comics? Do you like dumb comics with side characters? Then don’t follow this blog everything that comes out from here is PhD-level work of art. Obviously.

@zacksabrejunior lmaoooo malorie. i mean i get fans not enjoying watching the cheating or this storyline as much as others, and that’s completely, completely fair, but

objectively speaking, i really do think the whole actual end of a life manslaughter and holding-aaron-hostage-at-gunpoint were real, genuine low points on an already fairly bumpy ride. like. honestly. h o n e s t l y. what couple do you think we’ve been watching this whole time????

  • <p> <b>Tumblr:</b> we accept everyone! No one should be accountable for what radicals in their group do. We're inclusive<p/><b>Ace people:</b> hey, are we accepted?<p/><b>Tumblr:</b> NO 👎👎 YOU'LL TAKE UP ALL OF OUR RESOURCES 😤😤 TWO ACE PEOPLE SAID GAY PPL SHOULD DIE ❌❌ SO ALL OF YOU MUST BELIEVE THAT<p/><b>Ace people:</b> but mainstream society barely accepts us as real and religious zealots have more of a platform to do actual damage-<p/><b>Tumblr:</b> ACEPHOBIA IS OK B/C THEY'RE MEAN AND HATE ANYONE WITH A SEX DRIVE. ACE PPL NEVER DEAL WITH DISCRIMINATION<p/></p>
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Gehrman:</b> I've been working with the Oto Workshop on an easily manufactured firebomb. We're calling them Molotov cocktails.<p/><b>Ludwig:</b> Thank you, these will be a great aid to my noble spartans' crusade against the Beastial Scourge.<p/><b>Willem:</b> what was that word?<p/><b>Gehrman:</b> What word?<p/><b>Willem:</b> that queer one. Molotov.<p/><b>Gerhman:</b> It's...it's Russian. Named after a Russian bloke.<p/><b>Laurence:</b> What are Russians?<p/><b>Gehrman:</b> they are...they're a culture. Really big one. Lots of 'em. How do you not-<p/><b>Laurence:</b> what was that other word? Spartans?<p/><b>Ludwig:</b> they were a Greek warrior culture.<p/><b>Laurence:</b> that sounds fake, but OK.<p/><b>Micolash:</b> Kos...some say Kosm...the cosmos...yes!<p/><b>Ludwig:</b> see, that only makes sense if there are Greeks.<p/><b>Willem:</b> yes, our doctors swear Hippocratic Oaths. Greeks must be real.<p/><b>Maria:</b> You're German, right?<p/><b>Gehrman:</b> It's pronounced GAIR-man. I trained you for eight years.<p/><b>Ludwig:</b> She was talking to me....I think so? I mean, there's the Reiterpallasch. Germans have to be real, right? What are you? English?<p/><b>Willem:</b> We are Yharnamites.<p/><b>Ludwig:</b> Yes, but that's just our city-state. Like the Spartans, who were Greeks.<p/><b>Laurence:</b> I've never 'eard of these bloody English. Sounds like bollocks.<p/><b>Maria:</b> Why are you lot blathering about foreigners? Outsiders are universally mad and barbaric. They don't even inject themselves with whores' blood.<p/><b>Micolash:</b> Tsk...you're all contaminated. I'm the only one here with a normal, proper Yharnamite name. What kind of name is Maria?<p/><b>Maria:</b> Maria is a perfectly fine name. We can't all be named Micolash and Yurie. We don't even have last names... but I swear by my katana I am untouched by foreign influence.<p/><b>Willem:</b> where does it come from, them?<p/><b>Maria:</b> Maria comes from the name of a mother of some important religious figure...not the Healing Church, some other one...um, it's on the tip of my tongue...Jesus Christ, what was that chap's name?<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/><b></b> (And then everyone went crazy.)<p/></p>