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bucky tell us a story about darcy

darcy lewis goes drinking with thor.

that alone should be enough to send your imaginations spinning off to wild places, but that, my friends, is only where our story begins.
it is also something you should know, just in general, in case you happen to encounter darcy lewis.
she’s tazed a god twice, and she goes drinking with thor. on a regular basis.
the first time thor wanted to go drinking after i showed up, lewis was there too. and naturally, if thor was going out so was she. neither of them knew us newbie avengers well yet, but being sociable sort of people, they invited us to tag along. scott immediately agreed, but sam was caught up doing some beta testing in the labs with tony, and said he would catch up when they were done.
so darcy, thor, scott and i went out drinking.
fun fact about thor: it takes him approximately one million alcohols to get drunk, but once he’s there, he likes to sing. preferably epic ballads of victory in battle, but he’s pretty much game for any catchy song that will get a bar excited. that being the case, lewis and thor’s go-to midgardian bar is a karaoke joint.
im sure you begin to see where things are going wrong.
fun fact about darcy lewis? she can also hold her alcohol, but cannot carry at tune. like. at all.
that doesnt stop her from singing, mind you. gotta respect a lady who knows shes terrible but enjoys herself anyway.
scott apparently loves karaoke. i dont know why that surprised me, but it did. even more surprising? hes not actually that bad, although like 90% of his song choices were bruce springsteen. no clue why. anyway, thor was delighted by having a buddy who was not only willing but able to sing with him, and after scott got over his star-struck-ness they had a pretty great time.
it was a good thing that thor and lewis went to that bar on the regular, because im sure any place that hadnt been prepared for them would have kicked all of us out. as it was, they finally booted us out the door after a rousing rendition of ‘wrecking ball’ had most of the bar on their feet. and broke two tables.
(thor apparently settles his tab there in asgardian gold, so no hard feelings from the bartenders.)
the night was young and all of us had enough booze in our systems that we decided to catch a cab back to the tower and see if we could rope anyone else into some shennanigans. thor was buzzed at least, which for thor means his voice is even boomier and his gestures are more expansive–you gotta be ready to duck. scott was drunk, no question about it, and that was probably why theyd wound up singing wrecking ball in the first place. scott’s a cheerful if floppy, “ i love you, i love all of you guys, i love everyone in this bar ” kind of drunk, and was mostly travelling by merit of being wrapped around thors bicep. i was a little buzzed myself, and lewis had had nearly as much as i did. remarkably, she seemed to be chugging along pretty well, some weaving and slurring aside. the lady lives up to her god-tazing reputation.
anyway, we got out of the cab at the tower and started making our way to the doors. scott had partially detached from thors arm and needed extra support, so i was helping keep him from capsizing while lewis trailed a few steps behind the three of us, making color commentary of our three stooges act.
and then out of nowhere, she just…yelled.
all three of us whipped around as quickly as three drunk superpeople can, just in time to see darcy lewis dish out what looked to be a pretty dang textbook perfect roundhouse kick to the chest of some poor guy.
the guy went down. lewis went down too, because the kick had totally overbalanced her. thor and i dropped scott and ran over to help.
which was when sam sat up and said ‘that was a hell of a kick’
because apparently hed finished up his testing and gone out to catch up with us, made it partway down the block to call a cab, then saw us getting out of our taxi. he jogged back–not being particularly stealthy, but we were drunk–and put his hand on lewis’s shoulder to get her attention.
lewis, having pretty poor vision even sober, and worse vision when drunk and without her glasses, just saw some big male figure who’d popped up out of nowhere and grabbed her by the shoulder.
so naturally she kicked him in the chest.
she apologized profusely, but the rest of us thought it was pretty funny. and sam was impressed the next morning when he discovered that she’d left a visible footprint on his chest.
darcy insists she has no idea why she did it. or where she learned to kick like that.
the rest of us have just chalked it up to mysterious darcy lewis powers.

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Could you write a fic with the prompt “Stop being so cute.”? (I don't know if you want a specific character but if its directed at Evan then that would be cool~ )

I did this with tree bros, I hope that was okay!

Evan’s fingers shake as he spins the dial on his locker, groaning when he overshoots the third number and has to start inputting the combination all over again. One to the left to 18, two to the right to 3, three to the left to 45. He sucks in a deep breath before trying to pull his locker door open. It makes a horrible metal-on-metal screeching noise, but it pops open nonetheless, revealing messy binders stuffed to the brim with crumpled loose leaf and battered textbooks littered with tiny doodles of dicks. In Evan’s history textbook, one of the previous owners used the eyes and nose of every pictured historical figure as a base for drawing a dick. While Evan can appreciate the effort there, the fact that he has to scramble to cover up his book whenever a teacher passes by his desk does nothing to help his anxiety and he wishes that he could Wite-Out the copious amounts of male genitalia, but that would probably end in him having to pay to replace the textbook and his comfort is not worth a couple hundred dollars.

A tiny scrap of paper flutters out, landing on the sticky hallway floor. Probably another one of the notes Jared has taken to slipping in his lockers between classes. They usually involve dick jokes or sarcastic commentary on Evan’s behavior during their shared chemistry class—because apparently Evan needs to be told how pathetic it was when he dumped watered down hydrochloric acid on his hands and refused to tell the teacher, preferring instead to let his hands tingle uncomfortably until he could wash them after class—or whatever juicy piece of gossip that’s been circulating through the student body. He sighs as he leans over and collects the paper off the floor, bracing himself for a sentence or two on how ridiculous Evan looked when he was startled by a loud noise and nearly dropped his beaker.

Instead, he finds a barely legible phrase scrawled in the messiest chicken scratch Evan has ever seen. The writing looks like it was erased and rewritten about a dozen times, making it seem like whoever penned it wasn’t sure how to phrase what they were trying to say—or whether they should say it at all.

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Can I get your opinion on something? After seeing Momtaku's latest poll, I question why it is that people sympathize with Annie way more than with the other two? I notice that a lot of people blame Reiner/Bertolt for the breach but they don't want to remember Annie killing the Levi squad, toying with the soldiers or playing YoYo with them. It's so bias and hypocritical. I understand that she didn't have much to do with the fall of Shiganshina but she was just as involved in their mission as RB.

“Reiner pulled off a last minute victory, edging our Annie by less than 1%.” - Which warrior do you feel the most sympathetic towards? [Source] - @momtaku

Actually, from the final results of the poll, people share equally sympathy for Reiner and Annie. I have to say it’s pretty bizarre since Annie wasn’t shown for a while, aside in Reiner’s flashbacks where she stayed her usual-self. It’s been since chapter 34 we haven’t got any news from her yet she’s on par with Reiner. In the meantime, Reiner shows himself to be a soft but strict paternal figure who has been traumatized by Shiganshina: grazing death three times and losing Bertolt. Cue people to hold sympathy for him.

Though the next graph probably explains why people hold so much sympathy for Annie:

Which of the warriors would you most like to see switch sides? [Source]

She’s practically holding half the votes, here and is seconded by Reiner. Most of them expect her to side with the SL despite her resolve, because she’s held crystallized on Paradis island. Like I said in another ask, as long as she can serve the protagonists’ best interest, she’s going to earn all their sympathy.

Another theory is people are finding Annie and Reiner more sympathetic than Bertolt or Zeke because they tortured themselves mentally and blatantly over killing their former companions, whereas Bertolt was more threatening in chapter 78, despite the intentions of the warriors being the same. Every warrior hated what they had to do to the people they had to live with for three years, but I feel like Annie gets a special treatment because either she’s a female character and female characters being ~truly bad~ (as in, lacking agency and being rounded by her male teammates without having a say-in) is something inconceivable, or she hated her teammates with every essence of her being to the point it would be better for her to desert the Marley warriors and I debunked this assertion in a previous ask

But it’s as you said: Annie actively worked against the Eldians on Paradis: killing SL members during the expedition, killing Sawney and Bean, tracking members of the wall cult to learn more about Krista… her joining the MP instead of the SL is probably to arouse less suspicion and because she’s overall more effective in carrying plans on her own instead of working in groups. Like I said, it almost worked if she wasn’t drawn to exhaustion and tailed by Levi and Mikasa. Eren was in her hands, meaning the mission was over as soon as she could escape with him, her letting him slip explains this reaction:

Annie crying - Ch. 30

Also, I disagree with you about Annie not contributing to Shiganshina’s fall. While she probably wasn’t conceived at the time as a full-fledged titan, she’s probably the one who gathered the titans around, as suspected by Armin:

Armin explaining how the titans have been led inside Wall Maria - Ch. 23

Her titan is fast enough so other titans can follow her without her getting caught. that’s an effective strategy to lure most titans from the south near Wall Rose, making Eldians feel even more trapped than before. Alternatively, that would explain why most titans were concentrated in the area before getting guillotined. That tactic worked perfectly to exterminate the left flank of the expedition and Erwin used the same to lure titans against Reiner and Bertolt.

Besides, she hadn’t any more opportunities than this one, so it’s safe to assume she was with Reiner, Bertolt and Marcel at the same time.

What do you think about that panel where annie was spinning a soldier like yoyo? I have a hard time finding an explanation for that action. It really contradicts whatever Isayama showed us of annie outside her titan form. During her last fight with eren, when she accidently killed innocent civilians she was shown to be visibly shaken. One day, she treated that soldier like a toy and the next day she’s showing remorse for killing people. I just don’t understand that panel.

Focusing on your last sentence, I’ll develop Annie’s state of mind during the expedition:

Once you’re on a mission where you have to take the lives of people without further consideration, you have no choice but to put some blinders over their status as human and your own. If I recall correctly, soldiers also treat war as if it was a big game in order to feel less bad. It also helped the ones Annie squashed weren’t close to her, when it was someone she spent three years with, the decision was a bit harder to take. 

Each warrior had their own blinders: for Reiner, it was accomplishing the task, no matter what, for Bertolt, it was a complete disconnection with the outside world, for Zeke, it was a baseball game. Some of the SL soldiers also began their dissociation state recently:

Jean trying to set aside his feelings - Ch. 77

Jean obviously has trouble offing someone else’s life, both here and in the Uprising arc where Armin had to shoot that MP woman. And even after Reiner’s supposed death, he still stopped Hange from killing him for good, implying he’s not exactly ready to cast his humanity aside.

Besides, when Annie was shocked to see wall cultists crushed under her body, it was a complete different situation than the one in the forest. She was tossed in the city by Eren and her landing on a group of people was a complete accident. It’s natural she was shocked.

Hope that answers your question!  

EDIT: Adding @momtaku’s input:

Annie was ahead by a significant amount in the sympathy poll for the entire week. Reiner only pulled ahead on the last day. It was amazing to me since, like you said, she hasn’t been in the story in years and Reiner had just gotten a  series of heart breaking panels. I enjoyed your assessment of this. I think you are right that it’s more the potential of Annie, than Annie’s actual behavior that has caused this. That plus being female.

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Hey friend!! I LOVE YOUR WORK SO MUCH AND YOURE SO TALENTED OM MY GOSH. Could you do one with Josh or Tyler where the reader and Tyler/Josh fight and don't talk for a long time (days) and then one of them breaks down. So like angst but then fluffy?!! HOPE YOU SMILED TODAY :))


“Hey,” you say into your phone, “I’m just walking home from work right now.  I haven’t heard from you in a couple days and I guess I just realized that I couldn’t remember what city you were in tonight.  Newark?  Maybe Toronto, I don’t know— wherever you are… it’s far.  And I just wanted to say I miss you.” You take a deep gulp before continuing, “Anyway, hope the tour’s good, call me if you get a chance.  Love you.”

With heavy fingers, you hang up the phone before returning it to your back pocket.  You were hoping to catch Tyler before he and Josh went on stage tonight, but he was obviously occupied with other things.  What those other things were, you had no idea.  Tyler had been increasingly distant since his new tour started two weeks ago.  Other than a couple of phone calls and a few returned texts, you’d barely heard from him.  

In your head, you liked to think that you and Tyler were solid.  You’d been together for seven years now.  You survived the years and years of him and Josh just trying to make it through.  You survived the endless nights of gigs in the same venues where the same handful of people would show up.  Then, you survived the sudden spike in popularity of his band, and the chaos and madness that came with it.  You survived the months and months of him being on the road, sometimes time zones away.  And yet, every single time he left, you still got this dreadful feeling in the pit of your stomach that scared the hell out of you.   Because the more times Tyler left, the more you were able to realize that this gig wasn’t short term.  He was in this band for the long haul and life as you knew it when you first met and fell in love with Tyler, had changed.

You held on to the concept that after this tour, Tyler and Josh would have a little break.  At least six months was what Tyler had anticipated before they went on the road again.  That would give you and him time… much needed time… to rekindle your relationship and make your image of your solid relationship a reality again.  

The concept of a long-distance relationship weighed heavy on your shoulders the rest of the way home.  You tried distracting yourself, thinking about what you were going to make for dinner instead, but it was no use.  Your problems with Tyler pushed their way to the forefront of your brain with force and power, clouding your mind.  

In fact, you were so distracted with your thoughts that you barely even heard the music coming from inside your supposed-to-be-empty-apartment.  

You stop dead in your tracks, your mind wheeling back to reality as you’re faced with the situation at hand.  You hesitated slightly, your heart beating loudly in your chest before opening the door slightly.  You recognized the sound as Tyler’s record player.  

As you stepped inside, you immediately smelled something delicious.

“Crap!” you heard someone say.

You jumped at the sound of his voice, but turns towards the kitchen to see a surprised looking Tyler wearing mismatched oven mitts and holding a casserole dish in his hands.

“I thought you were getting out at 6…” he says.

You sincerely hope he puts down that casserole dish because you can’t help but fling yourself in his direction, dropping your bag and jacket in a heap on the floor with tears already welling up in your eyes.  

(Tyler does in fact set the dish down) before you crash your body into his.  You wrap your arms around his neck and let him spin you in a circle before setting you back down.

“I thought you weren’t supposed to be home for a week,” you say, smiling widely.  

“We had the night off,” he explains.  

You press your lips to his desperately, trying to make up for the last couple of weeks without him around.  When you finally pull away, there’s a smile plastered over his goofy-looking face.

“I attempted dinner,” he says.  

It’s spaghetti and sauce, which was about the only thing Tyler truly knew how to cook.  You weren’t complaining though.  The mere image of seeing Tyler sitting across the table from you was enough to make you want to eat spaghetti for the rest of the week.  

“So how’s the tour?” you ask, twirling another bundle of noodles together on your fork.

“It’s good,” he says in between bites.  “The venues are insane, I couldn’t believe the size of some of these places, but most are selling out, so it’s all good,” he chuckles.  

You nod as you chew.

“We started recording the new album,” he says.

His words are quite and muffled even more so by the pasta swirling around his mouth.  But it’s loud enough to catch your attention and make you look up from your plate.  He’s refusing to meet your gaze as he focuses on the meal in front of him, but you continue to stare.

“You what?” you ask, keeping your tone as smooth as possible, trying not to let the surprise be evident in your voice.

“Yeah, well I mean just a few songs here and there, but we think it’ll be done soon.”

You shake your head suddenly, putting down your fork and looking Tyler dead on.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand… so you’re going to finish the album up now, then what? Let it sit for a bit?”

“No…” Tyler says, looking equally confused, “We’re going to finish up the album, release it, then tour it… You know the drill.”

“What about the break?” you say, your voice getting more and more heated.  

Tyler sighs heavily before putting his own silverware down.  “Y/N…”

“No-“ you say, emotion starting to flood into your words, “Don’t ‘Y/N’ me… You said that after this tour there’d be a break.  I mean, did you not?”

Tyler sighs, like this entire conversation was becoming a burden.  

“I don’t know what you want me to tell you…”

“I want you to tell me why you said you were taking a break after this tour if you had no intention of doing so.”

Tyler pinches the bridge of his nose, clearly growing irritated as well.

“I never said for sure that there’d be a break, so I don’t know why you’re acting all defensive about this.”

“You did, actually… you said that we just had to make it through this stretch and then you’d be home for a break. Six months with no tour or recording or interviews.  Just a break.”

You could feel yourself becoming riled up.  Of course Tyler knew what he said, but he’d be damned it he ever admitted to being wrong.

“So, what I’m trying to understand is why you would say that if you didn’t mean it—“

“Just because you’re allowed to sit at home constantly doing absolutely nothing doesn’t mean I can!” Tyler snaps, finally looking up.  “Someone’s gotta pay the bills and actually work.  Because this is my job, you know?  I can’t just take six months off whenever I feel like it.”

You look at him with venom in your eyes, but hurt in your heart.  Tyler’s words cut through you like glass, shards of it breaking off and cutting deep.  

“I’ve always dreamed of being successful in this band, and now that that’s actually happening, you can’t stand it.”

“That’s not true—“ you try to interject.  Your voice catches in your throat as you feel tears welling up in your eyes.  

“It is true!” Tyler takes a deep breathe, collecting himself before continuing in a softer tone, “You liked me when I was at the bottom because it made you feel less shitty about yourself. Because then we were both losers.”

His words hang heavy in the air and you hold your breath, refusing to swallow them down.  You thought that if they just lingered then maybe the reality of their context wouldn’t hit you fully.  

But your emotions caught up and you couldn’t hold back the tear that fell silently down your cheek.  

You look at Tyler, sitting across from you.  He looked the same.  Short hair, swallowed eyes, flushed skin.  But he was so different from the person you met eight years ago.  

People change.  That was not a new concept for you.  And they say that people who are in love change together, growing closer and working as a team.  But as you stare across the table at Tyler, his hand pulled into a tight fist, resting on the table, you realized that the two of you had not changed together.  Instead, you’d grown apart.  

You swallowed the lump in your throat and bundled up the napkin that had been resting on your lap before standing up.  His words still stung as you opened your mouth to speak.  Anger, resentment, frustration… all flooded through you.  But hurt was the most prominent emotion… the one that made it’s appearance in your words.

“Good luck on the new album,” is all you can manage to say before your throat caught on the lump you’d tried swallowing earlier.  You collected your purse from the chair near the door before twisting the knob and hurrying out without looking back.  

You made your way down the street, half expecting Tyler to race after you.  But you got further and further from home, and heard no protests or calls of your name, so you continued dreadfully all the way to your friends house across town.

They were warm to welcome you inside, and assured you that you could stay as long as needed.

“He should be gone by morning,” you told them, smiling appreciatively.  “Thanks.”

No texts.  No calls.  

No note when you returned home the next morning.  


He was gone, the apartment looking exactly how you left it, and the gaping hole inside you seemed to grow just a bit bigger.

The days to follow were excruciatingly painful.  Tyler didn’t reach out to you, and you didn’t reach out to him.  Part of you wanted to believe that this was just some horrible fight you two were having, but the logical part of your brain made you wrestle with the fact that this could be the end of your seven-year-relationship.  The final chapter, written specifically with pain and anguish in mind.  

You wanted to call, just to talk and to find out where you both stood in all of this.  The break was your one plan to restore the fire that once burned between the two of you, but now that that was gone out the window, you had no idea where to look for hope.

You always thought of Tyler as being the love of your life.  But maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.  

You didn’t call.  Part of you was still so angry about the words he said.  You were afraid you’d burst into angry, embarrassing tears the minute he picked up the phone.  So you just stayed clear.  You let the silence speak for itself.

The silence did nothing to help the gaping hole inside your chest.

It made it hard to sleep.  On day three, you laid in bed, your arms wrapped around your frame in an attempt to hold yourself together.  But your mind raced for hours about what was going to happen.  Exhaustion finally took over, crashing over you and sweeping you into an uneasy sleep.

You were woken up abruptly in the middle of the night, your clock reading 3:56 a.m., by a loud noise.  You would have thought it was in your dream had it not been for the continuing footsteps that followed the noise.

You sat up in bed, your heart racing at the immediate thought of an intruder in your apartment.  You slipped off from your bed and grabbed the baseball bat Tyler kept hidden under the bed, ready to clock whoever the robber was when the door creaked open.  

You almost screamed as the moonlight coming in from your open shade illuminated Tyler’s sunken face.

“Jesus Christ!” you gasped, dropping the bat and clutching your chest.

“Sorry!” he says quickly, holding his hands up in defense.  “I didn’t mean to scare you…”

“What the hell are you doing here, it’s 4 a.m!  I could have bludgeoned you to death!” you say in your loud-whisper voice.

“I came straight from a show—“ he explains.  “I’m sorry it’s so late, but I had to see you—“ you’re half sure you hear his voice crack.  “It’s like I couldn’t function these last few days.  I left so mad, but once I got out there and started playing, I couldn’t thinking about anything but you.”

You shift your weight from one foot to the other, letting Tyler continue.

“I just kept thinking what if the next time I come home…” this time his voice definitely does crack, “what if— what if the next time I come home, she’s not there?” you hear him break and your chest heaves from the sound of it.  

“I couldn’t stand thinking about coming home and you not being here— I couldn’t stand it, I had to come home.  I had to see you,”  you see his silhouette shaking violently in the doorframe,  tears evident in his voice and you want to run over to him, wrap your arms around him and hold him tight.  But you hesitate.  You’re unsure and afraid and nothing makes sense in your mind right now.

“I said awful things,” he continues, sniffling hard, “Awful things that make me deserve to be alone.  But I didn’t mean any of them.  Not a single one.  I was tired and upset about the fact that our break got postponed again and I knew you’d be mad about it, but there’s nothing I can do— I got locked in without realizing and I just don’t know what to do.”  He pauses, watching your face, and trying to gage a reaction.  “Just tell me.  Tell me what you want from me.  Do you want me to quit?” he asks, his eyes glistening with tears.  “Because I will.  I just, I don’t know how we got here— I don’t know what happened.  We were strong and we talked and now… I just don’t know what happened.  

And I have no idea what to do.  All I know is I want to stay here, right here— with you.  I have the tour and the music but you, you’re all that matters to me.  The other stuff is nothing.  It’s nothing without you.  But I don’t know what to do.  I’m trying to figure it out, but I don’t know— and I just… I need you to tell me what to do, because I don’t know.  I have no fucking idea, I just need you to tell me,” Tyler’s voice is frantic and desperate.  There’s tears running fluidly down his cheeks as he pleads in front of you.  

You can’t help it anymore as your heart breaks in front of him.  You rush over, taking long strides before opening your arms and crashing into him.  He’s still shaking violently, whispering the same phrase over and over, “Please… I need you to tell me, just tell me what to do—“

“Shh,” you whisper, rubbing his back.  

He finally hugs back, wrapping his own arms around you and burying his face in your hair.  You can feel him heaving as he sobbed into your shoulder and you held on tight.  

You’re not sure how long you stay like that, wrapped up in each other, both scared about the future and what it might bring.  It was long enough to make the back of your heels burn from standing there.  It was long enough for your light gray shirt to be stained dark from Tyler’s tears.  It was long enough for his familiar scent to wrap you up and make you feel at home again.  

When you finally untangle, you’re quick to grab back on to Tyler’s hand, desperate to keep touching him for as long as you could.  You led him over to the bed where you both climbed in silently.  As you curled into his side and rested your head on his chest you sighed deeply, feeling exhausted equally mentally as you did physically.  

But Tyler felt like home.  His embrace, his smell, the sound of his voice.  It was all things that made you feel loved and valued and important.  And you knew you’d both changed.  You knew you’d both grown slightly apart.  But this was not how your story was going to end.  This was not the final chapter in your book, because Tyler was still Tyler and you were still you and your love still had some spark left in it.

“We’re gonna make it,” you whisper into the dark room, clutching to the fabric of his cotton shirt.

Tyler squeezes you gently before kissing the top of your head.  “We’re gonna make it,” he repeats.  

The promise was sincere and bursting with love.  It caught the spark.  Your love would continue burning.  

Let Me Be (Your Everlasting Light)

sterek bingo 2017: hogwarts au

this was stupidly fun to write, and it’s my first hogwarts au, so i feel like i passed some sort of line?

also on ao3


Stiles had never had the typical childhood. He was always a bit weird, only had one friend, and not the most normal of interests.

And then his mom died, and he was known as the weird kid whose dad was never home, only had one friend, and no mom.

And that was blessedly normal in comparison. He’d known of other kids that were weird, other kids that didn’t have many friends, whose parents overworked, who didn’t have parents. He wasn’t that different.

But then the letter came. He watched as his father read it over dozens of times with a pained twist in his eyes, then sitting him down at the kitchen table, pouring himself a glass of whiskey, and telling him about his mother. His mother, who was apparently a witch.

He didn’t know anyone else whose mother was a witch.

Then came the packing, and the hugs and the tears, and the train, and meeting Scott- who was no Heather, but maybe could be, someday. And everyone around him was just like him, in one way or another. He wasn’t the weird kid anymore; they all were, which made them all normal.

So of course something had to happen to give him back that title, and it happened his first damn day.

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This Is Halloween

This is based off a prompt I found “Everyone thinks we came to this party as a couple because our costumes match what’s your name” I just wrote it and haven’t really looked over it so any feedback you have would be wonderful! I’ve also got my first request (eeeee!) so i’ll hopefully get that up as soon as possible.

“C’mon y/n! We’re already late” Jamie’s voice boomed through the bathroom door as you rolled your eyes. Adjusting your red wig you looked in the mirror one last time, sighing before swinging the door open to reveal your best friend.

“Are you sure this isn’t lame? Maybe I just shouldn’t go.” You mumbled straightening out the skirt of your dress. You heard Jamie giggle and looked up.

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Trust Me

Tags: @megant22, @sexywolfsfordays, @houseofrahl, @sterek-basically, @kittycatgirlmaddie, @misshinehou, @unbreakablevoices, @champagneblues, @dallysgreasergirl, @juliaspnlover, @cineyou, @lipstickstainsandwerewolfchains, @fallenangel-13x

Word count: 2583

Author’s note: Like I already mentioned in my latest reply to a sweet message, I’m currently not in the mood for smut (I honestly have no idea why), but I still wanted to get something posted today, so this turned out of it. I started working on it a while ago, but I only got around to finish it today. I hope you will like it :)

Warnings: mild gore (once, hardly mentioned)

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The spiky scent of gasoline engulfs me. Faintly, I can hear vague clicking somewhere near me, but I couldn’t tell where that noise is coming from exactly, or what is making it. Dim light keeps flashing up behind my closed eyelids, and I try to open them up, but they are stuck. I can hear crickets through the loud buzzing in my ear, the blood drumming in it with such intensity that it overwhelms every other sound.

My head is pulsing with sharp pain, the side of my face is dampened by something sticky, and my weight is pushed on my left side. My neck and side are both numb, indicating I’ve been in this position for a long time. There’s something holding me by my chest, its edge nearly cutting into my neck. Then I can register another noise.

Low, guttural growling is coming from not too afar, accompanied by creaking of glass.

Albeit it’s hard, I blink an eye open, only to notice vague demanding slashing movements through the crack. I shake my head and use my hands to feel around myself – it doesn’t take long before I realise I’m in a flipped car behind the stirring wheel, and the sharp pain at the side of my neck and chest is caused by the safety belt holding me in place.

I hiss at the headache pulsing in my forehead and scalp, rubbing my eyes to let me look around myself. I’m startled back when I find myself face to face with a living corpse trying to get to me, a curt shout escaping from my lips. The undead is this close to breaking through the windshield, pale white eyes gone feral and rabidly showing off its bloody dirty teeth to me. I wince at the foul odour that’s coming off of its mouth and decaying body in general, only to proceed to search for something quickly in the next moment to kill the zombie on the fly.

It takes me a while to register the black leather holster around my bust under the oversized camouflage jacket I have on. It’s what detectives wear, but I had no idea I was one nor that I can handle weaponry decently for that matter. Not trusting myself with the pistol, I opt to keep looking for something else that I could use to defend myself. First, I check the pockets of the jacket, but save for a stack of handkerchiefs, leafs of pills and ammunition, they are empty.

I save the upcoming questions for later, swiping them into the back of my mind. I need to get out of this Hell of a situation before trying to figure out what the medicines are for. The creaking of the glass keeps up, it doubles, and the odour is coming from closer. I don’t dare look it in the eye, just keep feeling around in the darkness, which is interrupted by the light shining up from time to time – it’s also the source of the soft clicking sound.

Undoing the belt, I bolt out of the seat and crawl backwards to give myself space and a tad more time to find a weapon. My eyes settle on a huge splinter of broken glass. Without thinking twice about it, I reach for it and stab it in the eye of the monster mercilessly. I kick the trunk open and climb out of the car, relieved to feel the damp pavement under my palm, knowing I’m free now. I scramble to stand on my wobbly legs to walk away, but suddenly I’m yanked by my hair.

I yell, partially in pain, partially in fright, arms flailing in the air helplessly, hearing the hungry growling next to my ear, then a loud blast follows and the source of the odour vanishes, falling down into a lifeless pile next to my feet.

With a shocked expression, I fix my eyes on the body, at first not even registering that someone has their hands on me, fingers curling to grab handfuls of the material of my jacket.

“Are you okay?” asks a low voice, filled with worry and anticipation for my answer. I avert my eyes from my attacker and they are met by a mossy pair, gleaming in the moonlight. “Did you get bitten?”

I shake my head slowly. He breathes out a grateful “Thank God” before hugging me to himself, catching me off-guard.

Derek’s POV

(Y/N)’s palms slide on my chest, putting meek pressure against my ribcage in a weak attempt to push me away. Her hands are still shaking mildly by the rush of adrenaline that’s coursing through her veins by the near-death experience. I draw back from her and reach up to cup her face in my hands, but she effectively stops me when she asks, “Who are you?”

My heart skips a beat.

She doesn’t remember? Doesn’t remember me at all? Did she have a concussion due to the crash? How much does she remember then? Will she remember the others? Does she still know about the post-apocalyptic world? Does she know how to defend herself? Does she remember what I taught her about martial arts and firearms?

I’m guessing she doesn’t.

She has no idea who I am, after all. And what answer am I supposed to give her now? I can’t say she and I are together, she wouldn’t believe me – and even if she would, it would probably be too much for her to digest all of a sudden. There’s no guarantee that she’d fall for me again. In the end, I settle for a neutral response, providing her information but also sharing nothing relevant.

“You belong in my team. I came to look for you, because you haven’t returned in a long time.” She hums, her lips pursed and her gaze wandering to the side. I know this reaction all too well; she has doubts, and now she’s contemplating whether she should trust me or not. And knowing her, there’s little to no chance for her to confide in a stranger.

She narrows her eyes at me, giving me a once-over. Her eyes get stuck a touch longer on my guns, but she doesn’t seem to bat an eye at the sight of them. I hold my hands up in surrender, as though she was pointing a pistol at me, to show her I’m harmless and not intend to hurt her. After long minutes, she nods, and my shoulders slump, tension seeping out of my frame that I wasn’t even aware of until now.

I nod towards my dusty Camaro, “Come on, I’m taking you back to the others.”

“Who are they?”

“They are your friends,” I offer, although I know this won’t help her much. She hops in to the passenger seat while I approach the crashed car to get the supplies out of it. (Y/N) volunteered to gather them this time – I had a premonition I shouldn’t let her go, not today. Apparently I was right. I shove them in my trunk, then sit in, too, and give ignition. I turn around to head back to our camp. “How much do you remember?”

She sinks her teeth into her bottom lip shallowly, thinking. “I-I don’t know. I remember the apocalypse, but it’s all too vague. I also have faint memories of a group that I was a member of, but I couldn’t tell for sure if it’s the one you’re taking me to.”

“Do you remember your name?” I ask, taking a turn to the left at the crossroads.

“It’s (Y/N), isn’t it?” I nod, slowing down a little to be able to hold my hand out for her to shake. “I’m Derek. Hale.” After a couple beats, she takes my hand and gives it a modest, yet determined squeeze.

“Nice to meet you,” she says. It feels so strange having to act like we’re both new to each other, especially after all we’ve been through, after all she and I have said to each other, after all we’ve done for each other, after…

I shut my eyes for a second to clear my head of the haze of memories. My voice nearly breaks as I respond, “Pleasure’s mine.”

“So what has happened? Why was I separate? How long have I been with you?”

“You said you’d be the one to gather the resupply for us,” I explain. “I obviously don’t know why you had an accident, but I can tell you that you’ve been with us for over one and a half years.” We spend a little time in silence, only the blowing wind making noises through the crack where I have the window rolled down next to my head, accompanied by the low grumbling of the engine of the Camaro and the wheels spinning against concrete. We remain like that until I speak up again, “I can show you around if you want.”

From the corner of my eye, I can see as she turns to look at me with a tiny smile, “Thank you.”

Reader’s POV

Derek does as he promised. He takes his time to introduce everyone to me, after wiping the dried blood from the side of my head, which makes me feel weird – they all know my name, yet I have no idea what theirs is. It makes me feel guilty for some reason, it makes me feel like a bad person for forgetting the names of those with whom I’ve been living for more than a year.

“This is your tent,” Derek says, holding the entrance open for me. I enter, scanning the inside to etch it into my memory to find my way around. I don’t fail to notice that there are two mattresses spread next to each other, mimicking a king-size bed. I turn back to look at Derek, who’s standing at the threshold, arms folded over his chest.

“Who do I sleep with?”

It takes a while before I’m given an answer. “Me.” His voice is quiet, barely audible as it brushes through the particles of the cool air around us. His face morphs into a distant expression when I don’t react to that piece of information in any way. He starts backing off, “I’m going to sleep somewhere else. I understand if you’re not comfortable with me around.”

I shake my head, “No, no! I mean – it’s fine,” I croak out. My heart does change to an erratic rhythm, but I won’t kick him out of his place after saving me. This is the least I can do, especially if we really were sleeping together. Derek nods curtly, then zips the entrance closed behind himself. He shuffles over to a lamp with a candle in it, providing us light until we putter around, awkwardly avoiding each other awhile.

When I shrug off the jacket, I proceed to fold it neatly, but the name ‘Hale’ on it catches my eye; I can’t help but notice that the matching trousers are worn by Derek himself. It’s no hardship for me to put two and two together – Derek gave me half of his uniform for whatever reason, and we really were living together, seeing how easy it is for him to strip in front of me, how comfortable he is with it while I’m there to watch.

As he tugs his grey wife beater over his head, I whip my head around, cheeks burning up with red heat. I shouldn’t be gawking at him, damn it! Even if I did see him like that before, I don’t remember it, and right now I’m just… I’m just a stranger. I don’t qualify as his girlfriend, or whatever I used to be for him before the crash and –

“Need help with that?” he asks, effectively hauling me out of my string of thoughts. I clear my throat, pointedly staring at the ground as I shake my head.

“N-no, I think I can manage,” I stutter as I reach up to rid myself of my shoulder holster. Derek gives me time to fumble with it clumsily, getting nowhere besides tightening it around myself. He snickers under his breath before approaching me and putting his hot palms on my shoulders to stop me in my movements.

His voice is low as he says, “Let me help.”

It sends tingles down my spine, and I find I’m helpless, so I just allow him to do it for me. I can’t help but rake my gaze over his set of firm muscles, enlightened by the golden rays of the warm candlelight coming from not too afar, casting beautiful shadows over the dips of his shoulders and collarbones, his Adam’s apple, pectorals and abdominals, highlighting his muscular build. Derek is working meekly, undoing the clasps, eventually freeing me from the black leather.

“Did we –?” I ask quietly, earning his attention. I swallow before I go on, “Did we… were we a couple before I…?”

Derek’s eyebrows furrow momentarily before he tosses the holster away. He shakes his head. “No. We just decided to share a bed because it was the best choice in regards to survival. All the girls had their own partners, and you didn’t want to share a tent with my uncle, so you ended up with me.”

For some reason, his words ease me up. I give him a smile before nodding, taking in his reply, letting it sink in. I turn my back to him before I take off my tank top, and when I sneak a peek at him over my shoulder, the sight of his tattoo welcomes me between his shoulder blades – he’s discreetly acting busy, like the map was interesting to him for some reason. I can’t express my gratitude enough for his behaviour, and I change into a clean pair of pants quickly that I find under the blanket. I figure my self that still had memories put it there by way of a set of pyjamas.

By the time I’m ready, Derek has gotten rid of his clothes as well, and put on a pair of black sweatpants and a T-shirt. The night is cold, and I still need the air under the blanket to heat up. Before joining me in the bed, Derek shuts the candle, then nestles himself under the cocoon of quilts as well. I want to ask if we usually cuddle to keep each other warm overnight, but I have a feeling that would be too much to ask.

. o O o .

In the morning, I wake with an awful headache and nausea. I bolt out of bed as though it burnt me, making a mad dash for the entrance of the tent to open it and get out to puke as soon as possible. The heavy scent of cooked bacon floating about has gotten the better of me apparently. I go back inside, only to find Derek, already standing and rubbing his eye, asking me with his tone still riddled with sleep, “Are you okay?”

I clench my jaw as worry starts taking over me. What the Hell is happening? “You tend to sneak out in the mornings lately,” he says. I purse my lips as an idea begins forming in my mind, eating inside my brain relentlessly, the probability of it making me shiver in fright. I can’t be pregnant. Not under such circumstances, not in such a world. I can’t put everyone in danger. I can’t be pregnant.

…Can I?

Fic: (Don't) say anything (The Vampire Diaries; Stefan/Caroline)

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore

Summary: She makes a liar out of him when he walks away.

Author’s Note: Ahhhh season 6 is giving me all the angsty feels and I love it! This starts off from 6x03 and then just went where my Steroline muse took me. Hope you enjoy it.




She’s made a liar out of him.

Just another to add to his multitude of sins. In the grand scheme of things its not the worst of his vices.

Blood thirsty serial killer may just outrank them all.

But in that moment, he swears he’s never hated himself more.

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You’re already dead, aren’t you?

I have talked a very great deal about Will as someone who exists in–and carries with him–liminal space. He has seen and spoken with the dead, gone to the otherworld and returned countless times, and even become, himself, a door to that world, a fairy ring.

What I now know after episode two is that where Will Graham was once a living being who walked among the dead, he is now a dead man who appears to the living. In an entirely different sense to the period when encephalitis was destroying his grasp on (this-worldly) reality, he now exists far more in the otherworld than he does in this one. All that which kept him moored to the human life he tried to grasp is conspicuously absent: his dogs, his boat-house (not to be confused with a boathouse), the person Alana used to be; none are in sight. His spirit-companion, Abigail, is of course really only a reflection of Will’s mind, the only place he could make for her–we spend this episode as much in Will’s mind palace as in Hannibal’s, really–but he is more animated, more interested, when dealing with her than when dealing with the living. She doesn’t haunt him so much as help him describe a space of otherworldliness around him (a bubble, if you like, or better yet a boneyard) in which he can exist with some comfort. They move through the world together, and around them the world falls away; it becomes smudges in the background of the eerie and symbolic universe of unlife they now inhabit, the one they each once fought so hard to escape.

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anonymous asked:

Could you write the "I literally took a bullet for you and now you owe me big time" prompt for percabeth???

hell yeah I can, anon. title is from Sorry by Justin Bieber bc it’s my new fav song

I hope I don’t run out of time

They’re standing in line at the bank, waiting to get a deposit from Annabeth’s savings account so she can buy some Christmas presents this year. The line is ridiculously long, probably because it’s Friday and everyone just got off work, but Annabeth doesn’t actually mind that they are at the back because Percy is standing close enough that she can feel his chest brushing her back, and he keeps leaning forward to whisper lame jokes into her ear when he thinks of them, smiling when she laughs too loudly.

It’s a normal day, and Annabeth can’t wait to get out of here so they can go get dinner and go back to her apartment and watch movies for the rest of the night. Any time she can cuddle with Percy is great, especially when she can “accidentally” fall asleep on the couch with him so then she gets to wake up on top of his chest in the morning.

She may have some very intense feelings for her best friend. She doesn’t exactly mind.

She met Percy in her freshman year of college, and they’ve been friends ever since. She met him through another friend, and when said friend started dating Percy’s-then-best-friend, they started seeing each other more. After Jason and Piper started seriously dating, Percy and Annabeth drifted closer together, and she didn’t realize it when Percy had become her best friend.

Annabeth may be sort-of-not-really in love with Percy, but she’s sure as hell not saying anything because she doesn’t think she can ever lose him.

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  • Kuroko: Kagami-kun, did you call the doctor and schedule my appointment yet?
  • Kagami: Yeah, I did. But Kuroko, why did you still want to go to a pediatrician?
  • Kuroko: Because a regular doctor doesn't give me a candy at the end. DUH.
  • ———————————————
  • Kuroko: Do not be alarmed! I'm about to be hilarious. *steals Midorima's glasses*
  • Midorima: Come back here!
  • ———————————————
  • Daiki #1: Daiki, just spin it anti-clockwise.
  • Daiki #2: What the hell is anti-clockwise means?
  • Daiki #1: It means... the same with counter-clockwise.
  • Daiki #2: Then just say counter-clockwise!
  • Daiki #3: Are you two still playing with that thing? It's just a stupid colored cube.
  • Daiki #1: You're a stupid colored cube!
  • Daiki #3: ... You cut me deep, Daiki.
  • ———————————————
  • Aomine: There's a ghost in the gym, Tetsu.
  • Kuroko: It might be someone using it and you didn't even freaking see it.
  • Aomine: How did you know?
  • Kuroko: Oh, I think I know how we can find out.
  • Aomine: ... We're not going to sacrifice Kise or anyone.
  • Kuroko: Well, then I've got nothin'.
  • ———————————————
  • Kuroko, about Kagami: Look at that majestic ass motherf*cker. Like a tiger or some sh*t. A tiger with an eyebrows on point ... and abs... and a jetpack. Holy sh*t, this stuff is definitely kickin' in!
  • ———————————————
  • Kise to Aomine: Isn't this great? It's just like when we were playing one-on-one on that sunny day. Remember that time- (starts rambling incoherently).
  • Inside Aomine's mind...
  • Daiki #1: Painting sure is fun.
  • Daiki #2: You know what else is fun? Killing your boy friend.
  • Daiki #1: That doesn't sound fun at all, Daiki.
  • Daiki #2: Well, how would you know?! All you do is play basketball, Daiki!
  • Daiki #3: I think Daiki is right, we should branch out in our hobbies, Daiki.
  • Daiki #2: Oh sh*shoes squeaking-noise*t! Daiki, Kise stopped talking. He wants you to respond. Say something stupid!
  • Aomine: I wasn't thinking about killing you.
  • Kise: Aw, thank you!
  • Daiki #1: Nailed it.
  • ———————————————
  • Kise (AoKaga one-on-one): They're so fast!
  • Kuroko: Kagami-kun's pullin' ahead though... I think. Is Kagami-kun the jet-plane firin' out unicorns, or the gun with Midorima-kun's face?
  • Kise: Kurokocchi, how much of that stuff did you have?!
  • ———————————————
  • Aomine: TETSU?!
  • Kuroko: Aomine-kun? If you're here, and I'm here, then who's flying this plane?!
  • Aomine: What?
  • Kuroko: What?
  • Aomine: Let's talk outside.
  • Kuroko: I'm not going out there without a parachute!
  • Kuroko: I DON'T KNOW!
  • ———————————————
  • Kuroko: Oh my God, is he dead?! Why did you put him in the car?!
  • Midorima: He's Kise's little brother, you idiot! Just keep driving to the hospital!
  • Aomine: Tetsu, when are we getting to Chuck E. Cheese?
  • Kuroko: AOMINE-KUN, SHUT UP! AKASHI-KUN! Please pick up the phone! We are in so much trouble! Kagami-kun cancelled the street basketball game in the last minute, so we decided to make our own fun! Oh man, oh man! PICK UP YOUR STUPID PHONE! Akashi-kun, go to my house, open the third desk drawer, and burn everything inside! But hold your breath while you do it! Use that stupid t-shirt you got me to help with the fire! You have to do this, Akashi-kun!
  • Midorima: KUROKO! Eyes on the road!
  • Murasakibara, deadpan: Truck.
  • Akashi: *disappointed* Tetsuya never invites me to his parties.
  • Mayuzumi: ...
  • ———————————————
  • Kuroko: I'm the singer and all of you bitches are my back-up dancers.
  • Kagami: Why are you the singer?!
  • ———————————————
  • Akashi: You guys are late.
  • Midorima: I had to calm Kuroko down after watching the Titanic.
  • Kuroko: It's a sad movie, man.
  • ———————————————
  • Akashi: It's a good thing that Kuroko is back now.
  • Kuroko: Haizaki-kun was a bitch ass poser! Whatever. I did my time, joined the prison basketball team, got out on good behavior. Hah, believe that!
  • Midorima: You broke out, didn't you?
  • Kuroko: WHO TOLD YOU THAT?

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Hello~~ Please keep up your good work! If you don't mind, how about RFA members + V finding out MC really likes to bake and decorate cakes and she's really good at it and once they find out they want cake everyday or something like that? :3 fluff~~

ahhh! this is so cute and fluffy! I hope I did okay, I was super tired when I made this one:(


  • You had promised Yoosung that you would give him a surprise if he got a okay grades for exams
  • And of course he wanted the surprise, who wouldn’t?
  • So when he came home to show off his passing grades, you were so happy!! He got good grades, which is hard considering the courses he’s taking
  • So, the next day, you prepared a very large, and very decorative cake for him! You even made an edible figure of his LOLOL character, which took way longer than it should have
  • You made sure that it was his favorite flavor, and that he would love the frosting 
  • When he came home, you were still wearing your apron, and your hair was still pulled back, and batter was still all over you
  • “M-MC? What is all this?”
  • “I told you I’d make you a surprise if you got good grades! So… I made you this!” you show him the cake, and he is just in aw e
  • The one he loves?? Is so?? Talented???
  • “M-MC this is amazing! How did you… Whoa!”
  • Lot’s of cute hugs and kisses
  • That night you both ate cake, while he showered you in compliments about how amazing the cake is
  • “How did you even learn to do that?!”
  • “I’ve just always been able to, I guess,” you giggle, taking another bite
  • “Can you teach me!? That way I can make a cake for you, like you did for me, right?” he kisses your cheek, and says, “I wanna learn.”
  • “Sure!” you chirp, “It’s really fun and easy, we can start practicing tomorrow.”
  • The next day, Yoosung and you worked so hard making a cake together, along with the next day… And the next day… And even the next day
  • He would not sToP until he got it perfect!!!
  • He needs to make the best cake for you, like you did for him, even if it’ll take a very, very long time


  • “Congrats on getting that role, Zenny!” you greet your boyfriend as he walks through the door
  • “W-Whoa, MC, did you make that!?” he asks excitedly, looking at the cake which is beautifully frosted with roses and other types of flowers on it
  • “I did! I’m just so proud of you, Zen!” you giggle, setting the cake down to hug him
  • He scoops you up and spins you around, “everything is just so great right now! Don’t you think, MC? Ah, I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy~”
  • You giggle, and kiss his cheek, “wanna try the cake? It’s marble!”
  • He gasps a little, and sits at the table and dishes himself some, taking a bite
  • It is literally the best cake he’s ever eaten, in the history of his entire life
  • “MC…. This… This is amazing!”
  • You giggle, and sit next to him, “thank you! I’m happy you like it, I was a bit nervous that you wouldn’t…”
  • “How could I not like this?! This is literally heaven in my mouth! How do you not own a bakery?!”
  • “O-Oh, I don’t know if I’m good enough for that quite yet… I think I need more practice,” you blush, tucking your hair behind your ear
  • Zen smiles at your bashfulness, but then he gets an amazing idea
  • “Then how about we bake cakes every day? That way you’ll get tons of practice, and we can spend some time together.”
  • You smile at him, “really? I-I mean, you don’t have to!!”
  • He smiles, and twists your hair in his fingers, “MC, is having a bakery your dream?”
  • You nod, and say, “I’ve always wanted one of my own, but I don’t think I have the courage to actually do it…”
  • He chuckles softly, “MC, if I’m living my dream then I want you to live yours, too. I really wanna do this with you anyways. Besides! More people deserve this cake, it’s amazing!”
  • You laugh, and kiss him softly, “what did I do to deserve you, Zen~”


  • “Jaehee! I finished the cakes to put out on display for the spring special, can you give them a quick taste test?” you ask, licking the frosting off of your fingers
  • “I would love to!” she gets up out of her chair and sets her book down, heading over to your array of cakes
  • “Y-You made so many… And they’re all so beautiful!” she smiles, taking a bite
  • He face lights up, and she quickly takes another bite, and then another 
  • “This is so good! MC, I didn’t know you baked!”
  • You giggle, and take a bite with her, “thank you!! Do you think they’re ready to be put for sale?”
  • “I almost want to eat this on my own, but… Yes, MC, they’re more than ready, trust me,” she smiles, taking another bite
  • “I’m glad!” you giggle, getting ready to put some cakes out in the display case
  • “Hey, um, hey MC, I know these cakes are just for the spring special, but these are amazing…. Do you think we could maybe have these all the time?”
  • “W-Whoa seriously?” you ask, laughing and smiling brightly, “I would love nothing more!!” 
  • You hug her, so happy that she wants your cakes to always be out for people to buy!
  • “And, MC, um… Could you maybe, teach me how to make them? So then we can do it together,” she smiles, wiping some frosting off of your face for you 
  • “Yes!!” you squeal, “oh, it’ll be so much fun!”
  • Jaehee loves spending time with you, but she loves seeing you happy more, so she’s elated that you two can now bake cakes together!


  • Even though Jumin had to work on his birthday, you still made him a cake, why wouldn’t you?
  • It’s his b i r t h d a y
  • It’s special, to you and him
  • You approach him at his desk, a small but yummy cake on a plate for him to eat
  • You notice that he has once again fallen asleep at his desk. Ever since Jaehee quit he’s been swamped…
  • You tiptoe over, and set the cake down in front of him, tapping him lightly on the shoulder
  • “Jumin?” you say softly, and when he doesn’t respond you lean down next to his ear and repeat yourself. “Jumin? Hey…” your voice is soft, and quiet
  • “H-Hm? Oh, hello MC,” he says in a groggy voice. “I fell asleep again..”
  • “Happy birthday, babe,” you smile, voice as silky as ever. “I made you a cake.”
  • “Oh, MC, you didn’t have to…” he smiles, looking at the cake and then back at you
  • “I wanted to,” you kiss his cheek. “Give it a taste.”
  • He smiles at you, still tired, and takes a bite
  • “Oh my God MC… This is delicious..” he smiles, “here, come here..”
  • He places you on his lap, and he continues eating, “this is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.. Thank you, MC.”
  • You giggle, and kiss his cheek, “come on, Jumin. You’ve had a long day. You need some rest…”
  • He smiles, and nods. “Hey MC?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “How about we.. How about we make this a regular thing? The cakes, I mean..”
  • You laugh a little and kiss him on the nose, “maybe. Come on, I have some more things planned for tonight~”


  • “Saeyounnngggg I’m boreeeeddd….”
  • “I know MC, but I have to work.”
  • You pout, and roll off the couch, “I’ll be back.”
  • You go into the kitchen for some food, but instead… You find the ingredients for some cake. Which you haven’t made in a long time
  • While Saeyoung works, he starts humming a tune to himself
  • Then the wonderful scent of your cake baking reaches his nose
  • “H-Hey MC are you, uh, are you making a cake?”
  • “I am indeed!” you call, grinning. “I still have to frost it, though, so don’t get any ideas!”
  • Saeyoung pouts, “but now I want caaaake…”
  • “Well I guess you’ll just have to be patient, huh!” 
  • So, he waits, for an agonizingly long, painful 50 minutes
  • “It’s done Saeyoung~~”  you call, coming out of the kitchen with a grand cake in hand
  • “WhoA! MC that thing is so cool how did you do that?!!!?” he jumps up and darts over to you, “gimme a fork!” 
  • You laugh, and grab a fistful of cake and throw it at him
  • “Hey!” he laughs, throwing some at you
  • “Hey!!”
  • He grabs a piece of it and shoves it in his mouth
  • “Oh. My. God.”
  • “What? Is it not good??” you ask, worried that he doesn’t like it
  • “No… ITS AMAZING!” he grabs more, and eats almost all of it in under 5 minutes
  • “You gotta make more of these!” he demands playfully, “please please please!”
  • You laugh, laying on his stomach, both of you have cake smeared on your faces
  • “Okay, okay, okay,” you promise, chuckling to yourself
  • Vanderwood is not going to be happy with this cake mess


  • V, you see, is blind. And when one is blind, their other senses are heightened
  • So when he smells the cake coming from the kitchen, he gets really happy
  • “MC, are you baking something?”
  • “I am~ I just figured it would be a nice treat.”
  • He feels you kiss his cheek, and he hugs you
  • “You can’t have any until I’m done frosting it, though~”
  • You know that V won’t be able to see it, but it’s impressive either way
  • An hour later it was ready for eating!!
  • “V~ I finished it,” you give him a slice, and put the fork in his hand
  • “I’m excited,” he says with a smile, taking a bite
  • You can see from his face that he likes it 
  • “MC this… This is the best cake I’ve ever tasted, it’s so moist! Is it chocolate?”
  • “It is! I know it’s your favorite~ You’ve been down lately, so I figured maybe some cake would cheer you up, even just for a little,” you kiss his cheek, and he smiles warmly
  • “Thank you MC…. I love you,” he takes another bite. “I don’t deserve someone like you…”
  • You smile, and say, “no, V. You deserve the world, trust me on this one…”
  • You give him a kiss, and he gently holds onto your hand. “I’m glad you think so…”

An ugly blurb (okay it’s like a thousand words so not really a blurb lmao) I prepared for @hemmocrat & @tragicash‘s breakup!5sos blurb night !! It’s a bit all over the place and I suck at writing angst ok I’m a fluff chick but ??? It’s based on a prompt from here and I’m really sorry this is late omg ok bye enjoy !!

Cushioned slippers provided relief for your aching feet as you groggily climbed out of bed, murmured curses falling from between your tired lips. Whomever decided to knock upon your door at three in the morning was about to get an earful from you; your brain racking against your skull as it throbbed with an aching to sleep.

You were almost certain you were in the midst of a nightmare when you hastily pulled open the door to reveal the one and only boy you thought you had left in the past. Heart stammering and face burning red, you felt your brain avert it’s focus from sleep, sleep, sleep to Calum, Calum, Calum.

“What the fuck is this?” Your eyes trailed to the formal piece of cardboard that was curled between the slender fingers Calum held up before you, the sight enough to make them almost pop from their safe haven inside your head.

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granpappy-winchester  asked:

I hope you don't mind getting another prompt! I would love to see the flip side version of the French Mistake Hannibal AU you wrote (which was AWESOME), with Hugh and Mads. (Are they in the water? Do they have to cuddle to keep warm? Perhaps some romance blooms while they're on the run?)

part one

Hugh doesn’t recall the last several falls going on for quite this long. In fact, they should have made impact with the mat below almost instantly. Instead, he feels the undeniable rush of open air all around him, tightening his grip on Mads’ shoulders as he opens his eyes.

He lets out a shocked scream that is immediately swallowed up by the swirling blackness that surrounds them. They are falling, falling, falling… The impact is like a thousand angry knives piercing his skin.

Water, up his nose and flooding his eyes, gulping down great mouthfuls as he struggles to keep his head above the surface. Once he’s certain he can move his arms and legs, he panics for a moment when he realizes that, upon impact, he lost his grip on Mads.

“Mads!” Hugh shouts above the deafening crash of waves, frantically spinning in the water, searching for any sight of his friend. He spots him several feet away, clinging to the side of a jagged rock.

“What’s happening?!” Mads shouts as Hugh paddles over.

“I don’t know,” Hugh says. “Are you hurt?”

“I can’t feel my fingers or my toes,” Mads says, lips trembling. “I don’t know. Everything hurts.”

“We need to try to find dry land.” Hugh grips Mads’ arm as they pull away from the rock, floating out into open water.

They swim for what feels like days, their bodies battered against the cliff face as they search frantically for the shore. When, finally, Hugh spots it, he’s got his arm hooked around Mads’ chest. He practically drags him from the water. They both collapse face-down on the narrow swath of gravel and sand, shivering and gasping for breath.

“I think I’ve been shot,” Mads croaks out, groping at his belly as he flips onto his back.

Hugh frantically reaches up to inspect his own face. “Fuck,” he says. “How…”

“It’s so cold.” Mads’ whole body is trembling next to him.

“Come here,” Hugh says, rolling until their bodies make contact. They cling to each other, shivering, bleeding, terrified, the morning sun peaking out just above the horizon.

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anonymous asked:

Great to have you back ! Can I have an one shot where I'm best friends with Golden Trio and I finally tell them that I'm dating Draco Malfoy and they don't really like it ?(: love you !

Oh my goodness thank you! It’s great to be back! I mean that, too, my writing is everything to me. I put a bit of a spin on the story and took some creative liberties, but still included what you mentioned here- I hope that’s alright!

PS I love you too!! xxxxx


One week, he could understand. Two was fine. A month was alright. Two months was pushing it… and anything after that, well, let’s just say Draco didn’t appreciate your desire to keep your relationship a secret. It had been nearly two years since you had been official, yet you wouldn’t let him tell anyone. Sure, you had told your parents and he had told his, but that didn’t matter much to you. Your problem wasn’t even that the two of you were in Houses with a notorious rivalry! It was that you had three best friends that were also in your Gryffindor House: Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Granger.

This would pose quite the problem, as the four hated each other with a passion. You had even felt the same way about Draco for the first year and a half of Hogwarts… but one detention together and you found him not only undeniably attractive, but also rather witty and- dare you say it- kind. He was polite to you, at least. After lots of conversation, the two of you began dating during your third year at Hogwarts.

You were on your way to History of Magic when a hand grabbed your robes and tugged you out of the corridor and into an empty classroom. 

“Good morning, someone’s looking fit today.” Draco murmured into your ear, his arms wrapped securely around your waist. 

“Hey, babe.” You smiled up at him before kissing for a few moments. 

“I was thinking we could go into Hogsmeade this weekend for a bit on Saturday, what do you think, love?” He suggested, his pale face flushed in your presence and blue eyes bright. 

You bit your lip and his face fell slightly, “I want to Draco, you know I do. But we haven’t told anyone yet and-" 

"Alright, I get it. Never mind.” He frowned and released his hold on you.

“Aw, please don’t be upset with me.” You took his hands in yours and played with his fingers, trying to get him to smile. 

“We’ve almost been dating for two years and I don’t think I can keep it a secret like this- it’s ridiculous.” He argued flatly. 

“I know, Draco, I’m sorry! I- I’ll tell them tonight.” You conceded and he immediately flashed a smile he reserved solely for you. Picking you up, he spun you and and kissed you hard repeatedly before you had to get to class. 

“I love you! Have fun with Professor Binns!” He teased and you made for the door. 

“Aren’t you coming?” You asked, waiting for him. 

“I don’t much feel like Divination today, I’m skiving off.” He grinned wickedly and you rolled your eyes, exasperated, as you exited the room and hurried to class. 

You entered the History of Magic classroom at least ten minutes late, but Binns paid no attention. Out of breath, you made your way to your seat next to Hermione in the very back. 

“Where were you?” She whispered, Harry and Ron looking at you expectantly. 

“Oh, you know,” They only blinked and you turned red, “I’ll tell you after dinner.” Your friends seemed to accept this and you groaned internally at what was to come. 

* * * *

All throughout the day you were uneasy, and it didn’t help that Draco stared and winked every chance he got. 

* * * * 

“I can’t believe Snape gave us an entire essay on elixirs- the slimy git!” Ron moaned as the four of you trudged up to Gryffindor Tower. 

“He’s evil, that’s what he is.” You joined in, and Ron nodded fervently. 

“Well, Professor Vector gave me top marks on my last assignment- why don’t you just take Ancient Runes?” Hermione suggested and you laughed. 

“Hermione, no offense, but I have a hard enough time understanding each Transfiguration lesson- runes won’t help anything.” Harry interjected and you all chuckled, entering into the common room and grabbing your favorite chairs. 

“Oh! Y/N, what did you have to tell us earlier?” Hermione asked, setting aside a thick volume for a moment. 

“Uhhh.. well I actually feel bad about this…” You were red, but forced yourself to continue, “See, I’ve sort of had a- a boyfriend for quite some time now.” You finished and scratched your arm nervously. 

“Pfft,” Ron made a noise of indignation, “You didn’t think you could tell us that?" 

"Yeah, c'mon, Y/N, we are your best friends.” Harry added jokingly. 

“You’re right. We’ve been dating for almost two years, now.” You added. 

“That’s wonderful! When can we meet him? He’s a Ravenclaw isn’t he?” Hermione asked excitedly. 

“Er- not exactly." 

"A Hufflepuff then!” Ron interjected, “Not MacMillan, is it?”

“Oh, God, no- not Ernie! And… not a Hufflepuff.” You hesitated. 

“Wow, I thought we could’ve figured it out since he’s a Gryffindor. But I give up- tell us the name." 

"Draco.” Their reactions would have been comical, had it not been the present situation. Ron sputtered and turned an odd shade of light green; Harry looked furious at the mention of his nemesis’ name; Hermione was in such shock that her book fell to the floor and she didn’t even notice. 

What?!” All three of them shouted at the same time. 

“We met in detention once and just sort of… started talking. He’s quite kind to me.” You added quickly. 

“Erm,” Hermione was the first to speak, “I ‘spose as long as her, er, is nice then it’s okay?” She finished it as a question and grimaced a bit. 

“I know you guys probably don’t like it,” At this, Harry and Ron nodded vigorously out of sheer horror, “But that’s what I had to tell you." 

"Uh. Well that's… right. Okay.” Ron struggled for words and you laughed, breaking the tension. 

“You’re still our best friend, Y/N, we just hate your slimy- sorry- git of a boyfriend.” Harry summed it up for you and you smiled. With that, you left to find Malfoy to tell him the news.

As soon as you stepped out of the portrait hole, you ran straight into someone and they caught you just before you fell. Looking up, your eyes met his blue ones and you relaxed into his arms. 

“I told them!” You grinned and he kissed you hard. 

“So, Hogsmeade it is.” Draco winked and intertwined his hand with yours.

Horoscope for June 28th, 2016
  • Aries: Today is a great day to work on getting yourself together. Your emotions are stable, leaving your heart free to soar in the clouds. Feel free to daydream. Now is a good time to make plans with a romantic partner. Solidify your relationship and confirm your commitment to each other. If you're single, now is a good time to set a plan in motion that will bring you closer to your greatest fantasy.
  • Taurus: There's a somewhat conservative air to your feelings today. You might be called on to get serious for a second and take care of business. This may not be a bad idea. Believe it or not, this grounded nature can help you move into a deeper relationship with someone special. Let your creative nature shine through and try to do more listening than talking. Make your dreams a reality.
  • Gemini: There's a conflicting push-pull aspect at play that may leave you feeling a bit unsure of how to proceed. On the one hand, you feel like you want to plan and get your emotions stabilized so you can function at full capacity. On the other hand, there may be something pulling you into the clouds. This is your heart talking. Listen to it and find a compromise between the two energies.
  • Cancer: Get your chores done early today so you have time to play tonight. Plan a romantic getaway with someone you love. Feel free to let your imagination carry you to a whole new realm of pleasure. Today is a great day to explore more of your artistic nature and begin to manifest some of the ideas that have been rattling around in your head for some time.
  • Leo: This is an excellent day to tell people exactly how you feel. Your emotions are more stable than usual, so open up and let your heart speak. What you learn today will be extremely valuable for the future, so pay attention. Keep an eye on what is real, but feel free to let your heart explore all possibilities. Follow your emotions and trust your instincts. You stand to gain quite a bit.
  • Virgo: Today may be tough for you. It might seem like nothing is fitting into place. Could it be that you're trying to be someone you aren't? If things aren't working out, don't press the issue. You're better off waiting for a time when you feel more confident about who you are and where you're going. Have a cup of tea and relax. Releasing stress can free your energy for other uses.
  • Libra: Enjoy yourself today. You have a great deal to be grateful for, so give thanks. Take pride in all that you've accomplished so far and share your joy with others. Feel free to let go of the reins and sit back and get comfortable. You've worked hard for a reason. If you don't enjoy life now, when are you going to do it? Take time to be with loved ones tonight.
  • Scorpio: Today may be one of those days when you don't know which way to turn. You're spinning around, and no direction looks good to you. For some reason, your engine won't turn off, and you just keep going in circles. If you can, stop and take a rest. Walk around for a while until your head stops spinning. Wait until the air clears before making your next major move.
  • Sagittarius: Romance is coming your way today as long as you stay levelheaded about the immediate situation. Take care of menial daily tasks and then let your heart soar. You'll find that you have a strong connection to your emotions. Trust your instincts and feel free to let your heart take control. Be realistic about your relationships with others, but push the boundaries once they've been set.
  • Capricorn: Your emotions may be a bit reserved today. It's OK to take a break from the activity and simply lay low. This is a good time to sit back and receive. Don't make any sudden moves. Let the energy of the day take you where it will. The closer you can get to the intuitiveness of your inner self, the closer you'll be to a romantic partner or family member.
  • Aquarius: Family issues play an important role today. Speak from your heart and tell your closest relatives how much they really mean to you. In general, you might feel a bit reserved with your energy. Don't feel like you have to make any great strides just now. It's more a time to enjoy what you've worked for. Kick back and reap the rewards of all your hard work.
  • Pisces: You may feel some indecision regarding a loved one today. Something could be urging you to act in this department, yet you might find that you just want to lay low. Realize that there's an important next step that you must take. Think the situation through before you make a move. In fact, this day is best spent gathering data. Perhaps you should wait before doing something about it.

anonymous asked:

Hey, Sasha!! How are you today? Love the blog. I check it out almost everyday as I can. You're smart and knowledgeable with a slice of realizism and common sense. Don't let the haters say otherwise and keep doing your thing. Don't change a thing. I would like to make a comment on the so-called "Zerrie" tattoo (it's not Perrie, for god's sake); it's Liam. Common sense dictates Zayn does not love Perrie enough to get her tattooed on him. He loves Liam (you lose, Zerrie shippers).

Hi lovey. I’m good thanks for asking. Awww, thanks for your support. I will continue to reign as the resident Blue Meanie of the 1D fandom.

Artist’s rendering of me:

As for the infamous tattoo, I used to think the Girl!Liam theory was kinda farfetched. But now, in light of all the fuckery we’ve seen go down with Zerrie, it’s possible, imo.

I think a lot of people took a look at that tattoo and accepted that it’s Perrie, no questions asked. And I get that. That’s not an unreasonable reaction. But like all things with this fauxmance, upon closer inspection everything is shady as hell.

What we know about the tattoo:

  • Liam went with him (along with Louis) to go get it. But for whatever reason he bailed and went for a walk after they got to the tattoo parlor. Was he upset by Zayn getting Perrie on his arm? Was he upset because Girl!Liam was going to be passed off as Perrie? Hmmm…
  • The tattoo was not based on a picture of Perrie, which imo is the shadiest part of the whole deal. If you’re gonna get a tatt of an actual person, wouldn’t it be very helpful to bring the tattoo artist a pic of said person? Like…hello common sense? Zayn could have pulled up a pic of Perrie off the freakin’ internet on his phone since she was running around trying really hard to look like a tattoo that didn’t exist yet.

That wasn’t her usual style of dress either.

Perrie, May 5th 2013 (London)

Perrie, May 21st 2013 (London)

There was only a 3 degree (celcius) temperature difference between those two pix. But that’s none of my business… 

“Sugarscape.com spoke exlcusively to the artist responsible for the tatt and John James Garancheski III (best name ever?) confirmed that Zayn came in with a image based on his girlfriend.

He said, “He wanted to do like a punk rock-ish…like a comic character. Like a girl that was kind of comic’d-up and had a little bit of a punk rock look to her.

"So we took a couple of images and put them together. He did a little sketch on a piece of paper for me. He was like ‘I’m kinda thinking something like that.’ I was like ‘Well, let me work on it.

Is it just me or did the tattoo artist say NOTHING that confirmed the image was based on Perrie as Sugarscape stated?? Ahhh, the power of suggestion. 

Zayn told The Sun, “It’s not a direct portrait but it’s all the things that I like about her.”

That sketchy quote (which is definitely made up imo) is very important. As we all know, The Sun is HJPR’s (1D’s PR team) official mouthpiece. And even The Sun says the tattoo is NOT a direct portrait.

  • Zayn was working on this tattoo since at least December 2012. So as some media outlets tried to spin it, he didn’t come up with the tattoo idea as an apology to Perrie for “cheating” on her January 2013 (another HJPR manufactured story).

  • So, with Zayn’s sketch and another mystery “image”, the tattoo artist came up with this sketch:

Ok, pump the brakes. Zayn was/is a wealthy man. He can afford the best tattoo artists. Why doesn’t this sketch look more like Perrie? Even a comic’d up version should look more like her, imo.

Even though this is a unicorn–this unicorn looks just like Tupac, know what I mean?

It does bear a passing resemblance to her. But funnily enough, it bears a passing resemblance to Liam as well. The button nose, full lips and shape of the face all feel Liam-esque to me. Did Zayn plan it that way? Is that why he didn’t use a picture of Perrie even though she was out there dressed like the tattoo he had in mind? It’s just not logical and Zayn is not stupid. Hmmm…  

So is it Perrie or is it Girl!Liam? You decide.

What Happened In The Past, Stays In The Past - Part One - Austin Carlile ft. OM&M, BMTH

could you do one (smut or not) where I used to date austin carlile for 3 years, we used to live in nyc where everything was okay but we broke up because of his LA friends. When ofm&m are touring with bmth and they come to nyc we meet and have one night stand, he try to get back but I say no… And I’m sorry for all the mistakes. I will correct them tomorrow.

And… I know I’m probably annoying you right now but can you maybe write some austin carlile smut (like really smutty) Thanks :)

Part one - part two - part three - smut warning - 3,213 words - written by Emma.

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I’m Not Okay

Dialogue Prompt Masterlist  |  Masterlist 

All BTS requests are OPEN!

Anonymous Said:   Jungkook x reader, ‘are you kidding? We’re not fine!’ High school setting, angst/fluff

Genre: Angst, slight fluff, decent amount of swear words

Pairing:  Jungkook X Reader

A/N:  I apologize in advance, there are several choice swear words, some teasing, lots of teasing actually.  Featuring a possessive, asshole Jungkook, and tease Jimin.  I screwed myself over on this one personally, the angst got a little much and my thoughts turned a tiny bit dirty, but don’t worry, it’s still pure.

Hope you enjoy! ;)

Originally posted by jengkook

You’d just auditioned for your high school’s dance team and you were furious.  Storming the halls after the tryouts you didn’t care that you weren’t wearing the school uniform as you clutched your gym bag close to your side.  The few students that were still in the school at this hour were the late ones that stayed after for school activities or to study.

There were a few stares, whistles, and catcalls, but you ignored them, heading for your locker to grab your books before you headed home for the day.  Cursing Jeon Jungkook the entire way to your locker, you couldn’t believe that a sophomore like him could have so much confidence in his dancing that he would even consider criticizing someone like you.

You were no beginner when it came to dancing and you prided yourself on your ability to dance to almost any song no matter the genre.  Back in the states you had been a part of a local dance crew in Los Angeles, performing at several underground clubs and on the streets in the public eye.  Back in your hometown the people knew your name, your face, and that you were a dancer.  Coming to South Korea as part of your school’s exchange program had been a dream, you’d always wanted learn more about the k-pop world and what it was like to be an idol.  It wasn’t that you wanted to be one necessarily, but rather that you respected them and their hard work to get to where they are now.

When you came to South Korea you didn’t realize that you were going to meet one of the world’s biggest jerks wearing the face of a small bunny, with wide brown eyes and a friendly smile.  He’d fooled you at first, but the more you saw him around the school with his crew you knew that the boy was hiding a darker side to himself that he didn’t let anyone see.  It wasn’t even like he was on the school’s dance team, but he somehow managed to convince the team that you weren’t good enough to represent the school.  It was like he had the entire school in his pocket – him and the rest of those boys he hung around with.  Only two of them were still in high school – Jimin and Taehyung – both of whom were in their last year like you were.  The rest of the boys were in college and working on their music and dance skills.

Tossing your books carelessly into your backpack you didn’t notice Jimin coming up next to you, a smug grin on his face.

“Y/N-ah, you look great. The school should really consider letting leggings be part of the casual dress code.”

You spared Jimin a half glance, taking note of how his dark eyes scanned you from head to toe lingering on your breasts and butt, his eyebrows raised appreciatively.  You rolled your eyes, slamming your locker shut before turning to face him, shooting him a look of disgust.

“Don’t you have some other girl’s panties to try and get into, Jimin?  Oh wait, never mind, Taehyung didn’t come to school today, right?”

Jimin’s lustful gaze darkened, his eyes narrowing, his casual stance against the lockers didn’t change though, “What’s wrong princess, you in need of a good fuck?  You seem more uptight than usual, if you want Taehyung and I can show you a good time.”  Jimin stepped closer, towering over your small frame, leaning down to whisper in your ear, “You just have to ask nicely.”

“Fuck you, Park Jimin.” You hissed, attempting to step back from him only to feel his steel embrace around your middle, keeping you close.

“Don’t do that, princess; you’ll give Jungkookie the wrong impression if you back away now.”

You frowned unsure what he was talking about, but before you could ask you heard Jungkook’s voice behind you.

“Hyung, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Your spine stiffened when you heard his voice, your mind replaying the earlier events with him after you left the school gym.


“Y/N sunbae!”

Despite your better judgment you turned around, still angry at what he’d just done to ruin your chances of dancing for the school.  Sure you were a foreigner, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t dance and you were positive they’d loved you until he’d shown up.

“What do you want Jungkook?”  Your voice was tight, trying to hide your anger, but you knew that the younger boy noticed your tone.

“I’m sorry about what happened back there.”  Jungkook scratched the back of his neck looking slightly sheepish, kicking nonexistent dirt off his shoes.

You were taken aback, surprised that he was apologizing, it wasn’t like the two of you were close, and you didn’t even really get along with Jimin and Taehyung.  Jimin was too much of a player, and Taehyung just sat there and let Jimin tease you endlessly in class.

“I mean you were good, but you’re not a good fit for the schools team. So, we’re okay, yeah?”  Jungkook had a slight smirk on his face as he waited for your response.

You saw red at his words, scoffing at his audacity to say that you ‘weren’t a good fit’, who did this kid think he was?

“Are you kidding?”  Jungkook looked hopeful for a moment before you finished, “We’re not fine, Jungkook!”

You didn’t stick around to see his face fall at your words as he watched you storm away towards the main part of the school.

End Flashback

“Jungkookie!  Just wanted to catch up with Y/N-ah, she seemed a little down.”  Jimin responded, grinning over the top of your head at his younger friend.

Wrenching yourself from Jimin’s grip you spun around to look up at Jungkook who was standing closer to you than you thought he would be.  You nearly knocked into him, his arms shooting out instinctively to steady you, but you flinched from his touch.  Jungkook’s eyes narrowed at your evasiveness, his brows drawing together as his jaw locked in anger.

“I’m fine, Jimin, both of you just leave me alone.”  Taking that opportunity to escape from the both of them you headed for the staircase.

“Call me; we need to set up that date!”  Jimin shouted after you, the smile evident in his voice as he chuckled.

You didn’t bother with turning around instead you sarcastically replied, “Of course, I’ll call you Jimin.”  Under your breath you finished your sentence, “In the next lifetime you’re not an asshole.”

Storming down the stairs you were headed out the side entrance doors, when a hand gripped your arm, spinning you around, pushing you back into the glass.  Gasping in shock you looked up at the person who grabbed you, your eyes widening as you saw who it was.

“W-what do you want, Jungkook?”  Your voice was quiet, more shocked than angry that he’d prevented you from leaving the school for the third time that day.

Jungkook didn’t respond at first, his eyes were wild, the anger burning in his dark brown eyes, molten lava waiting to spill over the mouth of the volcano.  Between his hands pinning your arms at your sides, his body was too close for you to move away from him, he’d effectively caged you between the glass and his long, hard body.

He was tall, almost intimidatingly so, standing at a head taller than you, his shoulders were wide and muscular from all the sports and dancing he did.  He wasn’t a bodybuilder, but his body was a lean muscular and powerful, he wasn’t even using much strength to pin you, and yet you couldn’t move. You weren’t sure if it was his anger that kept you there or his grip, but you were rooted to the spot, unable to move.

“You never let me finish what I wanted to say to you earlier.”  Jungkook looked down at you, his dark brown hair falling in his eyes as he looked down at you, bending his neck to be able to achieve the angle. Your own neck was craned upwards to look him in the eyes, and after hearing his words you no longer wanted to look at him, your anger returning.

“You don’t have to-” You began, but Jungkook cut you off.

“I do.  What I meant to say was that you were too good for them, you should be dancing with a crew that is just as talented as you are.” Taking a deep breath, Jungkook looked outside for a moment before meeting your gaze once more.

“You should be dancing with me.”

Unable to hide your surprise you stared up at Jungkook, opening and closing your mouth like a fish out of water.  “I-I, uh, I didn’t even know you guys let other people join your crew.  I thought you were content with your odd number of seven members.”

Jungkook chuckled, his grip on your arms loosening slightly, sliding down past your elbows, resting on your wrists.  “I’d let you join.”

“W-what does that mean, exactly?”  Your lips were dry, but you managed to push the words out, inadvertently licking your lips in the process.  Jungkook’s dark gaze shot down to look at your tongue darting out to dampen your lips, his own tongue sliding out slowly to wet his own.  You found yourself watching his tongue as he watched yours, to both of you mimicking the other without consciously doing so.

“It means I like you, Y/N, and I want you to stop hanging out with Jimin.”  His voice tightened as he spoke the last part of his sentence, his eyes narrowing in distaste as he said his hyung’s name.

You chuckled, cocking your head to one side, with your eyebrow raised, “Possessive much, Jungkook?”



Lily Out.