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marauders plus social media please and thank you

im so amped abt this ok i think i’m gonna break it up by platform


  • remus is the most active on tumblr definitely, he posts stuff that he’s super interested in that he may or may not talk to the other three about, like i can see him being super into science and art and media criticism along with activism stuff. every time sirius looks at remus’s blog he’s just like “my boyfriend is. way smarter than me.” remus is also the only one who makes and sustains friendships online.
  • peter is kinda blundering on tumblr like he has the generic theme and doesn’t really tag anything and he adds unnecessary comments to posts but he doesn’t do it on purpose so no one says anything to him they just let him carry on doing his thing, but they’ve all agreed that if he ever identifies as a superwholockian then somebody’s gotta put their foot down.
  • sirius doesn’t use tumblr super often but he and james have an ongoing competition to see whose selfies will get more notes. he only makes text posts to say that james is a fucking nerd. they have matching icons. he and james both start liking memes ironically but eventually it’s not ironic anymore. sirius’s favorite is the skeleton war. he thinks fandom bloggers are fucking nerds but “breaking bad doesn’t count that’s ART.” he also has an aesthetic sideblog but nobody really knows what the hell any of it means.
  • james is same as sirius except also. do you remember that one time john green made a post that said “sometimes i feel like tumblr doesn’t even care about sports”?? thats james


  • literally sirius and james’s absolute favorite part of living in the 21st century
  • they have a shared account and it’s mostly them just. being goofballs.
  • jumping off of things that shouldn’t be jumped off off and yelling “PARKOUR”
  • james just going “neeeeEEEEEEEEEEERD” at sirius
  • they insist they’re gonna become Vine Famous but they’re just. loud obnoxious goofballs having a good time.
  • (remus doesn’t care about vine and peter just follows james and sirius and like 4 other ppl)


  • this is only here because i want you to imagine 14-year-old sirius black’s myspace account. imagine


  • james and sirius are facebook married and when james gets together with lily sirius jokingly acts Very Upset at remus’s insinuation that james has to change his relationship status but james is like “no way i’m keepin it.”
  • (when sirius and remus get together sirius is like “remus you konw i Really Like You but–” remus cuts him off. “stay married to james you fucking nerd”)
  • none of them are super active on facebook because they’re not their parents but james always tags everyone and posts when they’re together and remus puts up photos from trips and stuff
  • sirius is Really Happy once he leaves home and can change his “interested in” and his gender and he feels like a Nerd for it being such a big deal to him but it is and it makes him Very happy
  • peter’s status is usually “hanging out w/ the boys!” it’s kinda cute
  • remus doesn’t usually even bother checking facebook but somehow every few months he winds up in a long intense argument with people who are perpetuating gross behavior and he gets So Pissed


  • james and sirius never fuckin shut up on twitter omg
  • peter doesn’t have a twitter he doesn’t really see the point, peter doesn’t do much internet stuff in general
  • remus likes it but he gets frustrated because he needs more characters than that, damn it
  • btw remus is in general very into online activism and community
  • james and sirius both have no filters between their brains and what goes on twitter
  • i’m not saying that sirius black is that guy who livetweeted a hospital visit due to having a dildo in his ass i’m just saying that sirius would livetweet that


  • sirius black is So into instagram
  • outfit of the day is His Thing
  • the selfie likes battle continues on instagram btw
  • sirius ‘n remus. cute boyfriend selfies. remus looking kinda sheepish but adorable. shhhhhh.
  • speaking of remus he really likes instagram like it’s sorta how he chronicles the madness of the marauders
  • remus doesn’t rly do selfies at all though he’s kinda self-conscious, hence the importance of cute boyfriend selfies
  • but yeah he’s always taking pictures of the rest of them doing whatever the hell they’re doing, and pictures of the sky looking particularly pretty, etc.
  • peter instagrams his lunch all the time omg. sometimes he posts selfies even though he’s arguably more self-conscious about his looks than remus so the rest of them make sure to like them because they know that it’s actually kinda a big deal when he does that.

one last thing i made a post about a youtube au a while back and it is here

The Internet Meme Sentence Meme
  • "I'm forever alone."
  • "Know that feel, bro."
  • "You must construct additional pylons!"
  • "Wow. Much cake. Do want. Such sponge. So cream. Amaze."
  • "Problem?"
  • "Me gusta."
  • "Do a barrel roll!"
  • "Bitch please."
  • "Watch out guys, we're dealing with a badass over here."
  • "Y U NO ____?!"
  • "You don't say?"
  • "I used to ____, but then I took an arrow to the knee."
  • *flips a table*
  • "NO."
  • "Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down."
  • "Haters gonna hate."
  • "Challenge accepted."
  • "Do you even lift?"
  • “Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?”
  • "Dat ass."
  • "That really rustled my jimmies."
  • "I see what you did there."
  • "If you know what I mean."
  • "And not a single fuck was given that day."
  • "Not sure if ____, or ____ "
  • "Shut up and take my money!"
  • "Cool story, bro."
  • "Deal with it."
  • "One does not simply ___ "
  • "Better drink my own piss."
  • "Damn it, Moon Moon!"
  • "Ain't nobody got time for that."
  • "Are you fucking kidding me?"
  • " ___, what are you doing? ___, stahp."
  • "I don't want to live on this planet anymore."
  • "Soon."
  • "Look at all these fucks I don't give."
  • "Son, I am disappoint."